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without TEACO SHOCK ABSORBERS on your T ;
FORD. The price is $15 per teL
1 - 4
Twenty-Two Auto Speedsters
Entered in &g Tacoma
Events July 3 and 4.
t'w$ r
ffetzlaff, Cooper, Carlson, Hughes,
j I Pullen Among Xumber Inter
! City Century, 200-Mile Pot-
jj latch, Slontaniarathou Run. .
TACOMA, Wash., Juno 27. (Special.)
With the new course In perfect con
dition and exceptionally tast laps being
made by numerous drivers already on
the track, the bis automobile races at
Tacoma on July 3 and 4 undoubtedly
will eurpasse all previous meets In Ta
coma. All arrangements have been com
pleted. Everything: is in' readiness.
The grandstands, which afford a per
fect view of the course, have been en
larged, and all the management now
has to do is to pray for fine weather.
In addition to having one of the three
great speedways in tho world, Tacoma
has secured a list of entrants that It is
said has never been surpassed at any
meet, with the exception of Indianapo
lis. Many of the drivers are still un
known, but among the list are men
who hold world's records on different
Teddy Tetzlaff Holds Records.
Perhaps the best known of these
drivers is Teddy Tetzlaff. who will be
seen this year at the wheel of the Max
well car. In which he broke the world's
record for one lap at the Indianapolis
course this year, driving the entire dis
tance of 24 miles In the remarkable
time of 1:33:40, or an average of 97.7
miles an hour.
Teddy is the holder of the world's
road racing record of 78.71 miles an
hour, made at Santa Monica In 1912.
Besides this he still holds the world's
upeedway record for 25, 60 and 75 miles,
all being made In a Lozier car, and also
the record for 100, 150, 200 and 250
. miles, made in a Fiat.
Karl Cooper Conservative Driver.
Cooper is well known to most racing
fans, but because of his style of driv
ing has not attracted the attention he
would have with the number of vic
tories he has won had his style been
more of a spectacular nature.
Cooper is today probably the most
conservative driver in the game. He
has been handling a car ever since he
was 13 years old, and has always been
noted for his neat Judgment of pace
and his ability to take advantage of
every opportunity In a race.
His record last year was something
phenomenal. Beginning with Tacoma,
he started In seven big meets, all of
them road races, and won every race
In which he started, defeating nearly
all the best American drivers.
Billy Carlson Is San Dlegan.
William Carlson, of San Diego, Is one
of the younger drivers entered in this
year's events, but he already has shown
that he Is a clever and consistent per
former. At Indianapolis he was at the
wheel of the Maxwell car, which is
the first car ever competing in an
Important race to burn nothing but
coal oil..
Carlson drove a nice, consistent race,
and after having considerable tire
trouble at the start, stayed in the race
and finished ninth. As there were only
four American cars to finish, his per
formance is a great feather In his
Frank Verbeck Is Californlan.
Verbeck was in Tacoma In 1912 at
the wheel of a National. He drove a
great race and furnished the crowd
with many thrills. He is one of the
beter-known California drivers and is
entered In one of the two foreign cars
In the Tacoma race this year, the 70
horsepower Flat He has written that
his car is In excellent shape and that
he expects to make a great showing
at Tacoma.
Verbeck Is a good driver, has had
lots of experience and will add ma
terially to the Interest of the race.
Hughle Hughes Is Veteran.
- Hughle Hughes is one of the vet
erans of American automobile racing
and has probably been in the game
longer than any other driver who will
appear here this year. Hughes, in the
opinion om many of the game's closest
followers, is the best light car driver
in the country. At the wheel of his
Maxwell this year friends say he should
have no trouble in again winning the
applause of the thousands of fans who
have watched his work at Tacoma the
last two years.
Eddie Pnllrn Seta Terrific Pare.
Eddie Pullen was In Tacoma In 1912
with the Mercer team, but did not do
any great work that year. His great
est achievement was the winning of
the recent race at Santa Monica, the
Grand Prix, with the sensational aver
age of 77.2 miles an hour. His per
formance was the more remarkable
hecause he had overturned during the
Vanderbilt cup race only the day pre
vious and sustained several bruises, be
sides doing his car considerable injury.
At the time of the accident he was In
the lead in the Vanderbilt race. Pullen
is a consistent driver and sets a ter
rific pace at all times. He will drive a
fiercer in the Tacoma race.
Billy Taylor to Drive Alco.
Billy Taylor Is the Beau Brummel of
the racing drivers of California. During
the Santa Monica road races he drove
his Alco Into Becond position at the
finish by displaying the greatest of
nerve and determination. Taylor will
have the Alco in the Tacoma race.
Jack. Welch Drives Foreign Car.
Jack Welch Is known to most North
west fans from his appearance In a
Locomobile at the 1913 races. This year
he is driving a foreign car, the 90
horsepower Fiat.
Hnntley Gordoa Able Driver.
H. Gordon is another driver from
California. He has displayed remark
able ability as a driver, but luck has
been against him. During the recent
Kim) Monica races his mechanician
taaa-leeted' to watch the oil' and he ran
ra of gas while traveling in second
ace In the Grand Prix race. Gordon
will drive the Mercer Monk at Tacoma.
the car which. Hufchie Hughes made
famous while driving with the Mercer
Arthur Klclm Eaatrrn Favorite.
Toung Klein was one of the favorite
drivers entered at Indianapolis this
year. He Is from Youngstown. O.. and
until lii.i appearance at Indianapolis
had confined himself to barn-storming,
with Joe Dawson and other drivers. In
the Tacoma race he will drive the same
car with which he made such a fine
showing at Indianapolis, the King. Mr.
Klein is somewhat of an engineer and
superintended the construction of his
own car at the King factory and it is
cafe to say that he will give a good
account of himself In the races.
Captain Kennedy Bipfrti to Win.
Captain Kennedy will drive tho only
six-cylinder car entered In this year's
event, a light Chalmers. This car he
h V.-vl
' - '
ft,.f- aXJ LJUAf .l
111 I HI
has been working on in San Francisco
and writes that he has it In such shape
V. n .Tnfintd tn win thfl blBT TilHR at
Tacoma. Kennedy was in Tacoma last
year but had no mount.
S. F. Brock, Motorboat Racer.
55. F. Brock Is one of the most noted
drivers who will appear at this meet,
having won his fame In the motorDoai
croma TTa the owner and
builder of the famous boats, the Wis
consin and Oregon Kid, said to be the
world's fastest water crafts with
-.i .. 9 nnA K4 tnilpH an hour at
Kansas City. Brock's specialty is en
gine construction, ana no mo..
. : ,.1 nf nn a nf his STieed bOatS
and put it in his specially constructed
automobile, the Ray. Brock qualified
and started in the Indianapolis race and
showed great speed for a number of
laps, after which he was forced out
of the race because of a broken valve.
Wilbur De Alene la Owner.
ntr a tan a t thA owner and driver
of the Marmon car, which ran so well
In the Vanderbilt cup race at oanta
Monica. He has had a great deal of ex-
tho nntnmobile racing game
and from now on will be his own driver.
G. K. Rnckstall Is Californlan.
G. E. Ruckstall is a California driver
who is practically unknown to racing
men. He is associated with the Mer
cer people and is teaming with Eddie
r- . . 1 1 n . Via T o r n tyi a Tn-Aet nnrl will
ruucu a.v -
drive the other Mercer entered by the
Pacific coast agency.
Jim Pnraons to Pilot Frantx.
Jim Paraons this year will pilot the
Frantz special, with which he had bad
luck at the local speedway meet. Last
...a. tin .waa thA wfnnAr of the Inter-
Clty Century race at Tacoma, Ho drovfe
a consistent race and roaae an average
of 64 miles an hour. He has, since
. .1 - ,J r. -,n t-'c rniiH,tirn In
IJ1H.I liiiic, ,iau J ' "
automobile racing, and. with the mount
he has this year, promises to mm s
good showing in all three races.
Terrien la Tacoma Racer.
Mr." Terrien' is ' another Tacoma boy
who has aspirations to wear a speed
i.j .. TJa na nnsnriAtatl him
self with the Pacific Car Company and
has preparea a email nesui iui mo -ni
ter-City century.
Percy Barnea Haa Freak Car.
Percy Barnes la entered In the freak
car of the meet seen recently-in Port
land. He is driving the Romano special.
This car has been constructed by
Barnes and Romano, of Seattle, and is
equipped with an eight-cylinder Cur
tis aeroplane engine, capable of turn
ing up to 3500 revolutions per minute.
Jack Crouton Enters Small Car.
t i f, n ta irn lennwn to most
Tacoma people, having been in the au
tomobile business here for a number of
ZZj. iir" JL v. " (f f"!.
, ' ;r-
years. This year he has decided to
branch out as a race driver and has
prepared a Chevrolet, one of the small
est cars that will be entered in the
race, for his mount. He is in the Inter-City
Mr. Goldrlck la Spokane Man.
n t ri I- tt,A nnlv Snokane
entrant in the races, having nominated
his big National roadster in we
City Century event.
Smyley la Seattle Entrant.
Mr. Smyley is one of the Seattle en
trants. He will pilot a Hupmobile,
which ho has prepared specially.
Joe Thomas Has Fast Car.
Joe Thomas is another of the Seattle
onl will ha aAan At thA W Vl P C
of the racing Locomobile. This is one
of the fastest cars ever seen in oeaine
and has turned up to 85 miles an hour
I .. . . . .... rnarla an. 1t 1r Said
should be able to hold Its own in the
Inter-City Century.
Henri North to Drive Mercer.
Mr. North will drive the Mercer en
try from Seattle. He has had some ex
perience in the racing game, has a good
fast car and will probably make an ex
cellent showing In tho Inter-City Cen
tury. Entrants Number 22 Already..
This makes in all 22 bona fide en
trants in tho different events. Besides
these there are several others who have
sent In word that they would complete
their entry in a few days, and it is a
safe prediction that there will bo at
least 30 entries In the events.
The programme of the races Is so ar
ranged that all drivers will start both
days. The first day, July 3, at 10:30
A. M., will see the running of the Inter-City
Century, the 100-mile race
confined to cars entered from the Pa
cific Northwest and driven by drivers
who have lived a certain length of time
in this section.
Racea On Different Daya.
Immediately after tho. finish of this
race the 200-mile Potlatch Trophy race
will be started. In this race are en
tered all of the drivers who will par
ticipate in the Montamarathon and the
two races are run on different days so
that if any accidents should cause a
car to go out of the first race, it may
be repaired to take part in the race the
next day.
At 2 o'clock on the afternoon of July
4, the Montamarathon, the 250-mile
Perpetual Trophy race of tho Speedway
Association, will be run. In this race
there ae already 18 entrants and un
doubtedly will be at least 25 starters,
which is the limit of tho track, under
the A. A. A. rules. With this galaxy of
drivers, together with the remarkable
track which has been prepared, it
would seem to be a safe prediction
that Tacoma will this year take her
place as one of the few cities in the
world staging big automobile races.
rV - irif , .JsfSg0'
....-. - - -
1 SaWr; K
- - 1 '(.''
Surprise Is Sprung by Presi
dent Willys.
New Car Will Be Ready for Trade
by Late Summer or Karly Fall.
Appearance Is Stylish and
Service Revelation.
An announcement of more than usual
Interest to the general automobile
trade and the public, but more particu
larly to the many dealers who handle
Overland cars, has Just come to Fred
West, manager of the local Leavitt
branch, from J. N. Willys, president of
the Willys-Overland Company. It is to
the effect that the Overland will have a
six-cylindeoed car here very shortly.
So quietly that even the Intimates
have had no inkling of Mr. Willys'
plans. Overland engineers for the past
season have been developing and test
ing a new- seven-passenger Overland
which In points of value, equipment
and price bids fair to outclass anything
that has been offered heretofore or will
be offered in such measure for some
time to come.
In spite of the production of 60,000
cars this year, tho demand for Over
land cars, it Is' said, has been-so great
during the season Just drawing to a
close that the principal difficulty of
the dealer has been to obtain a plenti
ful supply.
As announced some time ago, Mr.
Willys will materially increase his pro
duction of four-cylinder models for
1915, while the new six-cylinder Over
land, whose preparation has been so
carefuly guarded, will, for one thing,
serve the purpose of giving Overland
dealers a line of cars so complete and
Inclusive as to enable them to satisfy
the varying demands of their custom
ers with the product of a single manu
facturer. After having been passed upon by
Mr. Willys and his sales staff, the pro
duction of the new six will progress
with the company's usual celerity, so
that an adequate supply of them will
be ready for the market in the late
Summer or early Fan.
The six-cylinder addition to the Over
land line will retail at S1475. at which
figure It has all the appearance of a
record-breaking value.
In appearance it is stylish and im
nresslve. and. according to the manu
facturers, a revelation in service. The
wheelbase is 125 inches. '
The long-stroke motor is rated at
45-50 horsepower. Tires are 86x4
on demountable rims and every modern
automobile convenience, such as seli
starter, electric lights, etc., has been
incorporated in the liberal specifica
tions. r
Hereafter Each Nation Will Be Given
Distinctive Designation.
INDIANAPOLIS, June 27. Racing
colors in the next Indianapolis SOO-mlle
race, it is announced, will bo uniform,
according to the nation which a car
German machines will thus be white,
French blue. English green. Belgian
yellow, Italian red and American red
and white. This move will do away
with the freakish individual color com
hlnations which in the past have
marred speedway racing and at the
same time give bolder relief to the in
ternatlonal aspect of the sport.
Credit for the idea is due to E. C.
Patterson, the wealthy Chicago sports
man, who had a Mercedes, piloted by
De Pal ma, in the last five-century, but
unfortunately had to withdraw, be
cause of excessive motor vibration.
caused by a special aviation model.
Pain Is to Stimulate Manufacturers
to Meet Foreign Racers.
INDIANAPOLIS. June 27. To stimu
late the interest of American manufac
turers in racing and to prevent a repe
tition of the victory scored by Europe
in the last Indianapolis 500-mile race,
the San Antonio (Tex.) Auto Club has
inaugurated a movement lor trie estaD
lishment of a National 810,000 trophy,
to be offered the next American car
winning the event.
A substantial sum has been prof
fered by the club Itself, with the sug
gestion that other subscriptions b
called for, through the medium of some
prominent trade magazine, as Motor
Aee. for Instance. With a little en
ergy and perseverance, it is believed, no
difficulty in raising the necessary casn
will be encountered.
Bad Section of Highway to Be Ready
for Traffic by Fall.
WOODLAND, Wash., June 27. (Spe
cial.) J. T. Carter, 'who has the con
ftio tmnrnVAmant of the Pa
cific Highway between Woodland and
La Center, is rusning tne worn w ia
fullest extent, and if nothing happens
to delay him ne win nave me roau im
iehed by Fall.
U vtn-ar haa Kfl t dfl TTI and abOUt 100
men at work on the road and is making
rapid headway, unis streicn omy
miles in length, but before it was de
cided to improve it waa one of the
. i -r vnaH hatwAAn Portland
and Seattle. Motorists, as well as
farmers, will be greatly pleased when
this road is ready for traffic, as it was
almost impossible to get over 11 De
cause of the many bad hills.
Glycerine Keeps Windshields Clear,
-...-t: nn a if electric line run
ning to and from Chicago had a great
deal of trouDie Keems mo '
obstructing his view ahead, so he placed
.n.ntltv ett s-lvcarlna on a
Bp D1UW1 , j - o-
piece of cotton waste and rubbed it
over the outsiae 01 me winuow wnea
it was dry. He found the rain would
strike the window and then run down
ward leaving the glass smooth and
clear. There is no reason why motorists
CHUriUl 1 1 III 1 V vu.a ' "
windshield free of rain. It appears
that tOO mucn K'y-eriiio wu mo ni
Halladay Shock Absorbers
for Your Ford
"THE GOAT" takes all the bumps
$ 1 2.50 Set of Four
nniiTorn gasoline and uil iaink
rVlllartl TORGI5 HVdTF.Ml rOH PI UIIC mt.
I If If 1 1 I J I 1 Vila' UH1I.K. a. . -r4. RM'-Ml.
tarfceli Hls. Main .:
Yiikanizing& Retreading HLBLODGETT.
Factory Distributors of
Cole, Lozier, Reo Cars
Main 8887 A 4939
or cloth will make matters as bad as if
none bad been used.
Yamhill Chautauqua On Today.
M'M INNVILLE. Or.. June 27. (Spe
cial.) The second Yamhill County
Chautauqua will open hpre tomorrow
- aUI I
Waterproof High-Tension Magnetos
that are giving thousands of the
.... a 1
iieziDUity oi me nignes. pnwu uwuiuiimi
Every owner of a Ford automobile ow
Investigate the KPLITUUKr
revolutionizing- the running-
t 1 - t -i- X -r -av
THK KP1.ITDORF lntrumnt la anHna-d
gpr-Urivn no chatna or ot-n sara,
commercial as well as pleasure will conv
abbolute merit In getting "the beat out of
With its installation in a few hours by th comparatire
novice the nuisance and expense of vibrators, coils and bat
teries pass away and A HIGH-TENSION SYSTEM SE
CURED that gives remarkable results.
Splitdorf Electrical Co.
irva a street. San Francisco.
1628 Brbadway, Seattle.
Ford Special Magnetos
Plugs, Batteries
Walters Filling Stations
Gasoline and Lubricating Oils
Broadway and Ankeny
Fourth and Taylor
Union Avenue nd Mason
Fifteenth and Broadway
Forty-fifth and Sandy Boulevard
Thirty-ninth and Belmont
East Eleventh and Sherman
North 14th, W CMb
PkoM Mam 7001
and will extend over a p-riod of pi
days. Last season's Chautauqua mt
with such succeps that this innoni
attendance Is expected to be much
larger. The various prosrsmmes will
be staged 1 the City Auditorium.
Italy last year prndursd l,4.1S.007.SOO Sal
1oti of fap Ip-.
U I "
popular motori the response and
t. ! J .HtAMAViUil
It tn hlmaelf l
nmii i-n- o
of thousands
niti"to thai l
of thea remarkable
Every refinement
has been Incorpor
ated In lh KPLIT
1HJUF Inatrumenis
to make them as
simple, poaltlva an4
reliable as the de
mands of tha con
stantly irtviii
tbouaanda neeael
tata In a word,
they are built for
the mull Hurt a and
carry the hf'UIT
lRi (i U A IIA
TKK. An Inatallatlnn of
tha thorouahlv
t.-te4 M'l.lTPOHl'
hla:h tenalon mif
netn deataned and
nianuf act ur ed ape
clally for Kurd cara,
Inca an owner of Its
the motor."
0 out of mr Ford
V Motor. Pend ma. at no
cost to myself. "Ford Power
' jS Possibilities" a booklet telling
how th" cn b don '
Aau rtasn