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SLOWLY but surely the music sea
son of 1913-14 is drawing to a
close. Last week was one of
students' recitals and there were many
of them. Even in that line the list Is
about diminished. Music people ot this
city are already planning for vacations,
and the Indications are that only a
email per cent of students will keep
tip their studio lessons this Summer.
Everybody will be srlad of the restful
Interval before the busy musio season
opens again early in September.
Lincoln High School auditorium was
filled nearly to capacity last Thursday
night with an interested audience,
gathered to attend the students' recital
of violin and piano music, given by
Frank G. Eichenlaub and Beatrice
Hidden-Elchenlaub. Good work was
done by all the students, and the oc
casion was a pleasant musical success.
The students who participated were:
Ward Shaver, Mildren Drack, For
rest Sauvain, Ethel Beauregard,
Blanche Larsen. Marjorie Engelhart,
Dorothy Logan, Lucille Levy, Leon
Peterson, Georgia " Lydlck, Dorothy
Bliss. Flavius West. Hanita Mayer, El
mer Sneed, Dorothy Engelhart, Lucille
Sappington. The members of the En
semble Club who assisted were: Evelyn
Braun, Lafayette Bishop, Dorothy
Bliss. Wilfred Clark, Viola Crawford.
Mildred Chllds. Benny Dorfman, John
Dinwiddle. Hazel Estes, Philip Graef..
Joseph Gallagher, William - Holmes,
Vernon Isom, Grant Johnson, J. R.
Knight, Charles King, Blanche Larsen,
Dorothy Logan, Lucille Levy, Elmer
Levis, Catherine Lais. Dorothy McMas
ter. Lucia Morris, Bernice Mathisen,
Wtlma McAyeal, Mildred McClung, Max
Ohm, Leon Peterson, Elva Peterson. Mar
Karet Phelps, E. D. Ritter. Ridar Soren
sen, W. P. Sampsonf Carl Sahlin. Elmer
Sneed, Astor Smith, Forrest Sauvain,
Ward Shaver, William Schuldt, Flavius
West. Victor Weiss. Herbert Ward,
Theodore Matschlner.
Mrs. LItta Lynn, who ' has won
recognition as an American composer
of high-class songs and piano pieces,
and whose musical training was re
ceived at Chicago nnder the direction
of Adolf Weidig and Louis Falk, has
arrived in this city and may conclude
to become a resident. She is an
authority in harmony and composition,
5 -4 a
and is also a pipe organist. Mrs. Lynn
Is a gold medal pupil of Adolph
Weidig, receiving this honor as a re
sult of making the highest marks In
harmony and composition durtng her
study at the Chicago Conservatory of
Music. Since her graduation her com
positions have been published in Bos
ton, London and Vienna and produced
at studio recitals, conservatories and
club concerts in the largest cities of
America and Europe. Mrs. Lynn plans
to appear in a recital of her own
compositions, in the early FalL
It is rarely that a professional
music critic writes an opera, but
Arthur Howey, for several years music
crltio on the New York Post, has Just
demonstrated that it can be done. His
one-act opera "Ilona, andN based on
the French school. has Just had Us
premiere, and is favorably spoken of.
The Gladstone Chautauqua chorus
Is rapidly being organized. About 70
singers have already signified their In
tention of singing, and the chorus at
the grounds proper is yet to be heard
from. Both personnel and enthusiasm
are splendid, and there is little doubt
that this performance of the "Holy
City" will be a notable one. The Sunny
side Congregational choir of SO voices,
which has sung this work three times,
will be the nucleus of the chorus and
about as many other experienced Port
land singers will be added to these.
With the further addition of the Ore
gon City chorus and the Assembly
Chorus, the number will probably
reach 100 voices. The soloists are not
all engaged, but Stuart McGulre's name
Is announced. The rehearsal this week
will be held at the Sunnyside Con
gregational Church, Thirty-second and
East Taylor streets, Thursday night at
8 o clock, and J. ti. cowen win oirect.
Miss Irene Allen, a young Portland
girl with a sweet mezso soprano voice,
has just returned from Seattle, where
she has been studying at the Wash
ington conservatory. Miss ' Allen la
quite popular in poruana musical cir
cles. '
The final meeting ol the Musio Stu
dents' Club was held at Eilers build
ing last Thursday and these of leers
were elected: President. Mrs. Carlin De
Witt Joslyn; vice-president, Mrs. W. B.
Richardson; secretary, Mrs. W. E.
Grides; treasurer. Miss Ethel Edlck;
auditor. Miss Laura Blood; federation
secretary. Miss Elisabeth Johnson. The
installation of officers and Summer
outing of the club occurs at Gladstone
Park during the Chautauqua assem
bly. Mrs. Carlin De Witt Joslyn will pre
sent several students In vocal recital
at Eilers Hall Thursday night. .
At the 71st commencement of Lin
coln High School, held last Tuesday
night, two excellent vocal solos. "The
Quiet of the Woods" (Max Reger) and
"Sacrament" MacDermld) were finely
sung by Mrs. Lulu Dahl Miller, con
tralto. The duet "Every Flower,"
from Pncclni's "Madam Butterfly,"
was pleasantly sung by Mrs. Jane
Burns Albert, soprano, and Mrs. Miller.
The Lincoln High School Orchestra
played several numbers.
- Miss Kathryn Ensey, soprano, will
be one of the soloists at a conocert to
be given at Piedmont Presbyterian
Churoh,- July 8, when she will sing a
number from Massenefs "Thais."
Students , under direction of the
Northwestern School of Music Mrs.
Ella B. Jones' department, gave an in
teresting reckal of musio at the Y. W.
C. A. auditorium, last Thursday night
Those who took part: Jennette Chris
tensen, Mrs. Snyder, Elizabeth Sandey,
Mrs. Nora Schneller, Mrs. H. Baird,
Mrs. J. Stearns, Hilda Borne, Marian
Moore, Mrs. Ager, Bernadlne Ager,
Esther Bodman, Helen Larsen, George
Sutherland, Grant Young, Julia Hall.
Dorothy Young, Holt Slaughter, Hazel
Wells, Bertha Peterson. Helen McKen
xle. MarioHall, Mary Hoft Dorothy
Anderson, Lillian Grimm, Helen Ander
son, Ora Lyle, Mabel Helser. Eva Lyle,
Mrs. Lensch, Norma Keene, Edna Lyle,
Mabel Meyers, Dorcas Mortensen, Em
ma Krueger, Hildegard Zaterfelt, Olive
Mortensen, Emma Werling, Earl Wal
ler, Norma Mortensen.
Two piano recitals were recently
given by students of Mrs. Lena W.
Chambers, when admirable musical re
sults were noted. .Those who took
part in the recitals: Paul Irvine, Mary
O'Keane, Edward Drake, Ruth Cleland,
Rodney Johnson, Lawrence Rossiter,
Anna McPherson, Robert Conklln,
Gladys Rossiter. Jesse McDonald. Clif
ford Johnson, Laura Drake, Virginia
Wilson. Elizabeth London, Lois Mulr,
Helen Kles, Thelma Conley, Melva
Farwell. Mrs. Farwell, Rutn-Cnamoers,
Mary 6dna Rice, Gladys Kles and Sybil
The commencement exercises of the
Christian Brothers' Business College
were quite suecessfuL The Junior Ulee
Club of 150 boys sang two rousing
patriotic numbers, one a descriptive
number with Uncle Sam In costume.
Mrs. Carty, the accompanist, imitated
' Miss Dorothea Kash. pianist, left
lut Friday to attend a course of
lectures at the University of Cali
fornia, Berkeley.
Miss Mabel Rises makes her debut
as Interpreter of children's songs at
AinswortA publio school, -Portland
Heights, tomorrow night at 8 o'clock, .
under direction of John Claire Mon-
telth. ,
Miss Alma Gronlg- was presented
In piano recital by Mrs. Anna Fleld
ser Holcomb, 430 Hall street, ' last
Monday night.
Mrs. Virginia Spencer Hutchinson,
a contralto, and Norman A. Hoose,
. tenor, sang at presentation of Cow
en's cantata, "The Rose Maiden,"
Inst Tuesday night, at St. David's
Episcopal Church parish house.
. Mrs. J. Curtis Simmons, soprano,
sang at a musicals last Tuesday
night, given fey the women's associ
ation. First Presbyterian Church.
Miss Irene Allen, mezzo soprano,
has Just returned from Seattle,
where she has been studying muslo
at Washington Conservatory.
Mra Robert M. Bear, mezzo so
prano, signs contract as vocal soloist
to appear on tour with an Bastern
concert band.
Miss XCathryn KnSey, soprano, sings
In concert at Piedmont Presbyterian
Church Friday night.
Naomi Phelps, assisted by Violet
Miller and Lois 6prlnger. Is presented
by Mrs. J. R, Hollister In piano re
cital at Ellerz Hall, tomorrow night
at 8:15 o'clock.
Mrs. LItta Lynn, recently of Chi
cago, plans a recital of her own com
positions in the early Fait,
on the piano the distant booming of
cannon, much to the enthusiasm of the
boys. The Glee Club Seniors sang
"Love s Old Sweet Song- tfarKsj ana
gave "April and November" for an en-
oore. Benjamin Chappell, tenor, sang
Squire's "When You Come Home and
for encore "Goodbye. Love" (Ball);
Arthur Albertlni, baritone, sang "W,hile
the Rivers of Love Flow On" (Ball),
his encore being "Four-Leaf Clover"
(Brownell); Theodore Matschlner ren
dered a violin solo by BoroskL Mr.
Matschlner was the recipient of the gold
medal offered to the student making
the most progress on the violin during
the year. Joseph Burgard received the
gold medal for the student making the
greatest orofrress on the piano. The
programme closed with a piano solo by
William Schuster, or tne graduating
The Treble Clef Club, Mrs. Rose
Coursen Reed, director, has stopped re
hearsals for the Summer and will re
sume meetings again early In Septem
ber. N
Miss Frieda Keller sang and con
ducted the graduation exercises of the
Portland Trades School. Her solo Blng
ing had fine legato value and pleasant
charm. Miss Adeline Bowie was ac
companist. Miss Mabel Bernice Warren present
ed several piano students at a musical'e
given at 1068 East Taylor street Tues
day afternoon. Those contributing to
the programme were: Jean Kitta,.Nlna
Kitts, Dorothy Younger, Dorothy
Stuebe,' Marie Julien, Cordelia Oatfield.
Fern Naylor and Gaylen Hoard.
Harry W. Parsons, violin; John C
Abbett, flute, and W. Lowell Patton,
piano, accompanied by Mrs. Eva Wells
Abbett lyric soprano; leave Saturday
for Gearhart where they will play In
a professional engagement this Bum-
At 430 Hall street Monday night Mrs.
Anna Flledner-Holcomb gave an en
joyable recital of piano musio by stu
i LARGE and appreciative audience
i of friends greeted Miss Constance
Piper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
B. Piper, last Wednesday night at
Chrlstensen's halt wnon una ju"s
pianist who has Just returned from two
years' study with Eugene Heffley, of
New York, gave one of the most lnter
n. nrnmmmM of the year. She
h.a ,Atnra with a snlendid develop
ment In her work. In the strength and
vigor of her attack. In the breaatn oi
her technique ana mo niu
. . w Intommtftfinnfl.
leillgenvo ' " ' ' .
To that vital question asked about
all musicians, nas sat a
answer In Miss Pipers case -
. , mi uirAtiillHnn of the
moods of the MacDowell Studies, with
their characteristic names, muouoo
this very happily. When she gave her
x Tinila. thn rilrACtiOn Of Al-
111 Ql, 1CI.1 L& UUW -
fred Klingenberg two years ago. many
friends became mterooiov.
Piper's promising work. Those who
j i . . t,a tiTnA und azain last
ntmru uer -
Wednesday night must be impressed
with the race inai duo "o- -
sents her work a a student but has
developed ideas of her own which she
gives with spirit and personality.
The first four studies of the Mac
Dowell group were .given with klll.and
! .., t a. in tne TCI fin Round
1.11111 1 H . . -
which Is classed as a virtuoso gtudy.
that she was most brilliant Each of
v- i VfarwiwAll numbers was
lll Dill'
received with enthusiasm. She presented
clearly xne inuiviu uniuj ui ."i"
tion: a laugh, a sigh, a bit of humor
or a song. A clever versatility was
shown in the dashing movement of the
'Arabesque" ana ine uumming mm,
in the execution of the difficult
..171, a mw rtani-A In tha clear sinsring
tone of each note In the "Summer Song-
and tne exquieiio wwum " -
side the Prince's Door." MIbs Piper
i 4n nliM n nndAveloned
pianlBSimo in this same singing tone
that promises a i c.i uc i" mv.
development ,
turne" that Miss Piper showed her
greatest sincerity as an arusi. a legato
that was most satisfying, a calm
i hi. , .n n A i a mtkjtmstA tn Tench
crwiui -.'.--
out through the audience, and a dis
tinct enunciation which in one instance
rang out like the pizzicato note of a
dents, and those who participated
were: Ralph Zimmerman, Mrs. Hol
comb, Dorothy Chamberlin, Jane Flied
ner, Olivia Lipshutz, Gladys Gardner,
Alice Thomas, Olivia Lipshutz, Walter
Schade. Solona Clary, Hazel Barbey,
Alma Grunlg, Elsie Mergens and Gladys
Alf KHngenberg, the pianist 1 pleas
antly remembered in Portland, and this
extract from a newspaper published In
Christianla, Norway, in connection with
the 100th Jubilee anniversary of the
second Norwegian muslc-fest will be
read with interest: "In Christian Sind
ing's heavy concerto for piano and
(with) orchestra, the difficult piano
part was turned over to the Nerweglan
American pianist Alf Klingenberg. who
in America has made quite a name for
himself as a pianist of note. Mr. KUng
enberg's technique and execution of
Sindinga concerto won high praise, and
both Mr. Klingenberg and Mr. Binding,
the composer, were repeatedly ap
plauded and recalled before the audi
ence." At Grange Hall. Milwaukle, Tues
day afternoon and evening. Miss
Maude Curtiss will present these stu
dents In recital: Katheryn Ball, Ever
ett Ball. Willa Cantwell and Marie
Dewey, of Portland; Alice NewKirK,
Clackamas: Glen Hurt St Johns; Her
bert Brooks, Edwin Blrkmeler, lone
Haeeman. Florence Grasle, . Bena
Krogh. Eva Birkmeier, Clarissa Gould,
Dorrls Martin, of Milwaukle, ' and
Evelyn Lawrence, of Sellwood,
Miss Katharine V." Kern, one of Port
land's younger pianists, left yesterday
for New York, where she will pass three
months in study. Miss Kern, who Is a
certified pupil of Alexander Lambert's,
also will attend the National Congress
of Teachers, which will be held In
New York In July. She will return to
this city early In October.
Miss D'Ethel Woodham gave an In
teresting and successful students' re
cital for students and their mothers.
The students taking part were: Claud
ine Moore, Dorothy Whltbeck, Hazel
Whitbeck, Peggy Lucius, Helen Smith.
Enid Kirkwood, Daphne Young, Phyllis
Palmer. Verrel Palmer. Louise Town
send, Gertrude Mcintosh, Eleanor Hunt
Mrs. J. Curtle Simmons, soprano, sang
a group of 18th century songs at the
musicals given Tuesday by the wo
man's Association of the First Fresby
terlan Church. Miss Florence Jackson
wae the accompanist
. e
Miss Dorothea Nash left last Friday
for Berkeley, CaL, to attend the Sum
mer session of the University of Cali
fornia, She will hear some of the
course of music, especially the lectures
of Arthur Foster, of Boston. Miss Nash
is planning an interesting course of
lecture recitals for this next Winter
and will make a short trip to New York
to hear the newest operas, for her work,
during the holidays.
Cowen's cantata. "The Rose Maiden,'
was charmingly sung last Tuesday
night in the parish bouse of St David's
Episcopal Church, under direction ot
Hartridge G. Whlpp. It was hoped to
have had the pleasure of hearing tne
cantata sung outside in the grounds
of the parish house, but rain inter
fered The presentation was success
ful in every way. The soloists were:
Miss Elelse Anita Hall, soprano; Mra
Virginia Spencer Hutchinson, con
tralto; Norman A. Hoose, tenor, and
Hartridge G. Whlpp, baritone. The
social time was enjoyed by all.
Mrs. Virginia Spencer Hutchinson,
contralto soloist at the White Temple
choir. Is winning golden opinions for
the fine Quality of her solo singing, and
her singing In quartet work. Her voice
is under excellent control, it is spien
didly modulated, and pleasant to hear.
Mrs. Ella Connell Jesse gave a stu
dents' piano recital last Thursday
night at Eilers hall, and all who took
part won compliments for good work.
The participants: Herman Blaeslng,
Carl Dahl, Orran Grossman, Henry
Heerdt Joyle Dahl. Dorothy Rice, Le
nore Blaeslng, Mrs. E. M. Stewart. Mra
J. H. Knight Minnette Shub, Louise
Trie-man. Jannette Schlosberg. Wini
fred Sherrod, Helen Brown, Louise
Ingman and Tina Heerdt
David Campbell, an Oregon pianist
of distinction, and who has recently
been coaching with Rudolph Ganz, left
Southampton, England, a few days ago,
en route for his Oregon home.
Mayree Snyder, soprano, Ernest Cros
by, tenor, and Nettle Leone Foy, plan-
1st, will appear In recital tomorrow
night ' under the direction of Robert
Bolce Carson.
The Von Jessen Piano School will
elva a recital by the students of its
junior and Intermediate grades at
Eilers 'hall. Wednesday nignt at s:io
o'clock, and those who will appear on
the programme are: Ida Durlg, Clara
Myers, Mildred Mlnton, Margaretta
Phillips, Gussie Irene JUrownstein, uean
Hunter, Mildred Keitle, Albert Clauss,
Helen W. Glafke and Elaine White.
An interesting piano recital was
given by the Junior Club and Bach Club
students of Mrs. Ernest E. Tressler, last
Sunday night at 86 North Seventeenth
violin. The demands of the difficult
Chopin "Etude" were met with an anv
ple command oB finger dexterity and a
good sense of time. The -charming
"Viennese Waltz." by Strauss, to which
Schuett has added a brilliant technique,
was given with force, spirit and a
splendid rhythm. It waa received with
enthusiasm and an insistent demand for
an encore. She responded with the first
movement of MacDowell's "Modern
Suite," again illustrating her success
as - an Interpreter of the foremost
American composer. For another en
core the Brahms "Walts, Op. 89," with
its stately, measured swing, was given.
The heaviest number played by Miss
Piper was the Schumann Sonata in G
Minor, often spoken of as one of his
best The four movements were given
with an admirable understanding of the
Invention and the energy of Schumann's
Idea. The "Scherzo and "Andantlno
were best mastered by Miss Piper. The
whole sonata was given with con
fidence, with assurance, and with a
certainty of purpose and attack, show
ing a thorough study of Its style and
sentiment In all her playing. Miss
Piper Is free from mannerisms and has
a charming stage presence. While at
the piano, she shows a serious purpose
and yet is at all times cordial and
friendly toward her hearers. This
happy combination wins the audience
at once.
Mra Delphlne Marx, contralto, who
assisted Miss Piper, was at her best In
the splendid "Aria" by Saint Skene,
which she gave In a finished and
dramatic manner. Her second group,
containing two Interesting composi
tions by Marian Bauer and the stirring
"Salutation of the Dawn." showed a
fine command of light and shade and
the warm, rich tones of ber lower voice.
Mra Marx gave two effective encore
numbers, "Grey Days" (Johnson), and
"Which" (Hewitt) Miss Piper proved
a most satisfactory accompanist sub
ordinating her work to the demands of
the singer and yet following her with
a fluency of technique so necessary in
the accompaniment of a song.
Both soloists received quantities of
flowers which filled the foreground ot
the stage with a mass of gay color. A
pleasing air of informality added to the
enjoyment of the recital which waa a
success in every way. Miss Piper sat
isfied the hopes of her many friends,
and expressions of enthusiasm were
beard on every side. j
to the Country
Fits in Your Grip
will just fit in a suitcase
or grip.
You and your friends will enjoy a world of entertainment.
No Better Music for Dancing
Sfreman Jpay'& Go.
street Those who took part were.
Junior Club Eleanor Holmes. Ethel
mae Daniel, Georgia Jacobs. Margaret
Dunlway, Dorothy Bade: Bach Club
Floretta Velguth, Laura Walther, Mary
Rniicifk Dorothv Dunlway. Jean Jacobs
and Floretta Velguth.
Mra Bonnie Replogle will present In
recital tomorrow night in the Royal
Ann. kniirfinr Misa Helen Duck, a
young pianist of much talent Miss
Duck will De assisted oy mm orn...
Leitner. pianist and E. Carral Day.
Mrs John R. Hollister presents Miss
Naomi Phelps in piano recital tomor-
. .i.ii filer. Hull aaalsted by
Margaret McDanlel. Merna Fischer.
Violet Miller and lols springer, anu
Mra Lillian Bownlng, reader, of the
Gillespie School of Expression. Mls
Phelps Is a Lincoln High School girl.
15 years of age. Her technic Is ad
mirable, and she cleverly Interprets
composition from Beethoven. Chopin,
MacDowell, Mendelssohn and others,
for on so young.
The graduating exercises of the
Northwestern Normal School of Music
and Art take place Tuesday night at
the auditorium of th Young Women's
Christian Association. There ar four
graduates Miss Alvena Howard, Miss
Caroline M. Wescott Miss Maria Btltt
and Miss Ida Wolf.
uiu Tnn.l vn Fnulkea cave her an
nual publio recital Friday night at the
Y. W. C. A. auditorium, presenting wt
following Junior students: Frances
Elmer. Madeleine Baker, Dorothy Scott
iin.niinr stinA rrarnl Montaaue. Caro
lyn Cannon. Adeline Kendall. Consuelo
McMillan and Irene Keynoios. ini
charming singing of Miss Ruth Johns
added to the evening's pleasure, and
Hnian Honevman and Katherlne
Schnabel acted as ushers.
Piano students of Mra John R. Kase
berg and Roy Marion Wheeler ap
peared in recital at Mra Kaseberg's
residence, 1061 Cleveland avenue, last
Friday night and acquitted themselves
with credit. Those who took part
were: Evelyn Bulller, Ruth Wheeler.
Helen Kaseberg, Ada Stephens, Olive
Pollite, Frances Hartwlg. Mamie and
Bertha McNelly. Myrol Bond. Gladys
Everett Emma Klrschner. Mra Kase
berg and Mr. Wheeler.
nr.l... A Qnnnn nMIAH t Afl hla Violin
,T .! 1C1 A. .vowvl. f '
class tn recital at Lincoln High School
auditorium last Friday nignu ine en
tire programme was exceptionally well
i i mwA th. BtiniHtM were: Fan-
nle Whittaker, Owen Othies, William
Jennings, Madeline vance ana r iorenc
Oettle. J .
Ml Gnnevieve Gilbert former head
of the vocal department of the North
western Conservatory oi music, ion
last Friday for a few weeks' visit with
friends and relative In San Francisco
and Berkeley, Cat
Miss Isabel Wadsworth Clark, who
was graduated last week from the New
ciiKiaiiu vuiii.n . -
celved her education In this city at
the Lincoln Hign ecnooi, oema
uated In 108. Before going to Bos-
. .... .V.- nl.nn vllh R. K.
IUU BHD 1UUI1H .1 . " - ---
Coursen, of this city. Miss Clark, who
will spend the summer wun reiui
i ' i A riAvIHa waa hflPII in
Jacksonville, ana win return m m
ilCW JlllBl.iiu ........ .
. . n nii.t.drnHtlBlA WOrk
. l1..!.. nnnanrv, in 1 V in n-DLFni
per lur & J .i . v. .
under the direction of George Froctor,.
Mra Han Hewitt of Rose City Park,
presented a number of her students in
-i a - FMIara Hall. A lar
audience greeted the young players
and man j i ee tea mon tvumwuuii
enthusiastic applause. The student
who partlcipatea: suss uiur n"'i
Mlse Bernlta Moody, Mis Isabel Kam
rodt Mrs. Hewitt Mis Gladys Ells
worth, Misses Amanda and Ruth
viiaa iriorenra Harris.
mih Jean McEachern. Mis France
Jones, Mra Kohlmann.
. t..i ..... 1 Arvtra will be
heard tonight at St Luke's Episcopal
Church, Vancouver, waan., nor
direction of Andrew a. v,auurjr, i .
... . i u,l, nnart-t- "Hweet
Peace" (Barton); anthem, "Seek
the Lord." with solo oy mra ru-oii;
solo, "The Cross" (Ware). J. J. Zeller;
male quartet "For You and For Me ;
anthem "An Evening Blessing." solo,
. , n,i.,nnn' anliv d H. Parish:
anthem, "Hark! Hark! My Soul" (8hel
ley); male quartet "Saved by Grace"
r T- nina fnrfnurlv In chare of the
Washington State Training School, at
Cheballs, I spending the Summer In
DA,ti.nii maklnsr hla headnuarter at
38S Eleventh treet Mr. Clin I th
composer of the "Koyai itosarian
March of Oregon," which Is now beln
.,Kii.hAii hv KlUra Music Housa This
stirring composition attracted much at
tention as rendered by tne noyai n
sarlan Band, during the recent Roa
Festival paradca Mr. Cllne ha om
posed a number of meritorious piece
for band and also for voice.
xi -a Dnh,rt M ReAra. a mezzo BO-
ia favnrablv known In Port
land church musical circles. Is th wife
of a well-known uenver ntwii.i
an. Mra Beere has signed rec-n-.j
---.. ia trn An tour with an East
ern band of music. She cam to Port
land from Pendleton, where so
been living some little time. Mrs
n in aom of the largest
churches In Denver and Eastern cities
and Is conslderea an autnorny "
music, whil sh ha mad several
The $15 Model it a
genuine Victrola. only
smaller than trie wonder
ful original. Take it to
the country with you on
your vacation - no cum
bersome horn to carry.
tours with bands In New Knsland. In
the Rocky Mountain rnjntrr anil In
Illinois. She. has made many frtenna
tn I'ortland, who will be sorry to
her 1-av.
Mia Mabel nigge will make tier
debut as an Interpreter of children s
songs In a recital which will h (-
undor th direction of John Intra
Montelth tomorrow nlaht at viae
In the auditorium of the new Aln-worth
School, Twentieth and fnrlna fiwii
I'ortland Heights. HI ma liasmar kU-.
contralto, and Mra Warren K. Thoma.
accompanist, hare conaenletl In aaatat
on th prosramme. whtrh promla to
b an enjoyabl one. hinre Mtaa lit
sons are sung principally for th en
joyment of the younser folha, cMldr-ti
ar Included In tha Invitation to th
recital, which Is open to the lnlret4
Mra Catherine Covrh-rrdrl.h wl'l
present these students tn vnral and pi
ano recital at the Lincoln lltsh h.x.l
auditorium Tuesday nlsht lrfM by
th Wednesday Kvenln t'hnral flub:
Vocal, Mlea Flora lllllrard. MIm 1 'Ine
Ilalstead. Ml Gertrude Hasan. Mi
May Harr. Ml"" Kdlth Wllllnma. M"
I .ola Krfmonda. Mtaa Kdlth H" ra. Mra.
Harold Scharff, Mrs. Itaael . B-lt Mra.
Emtio Oswald. Mtaa Olca Johnann: pi
ano. Ml Lucll f hllrote. Ml" l-.lal I-
Roche, Miss Hylvla l Temple. Mr.
Uodknlcht Klorenre I-ruarhal, Kdwlna
Rlchen. OdU Klrh-n, Dorothy
Roche, Marie Venselen. Dorothy V-n
(eien and Marl Luslch.
Georre ITotchklas ftraet presented
Mra lone Townaend Wells, soprano;
Clarence M. Heath, t-nor, and A. B.
Cain, baritone, aaalatad by Mlas Maud
Geaaner, accompanist In rrltat la"t
Friday night at Lincoln lllsh lr boo I
auditorium. Th crowd waa larc and
nthualaetlc. Mr. street was warmly
complimented on th succeaa of th
recital. Mra Wells ha a beautiful
vote, and sh sang with as one half
dosen high A s and B flat. Mr. Il-ath
ha a pleasing, robust hartton voir,
and he sang with admirable ertm-t up
to high B flat
Mra L It. Edwards has Imnod Invi
tations for the lith annual inuat.-Al at
the Oregon Conaervatory of Mupic,
J45V4 Washington street, tomorrow
night at t o'clock.
Pip organ students ran hire th fin
new pipe organ In th lntvrraltt
Church for practice. Phone C
Adv. '
MtrturAt, TirnrrToitT.
Alt Leading Publication..
Send for Catalogues.
Meraaa Bids. 12 llraadw'.
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