The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 15, 1914, SECTION TWO, Page 16, Image 36

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Read the Back Page of Section 1 This Paper For Other Startling News of Foremost Interest to All Readers!
e i morrow.
And Continuing 6 Days Absolutely the Most Pronounced Price Cutting Will Prevail at Meier & Frank's!
Supply Your Every Need Now! We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities Sold, So That All Bona-Fide Patrons May Be Supplied!
i . - . : :
I nanksgiving-.-oale loilet .Aboocls -ana JUrugs Begins, ner
Little Journeys
Thru the Store
Conducted by
Bangle Bracelets are "in" again.
Three or four narrow gold bands
worn at once plain or chased.
First Floor, Sizth-St. Bldg.
A Sterling Silver Book Mark in
cross shape-T-Greek and conven
tional is unique.
First Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
The "Dovelet," a graceful new
collar in Marie Antoinette effect.
Dainty and exclusive.
First Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
White Kid Gloves, -with high
colored embroidered backs and
welts, will appeal to exclusive
First loor, sixta-on. iQg.
TTip. Argentina Bae is developed
in fine pin seal and colored Bilks.
Unique, attractive, fitted.
First Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
Perfumes Galore! Exquisite new
odors, in quaint squat bottles, are
being shown.
First Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
Teakwood and Black Rubber
Bracelets are NEW and chic. Bead
and band styles.
First Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
A Parisian Ivory Powder Box
that is new, has a glass cover,
fitted with pull.
First Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
A Woman's Fitted Traveling
Bag that is handsome and practical.
Imported cowhide, with luscan
lining. Fitted with genuine Pari
jaiAn i vnrv toilet articles. Fifth
Floor, Temporary Annex, no. 1.
Handsome Service Trays are
shown iu mahoeanv and mahogany
finish. Effective cretonne and
leatherette underlays. Fourth
Floor, Temporary Annex, jno. i.
In the Gift-Boom are exquisite
Furniture Novelties. Nests of Ta
bles for afternoon tea four in a
nest in Sheraton and Jacobean
styles are exclusive and new.
Tenth Floor, Temporary Annex,
No. 1.
Book Troughs, in mahogany
some fitted in drawers many
charming styles are in evidence
Gift-Room, Temporary . Annex,
No. 1.
A Mahogany Workstand is an
other attractive novelty. About
three feet high, fitted with draw
ers and "handy" receptacles.
Gift-Room, Tenth Floor, Tempor
ary Annex, no. i.
Tokio Bamboo Baskets for fruit
and flowers are charming. Hand
some oak finish, highly polished.
Quaint and odd shapes. Eighth
Floor, Temporary Annex, No. 1.
A Fire Screen recalls "days of
yore. Mahogany post style wita
oval screen and art cretonne un
derlay. Gift-Room, Tenth Floor,
Temporary Annex, No. .1. .
DOLLS Toytown is "Doll-
town these days. Dolls of every
description Character Dolls life
like in every respect some say
mamma" dainty Colonial La
dies hobnobbing with Ladies
dressed in the latest 1914 modes
even Ladies of the "Victorian period
are here. Indian Dolls, Dutch
Dolls, Cowboy and Cowgirl Dolls,
Babies and Grown-Ups, in the
greatest array. Toytown, Tempor
ary Annex, No. 2, Yeon Bldg.
Dolls' Outfits Gowns, Hats,
Sweaters; Mats trimmed and un-
t rimmed, just as those of "grown
ups." Toytown, Temporary An
nex No. 2, Yeon Bldg.
For the Little Amateur Cook are
complete Sets of Kitchen Utensils
in aluminum just like mam
ma's." Basement, Temporary An
nex No. 2, Yeon Bldg.
Booklovers will revel in our
Book Department. Gift Books in
handsome bindings and novelties
of every description will make
gift choosing a joy. Visit the
Bookstore for "the gift that al
ways pleases a Book."
Sixth Floor, Sixth-St. Bldg.
Hughes Ideal Hair Brushes
PRICED $1.00 TO $2.50
The "Hughes" Ideal Hair Brush has stood the
test of 25 years' constant service and its popu
larity has increased with the years. Because of its
clever rubber construction, into which are inserted
he strong resilient East India wild boar bristles,
a springy action is gained. This action causes the
bristles to pass easily through the thickest hair.
The "Hughes" Ideal Brush is perfectly sanitary,
and is indispensable to the woman who values her
hair health. - ,
Hughes Ideal Hair Brushes Priced $1 to $2.50
Famous Veda Rose Rouge
Reduced for November Drug Sale to '25c
Women the land over use Veda Rose Rouge
being sure of best results. It imparts to the lips
and cheeks a true-to-nature color. Not a bright,
unnatural color, but the natural glow that is so
desirable. Veda Rose Rouge is made of the finest
and purest ingredients, and is known to be abso
lutely harmless. For November Drug Sale the
price has been reduced to 25. '
Veda Rose Face Powder is new, and in quality
equal to Veda Rose Rouge. Fine, soft and delicate
powder priced, bo, 50.
Melorose Beauty Cream
Guaranteed not to injure the most delicate skin. Smooth,
bland and soothing in its effects. "Will not turn rancid.
Only the finest ingredients are used in its composition.
Pleasant and beneficial for massage use, as it does not leave
the skin greasy. In addition, it's a most-economical Cream,
very little being required for each application. Gentlemen
will find it delightful for use after shaving. For November
Sale 50c Melorose Cream is reduced to, the jar, 39.
Melorose Face Powder dainty and lasting in its effects.
Very delicately perfumed. Used by women of refinement.
Reduced for November sale from 50c to, box, 39.
Pierces Golden Medical Dis
covery, bottle 69
50c size Scott's Emulsion ... 33
$1 size Bell's Honey and Tar
Cough Syrup 69y
75c Jad Salts 59
25c size Mentholatum .15
Lepactic Pills, bottle of 100 33
$1.00 size Resinol Ointment. .74
$1 Keroline Inhaler Outfit... 69
50c Bisurated Magnesia 40
Horlick's Malted Milk For
$2.98, 79 and 40
Vegetol the Laxative Crack
er at 40 and 10
Mercolized Wax 59
Malt Nutrine, dozen $2.25
Bottle 19
Vinol Cod Liver Oil Tonic. $1
1 Pint Russian Mineral 0il..50
Merck'B Sodium Phosphate .. 18
Menthol Inhalers in glass -
tubes .10
Charcoal Tablets, bottle 100 18
25c Liquid Veneer ...... . .17
Squibb's Sodium Phosphate, ...
granulated, effervescing. . .40
10c World's Fair Tooth Picks,
large size, 3 packages 25
10c Tube Liquid Court Plaster 5
15c and 25c Bine Jay Corn
Plasters. ...10S 20
1-lb: Roll Hospital Cotton... 19
1 quart Olive Oil, pure Cali
fornia, product 89J
15c Vi-lb. pkg. Boracic Acid. .10
1-lb. package Moth Balls 5
2- ounce package Senna Leaves. 7
10c pkg. Rochelle Salts.. 5
Pinaud's Lilas de France Veg- -etal
Eutaska Toilet Water ...59
Hedden's Assorted Toilet Wa
ters 49
Ricksecker's Assorted Toilet
Waters 59
Mary Garden Perfume, oz. $1.75
Houbigant's Moss Rose, Violet
or Honeysuckle Perf., oz.' 89?
"D'Orsay's Eau de Cologne. . .43
D'Orsay's Eau de Cologne 2l
Bourjois Rose Pompom Per
fume, ounce $1.39
Williams' Violet and Lilac
Toilet Water 59
Willow Sachet Powder, assort
ed odors, ounce 39
Jergen's Sachet Powder, as
sorted odors, ounce 39
Ricksecker's Sachet Powder,
assorted odors, ounce 49
East India Sandalwood In
cense, package 43
Aromatic Smelling Salts. . . . .19
50c Bath Brushes, with de
tachable handles, each. 39
$1.00 Bath Brushes, with de
tachable handles, each 79$
15c Tooth Brushes, assorted -styles,
each 10
25c-35c Tooth Brushes, assort
ed styles, each XO
50c Hair Brushes, assorted
backs, each ....39J
$2.50-$3 Hair Brushes, assort
ed backs, pure bristles, $1.79
$1.75 Triple-Bristle, Cushion- '
Back Gloria Hair Brushes,
each 98
$1.00 Double-Bristle, Cushion
Back, Hughes' Ideal Hair
Brushes, each 69
15c Hand Scrubs, each 10
25c-35c Hand, Nail Brushes
each .17
25c Wire Cloth Brushes, each 19
$1.50 ' Pure Bristle Military
Hair Brushes, pair. 9S
50c Manicure Scissors 37
50c 6 and 7-inch Scissors, ball
bearing 29
$1 J.. A. Henckel'B "Twin
Brand" Scissors 69
75c Three and four-bladed
Knives, each ..29$
10c Face Chamois. T... ..7
15c Face Chamois, large 12
25c Wool Powder Pads. . . . . .16
10c Wool Powder Pads.. 4:
Velvet Powder Pads 12
10c Velvet Powder Pads.... ..7
25c Eiderdown Powder Puffs 19
35c Whisk Brooms, assorted
sizes and styles... .29
Ebony and mahogany-back
Hand Mirrors .:....69
Easel-back Stand Mirrors. . . .59
Samurai Corylopsis Talcum... 8?
Jergen's Eutaska Talcum. . . .19
Jergen's Rose or Violet Tal
cum (1-lb. tin) 19
Princess Rose or Violet Tal- .
cum, two for 25
Jergen's Oriental Talcum 7f
Sanitol Talcum ........ 12
Burnham's Talcum 12
Williams' Talcum, assorted
odors ..10
Armour's Talcum, assorted
odors t...lO
Ricksecker Attar Tropical
Talcum 18
Massatta Talcum, two for...25
80c Palm Olive Combination at 39c
FOR NOVEMBER DRUG- SALE 3 10c cakes Palm Olive Soap
and 50c jar of Palm Olive Cream or Palm Olive Shampoo OQ
ALL THIS WEEK A regular 80c value OUC
FREE 15e Beauty Cloth with
every jar Raker's Cold
Cream at low price of
FREE 25c box Princess Face
Powder with every tube
Princess Cold Cream
at 25.
FREE With every purchase of $1 or more in Drug Dept. during1
this sale Williams' or Mennen's 25c Week-End Package Containing
soapvJtalcnm and cream.
Lnxus Rouge 33
Glycerine Liquid Rouge 11
Theater Rouge, No. 18, small
size ... ..... 1 T
Raisin Stick Rouge 11 C
.Eyebrow Pencils 7
Ashes of Roses Rouge. ..... .19i
Imperial Nail Polish (imptd.) 12
Play's Emery Boards 15
Lustrite Manicure Specialties 19
Genuine Orange Sticks 7 id
Miller's Nail Preparations ..19
Requa's Nail Poiish. 7
Flexible Nail Files and Rub
ber Tipped Sticks 15
Leather Strap Nail Buffers. . .0?
Bronnley's Eng. Bath Salts 39
Bathasweet, 2 for... 25
Luxor Bath Powder 39d
Hansen & Jenk's Bath Salts
at $1.00, 1.75
Miro Dena Bath Salts priced
at....... $1.25, $1.85
Hudnufs Bath Salts 75
Sanitol Shaving Stick 15
Sanitol Shaving Cream 15
"Violet" Shaving Sticks (im
ported) ,.. 23
Williams' ' Holder Top Shav
ing Stick.. 7- 20
Colgate's Shaving Cream 20
Cuticura Shaving Stick 20
California Medicated Soap . . . 5
Physicians, Surgeons' Soap 6
Jergen's Old-Fashioned Soap 7
Rainier Medical Soap 7
Jergen's Violet Glycerine Soap 7
Jergen's Pumice Soap 7
Jergen's Eight Cake astd. S'p 2l
Jergen's Geranium Bath Soap 7
Jergen's Dutch Sandal Soap . . . 7
Jergen's-Benzoin and Almond
Soap 7&
Jap. Rose Glycerine Soap....G
Kirk's Juvenile Soap 8
Armour's Super Tar Shampoo
Soap 10
Hay's Harina Medi'd Soap 19
Java Rice Face Powder 39
Bourjois Madeline Rice Pwd 39
Tetlow's Gossamer Face Pwd 16J
retlows Swansdown Face Pd. 12
Sanitol Face Powder
Jergen's Eutaska Rice Pwd. 16
Pozzoni's Face Powder 26
Satin Skin Face Powder 16
Egyptian Face Powder 39
Woodbury's Face Powder. . ,16?
Stationery and Sundries
15c Dennison's Plain White Paper Napkins, 100 for. . -lOd
5c rolls Waxed Paper, 3 rolls for 10
$1 Loose-Leaf Postcard Albums and Scrap Books, each 89c
25c Lily Bridge Score Pads, each 21
40c Crane's Annandale Stationery and Correspondent Cards,
box .....28
50c Crane's Highland Linen Stationery, new tints, gold
edges, box 44c
50c Gilt-Edge Playing Cards, pack : 37
50c box Poker Chips (100 in box) ' 44
Flr Floor. SLxtfc-St. Bids.
Xw quality" Storp op Portland
FREE 25c bottle Mary Garden
Perfume " with every
25c box of Marceau
Face Powder at 25
FREE A 10c "Wool Powder
Pad with every box of
Face Powder at 50
or over.
50c Graves' Tooth Powder.. 19
25c Graves' Tooth Powder. . 12
Lyon's Tooth Powder, 2 for 25
Lyon's Tooth Paste, 2 for. ..25
Pasteurine Tooth Paste, 2 for 25
Euthymol Tooth Paste, 2 for 25
Kolynos Tooth Pasta 16
Sanitol Tooth Powder 15
Sanitol Tooth Paste : . .15
Colgate's Tooth Paste 2O0
Sanitol Liquid Dentifrice 12
Rubifoam Mouth Wash, 2 for 25
Williams' Tooth Paste and
Nickel Brush Holder ". .16
Malvina Cream 29
Rarus Theatrical Cream (1-lb.
jar) 39
Daggett & RamsdeU's Cream 33
Hazeline Snow 19
Woodbury's Facial Cream. ..16
Pompeian Massage Cream... 29
Satin Skin Cream 36
Williams' Cold Cream 19
Sanitol Cold Cream 15
Sempre Giovine 28
Ricksecker's Cold Cream 39
Headheart Cold. Cream 39
Jergen's Benzoin and Almond
Lotion 12
Large Bottle Herpicide 59
Dandfrine 16?
Parisian Sage 36
Swissco 36
Sage and Sulphur 36
Hays' Hair Health. 36
Seven Sutherland Sisters Hair
Grower 69
Potter's Hair Stain 69
Scheffler's Colorine 59
Goldman's Hair Restorer 69
Colgate's Bandoline 15
Williams' Brilliantine 19
$1.00 Rubber Gloves, assorted
sizes. Guaranteed, pair...79
$2 Whirling Spray Syringes,
each $1.29
75c Maroon Rubber Bulb
Syringes, each 49
2- quart Seamless Fountain
Syringes, special, each. . . .69
1-quart "Qualitaire" Hot Wa
ter Bottles, special 59
3- qt. "Rival" Hot Water
Bottles, maroon rubber. ...73
3-qt. "Rival" Combination
Hot Water Bottle and
Syringe $1.39
Sanitary , Napkins, medium
size, dozen 27
All Rubber Hot Water Bottles
and Syringes Guaranteed for 1
Year Against Imperfections.
' i M
Sempre Giovine
(Pronounced Sem-Pray Jo-Ve-Nay)
It's commonly called the "Little Pink Brick" and is
known to thousands of women for its unsurpassed qualities.
It builds up the depleted tissues and brings back the glow
of youth. Its remarkable soothing qualities help many
women to eliminate the tired and worried expression. Posi
tively harmless in its action on the most delicate skin, sani
tary and hygienic. Put up in neat packages by Marietta
Stanley. For the November Drug Sale the price is reduced
to 28d.
Egyptian Face Powder is a favorite with many women.
Daintily perfumed, fine and harmless to the most delicate
skin. Reduced for November Drug Sale to 39S
Vaucaire Galega Tablets
These Tablets are the mostAsatisfactory devel
opers that can be used. Hundreds of women will
testify to the merits of Vaucaire Galega Tablets.
Thei'e are many imitations in the market but we
are advertising the Original White's Vaucaire
Tablets. The basis of these Tablets is imported
Galega, which is very scarce. "Wonderful results
have always been obtained from its use. For our
November Drug Sale the price is, the box, 79 2
BOXES FOR $1.50.
Aubry Sisters' Celebrated
Toilet Preparations
Aubry Sisters' Beautifier
is a perfectly harmless preparation. Its per
sistent use is bound to give a perfect complexion.
Daintily perfumed. Used in place of powder, it
imparts a freshness and finish to the skin. Used
by both men and women. Will not rub off. Priced,
the jar, 50.
FREE 10c size Aubry Sisters' Tint with every
50c purchase of Aubry Goods during this sale.
You Save $2.05 to $12
on Rugs During This
Forced Sale
"We must make room for immense purchases of Rugs that
our buyer has just made in the Eastern market and to do
so we've made some very attractive cut prices on a great
special lot of high-grade "Wiltons and Axminsters in the
popular 9x12 size.
Figure the saving youH enjoy! Make your selections
early tomorrow. Buy for private homes, living-rooms,
dining-rooms and also for office floors.
These Rugs on Sale Promptly
at 9 A. M. Tomorrow
$45.00 Wilton Rugs, 9x12 size, now S33.00
$38.50 Wilton Rugs, 9x12 size, now S27.50
$25.00 Seamless Velvet Rugs, 9x12, now S18.75
$20.00 Wool Velvet Rugs, 9x12 size, now S14.65
$28 to $30 Seamless Axminster Rugs, 9x12, now S19.S5
$27.50 high-grade Axminster, 9x12, now S19.50
$25.00 Axminster Rugs, 9x12, now S1S.75
$18 to $20 Axminster Rugs, 9x12, now S15.95
Seveatb Floor, Temporary Annex No. 1
Thanksgiving Sale of
Featuring a 20 Discount on Period Sets
Dining-room Tables, priced $6.00 to $400
Dining-room Buffets, priced $15 to $500.
China Cabinets, priced $18 to $275
Dining-room Chairs, priced 75c to $30.00.
All Period Sets Jacobean and Elizabethan Sets in oak
Adams, Ilepplewhite, Colonial and Florentine Sets in
Mahogany, also a very handsome Queen Anne Set in
American walnut, now on display in our Alder-Street
Window. Tenth FloorTempornry Annex No. 1