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Special' Services Arranged in Many Churches Rev. Charles Hurd, of Newport, Named for Presbyterian Assistant Pastorate.
WHILE tho regular order of things
is being carried out in some ot
the churches, many others are holding
special services of the revival type. Of
especial interest todaV will be the ser
mons by the Rev. Thomas A. Boyer, of
Oakland, Cal., who will speak this
morning and tonight in the First Chris
tian Church.
Dr. Boyer is a brilliant orator and
one of the foremost evangelists of the
day. In the White Temple Rev. J.
Bruce Evans, who is conducting re
vival meetings, will preach morning
and night.
An important announcement is the
naming of a pastor's assistant for the
Kirst Presbyterian Church to fill the
Place that has been vacant since O. M.
Bowman resigned and went East to
take up similar work. The board and
session of the church have extended a
call to Rev. Charles Hurd, of Newport,
Or., to fill the position and he has ac
cepted and, with his family, will ar
rive here this week.
The First Church has searched for a
man who might be specially adapted
for the work and it is believed that
the experience and personality of Mr.
Hurd will assure his succesA. Those
who have been in touch with the work
of young people throughout this state
will remember Mr. Hurd as president of
the Oregon Christian Endeavor Union,
and durtHg his pastorate in Oorvallis
he was secretary of the College Young
Men's Christian Association. Mr. Hurd
also spent some time in the Anabei
Presbyterian Church, of Portland, as
pastor, and is well remembered in this
city. He married a daughter of Mrs.
J. W. Kern, sister of Dr. Richmond
Kelly, all of whom are closely con
nected with the famous "Kelly Clan,"
of this vicinity.
Mr. Hurd has spent the past four
years in a most successful work in the
Presbyterian Church of Newport, and
it is with deep regret that his congre
gation has consented to his removal to
Portland. He is popular especially with
the young people, and all his efforts in
this department of church work have
been marked with signal success. The
many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Hurd in
this city will welcome the news ot
their return to the active work in the
religious circles of Portland.
The Luther League of St. James'
Church will hold the monthly meeting
on Tuesday evening of this week in the
clubrooms of the church. Miss Mathi
sen. Miss Signer and Mr. Pwanson will
entertain. The vacation pictures, which
proved so popular, will again be shown
and Mr. Swanson will deliver tne lec
ture. All young people are invited.
The Vancouver-Avenue Norwegian
Tanish Methodist Episcopal Church,
lorner Skidmore street, of which Kev.
Abraham Verelde is pastor, will start
a series of evangelistic meetings be
ginning today through the month of
November. The services on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday to be held in
the Norwegian language and the serv
ice on Friday evening in English for
the benefit of the young people. The
Rev. H. P. Nelson will preach the first
week and Rev. C. J. Larson the second,
while out-of-town pastors will assist
later. The musical numbers at next
Sunday's services will be: . Vocal solo
by Mis3 Rose Robinson, duet by Mrs.
"William Pedersen and Mrs. J. Johan
nessen, sung by the large chorus; vocal
solo by Miss Astrid Roald and A. Roald.
Miss Esther Skogseth will play the
cornet. The pastor will deliver the
morning sermon and Rev. H. P. Nelson
will speak in the evening.
Today at the White Temple the Cali
fornia evangelist. J. Bruce Evans, will
have charge of all the services. He will
preach in the morning at 11 o'clock on
"The Greatest Thing." and at night he
will deliver his great sermon on "The
Unpardonable Sin."
Meetings are being held nightly In
the White Temple, and Bruce Evans
preaches every night at 7:20. In ad
dition there is a meeting for prayer in
the church parlor nightly at 7 o'clock.
The meetings in this church are in
creasing in interest, and a great week
is looked for. All pews are free in the
church. Sunday school, with classes for
all, meets at 10 o'clock.
Rev. John H. Boyd, D. D., pastor of
the First Presbyterian Church, corner
Twelfth and Alder streets, is preach
ing a unique series of sermons at his
evening service, during the month of
November. Beautiful prints of famous
paintings are distributed through the
audience before the sermon, and Dr.
Boyd speaks in a very 'simple and inti
mate way on the deeper meaning of the
artist's thought. His subject for to
night is the wonderful group of statu
ary by Laredo Taft, based upon the
play by Maurice Maeterlinck ai en
titled "The Blind." A deep impression
was created by Dr. Boyd's handling of
the picture, "Despised and Rejected of
Men," and unusual interest awaits his
Interpretation of "The Blind" tonight.
The regular monthly workers' con
ference of the Millard-Avenue Presby
terian Church School was held at the
home of Rev. W. H. Amos, 7420 Sixty
second street Southeast. Monday night.
About 40 officers, teachers and workers
of the school were present and the
usual interest was manifested in the
affairs of the school. Definite plans
were outlined for the Christmas festi
val and a number of improvements in
equipment and in the methods in the
school were authorized.
Dr. Perry Joseph Green will deliver
a lecture upon "Pay Day at Temple
of Truth, Ellers building, this morning
and night A few of the impressive
thoughts of this lecture are that no
deed, worthy or unworthy, goes unre
warded, that as we sow so shall we
reap, and that if we live the highest
and best, whether the world at large
be cognizant of the fact or not, we
earn our reward, or 'pay,' in the awak
ening of the cosmic consciousness or
'spiritual self." which is the 'Father' in
us as individuals.
Rev. Mr. Frank L. Loveland has ar
ranged a series of Sunday evening
Journeys "With the Master Through
the Neglected Hemispheres of Life."
Tonight the congregation will travel
' through "The Empire of Our Sub-Con-ecious
Selves." Next Sunday the jour
ney will be made to "The Domain of
Our Suggestive Forces" and on Novem
ber 22 there will be the quest for the
fountain of health. The last Sunday in
November will take those who hear Dr.
Loveland to the "Mysterious Mountain
of Prayer."
Rev. Frank W. Gorman, of Atkinson
Memorial Church, will occupy the pul
pit of Sunnyslde Congregational Church
tonight and deliver a lecture on the
East London Mission. Mr. Gorman
also will sing "There Is a Green Hill
Far Away" (Gounod).
Rev. R. Elmer Smith will give an il
lustrated lecture on the Hawaiian Is
lands on Tuesday evening in the Sun
nyslde Methodist Episcopal Church.
Hawaiian music and dancing will be
features. Dr. Smith recently came from
the Islands and is thoroughly conver
sant with his subject.
Miss Marian Briggs will give a stere
opticon lecture on India today at the
vesper service of the Young Women's
Christian Association at 4:30 o'clock.
Hiss Helen Butzlaff will be the soloist.
Women and girls are welcome. Strang
ers especially are invited. A social
hour will follow the service.
. . . Yx
tAiM&srmvs'' piP few-r
day school ; 11. preaching: by the pastor;
theme. "A Man of Sorrow"; :3U, B. Y. P.
U. ; 7:30, preaching ty the pastor; theme,
"Reciprocity in Forgiveness.-,
East Fortv-flfth Street Rev. A. B. Walts,
?a3tor. lO, Sunday school; 11, preaching by
he pastor: theme. '"General Gideon and fits
Three Hundred" ;. 6 :30. B. Y. P. U.; 7:80,
preachlnc; by the pastor; theme, "A Dance
That Cost a Lire."
Tabernacle Rev. J. C. Tibblts, pajrtor. lO,
Sunday school: 11 and 7:30, preaching by
Rev. W. C. Driver, chapel car evangelist;
6:30. B. Y. P. U.
Calvary, East Eligfhth and Grant streets-
Rev. Walter Duff, pastor. 10, Sunday school;
11, Drtachlnir by the pastor; theme, "From
Death Unto I-ilfe." a teacher's model: 6:30,
B. Y. P. IT.; 7:30, preaching by the pastor;
theme. "A Victorious Temperance Pro
gramme by Young and Old.
Arleta Rev. W. T. s. sprlggs. pastor, lu.
Sunday school; 11, preaching by the pastor;
theme. "That There May tome a neiresn
lng": 6:30, B. Y. P. U. ; 7:30, "The Good-for-Nothlng
Third, Knott street and ancouver ave
nue Rev. webley J. Heaven, pastor. 11,
That Ye May Have Peace"; 7:30, "Twen
tieth-Century Idolatry."
Lenta Rev. J. M. Nelson, pastor. 11,
preaching by the pastor; 10, Sunday school.
Italian Mission. East ;itrnieencn ana mid-
betts streets Rev. Francesco SanneUs, pas
tor. 10, Sunday school; 11. preaching serv
ices; 7. pastor's circle (prayer service); 8,
preaching service; 10:30, short sermon tot
English-speaking people; 7:20, preaching.
St. Johns rgv. . v. ijoraen, pastor.
Services. 11 and 8.
ET1 mo heights, lents Sunday school. 2:30
Swedish. Fifteenth and Hoyt streets
Rev. F. Linden, pastor. Preaching. 0:43
and 7:30; Sunday school. 12 noon; -.. Y. P.
U.. 5.
University Park Rev. A. C. Saxton, pas
tor. Sunday school. 10; -11, preaching by
the nastor: 0:30. B. Y. P. U.; 7:80, p mach
ine by the nastor.
. Second German. Morris street and Rodney
avenue Rev Frederick Buerrman, pastor.
Sunday jchool. 9:43: preaching, 11 and 7:30;
B. Y. P. U.; 7.
Grace. Montavilla Rev. H. T. Cash, pas
tor. Sunday school. 9:45: services, 11 and
&: B. Y. P. U.. 6:45.
Mount Olivet, Seventh and Everett streets
Rev. W. A. Magett, pastor. Services. 11
and S; Sunday school, 12:30.
Chinese Mission. 33 Burnslde streetSun
day school. 7: J. O. M alone, superintendent.
P.usscllvllle achoolhouse. under auspices of
Grace Church, Montavilla Sunday school.
First. German Fourth and Mill streets
Rev. J. Kratt. pastor. Services, 1J. and 7:30;
Sunday school, 9:45.
Sell wood Eleventh street and Tacoma ave.
nue Rev. F. H- Hayes, castor. Preaching.
11 and 7:30; Sunday school. 10: B. T. P. U
Cross. University Park Rev. C. R.
Low mass. S:30; high mass snl
10:30: vesoers and benediction. 4
St. Michael's (Italian), Fourth and Mill
streets Jesuit Fathers. Low mass. 8:30;
-high, mass and sermon. 10:30; vespers and
benediction. 7 :3Q.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, 'Williams ave
nue and Stanton street Rev. W. A. Daly.
Low mass, 6. & and 9; high mass and ser
mon, 10:110: vespers and benediction, 7:80.
St. Francis. ILast Twelfth street between
Pina and Oak Rev. Father Black. Low
mass. 8; high mass and sermon. 10:30; vee
pers. instruction and benediction, 7:30.
Holy Rosarv. East Third and Clackaraa
streets Very Rev. H. H. Kelly, O. P. Low
mass, 6, 7. o and ; high mass and sermon.
11; vespers and benediction. 7:30. On the
first Sunday of the month rosary procession.
sermon and benediction, 7:30; third Sunday.
sermon, procession or tne most blessed sac
rament and benediction. 7 :30 ; every Thurs
day evening, holy hour from 7:80 to 8:80.
Holy- Redeemer. Portland boulevard and
Williams avenue Redemptorlst Fathers.
Rev. Joseph A. Chapotan. pastor. Low mass.
0 and S: high mass and sermon, iu:?u; bene
diction. 7:30.
St. Andrew's. Bast Ninth and Alberta
streets Rev. Thomas Kiernan, Low mass.
6; high mass and sermon. 10; vespers. In
struction and benediction, 7:30.
St. Lawrence's. Third and. gharman streets
Rev. J. H. Hughes. Low mass, 6. 8 and V;
hlsh mass and sermon, 10:30; vespers, In
struction and benediction, 7:30.
St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Fifteenth and
Davis streets Most Rev. A. Christie, D. D
Low mass. 0. 8 and U: high mass and ser
mon, 1 1 : vespers, instruction and benedic
tion. 7:43.
St. Rose. Flfrv-third and Alameda-r-Rev
Cornelius A. Maher. Low mass. 8:80; hlga
mass and sermon. 10; vespers, instruction
and benediction. 7 :30.
St. Clare's (Franciscan Fathers), Capitol
Hill Rev. Capistran. O. F. M. Low mass at
7:30. high mass and benediction at 9:10.
First. Park and Columbia streets Sunday
school, 0:45 ; morning sermon, 1 1 ; subject,
"An Exemplary Apostle"; Y. F. S. C. E.,
6:30: sermon. "The Market Value of Chris
tianity, or the Compensations of Rignt
Thinking and Doing"; Rev. Thomas A.
Boyer. pastor of the First Christian Church
of Oakland, Ca!., will preach at both morn
ing and evening services.
Central. East Twentieth and Salmon
streets Rev. S. R. Hawkins, pastor. Sun
day school. 10: Christian Endeavor, 6:30;
preaching, 11 and 7:30.
Montavilla J. Carlos Ghormley, pastor.
Bible school at 10. communion worship in
sons; and sermon at 11, Junior Endeavor at
3:30. Senior Endeavor at 6:30. song service
and sermon by pastor at 7:30.
First. Everett between Eighteenth and
Nineteenth streets Services, 11 and 8; sub
ject of lesson sermon, "Adam and Fallen
Man"; Sunday school. 9:45 and 11; Wednes
day even ins- meeting, 8.
Second. East Sixth street and Holladay
"What Is a Church?" to Be
Topic of Sermon.
Dr. Lather R. Dyott Also Will
Pruch on "After Election. What
XwP at First Congregational
HAT Is the Church and What
R. Dyott's theme in the First Congre
gational Church today at 11 A. M. Dr.
Uyott's theme at 7:45 P. M. will be,
"After Election. What Now?"
The special music will be as followsr
Morning prelude, "Pastorale" (Flag
ler): quartet, "There Is an Hour of Hal
lowed Peace" (Barnby): Quartet, "Our
of the Deep" (Baj-tlett) ; postlude, "Al
legro Maestoso" (Stern).
Night. Prelude, "Poeme Erotique"
(Grieg); chorus. "Savior When Night
Involves the Skies" (Shelley); quartet.
"Sweet Is the Light of Sabbath Eve"
(Smart); postlude, "Processional"
The dedication of the German Con
gregational Zion Church, at East Ninth
and Freemon streets, will he one of
the important events of today. Rev. J.
H. Hopp, the pastor, will preside and
among the speakers at the three serv
ices at 11 A. M.. 2 P. M. and 7:30 P. M..
will be Dr. Luther R. Dyott, Rev. C. A.
Dettmers, of Seattle; Rev. F. Efferland,
of Ritzville, Wash, and Rev. C. J. Wag
ner, of Walla WallaWash. Rev. Frank
W. Gorman will sing. Mrs. Dettmers
also will contribute solos.
rangements consists of P. A. Tuhey,
J. M. Kinney, Fred Deragish and George
W. Dyer.
During the holidays the Ancient
Order of Hibernians will give a Christ
mas tree in the new hall for the benefit
of the orphans of Oswego Orphans'
Home and St. Agnes Baby Home.
In Holy Rosary parish the Holy Name
Society will receive communion in a
body today at 8 o'clock mass. A grad
ual increase at the monthly communion
Is most gratifying.
Rev. Father Mahoney and Rev. Father
Seymour will . conduct the spiritual
services during 10 days for the Sisters
of Providence at Vancouver, Wash. The
retreat will open today.
Memorial Exercises of Holy
Name Society Today.
Programme to Be Given and Com
munion Will Be Received in Body
at. Mann.
'PHE first annual memorial exercises
X of the Holy Name Society will be
held in the Sacred Heart Church to
night. The following programme will
be given:
Opening prayer. Father Gregory; ob
ject of the meeting, P. A. Tusey; recit
ing of the De Profundis, J. C. Kuem
per, treasurer; solo, Mrs. Frank Disbro;
"Our Duty," Fred- Suren: hymn. Sacred
Heart choir, G. Scherzinger. director
rollcall of deceased members, Charles
J. Lair, secretary; "Our Departed Mem
bers," Rev. Thomas Cooney, redemptor
lst; benediction, audience. Patrick A.
Tuhey will be chairman of the meeting.
The Holy Name Society of Sacred
Heart Church, Benedictine Heights,
Portland, meets every third Sunday of
the month at Gregory Hall, 8 P. M.
The officers are: President, Patrick
A. Tuhey; vice-president, Peter War-
muth; secretary, Charles J. Lair; treas
urer, J. C. Kuemper; spiritual director.
Ke?F. Gregory.
Tje Junior Holy Name Society meets
every third Sunday of each month at
Gregory Hall at 8 P. M. -
The officers are: President, Clemens
Meyers; vice-president, Thomas Becker
secretary, Joseph Kasper; treasurer.
Ralph Hahn.
The ushers are George W. Dyer,
Francis J. Dorney, Charles H. Kenneth,
Albert Ball. Tho committee on ar-
I -
I '
:tit l t
"$ ' - - t
- " 1
r " a
f (7 :
Robert V.. Millard, Snperiatendent
off Sunnyslde Congregational
Sunday School.
avenue Services. 11 and R: subject of leu.
fton sermon. "Adam and F"allen Man'; Sun
flay school.. 11; Wednesday evening . meet
inc. fc.
Third. East. Twelfth snd Salmon streets-
Services. 11 and 8; subject or lesson ser
mon. "Adam and FaHen - Man"; Sunday
school. 11 and 12:15: Wednesday evening
meetlns;. 8. - -
Kourth, Vancouver avenue and Emerson
street Services. 11 and 8; subject of lesson
sermon. "Adam and Fallen Man"; Sunday
school. 0:45 and 11: Wednesday evening
raeetlnc 8.
Fifth. Myrtle Park station Services. 11;
subject of lesson sermon. "Adam and Fallen
Man": Sunday school. 9:30: Wednesday
evcnlnr meeting. 8.
First, Park and Madison Rev. I. R. Dy
ott, minister. 9:50, Bible school; 6:30, Y.
P. 8. C. E. : 11. "What Is the Church and
What Is It
What Next?"
Laurel wood Rev.' C. S.
11. "The Christian Fasaiiy
Pillar"; Sunday school, lO;
University- Park, Haven
Rev. W. C.
school; . 11.
7:45.- "After Election.
Johnson, pastor.
; 8, "The Cloudy
Y. P. S. C. E.. 7.
near Lombard
Kantner, pastor. lO, Sunday
The Growing Christian"; 4,
Junior Endeavor; 7:30, "God Retgnn.
Highland. East Sixth and Prescott Rev.
E. B. Bollinger, pastor. 1. Sunday school;
11. "The Way to Know God"; 7:30. "The
Church for the Man and Woman of Tomor
row" ; 6:80, Y. P. S. C. E.
Pilgrim Professor W. M. Proctor, acting
pastor. Morning subject. "The Fatal Doubt";
evening subject, "The Pioneer as Idealist."
Sunnyslde. East Thirty-second and Taylor
Rev. J. J. Staub. pastor. 11, "The One So
lution of Life's Problem": 7:45, sermon.
Rev. F. Wt Gorman. "Life In the East Lon
don Mission"; Sunday school, lO; Junior C.
E.. 8:30; Senior C. E.. 6:30.
Atkinson Memorial. East Twenty-ninth and
Everett Rev. F. W. Gorman, pastor. Sun
day school. 9:45; Junior and Senior Endeav
or, 6:30; 11. "A New Heaven and Earth." by
pastor; 7:45. "God's Answer to the Chal
lenge of Church." Dr. J. .t. Staub.
St. John's Ianlel Thomas, pastor, bunoay
school, 10 A. M. : preaching, 11 A. M. : sub
ject, "A Great Refusal"; Christian Endeavor.
8:80 P. M.; a detachment of the liying
squadron will he present.
Ardenwald Daniel T. Thomas, pastor.
Sunday school. 10:30 A. M. ; flying squad
ron. 3:15 P. M.. followed by Basnet supper
and Endeavor service at 6:45; evening wor
shlo. 7:30. subject. "A Trying Situation."
Waverly Heights, Woodward avenue ai
East Thlrtv-third street Rev. A. C. Mores.
minister. WorshlD at 11 A. M. and 7:30
P. M. : Tonne People's Society at 6:30 P.
M.; morning subject. "The Victory Through
Faith": an Oregon-dry mass and praise
meeting at 7:30 P. M.
Divine Truth Chapel, Selling-Hirsch build
dr. "West Park and Washington streets-
Rev. T. M. Mlnard. pastor. Services, 11
class. Wednesday at 8: Thursday evening
Henry Victor Morgan, of Tacoma, will speaa
on the subiect. "The Life Force and iiow
Use It."
St. Mark's. Twenty-first and Marshall
streets Rev. J. E. H. Simpson, rector; Rev.
J. G. Hatton. associate. 7:30, holy eu-
charist: 9:45, Sunday school: 10:15, matins
11. holv eucharlst and sermon; 7:3li, even
song and sermon: week day services dally,
7:::0. holv eucharlst: Fridays at 8, litany
and address.
Ascension Chapel. Nineteenth and Spring
streets Rev. Barr G. Lee. priest In charge-
Holv communion. 7:45: Sunday school. :ju.
Pro-Cathedral of St- Stephen the Martyr.
Thirteenth and Clay streets very Kev. ti
M. Ramsey, dean. Holy communion, 7:45;
Sundav school. lO: morning service, 11;
service for colored people, 3; evening serv
ice. 7:45.
St. Matthew's. Bancroft and Corbett
streets Rev. W. A. M. Breck, vicar. Sun
day school. lO: service and sermon. 11; even
ing service at St. Helens, on the Columbia
River, at 7:30.
Church of Our Savior. Sixtieth avenue and
Forty-first street Southeast (Woodstock)
Rev. E. H. Clark, vicar. Services. 8 and 11:
also third Sunday of the month at 7:S0.
Trinity, Nineteenth and Everett streets
Rev. Dr. A. A. Morrison, rector. Services.
8. 11 and 8: Sunday school. 9:45; Good Fel
lowship Society, parish house. Nineteenth
and Davis streets. 7 to 7:55,
St. David's. East Twelfth and BelmoSit
streets Rev. H. R. Talbot, rector. 7:30.
celebration of holy eucharlst; 9:45. Sunday
school; 11. morning prayer and sermon;
4:30. evening prayer.
Church of St. Michael and All Angela
Broadway and East Forty-third street Norti:
Rev. T. F. Bowen. vicar. Sunday school
and Blblo class. 10; morning service and
sermon. 11; holy communion, first Sunday,
11: third Sunday, 7:30.
Grace Memorial. Weldler and East Seven
teenth streets North Rev. George B. Van
Waters, rector: Rev. Oswald W. Taylor, vicar.-
Holy communion, 8. excepting on first
Sunday in the month; morning prayer and
sermon, 11: Sunday school. 10. No evening
All Saints. Twenty-fifth and Sa- ler street
Sunday school, 10; morning prayer aad
sermon. 11; celebration of the holy oom
raunion the first Sunday In the month at 11
i nd the third Sunday at a.
Good Shepherd, Graham street and Van
couver avenue Rev. John Dawson, rector,
fiunday school. 9:45; morning service, 11;
evening service. 7:30.
St. Paul's. Woodmen Rev. Oswald W.
Taylor, vicar. Holy communion, first Sunday
of month, 8: evening orayer and sermon, 4,
except the first Sunday of month.
St. John's. Mllwaukle Rev. John D. Rice,
vicar. Prayer. 3: holy communion. 8:30.
first Sunday of month.
Bishop Morris Memorial Chapel. Good
Samaritan Hospital Rev. Frederick K. How
ard, chaplain. Holy communion. 7; vespera
fit. John's. Sellwood Rev. John D. Rloa,
vicar. 8. holy communion, except on flr.
Eunday of month: 10. Sunday school: 1L
morning prayer; 7:30, evening prayer: holy
communion first Sunday of month.
St. Matthew. Bancroft and Corbett streets
w. R. McBreck. vicar. Sunday school, 10
Sir Lionel Reported to Have Criticised President Wilson's Mexican Policy Nobleman at Front Writes War Nar
rative for Britons Pope's Appearance Does Not Reveal Worries War Laid to Philosopher by Some.
Sunday School Has Enthu
siastic Leader.
Sunnystfdc- Classen, 1'nder Superin
tendent Millard nnd 'M Able Teacli-
em and Officers. Include Students
From Three to Four Score Vears
of A are.
HE Sunnyside Congregational Sun
day School has an 'efficient and
conscientious staff of teachers, who are
presenting tho Bible as the word of
God, the only foundation for a pure
and moral life and true? Christian char
acter. Robert E. Millard is. superin
Beside 26 officers and teachers, the
school has on its roll about 400 pu
pils, who rangre from three years in
the heslnners' department to those who
are past the four score years.
Through the classes the school serves
the home, the' church and the com
munity in a variety of practical and
helpful ways. It succeeds in making
the church a vital factor throughout
the plastic years of a boy's or grirl's
ltfe, and overcomes the lapse from
church attendance which usually oc-;
curs during that, important period.!
Robert E. Millard, himself an excellent ;
Bible student. Is the enthusiastic lead- I
er of this valuable department. Mrs. I
M. E. Tobey, a primary teacher, has j
held her position as superintendent of
that branch of the school until the
children of her care have grown to be
men and women, who point with pride
to their early religious training under
this faithful teacher.
A cradle roll also' is maintained, upon
which the names of all babies born in
the parish are entered, and from which
they are taken to the beginners' de
partment at S years of age.
This live and energetic Sunday school
extends everybody a hearty welcome to
attend any of its many helpful classes
in session every Sunday at 10 A. M.
- f,; - . I
1 1
' , - " ?
1 1 v- da i l-i
y.-y.-.: :: ufr . . rfj
. - t S' v , , sin
i , . :S
'I ' i "
fin iTiiiim iftvir i-rotiiiiij-iimif irwi t tn n 1 rr n t v i if
t ' ' ' .j
Services in City
First, "White Temple, Twelfth and Taylor
streets Rev. W. B. Hlnson. H. D., pastor.
10, Sunday school; 11, preaching ty Rev. J.
Bruce Evans, evangelist; theme, "Love";
0:30. B. Y. P. 17.: 7:30, preaching by Rev.
J. Bruce Evans, evangelist: theme, "The
Unpardonable Sin."
Highland. Alberta and East Sixth streets
North lO, - fiunday school; 11 and 7:30,
preaching by Rev. J. D. Taylor; 6:30, B.
Y. p. V.
East Side. East Twentieth and Ankeny
streets Rev. W. O. Shank, pastor. 10, Eun-
lull rflrtrto k&v-&2f!.
v : ' : ' J :: 1
71' :-.
R LIONEL, CARDEN, Minister of
Great. Britain in Mexico, left New
York recently on his way to Bra
zil, to which country . he has been
transferred. Before going he gave out
an interview in which he was quoted
as saying that the withdrawal of
American troops from Vera Cruz would
be a great error and that President
Wilson must be misinformed as to con
ditions in Mexico to have taken this
action. He was quoted as saying that
there was no government in Mexico
now and no assurance of safety except
under the American flag at Vera Cruz.
Judge W. H. Moore has returned
from London, where Just before the
war began he exhibited at the London
Horse Show with great success. Ha
brought many trophies with him. He
appeared at the principal horse shows
in the Unietd States in the last few
m m m
Earl Percy, the son and heir of the
Duke of Northumberland, has been
commissioned to write the stories from
the front for the British Army. These
are narative3 of the soldier's life and
details of the conflict which are in
tended to Interest the soldiers' families
and the British public
Burgomaster Bramm. of Ghent, Is
credited with having saved that city
from the fate of Louvain. When the
Germans attacked the city, he begged
civilian population to treat the con
querors with consideration and the
Germans promised If they were not
attacked to do no damage to the city.
Pope Benedict XV. has recently posed
for a new portrait and the reproduc
tlon shows him to be in an apparently
vigorous state of health. He does not
appear to show any of the pontifical
worries despite the war-rent state of
Europe, and he appears to be ready
for a long career as head of the Cath
olic Church.
Many writers on the subject of the
present war trace its origin back to
the famous German philosopher, Kried
rech Nietzsche, and his influence on
German thought. He preached Pan
Germanism, and following his Tret
schke expounded a like philosophy,
while General Bernhardt followed with
his works exalting the army until in
tho belief of many Germany became
saturated with the thought of world
conquest, Nietzsche died in a madhouse.
A. M. ; Harvest Home celebration, lo A. M.
St. Andrew's, near Portsmouth school F.
M. Baum. vicar. Services at usual hours,
Oddfellows HalL East Sixth and East Al- '
der streets 1:45. Berean Bible lesson: 3,
discourse. A Peculiar People," by I. Mc
Kercher; 4:30. praise and testimony meet
ing; 7, prayer meeting; 7:30, discourse by
George T. FawcetU
St. James' English. West Park and Jef
ferson Rev. J. A. Leas, pastor. II, One
Hand on the Plow"; evening, "TJxsah and
the Taboo"; Sunday school, 10- Luther
League, 7.
Portland Norwegian. 4K North FnnrlMnth
Rev. Dltman Larson, pastor. Services 11
nd T:45: Sunday school. 10: Bible clu.
t. Paul's German. East Twelfth and Clin
ton Rev. A. Krause, pastor. Sunday school.
a:30; services I0:B0 and 7:30; confirmation
classes. Tuesday and Friday, 4; Bible meet
ing, i nursaay, a. - .
.uetnany Danish. Union avenue North and
Morris Rev. M. C. Jensen-Engholm, pastor.
Services, 11 and 8; Sunday school, 10; Young
People's meeting. Tuesday, 8; Ladles' Aid,
Wednesday, 2. at home of Mrs. Tranberg.
156 Eighty-seventh.
German Evangelical Zlon (Missouri Synod)
balmon and Chapman Rev. H. H. Koppel
mann, pastor. Services 10:15 and 7:45; Sun
day school, 9:15; congregational meeting, o.
Trinity German (Missouri Synod), Will
lams ind Graham avenues Rev. J. A. Rim
bach, pastor. Services 10 and 7:30: Sunday
school, 0:15,
First, Twelfth and Taylor Rev. Frank
L. Loveland. minister. 10:B0, "The Power
of Personality"; 12:15, Sunday school; :80.
Epworth League; 7:30. "The Empire of Our
Subconscious Selves.'
Central, Vancouver avenue and Fargo
Rev. c. C. Karick, pastor. Sunday school.
0:4.1; address. Mrs. M. C. Reed, It: class
meeting, 12:15; Epworth League, 6:30; "The
Coming Church." 7:30; mid-week service.
Thursday, 7:45.
Centenary Rev. T. TV. Lane, minister.
Sunday school. 0:45; 11, "Our Task and Our
Source of Strength"; 7:30, "The Best Proof
of Christian Doctrine.
Rose City Park, Rose City Park Clubhouse
Rev. W. W. Youngson. minister. 0:45, Sun
day school; 11, "The Lost Art"; 7:45. "The
Devil's Business."
Woodlawn. 1340 East Tenth North Rev.
Louis Thomas, pastor. Sunday school. 10; E.
L.. 7: H, "Fellowship": 7:45. "The Seasons
of Life": Drnver nprvlpA. Thiiradav v,nin.
Trinity, East Tenth and Sherman Rev. A.
B. Calder, pastor. Sunday school, 10; E. L.,
6:30; 11, T. S. McDanieLs will speak; 7:3")
"Lessons From the Transfiguration Scene."
Woodstock. East Forty-fourth and Sixtieth
avenue. S. K. Rev. Frank James, pastor,
lo, Sunday school; 11, Rally day exercises:
0:30. Epworth League; 7:30, "How to Meet
Life's Problems."
West Moreland and Brontwood Rev. J.
West Thompson, minister. Sunday school.
1: 11, (Brentwood), morning worship: 7:o0
(West Moreland). "A Timely Admonition."
Clint.m-Kelly. East Fortieth and Powell
John Parsons, pastor. Worship 11 and 7:30;
Sunday school, 9:45: Epworth League, 6:30;
mid-week service, Thursday, 7:30.
Sunnyslde, corner of Kant Yamhill and
Thirty-fifth streets R. Elmer Smith, pas
tor. Sunday school, 9-.r,0 M.; preaching.
It A. M. ; Epworth League. :S0 P. M.:
preaching, 7:45 l " M., subject, "Spiritual
Mt. Tabor, corner of East Sixty-first and
Stark streets K. Olln Eldridge. pastor. Serv
ices Sunday as follows: Preaching. 11 A. M..
7:30 P. M., subjects, morning, "The Chris
tian Source of Strength"; evening, "The
Wages of Sin"; Sunday school. Including
adult Bible classes, 0:45 A. M.; Epworth
League, 6:45 P. M.
New Thought Temple ot Truth, Eilers
building. 142 Broadway Rev. Perry Joseph
Green, minister. Lectures. 11 and 8. "Pay
Day, or Our Reward"; Truth School, lO;
young people's meeting. 7.
Calvary. Eleventh and Clay Rev. O. S.
Baum, pastor. 10:o0, "Comforters"; 7:30,
"The Judgment"; Y. P. S. C. E.. 6:30; Sun
day school, 12 noon.
Rose City Park 11, subject. "Creation";
7:30, "The Fakes in Jerusalem and the Holy
Land"; Dr. J. R. N. Bell, of Corvallis will
Hope. East Seventy-eighth and Everett
Rev. S. W. Seemajin. minister. Morning.
"Paul's Ambition"; evening. "After-Election
Westminster. East Seventeenth and Schuy
ler Rev. Henry Marcotte, pastor. Morning,
"Abraham's Supreme Test": evening, "Cur
rent Comment on Christianity."
Vernon, corner 10th and Wygant streets
H. N. Mount, pastor.' Sunday school at to.
Christian Endeavor at 0:30, public worship
t 11 and 7:3o: morning subiect, ine Mis
sion of th Word;" evening. "The Call to
First. 201 Allsky building. Third and Mor
rison streets 3 P. M., message meeting:
M.. lecture, by Mrs. Althea Welsendanger.
First Christian. W. O. W. Hall. Eleventh,
at Alder street Messages. 3 P. M. ; illustrat
ed lecture. 7:30 P. M., subject, "Relncarna-,
tlon." Frederick Stoller, pastor. Seats free.
Spiritual Church of the Soul. Auditorium
Hall. 20S1.4 Third street Rev. J. H. Lucas.
pastor. Conference at 11 A. M.: mediums
test meeting at 3 P. M. ; sermon at 8 P. M
by Brother Casstiday, followed by tests.
Chrlstadelphlans, 3o4 Montgomery street
Services. 10:30 A. M. ; Bible study. 621 East
Washington street. Thursday, 7:45 P. M.
First. German. Twelfth and Clay streets
Rev. G, Hafner, pastor. Services. ll:45 and
8: Sunday school. 0:30; Christian Endeavor
Society. 7.
Church of Our Father. Broadway and
Yamhill street Rev. Thomas I Eliot. D.
IX. minister emeritus: Rev. W. O. Eliot.
Jr.. minister. Services, 11 and 7:45; morn -
Inu. "The Effect of the War Upon Educa
tion"; evening. "The Dawn of Religion," a
lecture by Dr. Max Pearson Cushlng; Y. P.
P.. 0:30; Sunday . school. 0:45.
Church of the GochI Tidings. Broadway
and East Twentv-fourth street Rev. James
Dimond Corbv, D. D.. minister. Divine wor
ship, with sermon. 10:30; topic. "The Vic
tory ot the Meek." a study or persons!
nower: sunshine hour Sunday school, 12
noon: Christian union meeting. 6.
First United Evangelical Church. East
Sixteenth and Poplar streets C. C. Poling
will preach both morning and evening;
subjects. "Riches of Graoe" and "God's
Faithfulness;" Sunday school at 10, Chris
tian Endeavor at 6:30; good music; all In
vited. Orkley Green G. I Lovel. pastor. Sub
jects. "Does It Do Any Good to Pray?"
"Barren Fig Tree:" Sunday school at 10.
C. E. meeting at 6:30; all mvited. '
St. John's J. A. Goode, pastor. Preaching
both morning and evening, Sunday school at
lO. C. E. meeting at 6:30: welcome all.
Suburban Mission H. H. Farnham. pas
tor. Preaching at Wichita Church at 11
and 7:30. Punday school at 10. C. E, meet-in-
at 8:SO; orchestra will furnish music
in the Sunday school.
First. Sixth and Montgomery streets
Rev. Frank DeWltt Flndley. minister. Morn
ing worship, 10:3O; sermon topic, "One of
God's victories": Bible school. 12: Christian
Endeavor. 6:30: topic. "Ruts": evening serv
ices. 7:"0; sermon topic, "Some Election
First. East Fifteenth and Morrison streets
Rev. John D. xlsewomler, pastor. Bible
sctiool. to: preaching. 11 and 7:30; subjects,
"Place and power of Woman, or Who Dtd,
It 7" and "Man or Brute."
Church of the New Jerusalem. Knights of
Pythias Hall. Eleventh and Alder streets
Service and sermon. 11, conducted by Mr.
Theosophlcal VSoclety. 726 Morgan build
lnE subject for 8. "Thought Power Its
Effect on the Physical plane."
Christian and Missionary Alliance. East
Ninth and Clay streets Rev. J. E. Fee, pas
tor. Preaching. 11. by Rev. C. H. Chria
man. ot sookane. Wash.; Sunday school. 10;
evening service. 7:30.
T3t)fcXlKe (Bill Co.