The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 26, 1914, Section One, Page 16, Image 16

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Ask Any Floorman for Shopping Guide to Sixth-St Building and Temporary Annex MEIER & FRANK'S
zz ss: sac 5 as 5 S eg B S 3 S S St
33 S3 33
33 33 33 33 S3 33
For Women Whose Preference Is "First Choice" We're Showing
Advance Styles of Fashionable New Suits for Fall Wear!
Water-Proof Face Powder
For Seashore and 'atatorlum I'M
An entirely new creation In face pow
ders. Renders face absolutely imper
vious to moisture and dampness. Per
fectly harmless. Removed with cleans
ing cream. Comes In white, flesh and
brunette shades.
First Floor. Slxth-St. Bids;.
Make TravellnB Safe and Comfortable.
Insured for five years against, loss,
damage, theft or fire. Complete line
of "Indestructos" shown. Exclusively
In Portland at this store.
Firth Floor, Temporary Annex
We Will Store Your
Insuring them against loss or harm.
Our perfect system of cold dry - air
storage may be relied upon to give
entire satisfaction. Furs received
Fifth Floor, MMIi-St. Bldg.
The Eldredge Two-Spool
Sewing Machine
Simplifies StwlBK No bobbins to wind
no thread "running out" in the mid
dle of a seam. Let us demonstrate the
merits of the "Eldredge Two-Spool" to
you. Sold on easy-payment plan.
Sixth Floor, Slxth-St. Bids.
NOW! Eureka Electric Vacuum Cleaner at Only $29.50 NOW!
Seventh Floor Temporary Annex I
Fancy Girdle
We've a Wonderful Array .
H Priced at 50c, 75c, $1.00 J
1 and $1.50 jj
That Are Worth Far More EE
5 Because we took the entire stock of a
manufacturer we secured some wonderful s
price reductions. Nearly 1000 Girdles, in
varying styles, materials and colors. Really S
a lovely collection. Accordion-pleated ef- 3
i'eets, Vestees, and the popular Minaret
.styles, in black and everj' imaginable color z
and combination. Most moderately priced
I at 50C, 75, $1.00 and $1.50.
(See 6th-Street Window Display)
Sale of Odd Lots
Wash Ratine
75c, $1.00, $L25
& $1.50 Qualities
For a Quick Clearance
Yard, 25c!
Flint Floor, Slxth-St. BIiIb. B
ai mx in cottos RATINE. 38
Inches wide; yellow, pink, tan,
heliotrope, tango and old nq.
rose shades, 8 pieces, yard AioJ
75c BROCADED RATINE, 38 - inch
width, in tan. vellow. lavender ami
ue. tour pieces tor uis-
posal at, yard
TON RATINE, 36 inches wide, two
pieces, In tan color only, OC
yard "3t
wide, two pieces for dis- OC.
posal at, the yard. AiiJl.
si PI.AID RATINE, 42-inch width,
only one piece to be sold at, oCp
the yard ""
wide, one piece to be sold QC
at, the yard 6V
LM RATINE, 46 inches wide, tango
" and American Beauty shades, Of?
two pieces, sale price, yard
Third Floor, Slxth-St. BIdK.
Women ! Take Heed of These Drastic
Price Reductions
Laces and Embroideries!
For Lingerie Dresses these fine Crepe and Voile Embroidered Flouncings are
highly suitable and at these unusual reductions you'll profit greatly. Your choice
of scalloped and plain edges. A pleasing array of solid floral designs. 27 and 45
inch widths.
$2.75 to $3.50 Embroidered Flouncing Special, yard $1 .98
$1.50 to $2.00 Embroidered Flouncing Special, yard 98
$1.00 to $1.50 Embroidered Flouncing Special, yard 69ff
$1 Swiss Flouncing, 49c
27-inch Swiss Flouncing in fancy Eye
let ;ind Blindwork. Dainty for the popular
two and three-tier skirts. Also 22-inch
All-Over Embroidery, suitable for waists
and yokes. Reduced from $1 to. yd., 49c
Firat Floor. Slxth-St. Bids, i
85c Shadow Lace Flouncing, Yard, 2C
Exquisite Shadow Lace Flouncing, in white
and cream. 12 to 27-inch widths.
$1.25 to $2 Black Chantilly
Lace Flouncing, Yard, 75
Beautiful Black Chantilly Lace Flouncing.
French made. In dainty floral patterns. 10
to 18-inch widths. Ideal for waists and even
ing gowns.
Now! Phenomenal Clearance of
" Harvard Mills" fS) Underwear
50c Harvard Mills Cotton Vests pecial, Each, 37c
Fine Ribbed Cotton Vests in four desirable styles. With high neck and long
sleeVes Dutch neck and elbow sleeves low neck and wing sleeves or low
neck and sleeveless. In Summer weights. Reduced from 50c to 37.
65c Vests Same as above. In outsizes special, each, 45t
50c Harvard Mills Cotton Ribbed Pants Garment, 37c
Cotton Ribbed Pants in Summer weight. In two styles tight knee or ankle
length. Regular sizes.
65c Cotton Ribbed Pants Same as above In outsizes Garment, 45.
$1.00 Harvard Mills Union Suits Special, Suit, 67c
Fine Ribbed Cotton Union Suits in Summer weights. High, Dutch or low necks
-long, short, wing sleeves or sleeveless knee or ankle length. A full range
of una in a-h style. Regular sizes the Suit, &7lt.
$1.25 Union Suits in above styles. Outsizes Suit, 78.
Second Floor, Sixth-St. Bids.
In Addition to These
Our Entire Stock of
W omen's Neckwear
Is Deeply Reduced!
25c to 35c Neckwear in splendid assort
ment, special 191
50c to 75c Neckwear new and popular,
imported novelties 25 C
$1 to $1.50 Neckwear beautiful pieces of
Cluny, etc 53
$1.25 to $2 Neckwear broken lines, splen
did values 69c
Neckwear usually selling from $2.25 to
$20 just .'...Half Price
first Floor, Slxth-St. Bids.
Brilliant Cut Glass
At Deeply Cut Prices !
$2.75 Out Glass Vinegar Cruet now $1.99
$3.00 Cat Glass Nappy, 6-inch size, $2.09
$3.50 Cnt Glass Vase, 8-inch size, $2.14
$4.00 Chit Glass Sugar and Creamer, $2.49
$5.00 Cnt Glass Water Pitcher, three-pint
size, special tomorrow at only $3 . 49
$5.00 Cat Glass 8-inch Tern Dish $2.99
$7.25 Cnt Glass Water Glasses, doz $4.99
$7.50 Cnt Glass Bowl, 8-inch size, $4.49
$12.00 Out Glass Ice Cream Tray, $7.49
Temporary Annex, I'onrth Floor.
New and Novel
Arrive Daily Tomorrow We Feature
New! Non-Transparent Petticoats at $1.98
These Petticoats, double from the hip line to bottom of skirt, are
a positive boon to wearers of the now-popular thin-material
Dresses. Only one Petticoat necessary. Made on straight lines,
trimmed with narrow lace and embroidery ruffles.
New! Non-Transparent Petticoats, 98
Made of either sateen or muslin, non-transparent. Finished with
machine scalloping or embroidery trimmed.
New! Corset Covers, With Sleeves, $1.59
Dainty and practical Corset Covers. Trimmed back and front
with lace points. Pretty lace sleeves and finished at waistline
with embroidery beading ribbon run.
New! Allover Lace Corset Covers, With Sleeves, $1.98
For wear under sheer blouses. Made cf allover lace, with kimono
sleeves, coming part way down the arm, giving a dainty effect.
Finished with tailored ribbon bow.
New! Lace Point Gowns and Combinations, Special, $2.98
We have just secured another shipment of these attractive gar
ments, which will be good news to many of our patrons.
Gowns of fine nainsook, trimmed back and front with lace points.
Sleeves made entirely of laee, with dainty ribbon furbishing.
Combinations in princess style. Front and backs trimmed with
the lace points to match gowns. Straight drawers, trimmed with
the lace. Special, the garment, $2.98
New! Double Panel Princess Slips, $1.59
Ideal for Summer wear with thin dresses. Double panel in front.
Dainty embroidery ruffle at the bottom. Finished at neck and
armholes with Swiss embroidery and beading.
Second Floor, Slxth-St. in. Ik.
Inspect Our Complete Stock of
the Famous
"Kayser" Gloves
We Are Portland's Principal Distributers!
The best fabric glove to be found anywhere for the money.
Short Silk Gloves, 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.25
Long Silk Gloves, $1.00 to $2.00
Short Chamoisette and Lisle Gloves, 25c, 50c and $1.00
Long Chamoisette and Lisle Gloves, 50c and $1.00
Klrat Floor. Slxth-St. Bids.
$5 to $10 Corsets
Discontinued Models and Broken Lines Tri- Q C
cot and Chamois Materials, for Clearance at tp353
The new Corset materials, Tricot and Chamois, in pink
and white. Satin ribbon stripping and trimming. Either
low bust, large waist-line style or the new medium bust
and small waist-line effect. Long over the hips, laced at
bottom of front with elastic lacing, for freedom when
seated. Owing to the discontinuance of this line and
the broken assortment we are making a Radical Clear
ance Price on these $5 to $10 Corsets of $3.95.
$1.00 Brassieres Reduced to 59c
Made of all-over embroidery and batiste, trimmings of
lace, embroidery and ribbon. Hooked down the front.
Also all-over net Brassieres, with sleeves and shields,
included in this reduction from $1.00 to, each 59.
. Fifth. Floor S!xth-St. Bldg.
1867 -9
Tm& QualitV Stohje op Portland
FlftK. SbcUv. Mor-risorv AMer 3ta.
500 New Fall Tailored
Suits Have Arrived!
More and Better Materials
The Predominating Note
We selected five of the new models at random for sketching. Exclu
siveness and individuality are strikingly exemplified in these new Fall
models, and women of discrimination in dress will be quick to grasp the
opportunity to have the "newest" and most up-to-date Tailored Suits
so early in the season. This shipment was rushed to us by express to
fill just this need.
The materials run to the smooth effects, like broadcloth, while colors
are sober in the main. Suits relieved with brightly colored vests, col
lars and cuffs. Velvet and plush, too, are used extensively. Yon will
note from the illustration that the smart military styles are favorite,
tunics longer and fuller, and coats fancy. In fact, the prevailing fash
ion is toward fullness, gracefully arranged.
We invite your inspection of these new and smart models, priced
from $19.50 to $68.00. , OUTth Kir. su..-m hm,
Final Clearance Sale of All High -Grade
Novelty Suits at $18.75
Every Suit in this season's styles, sellinp oriRinally from $40 to $fif. offered here
at this unbelievably low. price $18.75.
While the figure would be considered low for any Tailored Suit wh. n yon
the worth of the merchandise the dash, style and quality of the materials, you will
Suits of Silk, Moire, Poplin, Taffeta, Wool Serge, Crepe, (iahardine and (hi
Worsteds, in every conceivable color and style. Broken lines, left from our enormous
selling. L'50 Suits are included in this price-slashing of $40 to $65 Silk and Wool
Novelty Suits at $18.75. mjgmmm Wm HMMt m-u.
Entire Stocks of $27.50 to $45.00 Fancy
Lingerie Dresses
for Absolute Clearance $19.85
Daintily fashioned Dresses of embroidered crepe and voile, in w
and delicate colors, also white embroidered in lovely shades. New and
desirable models, reflecting all the phases of the season's fashions.
Trimmings of dainty laces and embroideries. Not one line, but all on
lovely Novelty Dresses, selling through the season from $27.50 to - 15.
are included in this Clearance of Fancy Lingerie Dresses at $19.85!
. i .... i ii, ii,.... lilk-M. 1 1 . i .
Important Announcement!
New "Vogue" Hats Have Arrived!
Early Fall Shapes and Styles
Including the New "Vogue" Plush Sailor for Early Fall Wear
Priced at $10.50 and $12.00
Mllllnrry I'arlors Firm Moor, Muh -i