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!See Page 8 of This Section for Big Demonstration Lecture of Home Economics on 2d Floor, New Building
That's the Rule of Our -Giant Removal
Think of It! Do You Realize That Every Article Is Reduced Except Contract Goods, "Silk Maid" Hose and Groceries All New, Wanted Summer Goods, Too?
1857' TheQuality'eTrtland 1915' "
Save on Embroideries and Laces!
Good bargains abound everywhere in this section. Too numer
ous to mention. Here's a hint of the value-giving:
Swiss and Voile Flouncing, Yard 49c
'18, 27 and 45-inch, 75c to $1.00 kinds. Also galloons, bands and dainty all-overs in
this lot.
Valenciennes Lace Edges, Dozen Yards 47c
Fucnch and round meshes. Regularly 65c to 85c. For trimming Summer frocks.
to lJ,4-inch widths.
Silk and Cotton Shadow Flouncing, Yard 45c
White and cream. Regularly, yard 65c to $1.00. Suitable for waists and gowns. 12
to 22-inch widths.
Embroidery Flouncing, Odd Pieces, Yard 69c
45 and 27-inch widths, $1.00 to $2.50 grades. Crepe, voile, organdie and batiste.
Some slightly soiled. , Kir.t Kioor. sixth-st. Bids.
Out-of-Town Mail Orders
Filled From This and All Our Ads
If Received Within Three Days of Date of Publication
We give our out-of-town customers the
same privilege of buying from our daily
advertisements as those who live in the
city. Moreover, our 'method is not a
"mail-order system," it is, rather, a sys
tematized shopping service which gives
the personal attention of a trained shop
per to the filling of every mail order.
Your order is studied and promptly filled
with as much "intelligent interest" as if
you were here yourself. Should you come
in person we will be glad, upon request, to
have one of our experienced shoppers as
sist and conduct you to as many of the
75 different departments as you choose.
Ask any floorman to call shopper. There
is no charge for this service.
Every Go-Cart
Greatly Reduced
The Picture Above Shows
a "Fulton," Which
Was $15; Now $10.95
The best Go-Carts made are
the Fulton. Here are a few
examples of the radical reduc
tions now in force:
Those That
Were $10.00
Are Now
Those That
Were $12.50
Are Now
Whitney Carriages and
Pullman Sleepers
Reed and wooden body carriages.
Fitted with slumber shields; large artil
lery wheels, reclining back. Lined and
heavily padded. 35 different styles. Here
are some of the reductions:
Regrularly $14.00, Now S11.90
Regularly $16.50, Now S14.03
Regularly $28.00, Now S23.80
Temporary Annex. Klschtn Floor.
" Eight Months' Subscription
Sunset Magazine $1.00
"Offer good until June 30th only.
By special arrangement with the
Meier .& Frank Co.
Bookstore. Oth Floor. Bth-St. Bid.
Maculae Stct'n, Arcade, 6th-at. Bids.
' "
A Remarkable Clearing Gut of 403 Women's
and Misses- Smart Tailored Suits Tomorrow
It's a let-go ! The time has come when we must make an out-and-out sacrifice in order to clear out all the season
able Suits in season, regardless of what-the loss may be.
That's better than holding them until later. Our patrons have been making inquiries as to when we were going
to hold this sale. And here it is.
35 Suits
Will Be
Cleared at
33 Suits
Will Be
Cleared at
89 Suits.
Will Be
Cleared at
50 Suits
Will Be
Cleared at
62 Suits
Will Be
Cleared at
78 Suits
Will Be
Cleared at
56 Suits
Will Be
Cleared at
The accompanying illustration will show you the smartness and up-to-dateness of the styles. The prices quoted will enable you to judge of the scope of
th savings offered, white the limited quantities will serve notice that "early shopping" is imperative for best selections.
Gabardines, serges, worsteds and novelty weaves. Checks, stripes, plain navy, black, gray, putty and sand shades. Severely tailored and handsome
novelty suits in dozens of the newest and best styles.
Model and Sample Dresses $29.85
Evening, afternoon and a few street models in the group. Every dress
a beauty, correctly designed and perfectly finished. Lovely satins, serges,
taffetas and combinations of lace, net, silks and satins. Navy, tans, white
and soft evening shades. The price $29.85 is an extra special one.
Lovely Evening Dresses $16.45
These frocks are a very special offering worth far more than we're
asking you to pay but a special for our Removal Sale at $16.45. Laces,
chiffon, nets, satin, taffeta and lovely combinations, made in dozens of
attractive styles and shownin the colors most desirable for frocks.
Fourth Floor, Slxth-St. Bid.
Little Wizard Talk
ing Machine $8.95
Something Entirely
New and Novel
Exclusive Meier & Frank model.
Will play 12-inch records. Mahog
any and oak finish, light in weight,
so small it may be carried in a
Yet it is loud enough in tone to fill a large
room. Just the thing for outing parties.
Produces a perfect tone, none of the blare
and metallic sounds of the ordinary inex
pensive machine.
We will have 25 on sale Monday at $8.95.
Temporary Annex. Flfti Floor
100 Bust
Forms to
Close at 98c
While in transit on the
steamer they were slight
ly damaged, otherwise
they'd sell for $1.75.
The damage is only a small
dent in the bust or hips. An ex
cellent, well-proportioned model
with extra long hips for fitting
skirts. Sizes 32 to 44 in lot.
' Stand to go with Form. . . .$1.79
Reduced from usual $2.00
Third Floor, Slxth-St. Rid 14.
t 1 . ; -
Large "Deltox" Rugs May Be Bought at
Lowest Prices Offered on Equal Grades
Because of Stock Reductions Before Moving Annex, Seventh Floor.
"Deltox" Grass Rugs are a blessing to a housewife. No back-breaking,
dust-raising sweeping process to insure cleanliness. Light to handle.
"Deltox" Rugs "Deltox" Rugs "Deltox" Rugs "Deltox" Rugs
Size 4.6x7.6, Size 6x9, Size 8x10, Size 9x12,
Were $3.50, now Were $5.00, now Were $8.00, now Were $10.00, now
$2.35 ' $3.95 , $5.95 $7.75
3000 Pieces of Haviland & Co.'s Fine
Dinnerware at Less Than Wholesale
To Save Moving Stock to New Building
Great heaps of high-grade China marked at figures so low that they
fairly stagger one. But we must clear it out at once. "New goods for
the new building" is the slogan.
There are four beautiful patterns, each of which we are discontinuing, but, of course, that
doesn't detract from the china a bit.
Those Pieces Worth 75c to $3.25 Are Priced at 39c
Breakfast Plates
Dinner Plates
10-inch Platters
12-inch Platters
Coffee Cups, Saucers
Tea Cups, Saucers
Chocolate Cups, Saucers
Bouillon Cups, Saucers
Small Tea Pots
mall Sugar Bowls
Cake Plates
Butter Dishes
Jelly Dishes
Celery Trays
Spoon Trays
Bread Trays
Chop Dishes
Those Pieces Worth 40c to
$1.50 Now Priced at 14c
Fruit Saucers
Pie Plates
Pickle- Dishes
Oatmeal Dishes
Bone Dishes
Bread, Butter Plates
Ramekins and Plates
Ice Relish Dishes
Those Pieces Worth $2 to
$9 Are Now Priced at 99c
Large-size Platters
Covered YeSe'able
Sauce Tureens
MnvrtnnaisA "Rnat.c:
Come tomorrow, early. These pieces won't last long. We have everything in readiness.
We shall be unable to deliver these pieces on purchases less than $3.
Temporary Anne, Kourth Floor
Salad Bowls
Large Teapots
Chocolate Pots
Butterick Patterns Awarded Grand Prize
at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco, thus confirming
our judgment in our recent renewal of an agency contract for a period of years.
Entire Stock of Grass, Reed and Willow Furniture ?wYnhtTt At a Price!
These are bargains in every sense of the word for which you can thank the extremely unfavorable weather of the last few weeks. We haven't sold enough so we ve inaugurated
le to reduce our stocks at once before moving into the new building. Here are some of the .wonderful offerings. Dozens more await you. Liberal credit terms arranged if desired.
this sale
Rattan Hour
glass Chair
Formerly $6
Priced Now
Chairs, For
merly $2.00
Now Priced
Grass Rocker
or Chair
$6.00, Now
Chairs, For
merly $1.50
Now Priced
Grass Rocker
or Chair
$5.50, Now
Grass Tables
, Now Priced
Grass Rocker
or Chair
$6.00, Now
Grass Steam' V
Chair For
merly Sold at
$6, Now at
Grass Rockir
or Chair
$6.40, Now
Grass Chairs
Now Priced
Grass Chairs
Now Priced
Reed Rockers
Now Priced
Remember every item in our immense stocks of the best makes and newest designs of Chinese reed, Chinese grass, willow, American reed, upholstered reed and rattan and maple porch furniture, all share in this money-saving price-cutting.
See Page 8 of This Section for Big Demonstration Lecture of Home Economics on 2d Floor, New Building