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-ran jfeKfe;
of unusual character
E are planning to exhibit at the
San Francisco Exposition plan
ning to go there with the largest
collection of rare pieces ever assembled
for a World's ; Fair. We were awarded the Grand
Prize at both' the Lewis & Clark and Alaska-Yukon
Expositions. We naturally desire to maintain the
prestige accruing from unquestioned Pacific Coast
leadership resulting therefrom, by securing similar re
sults at San .Francisco. To aid in such an achieve
ment we must make a sacrifice now.
It takes a lot of time and money to prepare for a
World's Exposition. For example, 'a -member of our
firm must leave soon for Constantinople and Persia
to assemble the exhibit; and he must have money, as
rug transactions in the Orient are on a cash basis only.
To make sure of getting this necessary cash and
getting it now we have taken two radical measures.
First, we have closed one' of our branches that
at Spokane and have shipped to Portland a stock
as large as that regularly maintained here.
Second, these rugs, together with our regular
stock, will for a short time go on
Extraordinary Special Sale
Tomorrow (Monday) Morning
Stf-scs 4?7rra Barro?, Mtro j Jfoct-oc GctcaZ a-
win 'doubtless t ' extensively enter
tained by tha exclusive sat.
Complimenting Misses Mary and
Louise Roberts, of San Francisco, who
have been passing a few days in Salem
as the bouse guests of Mrs. William C.
Knighton, a prominent matron of that
city, Mrs. Knighton entertained for
them at a large and elaborate tea last
week. The affair was one of the
smartest given in Salem for some
time, and the rooms of the attractively
decked Knighton residence, were
thronged with merry, chatty groups of
beautifully gowned matrons and maids.
The hostess was assisted in receiving
by Mrs. John H. McNary, Mrs. Fred
erick R. Waters, Mrs. Rollin K. Page,
Mrs. Frederick F. Stewart and Mrs.
Margaret Cosper.
The same matrons also assisted In
serving the refreshments, and Mrs.
Ashahel Bush, who is well known in
this city, was stationed In the drawing-
room at the punch table, and Airs. Wil
liam J. Ball poured the beverages In
the dining-room. Beautiful roses from
the Knightons' famous gardens were
used to deck the house, and were
greatly admired. The dining-room was
done In rose color throughout, both in
decorations and 'confections
The Misses Roberts, who are en
gaged to Walker and Philip Kamm, of
this city, motored down to Salem with
their fiances, and left Tuesday for their
home in the South. They are unusu
ally pretty girls, and very popular in
San Francisco. The double wedding
will be a notable event of November,
' and upon their arrival in Portland they
will be extensively entertained.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Piper have
Issued invitations for a piano recital
to be given by their daughter, Miss
Constance Piper, assisted by Mrs.
Delphine Marx, at Christensen's Hall on
W ednesday evening.
' Mrs. Lee Hoffman left Thursday
afternoon for the Canadian Rockies to
Join her daughter. Miss Margery Hoff
man, who has been visiting in Boston,
New York. Washington and other cities
Kast They will make a tour of the
lakes and resorts in the Rockies.
Mrs. Arthur W. Chance entertained
on Wednesday at a large bridge tea.
More than a doxen tables were ar
. ranged In the drawing-room and on
the large balcony, where flowers of
lovely . coloring made an attractive
background for the handsomely
gowned matrons. In the evening Dr.
and Mrs. Chance entertained at a buf
fet supper and auction bridge. The
dining-room was decorated with vari
colored sweet peas and garden flowers.
About SO guests were present.
Miss Margaret Anson, of La Grande,
Is a house guest of Mrs. Edgar B. Piper
at 770 Marshall street. She came to
Portland to 'attend the Cartwright-
Malarkey wedding.
Mrs. Gordon Voorhles and her four
rhildren returned home last week from
the East. Mrs. Voorhies went East to
accompany her children home from
school and was away about four weeks.
Miss Margaret Voorhies was in Europe
at Miss May's travel school of Florence
and Paris:. Miss Marion was in Miss
Spence's school in New York, and her
two sons were in Middlesex School,
Concord, Mass.
Nearly S00 prettily-gowned matrons
and maids of the smart set thronged
the Coursen residence Wednesday when
Mrs. Edgar E. Coursen and her at
tractive daughter. Miss Geraldlne
Coursen, entertained." An .artistic ef
fect was obtained with yellow and blue
flowers, and made a pretty back
ground In the music room, where the
hostesses received. Tall spiked Pasa
dena ferns were combined with the
Pink was the keynote of the color
scheme In the dining-room, sweet peas
and gladioli being arranged about the
room and on the table.
Mrs. Carl L. Wernicke and Miss
OHe Falling served Ices, and the tea
table was presided over by Mrs. W. C.
Alvord. Mrs. A. C. Patullo, Mrs. E. C.
Mears and Mrs. Ernest F. Tucker. The
hostesses were . assisted about the
rooms by a bevy of prettily-gowned
maids. Including, the Misses Kathleen
Sealy. Constance Piper, Jessie McLean,
V'Ona -Guthrie, Genevieve Butterfleld,
Jean Martin and Gretchen Klosterman.
A feature of their gowns was a small
shoulder bouquet of tiny yellow roses.
. Mrs. Coursen was handsomely at'
tired In Alice blue crepe de chine.
elaborated with Venetian lace and
Jeweled girdle. Miss Coursen wore a
becoming gown of Ttsngo shaded crepe
meteor with girdle of deep green satin
and silver lace and bodice of .shadow
lace.; ..
A recent letter received ' from the
MacMaster family, who are touring
abroad, was from Rome, where they
met Mrs. Harriet McArthur and Miss
Genevieve Thompson. The MacMasters
were arranging to go to Switzerland
for several weeks, ana Mrs. McArthur
and Miss Thompson went on to Eng
Among recent affairs given to honor
Mrs. vernon Cartwright before herr
marriage was the luncheon presided
over by Miss Grace Peters on Satur
day for a, number of the close friends
of the bride-elect and another similar
affair was given by Miss Sarah Mc
Cully. The table was pretty with a
hugs rustic basket of pink sweet peas,
corsage bouquets of the same blossoms
marking covers for 'Miss Malarkey.
Miss Mary Stuart Smith, Miss Nye,
Miss Helen Ladd. Miss Esther Tucker,
Miss Ruby Teal, Miss Nancy Zan, Miss
Grace Peters and Miss Katherlne Hart.
Miss Cecilia Wulsin. an attractive
schoolmate of Miss Ruth Teal's, from
Indianapolis, I no., will arrive next
month to pay a visit to Miss Teal.
There will be considerable entertaining
done for the two girls.
Miss Margaret Sheeh will give a
tea tomorrow In honor of her sister,
Miss Edith Sheeh, whose engagement
was announced recently to John Hick
son. The wedding -nill be an event 4of
Thursday and will be among the smart
affairs of the week. The bride-elect
Is a charming girl, very popular so
cially, and a member "of the Gamma
Phi Beta sorority, and a student of
the University of Oregon.
. Miss Mildred Louise Scott, daughter
ot Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Scott, and
Alfred Denton Catterlin, of Los , An
geles, were 'married in the handsome
Scott residence, 991 East Twelfth
street. North. Tuesday night : at 8:30
o'clock. Rev. K. S. Bollinger offici
ated. About 150 guests, .including
relatives, were present. The ceremony
was read in the drawing-room beneath
a floral bower of roses and lilies of
the valley. Mrs. Ralph Shaffer, of As
toria, a cousin to the bride, was ma
tron of honor. She wore a handsome
gown of pale blue charmeuse, with a
tunic, of pleated tulle and a wide gir
dle of silver lace. She carried an arm
ful of yellow roses. The bridesmaids.
Miss Marie Jones, of Yakima, another
cousin of the bride, and Miss Paellne
Heinz wore satin frocks with silver
net tunics. Miss Jones in pale .pink and
Miss Heinz in pale yellow. The gowns
of the matron of honor and bridesmaids
formed a rainbow effect. Eugene W.
formed a rainbow effect. Eugene W.
West acted as best man. The bride Is
unusually pretty girl 'and was
charming in her wedding gown, a
beautiful imported creation of wiite
charmeuse trimmed with chantilly lace
embroidered in seed pearls. ' Her veil,
which, had been worn by her mother
and her grandmother, was caught to
the coiffure with sprays of orange
blossoms. Her bouquet was of bride
roses and lilies of the valley. Little
Miss Florida Scott, of. Astoria, the
bride's niece, was flower girl. She
wore, a dainty lace frock with butter
fly sash of pink satin and carried a
basket of Cecil brunner roses., Miss
May Freer- played the wedding march
and John Berry sang "Because berore
the ceremony. A reception' followed
and a buffet supper 'was served on. the
We have a stock of three thousand Rugs and Carpets. !No
stock approaching this in size and variety has ever before
been offered to Portland buyers. .We want to move it; and
time is pressing. Manv of the reductions made for this sale
are the most noteworthy in the history of our business.
Dealers and collectors will recognize them immediately and
will profit accordingly.
Red sale tags have been added to each piece, so that you
can come and stay and look about as long as you like without
having to inquire what the reductions are on every piece that
ittricts you.
For example, we quote a few of the reductions as follows:
7-6 x 6-2
9-2 x 6-9
10-1 x 7 '
10-5 x 9-3
12- 9 x 9-9
13- 8 xlO
Price. rRICE.
S 56.00
$ 80.00
1. 15.00
185.00 '
10-"xVf VlTl7.00 S 9S.OO
12-4 x 8-7 ..
12-6 x 8-6 ..
15-10x10-4 .-.
17-3 X12-2 ..
12-lOx 9-9 ..
12- 3 X 9-10. .
13- 1 X 9-11..
13-10x10-1 ..
. 1160.00
. -150.00
, 820.00 -',,660.00
S 95. OO
; S310.00 ;
aoo.oo i
', 390.00
21 Xl2 ... 1700.00
17-2 X13-1 ... 8465.00
22 ,xl2-3 ... 850.00
IT -4 xU
11-9 x 8-9 ... 8285.00 S175.00
Jl-1 x 8-8 ..
11-1 x 9-8 ..
13-5 x 8-8 ..
. 14-8 x t-11..
13-1 xlO-7 ..
i piROl'K
11-7 x 8-5 ..
13- 7 xlO-3 ,.
14- 6 X10-10..
Regular prKrlib
, $160.00
. 37500
. 405 01)
, 620 00
. C65.O0
run K-
42.V0O It 2
5o.on SiS.oo
725.00 475. OO
thousand nip anil
Sarouka, Kashaus,
Tr is impossible to mention even a fraction of the bargains, but Ave offer at similar reductions Vnore than one
mats in Irans Feraghans, Kurdistan, Mossouls, Beloutfhistans, etc. ; three hundred fine rugs. in Kermans,
Rehnas and Bokharas, etc., as wen as many uma iaic aw o""h y. . . , . .. . ,
You will recognize in these combined stocks a most unusual assortment and variety embracing .nearly everything in Orientals.
Largest Oriental Rug
Dealers in the West
Corner of Tenth and Alder
See Window Display of
Few Pieces in'This Sale
Corner of Tenth and Alder
large balconv, which was Inclosed and
decorated. The color scheme of the
decorations was green and white,
quantities of lilies, roses, ferns, palms
. w, Th hrtde s bOU-
auet was caught by Miss Plorabelle
Parrot. Mr. and Mrs. wiwnui wi..
spend their honeymoon motoring In
California and will live in Los Angeles,
where Mr. Catterlin is In the real
estate business. Mrs. .Catterlin is a
graduate of Lincoln High School and a
nt th rit. Phi Sorority. Mr.
Catterlin is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
F. J. Catterlin, recently or j-kjs
now of Portland. . '. -
n.nn-n int.Rta were: Mr. afid
Mrs. S. B. Catterlin, Mr. . and Mrs. A.
Mr. Clougn. ana air. snu iyi. n.
V. Ryder, of Salem; Edward Catter-
lln Dn.i rlnn Or Afr And MrS. J. A.
Todd, Salem: Miss K. Jones. McMinn-
ville; Miss Kffie Giles, Chicago; Mr.
and Mrs. W. "W.- Estabrook, North
Yakima; Miss Marie Jones, North
Yakima; Mac Reisnor, Bellingham,
Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Catterlin,
Los Angeles. -
, '
A charming affair of Monday evening
was the dinner and dance given by Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick A. Nitchey at the
Waverly Country Club for about 60 of
the younger set. , The rooms were at
4ractively decked with lavender and
pink canterbury bells and ferns. Mrs.
Nitchey also entertained at a large
bridge party recently. Handsome
prizes were given the high scorers at
each table and were won by Mrs. C D.
Brunn. Mrs. W. H. Grlndstaff, Mrs. A.
. i . . .11.. CAV Clmma XT1 am F.lllt.
r j. . 1 1. v . in i , ji i . ..., -
Stephens. Mrs. Frederick Prael. Mrs.
w arren rj., jam, imnqa
.Slfr-. .SnoT Stfr-s. Orr" Ofryrrr
' ". . ' : ''
Miss Mary Ellen Gallagher and Orval Vlrts Bryan surprised their many
friends by quietly slipping away and getting married on Wednesday, June 10.
at the White Temple, Rev. Dr. Hinson officiating. Both Miss Gallagher and
Mr Bryan were planning for some time on their wedding, but kept the date
a secret. Both young people were employed In Wodard. Clarke-& Co. s es
tablishment, Mr. Bryan being city salesman for the photographic department.
The fact that they had become man and wifa was not discovered Tintll Jlis
Gallagher failed to appear at her post for several days. They are domiciled
in their new home just completed at 152 Stafford street Mrs. Bryan is a
native daughter of Oregon. She is the daughter of . Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Gallagher. - , - - ' - r
Wolverton. Mrs. James D. Hjneyman
and Mrs. J. J. Panton.
Mr. and' Mrs. Benjamin F. Weaver
will leave Portland Thursday for Seat
tle, sailing on Saturday on the steamer
Minnesota for a three months' tour of
the Orient
Mr. and, Mrs. Raymond Wilcox are
being felicitated upon the arrival of a
baby boy. who made hla advent June
Mrs. John Francis Shea entertained
with a charming bridge-tea on Thurs
day afternoon in honor of her daugn
ter, Mrs. John Castlemanof New York,
who Is Dassing the Summer in Port
land, and her sister, Mrs. Paul Lee
Butz, of Los Angeles. Cal. Six tables
were arranged for bridge lrt tne drawing-room
and about 40 additional
guests called at tea time. The hostess
was asisted by Mrs. George v iuara
Brown, Mrs. Louis Gerllnger, Jr., and
Mrs. John Francis Daly, who presided
in the dining-room. The Misses Cor
nelia Stanley, Alberta Bair and Ivelou
Shea helped in serving.
A pretty bridge-tea was ihe diver
sion planned by Mrs. Catherine A. Daly,
to honor Mrs. Charles A. Boss, on
Wednesday at her apartments In the
Irving. Five tables were arranged for
the players In the living-room, which
was decked artistioally with crimson
ramblers and Canterbury bells. Dainty
Cecils Brunner roses decked the dining-room,
and card honors fell to Mrs.
Frank R, Johnson, Mrs. John Annand
and Miss Julia Chemlru
Mrs. Daly Was admired In a hand
some lingerie gown. Mrs. Boss was
attired In a pastel blue charmeuse.
trimmed with filmy lace.
The tables were arranged to repre
sent different cities abroad. Tivoll,
Messina, Pompeii, Rome and Malta.
Those present were Mrs. John An
nand, Mrs. H. B. Adams, Mrs. D. G.
Burntrager, Mrs. Charles L. Boss, Mrs.
C. A. Coolidge, Mrs. J. C. Costello, Mrs.
H. M. Curtis, MIbs Julia Chemln, Mrs.
John Dodson, Mrs. William Gadsby,
Mrs. W. F. Graham, Mrs. Frank John
son, Mrs. W. D. Jollison, Mrs. John
Manning. Mrs. Walter Ridehalgh. Mrs.
r m. Tuttle. Mrs. Harvey Wells, Mrs.
Robert Strahorn, Mrs. Benjamin F.
Weaver, Mrs. C. A. Devers, Mrs. W.
M. Cake, Mrs. Clarence Veasie and
Mrs. Lyddon Veysey.
An Interesting engagement of a
charming Portland girl. Miss Helen
Higbee, and Frederick Mason De Neff
was announced at a pretty luncneon
presided over by Miss Ethel Clarke on
Tuesday. At the luncheon only Inti
mate friends of Miss Higbee were pres
ent and the news was made known by
tiny heart-shaped cards bearing the
names of the couple at the places for
each guest Covers were laid for 10.
The table was docorated prettily with
an artistic arrangement of pink Can
terbury bells, sweet peas tied with
soft bows of pink tulle forming the
centerpiece. Covers were laid for Miss
Higbee, Miss Ines Cross, Mrs. Horace
Fenton. Mrs. Charles Hart, Mrs. George
Woodley, Mrs. Boyajohn, Mrs. fnnley.
Mrs. Fred Martin, Mrs. Joseph Knapp
and Miss Clarke. Mlas Higbee Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. It Had-ley.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Mackenxle and
children left for their Summer home
at Long Beach, Wash., for a visit of
several weeks. Miss Caroline Glllea
py, of Seattle, who has been visiting
the Mackensles, returned to her home
the latter part of the week.
A charming affair was the musical
and tea for which Mrs. Harry B. Mc
Craken was hostess on Saturday after
noon at the parlors of the Portland
Hotel. About 100 guests enjoyed Mrs.
McCraken'a hospitality and encored
repeatedly the charming selections
given by Mrs. Beatrice Barlow-Dierko.
who was the piano soloist for the
afternoon. The rooms were adorned
with huge clusters of tall American
Beauty and La France roses from the
McCraken gardens, artistically ar
ranged in baskets and vases.
The hostess was assisted In receiv
ing bv Mrs. Isaac Lee Patterson, of
Salem; Mrs. George Cotner Mason and
Mrs. Henry E. McCraken. The hostess
little niece. Miss Margaret North, at
tired in a dainty lingerie frock, received
the ruests at the door. A bevy of
zlrla of the smart set assisted about
the rooms in serving, and included the
Misses Dorothy Huber. Wlnnirred and
Esther Blrrell, Mabel Rings, Marjorle
Peterson, Cornelia Stanley, Shanna
Cummlng and Alice Carey, one of the
popular brides-elect
. Mrs. C. 8. Jackson has returned from
a delightful trip to Japan, the Philip
pines and Southern China. She was
in Kyoto at the Cherry Blossom Time
Festival in April, and has been gone
about three months.
. e
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Grelle bave leased
the J. Andre Fouilhoux cottage at Gear
hart for two months, and will leave the
middle of next month with their child
ren and Mrs. Grelle'a mother, Mrs.
James Henry.
Mr. and Mra. J. P. O'Brien a-e plan
ning to sail on June 30 for a trip to
Alaska of a month's duration. W. 11
Hurlburt will accompany them.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Michel, of Co
logne, Germany, are house guests of
Mrs. SLgraund Frank, who is the for
mer's alMer. Accompanied ht thsir
niece. Mrs. Nnbrr. they are heme
guests of Mra. Frank for seveial weke.
Mr. and Mra. William Alvord left
yeMerflay for a few da)a' trip In Cor
vallls. In'honor of Pr. Jo' h R. Wll.on. r.
tiring principal of Ihe 1'nrtlnnd Aoafl.
emy, a farewell dinner will held at
t: ,n
'We Never Minrcpretent'
- i
Call, Investigate
Convince Yourself
That I can save you money on
Duimoncls. My stock, which is
the lanrfnt in the rity, nnit
of the better grade of Diamond,
(junlity for quality, no other
store can equal my prices. I
can prove it.
Credit Accommodations
Without Extra Charge.
Itetweea Keartk mu4 fifth Ma.
Only few more day to make your
708 seixinq Buiumra,
Main 4993, A 7133.
': ! - .' -: ' ' '. ' '