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vol, xxxiv.
NO. 31.
unDnnnn dtudo at I
Oregon Aggie Runner Takes
Mile and Two-Mile From
. Fast Field.
CljtJc, Muirhead, llnramell and Cole
Too Place In Events at Which
Mind Aids In Breaking
World's Records.
AX FRANCISCO. July SI. Speclal.
Cur HobaroooV of Ih Multnomah
Amateur Athletic Club of Portland,
representing the Pacific Northwest
Association, and Dan Mahonejr. of the
Caledonian Club of San Francisco, and
representing .the Pacific Association.
hand honors for high point-getter In
too finals of the Far Western track
and field championships held on the
J'anama-Pacif ;c International Expoal
tlon her this afternoon. Each won
two first places.
Because of Its large number of en
tries the Pacific Association registered
first honors with 1S points; the
Southern Pacific Association was sec
ond with S. the Pacific Northwest As
sociatlon finished third with JiH. The
Hocky Mountain Association went Into
fourth place at IS points, and the In
ter-ilountain Association brought up
tae rear with half a score of points.
Recwrsls e Stand.
Records were made but none will
be allowed. Two world's records were
broken, and two were tied before the
day's programme was completed. The
strong (wind which cams In from Uis
Uolden Gate gave the runners In all
the races up to and Including the
straightaway 440-yard run an ad-
vaniajta wuicu cuuiu not da acccpivq . t . lai'il-
by the records committee of the Ami- BOSIOnS Defend P 3C6 Wltft
4-1 Victory Over Detroit.
teur Athletic Union.
Fred Kelly equaled his IS seconds
flat mark in the hitch hurdles, and
Fred Murray tied the 23 S-S low
hurdle record of the world. i.ile
Robert McBrlde ran the furlong in II
seconds, snd A F. Meunter coTered the
440-yard hurdles In S3 4-4 seconds, the
last two breaking the previous world's
The Pacific Northwest Association
athletes gars some mighty strong com
petition In the events that they were I Athletics Take Great Pitching Battle
icaturera in.
llceseed Is Seausatlost.
The fclir sensation of the afternoon
was the running of Guy Hobgood. of
tha Northerners. The Oregon Aggie
was expected to make a great show
tng In the two-mile match, but further
than that be wasn't even considered
by any except Coach William Ilayward.
of the University of Oregon.
!!ot7ood took the two-mile from O.
Alulard. of tha Olympic, and finished
without much exertion, while Millard
was almost all In. 'Hobble' then
wanted to win more laurels, and he
entered the mile against such stars as
Paul Wilson, of Stanford University,
... . . j . i i
ttasningion. rts made naoa quit on i Hush.....
the next to the last lap and breasted ICooD.m . ..
the UH about six Tarda ahead of I ' 'rrrd.r
Clyde, who ran In second.
Fr sad Bellab Wlaacra.
J'rora Cleveland Browns Win
lYora Senators and Kren
Series With Washington.
I Vearn.l.
I Burns. I...
Touns.3. .
SI .n. x. c
Chester Fee and the veteran Sam I CvTakr.B
Fellah proved winners, too. Sam cap- I chM
BOSTON. July SI. The Boston Ameri
cans defended their league leadership
successfully today, winning from D
trolt. 4 to 1. The Red Sox bunched hits
oft Coveleskle In the fourth Inning for
all their run. Score:
Detroit I fioatoi
B H O At.l 0 H O AE
4 o I 4 v.Hooper.r. . J u X vu
SIS S 1 Barrj.2... t 1 0 SO
Sll e VSsk.r.m. 4 S 4 V u
4 11 0 UCialn.r.l... S Sll XI
0 0 0 V Lewts.1.... e 1 00
4 Oil OO..ardner.3. S 1 3 2 1
4 11 4Scotl.a.... S 0 1 111
S e S X v .-ady.c... S S S 11
3 0 0 SOFoaier.p... Mill
V -J -
g, .1
. 1
':''. 1 I'' . . . 1 1 1 ' K- - ' f (' ' II 1 'V V
mi mi -imttvmi vv l x i
r. 'II' K w Tfcaa a t,-y- -tt aw T i f-T a- v--' -X to .'.::.;: ovv, M m
; ','.. -f- Y?w 1 Jv H v 1 -4 " Ik
(1) Mlaa Sara Llvlnastoae, Seattle, Winner of Women's Singles CbamplonsU Ipj 2) Rev. t K. Richardson, ex-Cham-ploa.
Who Lost Title, and Hls Vaaqalaher, R. V. D. Johns, San Francisco j (3 Miss Mayme McDonald, Seattle,
Ranaer-lp In Women's Championship.
tared first In the pole vault and fourth j '.. J!JJ
In the Javelin, while Fee reversed the I Totals. S3 4 34 31 1'. Totals.. 2 37 14
order In the same events. Fee eur-I Uaticd for coveleskle la seTeottu
prised even Coach Ilayward by doing I proit S Ml
it - ... ..... it. Boston oo os see o
, . " . . i,k . I Rna Cobb. Speaker. Gainer, Lewta. Scotl.
l itirmra for third place, and. with a I rw-tu. bits. i'd. o.m.r. xtaien has
little luck, would have beaten him. I -h-oit. Double r:ar. Vltt to Burns. Kirat
A'alter Ilummell has two medals In le ea errors, u.trait 1. Hoaton a. Ksm
v . . i. i . ... I jn balls, off Coveleskle 1. Foster 1. Hits.
In the 440-yard hurdles and tied for I struck out. by Coveleskle J, Foster 3. la-
ine same position in me ;.l-yara lowipirea, fvaas sna cniii.
sticks. It was the first time he had
ever attempted the quarter-mile top
per, and his ahowing has encouraged
Manager Hawkins to. enter him m the
same event In the Juniors nest Friday.
lie was Iradlns: at the fourth hurdle
when he stumbled, losing about eight
yards. Towsrd the 400-yard mark he
besan to gain, but the lead was too
much and he was besten by the first
two men by less than two feet. 11
yet may be credited with second place,
as House, of the Southern Association.
ran under protest, and the directors I Shotton.l
will decide his case later.
"Moose" Mulrhead raptured fourth In
the event In which Fred Kelly barely
SU Louis S, Washington 3.
WASHINGTON. July SI. St. Louis
broke a tie In the ninth Inning today
nd evened up the series with the
Washington Americans, S to S. Singles
by Walker. Howard and Severeld.
coupled with Howard's steal of second.
gave the visitors the winning runs
St. Louis I Washtast
4 3 10 O'Moeller.r.l. ft I 0 1 0
SIX XOKost.r.3...
4 e S Q 0 Milan. m...
4 4 1 ft 0,SBank.S..
a a a v ufjanau.i.. .
Hratl.S. .
nosed out Fred Murray and equaled I Hru.l. 4 S IS 3 0 Aco.ts.l
bis world's record of IS seconds.
Cele Xet t to Fersa.
Harry J. Cole was not himself. The
big SOO-pounder could not get the dis
cus away from him. At that he placed
fourth, and the event was taken at less
than 1J3 feet. Dr. i J. Stewart, coach
of tne Oregon Agricultural College, was
en the grounds and witnessed the per-l,t iui.
f ormances of rtobgood and cole. I Washington
Lvan.e... SOS S SJohnson.r..
Severeld. e 4 1 S 3 0 Henry. e. .
llamU o.p S 0 0 1 V McBrtde.s..
Totals. .S3 IS ST 14 M Totala.. SI t ST 13 1
Patted for riallla In seventh.
Batted for Boehlinc In ninth.
.30S100SO 3 S
ooozooio o s
Coach Ilayward. of the Pacific I Runs, ahotton. PUler. Pratt. Walker. How
Northwest representatives. Is begin-1 ard. oandll. John. ton. McHrlde. Two-base
i . . h,.MI. Valkr. Three-base hlu. Hhntton. dsn.
. . "1 k-. ," , till. Stolen baae. Howard. Earned rons, off
ordered the boys to report for a stren- ,;.,, Boehllnr 2. Hamilton 2 First base
nous workout Monday. He thinks thst a error. 8t. Loula Rase on balls, off Ham-
bta athletes will be able to give a good "n a. Gallia 1. Hits, off oallla In 7 In-
account of themselves In the Junior '" J Vhiia-Tf-mnhJ- w.TJi!
Ik., I .1 , -b.rf..l.rf foe ll"nl. Oallla 4 Boehlln 1. Umpires. Hlide-
-" - ' r - i Diana ana ULoninnn.
next rlday aiternoon.
Earn Stenstrom got away to a poor
tart In the 129-yard dash and did
not place Dick Grant was the only
other Northerner who failed to break
into the win column.
Philadelphia 1, Cleveland 0.
PHILADELPHIA. July St. A pitch
Ing duel between Wlckoff and Harstad
her todav resulted In a victory fnr the
. aioitia ..uu5. ,.c...,-.iuibi i putimeiphi. Americana over Cleve
land. 1 to 0. Only 28 batsmen faced
Wlckoff. The only run of the game
was scored by Healy In the eighth In
ning. Score:
Cleveland ' I
b h u A r.
4 1 1 0 Healey.x..
0 4 e Wal.h.r...
OSS I'Oldfins.l..
1 I 0
11 slLajoie.l..
lit Malone.l..
O S 4 1 Lapp.c...
O 4 0 Kopf.a. . . .
0 S 0 Wvckoff.p.
o o
4 112 1
f the Pacific Northwest, was ref
eree. running the meet off In less than
three hours.
A4-1 ard run Won by C M. Bonnett.
Southern raetfte Aeeot-iauon, Los Aneel.s.
fal. Athletic CluU. KCwotl, T. M. frmjner.
faclfic AM-notation, Olymplo Club: tnlrd. R. I !oath'th.r
AdklnwiL t4utnrn pacific Association. Lot Tunitr.l..
Ana-Hes Athletic liui; lourta. . lionurt. I Chap an.a
S arin i Assuctatlen. Olymple Club. Time. I Jarkson.L
a minutes. 1 -i seconaa I Klrke.
I r3 a a, i nan iy 21. r. urvw. i Mnitn.m
SVmthera Pacllie Association, Ie Anitl Wtmb'j.1
Atb.eile Club: second. H. alrBrtde. Kocky I O'Nel l.e
Mountain A "elation. Deaver Atbletie I Harstad. p
c lub: third, w tiammond. lntertnountaln I llarbare
Moc!atiia. Utah l nltersity: fourth, R. I aini"
V n I'. ri'f A.aoiatlon- Olvmola Club.
Tim. 10 seconds fiat. I Totals ST S 24 14 II Totals
12-yard hlxri bursies. won by Free I "tiaiwa xor u.aui um hiiui
Ic.llv Smehrn Pacific Association. Is I Harstad la nlnto.
Ans.le Athletic lul: second. F. Marrav, Cleveland .........0 0 0 0 0 00
I'aclttc Asaoiatlon. ODmpie riuo; tnira. I phlladelpaia ... v o e e o v i - i
Run Healv. Sacrifice hit. Klrke. First
base on errors. Cleveland 1. Philadelphia 2.
u..m on bails. Harstad 1. Struck out. by
Multnomah Athlrtte rius. Time, lj seconds Haratad 4, Wyckoft 4. Umpires, Tallin and
X-at. s.quaia worm m rrrora. I TJmeeEU
Tti-m run noil ey . HorcoM. J I-
el'io Northwest Aaaoclatlon. Multnomah
CMuo: second, O. Taclflc Associa
tion. Otmplc Clcb: third. K. luaht. Pa-
c'flr AswoeistlOB. Olymple Club: fourth, R.
Stoat. Hai-tfle Anorlatlon, OlymfJIe Club,
Tim. 10 mlnutae. S sevonoa
lA-onund hammer throw Wen by TV
Vsi-ion.v. Pacific Asaoclatlon. Caledonian
C'cl.n Franrlro; second. J. SlrFacbe-n.
Pacific Aorlstlon. raleoonlan t luh. saa
Concluded ea fsg t. Col dm a Xx
iiT i
'batted for
Ktrkoatiirk. Southern Pacific
tlon. loe Anc"ls Athletie Club; fourth. W.
Mulrhead. 1'artflc Northwest Association.
Xtnv York S, Chicago 1.
NEW TORK. July SI. Caldwell had
tha best of Bens In a pitchers battle
here today, when the New Tork Ameri
cans defeated Chicago, 1 to L It was
the second game or the season won by
tha Yankees from Chicago. New Tork
woa la Uis oiaUi when Soon opened
Weavers. S
& Colli' s.S 4
Foumler.l 4
J. Collinsl S
Felsch.m. 1
Mayer.c S
Blackb'n.3 S
Bns.p... X
with, a double and Bens hit Hartzell.
Chicago I New York
slurphy.r. 4 10 0 OJHIrh.l. ... 4 S 1 J
1 l sv:oon.i. N a
0 S 2 0iHartiell,8. 3 0 0 1
0 12 1 0-Hlpp.l.... S 0 8 t'l
1 S 00;rook.... S 1 2 00
0 2 0ORarnem. S 1 S 00
1 1 S0IUaumii.3. S 1 S 2 0
1 2 II Nwy.'r.g S 0 T SO
0 11 OiCaldTell.p. S 0 1 0
Totala SSftx24 10li Totala.. 2 6 2T1U0
x None out when wlnnina run scored.
Chicago 0 0 00 11) 0 0 01
.New York 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 i
Rune. Felsch. Hlith. Poone. Two-baaa
hit. Boone. Home run. HigX Earned runs,
K York 1 Chtcaeo 1. First base on
error. New Tork 1. Bases on balls, off
Caldwell X Hit by pitcher. r Bens 1
(Hartzell). Struck out. by Caldwell 3, by
Bens 2. umpires. Wallace ana connoiiy.
Koleturtnlncn and Rons Work Ont
on Multnomah Field.
Members of the Irish-American ath
letic team on the way to compete
the championship track and field meet
the last of this week at San Francisco
arrived in Portland yesterday from Se
Hannes Kolehmalnen. the runner, and
Eddie Rens visited the Multnomah Club
during the afternoon and Umbered up a
bit on the field. Kolehmalnen dashed
off four miles in 20:S94. while
Rens walked two miles in 15:12. They
were timed by Francis, a member of
the sporting staff of the New Tork
Mall, who la accompanying the athletes
In the Interest of his paper.
The party Includes Ted Meredith, the
quarter-mtler: Jim Duncan, discua; Al-
vah Meyer, sprinter: Pat Ryan, ham
mer; Abel Kiviat, miler: George Bron-
der. Javelin: Pat O'Connor, all-around
athlete, and Coach Robertson, of the
Irish-American Athletic Club.
Baseball Statistics
Detroit.. .
National League
PhlladeL... M 39 .SrfT'Chlcarn. ..
Brooklyn.. . 3 .233 New York.
Pittsburg.. 4T 45511t. Louis..
47 o.doa,t-incinnau
American Leaurae.
.-.ft S3 .(WNow Tork... 44 4T.491
ftS S5 .ai4 -!t. Louis... . 88T.5.4UU
57 38 .olS.Cleveland.. . 3d ."IT .3S7
Washlnston so .ova. Cincinnati.
Federal Leacue.
Kansas City 54 3S .SRTlNewark.. ..
Chlcaao.... 55 40 .S7i, Brooklyn. .,
Plttsburc.. 61 41 .o.lHutlalo. ...
St. Louis... 41.35J,Baltlmore..
American Association.
St. Paul 56 41 .STTLoulsvllle..
Indlansnolls 54 43 .337IMIlwaukee..
Minneapolis 51 4' .62rt Cleveland. .
Kansas City 02 i .Kd.coiambus...
Western Leastie.
Pes Moines.. 5 S3 .n41Sioux City. ,
Denver..... 63 38 ,SN2.Uncoln. . . .
Topeka 48 4.1 .61 Wichita. .. .
Omaha 48 44 .Ollpt. Joseph. .
Dodgers Keep Up Slump by
Losing Two to Pirates.
Chicago Drives Matty From Box.
Phils Drop First to SL Louis,
bnt Take Next by Big
Score, Blanking Cards.'
CINCINNATL July - 31. Cincinnati
batted Rudolph hard and won the fifth
and last game of the series from the
Boston Nationals today, I to I Dale
pitched fine ball for seven Innings, but
weakened In the eighth. Two errors
made by Cincinnati cost two runs.
Gowdy's throwing to bases wss poor.
The score:
Boston I Cincinnati
Sll 00Groh.3....
2 0 S 0 Herxog.s..
0 O 0O Wagner.:..
3 2 C O KIllifer.m.
14 1 0 Grifflth.r.
0 11 0 0 1'larke.c...
1 1 2 O.WIneo.c...
it O Willlams.l.
4 2 Mollwitz.1
2 01 Dale. p
1 OiKodsersT.
Schmidt. 1
Smith. 3...
Marn le.a.
itud Iptl.D
Davls.p. ..
Tyler. . .
4 3 110
4 8 J 40
4 0 4 4 1
4 3 S 0
4 110 1
114 10
0 0 0 0 0
4 11 0 0
4 3 0 0
4 1 0 1 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 Oi
0 0!
0 0
tV.L. P.C.
45 45 .500
43 45 .488
43 SO .T4
38 52 .422
82 01 .344
48 43.523
44 34 .440
4.1 5d .434
82 SI .344
40 4T.S10
44 50 .484
43 51 .4..3
37 60.381
49 48-305
43 45 ,3I0
87 55 .40?
37 ill .3&
Northweatera Leacue.
Spokane.... t 41 .5I" Vancouver.. 4054.478
Tacoma.... 50 40 .54V Victoria. . . . 45 3tt .4.13
Seattle 55 51 .SlujAberdeen ... 48 61 .430
Yesterday's Results.
n Association St. Paul 4-L Cleve
land 1-3; Louisville 11, Kansas City 5:
Minneapolis 1L Indianapolla 7; Columbus 4.
siilwsuKeo w.
Western Leacue omana 0. Topeka 4. ko
Where the Teams Play Today.
Pacific Coast League Portland vs.
Vernon at Los Angeles. Oakland at San
Francisco. Los Anseles at Sail Lake.
How the Series Stand.
Pacific Coast League Portland 4 camea.
Vernon S games; Los Angeles 4 games, salt
Lake 1 game; Oakland games, ban r ran-
clsco S games.
Beaver Batting Averages.
Ab. H. AT.I
Bates. . . . 313 112 .3.14
Hammond 12
4 Ljish.
Fisher.... 261 6 322, Derrick. . .
fltumpf... 411 117 11 Evan.. .. .
tpeaa. .... .V4 107 ..T'J K rauee. . . .
risen... 1n ai MCAmie..
Hllirard.. 2W "4 .2iS.Kahler....
Lober.... 83 S?.272 Hlgg
Osvls... 130 il -W.CovsieslUa
Ah. H. Av.
430 1U8 .2-"3
60 15 .2A0
448 110 .245
43 10JT.(2
71 16 .823
67 13 .104
23 4 .160
91 12.132
62 ,Ui
Totals. 34 S 24 14 21 Totals. 33 12 27 13 2
Batted for Rudolph In eighth; ran for
Gowdy In ninth; Batted ror .Davis in
ninth; Iran (or Clarke in eighth.
Boston 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 2
Cincinnati 0 2 0 0 0 2 1 0 5
Buns. Fitxpatrtck. Connolly 2. Oroh, Killi
fer 2, Griffith, Clarke. Two-base hits, Ktlli-
fer, Clarke. Three-base hits, ilollwlis. h.1111
f.r. Earned runs. Boston 1. Cincinnati 5,
Double piaya. Dale to Clarke to Wagner to
Clarke; Ituaoipn to Aiaranviue to ocnmiat.
First base on errors, Boston 1. Bases on
balls, off Rudolph 1, Davis 1, Dale 1. Hits,
off Rudolph 12 In 7 Innings. Davis none in 1.
Struck out, Rudolph 1. Dale 2. Umpires,
Byron and Eason.
St. Louis 2-0, Philadelphia 1-8.
ST. LOUIS. July 31. St. Louis divided
a double-header with Philadelphia,
winning the first game Z to 1 and losing
the second, 8 to 0. A ninth Inning
rally won the first game for St. Louis.
Bescher opened with a double and Long
tripled, -tying the 'score. After Miller
walked and Wilson filed to Faskert,
Snyder Singled and scored Long, win
ning the game. Perdue was easy for
the leaders In the second game. The
First game:
Philadelphia I SL Louis
B H O AK B H O Ah;
Bancroft. 4 0 0 3 uBescher,l. . 4 1 S 00
Byrne.3... 3 10 OOLong.r 4 1 0 00
Kinrkl... 10 3 OOMill.r.2... 3 2 0 III
Becker.l., 2 0 1 0 0 Wllaon.m.. 4 0 4 00
Paskert.l.. 110. OOSnyder.c. 4 15 20
Cravath.r. 3 2 2 0 0,Hyatt.l. ... 3 013 0 0
Mehoff.2. 4 11 SOButler.a... 3 0 2 30
Whitfd.m 3 1 T 0 0;Beck.3. . . . 2 0 0 2 1
l.udcrus.1. SOT 0 0Betxel.3,.. 0 0 0 00
Kllilfer.c. 2 14 li Amca.p.... 2 0 0 40
Demafe.p 8 0 0 1 O.Boche.. . 1 1 O 00
Axnd'r.p 0 0 0 0 'IRooinson.p o 0 0 20
IDolant 0 0 0 00
Totala. 20 7x25 8 11 Totals.. 30 6 2T IT 1
s One out when winning run scored.
Ran for Roche In the eighth.
Batted for Ames In eighth.
t Ran for Beck in the eighth.
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
nun. Ttvrne. Bescher. Long. Two-base
bits. Miller, Wbltted. Byrne. Bescher, Pask-
ert. Tnree-oase oil. iong. r.i uru run..
Philadelphia 1, St. Louis 2. Bases on balls,
orf Demaree 1; Amea 1: Alexander 1. Hits,
off Demaree. 5 in 8 Innings (none' out in
ninth): Alexander. 1 In 1-3 Inning; Ames, 8
lU g fnnlnss: RoblnSOU, J Jj, J losing. J Silt, j
4 0 3 00
4 3 3 0 1
4 1 0 10
4 0 4 00
2 13 0k
1 0 4 00
4 18 0 0
3 0 2 2 0
4 1 0 20
1 0 O 0 1
1 0 0 0 0
I 0 0 0 0
0 0 O 0 0
1 0 0 00
34 7 2T 8 2
Ames. 8truck out, Demaree. 4; Ames, 8.
Umpires, Qulgley and Eraslie.
Second same:
Philadelphia St. Louis
Bancrofts 3 1 2 3 0 Bescher.l.
Stock,:... S 1 0 4 0Long.r
Becker.l.. 1 0 0 0 OiMlller.2. . .
Paskert.l.. Ill 0 O Dolan.m. . .
Cravath.r. 4 13 0 Olsnyder.c. .
N'iehoff,2. 4 3a 0 lGonrale,c.
Whltted.m 3 0 0 0 OiHyatt.l. ..
I,uderus.l. 4 1 12 0 0,Butler,a . .
Kllilfer.c. 4 0 7 2 Beck.:l
Klxey.p... 4 0 0 11 Perdue. p..
Robinson, p
Roche. . . .
Belxel.. .
Tntsls. .as 8 27 10 2 Totals...
Batted for Robinson In seventh.
- Battud for Niehaus In ninth.
Philadelphia 1 3 000103 0 8
St. Louis :o 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0
Ruas. Bancroft. Stock. Psskert, Cravath,
Nlihoff 2, Whitted. Luderus. Two-base
hits. Bancroft, Long 2. Paskert. Home run,
Luderus. Ptolen base. Nlehoff. Earned runs,
Phllalelphla 4. Pacrlfice hits. Whitted.
Becker paskert. Left on bases, Philadelphia
2, St. Louis 9. First base on errors, Phlla-
j . i 1. 1 .. , c T t 1 1 n . i . on halls, off
ijit.v f virh'aus 1. Hits, off Perdue 4 In 2
Innings, none out in third; Robinson 2 In 5
Innings; Niehaus 2 in 2 innings. Struck out,
bv Rlxe' 4. Robinson 3. Wild pitches. Me
haus, Rlxey. Umpires. Qulgley and Emalle.
Time, 1:47. -
Pitsburg; 5-5, Brooklyn 0-4.
PITTSBURG, July 31. Brooklyn lost
two games to the Pittsburg Nationals
today 5 to 0 and 6 to 4. Mamaux held
them safe in the game, while Appleton
was reached for five hits In the eighth
Inning, which with the aid of a wild
pitch, scored five runs. In the second
game both teams changed pitchers
twice. The scores:
First game:
Brooklyn 1 Pittsburg
H M U A r- v 4 0 2 0 0 Carey.I 4 2
O'Mars.s.. 4 2 1 0 1 Colllns.m.. 4 J
Daubert.l. 4 n iu u wuionnwon.i. -
Wheat 1.. 4 I - " ' mnenm n.r o
Cutshaw,2 3 0 3 3 0Wagner.s. 4 1
5tengle.r.. 2 0 4 0 Viox.2 .... 4 1
Gets 3.... 3 0 0 3 0iPalrd,3... 3 0
Mlller.c... .1 0 2 2 OIGibson.c. .. 8 1
Appleton, p 3 0 0 lO Schang.c. 0 0
Miss Sarah Livingstone De
fends Honors as State
Woman Champion. , '
Great Pacer Forced to Yield
to William.
Grand Circuit Feature Event lor
$5000 Purse Sees Struggle of
CJianiplons With One Heat
Made In 2:0O 1-4.
10 0
4 0 0
ft 0 0
4 0 0
0 0 1
0 3 0
2 0 1
6 10
10 0
0 30
Totals. .30 8 24 9 1 Totals.. .30 8 27
Brooklyn o o o o o it " "
ritWhlSg 0 0000005 3
Buns. Carey. Collins. Johnston. nwr
Rchang. Two-bass nit, wagnor. '"r"
hase hit. Gibson. Stolen base. O Mara.
Karned runs, ritisourg d. x..i
Brooklyn 1. Bases on balls, off Appleton i.
off Mamaux 1. Htt by pitcher. ty Appieton
(Johnston), Ktruca out, oj avitoi i
Mamaux 4. Wild pitch, Appleton. umpires,
Kigler and Hart.
Second game:
B 1 - Oil
S 2 1 4 1
K 2 13 1 0
O' Mara.s. .
Wheat.l. .
Stengel. r.
Getx.3. . .
McCarty ,c
Olson. . .
Mlller.c. .
Smith, p. .
Dell. p. . .
Carey.I... 4 1 2 00
Collins.m. fi
Johnst'n.l 5
4 0 3 0 0!Hinchm'n.r 5
4 0 0 SO Wagner.a. 4
4 n 2 OOIVlox.2 4
4 0 0 2 0Balrd,3. . . 3
0 0 Alurpny.c, 4
OOAdams.p.. 2
OOCooper.p.. 0
0 OlCosteilo t- 1
2 O'MQ'uil'n.P. 0
o 0
4 3
0 0
0 0
1 1
1 0
1 1
1 0
1 o
1 12 0 0
3 5 0 0
2 3 0
5 3 2
14 1
2 0 0
0 4 0
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0 0 0
0 10
Totals. .ST SO 16 3
" DETROIT. July 31. William showed
his aunerioritv over all other pacing
champions this "afternoon by outlasting
and out-gaming his field and winning
the $5000 free-for-all, two neais out. ui
three. This event which brought to
gether the most famous pacers in the
world was the race of greatest inter
est for the final day of the urana t-ir
cult week. Onlv a little less spectacu
lar was the 2:03 pace, which went four
heats, while the 2:12 trot, with five, also
was a splendid perrormance. ine giner
two races which completed the pro
gramme, were won in straight heats.
Starting the free-for-all pace William
took a lead of half a dozen lengths in
the first elKhttr of a mile. Following
him was Directum L, the same distance
in front of Flower Direct, with Anna
Bradford a bad last. They maintained
these positions for five eighths of a
mile when the trailers began moving
up. Directum I was only a lengtn away
from William at the laBt turn; halfway
down the stretch he was on even terms
and. passing the distance flag, shoved
his nose in front. In a furious drive
he increased his advantage a few inches
and took the heat by a scant neck. The
time, 2:0014. was a record for a De
troit track.
Marvin Changes Tactics.
Marvin pursued different tactics In
the second mile, allowing Murphy to
do the leading. The fast clip of the
first heat had tired Directum I and
When the dash for the wire began he
faltered. William passed him in the
last eighth, when Flower Direct, under
the whip, rushed up to beat him for
second place. The last hair or this was
covered In 69 seconds.
an the final heat Anna Jraarora
paced out in front with Flower Direct
second. William third and Dictrum I
in the rear. In this order they raced
until the three-quarter pole was passed.
Then Marvin gave William his head and
it was all over. Flower Direct and
Anna Bradford, in the slower going,
were able to keep close, but Dictrum I
was through.
Lettie Lee took first money in the
2:12 trot, which went five heats. She
was able to win only the first two, but
her a-ood position in the next three
gave her the race. McCloskey won the
third and fourth heats and then wilted
and Mirthful took the final.
The 2:05 trot was rather easy for
Maritaret Druien. In each heat Ryth-
mell led the small field Into the
stretch, but Cox pushed to the front
when ready and won easily.
Eno captured the 2:16 trot In straight
heats, leading all the way in the rirst
heat and coming through the bunch in
the stretch In the other two.
The summary:
Hotel Pontchartraln stake, 2:12 trot.
3 in B, purse S'JOOO
Lettie Lee, b. m., by Moko...
IWhlte) 1
Mirthful, b. m (Murphy) 5
McCloskey. br. g.. (McDonald) 4
Todd Temple, br. g..(Snow) 2
Also started: Loe Blossom (Childs)
Tnl.l.. .so lnt2f 13 l
Ran for McCarty in the ninth.
.o.,. r.f ntl In the eichth.
tTwo out when winning run scored.
Batted for Cooper in ninth.
Brooklyn 0 0 1 0 o o o 3 u ;ijune Rea iMcMahon), Miss Alice McGregor
u 4. v w - -1 (McAllister), Axtlen (
3 1
1 4
4 3
AISU Dial liu . uuc uiuiati... .wi.iiua,, ...... j
Warren (Kealey), Brooklyn Hal (Snedeker),
lit Ichnrv
Cna i-.t-w fVMara.. Ulion. amun. 1.01
tins. Johnston. Wagner, Malra. jnurpny.
Two-base hits. Carey. Collins. Hlnchman.
Three-base hits, Wagner, Bairn. btoien
Ku Wao-ner. JJOUDie Piay. nagiier iw
Tnhn.tnn Earned runs. Brooklyn 4,
burg 5. Base on errors. Brooklyn 1. Pitts
burg 1. Base on balls, off Smith 1, off Pfef
. 1 Hit, on Smith. A in 2 1-3 innings:
oft Dell, none in 4 2-3 innings: off PfeCTer, 3
In 2 2-3 Innings: oft Adams. 8 In 7 1-3 in
nings: off Cooper. 2 in 1 2-3 Innings; off Mc
Qulllen. ribne in 1 Inning. Struck out. by
Smith 1, by Dell 3, by Pfefter 3. Umpires,
Rlgler sna. inn.
Chicago T-2, New York S-9.
CHICAGO. July 31. Chicago and New
Tork Nationals broke even again to
ri htt in the final games of the series.
The locals won the first, 7 to 3. while
the Tlsitors took - the second, s to z.
Chicago won by punching nus on
Mathewson, one of which was a homer
by Williams, which netted three runs
and caused "Big Six" to retire. Vaughn
had little difficulty keeping the visitors'
hits scattered. Cheney's wildness.
Concluded, on Page 5. Column 6.).
Harris). Time. 2:08.
2:09. 2:08. 2:09. 2:1014. Divide third and
fourth money.
2:05 trot 3 in 5, purse $1300
Margaret Druien, b. m., by Peter
The Great (Cox) 111
Rythmell, blk. m (Shank) 2 2 2
Star Winter, b. g (McDonald) 4 4 8
Also started: Joan (McDevitt). Time, 2:07,
2:09, 2:07X.
2:10 trot, 3 in 5. purse J1000
The Eno, ch. h., by The Native
(Floyd) 111
Seneca Boy, ch. K (Fleming 2 3 S
Glenwood B., b. g (Purcell) 5 2 2
Aiso started:. The Guide (Goers), Di
rector Russell (Snedeker), Tommy Todd
(Snow), Empress of Russia (Murray), Pre
cious Cresceus (Stokes). Cacus Star (Hall).
Time. 2:10, 2:QI?4, 2:09?t. 'Divide second
and third money.
Free-for-all pace, 3 heats, purse $5000
William, b. h.. by Abe J. .. (Marvin) , a 1 1
Directum I. ch. h.. (Murphy) 13 4
Flower Direct, b. m. . .(Whitehead) 8 2 2
Also started: Anna Bradford (Shank).
Time. 2:0054, 2:02,- 2:04.
2:03 pace, 3 In 5. purse S500
Bradon Direct, blk. h., by Baron
Direct (Eftan) 3 111
Earl Jr., g. h (Cox) 1 2 :i S
Peter Stevens.- b. h. .. (Snedeker) 2 2 2 V
Also Btarted: Pickles (Mott). Sir H.
Brett (Grady). Time 2:034. 2:02. 2:05Vi,
2 :04 ft.. Divide second and tihrd money.
Ex-Champion Puts Vp Game Match,
Despite Injury Catlin Wolfard
Gives Johns Great Tussle and
Loses in Fifth Set.
H. Van Dyke Johns, of San Francisco,
Is the new men's singles tennis cham
pion of the State of Oregon, and Miss
Sara Livingstone, of Seattle, remains
state women's champion. The chal
lenge rounds of the state tourney,
which winds up today on the Irvington
courts, settled these coveted honors
yesterday before a silk-sweatered
assemblage of several hundred en
thusiastic society folk.
Both championship events were de
cisive. In the men's event, L. K.. Rich
ardson, ex-champion, attempted to de
fend, hobbling around on a sprained
ankle. He beat his 19-year-old op
ponent last year in the finals, but his
physical handicap yesterday, coupled
with Johns' year of seasoning, con
spired to make him easy meat for the
Victories Are Clean Cat.
Johns beat him In three straight
sets 8-6, 6-0 and 6-3.
Mlsa Livingstone's victory over Miss
Mayme McDonald, of Seattle, was like
wise clean-cut. Miss McDonald showed
flashes of brilliancy and covered the
courts like a world's champion, but. In
the grind. Champion Livingstone's
steady play gave her a distinct ad
vantage. Scores in this match were 6-4 and 6-2.
It was Miss Livingstone's third con
secutive victory in the Oregon State
championships, and the J. Wesley Ladd
trophy cup is now her permanent prop
erty. She can use It for an oil can,
can boll eggs in it or tie it up in
baby blue ribbon and give it the place
of honor on the mantelpiece, or melt
It up for the Belgians.
Usually the big event of the day fur
nishes the thrills, but 'twas not so yes
terday. Wolfard Furnishes Thrills.
By far the most exciting match of
the big day was that between H. V. D
Johns and Catlin Wolfard, of Portland,
In the finals of the men's sin
gles. Johns defeated Wolfard, of
course, or he would not now be state
champion, but Wolfard gave him a
battle that will be long remembered by
the few spectators so careless as to be
up that early in the morning.
Wolfard won the first set. 7-6, lost
the next two, 2-6, 3-6. won the fourth,
8-3. and lost the deciding set, 6-3.
Johns appeared to excel him even In
snappy, cross - court shots. Wolfard
was up and doing the whole time, how
ever. For instance, in the Initial set,
with the games 6-4 In Johns' favor and
a love-40 score against him In the
sixth game. Wolfard rallied, took four
straight points, won the game and
capped this off by taking the next two
games for the set, 7-5.
Injuries Heal Handicap.
Crippled as Richardson was. it Is
believed that Wolfard, as well as Johns,
could have defeated the ex-champlon
yesterday. The latter simply couldn't
move around the courts fast enough to
recover lino shots, and there were times
when it looked as If Johns was being
nice to him by not feeding him impos
sible angle drives. If true, it was fit-
ting reciprocity for the nerve and good
sportsmanship shown by the ex-champion
in attempting to defend in his
crippled condition.
Rev. Mr. Richardson received his In
Jury a fortnight ago while doing a lit
tle charity tennis Instruction work on
one of he local playground courts.
Owing to the Friday postponements,
not all the finals in the secondary
. ji n cpveral
events In the state tournament will
have to be settled toaay.
Few Double Matchea rinyed.
Four matches were played In tha
fourth round of the men s
inr the dav and one, semi-final was
erased off the board. In this Lieu
tenants Hobson and Taylor defeated
Brown and Lancefleld, no score being
posted due to oversight. The Army
team will meet the winner of the
Wickersham-N'orrls vs. Johns-Marcus
game In the finals.
In the men's doubles William Mar
cus and H. Van Dyke Johns, both of
San Francisco, defeated Byrd and
Ware, Spokane. 6-0, 6-2, qualifying for
the finals in the event. The finals
will be played tomorrow.
Men's doubles, fourth round Wickersnam
and Noiris beat Barber and Doerlns -l.
6-0: Johns and Marcus beat Byrd and Waro
6-0 S-2: Hobson and Taylor beat Pease and
Minor 6-3 Brown and Lancefleld beat
Andrews and Smith. 7-5. 6-2; semi-final.
Hobson and Taylor bat Brown and T.anco-
... ,r.n...l, nnri
Women's doubles fliias j.-wu...u -
Mrs Harrtgan beat Miss rronnmn "u
Father Tucker 6-3, 6-2; Mrs. Stafford and
Miss Claire Tucker beat Miss Hoffman and
Miss Burns. 7-5. 6-1: Mrs. Xorthup snrt
Miss Fording beat Mi&s Campbell and Miss
L'MTxBed0aoub7.. third round-Mies Living
stone and Smith beat Miss Collins and Goes,
6-4 6-4; Mrs. Harrlgan and Marcus beat
Miss Hasselo and Shannon. 6-3, 7-3; Mrs.
Stafford and Wlckersham beat Miss Cia!re
Tucker and Wakeman, 6-1, 4-6, 6-1.
Notes of the Tennis Tourney.
Champion Johns and his California team
mate. William Marcus, will enter the North
west championships at Tacoma commencing
tomorrow. Johns will remain over also for
the Washington State events at Seattle, but
Marcus will have to return to his bank du
ties after the Tacoma events. Champion
Livingstone will also enter the tourney and
it Is possible that the women's T-unner-up.
Miss McDonald, of Seattle, and Brandt Wlck
ershaw, of Portland, ex-state champion, will
also attend the Tacoma meet.
Friends of Brandt Wlckersham's are be
moaning the result of his match with Catlin
Wolfard. It was played after 4 o'clock Fri
day afternoon under a cloudy, lugubrious
sky. and Brandt's backersxbelleve this semi,
darkness cost him the state- championship.
Wick is a good sport, however, and he ad
mitted that Wolfard had it on him under
those circumstances, at least.
Anson Frohman's Improvement during the
past year was the subject of much favorable
comment around the "loth" hole. If they
have such a meeting ground In tennis. Froh-
man beat Lieutenant Hobson and worked
himself up to the semi-finals whan ha lost
to Johns, 6-3, 6-2. 6-0.