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The Largest
Exclusive Cloah
and Suit House
on the Coast
Corner Sixth
and Alder Sts-3
Opposite the
Oregonian Bldtg.
Indiana Physician's Home Said
to Contain Burned Frag
ments of Clothes.
Schools Will Be Started to
eci&l. .Announcement
Teach American Language,
Government and Ideals.
An Extraordinary Purchase of 40
Silk Suits at 50c on the Dollar
Other Parts of Premises to Be Ex
plored la Search for Evidence.
Stepmother Is Questioned
Following Apprehension.
Eugene Sessions This Morning .Will
Consider State and Xatlon-Wide
Prohibition Movements Visit
ors Much Entertained.
NEWCASTLE, Ind- May 30. Dr. and
Mrs. W. A. Winters, father and step
mother of Catherine Winters, aged 10,
who disappeared from her home here
more than a year ago, were arrested
today on their arrival here from-Terre
Haute. Ind. They were charged with
conspiracy to commit a felony. This
makes three arrests In the case, W. H.
Cooper, a former roomer In the Win
ters home, having been arrested late
last night.
It -was said that the charge of con
spiracy to commit a felony had been
placed against the three persons under
arrest merely as a. means of holding
them, and that the charge might be
changed later.
C loth in K Foond Sealed la Wall.
It was said a second search of the
home of Dr. W. A. Winters, father of
the girl, would be made. Private 'de
tectives and Newcastle police officers,
who searched the home last night, as
serted they found sealed in the base
ment wall a red hair ribbon, a red un
derskirt and red sweater which had
belonged to the missing child.
The sweater, police officials declare,
.had holes In it which looked as If they
'had been burned there, and the under
skirt was stained as if by blood.
Cooper was a roomer at the Winters
home at the time of the disappearance
of the girl, but left Newcastle the day
after she disappeared and remained
away for ten days. He did not seem
much surprised when arrested and de
clared that he could prove an alibi.
He also blamed Mayor Watktns for his
Search Has Been Kxtenalve.
Dr. and Mrs. Winters were in Terre
Haute, where motion pictures are being
shown, to raise funds to further- the
search for Catherine.
Large sums of money have been
spent in searching for the child and
she has been reported found In various
parts of the country, but each report
has proved untrue.
Catherine Winters disappeared March
20, 1913. The child had been canvassing
the neighborhood in which she lived
trying to sell needles for a church so
ciety. She was last seen late in the
afternoon. The police were not notified
until the next day.
Catherine Is the daughter of Dr. Win
ters by his first wife, who died several
years ago. Catherine Inherited J3000
on her mother's death.
Warrants Issued by Mayor.
The warrants for the arrest of Dr.
and Mrs. Winters and Cooper were Is
sued by Mayor Watkins, who has been
a leading figure in the investigation
of the disappearance of Catherine.
Cooper's bond was, placed at ?5000,
which he was unable to furnish. The
Winters' bonds have not been fixed.
Police officers and the private de
tective employed by. the Mayor began
today digging tip the floor of the cellar
in the Winters home with the hope, as
they expressed it, of finding either the
body of the girl or evidence of how
the body had been disposed of. It was
said if no traces were found in the
I'ellar. other parts of the premises
would be dug up.
Mrs. Winters, following her arrest,
was questioned regarding the clothing
worn by Catherine on the day of her
disappearance, March 20, 1913, and the
police said that, among the other ef
fects, she described the sweater which
was found last night.
It was said Dr. Winters, probably
would be taken to the jail in , Muncle,
so that he could not communicate with
either his wife or Cooper.
(Continued From Klrst Pag.)
wise and sane propositions, the only
propositions which represent a con
structive governmental prograssivism
and the resolute purpose to secure good
results, instead of fine phases, were
the principles enunciated in the Pro
afressive platform In connection with
the trusts and the tariff alike. Our
policies would have secured the pass
ing around of prosperity and also the
existence of a sufficient amount of
prosperity to be passed around.
Throughout the country all I can do to
emphasize these facts will be done.
"But I believe that this Kail my
chief duty lies right here in the State
of New York. I doubt whether there
is a state In the Union that shows more
conclusively than this state the dread
ful evil of . the two-boss system in
political life. The people of this state.
the honest people, the good citizens
who wish clean and efficient govern
ment. no matter what their party
affiliations may be, are growing
indignant with a system which pro
vi5es for the see-sa wof the Murphy
and Barnes machines in -the govern
ment of this state.
Two-Party Boas Rule Attacked.
"There is not a state in which the
evils of by-partisan boss rule are more
concretely illustrated than right here.
Tender such rule it is impossible to
get decent and effective government. It
is Impossible to secure fair treatment
for the honest business man, for the
honest wageearner or for tho honest
farmer. From the canals and high
ways downwards, each branch of the
Government has been . administered
primarily with a view to the political
advantage and often with a view to
the personal enrichment of different
political leaders. No advantage what
ever to the people at large can pos
sibly come by keeping this system and
substituting under bosses of Mr.
Barnes for under bosses of Mr. Murphy
as the beneficiaries of the system. 1
believe the time has come to clean
house in New York.
"And I believe that all right-minded
people ought to act together without
regard to their ordinary party dif
ferences, in a determined effort to ac
complish this task and to destroy the
malign and baleful influence of both
tho Barnes machine and the Murphy
machine in this state.
Turpentine on Bandage Ijmites.
Adolph Dahrem, a logger at Sandy,
Or., received severe burns Friday,
when a spark from a donkey engine
set fire to a bandage, saturated in
turpentine, which he was wearing on
his left hand. He was brought to
Portland and taken to the Good Sa
maritan Hospital. Dahrem wore the
bandage to protect a wound received
from a steel sliver. His left hand, arm
and shoulder were burned.
Y - - :f JV :;
- - j
I pt f ?-? - , ;;
t - - vy -w- v , ,, -ir ,v,vf , far - i - ii- m Ti hi i, m i i t
Miss Katheryn Allen, of Woodmere, entertained recently In honor of
her little cousin, Wesely Ryland Crary, of Astoria. The house was
decorated with Scotch broom and lilacs. Refreshments were served
and favors given each baby present. The majority of the guests were
natives of New York state. Those invited were: Captain and Mrs.
John McNulty and John, Jr.; Professor and Mrs. Crary and Ryland,
Mrs. A. S. Boyd and twin boys, David and John; Mrs. R. D. Shepperd
and Elinor, Mrs. H. A. White and Donald. John McNulty, Jr., was the
largest child present and Elinor Shepperd the smallest.
Bills-Important to West De
pend Now on Favor of
Democrats in House.
President Has Agreed Sot to Press
Other Subjects While Anti-Trust
Bills Are Pending, but Time
Is Open After That.
ington, May 30. Unless Western mem
bers of the House can induce the Demo
cratic leaders to call another caucus
to add to the legislative programme for
the session, it is doubtful whether any
pending land or irrigation bills can. be
come laws before adjournment.
This fact developed when a delega
tion of Western members called on the
President to urge his support of the
bill allowing settlers on Government
irrigation projects 20 years In which
to pay for their water and providing a
system or graduated payments. The
President said the bill should become
law. He made it plain, however, that
he could not do anything to bring
about immediate passage for he had
promised Representative Underwood he
would ask for no legislation other than
that approved by the Democratic caucus
and in no event would he ask the House
to pass any other bills while the anti
trust legislation is pending.
Another Caucus M17 Be Solution.
The President intimated, however.
that if . the Western members would
start a movement for another caucus.
in order that the Democratic majority
of the House might add other bills to
the legislative programme, he would
then do what he could for the SO-year
The Western delegation then sounded
out Chairman Henry, of the rules com
mittee. Mr. Henry said flatly that the
rules committee would not report a spe
cial rule for the consideration of the
bill unless instructed to do so by a
Democratic caucus.
These developments are significant
regarding all .egistation affecting the
w est. The bills to amend the three-
year homestead law so as to make it
workable and equitable; bills providing
for leasing Government coal, oil and
phosphate lands, and the Alaska leas
ing bill are all In the same category,
and it begins to look as if none could
receive consideration in the House un
less first approved by a Democratic
caucus and then brought up under spe
cial rules.
Bouse Hu Plenty of Time.
There Is no question but the House
will have ample time to consider all
these bills for, with the passage of the
anti-trust bills, the House has little
remaining of the legislative programme
except the passage of the sundry civil
bill and an adjustment of differences
with the Senate on all the big legisla
tion yet untinished. The Senate, on the
other hand, has yet to consider half
the appropriation bills; it has the anti
trust bills to dispose of. and has work
enough mapped out to keep it busy not
less than two months.
The disposition among Democrats is
to get rid of legislation on the list and
then dawdle away the remainder of the
session, but If the President will say
the word, the House will devote itself
to the consideration of legislation still
- In the end, the fate of all these Wwi
ern bills may be said to rest with the
$2,500,000 ESTATE LEFT
Mrs. William McKenzle'B Lawyer
Denies Family Protest to Will.
NEW YORK, May 25. William Mc
Kenzie. who was president of the
Standard Bleachery Company, which
has a plant, employing 1000 persons, ai
Carlton Hill N. J., and who died at
his home. Braeside, Carlton Hill, on
April 11, left an estate valued at about
Though the will has not been offered
for probate it was learned that one
third of the property owned by Mr.
McKenzie, who was founder of the Bor
ough of East Rutherford, N. J., which
governs Carlton Hill, is left to Mrs.
McKenzie. The remainder will go in
equal shares to his four sons and one
There have been rumors in Bergen
County, where Mr. McKenzie was one
of tha Republican leaders for many
years, that the distribution provided
by the will was unsatisfactory to tne
children, all of whom were born to Mr.
McKenzie's first wife, and that they
intended to contest the will if it was
filed. William B. Gourley, of Pater
son,' who is counsel for Mrs. McKen
zie and was a friend of Mr. McKenzie,
said there was no truth in the rumors.
He said the will would be filed within
a few days. Mr. McKenzie's sons
would not discuss the matter.
The five children are Mrs. Rachel E.
Pearson, of Boston, Mass., and James
J. 'McKenzie, Bertram D. McKenzie,
Kenneth M. McKenzie and William Mc
Kenzie, of Rutherford. ." .
- Mr. McKenzie's chief - holdings were
in the Standard Bleachery Company,
the Hobart Trust Company, of Passaic;
the Rutherford National Bank, railroad
stocks and bonds and stocks in various
enterprises in New York, New Jersey
and New England.
Receipts From Vint Six Days of Op
eration Average $78418 With In
terest and Ways of 90
s .
SEATTLE, Wash., May 30. (Spe
cial.) Seattle's new municipal trolley
system Is losing $12 a day, -according
to the official report which will have
to be made up by general taxation.
Division A. of the Inunlcipal system.
extending from Pine street and Third
avenue to Salmon Bay at Thirteenth
avenue West and . Nickerson street.
distance of four miles, up to yester
day, has been in operation six days
and the receipts have been nearly $12
less than the interest on bonds and tne
salary list for each day of operation.
The line cost Approximately $400,000
and at 4 per cent, the Interest
amounts to $60 a day. Three crews
and a barn foreman are paid $40,
day making a cost for two Hems alone
of $90 a day. The receipts for the first
six days of operation have averaged
$78.38 ranging from $141.50 the highest;
to $48.36 the lowest.
In addition to interest during the
period of operation there must be
added to the deficit interest during the
period of construction, covering nearly
two years, the charge for current and
the usual expenses aside from salaries
and depreciation. Presumably the gen
eral fund, created by general taxa
tlon, will be required to care for the
deficit until .such time as the line
operated at a profit or meets
Senator I.a Follette Slips 36 8 Pages
Into Congressional Record.
"WASHINGTON. May 25. Members of
Congress were dumbfounded when an
official "part two" of the Congression
al record embracing 36S printed pages
was laid on their desks.
Investigation showed the entire pub
lication to be the speech of Senator R.
M. Im. Follette. of Wisconsin, on the
subject of the alleged influences
brought to bear on the Interstate Com
merce Commission In connection with
the proposed "increase in freight rates.
Only seven pages of the record ap
peared to have been delivered on the
floor of the Senate by Senator La Fol
lette. The balance of the volume be
ing "proofs" in the form of documen
tary evidence submitted by him to the
volume itself exceeds any single copy
of the record ever issued by approxi
mately 180 pages.
Representative Barnhart, of Indiana,
chairman of the House committee on
printing, announced - that he would
speak on publication In the House at
the earliest opportunity, pointing out
that if every member of Congress took
up as much space as Senator La Follette
the cost of the Congressional record
would be Increased by $6,514,634.22. He
estimated the most of the single issue
at J12.468.62.
In a London museum is a clock 12 fet
MRh. wbich Indicates on the main dial the
Greennrieh time, and on elitht smaller ones
the time In as many larjre cities of the
world. The- clock also tells the date and
has m earometer attacbsd.
EUGENE, Or., May 30. (Special.)
To make the German a better Ameri
can citizen when he applies for his
naturalization papers is the aim of a
movement launched today at the
eighth annual eonvention of the
Staatsverbund von Oregon, the confed
eration of 45 German-speaking socle-
ties in Oregon, with 170 members and
delegates In seslBon here. . The Ger
mans committed themselves to raise
funds to establish schools for this pur-
pose throughout Oregon. The first
will be located in Portland, with oth
ers following rapidly in the German
speaking centers.
une sole aim is to educate the new
arrival from Germany into the ways
of American citizenship, and to make
him a better American than he would
be otherwise. This Includes the teach
ing of the American language. Govern
ment and Ideals. Detaisl for this sye
tem .of schools will be developed fur
ther at tomorrow mornings session.
At this time important resolutions
will be voted upon. One of these Is a
protets against state-wide prohibition
in Oregon and another , is the Nation
wide anti-liquor movement.
Resolutions will be up for passage
favoring a permanent registration law,
with heavy penalties for violation.
also a National eight-hour law.
Officers elected today are: F. H.
Dammasch, of Portland, n resident: G.
Schnooi, of Willamette, vice-president;
Carl Adler, Baker, second vice-president:
Edgar Winter, of Portland, sec
retary; Louis Huhin, of Portland,
treasurer; H. Enke, Theodore Bera-
mann, J. Bonadurer. Portland, trustees.
Tonight the Germans were guests of
tne university German Club, where a
German comedy was produced by stu
dents. .tomorrow -morning a second
session will wind up the business af
fairs, and later the 'Visitors will be
entertainea by , the local Germans at
tne Deutcnes Haus, east of the city.
Student Afraid to Eight Duel Sues
Man He Hired to Slash Face .
BERLIN. May 29 The value attached
by German students to scars left on
their faces by saber duels forms the
basis of a lawsuit which is Just now
amusing university circles throughout
A certain student in a small univer
slty town was most eager to enjoy the
glory of such scars, but he could not
overcome his dread of fighting a duel.
He turned for help to a servant em
ployed about the university and hired
him to- give hln a stroke over the face
with a saber.
The man, however, delivered a fright
ful blow, and the damage was consid
erably greater than that for which the
student contracted.
After he was dismissed from the hos
pital he brought suit against the ser
vant for bodily Injuries.
Students Were Gambling, However,
and Each Pays $7 for It.
NEW YORK. May 25. Pinochle, time
honored Indoor and outdoor sport
among students, received a black eye
In Municipal Court when seven uni
verslty students caught playing the
game on the East River parkway were
fined $7 each for gambling. Park Po
liceman A. C. Broberg and Patrolman
Carl Albright passed the students, who
were seated in a circle, and they paid
little attention to them ontil they heard
the clink of money.
Then the game- was raided. In court
the students confessed to Municipal
Judge Montgomery that . they .were
$100,000 RANCH IS SOLD
Moorhead Property, Sitear Miles City,
to Bo Merged.
MILES CITY, Mont, May 27 Colonel
T. S. Bryan, or Lemon tirove, uai.
and L. S. Badgett, of this city, have pur
chased the Moorhead ranch, on Otte
Creek, In this county, the consideration
being $100,000.
The consolidation of the Moorhead
and the Bryan & Badgett rnches will
make one of the largest ranches in
this section of Montana. ' The property
Includes over 2000 acres under Irri
gation, several thousand head of cattle
and horses and other farm property.
Hoaie for Disabled Poets.
Philadelphia Ledger..
"Mr. Editor, we are trying to start
a home for disabled poets." -mnv
said the editor. "There Is a whole
bunch of ooets In this town that I
will disable as Boon as you are ready
for them."
Mrs. Nettie Edgerton Ends Stomach Trouble and
Recovers Health
Mrs. Nettie Edgerton. of 427 Webster
street. Portland, has surprised her
many friends by her rapid recovery
from a severe case of stomach trouble
with which she was afflicted for three
years. She gives the credit for her
cure to Akoz. the new California medi
cinal mineral.
"I was miserable and could not eat
with any relish." said Mrs. Edgerton.
in speaking of her recovery. "I was
all run down, nervous and unable to
sleep. I had a tired, heavy, languid
feeling all the time. I tried a great
many drugs and remedies without re
lief. "After taking the Akoz mineral
treatment four weeks, I feel fine, sleep
well and do my housework without
Worrell's Sample Cloak & Suit House
Cor. Sixth and Alder StsM Opposite Oregonian Building
Prohibitionists and Licensed Campaiji
Forces! In Quandary Results
Known on Wednesday.
LEW1STON, Idaho, May 30. (Spe
cial.) The returns from the local op
tion election held here this week have
the prohibitionists and the licensed
campaign forces in a quandary. . The
"wets" contend they have a -majority of
one vote, while the "drys" are confi
dent there is an error in their count
and claim victory by majorities Tang
ing from 6 to 13.
P. B. Stookey,. leader of the local op.
tionists, stated that the returns are
somewhat doubtful and only an official
count will determine the results. He
stated he felt confident that there was
no question but that the official canvass
of the situation would give the "drys"
victory by fromln4Q- to B0 votes; that
there were no "repeaters" In their
forces, and that the Indians who voted
at Lapwai and Spalding were qualified
The licensed campaign managers
state that there has been absolutely
nothing but the cleanest work In the
carrying on of their campaign; that
they have positive proof that the
"drys" had many people vote more than
once, and that there is absolutely ' no
question but that when the official
count is made on June 3, that the
licensed saloons will be permitted.
CTtanRC IVom Deficit to Surplus
Made AVituin Few Years,
BERLIN. -' May 28. The Emperor
William Canal, connecting the North
Sea and the Baltic, is proving a re
markably successful business enter
prise. The years 1896 to 1902 all ended
with a deficit. "While the deficit In
the earlv vears was about S250.000, It
Was only 155.000 in the year 1902. In
1903 It yielded a surplus of $14,250,
and although a certain setback was
suffered during the years when trade
eenerally was bad. the surplus grad
ually increased until for the year 1911
it waa 1200.000.
The authorities themselves, while
antlciDating a continuance of the in
crease of the surplus as the result of
by Using Akoz
the usual worn-out feeling. I enjoy my
meals and unusually good health.
shall continue taking Akoz for a while
yet. as I want to make sure that I am
thoroughly cured.
Akoz Is a natural tonic just as
nature prepared It Mrs. Edgerton is
but one of hundreds in Portland
and vicinity who have checked their
stomach trouble, rheumatism, kidney,
liver and bladder trouble, catarrh.
eczema, piles, ulcers and other ailments
with Akoz. The mineral has rare cura
tive virtues and heals whatever it
touches. Akoz is put up in different
forms merely for convenience of ap
plication. It is sold at The Owl Drug
Store and all other leading drug stores,
where further information may be had
regarding this advertisement.
Owing to a canceled order these Suits,
made by one of the most exclusive con
cerns in America (name withheld because
of trade reasons), was forced to sell them
at a big loss. Our offer of 50 cents on the
dollar was accepted. The Suits are here
and will be placed on
sale Monday onlyat,
your choice
The beautiful garments represent the
genius of the most talented designers of
both the. Old World and the New. Each
Suit possesses character and quality, in
dividuality and style; made up in a supe
rior quality of moire silk in colors of wis
. taria, new blue, Copenhagen, navy, ma
hogany, tango and black. Not one in the
entire lot was made to sell for less than
$40.00 and mostly all of them regular
$50.00 values.
the continued prosperity f the empire,
are agreeably surprised ta find that
the surplus for 1913 was, aeoerding to
the Kreus Zeltuns,-iee,eee mora than
in the preceding1 yea, surplus Is.
the Conservative jauFFtal points out, 22
Elizabeth says: "I am troubled with a
constant headache, which also aliects
my eyes. My breath is awful, as I
have a severe case of catarrh in the
head and throat."
Answer: I receive dailv hundreds ot
tetters lrom people who nave suiierea
as you do and who have been relieved
with the following prescription: Make
a wash by mixing one-half teaspoonful
ot viiane powoer, wnicn you can pur
chase from anv druggist in 2-oz. pack
ages, and add to this one pint of warm
water, use this in the nostrils daily to
thoroughly cleanse them A catarrh
balm should be used with this. This
is made by mixing one teaspoonful of
Viiane powder with one ounce lard or
vaseline and aptfly well up into the
nostrils twice a day. If this is used
dailv vour catarrh should soon vanish.
It should, however, be used occasional
ly to prevent a return of the disease.
"C. G." writes: "If vou know of any
thing that will cure dandruff, itching
scalp and premature baldness, please
let me know what it is.
Answer: For several years I have
prescribed plain yellow minyol as su
perior to anything known for the
treatment of diseased scalo. Get It in
four-ounce jars with full directions. It
quickly overcomes all diseases of hair
and scalp and gives new vigor and in
tense natural color to tne nair. rry it
fairly and you will advocate its use
for your' friends.
' "Mildred-' writes: T am constantly
embarrassed' because of the fact of my
extreme thinness. I have absolutely
no color in my face and lips and I am
dull and lifeless most ot the time.
Please advise me what to do."
Answer: If you are so thin and pale
and your lips and cheeks are colorless,
it is because your blood is deficient in
red corpuscles. This can be easily
overcome by the use of three-grain
hypo-nuclane tablets, which can be had
from any druggist in sealed cartons
with full directions for taking. When
the blood is enriched by tlie use of
these tablets vour weight will increase,
the color will come back Into your
face and lips, and it will improve your
general system so that you will be
come strong and healthy.
"Edna" writes: "I suffer with rheu
matism all the time and I shall be very
glad if you can tell me something to
relieve me."
Answer: I can give you a prescription
which will not only relieve, but should
obliterate your rheumatism. This is
m v favorite remedy and from the
number of letters received from people
who nave used it proves its value in
rheumatism. The following is made by
mixing well, taking a teaspoonful at
meal times and again before retiring:
Come, essence cardiol. 1 oz. : comp.
fluid balmwort, 1 oz. ; syrup sarsaparil
la comp.. 5 ozs.; iodide of potassium. 2
drams; wine of colchicum. one-half oz.;
Bodium salicylate, 4 drams.
"Morris" asks: "I have suffered with
a chronic couh for almost a year, and
i catch a fresh cold every few weeks.
times as great as it was only nine
years ago. The number of ships that
passed through the canal last year was
- Alberta's -coal resources are estimated
1.07.T.(Vn.0O0.O00 metric tons.
yt TpviceJ
The questions answered below are
'general in character; the symptoms or
di&eases are given and the answers
should apply to any case of similar na
ture. Those wishinsr further advice, free.
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College
Building, College-Ellwood streets, Day
ton. O.. enclosing self-addressed.
stamped envelope for reply. Full naine
and address must do given. Dut oniy
initials or fictitious name will be usetx
In my answers. The prescriptions can
be filled at any well-stocked drujr
store. Any druggix can order of
Nothing the doctor gives me helps, so
I write to you."
Answer: Tou need a thorough laxa
tive cough syrup, one that not only re
lieves, but surely drives it from th
system. The following regularly used
will oust any curable cough or cold
promptly! Obtain a 2-oz. bottle of
essence mentho-laxene. mix it with a.
home-made sugar syrup or honey as
per directions on bottle.
"Anxious B."- TwrittJs: "I hare ;ln re
cent years been threatened with ap
pendicitis, but would never consent to
an operation. Indigestion, constipation
and sedentary habits cause me much,
suffering. Kindly prescribe for dys
pepsia something which you think will
cure me and prevent appendicitis."
Answer: The most scientific and sat
isfving treatment for your trouble is
tablets trlopeptine; packed pink, white
and blue in sealed cartons with full
directions. Most stomach disorders can
be conquered by regular, treatment.
"Mrs. G." writes: "I have many of
the symptoms upon which you pre
scribe "three-errain cadomene tablets.
May I. a woman, expect to find relief
by taking these tablets?"
Answer: Yes, three-grain cadomene
tablets are suited to any case of ex
treme nervousness where the vital
forces seem to be ebbing away. They
are tonic in action to a high degree and
no 111 person can take them without
the greatest benefit following.
Farmer's Wife asks: "Will vou please '
tell me how to overcome obesity?"
Answer: Obesity is burdensome. Ex
cessive fat on the human body is un
natural and frequently results serious
lv. The best and safest method to re
duce is to take regularly five-grain
arbolone tablets. They are put up in
sealed tubes with directions for home
use, and any well-stocked druggist can
supply them.
"Sara C." writes: "I am constipated
and have a greasy skin. Suffer from
headache, indigestion" and some kidney
trouble. I wish you to recommend a
Answer- The best remedy to relieve
and master chronic constipation is
called three-grain sulpherb tablets,
made from sulphur, cream of tartar
and herb medicines. Taken regularly
the blood Is purified, the bowels and
liver stimulated Into healthy action ,
and health established. They are
packed in sealed tubes with full direc
tions. These tablets are splendid for.
children, as they do not gripe or sicken.
"Mamma" "I know of nothing bet
ter for bed-wetting than: 1 dram of
tincture cubebs, 2 drams of tincture
rhus aromatic and 1 oz. comp. fluid
balmwort. Mir. The dose Is 10 to 15
drops In water one hour before meals."
I. P. B. writes: "Can you please pre
scribe medicine which will relieve me
of such distressing symptoms of kiii
nev and bladder, as the following:
Pains in small of back, soreness in
region of bladder, frequent calls at
night, but scanty flow with pain, burn
ing and foul odor, puffing of limb,
Answer: Those seeking relict from
kidney and bladder disorders should
begin taking balmwort tablets, a very
successful formula sold in sealed tubes
with full directions. Adv. .-