The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 06, 1913, SECTION TWO, Page 11, Image 27

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Coiner of AM or. at Fifth.
One J i10 Cau iliac, first-class condition,
fully equipped, for $025."
One cadilluc, tally equipped apd
in f irst-ciasa condition, $ Goo.
One li12 Oakland ruaater, only used
as a demonstrator, $700.
One -i-cylinder, 4-pass, Winton, for
One 7-pass Winton, electric lights,
aelf -starter, fully equipped. HH1, 4-door,
fur $1550, terms.
One 5-ton Kissel truck, $2000.
One 5-ton White truck, $2200.
One Buick truck, $ifmo pounds, $275.
We have over 40 cars to so Use t frum;
pay a visit to our salesroom and be con
vinced that we have real bargains in
used and rebuilt cars
Corner Alder, at 1 5th.
Main 1161. a 4S37.
1 1 1 1 Overland iitt fi-pass., foredoor, fully
equ ipped, finest condition, original cost
$1150; price $550.
Chalmers 30, model K, 4-pass., pony
tonneau. cannot be told from brand new;
cost Si'UOO; price $675.
ly 12 Stearns Knight, 5-pass., foredoor,
seif-starter and electric lighted, practi
cally new; cost $4oo ; price $ I if 00.
1112 Overland -1'). toredoor, roadster,
brand new; cost $1750; price ?0S5.
1910 Ovprland 30, 4-pass., $275.
1!10 Oakland roadster, $350.
Over uU cars in stock.
Corner E. 13th and Hawthorne Ave.
Ia the best motor car investment possi
ble at less cost than a new Packard with
the first and heaviest depreciation re
moved. The same pride of ownership re
mains because a rebuilt Packard has the
appearance ana ability of a new Packard.
We puarantee t lie so cars the same as
new Parka rds and purchasers will obtain
the full measure of Packard service the
same as purchasers of new Packards.
We now have a few of various types.
We have a few used cars for sale left by
owners who have purchased new Pack
ards. , .1 foredoor 7-p.issenger six.
1 foredoor, 5-pasetiKer four.
1 foredoor, 2-pasnoti.mT runabout.
1 7 -passe nicer open car.
23d and Washington sta.
Seven -passenger touring car, fully
equipped, just overhauled ; new tires;
everything about it . in first-class shape;
if you want a car of this claas, here's
your chance.
ODD Washington St,
Main 6022.
THIS is the greatest automobile bargain
ever offered in Portland: My new 1913
"SO tourLjig car of standard make; fully
equipped with self starter, electric lights,
speedometer. top, windshield, etc. ; car
has not been run Su miles and is guar
anteed by the factory and local dealers ;
cost me $1050; I am compelled to sell im
mediately; make me an offer. Address D
Hft, Oregonian.
I CAN uso a reasonable-priced automobile
(roaister preferred) as part first payment
on my home, n. modern bungalow, fur
nished or unfurnished; in 2 blocks of the
great Sandy hvd. and Rose City Park car
line; would consider a good motorcycle.
This is a sel ling- proposition, so if vour
machine is not well worth the money do
not take yours and my time. No agents.
Phone C l'.'i4.
P R O S P E C T I V E auto buyers will save con
siderable by looking over our list of cars
before deciding. We have one "-passnnrtr
touring enr and one roadster of last
year's model. Not demonstrators. They
are absolutely new and at a price.
A 5026. Main 3u. 514 Alder St.
4 and 5-passenger cars are in demand.
- We have calls for them nearly every day
and sell your car. We pay the highest
spot cash.
in til and Alder.
$1600 WILL buy my high-grade, G-passenger
touring car, which is In perfect condition
and equipped complete; I am leaving citv
and am forced to dispose of this car In
next lew days; will give some terms to
responsible party. Address C 1SS, Ore
gonian. LOOK HERE.
1913 runabout, 20 11. p... 4-cyl.,' fully
equipped ; never been run ; best buy in
city; reasonable terms if desired.
2lst and Washington sta.
Ask for Smith.
IF TOU want to buy, sell or trade for a
used automobile, list your name with us,
Main 6t22.
6Q9 Washington St.
FOR SALE New 1013 model Stude'baker,,
five-passenger touring car, used l month,
had best care, in first-class condition, like
new; cost $1000; owner leaving city ana
will sacrifice for $050. AC 101, Orego
nian. WE TRADE automobllea for unincumbered
real estate.
Main 6022.
609 Washington St.
HIGH-GRADE 1913, 6-cylinder. 7-passimger
n-ui iuS -"-i , v, in ejt imiie ror j. a i :i or 13
Packard or other high-grade roadster and
difference In value In cash. Address AS
164, Oregonian.
USED automobiles sold on time payments.
Main 0922.
609 Washington St.
ONE 7-passenger 1910 Knox, used but little;
has been thoroughly overhauled and must
be sold by Tuesday night; I consider this
a rare barguln. Phone J. G. Arenz, Main
P 1 2 1, for demonstration.
$50O TAKES 7-pasaenger CO-horsepower car,
auitao.e for rent service or stage run ; if
you want a good, serviceable car at a
sreat uargain, iook. tins over. W. H MI1
ler, 630 Washington st.
WILL sacrifice my 1913 Chalmers SS k
passenger touring car for $li00, and 'will
make terms easy if you can make me a
reasonable cash payment at once. Ad-
uresaAii J t , oregonian.
WE HAVE several cecond-hand tires and
wind shields at a bargain; also a few
coils. Northwest Auto Exchange, 531 Al-
uer at.
FOR second-hand cars inauire PowpII n-
rage; cars called for and delivered; autos
iui ime, give us a mai. East 37th and
CADILLAC 5-passenirer. fin nnlitinn
make cash offer; also 5-passenger Peer-
ivss to iranr.
CHAS. H1NGLER, 211 Lewis Bldg.
HAVE just purchased larger truck and will
duil'k ueuvery car lor 5375 if taken
at once. .See me today at G5Q Washington
WANT a good Jot or equity in one, will
trade a Studebaker electric, Just the thing
for a lady; will assume if the lot is right
V is.i, Oregonian.
EoUITY in 5-room modern cottane pnrnins
o per cent on value, exchajiue tor 5-pass.
auto In good condition. AU 191, Orego
4-PASS.. 4-cy Under s inmnM tnn uTZ',
windshield, newly painted. Phone Wood
lawn 225.
LOT to exchance for automobile; nut bo
late model car, cash value of lot SlOou
no incumbrance. J. Haas, Gerltnger. bid!
W 1 LL trade or sell cHm.. m,.,. .-. . 7.TT
cji P iihhibi, nearly nv ; can be
seen at 531 Alder.
WANTED Slightly used 5-passenger auto
In exchange for lmnrovtri
gon City carllne. H 1$2. Oregonian.
. ...... cu i-c:ciric runabout
in excellent condition, or will trade for
unincumbered lr. Ssoo a a s .. ' .
' "iruuil an.
v a .-s i hm.i o-.itt,fiiKer auto in ex
change for lirst-clasi lots on carllne; cash
value 51200. AF KiO, Oregonian.
REO, 30-h. p., foredoor, in good condition
tullv equipped, $100. Owner, M 191, Ore-
FOR SALE 1912 Oakland
mechanically perfect; $485.
Tabor l 1 6 .
30 roadster
370 E. 00th.
Magneto, first-class,
ago week days.
motorcycle, li) 12
$145. In Pierce Gar
4-H. P. motorcycle for sale cheap; must ell
by July K'(. Inquire ti51 East G2d st.
''"'hi. r-none ( ,-ti; n.
HAVE $10i) cash and new mahogany parlor
nnu. uurary set tnat cost $3 00 to trad
for roadster. Ford preferred. Tabor 2S6.
PIERCE 4-eylinder motorcycle. In good
miu.huh. iu naae zor gooa piano. Apply
f06 Beacon st.
MCK EL-PLATE your car In 2 days. Port-
ianu rug, aug. "o. Main 943, A 0282,
BRAND new Cadillac touring car for $lo00
HUPP runabout $375. Dulmaga
48 N. 20th.
Auto Co.,
Slightly used tires from $3 to $25 ea,; vul
canlzing 25c tire; repairing. 1'07 Madison
DO YOL want your
Woodla wn 2025
auto painted? Phone
GOOD building lot. value $400 near car
for automobile. Phone Tabor 842,
$3200 FOR 1150.
A $3200 Baker electric, with coupe body
for tour passengers!, and Victoria body
for two passengers; new tires and one
extra tire, batteries just gone over;
cleaned and put in good shape, like new,
car looks like new; at about one-third of
what, it cost, .or $1150; U must be sold.
1912 Warren Detroit roadster cost
$l;.u, with extra equipment for one-hait
price, $25. It is in A-l condition and
looks just like a new car; you must see
tiiis roadster if you want both a good
one and a bargain.
There is $150 worth of new tires on
this truck and it Is ready for all kinds of
work from 150O pounds to 20O0 pounds;
another case it, must ue sold ; price only
A six-cylinder Winton in first-class
ah ape, new top, etc. ; a good buy ; owner
bought Hudson six; if you want a bargain,
see this car; it must be seen to be ap
preciated. Several other good buys. Our line of
second-hand cars is continually changing
and they, are good buys and bargains at
what we quote them.
C. L. BOSS & CO.,
615-17 Washington St.
- Marshall 4012. A 4959.
The following used cars are exception
ally good buys and if you are in the mar
ket for a good buy, call at once and get
first choice. We will be pieused to demon
strate their running condition.
One 7-passenger Pirce-Arrow.
One 4-passenger Garford.
One St.ude baker, 5 -passenger.
Two 19lu Cadiliacs.
One Auburn, 191u, 5-passenger.-
One 4-door late "Little Six."
Two 7-piiPsenger Garfords.
One Crowe, . 1;'I2, 5-passenger.
Two l.H2 4-door FInnders "20. "
One 101 o, 40-h. p. Knox, late model.
One model I Locomobile roadster.
One Buitk truck.
One 4-passengcr 1910 Bulck.
One Winton Limousine, 7-passengr.
One Oh kland roadster.
One rf-pasaenger Croxton Keaton In per
fect running order; a snap.
One 19U 4-door, Winton "Six," the
greatest sacrifice of any car in the city.
One 4-door 5-passeneer "White' thor
oughly overhauled and just out of shop,
at, a bargain price.
The above are all bargains and ere thor
oughly overhauled and in f irst-clasa run
ning order.
We have 40 other cars to choose from.
531 Alder St.
10 NICE lota cultivated, Mt. Scott district,
3 blocks to car, $250 each. My equity
$125 per lot or $1250 will trade for auto
op laundry. Geo. A Riggs, 815 Spalding
We rent or sell CONCRETE MIXERS.
"We rent or sell ELECTRIC HOISTS.
We rent or sell HOISTING ENGINES.
We rent or sell ELECTRIC MOTORS.
We rent or sell POWER PUMPS.
We rent or sell BOILERS.
We rent or sell CONTRACTORS' equip
ment of all kinds.
40 2d st.
Electric motors for sale or rent.
Complete electric repair, shop.
Walker Electric Works.
10th and Bumslde. Mairi 5674.
One 125-volt direct current generator,
complete, with field rheostat, ammeter
and circuit breaker. This machine la in
good' repair. Address room 20S Oregonian
A 45-h.p. 550-volt Crocker-Wheeler mo
tor, complete, with standard blade starter,
no voltage release and 75-ampere over
load, 1. T. E. circuit breaker, in Al con
ditlon. Address room 203 Oregonian bldg.
A. 40-K. W.t COO-voit Crocker- WTieeler
generator, complete, with field rheostat
and circuit breaker. In good condition.
Address room 2d;H Oregonian bldg.
12x14 Willamette road engine, 72-ln.
boiler, with sled and tank; guaranteed to
be in first-class condition; f. o. b. car
Portland; act quiclc. R 183, Oregonian.'
PRINTING PRESS, UxlG; motor; 25-in. cut-
ii , some new type; Dig bargain. 6yl
Gnsan st.
R1DPATHS Library of Universal Litera
ture. 25 vols, new, $15, value $100. S24
W orcester bldg.
NEW 9-h. p. Port, gasoline engine and 2d
hand 25-h. p. vertical steam engine,
Studebaker buggies and wagons. East 3U3.
SMITH-PREMIER No. 2 typewriter, guarau
teel tirst-class; price $21.50. $5 down. $2.50
per month. 350 Alder.
SECOND-HAND roll-top desk, two flat-top
desks and 3 chairs. Bushong & Co. 91
Park st.
FAM ILY launch, 20x5 ft., canopy top, six
horsepower Gray, fully equipped,' with
boathouse. Address UtiS E. Taylor st.
KEN YON take-down house lor sale cheap,
size iss30, 5 rooms; ideal for Summer
use anywhere. Patterson, 94 Union ave
VISIBLE typewriter, used very little, for
sale cheap and ou terms of $5 a month.
H IS 9, Oregonian.
100 BUSINESS or visiting cards for 40c; 400,
$1. Address S. G. Buchner, S24 , E. 22d
st.. Ioa Angeles, Cal.
FANCY milk-fed Spring chickens, 30c per
pound delivered; also fresh egga. 64th and
Burnside. Phone Tabor 4409.
NEiVV Expert, Model Remington rifle, 22-cal.,
with silencer, case ana special sighta,
$22.50. K 194.. Oregonian.
LADY'S black cheviot auit, size 40, and
other clothes cheap to working people.
254 Union ave. North. ; Ring upstairs bell.
FOR SALE One 8-burner gas stove with 2
ovens; one gas water heater. Phone
A 7413.
b OR PALL 510, Great American lawn
mower, 50 feet hose, shovel rake and
sickle cheap. AN ISo, Oregonian.
BF.AUl'lF-UL- sweet-toned violin, $50; Sheb
ler carburetor, engineers' text books cheap
witi: good rifle. A :;r2. 2 -Ml Montgomery.
MODERN gas range, practically new, for
less than half of cost; owner leaving city.
259 E. 31st st. S.
MORRIS canoe, first-class condition, cheap".
62 5 Lexington ave.
FOR iSALK Al Edison moving picture ma
chine. cneai). 555 Couch st. Apt. 9.
DIAMOND ring, worth $75; must sell quick;
sacrifice $5u. AK IStt, Oregonian.
REMINGTON typewriter, food as new: very
cheap. Stevenson. Main 4220.
NEW phonograph, dozen late records, trade
for typewriter. H 186, Oregonian.
SMALL gasoline launch, cheap ; owner leav
ing city. 294 E. Morrison. 3 to 0 P. M.
A GOOD 5-shetf portable oven, cheap. Call
at 10 East 2sth st. North.
NATIONAL cash registers, get my prices.
Povey. 351 Wash., basement. Main 600.
A SAM PLE refrigerator o?medlura size at
second -hand price. Call East 2 43.
A 4-H. P. vacuum carpet cleaner for aale
cheap. 117S Mississippi ave.
USE Basset's Native Herbs for eonstipa
tlon; 50 tablets for 25c ; all druggists.
DEKHY desks and office furniture. E. B.
Haley Deyk Co.. 210 Broadway. Main 5S7.
ONE good heavy $75 stock saddle foraaie
cheap, $15. "Call Tabor 3301.
CORAL cameo Lavalllere, solid gold, value
$0... sacrifice $35. AM 190. Oregonian.
FOUR Rex fire extinguishers, perfect condi
tion. 474 East Ash st. phone East 8&37.
CHKKKIKS Royal Anns and Bings, for
sule cheap. Phone Tabor 1H2S.
SMITH-PREMIER typewriter.- fine condl
tion. Phone Wood lawn 2025.
NEW feather pillows. Phone Woodlawn
STEAMER trunk In good condition. Phone
Wood lawn 20 J5.
FOR SALE t;r00 Singer sewing machine
for $25. Call Marshall $2200.
FOR SALE Complete outfU office furni
ture. 408 Chamber of Commerce.
a bargain. Call F. E. Brown. Main 346.
NO. 3 EASTMAN canTera for sale cheap
Phone Tabor 314G, "
HESS gas water heater; economical; made
in Portland. 508 Williams ave. East 159.
DANDY 4-hole gas range, good condition,
only $9. phone Tabor 286.
LARGE refrigerator and 50-foot hose with
reel, bargain. 5S9 Wshington st.
SODA fountain, complete
S03 Kelly st. south.
for sa cheap.
HOUSEBOATS built on short Inotice J r.
Gilham. phone A 3471. Moorings.
CH ERRIES for sale cheap. Inquire 709 E.
29th North. Broadway car.
Prices on Housef urnishlngs.
87 upholstered cots, $1.35.
50 pair lace curtains, uue.
2 used go-carts, $2.5o.
- 1 child's sulky, $1.25.
200 yards Brusseilette carpet, 39c.
1 used sewing machine, $y.75.
6 rolls Brussels carpet, yd., 50c.
600 yards velvet carpet 75c.
$30 leather rocker, ilo.
52 iron counter stools, $1.35.
12 Iron counter chairs, $2.50.
$100 grocer's, refrigerator, $55.
$75 tailor's 3 mirrors, $37.
10 la rge mirrors, 22x03, French bevel,
each, $d.5o.
$75 leather settee, 6 ft., $33.
EDWARDS ,CO., 135-191 1st St.
Cash or Credit.
50 MISSION oak roll-toy desk, 4 ft., for
$17.50; llat-top mission linish desk. $S.50;
$3( genuine mahogany chiffonier dull
linlsh $lh; kitchen treasure, $1.5u; kitchen
cupLoard with glass doors, $5; gas range.
$.50; cook stove, $tK."lo ; stj.l ranges,
$12.50 to $30; sanitary couch with pad,
$4.50 extension tables, $3.50 to $12; iron
beds.' $1.30 and up tiiny size J ;- tine se
lection of rugs and earpeta; room-size
rugs from $2.50 and up ; hotel drssera.
$ 4 to $7 ; full-size dressers, $0.50 and up
to $25; foldmg beds. to $lo.-
545-547 Washington, bet. loth and 17th sts.
These bargains last for this week only
In pipe from & to 6-inch, black and gal
vanized, .aeconu-hand and new ; all kinds
of plumbing supplies; 4-inch, 15c a foot;
3H-inch, 14c a foot; i-Inch, lc a foot;
bathtubs from $6 to $14.
269 Front St. Main 6325.
Stockyards manure In car lots, $1 per
ton, f. o. b. cars. North Portland, Book
your orders early.
North Portland, Oregon,
FOR SALE I have 11 acres of timothy and
clover, also 3 2 -acres of clover ; will sell
cheap for cash or - can be handled on
shares. Ernest Hamilton, R. 5, Box 37.
Oregon City.
Refrigerator, couch, two mattresses,
Iron and brass bed. springs, sewing ma
chine, center stands, etc. 445 Va Union
ave. North.
FOR BALK 5 mahogany bevel plate glass
showcases, also 1 large packing case at
a sacrirlce if taken at once. Studebaker
Bros. Co. Northwest. 330-336 East Mor
rison st.
FIXTURES for grocery, delicatessen or meat
market for sale .cheap; 2 counters, show
case scales, cheese cutter. Icebox, etc., $75
for lot. Wlnthrop Hammond & Co., 4-3
Chamber of Commerce.
SEWING Machine Exchange 20G second
hand machines, all makes, $3 to $30, cash
or payments. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Main 472S. 207 3d, between Taylor and
FINE motor boat for sale or trade; 50-h. p.
engine, in excellent condition.
432 Chamber of Commerce. Main 255.
SAFL5 Mosler Safe Co., manufacturers ;
low prices, easy terms ; safes opened and
repaired ; bargains in second-hand safes.
loS 2d st. Phone Main 7076.
ONE Toledo no-sprlng scale, used 3 mos.,
good as new, $05. Woodlawn 599, after
Sunday or 347 East Humboldt, cor. Horth
wick. NEW Barrel Dayton scale, showcases, oil
tank, electric cigar lighter, etc.; reason
able; stored 660 East Ankeny. Call morn,
FOR SALE A houseboat at Oregon Yacht
Club ; 5 rooms, bath, electric light, fur
nished or" unf urnished. Call at houseboat
No. 2, or phone Sell wood 1114.
KING'S blue lace robe gown, new pink
Bilk top coat, wistaria broadcloth suit, er
mine collar, wardrobe trunk, and steamer
trunk. K 193, Oregontan.
FOR SALE or exchange, one Carbide bicy
cle lamp. No. 1 Brownie camera, pair box
ing gloves. All good condition. Call Sun
day. 1141 East ISth st. North.
WANTED To rent from private party a
good piano for email amount monthly ;
excellent care ; responsible people. Box
643, Portland, Or.
28-FOOT motonboat equipped with 30-H. P.
motor; must be sold at once ; no reason
able offer refused; will consider a real
estate trade. East 2850.
SAFES, new and second hand ; low prices,
easy terms ; safes opened, repaired and
painted. PURCELD SAF-E CO., and PORT
LAND SAFE CO., 85 5th st. Main 63ir9.
FISH ERMEN 1 Japanese fish decoy er; no
expensive reel or pole needed; full direc
tions for making sent any address, 25c,
P. O. Box 191. city.
$10 BUYS drophead New Home sewing ma
chine oak case. 401 Flledner bldg., cornej
Washington and 10th.
OLIVER typewriter cheap for cash or will
trade for anything of value. AS 180, Ore
gonian. FOR SALE cr trade for motorcycle, boiler,
generator and all fittings. Tabor 2943 or
4524. 52d st. S. E.
POSITIVE bargain. $12; Smith premier
typewriter; excellent value. 192 13th at.
Phone Marshall 3713.
ROYAL ANNE cherries, 3 cents pound on
tree. Mt M.- Millard, Milwaukle. Black
VISIBLE II ci Smith typewriter, good as
new, sacrifice for cash. AP 200, Oregonian.
T Y P EWRITEKS, all makes, $10 to $G5
2t2 Stark St.
FOR SALE Coal and wood Stewart cook
ing range, practically new, cheap. Phone
Main 8275. Call 500 6th st.
FOR SALE lS-ft launch, 5 H. P. engine,
$40. 50 7 Williams ave. East 5571.
Wanted miscellaneous.
LEVIN Hardware & Furniture Co., 221 Front
St., buys eecund-hand furniture carpets,
stoves, ranges, hardware or tools of any
kind. If you have anything in this line
call Main 9072.
Our buyer calls promptly.
WE buy for cash second-hand National cash
registers and sell them on easy terms. W.
J. Macauley, 354 Burnside at. Phone Main
1810. A 1816.
WANTED to buy, camera 3-A Kodak, with
epeclal equipment preferred. Give full de
scription and lowest cash price. L 191,
WANTED Fairy Floss candy machine, must
be in good order and cheap for cash. East
8169. 861 Stanton.
Highest prices paid for ladles" and men's
cast-off clothing and shoes. Call Main
20SO. 234 First, The Globe
WE want to buy $1000 worth of second
hand furniture in the next 30 days and
pay all the cash it Is worth. Willlams
ave. Furniture Exchange. East 630.
ONE-HALF DOZEN high-grade singing
canaries; must be in full song. X 1SS,
WANTED To buy rose petals, 3c per lb.;
must be clean. Call 628 East Main or
phone B 1924.
FAIR DEAL We pay best price for secnd
hand -clothing and furniture. Call Main
9272. B0 N. 3d.M. GUckman, prop.
MANTEL folding bed and mattress, $3.50.
408 Jefferson. Main 3028. Sunday and
SECOND-HAND MOTORS and generator!
Robert Skoen Electric Works, 400-402 Gli
san st.. corner 9th.
FORD Auction Co. puys most' cash for any
Kind of furniture. Main 8951, A 2445.
WANTED Two or three blue-flamed cook
stove. M. 6606.
CASH paid for hair combings. Sanitary
Beauty Parlors, 400 Dekum bldg.
NATIONAL cash register; price jnust be
reasonable. Phone Main COO, A 3606.
WE want $10,000 worth of second-hand fur
niture; highest prices paid. Sellwood 1682.
WANTED No. 4 multlgraph in good con
dition. AS 178, Oregonian.
WANTED A second-hand bicycle; price not
to exceed $. Phone East 526.
WANTED to buy, trunk, gentleman's. Give
description and price. L lyjo, Oregonian.
WE PAY highest prices for second-hand
clothing. 204 3d at. Phone Main 9263.
DRY sphagnum moss, 1 0 or 15" tons Sam
Rooke. Clackamas, Or.
HIGHEST prices paid for ladles' and gents'
castoff clothing. Call Marshall 3932.
SECOND-HAND goods bought for cash or
taken in exchange for new. Tabor 4346.
WANT plastering for equity improved Mount
Scott lot. 61QS 53d ave. Southeast" OUIU
EX HAAtrt,- oood late pattern iron bed for
folding bed. AN 187. Oregonian.
WANTED Upright piano; give my eaultv
in bungalow. Tabor 4704.
HIGHER prices paid for cast off clothin
and shoes. Marshall 2334.
x- i-v. x i- x tL. atLiuBiiiaa wanted ; those only
iiw m lauiiuai wuii me .t'ortiana. trade.
Call ioday. 03 5th st.
WANTED Mattress makers, 1249 Macadam
ma.u. ruiiun car, and Morrison.
WANTED A steady, reliable man for gen
eral farm work. , AV 153, Oregonian.
WANT a reliable timber cruiser with ref
erences AP 203. Oregonian.
LIVE photo agents wanted, something new.
Peterson Studio, 2b6 Washington st.
at the
222 and 224 Couch St., Bet. 1st. and 2d.
Phonea Main 6570. Marshall 1139, A 140G.
Open Sunday 8 A. M. to 3 P. M.
4 planar ft edei s, city, $2.30 up.
4 lumber Brauns, city. $2.5U up.
Bund ,resawysr. city, $3 up.
Gang trlmmtirmun, city, 43.30.
Millwrights.. $4 and $5.
Mill biacksmth, !u.
Two lumber trim mors. city. $2.50.
Lumber truck teamsters, $2.50 and $2.75.
Bildge carpenters, $2.75 and $3.
Ten mill and yardmen, $2.50 to $3.
Loggers, $2.50 to $5.
Woodcutters, $1.25 cord.
Baker, small country shop, $40 up.
Second cook. Summer resort, $70.
Camp tl unkeyg. $35 and $4 0.
Hotel waiters. $35 to $45 month.
Rvst. waiters, $ I J to $15 week.
Waiter ut the coast, $35 month.
Waiter, clubhouse, $4i month.
Elevator boy city, $25.
Waiters, $li up.
Dishwashers. $9, $10 and $12 week.
.Swiss milkers, $40.
Fifteen farm nanus, $30, $35 and $40.
Ten hay hnntls, $L.5t and board.
Five milkers, $4o up.
Ranch blacksmith. $05 and board.
Newsboys, raiiway e rviee.
Section men, log road, $2.50.
Others too numerous to mention.
Hundreds of new jobs every day.
Open Sunday 8 A. M. to 3 P. M.
f Don't Forget the Place.
222 and 224 Couch St., Bet. 1st and 2d.
TWO ripsawyers, box factory, $2.50.
One cutoff man, same, $2.50.
Logging and mill orders coming in all
the time.
Man with two teams contract to cut and
haul 1000 cords wood, close in.
Concrete men, city, f2.7 9 hours.
Laborers, new building, Jity, $2.50, 9
Pipefitter helpers, sawmill, $2.75 to
orders coming in day and night.
Open all day Sunday.
Flunkies, cooks, factory and packing
plant help.
21 North Second Street.
I Cook and helper, resort, $80.
Farm blacksm ith, 65 B. and R.
320 acres slashing, $7.
Ax man to s.ash, $2.50.
' Civil engineer and transient man, $75
Foreman and hook tender, $4.
Mill and timbermen. Good wages.
50 farm hands. $35 to $50.
PIONEER EM P. CO., 14 N". 2d at.
PORTLAND branch of a great specialty de
elres a city salesman a clean-cut young
man with grit who is at present employed
and desires to better his condition, perma
nent position with salary and commission.
No have beens or floaters need apply. Call
Sunday C 3237, or A 4441 later and arrange
for interview.
Opening for a good, energetic man ca
pable of handling Inside trades. Large
listing of good properties at your com
mand. An office, that does things when
times are not the best.
See Manager City Dept.
269 Wash. St.
WANTED Good, steady family man with
small capital who wishes opportunity of
earning an ideal poultry, fruit and garden
tract home in a prosperous community,
near up-to-date little town, witn employ
ment nearby if desired. Great opportunity
for the right man. F 18t, Oregonian.
WANTED All-around, married, farm hand,
familiar with horses, to take steady po
sition on large orchard at good wages.
Must be willing to locate on small tract
in neighborhood; small cash payment re
quired ; achool and store on premises. F
. 387, Oregonian.
EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for three
bright, energetic young men over the age
fef al, acquainted in the city preferred;
can easilv make $160 per month ; new
proposition advertised in Collier's Sunset
M agazine, etc. See C. F. Palmborg, 6U2
Yeon Bldg.
WANTED Gordon feeder. Boy or young
man- with one or two years' experience,
good on register work. Steady work with
chance on cylinder to the right party.
W ages, at start $10 per week. AL 187,
SALESMAN Capable specialty man for Ore
gon, stapie une on new, exceptional terms.
Vacancy now, - Attractive commission con
tract. $35 weekly for expenees. Miles F.
Bixier Co., 220-27 Carlin bldg., Cleveland,
SALESMAN -Experienced Oregon, any line,
to sell general trade unexcelled specialty
proposition, commission contract; $35
weekly for. expenses. Continental Jewelry
Co., 98-27 Continental, bldg., Cleveland, O.
WANTED Good short-order cook for grill
work, ont who can turn out fir it-oiass
after-theater dishes ; none other need an
swer. Apply today, S to 10 P. M., 411
Morrison st-
WANTED Capable young man able to han
dle ligures and do stenographical work.
Addresa in own handwriting, stating age,
experience and salary expected, ibura 37,
207 34th st.
WANTED Man with family of not less
than two children of school age for team
ing and general farm work. Salary $5S.50
per month and permanent position for
right party. F lay, Oregonian.
SALESMEN WANTED-Laces, embroideries;
only men with trade among dry goods
and general stores need apply; all terri
tories. Merk & Co., 416 Broadway, New
WANTED First-class bookkeeper, capable
oi takin; charge of ledgers and wholesale
billing; nust be reliable. eood neninan and
able to give bond; state references, phone
AS 177. Oresonian.
SALESMAN wanted to handle a first-class
stock proposition; only high-class men
need apply; give references iu first letter.
Roblito Rubber Plantation Co., Sacra
mento, Cal.
WANTED Stenographer, male, young man,
good stenographer, some knowledge of
card-indexing ; must have references. A
good position for the right man. AR 186,
WANTED Experienced reporter for Oregon
city of 7000- leading evening paper; drink
ers barred. Send full details, including ref
erences, experience and salary expectod.
AV 166, Oregonian.
CAPABLE, energetic young ny.n; splendid
business opening, with rapid advancement;
must have selling ability, handle men and
produce business. Mornings, 609 Northwest
WANTED wo men to collect and sell
Sewing machines who speak the Jewish
language; bond required. Apply 402 Wash
ington st.
STEAM shovel engineer of considerable ex
perience wanted for work in Idaho, one
who can invest some money. For inter
view write P 192, Oregonian'
DRY GOODS salesman; want an experi
enced, capable, single young man for
country store, commercial Abstract Co.,
3fi TTm nri tilrtir.
WANTED Capable young man for office
work, experienced as stenographer. Ad
dress In own handwriting to AF 200, Oregonian.-
6 YOUNG men for house demonstrating; ex
perience unnecesstry; salary or commis
sion Call room 52 Third at., 10 to
noon. Mr. James,
WANTED Solicitor for subscriptions, to
weekly paper, man or woman ; give refer
ences; on commission basis; work in small
towns. Address AV 165, Oregonian.
WANTED City salesmen to sell the best
line in Portland : none 'but experienced
salesmen need apply. Studebaker Bros., Co.
Northwest. 330-336 East Morrison st.
WANTED Solicitors for house-to-house
canvass, commission proposition, , gooa
chance "for right man. Grand Union Tea
WANTED Man for shipping department,
must be capable of advancement, ref
erences required. Grand Union Tea Co.,
448 Wash st. - '
MARRIED couple can secure permanent po
sition as janitors in apartment-house ;
reference required as to ability and good
habits. AG 2l2. Oregonian.
STEADY work for several first-class wood
handlers who alFO understand handling a
team. East 1554.
RELIABLE, experienced man. for general
farm work and clearing. Patterson, . 94
Union ave.
WANTED Experienced farm hand; will pay
$40 per month; house furnished, wood and
fruit. J. J. Hayward, Cornelius, Or., R. 2.
WANTED Two men of good address to col
lect and sell sewing machines. Apply 402
Washington st.
WANTED By established firm, live house-to-house
solicitor. Money-making proposi
tion. AD 20H. Orgoifian.
WANTED Live young man to sell ice less
refrigerators out of town. Call Sunday.
- 16S-H 10th st.
CHANCE for bright woman to get a val
uable lot free. See Mr. Rohrbaugh, 266
Wanted First-class marker and sorter at
once; Model Laundry. Centralia, Wash.
BAKER'S helper, experienced. The Cookery
' 623 Washington st.
WANTED Man capable of handling agenta.
1216 Selling bldgi t .
(One of Many)
Office Secretary Employment Department,
Y. M. C. A.
Young man, stranger, seeking employ
ment 20 his total cash asset) If I pay
you $5 for employment membership I will
have only $15 between me and starvation.
Secretary 1C you pay $5 for employ
ment membership you will have the Y.
M. C. A. with all its resources between
you and starvation.
Result Young man Joined association.
In less than, a week he had satisfactory
Record for year 1912:
Calls for men from employers 2CC.5
Positions failed 1697
Our special employment membership
guarantees members will secure employ
ment or refund of membership fee; givei
Hwo months full and 10 months' eocial
Jkj-i vlleges.
Constant demand for CLERICAL.
All young men seeking employment,
especially strangers, are cordially invited
to consult with the Secretary of the Em
ployment Dejartmen.
I WANT a salesman to come to Reglna,
Canada, at once t, assist me in selling a
high-class real estate Investment. To the
man who qualifies I can asaure a per
manent and highly profitable connection
with one of the largest, strongest, and best
established corporations in Canada. The
position offers a splendid future to the
energetic and successful salesman. Ap
ply A. M. Parks. Mgr., 64 Western Trust
bldg., Reglna, Saskatchewan, Canada."
WANTED By the Union Pacific Life In
surance Company of Portland, Or., which
has just been licensed to do business and
has a paid up cash capital of $106,000,
strong experienced representatives. Over
350 stocknolders will assist agents get
business. Agents who find it difficult to
get insurance will find it much eaaier to
work for a local company. Home office
142 Broadway.
GOOD position for young man In model
creamery; must be quick, intelligent, with
a desire to learn and advannce, and above
all scrupulously neat. We want a man
ao neat that he is fussy. Salary good for
the right person. No former experience
required, only the desire to make good.
Apply in person today. Hygeia Farms
Company, sixth and Main sts.
CAPABLE salesmen, men experienced mer
cantile lines; exclusive territory; Cham
pion complete accountant (fireproof ), all
ateel combination account system, cash
system, desk, when closed forms fireproof
safe ; our men are making from $5O0 to
per month. Champion Register Co.,
Cleveland. O.
WANTED Men for railroad work; location
from Columbia River to Nehalem Valley.
Camps tirst-class in every respect. Work
will last for several months.
71li Spalding bldg., or at the w ork. Wood" a
Landing or Ross Landing on the Columbia
and S. P. & S. R. R.
SALESMEN of high caliber; no "would be
if" salesmen, to represent ua through the
West; a splendid line of greeting cards
and art goods; Valentine, St. Patrick,
Easter and every-day cards; original, and
e. splendid proposition for "the man," too.
National Art Publishing Co., Elmira, New
Wanted High class stock aalesman;
only man who can show results and has
clients; no advance; must finance him
self; commission only; the greatest thing
on the continent. Address Dr. E.
Schueller, Rockaway Beach Cal.
SALESMEN Manufacturer of leading line
among fast selling naUonally advertised
goods sold in hardware, furniture, depart
ment stores, has splendid sideline propo
sition to offer few business-getting sales
men. Write quick. General Mgr.. 1340
W. Bancroft, Toledo, O.
WANTED On farm, all modern conven
iences, man and wife, without children,
man as gardener and handy man and wife
to cook for family ; wife must be good
cook and both must be competent; give
experience, age and nationality iu letter.
AV 132. Oregonian.
CAPABLE man wanted to handle office end
of my established real estate ah inwur-
ment business; good opportunity for man
of means to make money. I am young, en
ergetic and have, a good business; need
man 10 assist me; references exchanged
AR 86. Oregonian.
WANTED Salesman on road on commis
sion to carry men's popular-priced neck
wear for Oregon and Washington. Ad
dress, with commercial references Hart
ford Neckwear Co., Broadway and 17th,
New York.
PREMIUM salesmen, side line, aluminum
specialties; great demand at present from
newspapers, tea, coffee trade, grocers, etc;
business everywhere. Write statin a- ex
perience. Aluminum Products Company, La
vri niigc, 111.
RELIABLE wide-awake man to take com
plete charge of office and secure sales
men for a large tract of beach lots; give
phone number, relate experience ; no
money advanced. T 164, Oregonian."
MAKE $15 to $50 weekly, mail order bus
iness, spare time; we start you. furnish
everything, guarantee success. Free book
let telis how. Coxe, Mgr., Dept. 67,
Omaha, Neb.
TRAVELING salesmen wanted, best side
line yet; pays all expenses ; pocket sales
ouixit, cany seuer; prompt commissions.
Tern by Jewelry Co., 2005 Michigan ave,
I NEED good men. everywhere, part or all
time, learn my business; make money with
me , iiu eipenenca aeeaeu ; uesK, type
writer and outfit free. W. M. Ostrander
Dept. 88. 12 West 31st St.. New York.
SALESMAN Attractive proposition for the
.general trade; experience unnecessary; an
all-around hustling specialty man can net
duo annually. American Standard Jew
elry Co.
SALE'S M EN To sell our check protector ;
it fells to every person who writes a
check; circulars and Information free,
sample 25c. Terry Mfg. Co., 122 Colton
bldg-. Toledo,- O.
WANTED Salesman, sell our lino of fancy
fruit ciders in small country towns; 25
per cent commission; $40 weekly drawing
account. lied Cross Company, Dept B,
St. Louis, Mo.
WANTED Portrait agenta and live canvas
sers; expenses advanced and big propo
sition to right agents meaning business.
Call immeil lately ; ask for Mr. Blackman,
Cornelius Hotel.
EN ERGETIC sales manager to establish
headquarters In Portland and look after
entire business of Oregon ; exclusive con
tract issued: business reference required.
Dlagraph Carbon Co.. Philadelphia, pa.
AGENTS, make big money, become sales
managers for our goods; fast office sellers;
Jlne profits: particulars and samples free!
One Dip Pen Company, Dept. 471, Balti
more, Md.
WANTED Teamstera for railroad con
struction work; wages $2.50 per day; none
but first-class white teamsters need ap
ply. Columbia & Nehalem River R. R
710 Spalding bldg.
WANTED By wholesale fruit house, an ex
perienced man for general work in ship
ping department, packing fruit, etc. G
1 f4, Oregonian.
WANTED 25 teams for railroad construc
tion werk; wages $6 per day. Apply at
ivirm ij.v, .-valuing uiuK.. oeiween 0 ana
12 o'clock Monday morning.
SIDE LINE salesmen ; l4 live-wire, retail ;
premium and punch board deals for small
town trade; weekly commission settle
ment. W. E. Graves Company, St. Louis.
WANTED Experienced salesmen to sell well
advertised goods. Only fi.-st-claas men
need apply. Good commission. Address
m j re gon 1 an.
WANTED Cook for sawmill camp of
about 20 men; man and wife preferred
Addresa Fisher Lumber Co., Wahkiacus
Wash. ,
SALESMEN in every state, side line, novel
ties, sells with punch boards big money.
Write particulars. Western Jewelry &
Novelty Co., 337 W. Madison, Chicago.
WANTED An experienced farm hand; a
permanent Job for a married man: a nr.
man or Dane desired. L 1S3, Oregonian.
WANTED Heading sawyer. Apply Western
Cooperage Co.. 622 Corbett bldg.
PHOTO COUPON agents, new winning con
test offer. Sarony Studio, 346 Morrison.
?... LP W AN I iii M . I . t .
HOT El j p js;;y cook. $75 ; iinnr took. $20
w k. : shon-oider cuuk. -Jfl- wk.; fry cook.
beuc;i hotel. s75; pnntrymen. porters,
kit i-hen he; p 01" ail k mc.s 3 waiters.
Experienced hoto! store rotim man.
Ne-tt-H npeariiig. sober man of good
physui uu tit act ;is information clerk,
watchman. at:-ni;aru for touring parties,
tie, one acquainted with travel routes
and I oca 1 ;o:n is of interest, $75.
Common laior 01 all kinds, larni and
dairy help, R. IX. Uir. others.
Headquarters for Reiiaile Help and
Good Service.
C. R. HANSEN CO.. 20 N. 2d St.
WA NTED -County managers for the But
ton perfect bath. For' particulars address
A N 1 ss, Oreg'iiiian.
FAR Mhand. mostly gardening, one cow to
miilw. On carline, 9 miles 1 rom Portland.
Pacific phone Oak Grove Black 717.
W A NT coiored boy Sunday morning ; under
stand elevator. Buchanan Block, 250
Waph inton st.
MAN for work on small dairy in the city
who understands care of cows. Ail 181.
W A N T E D C ountry s 1 1 1 tping clerk ; must
be familiar with- outlying territory; refer
encew required. AT 201. Oregonian.
BOVS Why loaf when your time and some
effort at home wi 11 bring you cash ? Call
evenings, H32 E. 20th. st. N.
WANTED Baker's third hand or baker's
helper. 776 Williams ave. Woodlawn 2455.
PHOTO coupon, best offered, beautv contest
started. Cutberth Studio., Dekum bldg.
YOUNG mjin for work on small city dairy.
Particul li s, R ' 176. Oregonian.
SALLS.M K and dist. murs. for Oregon
Nat. Casualty Co., 501 Railway Exch. rklg
TWO men to learn auto repairing and driv
ing. Hawthorne jarace. 4 45 Hawthorne.
HOY wanted. Tom Gallagher. 3S2 Washing
WANTED Three neat, intelligent women to
take orders for NuBone corsets; personal
training. Call between 9 and 12 A M.
NuBone Corset Parlors, 202 Broadway
WE need a girl between 13 and 2o years of
age to keep company to the lady of the
house early m the night, in the Peninsular,
with room and breakfast. Call Woodlawn
WANTED Girl for general housework; good
home, good pay. washing sent out. In
quire 408 Fliedner bldg., 10th and Wash.,
WOM.A N to make homemade pies of A No.
1 quality for delicatessen ; may work for
w ayes or commission and build Independ
ent business. 002 Yamhill.
OR permanent position, a good nurse- with
references; must be past 30 years of ag;
one who plays the piano well preferred. N
loo, Oregonian.
5 girls to learn beauty culture. Pay
while learning; position guaranteed. 400
414 Dekum bldg. Sanitary Parlors.
MANY of the best families of the city are
registered with the Domestic Service Bu
reau for cooks, general housework and
second girls. 300 Central bldg. M. 7607.
FIVE bright, capable ladies to travel, dem
onstrate and sell dealers; $25 to $50 per
week; R. R. fare paid-Goodrich Drug Co.
Omaha, Neb.
TRIP to mountains expenses and some wages
to reliable girl or woman; must make good
bread. 621 East Washington st., cor. 16th.
S. S. car.
WANTED Girl for general housework, 2 in
family, light washing; $30. Lieutenant
Lentz, Quarters 13, Vancouver Barracks.
Phone S70.
EN PERIENCED girl for cooking and gen
eral housework, to go to the beach. Call
at 794 Irvington st. at once. A 1182,
Main S233.
W ANTED Dressmakers to sell Eastern
corsets. A splendid opportunity. Call from
8 to 10 A. M. and 4 to 8 P. Al. or addresa
Room 357 12th at., Portland.
WANTED Young girl as partner for black
face comedian; good dancer and singer
preferred; work on commission. W 12,
$200 EVERY month to any talented young
lady who caTi effectively represent us to
the business men of California or Wash
ington; bona fide proposition; answer to-
, da- P- C. C. Co., 309 Hotel Renwick 3 to 5.
W"" ANTED Young lady for office work; pre
fer one who knows something of book
keeping. H. E. Fisk & Co., 501 Mackay
bldg. Call Monday 6:30 P. M.
GERMAN or Swedish girl to help with
housework, small family. Phone B 1043,
E 2045.
WANT ED Small chorus girls ; steady city
woik; yood amateurs considered. Addre-Ss
AH li4, Oregonian.
FIRST-CLASS buttonhole maker on vesta
wanted ; highest wages paid. Call Mon
day morning. Room 17, 253 Wash, st.
WANTED Competent girl for cooking and
general housework; three in family. Call
Mtiin 4531 or, A 452b.
WANiED Competent girl for general
housework; three in family. 148 24th st.
LADY to do canvassing; easy work; good
salary. Call or phone Imperial Hotel,
room 801, after 7 P. M.
GIRL for general housework; no small chil
dren. Apply 71)1 A Northrup st.. near
24th. '
COOK and helper, $75; chambermaid, coun
try, $23 ; beach waitress and other help.
Howe's Agency, 35, 270 Washington.
IOLNG lady with good head of hair for
shampooing- demonstration; give descrip
tion and phone. R lfrs, Oregonian.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavi Co., 601) Rotn
child bldg., 4th and Washington.
LADY giing Eust wants permanent nurse
to assist in care of two children; reter
enres required. Apply at once, 055 Hoyt st.
WANTED Two young ladles, over 21 to
enter nurse s training; special inducement,
wages. Neshith Sanitariu m , 616 Lov e J oy .
Washington bldg., 27o Wash., room 35,
near 4Ui. Pl.jne Main SS3. or A 3216.
WANTED Instructor in sewing; permanent
rosuion; good salary; one who plays the
Piano preferred. N 17u, Oregonian.
BUSINESS firm needs a woman not under
25 w ho is capable and reliable ; exper
ience not required. c 104, Oregonian.
WAWED Swedish or German girl for
general housework. Applv 59 Trinity
EXPERIENCED basket maker. CallMuTt
nomah Lumber & Box Co., foot of Ban
croft avenue, South Portland.
EXPERIENCED girl, general housework
must be good cook. Witling to go to beach.
1Q28 Raleigh. Main 2N4.
OIK L -Assist housework; pleasant home :
August at beach. Apply Monday. East
WANTED Nursegirl. Apply Mrs. A. Lar
rowe, 702 N. Hayes st., St. Johns. Phone
Col. 131.
W A N T fc
225 N
D Experienced girl to work in
tionery, cigar and ice cream stand.
. 23 d.
dry, 2
Body irnner at Crystal Laun
1st and Sandy road.
tiy.' t
tal Li
jL Experienced cook for small fam-
1 Experienced mangle help. Crys-
- 1 . - j " " n nunuy roati.
FREStl COW for sale. Call 1 lr
Black 453.
ace L
, . V """'tt 11 is. rai-
..mim., 1.. i'nu una Everett.
SWEDE or German girl for general
housework, phone East 2:45 or B 1043.
WANTED 5 extra waitressea at Council
Crest, on July 4 and Sunday.
W A N T ED M aid for
East 7t4.
general housework.
WANTED Stnrcher.
26 North 20th St.
Lace House Laundry,
WANT good girl or middle-aed woman. u
tr JO at 7(11 Vnrtl-,,,,. ... M i-t
GIRL tor cooking, and general housework'
wage $30. 7".l Hoyt St.
GOOD girl for dining-room work. Call 70
Went Park after 2 p. m.
GIRL for general housework and to assist
in care of babies. Phone Marshall 3247.
WANTED A girl for general housework
fi77 Schuyler St.; Eroadway car.
WANT miliner for suburban or small town.
233 Worcester bldg.
WANTED Girl to assist with housework
320 11th. Phone A .1636.
WANTED Woman to help with housework
mornings only. Phone Tabor 472.
GIRL for light housework, small family, no
cooking. 61 1 Weid Ier st.
GIRL to assist with housework. 107 East
37th. Phone B 3104, mornings.
GIRL for feem.-ial housework; good w a ires
Phone A 4143.
DENTIST wants an experienced lady assist
ant, both at chair and laboratory. A 1 23.
GIRL for light housework; adults;-can have
afternoons. Tabor 3524.
Girl to assist in housework. 6S3
East 650.
WANTED Experienced waist finishe
ply 305 Jou rn-al bldg.
GIRL for general housework. Main lyo.
WA NTED Waitress. 3T3urn"sid e"
WANTED Girl for housework. 54H llthI
WANTED Skirt and waist help. 14$ 13th aU
Cooks. $30, 33, $4. and $45.
Waitresses, city, $25 $30 and $35.
$4 J aUrtiBiies out of city. $25, $30 and
Waitress at the coast. $35
Housekeeper, $20.
Dishwashers, $20 'to $25.
Girls for general housework, $20 to $50.
Large number of new situations re
ceived daily.
Ladies' Dept. 205 Morrison.
CHECKER. $45 '
2 waitresses, resort, $0 week.
Cook, small hotel, $30. v
Waitress, country hotel. $23.
Kitchen helper, $1.23 day.
Chambermaid. $25.
Waitress. $10 week.
General housework, beach. $35.
345i3 Washington st.
THE Municipal Department of Public Safety
for Young Women, 407 Morchants Trust
bldg., will be glad to give advice or as
sistance to any woman or girl who n.ay be
in need. Interviews are confidential ex
cept in cases demanding criminal action.
Office hours 8:30 to 0. Mrs. L. G. Bald
win, Supt.
WANTED Lady solicitors to sell new syr
inge invented by prominent Portland
physician; nothing like it on the market;
great seller, $1 commission on each device
sold. Call Monday and Tuesday, at 601
Yeon bldg., whure lady in charge will give
FEMALE help wanted at the Union Laun
dry Co., 2d and Columbia sta.
EXPERIENCED hosiery saleswoman; per
manent position; good salary. Please do
not apply unless you have had considera
ble hosiery experience. Lennon s Spocial-
. uiovo mm nosiery store.
EXPERIENCED fitter to fit and manage
alteration rooms, employing about 22
giris; must be A-l in every respect; give
reference, salary wanted and phone num
ber. AT 2o3, Oregonian.
WAN TED Girl for general housework ;
must be good cook, of pleasing disposition,
good home, Summer in country at Hood
River, balance of time in city; salarv $30.
Apply fell Kearney. Phone Main 2665.
WANTED Young lady to be a companion
for a young lady and 2 -children while
husband is away on business trip. Nelson,
4443 40th ave. s. E. Take WW car.
Phone Sellwood 1435.
ATTRACTIVE, capable and ambitious young
lady; freedom from supervision and splen
did remuneration if you can handle work.
Call mornings. 60ft N or t h w est b 1 d g.
WANTED Lady housekeeper for rooming -house,
30 rooms: good wages for right
party. Apply 2S5 North 4th at. Phone
Main 35!SO.
WANTED Girl to take care 2-year-old
baby; no work. Call Main 1011 or call at
the Columbian Apis., cor. 11th and Colum
bia. WANTED Competent upstairs girl, willing
worker, one who can sew. Phone Main
TWO live solicitors for tailor-made corsets;
liberal commission; a new proposition Call
1 to 4 P. M. 420 Market at.
WANTED A girl for cooking and general
housework; 3 jrowa people; good wages.
7U7 Flanders.
GIRL for general housework no washing,
$25. Phone Woodlawn 1720.
FIRST-CLASS ladies' tailoress, city refer
ence required. Aronson 423 A lder.
WANTED Lady to aew and press. Call Mon
day. 451 Morrison.
ON E or two girls to share flat with two
young ladies. 5S8 W. Broadway.
GIRL for general housework good wages.
00O Thompson, Irvington car.
EXPERIENCED girl for general housework
and cooking. 5ifo Marshall st.
GIRL to do general housework. East 3575.
MAKE money writing short stories; big pay.
Send for free booklet ; tells how. United
Press Syndicate, D 9, Pan Francisco.
ORGANIZERS The best fraternal insurance
proposition on eaxth ; liberal contract. AE
11, Oregonian.
WANTED Man and wife to work on ranch
near Portland; must have experience; no
children. J IhO, Oregonian.
MAN and wife on dairy farm; must be
good milkers. Phone Sellwood S4i).
FISK Teachers' Agency secures positions for
teachers. 316 Journal bldg. Main 4835.
SHORTHAND SCHOOL Expert men teach
ers, with $300,000 equipment, moderate
fees. Not run to make money, but con
ducted by business men to a.d young men
in securing practical education. Reg is -ter
now. Y. M. C. A., corner 6Lh and Tay
lor sts.
SALESMEN, no experience required, earn
good wages while you learn; position
guaranteed ; write today particulars. Ad
dress nearest office. Dept. 400, National
Salesmen's Training Association, Chicago,
New York, Kansas City, San Francisco.
POSTOFFICE clerk, carrier, other Govern
ment "exams." everywhere soon ; get pre
pared ; former U. S. civil service secretary
examiner. Write now for free booklet,
L 10b. Patterson Civil Service School,
Rochester, N. Y.
NO expense to learn electricity, automobiles,
plumbing; correspondence lessons 1 ur
nished; then actual work on contract Jobs;
your work pays expense; 30O students last
year ; get free catalogue. United Trade
School Contracting Co., Los Angeles, Cal.
u. S. GOVERNMENT position open to men,
women ; commence $ ti5 to $ 1 00 month ;
thousands appointments ; list .positions
available, free. Frank 1 in Institute. Dept.
R. J Ol. Roc fs ter, N. Y.
100 men and women to learn barber trade in
8 weeks; position guaranteed; modern col
lege; tools free ; learn a trade that you
can get in business for yourself. Oregon
Barber- College. 233 Madison st.
WI KELESS OPE RATORS in constant de
mand. This coming vocation taught at
Y. M. C. A. All the Year Round Day and
Night Schools; complete equipment ; best
on Coast.
PORTLAND mall carriers, postal clerks,
ssum first jear. $100 raise to $1200. Va
cations. Portland examinations coming.
Sueclmen questions free. Franklin Insti
tute. Dept 330. E. Rochester, N. Y.
THE Moler Barber College, 35 N. 4th St., 2G
years In the business, 37 schools. The only
modern school in existence. Term 8 weeks.
Tools free. Massage and dyeing a spe
cialty. Lifetime scholaisnip to each student.
15. No profession offers equal opportuni
ty. Catalogue free. C. Keaue, Pres., lb IS
Market St.. San Francisco.
WRITE photoplays; big demand, unlimited
Held ; anyone can 4 rite them ; send $1 for
instructions. The Photoplay Bureau,
Cooper bldg., Denver, Colo. Dept. G.
WANTED Ambitious young men to become
traveling salesmen. Hundreds of good
openings. Write for particulars. Ilradstrect
Train in jt System, Rochester, N. Y'.
BECOME detectives; big pay; easy work;
traveling opportunities. Write Frederick
Wagner, 1243 Lexington ave.. New York.
GOV ERNM ENT positions are easy to get.
My free booklet, Y-300, tells how. Write
today now. Earl Hopkins, Washington.
D. C m
RA1LW A Y mail clerks, carriers, wanted ;
good pay, line positions ; pay for instruc
tions after you receive position. Liberty
lnstit ute. Dept. IK, Rochester. N. Y.
GOVERNMENT positions, parcel post sys
tem requires additional helpr salary up to
S1SO0. "free bock." Pacific States School,
McKay bldg.. Portland, Or.
SCHOOLS, 5o5 McKay bldg., cor. 3d and
Stark sts. Phones: Mniu 1020. A 4121.
A Iso Headquarters I. C. S. Fraternity.
LEA KN by mail to make $1 an hour. Show
Card School, 1)13 Van Ness ave., San Fran
cisco. INTERNATIONAL correspondency schoola,
165 2 Third at. (near -Morrison), rooms 7
and 8. Phone Main 404?., A 3044.
instruction. GREGG SHORTHAND, book
keeplng. 642 Hamilton bldg. Mar. 4258.
LOCOMOTI VE tii emen, brakemen, w ages
about $ loo; experience unnecessary. Send
ace, stamp. Railway, care Oregonian.
260 14TH ST.
GIRLS Learn beauty parlor work. Earn,
money while learning. 613 Rothchild bldg.