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Handsome Structure Contains Ten Floors for Selling Space Pioneer Prughouse of Portland Invests $325,000
in Modern and Up-to-Date Home. '
through the extensive lumber industries. The G0veefnaPP?iiow
for the extension of the present jetty at the entrance of the bay w now
available and work on the improvement will likely be started soon.
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What Is considered one of the most
modern and complete buildings of Its
kind Is the new home of Woodard,
Clarke 4 Co.. which occupies the north
east corner of Alder and West Tark
streets. The structure contains eight
floors and double basement and with
the meszanine floor, it is virtually
a. ten-story building. It has been
named the Wood-Lark building.
The building has been under con
struction since November. Material
and labor, both in the building and
equipment, have been drawn almost ex
clusively from Portland firms and fac
tories. The fixtures on the first, second,
mezzanine floors and gallery basement
are of Philippine mahogany and were
manufactured in Portland. The site,
building and fixtures represent an in
vestment of approximately $325,000.
The structure was designed by Doylo,
Patterson A Beach and erected by the
Hurley-Mason Company. It Is of steel
and reinforced concrete fireproof con
struction, with sprinkler equipment,
and was designed to meet the growing
demands of the firm's business. This
property Is said to carry the lowest In
surance rate of any mercantile institu
tion in the city.
The building, with ten selling floors,
will be devoted exclusively to the
drug business and its allied branches,
such as surgical instruments, dental
supplies, electric apparatus and equip
ment, optical goods, microscopes and
supplies, and photographic and art
goods. In the basement, which is en
tirely devoted to the selling of
mercnanuise, i o -partment,
sundries and a beautiful onx
and marble soaa louniam.
second floor contains a department ror
mouldings, pictures and art goods, with
a rest room for women and telephone
exchanges for the public The second
floor is one of the attractive parts of
the building and has a ceiling 17 feet
in height. On the third floor Is the
dental department, the fourth floor the
surgical department and the remaining
floors are to be used exclusively for
the drug department. An important
feature is the complete equipment for
the weaving of surgical elastio hosiery,
with two large hand-looms. An X-ray
room has been Installed, where are
shown the most recent inventus iu
this branch of the profession. A sec
.! aim win Via rfavnted to the con
struction and repairing of surgical and
medical electric apparatus.
The firm of Woodward, Clarke A
Co. was founded in 1865, by C. H.
Woodard. who filled prescription No. 1
in July of that year. The store at that
. i . ... . lniatiui nn thii waterfront, at
Alder and Front streets. Following
the big Are. the store movea to rusi
fcnd Alder streets, where the business
was conducted until 1895. After the
flood of 1894 the firm leased the prop
erty at the southwest corner of Fourth
and Washington streets and is now
vacating this location for its new
The present owners of the business
are Louis a. Liarxe, wno una "
. .1 ..-!,. t v a VimiHA nines 1879.
and W. F. Woodward, who entered the
.. , i - v. n rim in Aniriist. 1881.
c 11 1 1 ' i " j v.. ...... ... c . -
tka -i ... Ktnm will hp onened for
business tomorrow morning, but the
formal opening win- not tane piace
- . . t . 1 Y. 1 I 1 1
until tne nrm is iuiiy eBiaun".
Paving in Sellwood Will Aggre
gate $250,000 or More.
College Bullying Takes Shape, Giv
ing Xew Stimulus to Commnnltv;
Hard-Surface Streets Connect
Other Sections.
At Sellwood more improvements ar
in progress and in prospect than ever
before. Hard-surface pavements ag
gregating $260,000 will be made in all
in SellWood this year, including the
contracts now under way and the Golf
Park improvements. In City View
Park the most extensive Improvement
Is under way In the northern part,
where a hard-surface district is being
romnleted at a cost of J50.000.
This was the first contract let In
Sellwood for this class of street work
and is the entering wedge for a gen
eral movement to pave all the main
streets of this suburb. When this
single contract in north City View Park
has been finished, practically the main
streets between East Thirteenth street
and Sellwood Park will nave been
Spokane avenue, the street connect
ing with the Sellwood ferry. Is next in
line for a pavement. The contract for
Spokane avenue will probably be the
Ti.vt in Sellwood. It will be paved
from East Nineteenth or Milwaukie
street to the Willamette itiver. aiso
Umatilla avenue will be paved between
-E-r Nineteenth street and Grand ave-
nae: to the river. Harney street is
also. to be paved. The paving of Spo
kane and Umatilla avenue will com-
. . . link with Mllwau-
piete tne ...... -
kie street, which is being paved from
Holgate atreet. for tne soutn
Hard-Surfaclna; Extensive.
When these Improvements are com
pleted it will be possible to drive to
and through Sellwood on ha-ur'a
pavements and cross to the West Side
by way of the Sellwood ferry. At pres
ent the improvement of Milwauk e
street, the key to the Sellwoou. W est
moreland, Eastmoreland and Reed Col
lege districts, is under way.
The Portland nnllwfty. Light S
Power Company Is flashing its double
. . Tj.-v,-- nv,mip. and the pav-
. i- ii'-in. th west side
ing company j - ----- .
of the street. Most of the grading be
tween By bee avenue ana ncu
been completed, so that the hard-surfacing
may go ahead at once. Great
Inconvenience has been experienced by
the people or this part 01 ...
.v.- -ini with which this
Dine vy uifl " . . ,
improvement has gone forward, but
there are prospects now ui
provement will be finished early this
In' Westmoreland an army of men
is at work paving the streets In t he
northern district connecting with Mil
waukie street. It Is understood that
all the streets of this beautiful resi
dence section will be paved by Winter,
making it a hard-surface district be
tween Milwaukie street and the South
ern Pacific Railway. Cost 01 tnis
in ,1,1,111 isoooo. exclusive
of the sewerage, which was recently
completed. ttapia progress 1
made in Eastmoreland. where the
streets are being paved.
College Aids Grovrtk.
The long, winding, curved streets of
this college district may be seen from
the high ground, giving some idea of
the great beauty and promise of this
. v. -li- a nuTnhAr of resl-
dences are under construction in east
moreland and more are in pPki.
The first buildings of the Reed Col
lege are nearlng completion and are
doing much to stimulate growth In the
South East Side.
The improvement of Holgate street
eastward from Milwaukie street has
been started. This improvement will
connect with the proposed hard-surface
pavement on East Twenty-sixth
street, which will extend to Division
street. The prospects are that the ex-
. : n n,n4 BVanii, from Wood-
lt im!Jn v. . , . .
ward avenue to a connection with East
Eighth street. In Beneoictine neignts.
will soon be accomplished, thus pro
viding another avenue to reach the
the logical seaport, is just inside the jetty on the deep channel. Visitors to Brighton
are plLsed beyond measure Avith the conditions there and With the great future of the
new industrial city. The big sawmill-the largest in Tillamook County-is about com
pleted and will be in operation soon. The work of clearing and grading is progressing
and this Fall will witness a great change in Brighton's aspect.
: Brighton is making preparations for the stupendous shipping business to come with
the completion of the Panama Canal and the deepening of the channel m fcchalem Bay.
Those who secure lots before development will reap the greatest profits. Progress
and expansion are great factors in value making. Tardy investors will bemoan then
apathy when such an opportunity as Brighton now affords presented itself. It docs
not require a large sum of money to secure a lot now. In a short time, however, !t will
require more, as prices cannot remain stationary in a town with Brighton s future.
Every step of improvement increases value in Brighton lots. Investors can make
double profits by buying NOW. Why wait and pay $200 for lots you can now buy for
$100? Make your idle money work for you. .
Lots $50 Up, Easy Terms
'- Investigate Brighton without delay. Call at office or write for literature Use the
coupon if you cannot call. : Return fare $3, good Saturday to Monday, or $4 good for
season. The trip to Brighton on the P. R. & N. Railroad is one of the best scenic routes
in the West. The best beaches in the Northwest are only, one mile from Brighton.
Nearly 20,000,000 Acres Lie
Idle in Washington.
South East Side on a direct route.
.VI u o I. ui uic f i v. i- " r. -
i finn. v,a fimtth TCtief- SiriA Will
have as great an area of hard-surface
pavements as any portion 01 mo tnj,
- i. V.1 .t,nwlni itnrtRfllprlntf CDT1.
a reiimi nui. - - r " ' '
ditlons there a few short years ago,
When no progress naa oeen muc iui
in sewers or pavements.
I.nlng Deals Closed.
The following leases were made by
T ! JL Murrin last week:
For Masters, Brice & Masters, e
nr. riuiin a t R7 Twentv-third street,
k.ii,uii Washington and Couch, as
the new location of the Stutz Motor
Car Company, -for a term of five years.
For McFee & Banta, part of the
t..,iiM nn T7nlnn - avenue and Holla-
day, as the new quarters of the Port
land Taxlcab company, ior a icrrn m
live years.
.7 . i. Tn.1a.,t TaTtpali rnmnntlV
VII . 1 1 H t v. i -r
the quarters this firm vacated at Nine
teenth ana Lnapman, to me mm
nAAan -NTAwmnn a scniiier to De useu
For the Mount nooa rrtwi(, mo
. a. ill hn inn mrfieT ue-
IVIV 1 i ' i' 111 ' V - - -
. washimrinn n-nA Stark streets.
to Nicholas Hoble, to Be operated as a
barber shop tor a term 01 live years.
Salem Gts Fine Rallding.
- miiiharii hntldinir at Salem.
i hb 1 1 1. u '
which was originally Intended to be a
two-story structure, will be four
iwrieB in tin's"! "
week by E. F. Lawrence, the Portland
architect who prepared the plans. The
lower floor will contain the Oregon
. . . . n.l 1 1. n. la. Thar,
Electric ittiiu - ' V"
will be 9S offices In the building. The
structure will be 80x140 feet and will
be Of mill construction. The exterior
will be of tapestry brick. Work Is now
well advanced on the building. The
cost of construction will be about
Sales at Mount Tabor Closed.
The Tabor Heights Realty Cdmpany
has sold a quarter block at the north
east corner of East Seventy-third and
J,ast Aitier BL.ccfco
for $2000. Two modern homes are to
be built on these lots mis ran. inumiu
R Coon has purchased a lot on the
northeast corner of East Pine and East
Sixty-sixth streets for $1600. This is a
choice lot. and Mr. Coon will erect a
residence on tne site nuuu.
Spalding Building, Portland.
Please send particulars about
Brighton. . . .
j. ii. j.
o-.-'aVia I
J - ... . .
0 i ... - .i ,.,iVi thai BrBnaii rimrii i 11
According to Secretary of State Vt-
ban Population is
Much Prodnce Shipped Front
Oregon and Other States.
a i & bulletin recently is-
mo " Zt Howell, Secretary ct
sued by I. M. H el . on
Washington farm, to help feed
,00,000 people 10i:aJ"tu"rtn:aers-
ous mercanti e It estl.
ZTZ t tt. are000.000 acres
ryCdle I- -at -tate for the rnt
nf developers ana -
?Vto setuers. the bulletin say,:
..rpv,-- ra especially i'"""1, '
Tr T.i? ,Iot. dairy products and
S".irpw v.i... , ;. ""
Oregon and California.
Mack " " .
, . n nnn farm
There are at P"' -rT " "
con.tanuy-inv.r. fccreS
l idlndsd,Se :U of soils.
The landsare ownea -V", "tn.
sd Wera,
and consist iands while
8 son "rang-eX ""
".t.r-aJi tATt three-fifths of the
" " l.i- nf n live stock in
BZe?c, !t0ril The cat-
dropped off 21 2 per cent
i icina- Pierce, Whitman, Lin
nUKinnokrnogan, Doug. as, Gar
field arant and Adams counties, while
.h. mule li becoming more numerous,
especny in Walla Walla. Adanis Ltaj
com and Columb a coun es lis also
Whatcom and Whitman counties.
Dairying I Importasit
The report says that na?
'n'tn b, regarded as one of the most
fmDorWnt subts of .tudy and is at
UacUng much attention. This is due
li ih. t act that there is an ever-in-Sta
'"demand tor dairy products,
whfle the pfoflts are becoming larger
Tach year. King County leads in he
number of cattle. tf 8
West Side are ahead of the East biao
counties? The state now has many
model modern dairy farms and has pro
duced some world-beating cows. Prac
Uctny every section, it is announced,
li adaptable for dairying, and the re
port covers the climate, so
tatlon in the different sections of the
state? so that the reader may draw his
own conclusions, while letters are also
included from dairymen situated in the
different parts of the state.
After dealing witn swine raisins . uu
raising of sheep and goats, the subject
ra. "f,,, i. i.ln ud. This industry
declared to be "just in its Infancy,"
for- It has failed to keep pace with the
increase in population Between
and 1910. It is not generally known
that there are almost as many turkeys
raised in Washington as chickens,
whllo ducks, geese and other fowls are
practically negligible quantities, and
have fallen below the number in 1900.
The report says that there are now
opportunities' for between J000 and 3000
families to engage In poultry raising
alone, and it is pointed out mat in
stead of importing Its poultry pruu
ucts for home consumption, the state
should be exporting such.
Local Agent Gives t'p Plcrcc-Arrow
In Favor of Detroit Car.
H. M. Covey has given up the Port
land agency for the Pierco-Arrow, an
nouncing that in the future he will de
vote the attention' of his staff to the
exploitation of Cadillac automobiles.
Several parties are negotiating for
the Pierce-Arrow agency, which will
probably be awarded within the next
few days.
The top strands of a wire fence are mors
act to rust than those which puns through
.vT. j..i.,in iTu. a A nnnaltile explanation
hai been offered In the fact that the wires
runnlnar clos to tne grounu are Bug"-'?
trifled. . .
Each County to Receive $100 0, Pro
vided Sufficient Fund Is Raised
to Pay Salary of Specialist.
Every commercial club In Oregon and
Southwestern Washington has been ad
vised of the terms of an offer made
by the crop Improvement committee ot
the Council of Grain Exchanges at Chi
cago lo aid each county in the district
to employ a trained agriculturist for a
period of at least two years. The mat
ter was submitted to the various or
isanlzations by D. O. Lively, vice-president
of the Portland Union Stock
yards Company. Mr. Lively said yes
terday that responses being received
indicate that the organizations are de
sirous of accepting the proposal made
by the Chicago Council of Oraln Ex
changes. The committee acting upon authority
Of the exchanges is willing' to give
$1000 to any county which will raise a
fntiii iifrinlflnt to nsv the salary of art
expert agriculturist The committee
stipulates that the expert must be sat
isfactory to tne Slate Agricultural
College or the United States Office of
Farm Management, or Dotn.
"inMriiiir in the iron lmiirovpment
committee there is at least 1500,000
lying dormant in any county, saia oir.
r.ltro!r 'T hellnVA that Whetl We ShOW
the buslnpss men that with a little well- '
directed effort this can be put Into clr- '
culatlon annually, they will see that
this Is a business proposition ior un-m
and will got behind the movement and
give it their full support.
"Here in Oregon there are millions
of dollars lying dormant in the var
ious counties. With a rarm speciaimv
i ,.1 h .nn n iv In the stnte coming into
direct contact with the farmers and
their problems, I believe that It wouia
be only a short time until our present
.,tm Af nonriintr monpv East for food
products would be stopped and vast
sums of money kept at home."
Glencoe Acres Platted.
A tract of 240 acres on ths United
Railways has been taken over by
Callan & Kaser and will be placed on
the market at once. The property has
been subdivided into flve-acro tracts
and will be known as Glencne Acres.
The land lies level and Is adapted to
rtlverslflod farming.
J. P. Flnley A Son are about to
open the finest undertaking estab
lishment In the United States. The
building is located at the corner ot
Fifth and Montgomery streets, just
enough removed from the business
that make so much for the comfort
and accommodation of tnose wun
whom the company has to come in
contact have also been carefully
taken Into consideration.
in. ..nn-orrf. nf 20 rears it has
been the aim and purpose of this
and reputation for sfluare dealing
of the company he engages. Rec
ognising this fact, Mr. Klnley. years
ago, adopted a business and profes
sional policy that lie has never been
called upon to alter. His loyalty to
the purpose to treat everyone alike.
. m
1 ir4 P- i Zff EHTIl - lit Him-!' sr,,?!i l' i""1 v
! i pfF p j; vf If 111) jf 5
district to assure quiet and privacy,
and is admitted by men of the pro
fession who have seen it to be the
foremost, most conveniently ar
ranged and appropriately furnished
and appointed building of its kind
In America.
The floor and ground arrange
ment, almost entirely the Idea of
Mr. J. P, Finley, surpasses that of
onv other building of its kind. Not
oniy has the structure been designed
td facilitate the professional work
of the company, but the very things
company to remain always a step
or stride in advance of Its confreres.
Wh'le it has always been superior
in point of equipment. It is the pride
of Mr. Finley, Br., to be able to say
that the service rendered by his
concern has outdistanced the ma
terial advantages it has always en
joyed. There are few times In the life ot
any man that he calls upon the un
dertaker. When he does, as a rule,
for the first time, his unfamillarity
with that line of business compels
him to rely largely upon the honor
render the most courteous and
kindly treatment In his power, give
full value for the money received
and go Just A little further than
anvone would rare to ask has re
sulted in his ability and capability
to erect a building of which Port
land has a Jtiat right to be proud.
Service, first, last and all the time
practical service service that can
not help but be appreciated and ad
mired this is the Finley idea, pure
arid simple. Such service wins. The
present new structure of the com
pany Is ample evidence of it.