The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 01, 1915, Section One, Page 3, Image 3

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Underpriced Domestic
13c Grade Pillow Slips, 42x36 Inches. On sale at 120
50c Grade Bleached Sheets, 72x90 inches. On sale at 420
JL75 Grade Full-Size White Bedspreads. On sale at $1.48
50c Grade Sanitary Filled Feather Pillows. On sale at 390
$2.00 Grade Full-Size Cotton Comforters. On sale at ....$1.48
Grade Extra Hear? Cotton Blankets. On sale at... $1.08
14.00 Grade Heavy Gray Wool Blankets. On sale at $2.08
$3.00 Grade Auto and Lounging Robes. On sale at $1.08
We Have Inaugurated in This City a Weekly Half-Holiday for Department Store Em
ployes, Closing Our Store on Thursday Afternoons at' 1 o'Clock During July and August.
We Maintain That a Weekly Half -Holiday During These Hot Months Should Be Uni
versal, and We Solicit Your Co-operation. Lend This Movement Your Support.
Store Opens
Dairy at
8:30 A. M.
On Saturdays
9:00 A. M.
Pacific Phone
Marshall 5080
The Most in Value The Best in Quality
Store Closes
Daily at '
5:30 P.M.
On Saturdays
6:00 P.M.
Home Phone
A 2112
A Sale of Stamped
Pillow Cases
. Regular 50c Kind.
At our Art Section tomorrow we place on sale a
fine assortment of Stamped Pillow Cases. They
are made of good grade muslin, and finished with
neat hem. They are stamped in several neat de
signs. . The kind sold regularly at 50c. q
Priced, Clearance Sale, at c
Stamped Gowns 49c
Regular 85c Grade
Tomorrow at our Art Section we place on sale a fine lot
of Stamped Gowns. They are shown either ready or un
made of good quality nainsook. They come with the
popular kimono sleeves and with either round or square
neck. The kind made to sell regularly at 85cMQf
Priced Clearance Sale at
Real 0H-F
iftffi VVv See 0ur window Dispiays r Y fi fN
askoeed Ivlark Down view b
Genuine through and through! No spurious stocks of shoddy stuffs or precarious present
ments of doubtful doings. Just a good, old-fashioned clearing to reduce and retrench and
make way for newly-fashioned features that press vigorously for approval and humbly beg
Stamped Pillow Tops and Scarfs
19c Each.
Regular 50c Grade
Here is another special at our Art Section that is well
worth your attention. A sale of Stamped Pillow Tops
with backs to match, also .scarf s. ' They are made of
brown Russian crash and are neatly finished with 1Q
knotted fringe end3. Regularly 50c Clearance Sale A 2C
mrnmer Mocks
to see the counter light of day. We've inventoried up and now mark down. The best part
of all is the keenness of the price cuts. They reach to the very heart of values. You'll be sur
prised as never before at the clean-cut savings in these genuinely clean stocks.
Let tlie Following Items Speak for Themselves
Half Price and Less for a
Fine Iot Undermuslins
Every Garment a Decided Bargain !
A Collection of Brand New Snowy White Under
garments So Sterling in Quality and So Low in
Price That Thousands of Women Will Respond
to This Announcement.
Combination Suits and En
velope Chemise; Also Gowns
and Skirts Shown in Dozens
of Styles and Well Made of
Fine Materials All This
Season's Goods and All
Daintily Trimmed. Clear
ance Price
Choice From $1 and $1.25 Garments.
This store is famous for its Undermuslins and its wonderful Under
muslin selling this offering wilLadd emphasis to the distinction
we"ve,held for many. years. Nowhere but here could you expect
such exceptional opportunities, and even here only during a sale
of this sort. While the low price is an important factor, we base
our summons for your patronage upon the superior quality of the
materials, the refinement and exclusiveness of the styles, the high
class workmanship and immaculate character of the garments you
have choice from hundreds of garments and dozens of styles in
Combination Suits, Envelope Chemise, Skirts and Gowns. J? Of
Qualities regularly sold at $1.00 to $1.25. Clearance Price iJC
Another Special Offering Consists of
Corset Covers, Drawers, Brassieres
Shown in the Most Popular Styles and in -l q
All Sizes. Regular 35c Lines. Clearance. . 1 JC
Good, substantial garments trimmed and finished in many pleasing
styles Corset Covers, Brassieres and Drawers in the latest styles.
All nice, clean goods purchased for this season's selling ialQ
qualities regularly sold at 35c. Clearance Price 1C
I Great Lots Wash Goods
Now Bear the Most Unusual Price Reductions
the Big Event You Have Been Waiting For Our
Annual Sale of Wash Goods. Prudent Women
Will Secure a Season's Supply at These Saving
Prices. Both Plain-Colored and JN ov
elty Wash Goods, Batistes, Crepes,
Lawns, Voiles, etc!, in Pretty Printed
Flowers, Figures and Stripes
Broken Lines and Surplus Stocks to
Be Closed Out at Extraordinary
Price Reductions
For Regular 12'c, 15c to 25c Qualities.
Table after table devoted to this great display and sale of Wash
Goods and plenty of courteous salespeople to serve you promptly.
In this assortment will be found an unlimited variety of styles and
colorings in Batiste, Crepes, Lawns, Voiles, etc- pretty printed
flower, figure and stripe designs also a great lot of other weaves
in plain colors wash fabrics suitable for most every purpose Q
in 12c, 15c to 25c qualities. Clearance Price
25c Grade, 36-Inch White Underwear Crepes. This Sale at 190
23c Grade 38-Inch Dainty Novelty Voiles. This Sale at 150
13c Grade Fast-Colored Romper Cloth. This Sale at 100
124e Grade Best Standard Dress Ginghams. This Sale at... 100
750 Grade Colored 45-Inch Dress Linens, Worth Regularly to $1.50.
Men's 75c Gowns at
Clearance. 69c
Made of fine- quality Muslin, cut full to size style's with V
shaped neck or with collar all sizes. Regular 75c linCQ,,
Clearance Price OSC
Boys9 35c Waists at 19c
Made of good quality Chambray, Sateens and Persies in plain
colors and neat stripes they have adjustable waistband and in
military collar, all sizes. Regular 35c grade. Clearance Price IC
' Men's $1.00 Bathing Suits, to Close at 850
Boys 75c Bathing Suits, to Close at 590
Tremendous Savings in
Silks5 Linings. Velvets
Sweeping Reductions Through Our Entire Stock Skinner's Satin Alone Ex-
; cepted You May Judge the Values Dy inis uttering ci
Over Six Thousand Yards of Plain and Novelty Silks,
Swiss Messalines and Poplins in solid colors. Plain and
Satin Striped Tub Silks. Cloth of Gold and Natural Col
nrpd Pnnp-pps. Black Taffetas and a trreat lot of Fancy
Dress and Waisting Silks at U jl Jil Yd.
Qualities Regularly Sold at 75c, 85c, $1 and $1.25 Yard.
Economy and chpice should prompt you to make your selections at once and with the great savings in mind,
anticipation of future wants should receive your careful attention. Every grade and variety of Silk from
the world's finest mills will be represented every yard fresh from the looms you have choice from 27
Inch Swiss Messalines and Yard-Wide Poplins in plain colors 32-Inch Plain and Satin Striped Tub Silks
in an endless assortment of patterns and colors Yard-Wide Cloth of Gold 34-Inch Real Shan-Tung Pon
gees in natural color Yard-Wide Black Taffetas of beautiful finish Black Messalines of soft, graceful
weave; also an endless variety of 24 to 27-Inch Fancy Dress and Waisfing Silks in designs and colorings
to suit every taste all Silks of standard qualities regularly sold at 75c, 85c, $1.00 and $1.25 agQ
yard. Clearance Price
Black and Colored Dress Goods
high-grade Novelty
and a great many
44 to 54-Inch Solid Colored Crepes and Mohairs,
Serges and Worsteds, Panamas and Wool Taffetas
oJiers.- All to go at
Qualities Sold Everywhere at $1 and $1.25 a Yard.
The fullest variety of weaves and patterns is accessible at this great sale
youH be tempted to purchase for both present and future needs for values
are far beyond the ordinary. Included are pure wool Solid Crepes and Mo
hairs, Novelty Serges and Worsteds Panamas and Wool Taffetas as wall
as a great many other desirable weaves in 44 to 54-inch widths.
Regular $1.00 and $1.25 qualities. Clearance Price
The Finest of High-Grade Fabrics
46 to 54-inch Novelty Stripes, Checks and Plain Colors.
Qualities to $2, a yard.
A display so varied and so enticing that the most critical shoppers
will be the first to purchase. Included are the finest of high-grade pure
wool materials in the season's choicest ' weaves plain colors and the
fashionable checks and stripes qualities regularly sold up to $2.00
a yard. Clearance Sale Price
A Phenomenal Clearance of Broken Lines
Of Women's Fashionable
Coats and Suits
Extraordinary Price Reductions to Insure Stock-Reducing in a Quick and Ef
fective Manner Every Garment at Less Than Manufacturer's
Cost Come and See for Yourself.
About 100 Fine Coats and Suits in the Lot, All in Desira
ble Styles, but Only One, Two or Three Garments of a
Size or Model. Included Are Various Materials in Plain
Colors and Checked' Novelties. Values to $25, at ...
Be Here Early if You're Interested.
We are going to clear our ready-to-wear stocks of all odd garments and broken lines in the shortest pos
sible space of time by the pressure of .lowered prices. The saving is so apparent at this sale that you must
be convinced that we are going to solve this, stock-reducing problem in a quick and effective manner; there
fore, we offer you unrestricted choice from all broken lines of Women's Coats and Suits in 7 CI
regular values up to $25.00 at the ridiculously -low price of ' P
Included are a great variety of desirable styles Suits in Poplins, Serges, Gabardine and other fabrics and
Coats in Black Silk, Black and White Checks, Navy and Black Gabardine, etc. all finely tailored, high
grade garments. You will have no difficulty in finding the desired style and size if you pay this sale an
early visit.
For Choice
. A Most Unusual Underpricing of
White and Colored Wash Dresses
Values to $4.50 g - yflQ
Clearance Price vpATTO
The materials and trimmings alone would cot more than the price at which we are closing out this fine
lot of Women's White Lingerie and Colored Wash Dresses youH be well repaid for your trouble in select
ing your size in the style you like best they come in white and colored Crepes, Lawns and Novelty ma
terials and in black and white diamond checks they are shown in styles with suspender straps and in
yoke effects; others in figured voiles trimmed with colored satin in various shades. 'Regular " AO
values up to $4.50 . Clearance Price. - P
Clearance Prices on
Bress Shields
and Dress Findings
Little Things That Most Every Woman Is in Need
of at Savings Too Big to Be Overlooked.
25c Omo Shields 170
30c Omo Shields 190
25c Naiad Shields .. ...170
30c Naiad Shields 190
50c Bolero Dress Shields. . .350
$1.00 Omo Brassieres 790
15c Bolt Stickeri Braids... 100
15c Bolt Wave Braids. :.. .100
25c Whisk Brooms 190
10c Stickup Collar Support
ers,' card 50
5c Removable Bone Collar
Supporters, card 30
5c Peri Luster Machine
Thread at, spool 2 0
600-Yard Spools Basting Cot
ton at 6 for 250, doz 450
r Snools for Ctt or the Doz.
O RestOoalitv tJU
Six-Cord Thread
10c Fine Combs now 50
25c Dressing Combs 150
5c Wire Coat Hangers at. . .30
5c Wood Coat Hangers at. . .30
5c Eagle Hooks and Eyes, 3
cards for 100
5c Common Pins, 3 pkgs...lO0
15c Shell Hair Pins, dozen. .100
15c Wire Hair Pins .100
10c Bias Seam Tape priced. .50
10c Shoe Trees, the pair. ...60
10c Dress Shields now. . . ... .50
15c Silko Dress Shields 100
10c Featherbone, black and
white, the box 850
75c Fine Steel Blade Shears 390
. Clearance Sale Reductions
In the Men's Section
Men's Cotton Mesh and Shadaker Union Suits
All Styles and All Sizes Perfect Fitting Gar
ments of Standard $1.00 Quality, to Be 7Q
Closed at:
Men who are the most particular as to the fit and quality of their
underwear will be the first to profit by this sale of seasonable
weight Union Suits you have choice from two lines the Shed
aker Nainsook Union Suits in athletic style with trouser seat
also cotton mesh garments in all styles in white and ecru. 7Qr
All sizes. .Regular $1.00 fines. Clearance Price. I J
Here's Another Great Shirt Bargain
Men's Negligee Shirts
"With Attached Cuffs
We want the men folk to make this their furnishing store. We
cater to their needs just as much as we do for the gentler sex. A
handy department right near the door at Third-street entrance;
quick service, no waits or delays, and values that are unmatchable.
These specials for tomorrow: A sale of Men's Coat Style Negligee
Shirts with attached cuffs; all sizes from 14 to 17 in neat black
and white and colored stripes, and in plain blue and, best of all,
well answer for every Shirt with a new one if it in anyCC
manner proves unworthy. A guaranteed 75c Shirt, on sale-'-'
Embroideries, Laces
Embroideries at 9c Yd.
For Values Sold to 29c
Just think of buying 18-Inch
Flouncings and Corset Cover
Embroideries, 3 to 6-Inch Swiss
Organdie and Cambric Edges,
staple and Novelty Bands and
Galloons and Insertions in choice
patterns and values to 29c, Q
at only, a yard. . V
That's What You Can Do at
This Sale!
Embroideries at 17c Yd.
For Values Sold to 48c
Here's another sensational of
fering a great lot of 12, 18 and
27-Inch Embroideries in materi
als and patterns suitable for
flouncings, underwear, baby and
women's dresses all choice new
goods in values to 48c, "I ""J
at only, a yard
Remember, the Best Patterns
Will Go First!
Of Equal Importance Is This Offering of
Embroideries 27c Yd.
Regular 59c to 69c Grades
High-class Embroideries every yard of them they come in fine
Swiss and Organdie and in the most attractive new patterns 18
to 27-inch widths in qualities regularly sold at 59c to 69c27c
a yard. Clearance Price .... "
50c to 75c Shadow and Oriental 18-Inch Laces on Sale at 250
5c to 8c Val and Torchon Edges and Insertion on Sale at 2J40
10c to lac Beautiful Plat Val Laces on Sale at ...7!40
15c to 25c Oriental Net Top Edges Now on Sale at 12140