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Portland Beats Salt Lake, 8
to 6, After Blanking, It
Till Seventh Inning.
Leonard Invincible For Six Periods,
and When Bees Get to Him
V Higginbotbam Is Sent in
t. and Finishes Out Game.
rcifl- Coast IcafU Standings.
W. L. Pet. I W. L. Pet.
Pan Fran. 8 3 .7271 Portland ...5 6 .454
1.. Angeles 7 5 .r.sU: Oakland... 5 6 .404
Fait Lake.. 4 4 -SOO.Venlce 2 T .222
Yesterday's Result.
' . At Salt T.aKe Portland 8. Salt Lake 8l
At San Francisco San Francisco 7, Ven
ice 6.
At Los Angeles Oakland 3, Los Angeles
4 (IS inning).
SALT LAKE CITY. April 10. (Spe
cial.) Frank Arellanes proved an easy
mark' for McCredie's Beavers today.
The result was an 8 to 6 score favoring
the Beavers, who Blankenship's
men nearly two to one.
Portland got a flying start in the
first by registering one run. Derrick
started it with a keystoner and scored
on a long single by Stumpf. Disaster
for the Bees came in the third, when
the Beavers did a special stunt for
Allan T. Baum. who occupied a box in
the grandstand. Leonard planted a long
single to the right garden; Doane
' singled; Speas hit, forcing Doane out,
and both Speaa and Leonard scored on
a long drive by Stumpf.
Gregory Goes In.
Gregory was then sent in to relieve
Arrellanes. Fisher hit. advancing
Stumpf. who scored on a passed ball.
Fisher scored on a single by Lober.
The Beavers scored again in the
fourth, when Davis cane home on a
long double by Speas, and again in
the fifth, when Stumpf got around to
third on errors and registered on a
single by Lober, leaving the score 7
to 0 and every indication pointing to
a shutout for the Mormons.
Things were quiet in the sixth, but
In the seventh the home team started
what had every appearance of being
a regular rally and netted two runs.
Ten Bant Brings Pair In.
Zacber landed at first when Davis
fooled a grounder. Ryan hit to Leon
ard, who threw wild and both runners
advanced one. Tennant scored the
pair with a beautiful double. I
In the eighth frame Shi nil started a
rally on a double, Orr flied out and
Zacher .singled. Ryan walked and
Tennant doubled, scoring Shinn and
Ryan. Gedeon was hit by a pitched
ball. Higginbotham relieved Leonard.
Barbour singled, scoring Tennant and
Gedeon. The net result was four runs,
rnaking the score 7 to 6, so McCredie's
men, Just to make things safe, scored
another in the ninth, when Doane
came home on a sacrifice by Stumpf.
Salt Lake failed In its attempt at a
Binth inning rally. The score:
Doane.r. . 4
peaa.m.. 1
Derrick. 1. 4
1'isher.c. I
Lmvis.3.. 2
roltrln.s. 4
Leonard, p 2
Higg'm.p 1
I Salt Lak
5 0 U 0 Shinn, r...
2 4 1 0 Orr.s.
1 15 0 O'Zacher.m.
2 12 0 Kvan.l. . .
1 4 0 OTeunant.l
2 2 0 O.Gedeon.I..
5 2 5 0 0
5 O 1 1 2
4 110 0
3 0 1 01
4 S 7 20
2 1 B 40
3 0 2 0 0
110 0 0
2 0 2 30
2 0 1 00
O 0 ' 2 0
3 0 2 00
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 0 0
0 2 1 Halltnan.S
1 5 0 Barbour. J.
O 3 l.Kohrer.c. .
0 0 0 Hannah. c.
Lynn. ...
Totals. .37 13 27 1 2 Totals... 33 7 27 12 3
Baited for Williams In ninth.
Portland 10411000 1 8
bait Lake 00000024 0 6
Runs, Doane.Speas. Derrick, Stumpf 2, Fisher,
Davis, Leonard, Siiinn. Zacher 2, Ryan 2.
Tennant. Two-base hits. Derrick, Speas 2,
Doan?. Tennant, Shinn. Three-base hit.
Tennant. Sacrifice fly, Stumpf. Five runs,
fi hits. 50 at bat, off Leonard In 7 1-3 in-
iiinas; 1 run, 1 hit, 5 at bat, off Higgin
botham in 1 2-3 Innings; 4 runs, 0 hits, 13
at bat, off Arellanes in 2 2-3 innings: 4
runs, 7 hits, 24 at bat, off Gregory In 6
tnnines: no runs, no hit. 1 at bat. off C.
Williams in 1-3 inning. Rum responsible
for, Leonard ff, Hikglnbotham O, Arellanes
3, Gregory 4, Williams 0. Credit victory to
Leonard. t narge uereal to Arellanes.
Struck out. hv Ionard 3. bv Higginbotham
1, by Arellanes 1, by Gregory 2, by Williams
1. liases on balls, orr Leonard 2. orr Greg
ory 2. lft on bases, Portland 0.- Salt Lake
a. Passed ball, Rohrer. Double play, Orr
to teaeon to 'lennant. nit Dy pitcner,
Gedeon by Leonard, Derrick by Gregory.
Umpires, Finney and Williams. Time, 1:59.
Terry's Three-Base Hit and Ellis'
Sacrifice Win 4-to-3 Victory.
LOS ANGELES, April 10. Terry and
Kills brought home the bacon for Los
Angeles in the 14th inning today, and
gave the home team a 4-to-3 victory
over Oakland. Terry drove the first
ball pitched to him up against the left
field fence and stopped running when
he reached third base. Then Ellis
knocked a fly and Terry reached home.
- McMullen and Wolter also did some
star work. McMullen fielding 19
chances, several of them hard ones, in
rerfect Style, and Wolter getting four
hits out of five rimes at bat.
Boyd, Trough and Hughes all pitched
good ball, the latter being specially
good irk the pinches. The series stands
S to 2 in favor of the Angels. Score:
Oakland I
Los Angeles
n a u a
1 O 0 liWolter.r...
0 SVBoles.c
4 111'
Nees.l .
Lindsay. 3.
1 a 2 ii
2 2 0 V
2 1 O Harrer.I...
11 1 0 Dillon.l...
2 O 4 0 vaggert.m
12 0 1 Moluiln.2.
0 4
1 1
1 0 0
S 14 u
. 1
0 2 aoTerry.s
Kuhn.c. . r
1 ID ) V.Metzger.3.
i so
Ho (1. p. ..
. & 1 1 so.Hiilies.p..
0 3 1
2 1 1
. O O O 0 l'"Meek.y. . jO
. l o i o "'tans. .
o o
0 ou
1 0 0 2 0!
Totals. 4 8 39 24 2, Totals.. 43 13 42 3:
Nr.t out wh.'n wmnlngxrun was made.
Hatred for A!,-ock in ninth.
Kattert for Dillon In thirteenth..
Batted for Iclzger in fourteenth.
Oakland o O 2 O o 0 0 O 1 o O O 0 &
Hits 0 1 2101 lOlOOlO 1
Lo- Anceles. 1 00100 o loot) 00 1 4
Hits 1 112100211011 1 IS
Runs. Johnston, Kuhn. Boyd. Wolter 2,
Maesert. Terry. Three-base hits. Maggert.
Terr,. Sacrlflve hits. Harper. Ness. Boies 4,
Kilts. Struck out. by Bod S. by Hughes 4.
Bases on bails, off Hoyd 2. off Hughes 1. off
Tr ugh 2. Runs responsible for, Boa .
Prough 1. Kleven hits, 3 r'ins. CO at bat off
Boyd In 12 innings. Charge defeat lu
ProusJi. Double plays. Manda to Kuhn.
Meltger to McMullen to Dillon. Time, 2:0".
Umi'ires, Fhyle and Toman.
Fifth Successive Game Is Won, 7 to
S, With Patohed-rp Infield.
SAN FRANCISCO. April 10 With a
ratched-up infield San Francisco de
feated Venice 7 to 6 here today, the
game being the fifth successive one
the Seals have won from the Vene
tians. Pitcher Smith, for the Seals, allowed
ne run. in the first inning and four in
the second, but after tliat was almost
Doe Schmieden ! (Yl ' K . f I
hitter in the eighth, when the Seals
staged their, rally which netted four
runs. Carlisle tied the score with
home run in the nin.h. Score:
Venice I fian Francisco
B H n i Gi
u a. o A B
Kane.m. .
Hosp,3. . .
Mitze.c. .
4 110 0IFiUger-d,r
1 2
0 QSchaler,l.
2 olBodle.m..
0 0 lones.s
1 0 Downs.1-.
8 0 Leard,2. .
2 l'Charlea.s.
1 0jSchmidt,o
3 OiSraith.p..
1 OjB'rw'd'"
0 Oi rtarham.p
2 2
1 13
1 0
1 3
0 5
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0 OOlBaum.p
Total. .34 1025 13 l Total. .17 13 27 13 2
One out when winning run was scored;
batted for Hoso in ninth inning: batted
tor bmitn in eigntn inning.
Venice 1 4 0 0 00 0 0 1 f
Hits 3 3 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 10
San Francisco .0 2 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 7
Hits 1 3 1 1 0 0 0 4 3 13
Runs, Carlisle 3, Kane, Berger, Bayleas,
Bodle, Jones, Leard 2, Charles, Schmidt.
Five runs, 8 hits off Smith, 31 at bat in t
Innings. Six runs, 10 hits off Decannler,
30 at bat in 7 2-3 innings, 2 on, 2 out. One
run, 1 hit, off Barham. 2 at bat, talten out
In Oth, 1 on, none out. Home runs, Car
lisle. Two-base hits, Charlea. Sacrifice
hits. Schaller. Downs. Bases on bails. De
cannler &, Smith fi, Henley 1, Barham 1,
Baum L Struck out. Decannler 4, Smith 2.
Hit by pitcher, Jones. Double plays. Hosp
to Ulelscnman, jones to leara to uayiess.
Stolen bases. Carlisle. Kane. Bavless.
Gleischman. Fitzgerald, Bodie. Jones, Leard
2, Schmidt 2. Credit victory to Baum;
charge defeat to Henley. Passed balls,
Schmidt, Mitze. Runs responsible for, De
cannler 3, birnam l. smun , neniey r.
Left on bases. Venice 10: San Francisco. 11.
Time of game, 2:10. Umpires, Guthrie and
Applegarth Wins Professional Title
From Donaldson at Salford.
SALFORD, England, April 10. W. R.
Applegarth today defeated Jack Don
aldson, of Australia, in a 220-yard race
here for the world's professional chain.
plonship for that distance, held by Don
aldson. Applegarth s time was 22
Donaldson got the best start, but
Applegarth pushed to the front when
half the distance had been covered and
won handsomely by a yard.
Oregon Defeats Willamette.
SALEM. Or., April 10. The Univer
sity of Oregon baseball team defeated
Willamette University here today by a
score of 12 to 2.
Baseball Statistics
Federal League.
W. L. Pct.!St. Louis... 0 1 .000
J 0 1.0(10, Buffalo o 1.000
1 0 1.000 Baltimore. . 0 1.01X1
1 0 'Kansas City 0 1.000
1 Ol.oOOi
Newark. . .
Chicago. . .
Beaver Batting Averages.
Ab. H. Ave.i v AB.H.Ave.
Lober 30 13 .433'Doane. .-. . . 42 10.238
Kircher. .. 6 S .400Krause S 1.200
Carlsch 17 .353; Leonard. . . I 16
Derrick 43 14 .S28IDavis 40 S.lii
Stumpf 43 14 .3:8 Murphy... 11 1.091
Speas 43 13 .302)MartinonU . 1 0.000
Higg 7 2.2S6,Eans X 0.000
Fisher 29 8 .27'CoveleskIe. 6 0 .000
Coltrln.... 29
8 .27
C'llah'n... 4 1.250! Totals
.367 98 .233
How the Series Stand.
Salt Lake 2 games, Portland 3 games;
San Francisco 5 games, Venice no game;
Los Angeles 3 games, Oakland 2 games.
Where They Play Today.
Portland at Salt Lake. Venice at San
Francisco (double-header), Oakland at Los
;f . V:-; fc ;. "' '
I TLA ' -.C5lr
10 10 9 t '.' "i 3
4 2 110 lU"
4 111 II V I, f
5 2' 3 3 1 VA VS
5! J1.?
City League to Stage Two Contests at
Vaughn Street . This Afternoon.
Increasing "Pep" Is Noted.
East Side and the West Side will go
to bat at Recreation Park this after
noon. Those two teams will meet in
the second game of the double-header
between the City League squads. Pied
mont and Sellwood will hook up in ths
first encounter. Much interest is cen
tered in the West Side-East Side game.
The West SIders are in the cellar, while
the Sellwoods and East Side are tied
for second place. However, President
Rupert, of the West Siders, says his
team is beginning to hit its gait, and
as the squad is made up of veterans, the
Monarch boys will have to be reckoned
with ere the final curtain is rung down.
It will be remembered Rupert's bunch
dropped the first five games in the old
Tri-City League and then stepped. right
up to the front when the season had
gotten under way. ,
A new battery also will do in the
Monarch lineup. Pitcher Osborne and
Catcher Bleeg will make their initial
bows this afternoon in City League cir
cles. Osborne played last season in the
Western Tri-State League and Bleeg
received the twlrlers' offerings for the
champion Bradford squad last year.
Umpires Cheyne and Drennen will
work together this afternoon, it being
Red Rankin's turn to take a vacation.
'The race will start in earnest with
this afternoon's double bill, said Sec
retary Harry Grayson yesterday. "While
-the Monarchs have dropped two games,
that is no sign that they will continue
to lose throughout the season. The
Redmen will have to hustle to adminis
ter a defeat to the West Side boys. Sell,
wood is also in much better trim than
in the other two games, and it will be
no walkaway for the Piedmont team."
The first game will start at 1:30
o'clock and both games will be rushed
through, according to Grayson. The
first Sunday the boys were a bit slow in I
coming off the field and getting up to
bat. Last Sunday, however, a change
was noted. More "pep" had been in
stilled, following President Whitehead'
letter to the munagers,(requesting them
to keep the players oh the hump and
not to take up unnecessary time in
stalling. The lineups were announced
yesterday as follows:
Piedmont Stepp, right field; Sigsbee,
second base; Henderson, left field: Bo
gart, third base; Hargreaves, center
field; Doty,, first base; Hornby, short
stop; Bartbolemy, catcher, Webb and
Laxe, pitcners.
Sellwood McHale, right Held: Cohen
third base; Hoyt, second base; Nelson,
left field; Ingles, shortstop; J. Dixon,
center field; C. Dixon, first base: New
man, catcher; Hieman and O'Dell, pitch
East Side Pritchard, shortstop
Tauscher, shortstop; Kennedy, center
field; Hinkie, left field; Luckey, right
neia; nugnes, second Dase; Brown, third
base; currigan, first base; Thirion
catcher; Grady, pitcher.
West Side Lind. left field; Watts,
snortstop; lett, second base; McKeen,
first base; Childers, third base; Murray,
right field; Briggs, center field; Bleeg,
catcner; usDorne, pitcher.
Herman Tyson Gets High Hating Jn
Association Publication.
Herman Tyson, of Newark, Del., is
accorded stellar honors in the National
Trotting Association's new record book
just published. He is placed ahead of
Ed Geers, Tommy Murphy, Walter Cox
and other Grand Circuit drivers. He is
credited with winning 46 races in 1914.
Tyson is the young man who brought
out Charley Mitchell, 2:04, and other
last nor-ses.
A remarkable showing for trotters
was made last year, despite the fact
that sporting events of all kinds were
hard hit on account of the war. The
new book contains record performances
or la.ova norses at 1400 meetings in
1914. The book is a monument to the
industry of Secretary W. H. Gocher
and an eyaopener as to the strength
of trotung-norse Interest.
Amateur Baseball Bookings for Today,
Oregon Law School vs. Garden Borne, at
LI ,'14 flUIUO, A IT. jn.
Portland Heights vs. Newsboys, at South
jrortiana cuuuais, x sr. Al.
Gresham vs. Celro Kolas, at Gresham.
2:30 P. M.
Waverly Cubs vs. Woodstock, at Sellwood,
1 P. M.
Molalla vs. Oregon City, at Molalla, 2:30.
xwftvenuu vs. American x.aunary Company
at Beaverton, 2:30 P. M.
Vancouver Grays vs. Lang A Co., at Van
couver, 2:30 P. M.
MontaVilla vs. Peninsula Park, at Monta
villa. 2:30 P. M.
Oswego vs. Colored Giants, at Oswego.
2:30 P. M.
John 8. Beals vs. Log Cabin Bakary, at
South Portland Bottoms, 1 P. M.
Company M, Twenty-first Invantry, vs.
Columbia Park, at Vancouver Barracks.
1:S0 P. M.
- St. Andrews vs. Maccabees, at Sellwood.
3 P. M.
Kenton Club vs. Union 'Dentist, at Co
lumbia Park, 3 P. M.
Piedmont Indians vs. Olds. Wortman A
King, at Peninsula Park. 10 A. M.
. Overlook vs. Piedmont M&rooa Juniors, at
Peninsula Park, 12
Villa Grays vs. Columbia Park Juniors,
at Columbia Park. 1 P. M.
Bast Side Juniors vs. Electrics, at Bast
Twenty-fourth and Davis, 2 P. M.
Golden Rods vs. Randal's Grays, at Mont
gomery Flats, 2 P. M.
Chinese Team vs. Broadway Stars, at
West End Grounds, 2 P. M.
Hood Klver vs. White Salmon, at White
Salmon, 2:30 P. M.
Oswego Juniors vs. Newsboys, at Oswego
10 A- M.
Sellwood Swastikas vs. Waverly, at Sell
wood, 10:30 A. M.
Beavers' Homecoming Likely
to Bring Out Greatest
Army of Fans.
Mayor Albee Calls on All "Able-
Bodied" Citizens to Forget Work
for Tuesday Afternoon and
Take on Pleasure at Game. .
' Just two days more -and Portland
bair fans will see their beloved Coast
champions again. And the planets in
dicate that there will be a lot doing
on the occasion of the Beavers' home
coming Tuesday afternoon.
The parade planned by the Baseball
Boosters' Club threatens to be the
biggest sort of a turnout since Coxey's
army invaded Washington, and, if the
Portland attendance record of 16,126
doesn't sag a little in the middle it
will be because the weather man
wakes up with a grouch that morn
Two or three proclamations enlivened
proceedings yesterday. Mayor Albee
surprised the Boosters' Club by Issuing
a masterpiece , fiat calling all able
bodied folk into the army of the fans.
E. S. Hlggins, president of the Boost
ers, followed suit with an announce
ment of the parade routing and for
Parade Moves at 1 P. M.
The pageant will begin moving
promptly at 1 o'clock and its route
will be from Fifteenth and Morrison
streets down Morrison to Third; north
on Third to Stark; West on Stark to
Sixth; South on Sixth to Aider; West
on Alder to Nineteenth and disband.
The Mounted Police, Police Band,
Governor Withycombe and party;
Mayor Albee' and party and Troop A,
U. S. Cavalry, under Captain Frank
Tebbetts, will constitute the First di
vision. The complete programme follows:
Ray Barkhurst, chairman of parade
W. T. Pangle, grand marshal.
First division Line up on Lowns-
dale (Fifteenth) facing MorriBon:
George L. Baker Is Marshal.
George L. Baker, marshal.
Mounted police. Police Band, Gov
ernor Withycombe and party. Mayor
Albee and party. Troop A. U. 8.
Cavalry, Frank Tebbetts, captain, escort
to the Governor.
Second division Line up on Four
teenth facing north to Morrison:
James J. Richardson, marshal.
Prabst Band, Judge W. W. McCredie
and party,. Venice ball club, Happy
Hogan, manager; Portland ball club,
Walter McCredie, manager; Baseball
Booster Club officials. City League offi
cials and teams, amateur baseball
Third division Line up on Thirteenth
facing north to Morrison:
Clabs Get in Third Section.
Dr. W. O. Spencer, marshal.
McElroy's Band, Harriman club.
Rotary Club, . Portland Ad Club, Trans
portation Club, Realty Board, Muts,
Progressive Business Men's Club, Mult
nomah Athletic Club, Mazamas, East
Side Business Men's Club, Automobile
Club. All automobiles carrying club
members must be bannered showing
club represented.
Fourth division Line up on Twelfth
facing north to Morrison:
Thomas Hislop, marshal.
Brown's Band, G. A. R. veterans,
Spanish American War veterans, mis
cellaneous automobiles and floats.
Fifth division Line up on Eleventh
facing north to Morrison:
William P. Strandborg. marshal.
De Caprio's Band, Portland Hunt Club,
Royal Rosarians.
Women Fans Disappointed.
Booster buttons entitling the wearer
to a reserved seat in the boosterBection
have been selling so rapidly that the
membership committee was forced to
disappoint the crowd of women fans
who reported at the Portland Hotel at
10 o'clock yesterday forenoon to par
ticipate in the proposed button con
test. Ed Werlein explained the commit
tee's predicament to the 30 or- 40 fan-
ettes and then presented a button to
each one of them with the committee's
compliments. "Wo were much sur-
rised at the enthusiasm with whlca
the women greeted our selling scheme,"
said Mr. Werlein afterwards.
Franklin T. Griffith, president of the
Portland Railway, Light & Power Com
pany, . has ordered all automobiles
owned by the company at the disposal
of the women employees for participa
tion in the parade.
The Realty Board also has jumped to
the fore with a reservation for a spe
cial section in the West wing of the
grandstand beyond the Booster section.
All realty men who desire identification
cards can secure them by calling at the
office of Frank McFarland, 309 Yeon
The Portland team will not arrive
from Bait Lake City until 12:15 Tues
day noon.
Automobiles will rush the, champions
to the park where they will Jump into
their uniforms for the parade.
Call for Booster Button Heard and
Special Car Ordered.
SEASIDE, Or., April 10. (Special.)
The baseball booster eras has extended
to Seaside, where Will G. MacRae, for
mer sporting writer, has Incubated I
lively boom.
On behalf of the Seasiders, Mr. Mac
Rae has already ordered 30 baseball
booster buttons and promises to have
a delegation of approximately 50 on
hand for the opening game.
The Seaside Commercial Club will be
represented officially by the delega
George Stalllngs la 1888.
Louis Conn, representative of
Garcia & Vega, cigar manufac
turers, of New York, at the Mult
nomah Hotel, has a picture of the
championship Oakland team of
1890 in which is George Stallings,
now pilot of the Boston cham
pions. Stallings appeared some
what different then than he does
now. It will be noticed that he
also had a mustache whtch was
quite the effete for ballplayers in
those days, Stallings was first
catcher on the Oakland squad at
the time - this photograph was
tlon. That they intend to pull off some
unique stunt in the parade may be
gathered from the fact that the delega
tion has ordered 2000 clam shells from
the new Seaside clam cannery; but as
to what use these shells are to be put
they decline to say.
The Seasiders have chartered auto
mobiles and at least three of the dele
gation have had their machines shipped
to Portland so they can participate fit
tingly in the big day's doings. They
will arrive Monday night and Tuesday
Among the Seaside residents who will
make the trip and who already have
chartered a special car on the Spokane,
Portland & Seattle Railroad, are:
Dan J. Moore, ex-Mayor; City Marshal
George Shaver, Will G. MacRae, Bill
Dresser, Howard Laightpn, Clark Strat
tin. The Oregonlan agent; Mitt Brown,
Dick Brown, Payton Randolph, presi
dent of the Seaside Commercial Club
E. M. Hurd, editor of the Seaside Signal;
J. E. Oates, capitalist and ex-Mayor;
L. Paget. W. M. Surgeon, Dr. G. N.
Moss, .Lionel Parish, Dr. A. F. Poley.
W. J. Montag, Harlow Moore, R, P,
Smith, A. L. Merrill and R. P. ("Dad")
Stewart, as well as every member of
the City council.
Mr. Stewart, one of the delegation
has never missed an opening day game
in Portland, nor a world's series since
the first one was held.
Hard-Fought Track Contest Taken
, When Last .Event Decided,
SAN FRANCISCO, April 10. The
Lowell High School of this city won
today the Pacific Coast Interscholastic
championship at the track and field
meet begun yesterday on the Exposi
tion athletic arena. The Lowell ath
letes scored 87 points. Throughout the
afternoon it was nip and tuck between
the San Francisco and the San Jose
High School, first one and then the
other leading. It was not until the
last event had been decided that Lowell
was awarded the honors. San Jose
scored 34 points.
The next three highest scorers were
Palo Alto High School 18 points,
Polytechnic High School, of San
Francisco IB points, and Riverside
Polytechnic High School, of Southern
California, IS points.
Thirty-sls Institutions were repre
sented by one or more athletes.
Battle Itages in Snow (. Vosges.
BASEL, via Paris, April JJ. Violent
snow storms are raging in the Vosges
Mountains, but ths fighting continues.
Two hundred railroad cars filled with
German wounded passed through
Leopoldshoehe, near BaS'S on Tuesday.
That's where Jimmy Dunn is handing out the BIG VALUES in rnen't
Jimmy means it, when he says BIG VALUES. The money HE
SAVES on high rent, electric signs and swell fixtures means BIG
VALUE to you when you buy your new suit, Mr. Man.
$20 Value
Suits fox
313-16-17 Oregonian Building.
Notables Participate in Cere
monies Marking Start of
Major League Ball.
Gaines Are Four Days in Advance of
Those of Americans and Nation
als, and Events Are as Aus
picious as Hoped For.
Federal League teams opened the
season today with games in ivansss
City, Baltimore, Chicago and Brooklyn.
Big crowds were present at all games
and city and state officials participated
In the ceremonies, which marked the
formal beginning; of 1911 major league
The weather was favorable and t li
aunchlng of the outlaws into another
year of play was as auspicious as their
officials could have hoped for when
they set their opening-day games four
days ahead of those of, ths American
and National leagues.
In Chicago. William Hale Thompson,
Mayor-elect, pitched the first bail and
Mayor Harrison, Governor Dunne, of
Illinois, and other notables took part
in the ceremonies.
Governor Goldsborough made the
opening delivery at Baltimore, where
Newark made its formal entry Into ths
Kansas City had a great celebration
of the retention of its franchise. The
City Council proclaimed a holiday, many
business places closed tor the day and
the city went to the game. President
Gilmore, of the league, was present.
In Brooklyn a big crowd turned out.
and the usual formalities were ob
served. Chicago trimmed the St. Louis team
to 1, thereby crediting a defeat to
Eddie Plank in Ills first game as an
outlaw pitcher.
Newark won from Baltimore 7 to i
and Brooklyn beat Buffalo 13 to . PHts-
burg shut out Kansas City 8 to 0.
Eddie Plank Loses First Game as
Fed Pitcher by 1 To 3.
CHICAGO, April 10. Edtlie Plank,
making his debut as a Federal Leaguer,
was the victim of an eighth-inning bat
ting rally which gave a cluster of three
runs and a 3-to-l victory to Chicago
over St. Louis in the opening game of
the season here today. Pitcher liendrlx
opened the eighth with a two-bagKer
and Plank fielded Hanford's bunt too
ate to catch Hendrix at third.
Mann singled, scoring Hendrix, and
after Zwllling. who twice "previously
had doubled, struck out, a hit by Wil
son and a squeeze play by Zelder
counted lianford and Mann.
Mayor-elect William Hale Thompson
threw the first ball. Speeches by Mayor
Harrison. Governor Edward F. Dunne,
of Illinois, and other notables were a
part of the ceremonies. Score:
R. H. IS. R. H. E.
Chicago 3 7 list. Leuts...'.l 4 t
Batteries Hendrix and Wilson;
Plank and Hartley.
Allen Keeps lUls Scattered and
Pittsburg Feds Win, 8 To 0.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 10. Allen,
pitching for Pittsburg, kept his hits
well scattered, tightening In the
pinches, and the Kansas City Federals
lost the first game of the season S to 0.
James A. Gilmore, of Chicago, presi
dent of the Federal Lcngue, and G.
W. Gwinner, president of the Pitts
burg club, received an ovation from
the largest crowd that has ever at
tended a Federal game here.
The City Coimcll proclaimed a holi
day to celebrate the retention of the
Federal League team here and many
business men closed their offices.
R. H. E.
Pittsburg 000060111 8 9i0
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 7 S
Batteries Allen and O'Connor; Main,
Packard and KaMerloy.
Ten Hita Made Off Quliin and Game
Is Won by I -to-5 Score.
BALTIMORE. Md April 10. Newark
signalised its entry into the Federal
League by defeating Baltimore here
today, 7 to 5. Ten hits were made orr
Quinn, who was lelleved by Smith in
the eighth Inning. Falkrnberg was
effective excepting In the lirat and
seventh Innings, though none of Bal
timore's runs was earned. "
Governor Goldsborough threw the
first ball. Score:
R. H. E l R. H. K
Newark.... 7 13 Baltimore.. IIS
Batteries Falkenberg and Huhn;
Quinn, Smith and Owens.
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