The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 13, 1915, Section One, Page 15, Image 15

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-Lustre 'Finish
200 Less
This new-type Hudson has won a remarkable following.
It has brought to all men new ideas of a class car, changing
the entire vogue. It has trebled pur output, forced immense
factory additions, compelled 31 makers to follow our foot
steps. -Within 20 months this lightweight Hudson has been
adopted by 15,000 motorists.
Now comes another $200 reduction. Now comes the
Yacht-Line Body, with new grace, new luxury, new roomi
ness and comfort. Now comes the fulfillment of your
dreams a finish of lasting lustre. Today this favorite class
car starts a brilliant new career.
Now Comes the Ever -Lustre Finish
And now comet for the first tlrne what you have
dreamed of a lustrous finish which stays new. It is the
greatest innovation of the year.
In our new factory addition we have built mammoth
ovens, with capacity for hundreds of bodies. Now our
body finish is baked on in many separate coats. Each
coat of finish is now applied under pressure which fixes
it as never before. After each coat the body goes to an
oven, where it is baked for hours, then rubbed. This is
done with every coat an exclusive Hudson process.
The result is a body that stays new. The finish is
smooth and brilliant. It resists sun and rain, washing,
rubbing, mud. Experienced motorists who have seen
bodies grow old and dull will consider this Ever-Lustre -finish
the most welcome improvement in years.
We combine it with enameled leather upholstery
- better than has ever appeared in a car at this
price. And with deep, hair-filled cushions, which
means enduring luxury as well. This year's new
body features mean much added cost. But it
means a revolution in finish, in comfort and ap
pearance. ,
Now Comes the $1350 Price
Remember Its History
Two seasons ago this new-type Hudson came out
at $1750. Its announcement startled Motordom. Its
price was pronounced impossible in a high-grade Six. Its
lightness under 3000 pounds was scoffed at as incom
patible with strength. ,
But the car was a Hudson, and Hudson standards
are high. Howard E. Coffin was its designer, and he
stands foremost in his field. He and his whole corps had
spent two years in testing and perfecting it. And men
were waiting for a class car which' would cut down
operative cost.
So our first month's output was sold before anyone
saw the car. When the car appeared men flocked by
thousands to it. And for one whole year thereafter
Hudson buyers waited weeks for cars.
Then a $200 Reduction
The next season the price which seemed so impos-.
sible was reduced to $1550. because of multiplied
output. Thirty-one improvements were made in the
car, including still lighter weight. Another year's work
by our engineering corps showed in its refinement. '
This model was soon 4000 cars oversold.; We
-shipped 1000 cars by express. U became at once the
largest-selling car in the world with a price above $1200.
That changed the whole trend in motor car design
ing. It became evident to 'all that the day of overtax
was ended. Men would not stand for excess in weight,
price, size or operative cost All cars were built lighter,
most, prices were reduced. And in 31 factories this
new-type Hudson became the pattern car.
Now Come Graceful Yacht Lines
Now our designers have spent another year on this
car. There was no way to improve the chassis. Fifteen
thousand cars, covering millions of miles, had failed to
develop .one fault. Every part and detail had been re
fined to the limit.
So in this third model they gave their time to the
body. They worked out this stately body, with its grace;
ful, sweeping yacht lines.
' Every broken line is eliminated. The top-line of
; the body and the doors is leather bound.
And they created this luxurious tonneau. The sides
are higher than before, the rear seat is much wider,
doesn't crowd three adults. The car seats seven, with
all the room that anybody wants. And the extra ton
neau seals disappear when not wanted, doubling the
tonneau room.
- You have never seen a body so impressive and graceful
as this Yacht-Line Hudson body.
. And now comes another' big reduction. We have
built additions which will double our capacity. We have
worked out countless new ideas in efficiency.
We are building here now, under ideal conditions,
more high-grade cars than were ever built in one shop.
As a result, we are giving you now the greatest value
ever known in a class car.
Last year we reduced this car $200. This year we
reduce it $200 more. We are selling this model 23
below its startling initial price $400 below it. Yet a
hundred makers, when they saw the car, pronounced our
first price impossible.
- i
Why This New-Day Type
This Hudson was the pioneer of an entirely new
type of car. The type was conceived four years ago
by Howard E. Coffin, our famous chief designer. It
took him two years, aided by our whole force, to work'
out his conception.
The Idea was refinement the elimination of crudity
to' result in a light, staunch car. The first step was a
new-type motor, small bore, high speed. By reducing
'piston shocks that made it possible to lighten a hundred
engine parts.
The next step was aluminum in place of cast iron. ,
The next was . special steels. In the next, a thousand
parts were re-designed to combine lightness with strength.
The final result was a 7-passenger Six weighing under
3000 pounds. Old-time Sixes averaged 4500 pounds.1
That difference the weight of 1 1 adults cut tire and
. fuel cost in two. '
The Vogue of Simplicity
Howard E. Coffin saw years ago that the trend was
toward simplicity. Now everybody knows it. Excess
and waste are unpopular. Good taste now calls for
satisfaction without show.
Thus Hudson has become the class car. Its owners,
in large part, are men who have paid two and three
times its price. Hudson typifies the ideals of the times.
This fact is conspicuous, wherever you look about.
All questions regarding this new-type car have been
answered on the -road. There are 1 5,000 Hudsons of
this type in use. In two years men have driven them
many million miles. And every owner vouches that
the car is staunch, enduring, faultless, as well as eco
Hudson now embodies all that any man can want.
It is the fine car of the modern type. Only those men
who still take pride in some form of excess will find any
car more appealing.
Like No Other Car
Bear in mind that Hudson is like no other car. There
are many modelsof this type, but there are scores of ways
important ways in which Hudson is unlike them. Let
us point them out. This is a Howard E. Coffin creation,
a finished product, unique and unapproached.
7-Paasenger Phaeton or 3-Passenger Road
ster, $1350, f. o. b. Detroit. Also a new
Cabriolet, $1650, f. o. b. Detroit.
HUDSON MOTOR CAR CO., Detroit, Mich.
This 1916 model, with this new-style body, is on show here now. Be
among the first to see the new lines and new comfort.
C. L. BOSS & CO., Portland, Oregon
Albany, Or., J. L. Irvin
Astoria, Or, M. F. Nelson
Baker, Or., Southard & Correll
Condon, Or., D. R. Parker
Eugene, Or., J. H. Yates Auto Co.
Heppner, Or., Albert Bowker
Hood River, Or., A. B. Shelley
Merrill, Or., J. H. Martin
Pendleton, Or., B. F. Trombly, Ore-
Motor Car Co.
North Bend, Or., C. S. Winsor
St. Helens, Or., S. C. Morton
Salem, Or., A. I. Eoff.
The Grand Dalles, B. F. Pennington
Walla Walla, J. D. Moore