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EstabllBlied In
Portland, lOU
Extraordinary S emi-Annual
Boston. Mass., expect to reach Portland
early next month, and -will pass the
Summer at their ranch in Hood River.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. "Wheeler
and the Misses Katherine and Anna
Wheeler are occupying their cottage
at Sea view. Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Oskar Huber have
purchased an attractive new cottage on
Ocean avenue. Gearhart, and will
leave with their family, the Misses
Dorothy, Winnifred and Elizabeth
Huber, this week for the Summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Caswell and
the Misses Nadine and Suzane Caswell
expect to leave about July 8 for their
cottage at Gearhart to pass the months
of July and August.
Mrs. Robert Treat Piatt, who has
been in New York and Europe for the
past year for her health and carrying
on her musical studies, has returned to
Portland for the Summer and Is at her
Johnson-street home.
Mrs. William E. Rueppell's Beaumont
home was the scene of great gayety
Friday evening, June 20. when about
30 Invited guests assembled for an in
formal card and dancing party. Mrs.
Rueppell's guest of honor was her sis
ter. Miss Alice M. Brown.
Pink and green formed the color
scheme for the evening, roses and palms
being arranged about the rooms and
Card honors fell to Miss Freda Pub
los, Harold Roberts and Miss Georgia
The guests were Miss Gladys Beeson.
Miss Olive Mitchell. Miss Alice Brown,
Henry Abelson. Miss Zeta Ausman.
George Morback, Harold Roberts. Harry
Simpson. Martin Schade, Miss Delphine
D'Oust, Miss Bertha Hendricks, Biddle
Comb, Frank Hunt, Miss Gladys Beut
gen. Miss Freda Publos, Will Harris,
Miss Frankie Rice. Walter Harris. Mr.
Paddock, Miss Georgia Smith, Ralph
D'Oust, Miss Ella Frailey, Arthur
Pflngston, Graham Sharkey, William
Rueppell and Frederick Smith.
Miss Toung furnished the music for
tne evening.
Mrs. L. G. Caldwell, of San Francisco,
is the house guest of Mrs. R. M. Dooly
for the Summer months. Mrs. Cald
well made a host of friends when she
visited here two years ago, who will
extend her a cordial welcome.
Miss Marguerite Helpich, of Boise,
Idaho, is the guest of her cousin, Mrs.
Wilson W. Clark, and expects to re
main in Portland for the Summer.
Cards have Just been received an
nouncing the marriage of Miss Eva In
gram Kiernan to Russell James Hub
bard. The wedding was a simple affair,
owing to a recent bereavement in the
family of the bride, and only the lm
mediate families were present. It took
place at the home of the bride's father,
John Kiernan. Wednesday afternoon, at
1:30 o'clock. Rev. T. L. Eliot officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilchrist Owen
have leased a house on Marshall street,
near Twenty-fifth street, and will oc
cupy the same about July 1.
Complimenting Miss Calista Stout, of
Chicago, the house guest of Miss Ruth
Teal, Miss Teal presided at an attrac
tlve luncheon on Tuesday at the Wav
erly Country Club. Covers were laid
for 13, and the table was adorned with
a basket of Iceland poppies. Miss Teal
was also hostess at a dinner of 40 cov
ers last night at the Waverly Coun
try ciud in honor of her house guest.
A jolly camping party, including
Norman Lang, "Teddy" Wilcox and
Page Shindler, will leave this week for
an outing on the Powell River, British
Columbia, where Mr. Lang has exten
sive business interests.
A delightful affair among the Tounsr.
er contingent on Friday was the card
party given by Miss Lindsey Warbur
ton King in honor of Miss lone T. Stew
art. grandniece of Mrs. Frederick H.
strong, who has Just returned from
school in the East to pass her Summer
The rooms were artistically decorat
ed with masses of syringa and Klllarn
ey roses. Mrs. King's sister. Miss
Bertha Watson, assisted. Among those
present were: Miss Stewart, Miss Alice
Dabney, Miss Lorraine Bean, Miss Amy
Robinson, Miss Anna Barker, Miss Dor
othy Collins, Miss Winnifred Scott,
Miss n,vellna Magruder, Miss Bolton
Miss Virginia McDonough, Miss Mar
garet Elliot, Miss Martha Hoyt, Miss
Ethel Malpas, Miss Margaret Piatt and
Miss Consuello McMillan.
A number of prominent matrons and
maids are looking forward to July
Field day at Vancouver Barracks,
which also has been selected as Tag
cay D- the Army Relief Society. Twen
ty-first Infantry section, of which Mrs
George S. oung Is president. The so
clety is well known all over the coun
try, and has been formed to collect
funds and provide relief in case of
emergency for dependent widows and
orphans of officers and enlisted men
of the regular Army of the United
Complimenting Miss Florence Kohn.
a popular bride-elect. Miss Clementine
Hirsch entertained with a theater party
ror iz at tne Heillg Monday evening,
followed by an elaborate supper at th
Hirsch borne.
Mrs. J. F. Dickson, who has been in
Berkeley, Cal., for several months on
account of the Illness of her mother,
Mrs. S. E. Brown, returned home last
week. Mrs. Brown made many friends
in .Portland while visiting Dr. and Mrs,
lMckson some years ago.
Mrs. Coleman H. Wheeler was hos
. tess at a delightful bridge tea on Tue
day afternoon, in honor of Miss Carrie
Lee Chamberlain, of Washington, D. C,
an1 Miss Elsie Brooks, of Alabama.
The hall was antistically decorated
in foxglove and pink roses were banked
In the drawing-room. In the dining
room red rambler roses completed the
decorative scheme.
During the afternoon Miss Carmel
Sullivan rendered a number of delight
ful selections on the harp and the sing
ing of Miss Bertha Fowler and Miss
Frances Parker added greatly to the
pleasure of the afternoon.
After bridge, delicious refreshments
were served in the dining-room.
Among those present were Mrs. Fred
Campbell Whitten, Mrs. George L. Mc
Pherson, Mrs. Daniel E. Bowman, Mrs.
Harry W. McDonald, Mrs. Leon Peters,
Mrs. U. & Bryant, Miss Edna Mott,
Miss Frances Parker. Mrs. Charles
Eastman, Miss Pearl Smith, Mrs. Ro
wan Gaither, Mrs. George E. Chamber
lain. Miss Carrie Lee Chamberlain, Mrs.
Frederick C. Gortler. Mrs. George A.
Eastman, Miss Elsie Brooks, Mrs. C. J.
McCuscar. Miss Carmel Sullivan, Mrs.
Walter W. Rldehalgh, Mrs. Edwin M.
Baker, Mrs. W. L. Straugh, Mrs. George
A. Emery, Mrs. J. Cullen Bryant. Mrs.
Lawrence Therkelsen. Mrs. Florence A.
Sullivan. Mrs. Alfred A. Walker, Miss
Fannie Chamberlain, Mrs. J. Ker, Mrs.
George Blair, Mrs. Charles Boss, Mrs.
Benjamin F. Weaver, Mrs. Brandt
vv ickersham. Mrs. Howard F. Latou
rette. Mrs. Edward L. Pettis and Mrs.
Imogen Harding Brodie.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Prudhomme and
children expect to leave the latter Dart
of this week for their new cottage at
earcart, to pass the Summer.
The St. Luke's Boy Scouts, who
passed a week campljg out in the post,
were accorded a royai surprise Wednes
day night by a. party in "their honor,
arranged bv Miss Mae Foster, Miss
Margaret Buffington and Miss Laila
Foster. The event was held in the
post gymnasium.. .which was nicely dec-
r '
If.::- y.
orated for the party. The large floor
was turned into a. playground for a
couple of hours and all kinds of out
door games were played, among them
being a potato race, cat and dog, a
three-legged race, and blind man's
buff. Refreshments were served from
the center of the room, the Scouts
lining up with their tin, cups and plates
for the chocolate and sandwiches, the
same as though rations were being Al
After 10 o'clock the Junior Scouts
were sent back to their tents to bed.
and the Seniors were permitted to re
main longer. The floor was cleared
for dancing and a number of the young
people of the, post and city were called
in, including Miss Dorothy Beard, Miss
Irene Beard, Miss Helen Kinney. Miss
Margaret Kinney, Miss Mae Foster,
Miss Laila Foster .Arnold White, Earl
Johnson, Ray "Vance, Kenyon Lloyd and
William Littleton. Chaplain Walter K.
Lloyd, who had charge of the Scouts
in camp, and Rev. E. B. Collier, rector
of St. Luke's Church, were present. The
chaperones of the evening were: Mrs.
Frederick Foster, Mrs. A. P. Buffington,
Mrs. Walter K. Lloyd and Mrs. Elmer
E. Beard. Many of the boys' pare-ts
were present during the evening.
One of the most charming bridge
luncheons of the season was that given
by Mrs. Wilson Chase at her quarters
Wednesday at 1 o'clock, her honor
guests being Miss Rice and Miss Irene
Richardson, who are visiting in the
post Covers were laid for 40 ladles,
there being one large table in the
dining-room and eight smaller ones
throughout the other rooms. A seven
piece orchestra from the Twenty-first
Iniantry furnished delightful music
ouring the luncheon ana aiternoon.
The quarters were made more beautiful
with a profusion of roses. In the re
ceiving line with Mrs. Chase were Miss
Rice and Miss Richardson. Five tables
of bridge were played, Mrs. John B.
Richardson winning high score, while
three passed the time pleasantly at
500. Mrs. Robert T. Phlnney secured
first prize at this game. There were
prizes for each table.
Lieutenant W. H. Rucker has already
gone to San Francisco, to be there a
few days ahead of the Battalion of the
Second Field Artillery. Captain A. B.
Warfield, with a detachment of 60 men.
left Sunday night for Seattle.
The Second Field Artillery Battalion,
Miss Alice H. Brown.
340 men and officers, will leave here
July 1 at 4 P. M. for San Francisco
by special train. The train will be
backed into the reservation from the
North Bank track, and will go out
through Portland over the Southern
Pacific. No stop will be made by the
train in Portland. It Is probable that
no field artillery will be sent to Van
couver Barracks to take the place of
tne second Field Artillery. Most of the
field artillery is on the Mexican bor
der and in the Islands.
General and Mrs. Hoyt on Monday
evening threw open their hospitable
quarters to a number of the young
people of the post, . and an informal
dancing party was held. Those enjoy
ing the hospitality of the General and
his wife were: Major and Mrs. Wilson
Chase, Miss Rice, Lieutenant and Mrs.
John B. Richardson, Miss Page, Miss
J '
- W g
i ' . i
In connection with the regatta, which is to be held in Astoria Julv 2-S.
a number of prominent society women of that city will give a musical com.
eay, entitled -Clatsop county Fair." It is being coached by Anne Sara Book.
Those in charge of it are Mrs. Charles Hauston, Mrs. H. G. Van Dusen, Mrs.
Eva Cherry, Mrs. B. Van Dusen, Mrs. Norris Staples, Mrs. C. B. Allen, Mrs. L.
N. Taylor. It will be rendered July 2 and 4 in the Astoria Theater.
Three hundred ofthe most talented society people of Astoria will partici
pate, from the tiniest tot to the well-known business men.
The comedy will represent all of the scenes at a countrv fair and the
musical part is taken from the' leading operas of today. The solo parts are
to De sung ana danced by the regatta staff, as well as the regatta queen.
Polly Toung. Miss Elizabeth Grady.
Captain Charles R. Howland. Lieuten
ant Lester M. Wheeler, Lieutenant
Julian F. Barnes, Lieutenant James A.
General and Mrs. Hoyt on Friday
evening entertained at dinner Colonel
and Mrs. George S. Toung, Captain
Charles R. Howland and Miss Irene
Richardson. All went to the farewell
reception ball for the Second Field Ar
tillery after dinner. The dining table
was covered with beautiful cut roses.
Mrs. Edward F. McGlachlln. wife of
Lieutenant Colonel McGlachlln, re
turned from Georgia and the East Mon
day night. She will go to San Fran
cisco with Colonel McGlachlln July 1
and remain there until October, when
she may Join him in the Philippine
The St. Luke Boy Scouts broke camn
Thursday, after eight days' encamp
ment in the oak grove near the post
exchange. Every night many friends
and admirers of the little Scouts called
at the camp.
Captain and Mrs. William Fitzhugh
Jones, who have been visiting in the
East for nearly four months, returned
Monday. Mrs. Jones and her daughter
will accompany Captain Jones to the
Islands with the Second Field Artillery.
Captain Jones has resumed the detail
as battalion adjutant of the Second
Field Artillery.
Mrs. A. B. Warfield and her two
children have gone to Fort Leaven
wortn, Kan., to remain while Captain
Warfield is in the Islands.
Dr. Harry Ebert, 'accompanied by his
wife and children, passed a few days
at the home of Mrs. A. Ebert and Miss
Lucy Ebert, his grandmother and aunt,
in Vancouver, the first of the week.
He has been detailed to go to the Gov
ernment quarantine station at the
mouth of the Columbia. River at As
toria. The family will remain in Van
couver until he secures quarters there.
Dr. Ebert is a, son of Colonel Rudolph
G. Ebert, well known in this post, and
now in charge of the Medical Depart
ment of the Western Division of the
United States Army.
A number of suppers were given Fri
day evening before the Second Field
Artillery farewell reception ball, among
them being that of Miss Polly Young.
who had as her guests: Miss Harriet
Pomeroy, sister of Mrs. Scott Brooke
Miss Violet Ersktne, Miss Claire Wil
cox, Kurt Koehler, 'Jordan Zan, James
Colburn, of Portland, and Lieutenant
Julian F. Barnes. Lieutenant and Mrs.
R. S. Hartz entertained at dinner Lieu
tenant G. J. Gosner and Mrs. S. P.
Saunders. Captain and Mrs. Herbert C.
uioner nao as tneir dinner guests
colonel and Mrs. Edward F. McGlach
lin. Major and Mrs. Adrian S. Fleming,
captain C. H. Lanza and Mrs. James
Honeyman, of Portland. Lieutenant
and Mr- W. O. Boswell also had sev
eral guests for dinner Friday evening.
Captain and Mrs. Fred W. Bugbee on
Thursday evening gave an informal
l f T 1 1v I
ns?tJ: .V"T?r
1 x y 'If ' . ' " ill I
V 1 r' 1 I
The Misses Ruth and Hazel Ralston, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Ral
ston, 608 Market street, graduated from Mount Vernon Seminary, Washington,
D. C. recently. They returned to .their home -last week.
dinner party, having as their guests
Captain and Mrs. Daniel E. Hand and
their children, Agnes and Daniel; Chap
lain and Mrs. Walter K. Lloyd and their
son, Kenyon.
A farewell reception ball, in honor of
the officers and ladies of the Second
Field Artillery, was given Friday
evening in the post gymnasium by the
remaining portion of the garrison. The
gymnasium was transformed from
huge hall with bare walls to a bower
of beauty with giant ropes of ever
greens suspended from the ceiling, big
white columns wrapped with ropes of
ferns, and immense hanging baskets in
the center of the room. The four sides
of the hall were Invisible for the
masses of Summer flowers, roses and
cut flowers, which were used in pro
fusion. There were easy corners, and
in the east end between two big white
columns was the big punch bowl, which
was visited with pleasure by all sev
eral times during the evening.
In the receiving line were General
and Mrs. Ralph W. Hoyt and Colonel
and Mrs. George S. Toung. Lieutenant'
Colonel Edward F. McGlachlin is In
command of the Second Field Artillery.
being the highest ranking officer here
of the battalion leaving July 1 for San
Francisco to sail from there July 5 for
Manila. Music was furnished by the
Twenty-first Infantry band, and the
immense floor was never In better con
dition for dancing.
Many of the society folk of Portland
were present during the evening, most
or tnem returning in their machines on
the last ferry. About 100 couples were
present to join in giving the departing
orricers and their ladles a pleasant
senaoti ana wish them bon voyage.
Mrs. J. H. Joyce was a charming host
ess on Friday afternoon, when she en
tertalned with six tables of "500" in
the Dutch room of -the Hazelwood. In
compliment to her mother. Mrs. E. M,
Rhodes, of Bay City, Or. The room was
filled with Caroline Testout roses and
palms, the refreshments being carried
out in tne same color and decorations.
Card honors fell to Mrs. Eugene Rice,
Mrs. T. E. Ashley and Mrs. Paul Dick
Mrs. Joyce's guests Included, beside the
honor guest, Mrs. C. E. Morgan, Mrs. E,
L. Long, Mrs. G. W. Dickson, Mrs. Rob
ert Ireland, Mrs. Wyncoop, Mrs. Agnes
Sullivan, Mrs. William Jenklnson, Mrs.
Edward Morris. Mrs. O. P. Miller, Mrs
T. E. Oates, Mrs. Harold Rice, Mrs. L.
Qulmby. Mrs. B. Fallowes, Mrs. L. M,
Rice, Mrs. A. J. Clarke, Mrs. E. L. Pet
tis, Mrs. Eugene Rice, Mrs. Lulu Joyce,
Mrs. Paul Dick, Mrs. E. McKern. Mrs.
Bartlett, of San Diego; Mrs. ' Strow
bridge, of Los Angeles; Miss Kelly,' o
St. Louis, and Mrs. T. E. Ashley, of
Bay City, Or.
Mrs. E. J. Campbell, of Twenty-third
and Hoyt streets, presided at an elab
orate pioneer dinner in honor of those
who had been with her three years or
more. The decorations were carried out
in pink. A huge bouquet of pink sweet
peas adorned the center of the table
and at each corner of the table was
another bouquet of sweets peas at
tached to the center by long streams
of pink ribbon. At each plate was
pink carnation and a bonbon contain
lng a paper cap and whistle. The guests
were quite restively arrayed in thel
caps and made much merriment with
their small whistles. Those presen
were: Mrs. Ellen French, Sydney
French, Mrs. Marie Rossiter. Miss Grace
Kossiter, Frank H. Anderson, Mrs. Car
rie M. Ogle, Miss Eva F. Cox. Mrs. A
R. Shannon. Edward Morris, Miss B. L.
cone, Harry Fisher, Miss D. A. Fech
ner, H. W. Relchert. Charles Phillips
ana juaynara Redmond.
The social meeting of the Soros!
Club, which marked the closing of
successful season, met Tuesday at the
home of Mrs. J. Courtney, 686 East
Oak street, all the members being pres
ent. The following were invited
guests: Mrs. W. A. Bantz. Mrs. A. C.
Lohmire, Mrs. Beth Dana. Mrs. W. G.
Holmes, Mrs. Tutney, Mrs. Markell.
Mrs. Lottawasser, Mrs. C. W. Hollister.
Mrs. O. F. Phillips, Mrs. Sherrod, and
Mrs. S. E. Phelps. Light refreshments
were served during the afternoon and
a delightful programme was given.
Miss Sherma Dana gave an automobile
specialty. Miss Malbelle Holmes de
lighted with two solos. Mrs. Geneviev
Courtney gave a scene from "The Tarn
ing of the Shrew" and Miss Winni
Shrod closed the programme with two
piano numbers. The club adjourned to
meet again September 9.
A reception was held Wednesday eve
nln in the parlors of the First United
Presbyterian Church, Sixth and Mont
gomery streets, by the women of the
church, in honor of the Bev. F. D. Find
ley, pastor, who has just returned
from a six weeks' visit In tho East.
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ING Attended to Now During the
Quiet Season at
J. P. Plagemann, Mgr.
SSS Morrison St., Corbett Bids".
He also attended the general assem
bly at Atlanta, Ga. A short programme
was enjoyed. Mrs. Feemster rendered
two vocal numbers, accompanied by
Miss Lillian M. Stevenson. Mr. Findley
gave an interesting account of his trip
and news from the general assembly.
Refreshments were served. Mrs. E.
Dalgeish and Mrs. P. II. Stevenson
poured tea, and Mrs. Dunn, Mrs.
Williams and Miss Speer assisted in
The private dining-room of the
Toung Women's Christian Asociation
was the scene of a pretty pre-nuptlal
affair on Saturday, June 21, at the
luncheon hour. The occasion was In
honor of Miss Myrtle Hanson, whose
wedding to Alden W. Anderson Is to
take place this week. Those who par
ticipated were the members of the corps
of the Richmond School, of which body
Miss Hanson has- been a member for
several years: The table was deco
rated beautifully, red ramblers being
in profusion. The place-cards were
especially attractive as souvenirs, each
having a group picture of the co
worKers or miss Hanson. A conven
tional rose-red added a touch of beauty
to each card.
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Sahlstrom enter
tained a few friends informally Thurs
day evening at their residence in
Ladd'8 Addition. The rooms were dec
orated artistically with scarlet ram
bier, ferns and Sweet William. "Five
hundred" was played, card honors fall
ing to Mrs. Laidlaw and Mrs. Caldwell.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W,
X. Masters, Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Lind
sey, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Caldwell, Mrs.
Edward Hamilton Miller, of San Fran
Cisco, Mrs. Herman F. Vanwlg, Mr. and
Mrs. W. A, Laidlaw, Miss Horning.
Hood River, who is the house guest of
Mrs. Masters: Miss Virginia Sahlstrom
and little Miss Qeorgta Sahlstrom.
The teachers of the Ockley Green
School tendered to President Hender
son and Mrs. Henderson a delightful
luncheon on Tuesday. The affair was
held in the school assembly hall, on
the stage of which a beautifully dec
orated table was arranged with cov
ers for 23. A most amusing feature
of the afternoon s programme was
wildly exciting game of baseball, In
which the primary "nine" defeated the
grammar "nine."
The luncheon was in the nature of
a farewell to Mr. Henderson, who h
resigned his position in the city school
to accept the superin tendency of The
Dalles schools.
On Friday evening. June 20. Imogene,
Roberta and Jack Coryell were given
a surprise party by their schoolmates
Tne refreshments were supplied bv th
guests and the evening was passed with
music and games. Those present were
Mildred French, Elaine Cooper. Mon
ema Sallng, Hazel and Helen Cole, Grace
Miller, Grace Kelley. Helen Duch, Flor.
ence Alton, Lynne Pickler. Roy Coop
er, Roland Ramsdale. Claude Newman,
Amos Helm. David Ormond and Rus
sen Gowans. Robert Womach, Imogene,
Roberta and Jack Coryell. The lunch
was served by Miss Marie CoryelL
Miss Frances Rice entertained a few
of her friends in her home in Ladd's
addition Monday evening. The rooms
continues this week
at Bartholomew's
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were decorated attractively with a
profusion of roses. Music and games
were enjoyed during the evening.
Among the guests invited were Misses
Helen Scott. Elsie McLynn, Doris Am
cry, Marie Shogren, Marcello Cato, Irma
and Julie Helbok, Francis Rice, and
Messrs. Paul and Hiram Humphreys,
Vincent Smith, Arthur Bulgin, Walter
Harris, Leonard Rice. Franklin Fowler
and Park Richardson.
.At the recent 63d annual commence
ment esercises of Lawrence College.
Appleton, Wis., at which degrees and
diplomas were conferred on 86 students,
the Lewis prize scholarship for the
student making the best . record in
scholarship and deportment during the
year was awarded to Miss Margaret
Stoppenbach. Miss Stoppenbach. who
resided in Portland a few years ago. Is
the niece of T. N. Stoppenbach, of Pied
mont. '
Mrs. Louise Scott was hostess at an
informal luncheon and bridge In her
apartments in the Wheeldon Annex
Wednesday afternoon. Guests made up
three tables of bridge, and card honors
fell to Mrs. James Lyons, Mrs. A. W.
Cronin and Mrs. William Grace. The
rooms of the apartments were decorated
attractively with a profusion of pink
roses. The guests were Mrs. J. J. Rev
nolds, Mrs. R. W. Bchmeer, Mrs. Clyde
Kvans, Mrs. Arthur Kelly. Mrs. G. M.
Harris. Mrs. H. G. Perry, Miss Camer
on, Miss Dorothy Feckner. and Misa
Nellie Troy.
The women of the First United Pres
byterian Church were hosts at a large
reception to welcome the return of their
pastor. Rev. Frank D. Findley, Wednes
day afternoon. Mr. Findley has been
attending the assembly In Atlanta. Ga..
and visiting other Eastern points. A
short musical programme was given by
Mrs. Feemster. after which refresh
ments were served. The committee was
( T'onttmied on P.i? 4.)
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