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Practical, Everyday Questions to Be Discussed by Methodist Association at Winter Meetings.
BROAD in its scope is the pro
gramme for thd Methodist Minis
ters' Association, which' has just
been completed. The Rev. C. O. Mc
Culloch, D. D., president of the asso
ciation, and his committee have en
deavored in arranging- for addresses to
have (speakers who would brina; the
preaehers in touch with phases of
everyday life of the community.
The address tomorrow will be made
iy the Rev. Goorge Mains, of New
York City, who will speak ,on "The
Christian Function of Literature." JJr.
Mains is an author and editor, and has
been connected for years with the
Methodist -Book Concern. The meet
ings are all held in the First Methodist
The remainder of the programme in
cludes: November - 8 "Municipal Economy True
and False." Mayor K. R. Albee.
.Vovamber 16 "Optimism." B. F. Irvine.
November 22 'Thankaslvlng Medlta
tlona." Rev. Ir. Carlos
November 2l Tn. Evangelistic Prepara
tion of the preacher." Dr. Carl O. Doney.
president Willamette University.
December 13 "Tlie Laboring Man as an
.Asset In Society." Jamts B. Kerr.
December 20 "The Motion Picture in
Modern Life," Dr. C. O. Mcculloch.
December 27 Symposium; Revivals in
Hellglon: "Their NatuTe." Dr. C. E. Clin.;
Their Necessity." Rev. W. L. Hamilton;
Their Methods." Rev. W. E. Ingalls: "After
the Revival, What?" Rev. W. K. Hampton.
January 10 "What Is the Greatest Need
of Present-Day Christianity?" Dr. T. W.
January 17 "How "We Got Our Bible,
Bishop R. J. ccoke. '
January 24 "Lay Leadership," Professor
C. A. Rica
January 31 "Pentecost and Modern Evan,
rellsm." Rev. J. H. KawUlna, of Oregon CltJ
February 14 Theology of Tennyson,
Rev. W. W. Youngwn.
February 21. "Delinquency. Its Cause and
Cure," Judge J. II Stevenson.
"Preaching for Present-Day Needs." Rev.
Dr. Fen'.cn. Methodist Church South.
March 13 "Press and Pulpit In World
Betterment," Edgar B. Piper.
March 20 "What Change, If Any. Should
be Made in Our Episcopacy?" Rev. C. C.
March 27 "The Future of German Meth
odism," Rev. E. Hertzler. superintendent of
Herman -wo-k ir. the Northwest.
April 10 "Subjective Condition. Essential
to the Highest Pulpit Power," Rev. R. E.
ttmltb. , ,
April 17 "Some Special Phases of Social
Questions," Dr. E. Olln Eldrldge.
April "An Old Discipline." Rev. Dr.
May 8 "The Minister's Relation to God,
Rev. J. H. Irvine, of fiilverton.
May 15 "Human Units Versus Human
Systems," Hl-v. F. L. Loveland.
May 22 "Novelty of Service," Rev. A.
V. Crarmr.
May 20 "What Would John Wesley Stand
for Today?" A. R. Maclean.
Juno 12 "The Epworth League Problem."
June 19 "Architecture as the Expression
of Me:hollst locals."
June 26 "The Church In Hard Scrabble,
Uev. Mr. Benedict, of Vancouver. Wash.,
successor to the Rev, W. T. Randolph.
Tn the United Lutheran Church, at
Fourteenth and Davis streets, tonight
the pastor. Rev. Wilhelm Pettsrsen,
will speak in English on "The Hyphen
in Church and State." Dr. Petersen
will roply to some of the opinions ex
pressed recently by Dr. Loveland, vho
spoke on the "hyphenated. Americans."
Dr. Dyott will give the first of a
series of sermons on "Undamaged
!oods" tonight, when his topic vi ill
lie "An Inventory of Our Undamaged
(ioods." This morning Dr. Dyott will
speak on "God Sent the Hornet." He
will refer to the American situation.
The missionaries of the Oregon Con
ference of the Northwestern States
Mission will hold their semi-annual
conference in the Latter Day Saints
Church, corner of East Twenty-fifth
and Madison streets, today. Services
at 11:45 in the morning and at 7:30
o'clock. President Melvin J. Ballard
will be in attendance at both sessions.
Everyone is Invited. There are :!0 mis
sionaries in the conference.
The Maud C. Gilman Sunday school
class will have charge of tonight's
service at the Hope Presbyterian
Church. There are 35 girls in the class,
and they will sing a class song. They
will do the ushering and receive the
offering. Laura Campbell r.nd Sylva
Lee will sing a duet. D. W. Ros3 will
sing a solo. The subject of the serrton
will be "Why Were You Horn?"
Second "Great Soul" Sermon
to Be Delivered Tonight.
First TMetbodlat Church Xamcn Fi
nancial CommlNHlon to Handle Af
fairs for Year and 12 District
VAKINCJ his topic of the "Mad Soul"
from Browning's famous poem of
"Paul," Dr. Frank L. Loveland will de
liver the second in his series of "Some
Sermons by Great Souls," whom he
classes as 'Tulpltless Preachers." at
the First Methodist Episcopal Church
at 7:30 o'cloi'k tonight. Last Sunday)
night the First Church was filled for
the first mrmon in the "Soul" series.
The old Biblical Ftory of Saul, his meet
ing with the Witch of Endor and a
comparison of ancient witchcraft and
modern spiritualism will be features to
be discussed in this sermon. In the
morning Dr. Loveland will preach on
the subject, "An Abiding Foundation."
Special music will be rendered at both
The finances of First Church this
year are to be handled by a finance
commission, composed of 12 of the ac
tive laymen of the church. The com
mission has been named by Dr. Love
land and will begin its work tomorrow.
Charles M. Henderson, of the railway
mail service, is at the head of the com
mission as chairman and financial sec
retary of the church. E. S. Miller, man
ager of the local branch of an Eastern
flour company, is secretary of the com
mission. The other members are: W. J.
Gill, real estate: L. S. Williams, traf
lic manager Dodge Steamship Company;
C N. Taylor, department manager Fair
banks. Morse & Co.; E. A. Baker, at
torney; F. H. Rupert, grocer: E. A.
Curtis, loans; B. A. Green, attorney;
AV. W. Richardson, grain; C. L. Booth,
physician; W. A. Carter, attorney.
It will be the duty of the commis
sion to raise the current budget, which
amounts to more than $1000 a month.
Assisting them will be a committee
from the general church membership,
the Sunday school. Ladies' Aid and
Young People's Council. The city will
le divided into 12 districts, with one
commissioner in charge of each.
Beginning with next Thursday and
continuing each Thursday night for
two months, the usual midweek serv
ice at First Church will be given over
to a series of special addresses bv Dr.
Loveland on "Ancient Lyrics, Carols
and Hymns of the Church." Attractive
topics have been arranged and follow
ing each meeting a social half hour will
be held, at which refreshments will be
served. Next Thursday this feature
will be conducted by the Ladies' Aid
The monthly meeting of the Ladies'
Aid Society was held in the church ra,r-
lors Wednesday afternoon. Following
ihe business session a programme was
rendered. Mrs. J. F. Kinder, the presi
dent, gave two readings from Eugene
Field's works and Miss Pauline Tuttle
rendered a piano solo. Refreshments
were served.
Next Wednesday night a meeting of
the Sunday school officers, teachers
and officers of all organized classes will
be held In the parlors. At this meet-
!ng the matter of grading the Sunday
school will be considered preparatory
to moving into the new Sunday school
temple, which will be ready for occu
pancy about November 3. Officers will
be elected for the ensuing year and
plans laid for doubling the Sunday
school membership.
The first Fall social of the Mount
Tabor Presbyterian Church, held dur
ing the week, was a success as a get
acquainted gathering. There was a
large attendance. A new department
of social activities has been created by
the session with C. A. Mulr as director.
He will have a large number of as
sistants. The young men's class has
decorated the church during the recent
Sundays with a generous supply of
Autumn foliage. Miss Eugenia Patten,
the organist of the church, has Just
celebrated the fourth year of her work.
A series of sermons for the next four
weeks has been arranged by the pastor.
Rev. Dr. Moore. Today he will speak
Rev. C O. McColluch, pres
ident of the Methodist Minis
terial Association, has just com- '
pleted the programme for - the
meetings of his association for
the year.
Wilson Benefiel was elected on
Monday president of the newly
organised Presbyterian Elders'
Association. .
Mrs. Herbert T. Cash' Is one
of the leading workers in Bap
tist mUionary societies In the
city. .
MrB. W. E. Mcllhenny is pres
ident of the Ladies' Aid Society
of the First Congregational
Charles Mason Remey has de
livered several addresses recent
ly on "World Peace" and the
Bahai movement.
on "Unavoidable Responsibility"; Oc
tober 31, "God's Living Temples": No
vember 7, "Sowing Good Seeds"; Novem
ber 14, "The Comforter." The night
subjects will be: October 24, "Standing
Square"; October 31, "A False Face";
November 7. "Religious Fads"; Novem
ber 14, "A Story of Surprises."
Vesper services will be held today in
the Y. W. C. A. at 4:30 o'clock. Mrs.
Lola G. Baldwin, of the Woman's Pro
tective Bureau, will speak. ' Miss
Frances Gill will play violin solos. A
social hour will be held at 6:30 o'clock.
All girls who are strangers or who are
oneiy will cordially welcomed.
Central Christian Church
Statement Is Given.
Exact Amount of Indebtedness Must
Be Settled by Court, Says Rev. A.
L. Crlm.
A FINAL statement of the affaire of
the Central Christian Church ia
here given:
On April 1. 1910, Rev. A. 1. Crlm, of T
coma, Wash., was called to lead In the
linal effort of the Central Christian Church
to maintain its work as a congregation. !
After a few months of investigation and
oft repeated conferences. It was decided by
unanimous voice to abandon the work as a
hopeless on by reason of the financial bur
den. Rev. Mr. Crlm has spent nearly 30 years
in general evangelism, and states that this
is the first time that he has ever advised a
church to close doers and to announce the
day of dissolution. lie also states that
any report that he might make concerning
causes leading to the Inevitable loss, would
of necessity be. a very Imperfect one and
doubtless unsatisfactory to some who have1
been connected with the work of the church. ;
A brief statement of facts is all mat he
attempts to give. The church was organ- '
tsed in A temporary tabernacle was
used as a house of worship until the erec
tion of ihe present stone structure. This
was dedicated in 1011. Early in 1W13 two
mortgages, one for $15,000 and the second
one for $l6,Ot0, were placed against this
property, the mortgages being recorded one
minute apart. Since this date Mr. Crtra
regards the property as lost, although many
believed that it could be saved, and made
heroic efforts to this end. but the burden
was too great. Many who would have
been willing to arsist in any ordinary work
refused to take bold of this because they
believed it to be an Impossible one, and It
An accurate statement of ihe present n
debtedness Is practically an impossibility
and must be settled by court decisions. To
take in all reported claims at par would
require more than $40,000.
Since the dedication of the house the con
gregation has lost In numbers and financial
ability, increasing the burden of the work
for these remaining. Seeing the inevitable,
they humbly bow and surrender.
The church extension fund of the Chris
tian Churcn, holding the first mortgage for
flo.OOO, has been requested to' foreclose.
This they are doing through the action of
trto second mortgage, now in the hands of
F. E. Hilton, of this city. This mortgage
was formerly the property of Mr. Montgom
ery, who at the time that it was made was
a member of this churth.
Oa he imperishable monument of mem
ory for he Central Christian Church, the
friends thereof will Inscribe, "Her sun has i
gone down whl!e it was yet day."
In reference to the present membership
w ie cnngrFKauon, !te. Mr. (.Tim says:
we are in peace. No internal troubl mar
our last days. It has never been my privi
lege to work with a more devoted and self
saerlfielng peopie. Through all of our trou-
Dies w nave neitner lost faith in God nor
man. i o an wno m any way have con
tributed of good will to thi vnrk
we desire to express our appreciation for
the same. With hearts filled with love for
all. and without malice toward any, we are
prepared to sweetly tell our friends goodby.'
The Central will conduct public services but
two more Sundays, the 24th and Slst All
trienas are requestea to be present at these
two services."
Rev. Mr. Crlm also announces that a new
congregation will be organised on the -ast
Side and will te known as the East Bide
Christian Church. It will conduct its first
public service on the first Sunday In No
vember. A full announcement of this ana
the place of meeting will he given later
Rev. and Mrs. T. W. Lane will leave
tonlgrht for San Francisco and Los An
erels. In the latter city Mrs. Lane
will attend the annual meeting of the
National executive committee of the
Methodist missionary societies. They
will return November 12.
There will be a union service at the
central Methodist Episcopal Church to
night, when Princess Rahme Haider,
the Syrian, will conduct the service-
Special Syrian music will be a feature
or the evenlnsr. The quartet will be
clad in the costumes of people of the
Holy Land.
The women of St. ravids Episcopal
Church are invited to meet on Tuesday
at 2 oclock for a sewinsr bee and in
formal tea. Arrangements will be
made for a kitchen shower for the new
rector. All who are interested are in
vited to enjoy the social afternoon.
Catholic members of the St. GIrard
Society celebrated the feast day of
their patron saint by receiving holy
communion in a body at Holy Redeem
er Church last Sunday morning: after
mass. Breakfast was served in the
hall and Rev. F. X. Miller addressed
the women, commending; their chari
table works and urging them to con
tinue. The society is not denomina
tional and anyone who wishes to assist
those in need Is invited to Join. Mrs.
J. P. Kogan. of 1197 Cleveland avenue
is the president and will give any in
formation desired.
In the First Presbyterian Church
several courses and organizations will
i k i $ ;
- ; if
' TO
irp'Tl vVsrS,.
be launched under the leadership ol
the pastor's assistant, Richard K. Ran
dall, who has recently, been obtained
to take charge of the young: people's
department of the church work. Mr.
Randall's leadership will besln Novem
ber 1, at which time a programme of
Interest and novelty will be built up
around the. various organizations, and
a Eeason of activity will be launched.
Mr. Randall's successful . connection
with the Y. M. C. A. of this city makes
him a welcome addition to the work
ing force of the First Presbyterian
Dr. Anna Louise Strong ' will speak
tonight at the Church of Our Father
on "The Nation and the Child." Miss
Strong is associated with Miss Julia
Lathrop In the- work of -the United
States Government Children's Bureau,
Washington, V. C. - The lecture is the
fourth In a. series on "Race Better
ment." The course will be concluded
on October 31 by the pastor of the
church. Rev. "W. G. Eliot, Jr.
A practical sermon Is announced- by
Rev. John H. Boyd, D. I., pastor of
the First Presbyterian Church, corner
Twelfth and Alder streets, f or ' the
morning service at 10:30 today, on
t i
At tne First Christian Cnurch, next Tuesday nignt. Princess Rahme Haider, the 'Syrian, win present
her Biblical drama, "Naaman. the Leper." This play Is being put on for the benefit of the orchestra fund
and T W. Bacon, of the Northwestern School of Music Is directing the orchestra. - Egyptian and Syrian mu
sic will feature the evening..
The historical facts of the healing of the great Syrian captain by Prophet EUsha, and his conversion to
the faith of the Israelites, have been closely adhered to throughout the play.
Miss Haider seta forth in the climax a strong comparison. between the two religions; one the old mate
rial form; the other -the new spirituals - . .
The cast of characters is composed of young men and women prominent in social and church circles.
Miss Haider takes the part of the princess, wife of Naaman; playing opposite her is A. E. Meserve as Naa
man. G. Evert Baker represents the Prophet Elisha: Miss Hazel Hoopengamer, Marian, the little Hebrew,
captive maid. - Mrs. Mary Meserve. one of Portland's readers, and Mrs. H. V. Martze! are noble ladies
of the court of King Ben-Haded. W. L. McFarling and F. C. Lelbold will take the roles of King Ben-Haded
and King Jehoram. respectively. Among the attendants and courtiers are J. A. Johnson, L. Linn. F. K. Linn,
H. Davis and R. K. WinchelL - - - .... .. ' -
Mrs. Eleanor Sanford-Large Is directing the performance.'
f5 ' MS
"What Jesus Means to Me,"" a confes
sion of faith in terms of modern
thought and every day experience. The
night services at the First Church, as
is customary during the Winter months,
are now being held at 7:30 o'clock. The
sermon topic is "The Fact of Pain and
Struggle" as against the current theo
ries that these realities do not exist.
Dr. Boyd will bring out the testimony
of science and history and the con
fusions of reason. ...
All seats are free "at this service,
and the public Is Invited to hear this
discussion, which must be faced by
every person In thought and In ex
perience. - -
Dr. Boyd "-wishes to emphasize - the
change of hour from 7:45 to 7:30 P. M.
from October until May.. .
. . . . . :.
The Lincoln Methodist Episcopal
Church has taken on new life since the
Roseburg - conference. The Sunday
school has a splendid outlook, under the
leadership of the newly-eleoted super
intendent. F. E. Frost. The young
people of the Epworth League are ral
lying under the president. Miss Joy
Hall. . The Sunday evening congrega
tions are increasing. Tonight the pas
tor. Dr. G. G. Halsey, will begin a- se
ries of practical sermons on "Elijah a
Man of the People.'' Trie subjects and
dates aro as follows: October 24, "The
Fearless 5lan": October SI. "The Obe
dient Man";- November 7. "The Daring
Man"; November 14, "The Vacillating
Man"; November 28, "The Cowardly
Man"; December 5, "The Young Man's
The Beaver Male Chorus has been
engaged to furnish special music for
this series. The Lincoln Church Is lo
cated on the northwest corner of Fifty
second and East Lincoln streets. Serv
ices begin at 7:30 P. M.
Tho various activities of the Pied
mont Presbyterian Church Indicate a
healthful- condition in the parish. The
Woman's Society, under the presidency
of Mrs. H. M. Colborne. is meeting its
joint obligation to missions the
local church by the hearty co-operation
of all the women.
The "Fidellls Chapter" gave a suc
cessful silver tea at the home of Mrs.
E. S. Reynolds, on Thursday afternoon.
The Altar Guild on Wednesday pre
sented the lecture on "The European
War" by John Lewtas. The midweek
congregation closed the study of the
Book of James, -which was conducted
by the pastor. During the present
month the pastor. Dr. Hutchison, is ln-
Iroducing his evening topics by discuss-
ng some phase or incidents of the
European war. The cervices are largely
attended and the chorus choir is fur
nishing good music for all the services.
The welcoming of new members to
Calvary Presbyterian Church, was the
occasion of a harvest social in the
church parlors, Tuesday night. The
rooms were beautifully decorated In
the rich tints of the time when "the
frost is on the pumpkin." ' Rev. Oliver
8. Baum, In well-chosen words, greeted
the new members and then followed
a fine programme. Mrs. Milne gave a
medley of old-fashioned songs and Miss
Edith Campbell and Miss Pearl Austin,
pianists. rendered selections. Miss
Annie Wat kins, the elocutionist of the
evening, contributed greatly to the en
joyment. Calvary Presbyterian Church
continues to be known as The Family
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Compliments Pastor.
Rev. J. Richard Olmi, Retaralnic
From Eastern Trip, Is Honored by
- His ConsrcsatlAD.
held a large reception on Tuesday
night In compliment to the pastor.
Rev. J. Richard Olson, who had just
returned from an extended. Eastern
trip. The date was the regular meet
ing time of the Young- People's So
ciety, but the larger gathering was ar
ranged as a surprise t6" the pastor.
Rev. J- A, Levin, a member of the con
gregation and a missionary well
known In Alaska and British Co
lumbia, was present and delivered an
address. Dr. S.-M. Hill for many years
president of Luther 'College in Ne
braska, where Dr. Olson graduated,
read an original poem in honor of . the
Levin Lundquist. of the board of
deacons, in behalf of the congrega
tion presented Dr. Olson with a purse.
Mabel Johnson and Martin Lind. two
tiny tots of the Sunday school, pre
sented the pastor with bouquets of
roses and chrysanthemums. Elaborate
refreshments were served by the Aid
Society. The rooms were decorated
with vines and Autumn foliage. Mu
sical numbers were contributed by-
Mrs. Hilda Llndborg. soprano; Oscar
Lawrence Woodfin, baritone; Henry
Dahl, cornetist; Miss Myrtle Holmes
Miss Cordelia Hill, accompanists.
On Tuesday afternoon about 2o
women of the Waverly Heights Con
gregational Church pleasantly sur
prised Mrs. W. F. Downing with a
fruit shower, as a slight token of their
appreciation of the valuable and faith
ful service so willingly given to the
church during the past year by Mr.
and Mrs. Downing, he as director of
the choir and she as organist.
Rev. Luther R. Dyott's subjects an
nounced for Sunday nights are: Oc
tober 31, "God's Strong Man"; Novem
ber 7. "God's Beautiful Woman
November 14, "The Power of Purity";
November 21, "Around the Fireplace In
Our Church Home." A community sing
will be held on the last date.
Miss Ellen Stone, a well-known mis
slonary and a devoted Congregational
1st. was a visitor here recently. On
Sunday Church. Services
Temple of Universal Fellowship. Serv
ice very Sunday at S P. M-. Apartment 208.
The Grandesta. S Grand avenue, at Stark.
Rev. Dr. J. H: Dickey, pastor. Interesting
and Instructive topics of tho day. All wel
Spiritual Temple, corner Sixth and Mont
gomery streets Service Wednesday nignt, S
o'clock. Sptcial music Public cordially invited-
Services of this denomination are beld on
Central. Kast Eleventh and Everett streets
Elder P. C. Hayward. pastor. Sabbatn
school. 10: preachlnc. 11 Prfia e.tin'
neancmiy eveu"i v -
Friday evening at 7:45. ..
Tabernacle. West elde. K. of P. Hall,
corner Eleventh and Alder street; M. H-
St. John, pastor. Sabbatn acnooi.
Church notices for The Sunday
OrcKcmlan should be in this office
by Tnuraday at s P. M. It is not
possible to assure publication of any
notices after that hour.
mon. 11 A. M. : lecture. 7:43 f- M. : S un
day evening special services. Mo; prajer
mertlnr, Wednesnay evenlnR. i :4...
Montavllla. East . Eightieth and FnJ
streets J. F. Beatty. local elder. Sabbath
school. 10; preacning. 11; pr ..
v d m.tlnir. i P. M. : Wednesday even-
ln-ents?D. J. Chltwood. local elder. Sab
bath school, 10; preaching. 11: prayer mee'..
Ing. weanesaay ;ieutu
St. Johns. Central avenue ana i,nrrai.
.. n 1 1 .,...- In.,1 lri.r. H11
bath school, 10: preaching. 11; prayer meet
ing, weanesaay uia
Mount Tabor. East Slxtletn ana
streets C. J. Cummlngs. pastor. caooata
school. 10; preaching. 11: prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 7:45.
Alblna (German), corner tmamon
Mallory A. C. Soh weltser. local elder. Sab-i.-.w
-.. t m. r.r..hin, li- nraver meet
ing. Wednesday evening at 7:45.
Scandinavian. Tnlrty-nlntn avenue, ana
Sixty-second street Elder O. E. Sandnes.
. Af.Ani 111- 1.1
PUlOr. OKUUttbU - -
prayer meeting. Wednesday evening at T.4a
Meetings in vvooamen ui ,, .- - -
Sixth and Alder streets. Sunday. October
1 :40 to z:4., evanxwi'Bi.v; vi,.-v-.--. -
t. M ., aiscourse vy - . -
Tblngs That Malta for Peace ; :: P. Ap
praise and testimony meeting: l f. M-.
nubile lecture by Flnlay McKercher. topic.
"Man: His Fall, His Rise and His Destiny.
ct T.mnl. Twelfth and Taylor
streets. Rev. V'. B. Hlnson. D. D.. minister
a:S0. Bible school, classes for all ages; 11.
preaching by Dr. Hlnson: 0:15. B. Y. P. l;
7:30. preacnlng by Dr. Hlnson.
East Side, East Twentieth and Anltery
streets. Rev. W. O. Sbank. pastor 10 Sunday
....h-wi- i-M- it w. Davis, of Euaene. will
exchange pulpits with the pastor; II, "The
. - . . , , r . . .. G-nn,, ra vn.n t" 1 1 - TO M.
Ytiue ui xi -j. . . . -, . - -
V. p. U.; 7:o0, "Tha Causes and Cure of
1-" - ,o
Arteta. Kev. v , 1
Sunday school: II, preaching by the pastor:
6:30. B. Y. P. U. ; 7:0. preaching by the
Calvarv East Eighth and Grant streets
10 Sunday school; 11 and 7 ::f. prcachlns
by Rev. F. C. Stannard, of Newberg, U:UO,
Glencoe.East Forty-fifth and Main streets.
Rev A. B WaHx, pastor; :45. Sunday
school; 11, preaching by the pastor: theme.
-A Five-Year Programme": 6:30, B. Y. P.
V.: ":'. preaching by the pastor, theme.
-Family Resemblance."
Grace. Montavllla, Rev. H. T. Cash, pas
tor 0-45. Sunday school; 11 and 7:30.
preaching services: 6:30, B. Y. P. U.
Highland. A:berta and East Sixth streets
North. Rev. Charles F. Mielr, pastor ID.
Sunday srhool. 11. preaching by the paa
tor; 0:30. B. Y. P. U.; 7:30, preaching by the
PLents Rev- J- M- Nelson, pastor 10. Sun
day school: It and 7:0. preaching by the
pastor; 8:S0. B. Y. P. U'.
Sellwood. Eleventh street and Tacoma ave
nue. Rev. F. H. Hayes pastor 10. Sunday
School:. preaching at li and 7:30; 6:30. B.
Y'sZ' Johns, Rev. E. P. Borden, pastor
10 Bunday school; 11 and 7:3; preaching
by the pastor: 6::iO. B. Y. P. C
Tabernacle. Forty-second and Tlolgate
streeta W. S. carl 9:S0, Sunday school; 11.
preaching by Rv. Walter Duff theme.
Drawing Prayera Bow"; 6:80, Junior B. Y.
p J a:3. B. Y. P. V.: 7:30. preaching ljy
Rev. "Walter Duff, theme, "God Save tha
Xhird. Vancouver avenue and Knott
street. Rv. W. J. Beaven. pastor 10. Sun
Monday she was entert&L ed by the
missionary committee of tho Women's
Christian Temperance Union and by
several missionary societies at a re
ception in the Y. W. C. A.
Volume l. No. 1, the Portland Chrls
tion. made its appearance Fridav. It
is a neat, newsy, attractive little pa
per gotten out by the First Christian
Church. It announces for the church
a. nome-coming aay set ror November
7. when the emphasis will be placed
on gathering to the church home all
who are interested, in . the Christian
Church. t
The sermons for the dav will, he in.
propriate. In the morning the min
ister win speaK on "The Power at a
Shadow." In the evening he will berln
series of sermons on "The Blhl '
tho first one being entitled, "wti!
me BiDie Is For." Other subjects will
be "Why the Bible Is True." "Why
the Bible Is Sufficient," "How All Can
Understand the Bible," "How tho Bibla
Comforts." "Why the Bible Will Never
Pass Away."
Rev. George Darsle, wto has heen
111 for the past two weeks, will occupy
his pulpit today.
To the Ladles' Aid Society of the
Immanuel Lutheran Church is due the
credit for arranging the details of a
reception Tuesday night In tho church,
at Nineteenth and Irving streets.
One of the most artistic events of
the week in church circles was tho en
tertainment given Tuesday night un
der the auspices of St. Mark's Guild,
at the parish house of St. Mark's Epis
copal Church. Miss Irene Campbell
played two exquisite Chopin selec
tions. Miss Dorothy Bliss played vio
lin solos and Miss Edna Bertch gave
as a reading "The Shepherd of the
R. C. Douglas, an international New
Thought Alliance officer, will speak
for the New Thought Temple of Truth
Society Sunday night at 8 o'clock on
"The Evolution of the Christ Con
sciousness." and Monday night at 8 at
Eiler's Recital Hall. ex-Rabbt Joseph
Goldman will speak on "The Second
Coming of Christ." and on October SI
at 8 P. M. Judge H, H. Benson, form
erly of the Unity Practical Christi
anity Center at Kansas City but now
of Los Angeles, will speak at 8 o'clock
on "The Frictionless Way." Perry Jo
seph Green will speak nightly at the
East Side Library, beginning Monday,
on various New Thought topics.
All these lectures are free and open
to the public.
The active work for the Winter has
begun in the various societies of the
Mount Tabor Methodist Episcopal
The Epworth League recently held
a servlco at Multnomah Farm. The
meeting was ably led by Walter
Stearns, assisted by Messrs. Schnell
and Boswell. Mrs. Sarah A. Royal also
gave a brief address, which wad much
The Ladies' Aid Society, under the
direction of Mrs. W. C. Wheeler, the
newly elected president, will give a
musical and literary entertainment on
Wednesday evening, October 27.
The Good Fellowship Brothers are
planning a social to be given In the
near future. C. C Miller has been
chosen as teacher of this class and a
pleasant and profitable year Is assured
to the members. All men are welcome.
day school; 11 and 7:.10, preaching by the
pastor; 0:. b. Y. P. IT.
Vnlrorslty Park. Flske snd Drew streets.
Rev. C. L- Heskett, pustor 9:XQ, Sunday
schucl;ll and 7:30, preaching by the paa-
Mount O'lvet. Seventh and Everett streets.
Re, wv - Magett. pastor Services 11 and
8; Sunday school, 12:30.
First German, Fourth and Mill streets.
!i.J??ob J'Sr!!it- pastor 9:45. Sunday
school: li and 7:30. preaching bv the pastor.
c..'J:on Oerman. Morris and Rodney 0:43.
Sunday school, preaching services. 11 and
. 13 x - P. U ., 7.
rvh.JOiAnS' c.0"11". Rv. F. Bueermann.
pastorio. Sunday school; U and 7 SO
preaching- by the pastor; 6:30, B. T P U
Swedish. Fifteenth and Hoyt streets, Rv.
tT'- Pto' Preach. nr, 10:45 and
7-30: Sunday school. 12 (noon); BL T. I?
Ksall Ml8S'on- EAt ElRhteenth and Tlb-
7!l p-v- Francesco Sannella, pas-
Is.irnKllsh'8rakmK PPle: 11. preach. ns;
S tSlVg7i- pMtor:" Prayer servlcs);
8. preaching- vervlce.
Chinese Mission. 33S Bumslde street
fenndeVr chooU 7i J" G' alone. suplrln.
Rus.elv1i!- Mission 3,
S:-4.. nreachln.- irn-r
Sunday school;
.-,T5f. I?unar Men Claw H. T. M. C of
te Highland Baptist Church, East Sixth and
Alberta otrtiets met st 0:4.-. A. M.. Sunday.
AH young; men are urged to attend
Goodwill Mission. Fifteenth and BoUt
streets a, addreaa.
Pro-Cathedra!. Fifteenth and Davla
Streets. Rev. E. V. O'Hara. Mass, . 7;l5.
8:30. 0:45; high mass, 11; evening aervlce.
St. Lawrence, Third and Sherman streets.
,NJ'- IIueLc Mass. . 8:30; hlcli maas.
lO:J0; evening service. T;34j.
St. Patrick's. Nineteenth and Savler
streets. R.w. E, P. Murphy. Mass. S; hlh
mass, 10:a; eveninc service, 7:30.
St. Francis", East Eleventh and Oik 1
streets. Rev. J. H. Blauk. Mass. C. 8, 9;
high mass, 30:20; evening service, 7:30.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, William sve.
nue end Stanton. Rev. w. A. Daly. Mass,
t8. 0; high macs, 10:30; evenlncervice.
Holy Rosary. East Third and Clackamas.
Re". C. J. Olson. Mass, , 7, ; hisb
mass. 11: even ins service, 7:30.
The Madeline, Eau Twenty-fourth and
Siskiyou. Rev. G. F. Thompson. Mass. 7:o,
9; hih mass. 10:30; even ins; service, 7:4.
St, Andrews', East Ninth and Alberta
streets. Rov. T. Kiernan. Maes, 8; hlgi
mass. 10:30; evening service, 7:aa
Ascension. East Vamhlll and East Seventy-sixth
Franciscan Fathers. Mass, 8; hi eh
mass. 10:30: evening service. 7:30.
Blessed Sacrament. Maryland avenue and
Blandena atreet. Rev. V. Kelly. Mass,
S; hlsth mass. 10:30 ; even ng service. 7:30.
Holy Redeemer. Portland boulevard and
Vancouver averue. Rev. F. H. Miller. Mass.
6, 8; high mass 10:2'; evening aervlce. 7:30
St. Ignatius, ;2-'0 Forty-third street South,
east. Jesuit Futhcrs. Mass, &; hltfh n:ass,
10:30: avoning service. 7:30.
Holy Crow, 774 Bowdoin street. Rev. 7
Raymond. Mass. S; hiffh mass. 10:30; even
Ins; service, 7:30.
St. Rose. East Fifty-fourth and Alameda.
Rev. J. O'FarrelL Macs. S; high moss. 10:30;
even tn c services, 7 :'-Mj.
St. Stephens. Forty-second and East Tay
lor. Rev. W. Witt. Mass. 6. 8; high mif.
lt:30; evening service. 7 :30.
St. Philip Neri, East Sixteenth and Hick
ory. Rev. W. J. Cartwrlaht. Mass 8; hign
Disf, 10:30; evening a:rx'ice, 7:30.
Sacred Heart. East Eleventh and Center.
Rev. G. Ro'.L Maes, 8; high mass. 10:Ju;
evening service 7::i0.
St. Agatha. East Fifteenth and MMier.
Rev. J Cummlky. Mans. S; high mam.
10:30; evening service, 7:30.
St. Joseph (German, Fifteenth and Couch
street. Rev. B. ourrer. Mass, 6; high
asa. 10:30: even In a service, 7:3U.
St. Clare's. Capitol Hill. Franciscan
Fathers. Rev. Father Modestus Iow mas.
7:30 o'clock; high mas and benediction,
9:9 o'clock; sermons at both masses.
St. Stanislaus (Italian ). Maryland avenue
and Willamette boulevard. Rev. F. Mathew.
Mass, 8; high mass. 10:30; evening service,
St. Michael 'Italian). Fourth and Milt
streets. Rev. M. Balestrsu Mass. 8; higil
must, 10:30; evening servioe, 7:30.
St. Clements, Smith and Newton streets.
Rev. C. Smith. Mass. 8; high mass, 10:30;
eveninc service.- 7 :30.
St. Petera. Lents. Rev. P. Buetgen. Mass
8; hljh miss, lO;30; evening service. 7:30.
St. Charle. Thirty-fourth and Killings
worth. Rev. G. Snlderhorn. Mass, ; high
mas. 10:30; evening aervlce. 7:30.
pirat. Park and Vadlson streets. Lnther R.
Dvott. minister 9:50 A, M.. Bible school;
0:80 P. M.. Tourg People's Society Christian
Endeavor. Xr. Dyott preaches at 11 A. M .
iConcludtrd oa Paga 10, Column 2.)