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Gossard Corsets
Do Your Shopping in This Cool, Roomy Daylight StoreMake Use of Rest Rooms, Retiring Rooms, Public Phones, Etc., 2d Floor
Delightful Luncheon Served in the Tea Room, 11:30 to 2:30 Daily Manicuring and Hairdressing Parlors on the Second Floor
B. & J. Corsets
Standard Central Needle
Sewing Machines
New "sit-straight" hygienic models,
indorsed by .thousands of physicians
and prominent educators.1 Sold on the
$l-a-week club plan. $23.50 to $50.00.
All Mail Orders
'. Filled and
. Forwarded
Same Day as
: Received.
Shoppers Give
Orders Personal
Olds,Woriman& King
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Store Honrs 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Every Business Day Saturday Included
Full Lines Golf,
Tennis, Baseball
Goods at Lowest
Prices. Wheel
Goods, Tents,
Hammocks, '
Camp Supplies.
Fourth Floor.
July Criterion of Fashion
Now Ready 5c Copy
Pattern Dept., Main Floor Don't
fail to get a copy of this new issue.
Profusely illustrated with the latest
Midsummer styles. lrice per copy, 5c
Double Stamps Tomorrow
With All
on Entire Second Floor
f I. 1 . 1'
Women's Tailored Suits
At V2 Price
Department, Second Floor We make this deep cut in prices in order to clean up
our stock to close out in the least possible time all broken lines. . In some styles
there are but one or two suits, although there are all sizes in the assortment.
Authentic Summer modes, strictly high grade in every particular. Materials include
II silk moire, whipcords, granite, gabardine, silk poplins, cheviots, serges, checks and
novelty weaves. In all the newest shades. Take advantage of this -price sale.
Women's $18.
Women's $22.
Women's $25.
Women's $29.
Women's $32,
Women's $37.
Women's $40.
Women's $42.
,50 Suits
50 Suits
,00 Suits
50 Suits
.50 Suits
50 Suits
00 Suits
50 Suits
now $ 9.25
now $1125
now $12.50
now $14.75
now $16.25
now $18.75
now $20.00
now $21.25
Suits now
Suits now
Suits no w
Suits now
Suits now
Suits now
Suits now
Suits now
Women's $28.50 Dresses at $9.98
Women's House Dresses Special $1.19
Department, Second Floor Any woman
who has needfor Summer Dresses should
see these at once, for they represent a
saving not usually met with. Very new
est plaited, ruffled and flounce models,
in such desirable materials as wool chal
lies. serges, Shepherd checks, wool crepes,
etc. -Selling ordinarily up QQ
to $28.50. Special at only V'P
Double jffffT Stamps
Bargain Circle, Main Floor Women's
percale, chambray and gingham House
Dresses in neat patterns stripes, checks,
dots, etc. Also plain colors. High or
low necks, long or short sleeves. Also
the popular ' two-m-one " ffi TQ
at --'
styles. Priced special
New Adjustable Slipovers, with
belt across back. Special at
"Will be given tomorrow with all cash
purchases made on entire Second Fir.
Men's $1.50 Shirts
95 c
See Morrison Street
Window Display
: " i 1
3 Shirts for $2,50 Neat striped
and fancy patterns to seleot from,
in madras, percales and crepe ef
fects. Plaited and plain bosoms,
with stiff cuffs and. soft turnback
cuffs and collars to match, Also
plain or plaited White Shirts, with
soft or stiff cuffs. Sizes 14 to 18.
Shirts worth up to $1.50. QtZf
On special sale now at'c-f'
50c Union Suits
Basement, Bargain Center Hun
dreds of women will improve this
opportunity to supply their Sum
mer Underwear needs. Splendid
quality ribbed Union Suits in low
neck, sleeveless style, with tight
knee or loose knee. Trimmed with
Jace. Perfect fitting. AU
sizes. 50c Union Suits
Sale of Embidgrt Ffouncgiigfs
Save HVC Trading
Stamps and Reduce
High Cost of Living
At Less Than Half
Center Circle, Main-Floor 3500 yards exquisite Embroidery Flounc-
mgs compose this sensational one-day offering. Rarely
tunities like this appear, so plan to take full advantage
Grades Worth to $1.50
69c Yd.
Grades Worth to $3.00
98c Yd.
do oppor- vC
Grades Worth to $5.00 lt WFSSSa&Zffl
$i.69 te4m&m-
Grades Worth to $12
For dainty Summer Dresses, for waists, for lingerie, for children's and infants' dresses. Beautiful pat
terns in small dainty effects or in the large showy designs preferred for some purposes. Blind and eyelet
styles, also pretty combinations of embroidery and lace the very patterns you have been looking for
and would be willing to buy at the regular price. Beautiful, sheer nainsooks, Swisses, cambrics and voiles
The very highest grade embroidery Flouncings special lines selected from our regular stock and priced
for Monday only at a fraction of what they would bring ordinarily. Hundreds of patterns to select from.
$1.50 Grades 69c $3.00 Grades 98 $5.00 Grades $1.69 $12.00 Grades,' specially priced, $2.48
June Clean-Up Sale of Table Linens
Odd Lines Discontinued Patterns
Samples and Soiled Linens Reduced
Department, Main Floor As a fitting climax to our most successful Juno
White Sale we offer for this week unusual bargains in Linens of the very
best qualities, which we will dispose of at reductions to clean up the stock.
Table Linen Sets
Pattern Cloth and one dozen Nap
kins to . match. Only one or two
sets left of a kind. Note below:
Table Linen Sets. Size QQ "ft1
2x2 yards. Special at W
Table Linen Sets. Size CO Qfl
2x2V2 yards. Special S7.sJ
Table Linen Sets.
Size 2x3 yards, at
$1 Table Damask 85c
Twelve different patterns. Regular
$1.35 grade at $1.18;OfiJ
regular $1.00 grade, special OiJl
Towels, Spreads, Sheets
Pattern Cloths
Odd Cloths which have been (told
down to one or two of a kind.
Borders all around . Prettv pattern.
$3.25 Pattern Cloths. fiJO f?Q
Size 2x2i2 yards, at
$3.75 Pattern Cloths. PQ fCf
Size 2x3 yards. Special PtJ.
$3.00 Napkins $2.50
1 -J-
About 100 dozen Napkins in qual- I
ity and patterns to match the above 1
Cloths, brade usually selling at !f.f
a dozen. Priced for
quick clean-up at only
,- selling at $3 I I
u a
' at Special Prices
Odds and ends and small lots left after the tre
mendous selling of the past few weeks, grouped and
priced for rapid clean-iip. Come early tomorrow.
Extra large-size Linen Huck Towels, special, 25c
Linen Huck Towels, with white or red borders, 10c
200 dozen Fancy Stripe Glass Towels, each, 10c
Large heavy Bath Towels, blue or white bdrs., 27c
Crash Kitchen Toweling, blue or red border.
Dice Check Heavy Crash, soft, absorbent, yd., 10c
72x90 Colored Summer Bedspreads. special $2.00
81x90 Colored Summer Bedspreads, special. $2.25
Initial Pillow Cases, fine grade, special, pair, 75C
Full-size Crochet Bedspreads, extra heavy, $1.58
$4.00 large-size Marseilles Spreads, fringed, $2.50
Extra heavy large-size Sheets, best quality. (5
Regular 15c Pillow Oases, size 45x36-inch, 12 'AC
Regular 18c Pillow Cases, size 45x36-inch, at 14c
Regular 20c Pillow Cases, size 45x36 -inch, at 15c
Wash Goods at Special Prices
Novelty Ratines of finest ira- J O Yitt
ported quality. All leading colors Iv4
Novelty Check Eponge A beautiful nrw
fabric, in popular shades. Reg. 50c grade
Silk-Finish Foulards Make up nicely. Soft Q
and clingy. All new colors. Special, jard
Zephyr Ginghams Finest imported qnal- f
ity. Stripes, plaids, checks, etc. Yard--0
White Goods, Vi Price Handsome striped lawns
and dainty batistes in checks and plaids. Several
hundred yards in this lot. Offered in the "
June clean-up. Regular 20c grade. Yard
"Devonshire Cloth" New Patterns
We were the first to introduce thin popular wash
material in Portland. . New lot just received. Beau
tiful new patterns. Devonshire Cloth is tuhpronf
and sunproof and comes 32 inches in width. Mcul
fabric for Summer dresses and especially desirable
for children frocks, ( all or write for nest 0l-
little "Devonshire" booklet it's free. Yd.''
A 11 Refrigerators Reduced
Department, 3d Floor
Wc are agents for several well-known makes, in
cluding the famous "Automatic" line. Drastic
price reductions on every Refrigerator in stock.
Regular $10.00 Refrigerators on sale at $ 8.00
Regular $13.20 Refrigerators on sale at $10.55
Regular $15.60 Refrigerators on sale at $12.50
Regular $19.20 Refrigerators on sale at $15.35
Regular $25.20 Refrigerators on sale at $20.15
T 1 OQ At VafnMvafAH am eala fit. BS
Regular $36.60 Refrigerators on sale at $29.60 M ; JJ
Regular $42.00 Refrigerators on sale at $33.60 -T
SalelceCreamFreezers II Gas Plates and Ovens
ft " il
Third Floor "Lighting" or
"White Mountain" .Ice Cream
Freezers at the following prices:
One-quart size on sale at SI. 50
Two-quart size on sale at $1.80
Three-quart size on sale at $2.12
Four-quart size on sale at $2.48
Reg. $ 8.60 Ice Chests, $ 6.90
Reg. $12.60 Ice Chests, $10.08
Gas Plates,
Gas Plates,
Gas Plates,
Gas Plates,
Gas Plates.
Gas Ovens,
Gas Ovens.
Gas Ovens,
Gas Ovens,
Hot Weather Cooking Devices
Cook "Electrically'
Third Floor We carry a complete stock of elec
tric conveniences for the home, made by the best
factories in the world. Our prices are right.
Electric Chafing. Dishes in many different styles
and finishes. They are priced as follows for this
sale at $15.00, $19.00, $23.00 and up to $24.50.
Electric Coffee Percolators $7.50 to $23.50
Coffee made in Electric Percolator is as elear as wine and
preserves the delicate aroma of the Coffee. Easy to use
and safe. Note the prices on Electric Accessories:
Electric Irons., $3.00, $3.20. $3.50, $5.00, $5.50, $6, $8, $9
Electric Disc Stoves at $4, $4.25, $5.50, $7, as high as $8
Electric Toasters priced at $2.00, $3.50, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00
Electric Tea Ball Pots at $7.25, $8.00. $8.75 np to $9.50
No running to and from the stove, no odor, no dirt, no
danger. Always cool and comfortable. Cook "electrically"
this Summer and avoid the dirt and. dust of the old way.
Children's $1.50 Parasols 8 5c
Department. Main Floor Two hundred of these attractive new Para
sols will be sold tomorrow at this price. Choice of many pretty styles,
including linen colored tops, with contrasting "border of red, blue. pink,
green or white. Also White Linen Parasols, with dainty q Cftr
colored embroidered designs. Good sizes. $1.25 to $1.50 grades 0JC
Women's $1.25 Silk Gloves $1
Save 25c on every pair of these Gloves you buy tomorrow! Fine qual
ity all-silk Milanese, in full 16-button length, with Paris point backs
and double-tipped fingers. Complete line of all sizes black and
white. Standard $1.25 Silk Gloves at any store. On rt ff
special tables near Morrison-street entrance", priced, pair VXt MJ
Headquarters for Trunks, Suitcases and Traveling Needs of all
kinds, 4th floor. Portland agents for "Hartmann" Wardrobe
Trunks. 1 -
Muslin Underwear
Department, Second Floor French hand
made garments in exquisite patterns and fin
est of materials, on sale at big savings.
Corset Covers Worth to $4.95 fa
. Special $1.98
Finest French band-made Corset Covers. Em
broidered in beautiful floral designs. Grades
selling up to $4.95. On sale now, jj t QQ
your choice, for the low price of pifO
Gowns Worth Up to $5.00
Special $2.98
Hand-emboidered Gowns and Combinations of
extra fine grade nainsook. Trimmed with the
richest of laces. Garments sell- CO QQ
ing at $5 priced special for only P&.JO
$6 to $10 Chemise $3.98
Odd lines French hand-made Che
mise, embroidered in pretty ef
fects, $6, $8.50 and fiQ QQ
$10 grades, spcci
At $4.98 'Gowns and Combina
tions iu many beautiful styles.
Hand-embroidered and . trimmed
with laces, $6
$17.50 garments
$1.60 Grades 69c Lace and em
broidery trimmed Princess Slips,
Gowns, Skirts and Combi-?Qs
nations on sale for only-'''
Women's $15.00 beautiful Crepe de
Regular $1.25 Nainsook Corset Covers, several stvles, special nt 98
Special showing of the new Envelope Chemise. Priced Monday at 98c
Women's $9.50 Colored Silk Pajamas, frog-trimmed for $2.49
$9 to $15 Crepe de Chine Combinations, lace trimmed .. .$4.98
White Skirts at Price
New Straight Skirts, lace and em
broidery trimmed. Daintiest of
new styles. $4 U t.f
to $13.75 Skirts I
Corset Covers 23c Good grade of
long cloth and crepe Corset Cov
ers. Lace and embroid- O
ery trimmed. Special for
$1.75 Drawers 49c Long cloth and
cambric with good quality em
broidery ruffles. WorthO
to $1.75 on sale now for"''
Muslin Drawers, special for 23 C
Chine Gowns, special at $10.00
Clean-Up Sale
Second Floor Doublo "S. &
II" Green Trading .Stamps
will be given with all cash
purchases made on the en
tire second floor tomorrow.
At l2 Price
Odd lines Lily of France and
Mme. Mariette Corsets. Also
a few discontinued models in
Bicn Julie custom-iniida end
Grecian-Treeo Corsets. All
of very best grade materials.
We will also put in tliis as
sortment several discontinued
style in the well-known Gos
sard Front-Ijiee Corsets. Not
all sires in each style,
but all sizes in the lot.
Reg. $J-00CorseU $2.50
Reg.' 6.50 Comets $ 3.25
Reg. $ 7.50 Corsets $3 . 75
Reg. $ 8.50 Corsets $ 4 .25
Reg. $12.50 Corsets Q.25
RjJll5J)0j:orset$ 7.50
Reg. $16.50 Comets $ 8.25
Reg. $22.50 Corsets $11 .25
Summer Furniture
Grass Ruga
Curtains, Draperies
Third Floor
95c Yard
Third Floor Beautiful new im
ported English Cretonnes in dozens
of attractive patterns. 50 inches
wide. Regular $2.25 grade. Q w
Special tomorrow, yard'''
Bamboo Shades $1.48
Third Floor Keep your porch cool
with one of these Bamboo Shades.
Size 8x8 ft. Reg- ZJf SO
ular $2.00 grade, at PX0
25c Porch Seats 9c
Japanese Matting Porch Seats.
Nicely bound, and the regu- Qs
lar 25c kind. Priced, special
Special Sale of High-Grade Wilton Rugs
1 ,JBP8il
; A
$40 Rugs $29.75 $60 Rugs $47.50
Department, Third Floor We secured this special lot of Wilton Rugs at an extremely low figure so low,
in fact, that we are enabled to sell them at about regular factory prices. Tbey were made by one of
America's foremost manufacturers of high-grade Wilton Rugs everyone is perfect the patterns are all
new the colorings are most attractive. All sizes, from 27x54 inches up to room-size 012'a.
Regular $40 9x12 Rugs
Sixteen distinct patterns, in col
orings varied enough to suit every
fancy. Fine, sturdy wool Wiltons,
Special tomorrow, choice, $29.75
$25.00 Rags, size 9x12, special at $18.75
$37.50 Rugs, size 8-3x10-6, on special sale, only $27.50
Reg. $45 9x12 Rugs
Fourteen patterns in this assort
ment, featuring the latest ideas
in colors for the living-room, the
dining-room .and the library.
Reg. $60 9x12 Rugs
Reproductions of the finest Ori
ental ' pattern and colorings.
These are excellent $ Huir.
Priced special at only $17.50
$5.50 Wilton Rugs, size 27x54 inches, on sale at $3.45
$8.50 Wilton Rugs, size 36x63 inches, now on sale, $6.45
- I