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taken by Miss Valentine Prichard. Mrs.
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IN pursuing gaiety during, the past
few weeks society has considered
carefully the marketable value of joy,
and as a consequence the Red Cross
societies have been greatly benefited
through the tea parties, dinners and
bridge parties that have kept the so
cial set busy on altruistic festivities.
The "chain of teas" keeps society in a
ceaseless whirl, and in addition there
are "Red CroBs dinners," at whjrh the
enterprising hostess procures larger
sums to augment the funds of the so
ciety. The carnival spirit reigned supreme
over the latter part of the week. Hal
loween being the inspiration for nu
merous parties of all kinds, dancing
taking the leading' part in the festiv
ities. A big charity card party at the
home of Mrarv!Helen Ladd Corbett for
the benefit of the People's Institute
opened the week socially, . and count
less diversions, some large, some small,
both for charity and the mere Joy of
doing, filled the intervening days, with
the climax of gaiety reached last'night
at the dinner dance at which Miss
Jk.tlsa MacMaster was honored at the
Waverly Country Club. Wirt Minor was
the genial host, and his guests Includ
ed the younger belles and beaux.
Dancing will hold full sway this
week. On Wednesday evening there
"will be the Commercial Club and Ho
tel Multnomah dances, and Friday
evening will be the second of the Uni
versity Club's dinner dances.
A large and elaborate affair of the
latter part of the week was the pretty
tea for which Mrs. Charles T. Whitney
"Was hostess Friday afternoon at Alex
andra Court. About 200 smartly
gowned women called during the af
ternoon, their handsome toilettes and
the gay Halloween decorations making
a colorful and pleasing ensemble. - Mrs.
Whitney was charming in an attractive
gown of white satin, veiled with
blonde lace, and jet ornaments. In
the drawingroom. huge bowls of copper-colored
chrysanthemums and
palms were effective, a stringed orch
estra placed behind a screen of palms
playing during the calling hours.
The tea table was ' unusually at
tractive, Halloween novelties and
decorations prevailing. A huge pump
kin filled with luscious fruit was
fashioned into a chariot drawn by
wrtches. All about the room, witches,
black cats, pumpkins and other season
able novelties were arranged. The tea
table was presided over by Mrs.
Thomas D. Honeyman, Mrs. J. D. Par
Tell, Mrs. James D. Honeyman and Mrs.
D. A. Shindler. Mrs. George D. Schalk
and Mrs. Harry HemlnghouBe of St.
Paul, dispensed punch.
Assisting about the rooms were Mrs.
Elizabeth Freeman, MSss Bertha
Tongue, Mrs. Rutherford Harts, of
"Vancouver Barracks, Misses Charlotte
and Katherlne Laldlaw, Miss Margaret'
Mears and Miss Anna Munl7.
" Miss Ruth Teal.'who made her debut
here at a smart reception recently, is
Visiting Miss Ruth Thompson in Min
neapolis, and assisted at Miss Thomp
son's debut reception yesterday, when
she was formally presented,, at the
home of her father. Horace E.. Thomp
son, at a large reception, and In the
evening the younger set enjoyed a
dinner dance at the Thompson . resi
dence. Miss Teal is being entertained ex
tensively in the Twin City.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Clark, who have
been maklnsr tJleir hnma in T.i n n t nn
at least during - the Bummers, have
iaicen up tneir residence permanently
in Portland at Twenty-flfth and Petty
grove streets.
One of the interesting bits of news
of the week was the engagement of
Miss Estelle Houghton Flower, daugh
ter of Mrs. James Flower, of New York,
to Clarence M. Chauncey, also of New
York. The announcement was a genu
ine surprise to Portland society, in
which Miss Flower has many friends.
She, with her mother and sister, now
Mrs. Pierre Lorillard Barber, of Tux
edo Park, lived in this city for a num
ber of years and were popular In the
smart set.. The bride-elect is a grand
daughter of the late Colonel Robert B,
Howard, of this city, a niece of Mrs.
Warren F. Houghton, for whom she
was named, and of Mrs. J-. Wesley Ladd
She Is a cousin of Mrs. Francis Marion
Dolph and Mrs. William Hurd Lines.
Miss Flower passed three years abroad
studying languages. She is an inter
esting and charming girl, being spe
cially, noted for her ready wit.
Mr. Chauncey is of a prominent fam
ily, seven of his ancestors being Ad
mirals. His grandfather was Admiral
Isaac Chauncey, founder of the Brook
lyn Navy.Yard. He is also a grandson
of Colonel V. Everett Macy, and a son
01 nenry m. chauncey.
The wedding will unite two nromi
pent families, as the Flower family la
also distinguished. The family home is
at New Orleans.
The wedding will be a smart event of
the nrst week of Secember In Gotham,
and after a short wedding trip Mr.
Chouncey and his bride will make their
home at 780 Maaison avenue. New York
City. -
Society women turned out en masse
Monday afternon to play bridge for
charity at the home of Mrs. Helen
Uadd-Corbett. The affair was for the
benefit of the People's Institute, and
800 players, were seated -about the
spacious residence. Oird honors fell
to Mrs. E. C. Shevlin Mrs. Elisabeth
Freeman. Mrs. William Hurd Lines and
Mrs. Robert S. Howard.
Attractive clusters of pink shaded
dahlias were effectively arranged
about the rooms, and the tea table was
presided over by Mrs. Solomon Hlrsch,
Mrs. B. L. Thompson, Mrs. Frederick W.
Leadbetter and Mrs. Joseph N. Teal.
Miss Ailsa . MacMaster assisted about
the rooms, ana the subscriptions were
oroeii, wno is president of the in
stitute, received the guests.
Amid a gay setting of brllliant-hued
decorations, a number of the. younger
set made merry last night at the Wav
erly Country Club at the dinner dance
for which Wirt Minor, was host in
honor of Miss Ailsa MacMaster. a
charming subdebutanta. The Hallow
een spirit of revelry prevailed, and
made the affair one of the most de
lightful ever given at the club. Grin
ning Jack o' lanterne, numerous Hal
loween novelties, black cats, witches
and Autumnal foliage in brilliant tones
combined , with small yellow chrysan
themums and coreopsis were arranged
effectivelyvon the dinner tables.
All about the ballroom and drawing
room, graceful clusters of vari-tlnted
cosmos and Autumn leaves were placed
artistically. Covers were laid for Mr.
and Mrs. MacMaster, Mr. Minor, Mr. and
Mrs. Landon R. Mason. Jr., Misses Ailsa
MacMaster, Jean Mackenzie, Barbara
Mackenzie, El'low Mills. Olive Fail
ing, Mary Robertson, Mary and Jean
Brownlie, Clementine Lambert, Char
lotte Laldlaw, Katherlne Laldlaw. Isa
bella Gauld. Isabella Macleay, Jean
Morrison, Rhoda Rummelin. Katherina
Hart, Katherlne Holbrook. Margaret
Hewitt. .Louise Burns. Margaret Voor
hies. Margery Hoffman, Cornelia Cook,
Sallie Hart, Evelyn Carey. Elizabeth
Jacobs, Margaret Mears, Violet Erskine,
Diana Erskine. Shanna dimming, Alice
Gilman, Shirley Eastham and Andrew
Kerr. Jordan Zan. Roderick Macleay.
Irving Webster, Ray Small, Prescott
Cookingham, Lester Hodson. Colin Liv
ingstone, Walter Johnson, Charles Hol
brook. Ferdinand Smith. William
Wheeler. Harry Reed. V. Ames, Joseph
Lambert. Meredith Bailey. F. Swigert,
Varnel Beach, Willis Clarke. C. C. Col
burn, MacCormack Snow, E. P. Trent,
Leland Smith. Maurice Dooly. Frederick
Forster. Hamilton Corbett. Aubrey
Watzek, Walter Jelliff, Henry Mears,
Harold Wells, Richard Jones, Henry
Jones, W. Hiller, Ellis Bragg. Roger
McVeigh. Lieutenant Hohl, Jack La
tourette and Mr. Donevortli. '
Mrs. "William Markland Molaon. of
Montreal, formerly of this city, is mak
ing ner sister. Mrs. Harriet K. Mc
Arthur, a short visit. Mrs. Molson. en
route to Portland, stopped at Walla
Walla and visited another Bister, Mrs.
Levi P. Ankeny, wife of ex-Senator
Ankeny. Many informal affairs are
making the visitor's sojourn a delight
ful one.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nixon CAsrnes
Dolph), who have been living in Paris
for two years, returned to New York
last month, and for the present will
make. their home In Wisconsin. It is
possible that Mrs. Nixon later will
visit relatives in this city, but as yet
her plans are Indefinite. They In
tended to remain abroad for some time,
but the European war compelled them
to return to the United States.
Mrs. William D. Skinner, who -has
been passing the Summer abroad, re
turned to New York In September.
since which time she has been visiting
friends in the East and South. She ar
rived in Portland Tuesday, and is domi
ciled at her attractive home adjoining
tho golf links. Mrs. Skinner is a
clever golfer, having won many tour
naments in various cities.
Mrs. Curtis C. Strong and Miss Alice
Strong will leave tomorrow for the
East, where they will nass the Winter.
and durirfg their absence Mr. and Mrs.
Gordon Forbes (Frances Wilson), who
have recently returned from their wed.
ding trip, will occupy their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ladd Corbett
and .two children left Friday evening
ror a visit with Mrs. Corbett s mother.
Mrs. Hoyt, in New York. They plan
10 remain in ine r.ast until after the
holidays. Mrs. Corbett's brother, Al
fred Hoyt, and Gifcon Bettel. both of
New York, passed the week as house
guests of the Corbetts.
Mrs. Wlnslow B. Ayer returned Fri
day from the East, where she has been
visiting relatives in Maine since her re
turn from abroad.
Mrs. Mason Manghum accompanied
her mother. Mrs. Benage S. Josselyn.
Thursday evening to the East, where
the former will remain for a few
months visiting her parents. Mrs.
Manghum recently recovered from an
operation for appendicitis.
Complimenting Mr.' and Mrs. William
D. Wheelwright, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
F. Burrell presided at one of the pret
tiest dinner parties of the week on
Friday evening. The decorations were
unusually attractive, being suggestive
of the holiday Beason, brilliant orange
toned flowers, pumpkins and- vine
maple leaves being effectively com
bined with pumpkin-sha-ded candles.
Covers were laid- for Mr. and Mrs.
Wheelwright. Mr. and- Mrs. E. C. Shev
lin, Dr. and Mrs. George S. Whiteside,
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Grelle, Mr. and
Mrs. William MacMaster. Mrs. J. B.
Montgomery, Walter C. Smith and the
Mrs. H. - D. Green left Wednesday
for San Francisco "to pass the Winter.
Mrs. Wilber E. Coman. who took her
niece. Miss Nancy. Zan, East to enter
school at Briarcliff, N. Y.. has been
visiting Miss Martha E. Coman in New
York City during the past month. She
has been taking advantage of the so
cial and theatrical Beason, and many
interesting motor trips in the surround
ing country have been thoroughly en-
Joyed. Mrs. Coman probably- will re
main E-ast ror another month.
Mrs. George H. Andrews announces
the marriage of rher - daughter. Miss
Alice C. Andrews, to Arnold S. Roth
well. The ceremony took place yes
terday at high noon in St. Mark's
Episcopal " Church, Rev.. John E. H.
Simpson officiating.
.tomorrow in tne women's annex
of the University Club," the alumnae
or tho Smith College of North
ampton, Mass., will entertain Presi
dent Marlon Burton and Mrs. Burton
at luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Burton are
touring the larger Coast cities, but
unfortunately their itinerary only per
mits ol a few hours stay In Portland.
Among those present will be Mrs. Rob
ert Strong. Mrs. Elliott R. Corbett. Mrs.
Frederick Strong. Miss Isabella Gauld.
Mrs. Theodore a. Brown, Miss Helen
Mrs. William Thrift Pangle will
leave shortly for New York for a six
weeks' visit with Mrs. Harry Rydlngs.
kn own professionally as . Miss Helen
Lackaye, sister of Wilton and James
Lackaye. She is playing in one of the
big New York successes "On Trial,
The next of the University Club
monthly dinner dances will be held
Friday, the dinner reservations being
limited to ISO plates. An enjoyable
evening is anticipated, a contributing
and Engraved
Third Street
Eastern" Style
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line we carr we seem to have outdone
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Outfitting c
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factor being the excellence of the club
cuisine, approbation on this point be
ing universal among the guests at the
last affair, the fine Old English danc
ing hall presented a brilliant appear
ance when the parties were seated.
The fair sex greatly enjoyed the nov
elty of dining in the men's quarters.
The list of reservations is practically
complete. Among those who will enter
tain are: Dr.' G. M. Pease 8, J. R. Hoi
man 16. A. P. Winfree 4, J. C. Veaxie
2, R. W. Wilbur 10, C. D. Slmonda 4,
Hamilton Corbett 4. R. Prael 8, J. B.
Kerr 6, Henry S. Mears 8. Miss Carroll
6. Dr. H. B. Nichols 14. Kurt H. Koeh
ler 6. Klrkhara Smith 4. Gay Lombard
4. P. B. Delano 4, J. R. Latourette 4,
W. K. Clark 4, Dr. G. S. Whiteside 8.
W. AV. Clark 6, R. B. Wilcox 6. A. G.
Labbe and T. B. Brown 8. Chester Mur
phy 4.
Many Portlanders will be pleased to
know that Lieutenant and Mrs. Fred
erick Barker (Ruth Honeyman), who
have been stationed In Honolulu for a
few years, will leave early in Novem
ber for the Coast. They will visit in
Vancouver. B. C, before coming to
Portland for several months. Lieuten
ant Barker being on ai extended leave
of absence.
Miss Geraldjne Whlttaker will leave
Monday for a short visit to Seattle, to
be the guest of Mrs. J. C. Haines. Sev
eral large affairs have been planned In
her honor.
Complimenting Miss Alma Knke. a
popular bride-elect. Miss Marguerite
Palitzsch entertained at a lage tea on
Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. R. Palitisch
and Miss Irene Collins assisted In re
ceiving, and little Miss Marjorie Har
mon received the guests at the door.
The drawing-rooms were attractively
decorated with clusters of bronze
chrysanthemums and smilax, while a
pleasing effect was obtained in the li
brary and reception halls with baskets
and vases of chrysanthemums and
greenery. A stringed orchestra played
during the afternoon behind a screen of
A charming feature of the afternoon
was the group of songs sung by Miss
Mabelle Holmes, accompanied by Miss
Ethel Nelson.
More than 100 prettily-gowned women
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lecting Portland as a desirable city in which to open this
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Portland's Leading Ladies
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Webber's Juvenile Orchestra
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open About December 1st.
Kor Information Call
Morrison mn& Broadway.