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H. N. Lawrie Submits Plan on
Railway Grants to Secre
tary of Interior.
Mialnr Grotoclsrt EttmU Wben
Land Is Sold for Agricultural
firpowt Mineral Right Be)
Reserved for Separate Sale.
A comprehensive plan for disposing
f (be property Involved In tbe Oregon
California land (rant, aa well as that
Involved la tbe Oregon Southern (rant,
has been evolved by H. X. Lawrie.
cbalrmaa of the Oregon Bureau of
Mines and Geology Commission, who
baa submitted bis idea to Franklin K.
Lane. Secretary of the Interior.
An Important provision In Mr.
I-aarrle's plan make segregation of tbe
lands according to tbelr natural re
sources. . He would make separata dis
position of the water-power area, of
the agricultural lands, of tbe erasing
and waste lands and of the mineral re
sources. Mr. Lawrie. as a consulting mining
geologist, bas made a close study of all
these properties in tbe last ten years
and Is thoroughly familiar witb their
character. II declares that much of
the land contains valuable mineral de
pot I Ls and suggests that when the land
is sold for agricultural or other pur
poses the mineral rights be reserved
for separate sale.
Tbe entire administration of the
project and disposition of the lands
' under Mr. Lawrte's plan Is to be placed
la tbe bands of a non-partisan board
or commission. An appropriation of
41.tft0.0uO la proposed to carry out the
work and to acquire for the forestry
bureau the IT1.09J acres of the grant
within tbe forest reserves, also to ac
quire for the Federal Government the
water-power sites within the area, lie
"also suggests that Congress allow the
railroad something in compensation for
the taxes It has paid on valuea In ex
cess of $J.i aa acre, which Is the
equity allowed under the Supreme
court a recent decision.
Tha principal provisions in Mr.
iowrle a proposal are:
lswr Bites mad Flewsl Area.
Te fee purchased bjr the Government at
KM pr acre and released by this art far
cv!opm.Dt Hilar tbe provisions of the
'ema kill should ihe saiuo become a la,
which di.poaaa of tbe funds derived fiem
tola source.
Agrtraltaral Lands.
To be sold to bona fide settlers la no more
than leu-acre tracts, to each applicant at
JiJO p.r acre, to be paid upon entry ex the
before patent Is Issued, proof shall be
snade at the end of tsa years from to. dace
or .nirr. showing that & per cent of the
estimated calttvacable acreage baa been
cUaxed and celllvaled. 'or failure to ac
complish this result the applicant will for
lit hi nilii to litis, tbe Si-so per acre
ertrlaailr paid and the land will he re
peaed for entry.
An exemption shall be made la this title
roMrvtnc the mineral and underground
nerits and providing tor aa equitable Idem
Bit r t- the pat. ot for any ground found
necessary or surface resources destroyed to such mining development.
Grmslag sued Waste "-
To be sold to tbe hJcbsst bidder without
rsstrtetioa aa te area, the appraised value
to be accepted aa tbe minimum bid receiv
able for rue a land.
Ten per cent of tbe price bid shell ae
eempenr any and all bids, the future terms
of seitiemaal te be left to the discretion ot
tne board.
Similar exemptions are to be) made
for protection of mineral resources aa
la tbe agricultural laVids.
Ulasral Leads aad Iteeearree.
To be sold to the highest bidder In no
snore tnaa SJAO-arre tracts, exempting the
timber aad granting only such surface area
aa may be found necessary for mining de
velopment. Tbe appraised value snslt con
stitute. the lowest bid acceptable. The also
of the tract and exempted surface area shall
be left to the discretion of the board, wlia
power to refuse any and all proposals.
Tea per cent of the prlre bid shall aecora
pany any and ail bids, the future terms of
settlement to be left to the discretion of
the board.
Timber Stand Estimated aael
1. Such area of the grant which now
Ilea withia the Forest Reserve (according
recent court decision. 27 LOSS acres) to
be purchased by tbe Government at
Pr acre for the timbered area (estimated at
2et.Tl scree), aad at SI.S3 per acre for the
sea-timbered ' area (estimated at;
acre. i aad to remain la the National Reserve
to further action by Congress.
The remaining timber resources to be
ased to the htxhest bidder, the appraised
value te constitute the lowest bid acceptable
and further stipulating aa follows:
A. A specific reservation of the surfare
title, mineral underground rights, with
the exception of granting to the lessee an
easement for right of way for logging roods.
B. 1'rovldlnc for she payment of .'K
per acre to accompany any and all bids
submitted and to be credited to the account
of the lessee upon final settlement whau
the Umber is to bo removd.
C. providing for the payment of aa an
nual rental of : cents per acre until such
time as the timber has been removed.
I. The successful bid shall be construed
as representing the reasonable value of tbe
timber at tbe time of negotiating the lease.
In order to account for the Increased value
of the timber as time passes. he lease should
specify aa Increased amount over the orig
inal bid to be paid, of 1 per cent per year
antll the timber Is cut in the first- decade;
o" 3 per cent per year for the second decade;
of 3 per cent for the third decade; and of
4 per cent per year for every year succeeding
the expiration of the third decade until the
Umber Is to be removed.
C Providing for Federal fire patrol and
protection until the timber la removed.
F. Providing- for a forfeiture of the lease
. for failure to comply with its terms.
Loggsd-eff laads resulting from timber
leases are to bo donated to. the State of Ore
gon with tbe following provisions ss to Its
disposition r
A. AU funds derlred from the sals of such
donation land shall be. lose the cost of ed
ministration, equally divided between tbe
school, road and reclamation funds of Ore-
,Jit Aa exemption shell be medo In any
title which Oregon may Issue to such do
vstlen lanl, of tbe mineral and und.rg round
rtchtg and providing for an equitable In
demnity to the patentee for any area neces
sary or resource destroyed Incident to a
subsequent mining development. If the land
Is originally classified by the board as ag
ricultural. And. if classified as mineral, tbe
tftle shall grant only such surface area aa
xnay be aecessarv tor mining development.
C. PTO'ldlng for tbe state to reforest sorb
areas ae the board's classification will show
to be better edapted fr this purpose then
for agricultural use. This condition would
be known la advance of donating the land
to Oregon.
ma position of the funds received from
- t He sale of lands and loasaa of the grant is
provided aa follows:
At the end of each fiscal year aa account
trig shall be made aad the funds disbursed
as follows -
A. All land sales or leasee from which
tbe board bas received a minimum of I1M
per acre shall be accepted aa a basis for
partes to the Oregon-California Jtaltroed
Ompany 13 o for each acre so sold or
leased ia full tetlsfeetioa of the equity now
held br staid railroad rnenpaay.
B. AU lead salea from which has bees
received by the board less thsa 11.40 per
acre shall be accepted as a basis for paying
the oregoa-Callfornla Railroad Company the
exact amount received laee the pro-rated
coat of admlats'-aikm aad In full satisfac
tion ef any equltv which said railroad com
pany may now bold la such land.
C. After deducting the amount paid the
Oregon -California Railroad Company, tbe
eot ef cla-alflcatlosi. litigation and admin
istration, the balance of the funde receveJ
from the sale of lands end roeooreoo leased
eas-l be given to the Stats ef Oregon, te be
equally divided vetweon the school, road aad
reclamation funds ef said state.
l. The ensoeW rental received from um
ber leasee, less the cost of fire protection and
admin istration. shall be peid the counties in
accordance with the distribution of the acre
age from which the rental bas been de
rived withla the limits of each county.
K. Anr contracts for the purchase of
grant land from the Oregon-Callfomula nan
road Co to pan v. yet to be closed and entered
Into prior to or Including the date upon
which the decision of tbe Supreme Court
was rendered. alloaOng a maximum equity
of : so per acre for tbe remaining lands
of said grant te said railroad company, sbail
"-d-JL V '0"0:;.n be .warded
Innocent and, shall receive the land under
tbe terms of the said comrade.
b. The rallroat company ehall receive
tspoa settlement with tbe purchaser in sc
cordaace wlta tbe terms of contract. I-M
per acre for any land sold at or above this
orleo and snail receive the sale price col
lected by the hoard for any land sold at
less thsa I:: SO per acre.
Mr. Lawrie has prepared tha follow
ing Information on bla plan for dis
posing of the property:
1. Tbs rederal Oovemment Is new paying
1200 annually for the fire protection and
patrol of l.eoo.000 seres of this grant.
S. j, sale was made pending the Supreme
rmrt action to the Nehalem Timoer at -oa
.1.. r-omneae or Portland, or, ta wnico
the Government and railroad company
agreed t- dispose of the funde derived from
tbe sale la accordance with tbe decision ot
the Supreme Court. This sale Involved seven
sections of timber at per acre, which
amounts to I1S3.49S IS. This. t0thrwlih
funds receivable from other sales will maae
avallabls a nucleus for the classification and
appraisal ef the land under this proposed
a. The rederal purchase of dam
sitae. Including flood area, prob
ably would not exceed -J.oow
acres, or aa amcunt of .
4. The Federal purchase of the
STl.oot acres now within the Na
tional Forest would total
Federal laveelment total
J. Cost of accurate classification
and appraisal win noi ntw....-
Total necessary cash dlsburse-
. The appropriation of 1.000 eoo. com
bined with funds nlready avaiiaoi.
amply suffice to comply with the provisions
of the vo -"-
V Tbo entire grant should be 'P
of either by sale or lease within a period ot
thrls TrV The cl.sslflc.tloa and
Should be computed I. aot more than tyo
a. Tbe terms of this proposed act aeerirnee
'17 n. of the Oreson-callfor-
iTa uread I Company to be S2-SO per acre
?or UndVsilll remaining In the grant. On
iccount Hof the public ben.flU to b. de-
socouac v " " i.
. i ik. terms ef this act. It
r- . a. eouit.bls to Slid
Origin -C.rifr;.. Hllroad Company an
.To'unt la addition to thm assumed e. alty.
sufficient to return to said company tne
excess taxes which they have pald oa the
!" SlSrZJZ'ZL raili
Sh.ra .ncrslngTb.; or.f In., sum. tob.
paid down secure ---- ----
or could be ' "J".
n. inni.l income from timber leases
wlTi return about I4S0.00O at such time a.
Jhe e7imt.d timbered araata completely
This will leave alter x-y.-a
protection and patrol en amo
by the Several counties which contain gram
PlonwT of 1851 ras!s Awr
IiOs Anselrs.
With tha passing of Mrs. Elisabeth
Jana Hamblln Oregon has lost ona of
her earliest pioneers. She died In Los
Angeles. Cal, July 5J.
She was tha daughter of Jonathan
Snow and Mary Bedding Tlbbets. and
was born In Manchester. Ind Decem
ber II. 181. With bar parents she
crossed tha plains In 1IS1 and passed
her early Ufa In the Umpqua Valley.
Sha had mad Portland her home for
tba past 30 years. She was visiting; her
daughter. Mrs. Lola Nye. In lxs An
geles at tha time of her death and was
laid to rest there) July J.
She Is survived by her daughters.
fr Hamilton, of Portland; Mrs.
Lois Nye. of Los Angeles, and a son.
Alfred Hamblln. ot roniano. ana oy
her sisters. Mrs. A. J. Knott, of Port
land: Mrs. Sarah Oouldin and Mrs. Lois
Avery, of E Francisco: Mrs. KUa Mc
Klnney. of Cottage Grove. Or- and Mrs.
Blnger Hermann, of Roseburg. and
brothers. Oregon Tibbetts. of Portland.
and J. E. Tlbbetts. of Los Angeles.
City Crgrd to Assert Riglits in Bridal
Veil Water Flume Case.
That tha Bridal Veil Lumbar Com
pany is using a large portion of the
water of Toung's Creek, at Sheppard'a
Dell, through a flume to Bridal Veil,
thus violating the terms of Mr. Shep-
pard's gift of tha. property to the City
of Portland, is charged by E. E.
Coovert. attorney of Portland, in a
communication to the Mayor and City
Mr. Coovert urges that tne city take
some action with a view to asserting
Its rights. Tba matter will coma up
i-nniiil.rtlnn at tha regular session
of tha Council Wednesday.
More Thin 50 Gather for Reunion
-1-ENE. Or July 1. (Special.)
More than to descendants of the
a late Alexander, Seavey met Sun-
dar. July 25. at the Summer nome oi
J. W. Seavey at the fourth annual plo-
nle and reunion. The occasion was
ushered In by a sumptuous dinner,
served l tha. cedar grove on which
Mr. Seavey settled in 1S50, after pass
ing his boyhood days on the Atlantic
Eight children were bom, five boys
and three girls, on the old homestead.
Tha brothers and sisters and other eel-
1 ri
10o Lighthouse Cleans-Cp
ar at
tSo pkg. of aold71f
Dust at
fn5.0 .?.'.f.?.r.,:l7,2c
25c pkg. of Citrus 171 p
Washing Powder- "
SOe large sixo Bottle I fin
Catsup ,uu
10c can Heinz Pork71 p
and Beans at ' 2U
15c can Heinx' Pork I ftp
and Beana at. iUu
20c ran Heinz PorklCp
D IX I and Beans at
2Ec Rex Sliced Beef. I Cp
7-ox. can at vto
I Kk 10c Oysters. fourOCp
10c Oysters,
cans for...
25c Union Brand
Beef. 13 -ounce
20c Glenore Brand
Crabs at
Portland Amateur Hears From
"Wireless" Friend.
Stewinsblp Ma IVrltcg British Offi
cers In Egypt Say Tnltcd
States Will Take Sides
Against Germany.
A "wireless friendship" which sprang
up some monins ue---
Thomas Crosslq. 105J Vaughn street.
Portland, and Fred J. Reynolds, of
England, wireless operator on the
steamer Carnarronsnire, wucu
vesssel was making her way tip the
Columbia last year, has Just brought a
letter from Egypt, where Reynolds has
rerenUr been stationed after being
pressed into the British government
service, and alter running ins auum
rir. blockade In the Atlantic flye tiroes.
Mr. Reynolds probably is in the Dar
danelles now. as he expectea to do
moved there a tew days after writing
the Jetter. -
The letter, written from Alexandria,
Egypt. July 2, expressed a belief that
k ,k tim. it arrived. In Portland the
United States would have declared war
on Germany, not "by force of arms.
but with her credit.- air. iteynoias
aaid such action, expected in British
army and navy circjes J n.u-.
a decided advantage to tWa
allies, as It would mean "help- for the
Bxa. OT.ur.-sx YM aw
and Programme In Grove Where Pioneer
Daughters Take Part in Festivities.
stives ."were present at the. picnic
After the noonday spread the minutes
of the 1)11 picnic were read by Mrs
Clara Wesson, followed by a short ad
dress. Three grandchildren gave readings-
Addresses were made by Anna Bush
nell and Rev. H. W. Davis, pastor of
the Baptist Church of Eugene.
Those present were: W. C. Seavey,
J. w. Seavey, J. H. Seavey. J. A. Sea
vey. Alexander Seavey, Hotly Seavey,
E. T. Bushnell. Alice Bushnell, Wil
bur Eushnell. Dorothy Bushnell, J. D.
Wesson, Clara A. Wesson John Wes
The insurance adjusters have turned over to
Simon thousands of dollars' worth of gro
ceries to be converted into cash. As quanti
ties are limited, we urge you to come early in the day and don't
lose Bight of the fact that we guarantee all groceries sold by us.'
Starts Tomorrow Morning at 9 o'Clock
.awawaeuwaawawamwawaBxBW. wawawawemnxsaawasBBBxaaB s-sxwaws.a-saxaxawama esssssass) saawa sassssssssassssxssssassssssssxsssssxsa
10e C o r n s t arch,
package at -
ISo Olosa Etarcb, 71 p
tne package at.... 2w
ISo Elastic Starch, 71
package....... '
$1.20 three-pound canOCn
M. J. B. Coffee at,... 0u
$1.20 three-pound canOCp
Golden West Coffee- 0J
ISc package AlbersTlL p
Rolled Oats at,.... 2
ISo package Wheat,71(
Flakes at, 2
13c package FIap71p
Jack Flour at 2l
ISc package Pearls 71. p
of Wheat at....... ' 2
S5o Mother's Oats. I Co
large size pkg. for...
40c Pie Fruit in gallon
cans, solid pack. allOCp
varieties at- ,...
I 01 p
I - V2W
J. Simon & Bro.
allies with munitions of war and food
stuffs." Wireless Introduced Fair.
Since the night that Mr. Crossley
amateur wireless flash
which the Carnarvonshire picked up
. . . r, iav have
Sir. - -
been friends. Mr. Crossley called
upon Mr. Reynolds when his ship
reached Portland. Since leaving, how
ever, Mr. Reynolds has had a rather
thrilling experience, first being
pressed Into government service when
his own ship was converted into a
troop ship off tha coast of China; later
Into the passaenger service plying be
tween England and 6paln and other
parts of the world and still later, on
the Leyalan. a British transport, which
formerly was a German vesssel, tha
Serak. of the Kosmos line. The Ley
slan is now a mule transport.
In his letter Mr. Reynolds writes:
"When the Carnarvonshire arrived
at Hongkong we were chartered by the
government and turned into a troep
ship. From there we were formed
into a convoy consisting of the Rus
sian cruiser Askold. English armed
merchantman Empress of Asia and
the Nile. Arcadia. Al naniara. n
Cordeliere. We took 1200 troops on
board at Singapore the Kings own T.itrht Infantry. We then
proceeded to Colombo, where the
French cruiser Dupllere took the place
of the Empress ot Asia. We then went
to Aden, where the Asgoia ieii us, sou
tbe French cruiser escorted us to Sues,
vxj. ..nt thrnue-h the canal without
esoort- From Port Said to Malta, the
Casslne took care of
us and we took on 200 Royal Garrison
artillery. Then we proceeded to Gib
raltar, thence to England, where we
had 10 days' holiday. The Carnar
vonshire laid up two months. TVe had
been away on her seven sun un
fourths months."
Sabmarlnes Were Evaded.
Mr. Reynolds relates his experience
heina- transferred to a line ioui
decked passenger steamer traveling be
. .... aAnk, American Dons aiiu ajvu
don. and after that to the Leysian, the
British government transport. . He
made nve successful passages througa
the submarine blockade between Lon
don and United States ports, the last
Settled in 1850-Eight Sons and
Photo by A. A.
son, Serethea Wesson, Herbert Stone
berg, Althea Btoneberg, Forenda Stone
berg. William Blachly. Walter Blachly,
Melissa, Blachly, Aaron Dale Blachly,
Myrtle Blachly. all of Lake Creek;
Mrs. Edwin Howe, W. M. Slmnrons.
Mrs. Anna Simmons. Bert Simmons, all
of Junction City; Mollle Seavey, Alice
M. Seavey. P. T. Olsen, Florence Olsen,
Kthel Olsen. Llbble Davis. L. Davis,
Zella Dickinson. D. D. Dickinson, Lena
Hartman, Mitchell WHklns. Anna Wll
klns. Rev. H. W. Davis, Kugene; A. A.
Simmons. Eugene; Dorothy M. Nute,
Mrs. Harriet Steward and Theresa M.
Jackson; Has si seavey. Lake Creek.
5 51
Simmons. I
Teloban Milk, the Co
Sperry Mills Cho ice
White Flour, 48- I 0C
pound sack pliAJ
10c Lip ton's levL. A Cn
Eight large bars White
or Naptba Soap25C
10c California Home
Brand Sweet Pickles, OCp
four for. lu
75-ft,WireClothes-71 p
line at, 2U
10c can of S h 1 n o 1 a (jg
20c Sardines n"w2(J
20c Fresh S h r e dded I Cp
Cocoanut, pound wu
All spices, including
Cloves, Pepper, Mustard,
Ginger, Nutmeg, etc.OCfi
at, the pound JU
$1.25 Cudahy's Com-OCp
pound, 10-lb pails, at Odu
Canned Apricots
Canned Peaches Q q
Canned Pears
ISc large size No. S cans
of Del Monte (solid pack)
Tomatoes at seven Cflp
cans for
15c Red Ribbon and Op
Maine Corn ..Uu
AH kinds of Beans at, Ep
the pound ,..wu
8o Good Rice at, the
ISc Sun-Spun 5pag-71 p
hettl at I 2u
Golden Egg
. . .
Noodles at.....
131-133 FIRST
trip being from New Orleans to Alex
andria. ' ,
After asking to be remembered to
all the wireless enthusiasts in Portland
Mr. Reynolds said:
"We are proceeding to the Darda-
nelles in a .Urn - d lays. The whole ship is
I uciuh -..... . " - - j
tions and we shall have another block
ade to run."
Charles Coolidge Farlin to Be In
City Tuesday.
Charles Coolidge Parlin, of Boston,
one of the leading economists of the
United States, will be in Portland Tues
day and at noon will be a guest of the
Retail Merchants' Bureau of the Cham
ber of Commerce. The Portland Ad
Club and the Rotary Club have been In
vited to be present. Seat reservations
are being received by Secretary Conk
lin, representing the merchants' bu
reau. Mr. Parlin .-delivers talks that are of
particular interest to owners, managers,
buyers, heads of departments or the
man who is struggling to estaonsn a
small business in the outlying districts.
He tells of the tendency to concentra
tion, the extent to which It has gone
and its necessary limitations. Mr. Par
lin speaks of the department store and
Its problems as an example of concen
trated merchandising and . goes Into the
forces underlying the department store
Itself. From the big Institution he
Jumps to the corner grocery as an ex
ample of community retailing and con
trasts its problems with those of tbe
department concern.
As the head of the department of
commercial research, maintained by the
Curtis Publishing Company, Mr. Parlin
has conducted many exhaustive re
searches Into various industries of the
United States, and Is considered to be
one of the best equipped men who has
ever spoken to the business men .of
The luncheon will be open to all
members of the Chamber of Commerce,
but on account of the great demand
for seats reservations should be sent
in at once.
Forest and Reclamation Service Va-
' cancles to Be Riled.
The United States Civil Service Com
mission announces that a forest and
field clerk examination will be held In
this city, September 18, to fill vacancies
as they may occur in the Forest and
Reclamation Services. The usual en
trance salary Is from $1100 to $1200 per
annum. It ia possible that vacancies
may also be filled from this examina
tion at $900 and 1000 per annum.
Applications will not be accepted
from persons who do not show that
they have had at least one year's actual
experience in clerical work in a busi
ness office. A knowledge of stenog
raphy and typewriting is required.
Men only will be admitted to this ex
amination. The age limits are 18 years
or over on the day of examination.
Persons who desire to enter the .ex
amination should apply to the local sec
retary. Board of Civil Service Examin
ers, at the postoffice. this city, or to
the secretary. Eleventh Civil Service
District, postoffice building. Seattle,
Wash., for application blank, form lad.
and information for applicants. '
Ca m n JUan Refuses to Fay for
Violating Fish Laws.
VANCOUVER, Wash.. July 31 (Spe
cial.) Rather than pay a fine of $1,
which, with costs, amounted in all to
only $5.70, Charles Mitchell, of. Camas,
will pass two days in the county Jail.
His offense was catching a trout less
than six inches long and getting caught
at It by J. M. Hoff, game warden.
Mitchell is a man of about 45.
Justice Derr on June 9 gave Mr.
Mitchell until July 15. to pay, and later
extended the time to August 1. To
day Mr. Mitchell went to Dr. "Derr's
courtroom and said he was ready to
be cent to jail, as he would not pay
the fine.-
Water-Users Ask Restraining Order.
WENATCHEE. Wash., July SI.
(Special.) A temporary restraining
order bas been asked by water users
under the Woods ditch against Morse
Tyler, et al, who persist in diverting
water from Stenllt Creek, above the
intake of the Wooos ditch, notwith
standing that their headgates have
teen closed by the Water Commission
DUie Tea, good 01 p
breakfast tea, pkg.. 2u
10c Prunes, the pound JJq
20c Dates, the pound Qq
25c 20 - Mule Teaml 7p
Borax Chips '
55c Table Salt, 50
Dound sack W
75c Crosse dc Blackwcll'g
Chow Chow, quart FjQg
20c Columbia Chinook Dp
Salmon, the can 0u
10c can CtmpbeU'i Hn
Soups, all kinds. w
Heinz' Baked Beans, I Tp
large size can 1U
35c Choice Coffee, I Cn
the pound I 0
35o quart jar Fancy Ofl"
Pickles at Uu
15c Del Monte Brand On
Near Alder St.
Contracts Let for Paving on
Portland-Linnton Stretch.
Wood Block and Brick Surfacing to
Be Tried Out on County Routes.
Concrete and Bitulithlc Also
Will 3a Used,
' Four different kinds of pavement
will be laid on the St. Helens road
between Portland and Linnton. Con
tracts aggregating J76.000 for four
miles of pavement were awarded by
the County Commissioners yesterday
The first mile and a quarter 6575
feet, to be exacts beginning at Twenty-ninth
. street in Portland, will be
laid in bitulithlc pavement with a con
crete base. This contract was awarded
to Oskar Huber. Sections B, G, H, and
I a total of 2000 feet, also were
awarded to Mr. Huber for the same
kind of pavement.
Jeffery & Bufton received the con
tracts for sections C, D, E and F, a
total distance of 2000 feet, which will
be laid with wood blocks on a concrete
base. This contract was awarded with
the proviso that the contractors furnish
a maintenance bond guaranteeing to
keep the road In repair for ten years.
Brick Pavement to Be Used.
Sections J and K. 1000 feet, were
awarded to the Montague-O'Reilly Com
pany for a cement-concrete pavement
on a crushed-stone aggregate.
Section L, 500 feet long, will be Jrlck
pavement on a concrete base. The con
tract for this section was awarded to
Jeffery & Bufton. "
' Section M, comprising the last 8650
feet of the St. Helens road, from the
St Johns ferry landing to the heart
of Linnton. .will be laid by Oskar Huber
with bitulithlc pavement on a crushed-
stone base. It was necessary to award
this Isirarasr section to a bitulltnlc Did
der, the Commiseiofters pointed out. be
cause most of this strip of road Is
narrow and the traffic Is heavy.
With anv other kind of pavement
traffic could not be carried on during
the period of construction, and the road
is not wide enough to provide an extra
passage for vehicles while the pave
ment is being held.
Second Bids Cut Dowa Amount.
The estimate made for the purpose
of iseulnxr the SI, 250.000 worth of road
bonds allowed $67,400 for the St. Helens
road. On the first call the lowest bids
for the total four miles of road aggre
V --v vv r :v"
jfr: caste? Gterin V. JR?z-ne.
At aguiet wedding at Fair Acres, the attractive home of Mr. and Mrs.
R. E. Harbison, their charming daughter. Miss Hester Harbieon, became the
bride of Glenn V. Payne. K few relatives and close friends witnessed the
ceremony, which was solemnized on Thursday at 9 o'clock-.
The bride is a graduate of Pacific University and the bridegroom is well
known In business circles. The home was beautifully decorated for the oc
casion. The bride wore a becoming white silk gown. A repast was served
after the ceremony. fter a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Payne will
reside at Seventh street and Baseline, Hillsbero,
l Jf w 1 wxiTxr h
10c Mason Jar Rub- Cn
bers at, tbe package..
Three dozen Clothes- Cp
pins for w
Arm and Hammer Op
Soda at m
10c Toilet Paper, eixOCp
rolls for..... ab
10c package B ak e r's Cn
Gelatine wu
10c Dried Peaches, OCp
six pounds for. uu
15c Colgate Talcum On
Powder Ob
10c Atmore's Mince Cn
Meat 3l
10c Dried Apples, the Cp
pound..... uu
Baker's Cocoanut, Cp
package. at. vu
20c Walnuts. thelOn
pound I 4.U
25c Full Cream Cheese, IC
the pound Iwli
xae.irr-e. rr- xe
gated 487,489.08, or $20,000 over the es
timate. This was too much, the Com
missioners declared, and they called for
other bids.
The second lot of bids cut down tha
first amount $11,000, with the result
that the road can be paved for only
$9000 above the estimate. Enough
money is left out of the premium on
the big bond Issue to care for this
Although bitulithlc pavement gen
erally was favored throughout the
county, the Commissioners determined
to lay experimental stretches of pave
ment on the St. Helens road, which
lends itself readily to almost any type.
The extremely heavy traffic, too, fur
nishes a severe test for each variety.
Wood Paving to Be Tried Out.
Wood -bjoek pavement, which was so.
strongly advocated by the lumber in
terests of Portland, will receive its
first test on county roads through the
action of the Commissioners yesterday.
Because of the vast timber resources
of Oregon, officials determined that
wood pavement should receive at least
a tryout in the extensive road Improve
ments under the $1,250,000 bond issue.
A small section also is devoted to
brick, which was pushed strongly by
local manufacturers of that article.
Cement concrete and brick already have
been awarded certain sections of pave
ment on other roads, particularly on
steep grades, where other types might
have become too slippery In wet
Festivities Arranged for tho Oaks
on August 10.
The Colorado State Society of Ore
gon will hold its annual picnic at the
Oaks Tuesday, August 10. Committees
will be appointed by Mrs. Shad O.
Krantx. president, in the course of the
next few days, to take complete charge
of the affair.
Among the speakers who have prom
ised to attend the basket supper will
be James Barton Adams, the well-
known former Denver humorist; Eu
gene Brookings, Mark Woodruff, pub
licity manager of the Chamber of Com
merce, and Rex Lampman.
Arrangements have been made to ac
commodate 500 former Coloradans at
the Oaks.
Mrs. Krantz appointed yesterday a
reception committee consisting of Mrs.
C. A. Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. William
Brecker, Mrs. Frances Gibson and Mis.
Cornelia Haynes, and has Instructed
the committee to list and invite every
known former Colorado resident, in
addition to the membership roll of the
Shot Brings Down Escaping Prisoner
WABDN'ER. Idaho, July SI. (Spe
cial.) William Watson lies at his
home here with a bullet wound In his
leg as the result of making an attempt
to escape from Chief of Police Bev
vlns. Watson had been taken into
custody on the charfce of disorderly
conduct, and while the Chief was en
gaged in unlocking the doors of the
eity Jail, he attempted to escape.