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INFORMALITY has been the keynote
of the week in society. Miss Ruth
Teal's debut reception being the only
large and smart event on the calendar.
Many matrons took advantage of the
revival of old-time operas to entertain
their friends, usually preceding the
theater parties, with charming dinners.
Of course small and early dances, as
well as the dinner-dances at the clubs
and hotels, are playing a large part In
the social world, and the advent of
Halloween will bring forth many merry
parties, for the older contingent as
well as the younger set.
Portland's music-loving set are to
have, the chamber concerts asain this
year. They proved so delightful last
ea.r mi ma management has made
arrangements to accommodate many
more patrons for this series. The Port
land Symphony Orchestra will soon be
established, to the delight of hundreds
of men and women of the city.
The debut reception given by Mrs.
Joseph Nathan Teal for her daughter.
Miss Ruth Teal, was undoubtedly the
prettiest function of the season. The
fair debutante was showered with
beautiful blossoms from hosts of ad
miring friends, which lurnuntaii ha
already elaborate and artistic floral
uecorauon 01 me house. Close to 400
smartly gowned matrons and maids
thronged the Teal residence ifnrlnr th.
railing hours of 3 to o'clock. During
the earlier hours the tea table, ex
quisite In adornmept and appointment.
" " iirwiuea over oy Mrs. James D
Honeyman, Mrs. Andrew J. Giesy. Mrs.
Charles E. Rumeltn and Mrs. George T
"Willett. The last two hours the samo
vars and urns were in charge of Mrs.
Solomon Hlrsch, Mrs. Holt C Wilson.
Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd and Mrs. John t-
Kdwards. The punch bowl was sta
tioned In the living-room, where Mrs.
Gordon Voorhies and Miss lone Dunlap
presided. Mrs. Henry C. Cabell and
Mrs. Herbert 8. Nichols served ices from
' a prettily decked table in the library.
Assisting in the drawing-room were
Miss Helen Teal, of Hood River; Miss
Clara Teal and Mrs. Walter V. 6m 1th.
A group of charming belles tn lovely
frocks assisted about the rooms: they
were the Misses Hildreth Humason,
Allsa MacMaster, Gladys Lang. Helen
Simon, Rhoda Rvrmelin, Sara McCully,
Mary Stuart Smith, Stella Wolfe, Kath
erlne Hart and Sallie Hart.
Mrs. Teal was attired in a handsome
gown of black charmeuse scintillating
with jet embroidered chiffon and jet
sequins. She also wore a corsage bou
quet of violets and orchids.
Miss Teal was attractive in a dainty
frock of blush pink crepe faille, made
with bouffant skirt and long basque.
The tulle bodice was adorned with tiny
blue roses, and she carried an old
fashioned bouquet of Cecil Brunner
roses and blue "love-ln-the-mist"
Miss Teal will leave tomorrow even
ing tor Minneapolis, Minn., for a visit
of several weeks with an old room
mate at Spence's School In New York,
Miss Katherlne McMillan. The latest
addition to local society is a charming
and lovable girl and is already a gen
eral favorite. She will return to Port
land accompanied by her aunt. Miss
Genevieve Thompson, who is visiting
friends through the Eastern states.
On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. An
drew Dickinson Norris (Clara Weidler)
were hosts for a charming Informal
bridge party. Guests made up three
tables of the game, and card honors
fell to Mrs. William Hurd Lines and
Simeon Winch. Supper rounded out the
evening's gaiety. Mr. and Mrs. Norris'
guests were Mr. and Mrs. William Hurd
Lines, Misses Isabella Gauld, Katherlne
Holbrook, Hazel Weidler? Olive Failing
and Simeon Winch, Leland Smith, James
Huselton and Ray Small.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Shevlln returned
from the East Thursday. Mrs. Shevlln
reached New York about the middle of
September, after an interesting trip
abroad with her sons, .Ned and Crosby
who are now at school near Philadel
phia. Mr. Shevlln left several weeks
ago to meet his family in New York,
and they have been visiting relatives
in the Middle West as well as attending
the new productions in the Eastern the
aters. The music-loving community of Port
land Is taking an active interest in the
chamber concerts to be given at the
Museum of Art during the Winter. The
first concert will be given Saturday
evening, NeVember 7, at 8:30 o'clock,
and others on Saturday, November 21,
and Saturday, December 6. After Clirist-
mas there will be three more concerts,
the dates to be announced later.
Ferdinand Conrad, cellist; J. Hutchin
son, pianist, and Mrs. Susie Fennell
Pipes, violinist, will give the concerts.
Chamber music is considered the high
est form of music, and the concerts, now
in the third year, have been most suc
cessful. They will be on a larger scale
this year.
The patronesses are Mrs. Winslow B.
Ayer, Mrs. William C. Alvord, Mrs. C.
E. S. Wood, Mrs. WilliB.m D. Wheel
wright, Mrs. Gordon Voorhies, Miss
Henrietta . E. Failing. Mrs. Robert
Strong. Miss Ella Hirsch, Mrs. Lee Hoff
man. Mrs. A. E. Rockey, Mrs. Thomas
Carrlck Burke, Mrs. George Reed and
Mrs. Thomas L. Eliot and Mrs. War
ren E. Thomas.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Edwards were
hosts for aj:harming dinner party, fol
lowed by a box party at the Heilig
Theater last night. Their guests In
cluded Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wheel
wrignt and Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ains
worth. Mrs. George K. Wentworth, Jr., and
two little daughters left Thursday for
an extended visit with her sister, Mrs.
Lawrence Alnsworth, In Hood River.
,Mrs.v Wentworth will make frequent
visits' to her home here during the
A charming and interesting affair
was the tea given by Mrs. A. A. Morri
son at the rectory, Tuesday, for the
Woman's Auxiliary of Trinity Parish.
The drawing-room was attractively
adorned with fragrant blossoms, and
the pretty testable was presided over
by Mrs. Walter J. Burns and Mrs. C.
L. Blakeley. Dozens of smartly
gowned women called during the aft
ernoon and were delightfully enter
tained by Mrs. C 8. Jackson with an
interesting talk on Japan.
The Walking Club members were
the guests of Mrs. Morris H. White
house Wednesday for luncheon, after
a long and vigorous walk over the
hills. In addition to the regular mem
bers covers were laid for Mrs. J. Andre
Fouilhoux and Mrs. Ralph C Matson.
Mrs. George K. Wentworth, Jr., was
hostess for the first meeting of the
Thursday Afternoon Bridge Club last
week. The club has been in existence
for many years, and is one of the most
enjoyable of all card clubs. Those
present were Mrs. William Hurd Lines.
Mrs. William Morton, Mrs. Marion
Do) ph. Mrs. Frank M. Warren, Jr.;
Miss Bertha Tongue. Mrs. Elizabeth
Freeman, Miss Hazel Weidler, Mrs. C
A. de Schweinltz, Miss Isabella Gauld,
Miss Ines Barrett. Mrs. John E.
Cronan and Mrs. George A. Marshall.
Mrs. David C. Lewis and Miss Hazel
Crocker, who are also members, were
unable to be present.
Complimenting Mrs. Frank Vincent
Du Mond. Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Hart
were dinner hosts Thursday evening.
Bridge rounded out the evening's fes
tivity. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Mears also
presided at a charming dinner in honor
of Mr. and Mrs. Du mond on Tuesday
evening. It was an Informal and
covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. Du
Mond, Colonel and Mrs. Henry C. Ca
bell, Miss Mary Frances Isom, Win
slow B. Ayer and the hosts.
Mr. and Mrs. Du Mond were also
guests at the delightful dinner and
theater party for which Mr. and Mrs.
William D. V'heelwrlsnt Wftre hosts
Monday evening. Additional guest
were Colonel and Mrs. C. E. S. Wood.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Hart, Mr. and
Mrs. John C. Alnsworth and Mr. and
Mrs. John G. Edwards. A box party
at the Heilig Theater followed.
Mr. Du i"ond is a noted New York
artist and has passed the Summer In
San Francisco, working on panels for
the Panama-Pacific Exposition, being
one of ten foremost artioes to do the
triumphal arches. Mrs. Du Mon.l, who
abo it, a well-known artist, has been
summering with her parents, Mr. and
Mi-s. Henry E. .Tones, and has been
ohrmlns;ly feted. They left Friday
evening for their home in the East. Mr.
and Mrs. Du Mond passed the inontl of
September with a prty of fr enus on a
hunting and Qshlng trip in the Siski
you Mountains, returning to this city
about ten days ago.
Mr. Du Mond gave a most interesting
talk to a number of society women und
nrt'.stt; at tne Library on Tnurwaj
News to friends in this city from
Mr. and Mrs. C. H Davis. Jr., Is that
they are enjoying a visit In New York
City, where they are being delightfully
entertained. Later- they plan to tgur
the New England States by motor.
Friday was fraught with surprises,
InasVnuch as two engagements of pop
ular belles and beaux were announced
during the afternoon. Miss Eleanor
Menefee's engagement to Linwood B.
Cornell was announced at a delight
ful card party, for which she and her
mother were hostesses. It was a mil
itary whist of eight tables, and each
guest found at her place a tiny en
velope containing twin hearts bearing
the names of the young people. Red
hearts in abundance were strung about
the rooms and yellow chrysanthemums,
combined with brilliant-hued Autumnal
foliage made a pleasant foil for the
handsome gowns of the guests. Miss
Menefee Is a charming and lovable girl
and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph P. Menefee, of lrvington. She
is a high school graduate, and con
nected with a number of old Portland
Mr. Cornell was a New England
statesman, a Columbia University stu
dent and is also popular in the younger
set. The wedding will be a smart
event of the latter part of January.
During the afternoon the guests were
delighted with the singing of Mrs.
Edward Reed, who contributed several
solos to the pleasures of the affair.
Miss Ada Otten assisted about the
rooms. The guests were Mrs. William
Fleidner, Mrs. Moyer Cole. Mrs. Ed
ward Reed, Mrs. Carl S. Llebe. Mrs
Charles Jennings, Miss Alma Haines,
Miss Charlotte Patterson, Miss Lillian
Connaway. Miss Dorothy Eichenlaub,
Miss -Marie Haller, Miss Ruth Plum
mer. Miss Marlon Richey, Miss Gen
evieve Matteson. Miss Helen Hall.
Misses Esther and Monta Maegly, Mrs.
Ralph Robinson. Mrs. Theodore Nlc
olai. Mrs. H. M. Haller. Mrs. W. R.
Kaser. Mrs. Leon Peters, Mrs. George
Stapleton. Mrs. E. H. Holmes. Mrs. F. A.
Watts. Mrs. W. Krumbeln. Mrs. L. M.
Lacey. Mrs. H. T. Donovan, Mrs F. A.
Murhard, Mrs. James A. Abrey, Mrs.
R. E. Menefee. Mrs. Wilbur Reld and
Miss Margaret Howatson.
The other engagement was that of
Estes Snedecor, of this city, to Miss
Julia Dearlng Searcy, of Tuscaloosa,
Ala., the announcement having Just
been made by the bride-elect's father.
Dr. James T. Searcy, a well-known
physician of that city. Mr. Snedecor
is an attorney of this city, having grad
uated from the University of Alabama
and later from the law school of Mich
igan University. He Is popular In fra
ternity circles, and is Identified prom
inently with the Rotary Club, of this
city. He is a former resident of Ala
bama and the romance has continued
since the college days of the young
couple. Mr. Snedecor has been in this
city for five years and is popular so
cially. His bride-to-be Is related to the Pres
ton W. Smiths, of this city, and she
will be royally welcomed into local so
ciety. Mr. Cornell and Mr. Snedecor
are chums, and their weddings will
follow one another, the letter's being
planned for the end of December in
the South.
Mr. and Mrs. James Henry, of San
Jose, Cal., who have been Summering
in Portland and Gearhart with their
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Edward Grelle. have leased the
Harry E. Coleman residence, on Over
ton street for the Winter.
Miss Hilda Smith was honor guest at
a charming little dinner presided over
by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cookingham
Wednesday evening, also at the box
party which followed at the Heilig
Theater to see "Pinafore." Additional
guests were Mr. and Mrs. George Kirk-
The most charming of this
Fall display. One model in
black is particularly hand
some. The coat is cut on long
Redingote lines, but falls in a
wide flare. The high novelty
collar is of Pomoire. as are
also the three smalf buttons at
the belt. The skirt is artisti
cally designed on graceful
plain lines. Another model in
brown velvet and black Po
moire is decidedly stunning.
These suits are displayed in
the Eastern's windows today.
We assure you seeing them
will be a treat to those who
appreciate beautiful clothing.
Other suits in the most
popular weaves and styles.
Priced from $14.50 up
Creiil at Always Your Privilege
The Store of Style and Service
405 Washington St.. Cor. of Tenth
ham Smith, with whom Miss Smith Is
visiting, and Prescott Cookingham.
On Thursday evening Prescott Cook
ingham was host for a box party at
the Heilig. his guests Including Mr. and
Mrs. Cookingham. Dr. and Mrs. George
A. Marshall and Miss Ruth Teal.
Many Portland people will be inter
ested to know that Miss Lucia B. Harrl
man is located in Tokto. Japan, and la
having a most Interesting trip. She is
at present in Mampel. Hotel, in Karul
zawa, a Summer resort that is fre
quented by well-known and interest
ing people from all over the country.
Miss Harrlman has accepted a position
on the Japan Mail, and is also work
ing on magazine and syndicate arti
cles. She has made arrangements to
occupy a charming little Japanese
house for the Winter in company with
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowne and little
daughter. Ruth, of Medford. formerly
of this city, have gone to New York
to pass the Winter.
Mrs. Charles Crawford Hindman and
Miss Evelyn Carey left early - in the
week for a short visit with the former s
sister, Mrs. Alfred A. Ay a. at La Pine,
Mrs. W. N. Northrup, of Boise, and
Mrs. John Wall, of the Presidio, Mon
terey, Cal., were house guests last week
of Mrs. Thomas G. Hailey.
Miss Helen Teal, of Hood River, is
passing a week with her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Joseph N. Teal,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nixon Mlss
Agnes Dolph), who have also been
living tn Paris for years are obliged
to give up their home abroad for the
present, due to the stress of the war,
and will sail October 17 for the United
States. The Nixons will visit Mr.
Nixon's parents In Wisconsin, later
coming to Portland to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Walker Thornton
(Ruth Dolph), who are in London,
expect to remain there for the present
at least.
Ford Tarpley. son of Mr. and Mrs.
Louis H. THrpley. who has been making
Third Floor Morgan Building.
Broadway and Wash ins too.
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A few years ago, upon me. his son. fell the duty of maintaining his
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