The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 28, 1914, SECTION FOUR, Page 11, Image 55

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84r8S-S7-S9 Front Street
(Trade Mark Bag.)
Irvington Scene of Several
Brick Structure Will Be Five
Large Residence Deals
During Present Year.
Stories Higi and Have
Hundred Rooms.
The best QUAL1TT in Plumbini? und lloatinj it
essential for Economy and Health.
"When the Plumber furaitthes you with our
"FAULTLESS" Plumbinsj ami Hoating .Material
jou are assured of perfect satisfaction.
SlDaOOOHOSTELRYir - - -7 7:--- J
1 ws;? --s Safe . - T"""iw - : I I
SCHOOL - LOOMS Lit iiHT ,3S - . M - . I
Contract Is Let for $SC,84 Cltj
Hall Clatsop Oownty Ortfcvs. live.
Steel Bridges Eaodos Eosy
With Btrifdin; Plans-.
Plans are being formulated for the
construction of a modern hotel build
ing at North Bend that wHI cost around
J 100,000. It is proposed to build a
structure five stories high, with, 10T
rooms. Brick and mill materials win
be used. George Courtney, of North
Bend, ia in charge of the project. The
site for the building already has been
Charles H. Burggraf. an Albany ar
chitect, has been commissioned to draw
mans ancf specifications for tne pro-
pased new Juvenile high school to be
built at Albany. The building probably
will be two stories and basement, of
concrete and brick construction, wltn
an exterior of pressed brick and will
cost aDDroxlmately $50,000. It will
contain 12 class rooms, in addition to an
assembly room and manual training
and domestic science rooms. Bids for
the work will be called for upon com
pletion of the plans In about 30 days.
Mr. Burggraf is also finishing plans
lor the erection of a $500Q four-room
school building to be built at Peoria,
Or. .
Klamath Cltr Hall Contract Let.
The contract for the erection of the
City ball building; at Klamath Fall has
been let to Coffer Brothers, of that city,
at a figure of $36,894, pursuant to the
decision of the council, lae bias re
cently were opened.
Five Bridges Projected.
The Countv Court of Clatsop County
Inst week awarded contracts for the
construction of five steel bridges ac
cording to clans designed by the Ore
gon State Highway Commission. The
Portland Bridge Company, of Portland,
submitted the lowest total bid, $18,500.
and received the award. Two of the
structures will be 125 feet in length.
two 80 feet and the fifth t8 feet.
Bandon Will Rebuild.
Property owners in the business dis
trict of Bandon are planning to re
build the burned-over territory of. that
town with tlreproof construction. Two
two-story concrete structures are al
ready scheduled for erection on First
street, between Bandon and Cleveland
Warehouse Going I p at Marshfleld.
A warehouse, 206 by 7S feet in ground
area, is about to be erected, at Marsh
field for the C. A. Smith Company.
portion of the building, is to be divided
Into office rooms.
Three Bar Let ta One- Day,
The Redmond Hub reports, that one
of the choicest business locations in
that small Oregon town changed bands
three times in one day this month.
The McCaffery & Burdlck offices are
located on the site. "In the beginning
a half interest in the property belonged
to Mr. Moore,' runs the story. "Ha sold
to Mr. Anderson, and when that deal
was closed, Mr. Lennon bought Mr. An
derson's interest.
School Goina Up at Gervaia.
Fred A. Legg, an architect of Port
land and Salem, ha3 awarded the con
tract to Engstrom & Stewart, of Salem,
for the construction of a two-room
frame school building at Gervais, Or.
The building will have concrete foun
dations. The cost is approximated at
I'rauiu Dwellings Hanging From
, $1500 TTp Are to Be Constructed.
These building and repair permits,
calling for expenditures of between
$1000 and $2000 each, were issued by
the inspector of buildings during the
past week:
S. G. Latbrop Erect one-story frame
dwelling, Kills, between East Twentieth
and East Twenty-second; builder, same;
. A Riffle Erect one-story frame
dwelling, Buffalo, between Williams and
Vancouver; builder, E. C. Dunning;
C E. Applegate Erect one-story
frame dwelling, Melbourne, between
Lombard and .Buffalo; builder, C. C.
Martin; $1200.
Jennings as Co. Repair one-story
trick theater. Broadway, between
Washington and Aider; builder, F. C
Striegel; $1000.
G. W. Kinney Erect two-story frame
dwelling. East Yamhill, between Twenty-first
and Twenty-second; builder, S.
Golden; $1450.
Meade Estate Repair four -story
warehouse. Front, between Morrison
and Yamhill, builder, J. I. Treabam and
Montgomery Elevator Company: $1504.
W. H. Monroe Move two-story frame
dwelling. West Park, between College
and Hall: mover, day work; $1300.
A. A. Criswell Move two-story frame
dwelling. College, between West Park
ana renin; same; iuuu.
Jennings & A-'o. Repair one-story or
dinary theater, Broadway, between
Washington and Alder; builder, P. C.
Strieg-1; $1000.
Irving Iock Company Repair one
story grain warehouse. River and Gold
smith; builder, same; $1800.
W. F. Tate Erect one-story frame
dwelling. Wilbert. between Portland
boulevard and Oekuiu; builder, same;
John Alfred Peterson Erect 1-
story frame dwelling. Fifty-nrst street,
between Forty-first and Fortieth ave
nues; builder, same; $1400.
C. H. Bauer et al Repair two-story
frame stores and hotel. Alder, between
Seventeenth and Chapman; builder. Mil
ler & Bauer; $1000.
Mrs. Frank Benedick Repair two
story dwelling. Hail, between Park and
Broadway; builder, S. Wing: $1000.
George W. Betts Erect one-story
frame dwelling. Fiftieth street South
east, between Fifty-eighth and Fifty
ninth avenues; builder, same; $1600.
Blodgett & Co, Ltd. Repair steel
frame theater. Stark, between Broadway-
and Park: builder, Hurley-Mason
Company; $1000.
J. W. Schrader Erect 1H -story frame
dwelling. East Eighteenth, between Al
berta and Sumner; builder. L. P. Keeler;
Lewis Wood Erect one-story frame
dwelling. Bryant, between Fifteenth and
Seventeenth; builder, F. a Hallock;
S. E. Stansbery Erect 1-story
frame dwelling, Bryant, between Fif
teenth and Seventeenth; builder, same;
S. E. Stansbery Erect 1 - story
frame dwelling, Morgan, between Fif
teenth and Seventeenth; builder, same;
L. R. Kollock & Co. Repair one-story
frame sand bunkers. Powell Valley
road, between Fiftieth and Fifty-first
streets; builder, same; $1000. -
! . - :HrsXt I Hill If f w ip i t
I r. """"y-r i,,t r,.,,-, .'. , ,,.,,y,, l,,.,,,, ",m'j l
In the foreground at th right of t picture are the foundations for the J100.000 theater and office build
ing which is about to cover the half block on the south aids of Stark street between Park and w est Park
streets. This building has been leased by- the- Farrell Investment Company for term at 2 Tears to tha
National Amusement Company, which will operat a moving picture theater.
The steel frames shown at the left eenter of the picture form the- skeleton of the future Orpheum Thea.-
ter being ereeted tba southwest corner ef Stark street nd Broadway by the Blodgett Company, Limited.
The building, when completed about September L will represent an Investment of considerably over S290,
In addition to the value of the property, which was purchased by John W. Blodgett for $400,000. Although
the validly of the lease is still Involved In litigation, the building Is nominally leased by John W. Consi
dine. of the Northwest Orpheum syndicate. - '
The buildings of the Star and Majestic theaters are also shown in the picture, as well as ths Morgan
building asd the Imperial Hotel.
COST IS $29,000,080
New Equitable Building to Rise
38 Stories High.
Louis B- Daily, of Xew York, Praises
Building Methods in Portland.
Kealty Board Keeps Him
Here Several Days.
While in Portland last week, Louis
B. Dally, assistant manager of the
new Equitable building, in New York,
had many nice things to say of the
Rose City and told. Incidentally, of the
worlds greatest office building now
under the course ox construction.
The giant building will cover the en
tire block bounded by Pine, Cedar ami
Nassau streets and Broadway. It will
tower 53T feet, Inches above the curb
line and be 38 stories above ground and
three below. - The prime cost of the
building will be about $29,000,000.
It has been estimated that s,oo tons
of steel will be required to complete
the frame, which is now erected to the
height of about 20 stories. Some 2000
skilled workmen are employed on the
work. The exterior will be ot granite,
brick and terra cotta.
Because it will house, when fully oc
cupied, 15,000 people In all stations of
office servitude, it has been styled tne
'city within a city." The floor space
will aggregate about 45 acres. It will
have its own police, tire and health de
partments. It- municipal ice, water and
heating departments and a elevators.
The the base of the build
ing is said to be worth $14,000,000, or
about $280 a square foot
Mr. Daily came to Portland on his
tour of the principal cities of the United
States. He expected to remain nere
only a day, but found the buildings of
this city so attractive and the methods
of building management so up-to-date
that he was Importuned oy memoers or
the Portland Realty Board to remain
over several days
He paid high compliments to the
many Portland sKyscrapers ana was
loud in his - prediction of Portland's
Road Fill Is fiOO Fleet Long.
RIDGEFIELD, Wash., June 27
(Special.) The largest dirt fill that
Clarke County ha yet made was com
pleted last week when the Brazee
OF 15.000.
,'.3 ess
E4q! I If it 5M cc c fcSjf ;; 3S
- ....
Creek f ill, on the outskirts of La Cen
ter, was completed at a cost to the
county of $J50. The fill has been en
tirely built of dirt The heavy rains
fallen since the work started have
packed the dirt so closely that it ia
certain that there will be no further
settling. Largo reinforeed concrete
culverts have been placed in the till.
Legality of Recent Bond Election
Makes funds Available.
DALLAS. Or- Juno 2T. (Speeial.)
Attorney-General Crawford having de
clared legal the election which adopted
an amendment to the charter, granting
the city power to issue $7&ow worth ox
bonds for the purpose of constructing
a septic tank in this city, the City
Council will at once take steps to issue
the bonds. The city now can go ahead
the present season and construct i
number of additional blocks ot pave
The work of street improvement was
held in abeyance pending the outcome
ef the bonding Is&ue, fox. bad the bond
proposition failed to carry, it would
have been necessary to use the-' street
improvement money for the septic
As to whether the improvement this
Summer will consist ot macadam or
hard surface pavement has not been
determined. From all over the city
property owners are demanding hard
surface pavements: but it is doubtful
If the City Council will approve ot
hard surface this year, except upon a
few business blocks. The outline for
macadam pavement, however, takes in
practically all of the city net hereto
fore improved. Tho City Council will
take action in the matter this week.
Ridgefield Span Replaces Collapsed
Structure Over Sainton Creek.
RIDGEFIELD, Wash, June 27. (Spe
cial.) The concrete abutments for the
new Salmon Creek bridge, near this
Dlace. are completed, at a cost of $2000.
The contractors now are hauling steel
for the superstructure. The erection
of the steel frame work has begun and
will be rushed to completion.
The new bridge will have a capacity
for 20 tons of weight and will cost
about $5800. It is the type used oy
the American Bridge Company. It
being constructed by the Coast Bridge
Company. The former wooden structure
fell about a month ago, together with
an auto truck loaded with wood.
Molalla Has Kew Band Hall.
MO L ALL A. Or.. June 2". (Special.)
Work is nearing completion or tne
new band hall. The building la ao py
120 feet and will have a seating ca-
jvimitv of 100 people. It will have
modern eauioped stage. With its hard
wood floor It will be used as a dance
hall as well as an auditorium. It will
be opened on tho Fourth of July by a
grand ball.
Irvln Butternorth, of Detroit, Takes
McKeaxle Home oa Conch Street
Mrs. C. M. Rohr Cboosea Home,
The Laurelhurst Company reports
continued activity in the sale of Laurel
hurst home sites, the construction of
new homes and ,.ie leasing of others.
Irwin Butterworth, of Detroit, Mich..
ex-vice president and general manager
of the Detroit City Gas Works, has
leased the McKenzie bouse, 1092 East
Coach street, Laurelhurst. Mr. and Mrs
Butterworth arrived in Portland about
a month ago and since ther arrival
have purchased a nome tor jnr. ttut-
terworth's mother and sister, who have
decided to locate here. Mr. and Mrs.
Butterworth spent considerable time in
looking over Portland. EmmerBon But
terworth. of Berkeley College, and his
brother, Corbin Butterworth, of Trinity
College. Hartford, Conn, are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Butterworth.
Mr. F. A. Wood has leased a seven
room house on Pacific avenue, near
Peerless Place.
W. L- Douglas has leased an attrac
tive seven-room house on Pacific
avenue, near Peerless Place.
Knight Pierson has leased a seven-
room hungalow on Haasalo street, near
Peerless Place.
C. L. Fhilliber, of the Ladd & Tilton
Bank, has leased an attractive seven
room house on East Oak street, near
East Thirty-ninth.
E. M. Simonton. the broker, has
leased a seven-room bouse on East
Couch street, near East Thirty-ninth.
J. F. Staver, the well-known real es
tate man. has purchased the Haberly
house, at 11S4 East Couch street, aud
has leased it to A. C. Longshore, of the
Northwestern National Bank, whose
family shortly will arrive from Call
F. J. Bolger, publicity agent for
Meier & Frank Co., has leased an at
tractive bungalow on Hassalo street,
near East Thirtv-ninth.
Mrs. C. M. Rohr after residing for
14 years in one location in Portland,
has chosen Laurelhurst for her feome,
and has leased a nine-room house near
the corner of East Flanders and East
Thirty-second street.
John Blled has purchased a home
site across from Mayor Al bee's home,
commanding an unobstructed view of
one of the most beautiful portions of
Laurelhurst Park, on which be pur
poses to erect his home at an early
Lars-est Fertfoa of Stoek New Sab,
erlbed and Ra Will Be ia
for Report at Conference.
Tho Gresham Fruitgrowers Associa
tion will bold a meeting July 6 ia
Gresham to effect a permanent organ
tzation, elect officers and adopt plans
for the. erection of a cannery in Gresh
am. By that time it is expected that
enough of the $15,000 capital stock ot
the association will be taken to per
mit tho organisation of the association
tor business.
At a meeting held last Monday night
Secretary E. L. Thorpe announced that
$40e had been subscribed, leaving
$859 more to be raised. About $50 of
this sum has already- been subscribed.
Several subscriptions received were not
reported at this meeting.
It is planned to erect a cannery and
run the concern as a co-operative plant,
along the same lines of the canneries
of Puywllup and Sumner, Wash., which
were recently investigated by E. L,
Thorpe and HC E. Davis. Mr. Davis
says that the Gresham cannery can
secure export advice from the Puyaliup
It is thought that this cannery will
result la tho cultivation of many ad
ditional acres ef land in Powell Valley,
besides provide employment of many
persons During tho berry season at
Puyaliup, Mr. Davis reported, 15.00
pickers are employed. W. W. Cotton.
of Portland, is also interested and is
lending his assistance. The stock ot
tho association ia being placed all over
Eastern Multnomah and Clackamas
counties. The promoters hope to got
this cannery in operation this Fall for
the vegetable crop.
Homeseekera Item East and Middle
West Inspect Property.
HOOD RIVER. Or, June 2t (Spe
cial.) With tho Summer coming on.
numerous prospective buyers, home-
seekers from Eastern and Middle
Western states, have been inspecting
Hood River property.
W. J. Baker has closed a sale for
Charles T. Early, manager of the Ore
gon Lumber Company, who sold to W.
L Ktrby, of Wheeler County, a ten-
acre orchard tract near Dee. Mrs A.
M. Kelsay. of Holtville, Ca.1, has sold
residence lots on tate street to W. il.
Stewart, of this city. .
Purchase of Roman. Catholic Cfrarch
Site is Laurelhurst and Pro
posed Home for Ralph Mod
jeski Are Announced.
xeaiuro rest esiaio wuo " "
past week was the transfer of the ira- I
proved resldenco property located on!
h ramif of East Fifteenth and Knott
streets from E. J. Mautx, president of
the Mautx Bulldlnsr Investment Com
pany, to Frank A. Seufert. a million
aire cannery man of The Dalles. The
consideration was $20,0a cash.
No less than half a dosen other resi
dence sales, each involving $20,000 or
more have been consummated in Irving
ton property since tho first of tho cur
rent year.
The. George W. Boschke homo locat
ed on the northeast corner of East
Twenty-second and Thompson street.
was sold to F. L. ShuII for izs.uou.
The former residence of . C Barnes
on Thompson street between iasi
Twenty-first and East Twenty-second
streets, was sold, to capitalists from
St. Joseph. Mo., for siT.ueo.
28,00a Deal Made.
Archio Rice sold to M. A. Poppleton.
of tha Portland Seed Company, the resi
dence at East Sixteenth and Knott
streets, for $28.0O.
R. B. Rice sold tho residence on the
corner of Blast Seventeenth and Brasee
streets to W. J. McCallum, of Alberta,
for $lise.
r- n r uuu ins - xj. i, r m..u .. .
Ralph Modjeski purchased from me
Hushes Investment Company the half
block on Knott street between East
Twentieth and Last
thaT ho wlU improve the site withT.
150 0Q0 home.
. m a ' AAA To- u un. umtnnn
Oue other expensive residence. uii
owned bv Daniel Kern, has Just been
completed on Last Flfteenui street De -
tween Clackamas ana waisey sireevs,
at a. total exnenditura or Ja.i'U. ana
. u hi. inu han let for the
.on.tniatinn of another 135.000 home,
to be built for J. L. Bowman, on Knott
street between East Seventeenth and
East Eighteenth street. .
Catholics Bar a LanreLnarat.
An tha nroDosed location for a new
Roman Catholic Church. Arcunisuop
Christie last week purchased from O.
W. Tavlor flv lots on iuaat tnirty-
ninth street, between Latldington
Court and Coloncy Place. Tho consid
eration was $15,800. The property is
i in.- n.rth nf tha Mrs. Harvev
W. Scott aud tho Dr. Homer 1- Keener
residences The old Hazel Fern dairy
han was formerly situated on this
nnot. which commands the highest ele
vation in the district Definite plans
have not been formulated for tho erev.
tion of tho church building.
Sale Made in Conch Addition.
t - u...rth nf the Tnltad Rtaten
pany sold to H. P. Bam hart tho hand- wn nM Deen ...
soma home on East Nineteenth and business matters with that" nrm. ren
Knott streets. I dered it advisable for the time bving
National Bank, took title last week to ago James Park, Jr.. in building ia
a fractional lot located on the north I first Bessemer tel plant in this coun
side of Northrup street, near Twenty- try. protected the backer of his Infant
third street, in Couch Addition. Tne
property was deeded by Alexander Mc-
Murrayanead Sale Annonaced.
Per a nominal consideration Waflace
D. Fraley has sold to Roy O. Powers
a quarter block located at tne soutn
past corner of East Twenty-fourth and
Carruthers streets in Murraymead Ad
Tw Deala Made la One
Ben Reisland has sold to Frank C.
Powell two lots on tho southeast cor
ner of East Forty-first street and Har-
oid avenue, Woodstock, for $5S0u, andrie9 i.oa,000 In favor of his flrm: Mrs.
an improved residence lot In Bucking- I jfetcher, of Chicago, Injured tho Boston
ham Heights for $:ooo.
una M-j- u-.inat Park.
George A. Taylor has closed a deal
with Anton Klrschner and Charles J.
Schnabel for tb purchase of a house
and lot in Walnut Park. located on
VcaeIulc Tnultr Rrasrtte.
T.nnl T? Rohortson has transferred I
title to Patrick J. Maker on Improved
residence property on Castle avenue, I
near Mason street, Overlook Addition. I
Tha nronertv sold for iiiaV. I
D-.a Vlaeeat Sella. I
, ". !r,V.V'T..- x.
land Realty Board, has sold to 1'. M.
Randlett and others an improved resi
dence parcel located on East Forty
fourth street, near Hancock street. In
Menefee Addition. Tho consideration
was $4500.
Prleo la Keanlnal.
A nominal consideration was cited
n tha deed transferring four lots on
w ....... ":-'-
avenues, on tho Peninsula, from A. C
Egan to G. C Goldenburg.
Sale Mad oa Eant Tenth Street.
fhuri R in has cloned a deal 1
with i .... stanwono- far the nurchasa of I
m int. on the esLat nida of Eant Tenth I
street, near Rhono street, Etrowbriugol
AH.ti.inn foe isiifts I
, . , , i
f-ive-nooni naasaiuw I
Through the agency of C. De Young,
Edna M. Ryan last week sold a five-1
room bungalow located on East Twan-
ty -second street, near Clinton street, in
Henry's Addition, to KatBerine vogos.
Consideration was nominal in the deed I
filed tor record. I
Vavaat Lata Briaa- I73. 1
Myrtle Chamberlain has taken tiU
throuah tha Ladd estate to two vacant
lots In th south end of tho Eastmore-
I.-.. .,..-t The ue nri.-a wajt H7E0.
Holladay Addlttoa sale Made. I
... . i
George W. Joseph and associates I
havo taken title to two lots on th
northwest corner or uui sixieenut ana i
Multnomah etrests. 'ine property was
daeded by C. M. Barnes for a nominal
consideration. I
a .i. l --Sm. Let Sold.
a f.Mi...i i. .tr.,t he. I
tween Harrison and Montgomery streets
was transferred last week by Edward I
M. Lance to David Nelson for a nominal
consideration of $L
Drivers of Velticles Respect
Them, Says Judge.
PHILADELPHIA. June 13. "Pedes-
rians have the right of way at street
crossings and drivers of vehicles must!
recognize this right at their risk." de-
clared Judge Solxberger In the Quarter!
Sessions Court In refusing a new trial
to William K. Hoskins. driver ot au I
automobile, convicted of involuntary!
manslaughter for runiiius dawn and
killing Mrs. Eliza B. Both well hero last
Hosklna was sentenced six months to
jail and to pay a fine ot $2a,
Wife Driven Out lor Loe.
T IV i n l.n. "tl rJ ,, nlin iT
M., which had divorced him, it Is al
Ug-ed. Grant glsaon early on mornlns;
recently took matters in hia own aaads
I by entering tho old bom on rine
street, tailing posmslon of his own
bed and driving wife- and children to
Heads of All Great Enterprise Now Are Bnyimt Protection of Tair
Concerns Against Dancer of Death, at UnfortunaU Moment.
F1rt two chapters en tba ubjet "Bul
mm Insurance; lu Value to Individual
Plrraa and carvoraUoos" .
N Saturday. June 11. 1S10. titer
appeared In a trade paper of New
York an advertisement signed by
J. W. Mcllck & Co, of 28$ Washington
street, containing an announcement of
a business crisis in tho affairs of that
1 firm. This announcement stated that
I tne BUdjen death of Charles H. Treat.
I.,, ex-Treasurer of tho United State.
. ... , . ... ,. i
to turn over an consignments or mar-
I chandise Intended for Meliok & Co. to
notner flrm. Th announcement fur-
that after tha settlement of
I - "
th. affair, of the d-d tD
firm . expected to resume its business
along iormer lines. m. aimw
I fnr time and natlenca oa th Bart at Its
f customers to allow It to weather a sud-
. - , wlthout
i --
I warning.
I This episode is one of those ordl
I nary business happenings that might
I con, o any man or group of men. It
I u f tae ver eM-nco cf business that
I sudden and unlooked-fur devclopmcuta
are in the nature of hidden liabilities
i on tno hooks.
Life, ia most business
concerns. Is a conttngenv iiaoiuu a
call loan, as It ware, subject to a ana
den demand for payment. When th
call comes there la no temporising. A
heart stops beating, and with it per-
I haDa comes the necessity for such an
announcement as tkst uiad by Mttlick
Si Co.
! Buataesa Iaaaraaeo Now Widely I'
Nearly a century ago Sir Walter
Scott Insured his Ufa to protect nia
creditors. A half century ago Cyras
W. Field, when laying to nrst cauie.
took out $323.00 ef insurance to pre-
tact hia enterDrlses. A generation
i enterprise oy itov. .nr.... .......
John Wanamaker. still, with his soa.
I the most heavily Insured persons In th
worio. eariy aaw -
i'.'T S.."Vt
flrin. as well as th physical prop-
prtT often not only far lea valuable.
but valuable chlany bavause oi tne
Uvea of a few men. Businesa Insur
ance Is becoming so common that wa
hear almost daily of larg policies oe-
Ing secured or of larg deatn Claims
Henrr u. iseirrraffc. or wmon, cer
store for $1,900,000. Tho Peavey miu
I Iiit ComDany. of Minneapolis, wicn
JI rec-l"d J?J
I. ""'; ""i,. '? LI-,,,"
fles that smbnt on " "!cr',' "'."T
":,;:'- 'r.;2..V .-ort.t.a
I, ,ni kn.ln.1 men off America.
Bnalaeea Iaaaraaeo Eaalalard.
Corporation or business Insursnce Is
life Insurance taken by and payable to
the corporation or partnership; to ben-
etlt th surviving partner or partners
tn neirs or a ikmin parmer. u.
stockholdors. banks, creditors and gen-
oral credit ot a Arm, or to covar taa
los ef brains, special ability or repu
tationoften mors valuable than its
hvnioal assets, and whoso loss la more
certain to occur than by Mr, it also
creates an Increasing sinking fund
certainly available for borrowing In
time of need: for redeeming bond or
other obligations, or In various ways
, . ,1,. unrf canaitlnna of
each particular nrm.
Mo.. Mrnoratloni
Most corporations depend largely
upon one man. or at moat upon a very
few men. for their succaaa. .o ooune.
wif relishes replacing a good rook
no firm likes to lose a good office boy.
And the mor valuable tho mau th
wt-ro difficult to replace. Any man
of Isrze affairs can tell at onco ot
numbers or nisiiesi pwmvuB
,...,! hii.j - . flrm. nt.auatlns
.m. for li.-lr of imhI men. A. T.
c,...r... ,- -v nonvninua with
dloL Tll MmQ buaineea.
, ,h- um, builJIng, street and city.
,H th. -mkeiei. mills of tha Con
necticut Valley wer a monument ot
h fatlur of hia choa surressor.
Judg U'.ltou. John Wanamaker bought
tbo business and In in nam Business.
street and city wonaerruuy increase
too business A. T. " had founded
and that VJudgo Hiltoa-had nearly
VjIr,. indlvlduala are almost
IVDOnvmIlul with tb success of cr-
U,.,,, corporations: Rockefeller and the
Ktantiurd Oil Company: Carnegi ana
thB Carnegie 6tel Company; J. P. Mor
!.. aDd J. P. Morgan Co.: Henry B.
Hyde and tho Equitable; Jay Cooke
land later E. H. Marrlman ana tne
Union Pacific: Marshall Meld and
company, .. j.
Hill and th Ureal I
la not always that
Don't fail to get our prices before lcttiug your
contract. Contracting andJobbing. Our prices aro
fair. Our references are our customers of the past
12 years, PHONE MAIN 737.
tho front porvh, whore solU-e found
them at dRybrvss. hfn cn1lf
noiKhbors. tltsaon Is under arr-L, Hi
declared ove drove him lo do It. Ihu
police say.
trrad of the Wlrrleu.
l,ondon Ntamlard.
Alt Daninh paamnser aam-ra add
ferry-boats on tbe main btwn
dwedrn and Germany will prnbahlr
soon bo equipped with the wlrelMa tl
eohone. Telrphon stations wilt be
erected oa the coast.
McKlnley la followed by a KoueeveU.
mora often a Ltni-oln In followed by a
Johnson or a ttart by a UUton.
Llf Mar alaaUa Tbaa lvatr.
One-third of th romnvrr-ial tallare
Is from lark ef raiiltal tba trol.'t
final t-aus. It this Is I rue aba
thoa upaa whont a Nrm dt-ala aro
II vl us. what dl(TICMl1 eadlns- In In-aolvanf-y
ar rmaoead upoa nian r a arm
crippled not only bv la k of rapitl hut
by ttiu rasa f t-re.llt. as well as eiri
clone', aalas t tha dttli mt oaa ar
mar ef Ita important memlx-ra?
How many narta-rhlp have
dlsastmunly ba.-auaa the d-ath ot
uiember not only Itnpnaed ason Ma
survivor the additional and aflea vain
millur work of th do-aaad aeriner.
but la ad.lltloa tha carrying af thin
burdi-a with too Utile capital aa.l wits
th credit of th llmt Inipatre-I bv th
aartnar'e death? urta adited la all
this falla th nerenaity at SHttMna witu
tha partner heirs at a time when th
nrm Is least abl to spar money.
Death at Critical rertoda IHnaatTaaa.
When would th snot-si ful Avl-in"1
cable have been laid had t'yms
Ftrld died aftnr the first failure, aa-l
what atate would h hav Irft bad li
then died? How sites ban death f llie
principal mfmucr tii a irin uuim
crlllciil Juncture in Its hltory n-n
caun.d by the bard work of Hue
a tlmi Involved It In finam-iai
trouble? Th fatlur of Karetner. I'm
brook tk Cok. Ian merchants f New
York, was attributed to th deelk uf
Its treasurer in the crltl'-al t.f
laoa. Th paralynla or J. Ernest r-wart
put th thoroughly suet-eapful I'van
sylvsnia Lead Company Into tb hasuS
of a receiver wlthiu ft sours.
Th extra strain linpoe. d upon the
surviving members by oun death ard
its consequences prediapoH others I
disease: If. as Is often I lie cse, niom
brs of a firm are doe friends ar re
lated, they ar apt tn be tos.allicr anil
cspised to tha nam accident.
Wltnesn the three out of four mem
bers of Well in an, Seaver at Mornaii.
killed In th Mentor rk In It'1-, th
thro principal officers at tb Carbon
Steal Comp.iny, killed in the llanU
burg wreck that same year; lb death
of a treasurer of the Heal Ketste.
Trust Company of Pittsburg fro fit -
posur th uisbt of th acciuaulal
death of anotbur leading member of
tlio firm; the death of the five Mant'l
officials ot th Colorado Futl A Iron
Coinpany within tlire years.
Are any corporations unaffected by
such losses? Is it fair either to th sur
viving partners or to the creditors I
add financial loss to the burden of
death of members vital tt au organisa
tion at a time that credit Is moat nec
essary? FANS
Keep cool during th hot waather.
Prices to suit on Electric I inn for sal
or rent Wo repair all makes
Western Electric Works
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see V3 roa
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and Ornaments
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