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Chicago Woman Arraigns Fair
Sex of Europe for Im
modesty in Dress.
Politics "ot for Her, Slie Asserts
Annual Denial Also Made That
Her Home Will Be Sold
and Hotel Erected.
CHICAGO. Nov.., 2. (Special.') "In
Europe the prevailing styles tor wo
men are Just as ridiculous and outre
as ever. Modesty seemingly has been
lost sight of In the desire to get the
htiarre effects. Many nf the costumes
worn by women m Europe as I have
seen them are dlsgraceiui. 10 pm
mildly." .
This was the message brought back
to Chicago today by Mrs. Potter palmer.
"Is there any cure for these extreme
styles?" she was asked.
"I'm sure I do not know." was the
laughing answer. I suppose, though,
that we women will have to go around
In a circle Just as we always do and
that things gradually will right them
selves. More Sensible Gowns Hoped For.
"I hope that In a short time women's
gowns will be built on better lines and
not according to prevailing styles. I
hope that women will become more sen
sible In their ideas of dress and that
gradually tbey will learn to pay less
attention to the modes of the minute
and more to the cut of gowns that will
best suit the individually of each wo
man. That change is coming. I think.
The day of the present extreme style,
to say nothing of the immodest style,
will soon be ended."
"How about election, Mrs. Palmer!
Are you a 'Moosette"?'
Mr. Palmer Sot "Moosette." -
"Mercy, no." she shouted. "Don't
acuse me of being that. Why should
vouT Please do not ask me to discuss
politics. I am not a politician.
"Another thing." she continued.
Please make the annual denial that
our home here 1b to be sold and that a
hotel is going up on the site. It is
not going to be sold and I never have
had any Intention of selling It. It Is
home for me.
"I see. too, that In my absence 1
have been accused of being a follower
of Hanlsh. I am not. I attended one
of his lectures once, and that was all.
I was not interested In the man or his
Milwuukie Woman's Wedding Trip
Will Be to Land Show Towns.
OREGON CITY. Or., Nov. 2. Sp-'
rial ) O. E. Freytag. who has charge
of the Oregon exhibit at the big land
show In Minneapolis, and Mrs. M. A.
Armstrong, of Milwaukle. were married
in Tortland today at the home of Rev.
and Mrs T. F. Bowen, Rev. Bowen.
who formerly was pastor of St. Paul's
Episcopal Church In this city, offi
ciating. They left m the evening for
Minneapolis to arrange the Oregon ex
hibit at the land show which will be
gin In a few days. They also will at
tend the land shows in Chicago and
Mrs. Freytag has lived In MHwaukie
two years. She had charge of the poul
try department at the recent Clacka
mas Countv fair, and has a poultry
ranch at Milwaukle. She moved to
MHwaukie from Spokane, her former
husband having been a surgeon in the
employ of the Great Northern Rail
road. Mr. Freytag Is secretary of the
publicity committee of the Oregon City
Commercial Club, and formerly was in
the real estate business.1 He also is
fruit Inspector of Clackamas County.
Government Knplnccrs With Chief to
View Snake and Columbia.
J,KWISTOX. Idaho. Nov. 2. (Spe
cial.) Captain S. V. Winslow. Govern
ment engineer In charge of the dredge
Vmatilla on the Columbia River, this
month will make a trip of Inspection
of the Snake and Columbia Rivers
from Celllo to Five Mile Rapids,, on
the Pnake. in company with General
Blxby. chief of the United States en
gineering corp."". St Washington, D. C:
Captain H. A. Roberts, in charge of
the work on the Cclilo Canal, and
Maior Cavanaugh.
The trip looks to the future improve
ment of the two rivers, now occupying
wide attention of the Columbia and
Snake River basins, for thocc who
are interested In the opening of the
Celllo Canal by 1915 and the Immediate
Improvement of the Snake and Colum
bia Rivers.
f will do all In my power." stated
Captain Winslow, In a letter to the
I-ewiston Commercial Club, "to demon
strate with what ease steamers can
navigate on the Snake and Columbia
Lass or 13 Refuses to Honor Stars
and Stripes at Salt Lake.
SALT LAKE CITY. Nov. 2. The per.
rlstent refusal of Lena Etler. aged IS,
to salute the American flag and recite
a patriotic formula, led to her suspen
sion from the Franklin public school
"I don't want to salute any flag."
said the child, "but If I must I will
salute the Socialist flag, which stands
for liberty and Justice."
Deposited by Novem
ber 5th bear interest
at 4 per cent from the
first. Any sum from
$1.00 up starts it.
You can open a
Check Account with
out restrictions as to -amount
you deposit.
Your patronage
will be appreciated.
Sixth and Washington Sts.
Open Saturday Evebings 6 to 8
a week ago at her home here. The
operation lasted more than two hours.
Two men, whose Identity was not
disclosed, supplied the blood, which was
transferred to Mrs. Pinkerton s veins.
Mrs. Pinkerton had been suffering
from anemia for some time. She is said
to have Improved steadily since the
operation. 1
Ruins Now Searched for Body of
Mrs. C. K. McFadden St. Louis
Financier Also .Killed.
ST. LOUIS. Mo., Nov. 2. The second
body found this afternoon In the ruins
of Berlin Hotel, which was destroyed
by Are early today, was identified to
night as that of Mrs. Helen Harrlng-ton-Shepard-Conley-Abeles,
former ac
tress and stenographer and divorced
wife of James Abeles, son of a wealthy
St. Louis family.
The body was first Identified as that
of Mrs. C. K. McFadden. a patron of
the hotel and tonight the ruins were
searched for Mrs. McFadden's body, as
she has not been seen since the Are.
Mrs. Abeles was married three times.
She and Abeles separated and later she
had him arrested on an abandonment
charge. The case was dropped and
the suit against her father-in-law was
dismissed after a settlement was
reached. Later Abeles obtained a di
vorce. Mrs. McFadden lived in a room ad
Joining that of Mrs. Abeles and that
part of the building collapsed soon af
ter the fire started.
W. C Douglas, a St. Louis financier,
was also burned to death in the hotel
fire and 20 persons were injured.
Moclils-tlan and Quechuttenango Re
port Large Death List.
TIXTLA. Guerrero, Mexico. Nov. 2.
The towns of Mochlstlan and Quechut
tenango, near here, were almost de
stroyed Thursday by a flood, resulting
from torrential rains.
Refugees report that a quarter of the
population perished.
Daughter of Late President Chester
A. Arthur Has Operation.
MOUNT KISCO, N. T., Nov. 2. An
' operation for the transmission of blood
was performed, it was learned today,
upon Mrs. Charles Pinkerton, daughter
of tbe late President Cheater A, Arthur,
City of Panama Reported to Have
Arrived Sarely at Acapulco. v
SAN JUAN DEL SUR. Nicaragua, Nov.
2. A wireless dispatch from Acapulco
says the Pacific Mall steamer City of
Panama has arrived there without suf
fering injury from the hurricane.
Fourteen iron lighters which were
sunk in the harbor by the hurricane
are being raised.
CT5 ft
The uncertainties of Autumn
weather have caused an epidemic of
Influenza and Coryza, according to
the Health Department.
It especially affects persons of ad
vanced age and men and women whose
constitutions had been previously
weakened.. -
It is known by lassitude, shiverings,
weight in the head, sneezing, watery
eyes, obstruction of nostrils, followed
by cough, hoarseness and sore throat,
pains and soreness of limbs, fever,
loss of appetite.
It la not wfcea the body la hot, bat
when It la cooling that It la moat sus
ceptible. Dr. Humphreys' "Seventy-seven"
preoccupies the system, prevents and
breaks up the Cold. All Druggists,
23c, or mailed.
Humphreys' Homeo. Madlcln Co., Con
William and Ann Streets. New Tork.
Um talks Titttr, tall Mesa. Pra-ita. Mik-Cnst,
Wstsias Ikia, rtsj
ben I say cured. 1 mean just what I r-C-D R-E-D,
and not morel r patched op for awhile, to return
won than before. Remember I make this broad
statement after puttlnir ten years of my time on thla
one disease and hand line In the meao-Uma a quarter
of a million casta of this dreadful disease. ow, I
do not care what all jou bare used, nor how many
doctors have told yon that yon could not be en red
ill I ask Is Just a cbance to show you that I know
what I am talkln about. Ifjoa will write me TO
DAY. I will .end too. a FREE TRIALol mj mild,
toothing-, ruaranteed cure that will convince yon
more In a day than I or anyone else could In a
month'a time. If you ar dlwuited and dlatoaraird,
I dare you to give ma a chance to prove my claims.
By writing me to-day yon will enjoy more real com
fort than you had ever thought thla world hotda for
you. Jiisttrr Itand jouwlU see I am tellinf you
the truth.
Dr. J. E. Caaaadar. 557 Ptrk Sow. Sedans. Ha.
am.: TMrt HI nail . SM.. al.
Ceald jwa d a better act than to aid thia swuaateaaa
poor Sudani mt Ecsaaal
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High-Grade All Wool Dress Goods.
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50 to 56-inch new mannish mixtures,
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lars; others have military
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I I as i :Si;.-s
temr .MM
rt m w m W "1 T Jl T
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tunity to secure a generous supply.'
f I.I rtm
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Widths Underpriced
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