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with Matt Moore. In -The Girl Who
Won," the .story of girl, unafraid
and unselfish. It is as pretty and clean
a comedy-drama as will be found.
The tenth chapter of "Trey o' Hearts,"
entitled "Steel Ribbons," finds Cleo
Madison, the heroine, doing some won
derfully clever and daring things. She
is in a railroad wreck, which is in
tensely realistic and thrilling.
Today, Monday and Tuesday
"He Never Spoke" is another of the
famous Nestor comedies, with Victoria
Fordo and Eddie Lyons in the leading j
roles. The play is a scream one that .
will male van forr.t vtinr troubles and '
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most admired women behind the
footlights, will soon be seen in
ne of the local photoplay theaters in
- "The Nightingale," an all-star release
f October 6.
The play was written for Miss
Barrymore by Augustus Thomas, and
-.he interprets tne role of laola, the
peasant nlgrhtinpale. with all of the
. . tnasrnetism and beauty that she Is fa-
nous for in stagre productions.
Miss Barrymore is one of those all-too-rare
and altogether charming per
lons who possess an emotional tem
perament under the control of a culti
vated and evenly balanced mind.
Her quiet- pood sense and refinement'
lave won for her a place in the hearts
t Americans, not only as an actress,
kut as a woman, and Americans are
proud of her.
"The Nightingale" is the story of a
peasant girl, a street singer, who, by
eapa and bounds, is transformed into
a prima donna.
The pervading spirit of the whole
Itory, five reels tons. Is one of fine
7 womanliness. The girl's rise is not by
force and assertion, but by nobility,
tenderness and self-abnegation.
Mr. Thomas has carried the story a
pit farther than the conventional photo
play by allowing marriage and the
more melodramatic happenings of a
domestic life to break into the singer's
career. This phase has been widely dis
cussed, and Mr. Thomas, like Thack
eray, carries his heroine across the
danger line into "what happened to
Isolde when all seemed well."
It is safe to predict that "The Night
ingale" will be a sales record-breaker
when it appears on the local screen.
Motion picture exhibitors throughout
the country are, vigorously protesting
against the war tax of $100 which has
been levied on all amusement houses
in cities over 15,000 in population.
Dream or Heal Life Story'Told at
Colombia In Five Acts.
"The Chimes," a five-act visualiza
tion of Charles Dickens' great Christ
mas story, in which is featured Tom
Ferris, the eminent English actor,
comes to the Columbia Theater today
and will remain the big attraction
Monday and Tuesday. It is a Shubert
offering, produced on a stupendous
scale by a brilliant galaxy of stars.
The indescribable spirit of Dickens is
reflected better In this offering than
could be possible in a stage produc
tion, for the reason that there is a
much better opportunity in the pic
tures of presenting the characters and
in staging the elaborate scenes de
scribed in the story.
What a thoroughly human and heart
satisfying story it is. that Trotty Veck
dreams on Christmas eve. when the
chimes that he loved so well call him
out and show him what life really is.
The dream comes to Trotty after he
has given food and shelter to Fern and
his child. In the dream the child has
grown up to be Lillian, who sells her
self to the tyrant squire to have her
father released from prison. Meg, the
daughter of Trotty, tries in vain to in
duce the girl to leave the squire's
house. Richard, Meg's lover, has gone
to the dogs after the girl's father has
forbidden her to marry, but she goes
to the tavern to secure his assistance
in her dilemma. He, however, proved
a poor reed to lean on. Lillian is
finally turned out of the rich man's
house to die. Soon after, her father is
released from prison and learns what
has happened. Then comes the mob
and the fine ending. '
It is a picture which grows on one
as he watches it. It Is filled with bits
of character drawing, situations and
the like that draw sympathy to it
strongly. There is not one character
which , is not presented strongly and
which reflects clearly the spirit of the
author. Among those who support Mr.
Ferris are Millie Ferris as Fern's lit
tle daughter, who is perfectly charm
ing; Vinnie Burns, Alfred Hemming,
Clarence Harvey and Fay Cusic.
Stirring Films Tell Stories or 'Com
edy, Love and War.
Many of the old screen favorites are
coming to the Majestic today In films
that range from comedy to stories of
love and war.
Darwin Karr and Naomi Childers,
among the best players and the most
widely known on the moving picture
screen, will play the leading roles in a
thrilling story, "The Rose and the
Thorn." "A flirt is a rose from which
everyone takes a petal, the thorns re
maining for the future husband," is an
old definition that, like all rules, has
an exception. The film story at the
Majestic today proves that exception.
Alice Joyce, another of those who
have won the hearts of the American
audiences, appears at the Majestic tn
"Fate's Midnight Hour."
The utter hopelessness of the man
who has fallen into the clutches of the
loan shark and the poverty and ruin
that come in the train of the visit to
the loan offices of usurers is graphical
ly told in the "Loan Shark King" to
day. Around the central story la
woven that of real human interest, in
volving the daughter of the loan shark
king and the husband with whom she
has eloped to marry. Crushed by the
poverty that the shark has brought un
wittingly upon the members of his own
family, Helen's husband dies and she
is forced to ask her father for a further
loan to pay the expenses of herself and
the child that has come during the mar
riage. But the father recognizes his.
I daughter and attempts to make repara
tion for the injuries of the past. Van
Dyke Brooke and Norma Tallmadge are
starring In the play.
James Morrison, Dorothy Kelly, Lil
lian Burns and George Cooper are
laugh provoking in the "Dduble Error."
The till runs through" Tuesday and
Includes the Hearst-Seltg Weekly, pic
tures fresh from the seat of war.
Florence Lawrence Star In Drama
That Heads Blended Bill.
A blended show of exceptional merit
will be offered at the Star Theater for
three days beginning today. Florence
Lawrertce, the pretty, boyish little star
of Victor fame, will appear, together
Join in the fun of the two clever young
sters. .
The Universal Weekly contains ex
cellent war news and shows some lively
events of Interest at home.
Coming to this theater Wednesday Is
Walter Whiteside's phenomenal stage
success, "The Typhoon," a paramount
release of the highest quality.
International Star Has Title Role in
"Marta or the Lowland."
Madame Bertha Kalich. the cele
brated international star, makes her
first appearance before the motion pic
ture camera in the Famous Players'
five-reel production of the famous emo
tional drama, "Marta of the Lowlands,"
which opens at the Peoples today. The
play, with Its tense and tragic char
acter, together with the novelty of
background and atmosphere, created a
sensation throughout the ' civilised
The Famous Players have made an
admirable film adaptation. . preserving
the spirit and romance as well as the
wild and fervid passion of the play.
Madame Kallch's performance is won
derful and compelling every moment.
The level monotony of grief or the high
lights of anguish are expressed with
an almost psychic faithfulness.
The play, besides its attractive dra
matlc qualities, has the added value of
being a transcript from the literature
and the life of an unfamiliar people.
the peasantry of the Province of Cata
lonia, epain. The piece is full of the
poetry and color which permeate the
feelings and the very . existence of
mountain ptople.
It iu a very strong production and
shows the possibilities of the photo-
Christy Mathewson, the big- baseball
player of the '"Giants," is appearing
In a new Universal release "Love and
Mile. Verna Mesereau. the famous
classic dancer, will . appear in a two
act tragedy "The- Dancer," scheduled
for release October 6.
Mile. Mesereau's first appearance in
motion pictures was in a Hawaiian
feature "The Dance of Death."
"For the Love of Mike" Is a new
"Kalem Komedy" that Is sure to make
a hit. It tells how three love-lorn
maidens go to battle over a new police
man and how they retreat when Vhey
discover that he Is married and the
father of a large and thriving family
of little Mikes.
Word comes to this department from
the Balboa Amusement Producing Com
pany, of Long Beach, Cal., that free
instructions will be given to writers
who submit photoplays and photo-
comedies during the remaining months
of 1814.
Every manuscript found available
will be returned to the author with a
lengthy statement concerning the de
merits of the script, faults to be avoid
ed, technical advice and other helpful
education in cinema dramaturgy.
All manuscripts must be typewritten
and have self-addressed envelope in
suring the safe return of the document.
- All synopses and scenarios should be1
addressed to Balboa Amusement Pro
ducing Company, Long Beach. Call
Mary Fuller, recently recruited to
the Universal, will appear in a forth
coming tale of the foothills, "Cynthia.'
Lois Merldith, the fascinating little
"Peg o' the Movies," jumped into the
realms of stardom and public favor in
one night in her wonderful theatrical
success, "Help Wanted."
She made her motion picture debut
as Llla. the blind girl, in the All
Star Feature Corporation's production
"Dan," in which Lew Dockstader ap
pears In the leading role.
A new Selig production based on an
Indian legend Is "The Going of the
w hite Swan." with Bessie Eyton and
Wheeler Oakman in the leading roles.
The story is of a young woman deep
ly religious and the man whom she
married, who is devoted to the whisky
How the man is regenerated finally
forms the plot for this excellent photo-
It is reported that the Famous film.
Her Triumph," In which Gaby Deslys
was featured, was smuggled from
France to England, thence to the United
It Is said to have cost Adolph Zukor
$16, 000 . to entice the fascinating Gaby
to transfer her beauty and charm to
the screen.
Lasky will use Barnum & Bailey cir
cus In the pioturlzatlon of "The Rose in
the Ring, in which Theodore Roberts
plays lead.
The production may be seen in one of
the local theaters early this Winter.
i i in mm muimjfumnmm ..-...
OFFERS - ' -
The Trey o' Hearts
Chapter No. 10. .
"Steel Ribbons"
See the Runaway Handcar, Terrible Train Collision.
. A Startling Feature.
The Versatile Star in
"The Girl Who Won," a Comedy Drama Big Hit.
All the Latest War News
and Topical Events.
WO RD ' ' A comedy with
Eddie Lyons and Victoria
Coming Wednesday, a Genuine Treat to, Photoplay Fans,
Eminent Portrayer of Dickens'
Characters as Trotty Veck in
11 iiiilLj MMVillL
Charles Dickens' Great Christmas
Story Visualized in Five Acts
An Offering Which Warms the Heart
Performances Begin at 11 A. M., 12:30,
2, 3:30, 5, 6:30, 8 and 9:30 P. M.
Ten Cents ADMISSION Ten Cents
Home of the
Favorite Players
11 A. M. to
1 1 p. M.
Sunday to Tuesday, Inclusive
An All-Star Programme
A Special Two-Part Vitagraph Feature, Which Tells in
Strong Scenes the Remorseful Adventures of a Flirt
Miss Alice Joyce
In a Novel One-Act Feature, Entitled "
Fate's Midnight Hour ,
Hearst-Selig Weekly
Latest Authentic Motion Pictures of Europe's War-Ridden,
Battle-Scarped Cities and Countries
Van Dyke Brooke and Norma Talmadge
The Loan Shark King
The Title Describes This Picture
James Morrison, Dorothy Kelly, George Cooper and
Lillian Burns in
The Double Error
A Vitagraph Comedy
10c Admission 10c
25c Box Seats 25c
Commencing Today, Daniel Frohman
Bertha Kalicli
Marta of the
In the pathetic role of Marta, Mine. Kalich 's
marvelous impersonation is one of the greatest
demonstrations of pantomimic art ever contrib
uted to the screen.