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31, 1914. ia
Tortunes havebeee made alt jest snach times as.--
If you knew that opportunity was knocking
at just twenty -four doors today and yours
was one, would you open it?
Here is an opportunity that over forty prom
inent Portland business men and business
houses have already grasped.
A quarter block of business property, located
on the West side, with railroad tracks in rear,
for less than an equal sized piece of first-class
residence property and on easy terms.
Industrial Center, located at 29th and Nicoiai
Sts., is in the path of Portland's railroad, ware
house and factory growth. Nearly a million
square feet of ground have been sold here since January, for factories and ware
houses! A half dozen plants have been erected and are in operation!
Opportunity .
Master of human destinies am I.
Fame, love and fortune on my footsteps wait,
Cities and fields I walk; I penetrate
Deserts and seas remote, and, passing by
Hovel, and mart, and palace, soon or late
I knock, unbidden, once at every gate!
If sleeping, wake if feasting, rise before
I turn away. It is the hour of fate,
And they who follow me reach every state
Mortals desire, and conquer every foe
Save death; but those who doubt or hesitate,
Condemned to failure, penury and woe,
Seek me in vain and uselessly implore
answer not, and I return no more.
All but two sites in the first portion of In
dustrial Center have been sold. The second and
last portion only 22 sites is ready. This
announcement is bound to put Industrial Center
before hundreds of men who appreciate such
an opportunity to purchase sites for manufac
turing or investment Never has business prop
erty with trackage facilities on each site and
such certainty of immediate increased valua
tion, backed by the judgment and money of
prominent business men, been sold at about
50c on the dollar.
Pind out about it anyway Fill
out the Opportunity Coupon let
ns send yon, right away, a map of
the property and full particulars.
No obligation whatever.
Read this list of keen-minded foresighted men and business houses who have purchased sites in Industrial
Center, after a thorough investigation. You probably know some of them ask their opinion
United Railways Company Same
H. A. Weis of Hirsch-Weis Co . Tent and Awning
Geo. W. & F. L. Warren.-. .. ... Investor
W. E. Hold. . , .Investor
J. A. Curry ...... . .Trussed Concrete Steel Co.
D. G. Hubbell . . ..Investor
East Side Feed Company Same
Karl V. Lively, Trustee McCargar, Bates & Lively
Mission Marble Company .- .Same
Multnomah Iron Works Same
McCann Stone Company .Same
Portland Marble Works Same
East Side Boiler Works Same
Portland Concealed Bed Company Same
Portland Concrete Pile Company Same
Raymond Concrete Pile Company Same'
East Portland Wire & Iron Works Same
Shope Nat. Concrete Machinery Company, Same
M. Sichel ' . Investor
Oregon Box Manufacturing Company. . . .Same
L. A. Andrus . Construction Company
Oregon Woodenware Mfg. Company Same
J. R. Bowles . . . Northwest Steel Company
John P. Whitlock Coast Bridge Company
J. C. Bayer Furnace Company Same
E. A. Clark ... .Investor
W. S. Dinwiddie- . .Dinwiddle Const. Company
Nelson C. Dennis . .Investor
Enterprise Planing Mill Company Same
Standard Machinery Company Same
E. G. Eastman .Investor
Finke Cooperage Company Same
S. P. Flodine Investor
J. J. Febvet and F. W. Hanebut Investors
Gunther King Company Same
Forrest C. Ha worth . . . ., Investor
Hesse-Martin Iron Works Same
Harper Brass Works '. Same
Higgins & Wintermute Investors
F. N. Clark Company, .Selling A
Title & Trust, S9 Fourth Street, Portland
I F. N. CLARK & CO. 1
Impressive Ceremony Is Con
ducted by Three Prelates
From Other Dioceses.
t!1bhops of Sacramento and Califor
nia Officiate at Church Service
and Committal Rite Is by
Bishop of Olympia.
All that was mortal of the Right
Reverend Charles Scadding, bishop of
the Diocese of Oregon, was committed
to -the grave in Riverside Cemetery
The funeral rites at-fPrlnlty Church,
that preceded the burial, were the most
Impressive and dignified that have ever
taken place In Portland and probably
in the Pacific Northwest. The last
funeral of an Episcopal bishop here
was that of the Right Reverend B.
Wistar Morris, who died in 1906. at
-which Bishop Keator, of Olympia, was
also an officiant, along with Right
Reverend Lemuel H. Wells, bishop of
Spokane, and Right Reverend James
B. Funston. bishop of Idaho.
As the magnificent harmony of Men
delsshon's "Elijah" swelled from the
organ in the aria "Cast Thy Burden
on the Lord" the procession began to
fiie up the center aisle of the church.
headed by the vested choirs of Trinity
Church and the Pro-Cathedral. Imme
diately following the combined choirs
were the visiting clergy from other
dioceses, then the standing commit-
tee of clergy and laymen of the Ore
gon Diocese in double file. Then in
single " file cam the three visiting
bishops. Right Reverend Frederick
Keator. bishop of Olympia: Right Rev
erend W. H. Moreland. bishop of Sac
ramento, and Right Reverend William
F. Nichols, bishop of California. The
bier, borne by eight reverend pal
bearers, came next and the clergy of
the diocese closed the procession.
Large Conic mention Present.
The vested procession was so long
that the choir boys of Trinity Church
began to file into their places in the
chancel before the end of the proces
sion had passed into the church. Every
pew was filled and many, unable to
obtain seats, stood in the rear of the
The active pallbearers were R. K.
Howard, chaplain of the Good Samari
tan Hospital: Rev. C. W. Baker, of St
George's Church, Roseburg; Rev. R. S.
GUI. St. Paul's Church. Salem; Rev.
John Rice, St. John's Church, - Sell-
wood: Ven. H. D. Chambers. Rev. J. E.
H. Simpson, of St. Mark's Church,
Portland: Rev. Oswald W. Taylor, vicar
of Grace Memorial Church, and Rev.
John Dawson, rector of the Church of
, the Good Shepherd.
The bishops of Sacramento and Call
fornia conducted the service at Trin
lty- Church and the bishop of Olympia
officated at tbe committal service in
Riverview Cemetery.
As the procession started up the
aisle the bishop of Sacramento com
menced reading the burial service, be
ginning "I am the resurrection and the
life, saith the Lord. He that believeth
In me. though he were dead, yet shall
he live: and whosoever liveth and
believeth in me shall never die."
The choir chanted the 39th and 90th
De Profundi CKanted.
Next folowed the scripture lesson
from I Corinthians, begining. "Now is
Christ risen from the dead and become
the first fruits of them that slept."
read by the bishop of California. The
choir sang the hymn, "For All Thy
Saints, Who From Their Labors Rest";
the Bishop of Sacramento then read
the burial prayers, the choir sang the
hymn, "The Saints of God Their Con
flict Past," and chanted the "De Pro
fundis," and the church service closed
ith the recessional hymn. "Then
Thousand Times Ten Thousand." It
occupied just three-quarters of an
The mourners, headed bv Mrs. Scad-
ding and Dr. Crawford Scadding, of
Toronto, the only brother, were driven
to Riverview Cemetery in automobiles,
where Bishop Keator, of Olympia. con
cluded the rites with the committal
Realty Board Acta.
The Portland Realty Board, at its
session Friday, adopted the following
resolution of sympathy and condolence,
a copy of which will be forwarded
Mrs. Scadding:
"Be it resolved. That in the death
of Right Reverend Charles Scadding
bishop of Oregon, the state loses one
of her most loyal and enthusiastic
supporters, the City of Portland one of
her most distinguished citizens and
the Realty Board suffers tbe loss of
a member who was admired, venerated
and respected by its entire member
ship a man who never neglected an
opportunity at home or abroad to give
intelligent and desired publicity to his
city and state a man whose righteous
Influence in civic affairs will be felt
in all time to come and one who In
his private life was an inspiration for
good to all who came in contact with
"Be it further resolved. That a page
of the permanent minutes of this
Realty Board be properly Inscribed to
his memory and that a. copy of these
resolutions, together with an expres
sion of our profound sympathy for her
in her breavement be forwarded to
Mrs. Scadding."
Mayor of Montreal Limits His $2 500
MONTREAL, May 26. Because he
was an American citizen, T. McG. Black,
of Pittsburg, Park Superintendent, of
this city, was reduced in office today
to be temporary assistant park super
intendent by Mayor Martin. Dr.. Gad
bois. a French-Canadian, was appointed
superintendent in his place.
"I will not have a foreigner draw
itg a salary of $2500 a year in Mon
treal," said the Mayor.
"English, Scotch, Irish or Canadian,
but not foreigners," he insisted.
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Illlnolaao Refuses to Be Conciliated
Witn Effort to Place Blame on
Shoulders of President.
CHICAGO. May '26. Senator Lewis'
facile pen again has brought him into
the limelight. A new Lewis letter has
stirred trouble in Illinois.
The letter was addressed to Joseph
P. Durkin. of Peoria, 111., an unsuc
cessful candidate for internal revenue
collector in the Peoria district, and was
made public by Mr. Durkin.
In the letter Senator Lewis seeks to
place upon the shoulders of President
Wilson and Secretary McAdoo the re
sponsibility for the distribution of Illi
nois patronage. He says:
"My Dear Mr. Durkin: Ton have
seen from the public press that the 1
Secretary of the Treasury and the
President named Edward McCabe as
internal revenue collector. For rea
sons satisfactory to both of these high
sources the appointment of Mr. McCabe
was demanded.
"It is only fair to me to let you know
that I have always told Mr. McCabe
that you were the only candidate I
had indorsed, and it is only fair that
you should know that Mr. McCabe is
in no wise called upon to feel any
obligation to me as being responsible
for his appointment."
The letter continues with a declara
tion that Senator Lewis never could
oppose anything that Governor Dunne
was for and ends with permission to
make its contents public
Senator Lewis' explanation of the
patronage tangle did not satisfy 2r.
Durkin. In a reply to Senator Lewis
he accuses the Senator of bad faith.
Attorney Snes Attorney for Fee.
Attorney Thomas H. Mannix. who
received a fee of $8250 from Robert
Wakefield & Co. for services on be
half of the company in its suit against
the city, is defendant in an action for
$1500. brought by Attorney J. W. Ma
loney for assistance he charges tie
gave to Mannix in the suits. The orig
inal Wakefleld-City. suit was over the
payment for the construction of the
two Mount Tabor reservoirs. Mr. Man
nix is now in Washington attending
to legal questions pending before the
Supreme Court.
Xew Yorker Stoves Orange Grove
and Palms, Tree by Tree.
F. Peabody, of New York, is astonish
ing Santa Barbara by moving a 15-year-old
orange grove, tree by tree,
from this city to his new Winter home
on the summit of Eucalyptus hill, five
miles distant.
The removal began today. A small
army of horticulturists is engaged.
Many palms 50 feet high are included.
BricRs made of peat are being success
fully used in Sweden for mall buildings-
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