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white embroidered chirfon over yel
low. Mrs. Chester Hogue was gowned in
a becoming shade of blue chiffon over
Mrs. PIttock's gown was of gray
with elaborate trimming of rare lace.
Mrs. Johti Marshall was gowned in
black eharmeuse modishly cut.
Miss Holman wore a becoming lav
ender gown with overdress of black
Among those assisting about the
rooms were;
Mrs. W. L. Biddle, Mrs. O. A. Lyman,
Mrs. Ralph Hoyt. Mrs. Robert Hall,
Mrs. F. A. Nitchey, Mrs. Frank B.
Riley. Mrs. Sanderson Reed. Miss Ella
Stephens, Miss Augusta Marshall,
Miss Kate Holman, Mrs. fcv'alter Cook,
Mrs. Anna Abrams.
And a bevy of the debutante set. in
cluding: Miss Louise Ciallion. Miss Alice
Dabney. Miss Martha Hoyt, Miss JCath
erlne Hoyt. Miss Gretchen Klosterman
and Miss Margery' Hoffman.
The exhibition of handsome hang
ings, lamps, shades, tapestries, and
pottery from the Herter studio in New
York, which has been given during
the week by the Arts and Crafts So
'For the Newest, Visit the Eastern
Rose Festival Visitors
Welcome to the Eastern!
" M '
" ll
THli Waverly Country Club pre
Bented u gala appearance last niht
an the Oceanian of the formal open
ing f the new and attractive club
house, also the closing or the irolf tour
nament. Society turned out en masse to
inspect the new club, which is exception
ally well planned und decorated and de
lightfully situated on the banks of th
river. Uinner parties were the order
of the eveniiiK. about 250 or 300 suests.
in parties all the way from 4 to 24,
In smart frocks and ehlo hats, made
merry durlnc the evening, and the
spacious ballroom with its handsome
hangings and well-designed decorations
made a pleasing foil for the brilliant
assemblage. The opening will go down
as a red letter uay n the Mstory of
the club. The broad verandas afford
an excellent view oj the olty and river,
and lead, to fascinating little prome
nades about the grounds.
All through the days of the tourna
ment society matrons and maids with
their escorts thronged the verandas
ami many charming teas, luncheone and
dinners were given.
Among the larger dinner parties last
night was that given by Mr. and Mrs
William Mat-Master. Their guests in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Burns Mr.
and Mrs. R. Koehler. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kerr
Mrs. Helen I.add Corbett. Miss Failing
Miss May Failing. Captain Voorhles!
Robert V. Forbes and Harry Mont
gomery. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Griffin Murphv
also entertained at dinner last night at
the Oolf club In honor of Mls- Mllla
Wessinger and Philip Hart, whose wed
ding will take place June 18. Their
guests Included Mr. and Mrs. James
Dougherty. Mr. and Mrs. Krskine Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Uilbert Durham Mr. and
Mrs. Carl U Wernicke. Miss Cornelia
Cook, Miss Katherine Hart. Mrs
Charles W. Whitley, of Salt Lake City,
1'aul Glesy. and Lester llodsun.
Mrs. Lee Hoffman ami Miss Margery
Hoffman also entertained at a. large
dinner and the guests were Mr. and
Mrs. Morris II. Whitehouse. Mr. and Mrs.
J. Andre Fouilhoux. Mr. and Mra."
Thomas Robertson. Mr. and Mrs. Haw
ley Hoffman. Miss Frances Wilson
Miss Clara Weidler. Mr. and Mrs. Henry
L4d Corbett. Mr. and Mrs. Antoine G.
1 : l . Seaton Taylor. Irving Webster,
Harold Wells. Fritz Behrenda and Mr.
mil Mrs. Milton Werachkul.
Miss Maisle Mai-Master entertained
i number of the younger get. chaper
oned by Mr. and Mrs. Landor R. Mason.
Jr. Additional guests were Miss Haze)
Dolph, Miss Anita Burns. Miss Louise
jpurns. Miss Jean Mackenzie, Miss
Barbara Mackenzie. Miss-Mildred Hon
eyman. Miss Grace Honeyman, Miss
Polly Hewitt, Miss Margaret Hewitt.
Miss Evelyn Carey, Miss Cully Coolt and
Miss Folly Young. Lieutenants Pullen,
Schneider and Msyer, of the Army post.
C. Harry Davis. Jr.; Charles Hinduman,
Dwight Fullerton, Charles Holbrook.
Curtis Bailey, Philip Fry, Hamilton Cor
bett, Leland Smith, Richard Jones, Ro
nald Mackenzie, Maurice E. Crum
packer. MacCormack Snow.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Shevlin also pre
sided at one of the larger dinner par
ties, their guests including Mr. and
Mrs. David C. Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Uuy
W ebster Talbot. Major and Mrs. Jay J.
Morrow, Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd, Mr. and
Mrs. James Canby, of the Barracks-.
Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman. Rodney L. Gll
san and Clarence Bewail.
Among other dinner hosts last night
were Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hart, Mr.
and Mrs. Edmund A. de Schwelnitz,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Honevman.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Whitney, Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel C. Kerr, Mr. and Mrs.
Richard R Hoge, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Scott Brooke Mr. and Mrs. George K.
Wentworth. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ger
linger. Dr. and Mrs. Rockey. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Ransome, Joseph Wiley.
Arnold Rothwell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George MacPher
son. Mr. and Mrs. George V. Sanborn,
Hugh Hume. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
S. Stanley. Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherman
O'Gorman. who had 1 guests. Mr. and
Mrs. Robert '. Strong, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Glllison. Rodney L- Glisali, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank E. Hart, Colonel and Mrs.
A. W. Yates. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Skin
ner. Mr. and Mrs. John Latta, Wirt C.
Minor, Miss Flanders, Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Holland. John Banks. Mr. and
Mrs. Donald W. Green whose guests
numbered IS, Drake C. O'Reilly. Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Kerr, Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick W. Leadhetter. Mr. and Mrs.
Van Sehuyver and Harlan Lewis.
A pretty l-ride of last evening was
Miss Vleve Cecil, whose marriage to
Loyal H. McCarthy was solemnized at
the home of Mrs. W. C. Cecil, S15 East
Madison street. Jo the presence of 75
guests. The rooms were a bower of
beauty banked with palms and cut
flowers. The service was read bv- the
Rev. Luther R. Dyott at an Improvised
altar of white roses and ferns. An aisle
leading to this was marked by satin
ribbons held by Miss Greta Churchley
and Miss Edna Phillips. The bride wore
a beautiful sown of white charmeuse
elaborated with Chantllly lace and pearl
ornaments. Her veil was edged with
lace and fell from a mob cap wreathed
with lilies of the valley. She carried a
shower bouquet of bride's roses and
lilies of the valley.
Miss Louise Cecil, her sister's maid
of honor, w-as attired In pink crepe
meteor and she carried an arm bouquet
of pink roses. James Cecil waB best
man. Little Helene Matil Tyrol was
dainty in a white frock with touches of
pale blue. She carried the ring In a
Calla lily. H. D. Cecil, brother of the
bride, gave her away. Mrs. W. C. Ce
cil, the bride's mother, was gowned In
royal blue charmeuse.
After the ceremony.- supper was
served. In the dining room Mrs. H. T.
Cecil. Mrs. D. J. Taylor and Miss Lucy
Campbell presided at the table and
were assisted by Miss Stella Jones, Miss
Helen White, Miss Jessie Blbee. Miss
Cecil Wilcox and Miss N'ellie Banfleld.
A feature of the evening was the mu
sical programme to which William
Wilder contributed Instrumental num
bers and Mrs. Evarts Charles, vocal
solos. During the reading of the mar
riage lines Mrs. Charles sang "Beloved.
It la Morn."
Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy have gone to
Shasta Springs for a fortnight, and on
returning will be at home at the Hotel
Miss Anita Burns was hostess at a
Jolly theater party Wednesdav evening
at the Orpheum, followed bv supper at
Hotel Multnomah, In honor of Miss
Hilda Whltmore, the much-feted Eng
lish visitor In town. In addition to the
guest of honor the party Included Mr.
and Mrs. David T. Honeyman. Miss
Louise Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Robertson. C. H. Davis, Jr.; Kurt
Koehler, Philip Fry and the hostess.
The corridors, reception-rooms and
tearoom of the Nortonla were thronged
with a fashionable assemblage of
handsomely-gowned guests on Thurs
day, when Mrs. H. A. Hogue enter
tained in honor of her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Chester J. Hogue. a charm
ing young matron who recently came
from Boston to reside in Portland. The
rooms were artistically decked with
masses of pink petaled roses, peonies
and other flowers, combined with
maiden hair fern and palms. Through
out the afternoon a stringed orchestra
concealed in a bower of greenery
played. Several beautiful old-fashioned
ballads were contributed by Mrs. Anna
Selkirk Norton. Between 400 and 500
guests, representing many of the old
established families, called during tho
afternoon. The tearoom was most at
tractive and was presided over by
several maids and matrons.
Receiving with M rs Hogue were a
group of friends who were her girlhood
school companions. These Included
Mrs. E. R. Glisan, Mrs. H. L. Pittock
Mrs. John Marshall and Miss Frances'
Holman. Mrs. H. A. Hogue wore a
handsome robe of black lace over lav
ender satin.
Mrs. Harry Hogue was attired in
ciety at Tenth and Yamhill streets, has
been attracting a great deal of atten-
tlon. Society folk and lovers of the
artistic are keenly interested in this
exhibition, which shows many beauti
ful and unusual designs and exquisite
colorings. A delightful feature of the
affair is the tea given each week.
Friday was the day chosen last week,
and the affair was in charge of Miss
Falling and Mrs. Morris H. White
house. Miss Mary F. Failing and Miss
Sallle Lewis presided at the table, and
were assisted by Miss Jean Mackenzie.
Miss Frances Wilson, Miss Diana
Brskinc. Miss Hazel Weidler, Miss
Louise Burns, Miss Olive Failing and
Miss Margery Hoffman.
Another tea will be given this week.
Thursday from 3 to 5, to which the
society has kindly invited everybody
who is Interested in the display of arts
and crafts. This "tea will be In charge
of Mrs. A. E. Rockey and Mrs. M. A. M.
Ashley. They will be assisted by Miss
Alice Carey, Miss Mildred Honeyman,
Miss Violet Erskine, Miss Clara Weid
ler. Miss Cornelia Cook and Miss
Shirley Eastham.
Complimenting Mrs. Carter Pitkin
Pomeroy, of San Francisco, Mrs.
Thomas Scott Brooke was hostess at
an informal bridge tea Tuesday after
noon. Three tables were arranged for
the games, and' additional guests called
later in the afternoon. Mrs. Brooke's
guests included Mrs. Pomeroy, Mrs. D.
T. Honeyman, Mrs. Walter F. Burrell,
Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd, Miss Hilda Whit
more, Mrs. James Canby, of the Bar
racks; Mrs. Victor A. Johnson. Mrs.
Dugald W. L. MacGregor, Mrs. William
A. MacRae. Mrs. E. C. Shevlin. Mrs. J.
Andre Fouilhoux and Mrs. Ben Lom
bard. The teatable was artistically deco
rated and was presided over by Mrs.
Peter Kerr, Miss Frances Wilson, Mrs.
Hunt Lewis and Mrs. Sherman Hall.
Miss Milla Wessinger, fiance of Philip
Hart, was the honor guest at an elab
orate luncheon at the Automobile Club
presided over by Miss Stella Frohman
on Wednesday, who, with her mother.
Mrs. I. Frohman, recently returned from
an extended trip in Eastern and South
ern cities. Miss Frohman's guests in
cluded: Miss Wessinger, Miss Cornelia
Cook. Miss Cully Cook, Miss Mildred
Honeyman. Miss Crace Honeyman, Mrs.
Erskine vVood, Miss Anita Burns, Miss
Louise BurnB, Mrs. Gilbert Durham.
Mrs. Stanley Jewett, Miss Alice Carey,
Miss Katherine Hart, Mrs. EL A. Bald
win, Mrs. Edmund de Schweinltz. Miss
Clara Weidler, Mrs. uis Goldsmith,
Mrs. James A. Dougherty, Mrs. Chester
Griffin Murphy, Miss Maisie MacMaster.
Miss Jean Mackenzie, Miss Shirley JQast-
ham. Miss Margery Hoffman, Mrs. Carl
L. Wernicke and Mrs. Gerald Beebe.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert II. Calvin (Miss
Jane Hoge, whose wedding was a
notable event In San Francisco a short
time ago, are the house guests of Mr.
and Mrs. R. R. Hoge. They will leave
the latter part of the week for their
home in Santa Barbara, where Mr.
Calvin Is manager of the Pacific States
Telephone & Telegraph Company.
The wedding of Miss Mabel Gogs' and
John Conor Burkhart, which took place
Monday evening at the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs, W. Gobs, In Ir
ving t o n , was a very quiet . affair, only
Immediate friends and relatives being
present. Rev. Boudinot Seeley of
ficiated. An interesting feature of the wed
ding was the bride's gown which had
been her mother's wedding gown, and
was worn without being remodeled. It
was a quaint old heavy white silk made
with long train and trimmed with rare
old point lace. She carried an arm
bouquet of bride's roses. The bride is
a charming girl and very popular in
the younger contingent. She Is a sis
ter of Mrs. Walter Goss. Mrs. Carlton
Williams, of The Dalles, and Albert
Goss. Mr. Burkhart is a nephew of
Mrs. William L. Brewster and Mrs.
James Failing, and formerly resided In
Albany. He is an enthusiastic aviator.
building, designing and flying his own
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F-. White were
hosts at a ch-rrqing dinner Thursday
evening in honor of the wedding anni
versary of their son-in-law and daugh
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hlxon Reade.
It was also the anniversary of Mrs.
Beckett's birth. Dancing and cards
were features of the evening, and the
rooms were adorned artistically with
a profusion of Caroline Testout roses.
A huge basket of lavender phlox graced
the dinner table, around which were
seated Mr. and Mrs. Reade, Dr. and
Mrs. Ralph C. Matson. Mr. and Mrs.
James A. Beckett, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
E. Kingsbury. Miss Augusta Marshall,-)
Mr. and Mrs. Morris H. Whitehouse and
the host and hostess.
Complimenting Miss Lucile Smith
and Clifton Nesmtth McArthur, whose
wedding will be a smart event of June
25, Mr. and Mrs. William MacMaster
were hosts at a charming dinner Tues
day evening. A huge crystal bowl of
Caroline Testout roses graced the table
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Hart, Miss Kemna Kloiterman, John
Latourette, Robert W. Forbe, Elliott
Ktolcomb and the host and hostess.
Mrs. Charles W. "Whitley and children
arrived in Portland yesterday and will
be house guests of Mr. and Mrs. James
A. Dousrherty for a few days prepara
tory to going: to Gearhart, where they
will occupy the Fouilhoux cottage for
the Summer.
- .
Miss Lucile Smith was also Compli
mented Thursday by Miss Kemna
Klosterman at an attractive tea. The
rooms were artistically adorned with
clusters of white peonies and Caroline
Testout roses, and the tea table was
decorated with a basket of pink gladioli
and maiden .hair fern. Mrs. Chester
Griffin Murphy nd Mrs, Coe Jtfc
Kenna presided in the diningroom and
were assisted by Miss Elizabeth Stew
art. Miss Ruth Small, Miss Georgia
Vates. About 60 guests called during
the afternoon.
The Misses Flora and Marfan Bauer
and Miss Constance Piper, who has been
studying music in the East during the
Winter months, returned to Portland
Thursday evening.
The glorious sunshine of the week
Induced many society matrons to adopt
al fresco diversions and many jolly mo
tor picnics were given during the week.
On Wednesday Mrs. Ralph C. Matson
and Miss Shirley Eastham arranged a
delightful affair. They motored out to
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