The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 28, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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    L LnndhaP 5Simerh Painting "The Crucifixion." Valued at 5100,000-To Take Place on the Fifth Floor of Our New Building
fe Mountain Refrigerators, Acorn Stoves and Ranges, Globe AVernicke Bookcases, Angle Lamps, Willamette Sewing Machine
V i ' " '-' ' ' - " '-" " ' ' , - i
agust Sale!
hnonth early this year, filled with
at August liomerurmsning oaie
iets of Pennsylvania and New York.
yardage of Drapery fabrics, bought
In. Read all the items.
,50 New Lace
rtains at Pair
but 600 pairs of durable Nottingham
Curtains, in white and ecru. Plain or
d centers with floral and scroll bor
$1.50 grades, pair 98.
50 and $3
tarns at . .
in Net Curtains with Cluny and Re-
unce edges, braid designs and novelties,
ite and ecru ; 40 inches wide and three
long; $2.50 and $3 grades, $1.89.
les and Corners
tion tomorrow. All traveling men's
1 1 n m r!nrtin ( 'nrn pre nnd slicrhtlv iin.
Philadelphia 's largest mill had on hand.
r 3 150 single Lace Curtains, slightly im-
t; some of the best domestic Curtains made
eluded. From 2V2 to 3Vi j-ards loner, and
if perfect, $4.50 to $G.50 a pair. 7Qn
row, a single Curtain, special, only C
' 4 300 Travelers' sample Lace Curtain
i"s, li yards long. Nottingham, Ca- OQ
- , j
' 6100 House Samples of IJungalow Nets,
I IL II J T, 1 or
Iiengtu, inrce jaras. nesjuiar A)c Sz
a yard prades, the length for only""
rd FIooo, Mnlm BnlldlnK Mall Orders Filled. II
Over $85,000 Worth of Worthy, New Just-Sought
Furniture From Grand Rapids at toou? saving:
after another, have arrived durinsr July. Two carloads of
T?nmitiir( the backbone of our Home-
furnishing Sales and the most important we have ever held is ready to start
at 8 o'clock tomorrow! ' .
We builded our place for this gigantic August Furniture Sale en the foundation
of quality, variety, beauty. Months of well directed preparation and buying in the
great Grand Rapids factories has brought more than $85,000 of worthy, new, well
built Furniture here at savings of 20 per cent, a fourth, a third, and m many in-
stances, a iun nam
ilv- Two carloads of
OUUU Caliuaus, ujuc unci cuiuiu&l, jac B j-
Brass and Metal Beds, one car of Couches and Springs, two cars Ostermoor Mat
tresses, two cars Tables, two. cars Chairs and Rockers, two cars Dressers and Chif
f oiiicrs.
Nearly a city block of Purniture selling space-over 3000 distinct styles, spread
forth on the entire Fourth floor of both buildings truly this is a Furniture Sale
such as Portland never witnessed! Plan your Furniture buying for the Fall
months. Read every offer b'elow. -
Sample Brass Beds, Half!
AsK Any Furniture Salesman Abont Our Clab Plan of Easy Payments
$ 1 6 Dining Tables $ 1 0.25
fir i' i i ii
111 ,K
J N I II M, In! J .." I
w ' -vif ; i i i u rr n
$50.00 Brass Beds only $25.00
$60.00 Brass Beds only $30.00
$65.00 Brass Beds only $32.50
$72.50 Brass Beds only $36.25
Manuf act urers' and
our own floor samples
of high-grade, guaran
teed Brass Beds at ex
actly half regular prices
$17.50 Brass Beds at $ 8.75
$37.50 Brass Beds at $18.75
$41.00 Brass Beds at $20.50
$80.00 Brass Beds only $40.00
$85.00 Brass Beds only $42.50
$105.00 Brass Beds only $52.50
$150.00 Brass Beds only $75.00
$12 Steel Beds, $7.98
About $23,000
hstern mill districts this Summer. Ready
unt of other standard Room-size Rugs,
id Linoleums are involved at an average
It on Velvet Rugs
ixander bniith s nton velvet
urchase of warehouse surplus.
small figures and plain green or
ured borders. Profit by these
sale prices:
rt .57 $22.50, 8.3x10.6, only S15.00
r ? 25 Of! 9y1 2-foot, for S1 7 Kft
75c Linoleums, 4'c
A carload of fine imported
Linoleums here for the August
Homefurnishing Sale. Best in
laid "E" grade, in neat par
quetry, block and imitation tile
patterns. Regularly A -
75e. at.' square yard. tIC
90c "B" Grade Inlaid Lino
leums, square yard, 59.
st 25c
k Aug-
"We can't remember when a
better Steel Bed value has ever
been offered in Portland. Just
200 of these $12 Beds, as il
lustrated. Malleable jaws 2
inch ' continuous post. Either
ivory or Vernis Martin finish.
August special ah qq
sale price only 3D tO
$ 3.00 Steel Beds only $ 1.75
$ 7.50 Steel Beds only $ 5.25
$14.00- Steel Beds only $ 8.00
$12.50 Steel Beds only $ 8.25
$16.00 Steel Beds only $ 9.00
$13.50 Steel Beds only $ 9.00
$17.50 Steel Beds Only $12.75
$20.00 Steel Beds only $14.25
r V
$13 Chiffohieres
Sale Price, $8.49!
Well made, solid oak Chiffoniers, just as
' illustrated, finished in golden. d Q A Q
Regular $13; August sale price lSOXi7
$18.00 Golden Oak Chiffoniers only $10.75
$20.00 Golden Oak Chiffoniers only $12.25
$28.00 Golden Oak Chiffoniers only $16.25
$27.50 Fumed Oak Chiffoniers only $15.00
$29.00 Mahogany Chiffoniers, special $16.00
$31.00 Mahogany Chiffoniers, special $17.75
$40.00 Mahogany Chiffoniers, special $21.00
$55.00 Mahogany Chiffoniers, special $30.00
All Odd Chiffoniers, any finish, 1-3 OFF
ianges $18.40
UVIXG on the fa-
nous Acorn Gas
, for our August Ilome
irifr Sale!
B Stvle. as illustrated, an
el Gas Range with large
nd broiler beneath, heat
same burners. Four large
F. QUI11UV.1 - .
rn Gas Ranges, a perfect m
itegiuariy j-t.ou .ms-
$ 1 8.40
kr Heaters $!4.49
las Water Heaters, as illus-
ing the m -I A A Q
low price, tj X XSJ
ates, special, $1.85
pecially priced $145
ecially priced $1.98
m IP
This $15 Solid OaK
Library Table, $10.49
Only 36
of these
ar t i s t i c
solid oak
L i b r a ry
Tables in
with magazine sides and drawer.
Regularly $15.00; d - f A Q
special price at iff x vTr
$18 Golden Library Tables $12.75
$25 Mahogany Lib. Tables $16.25
$32.50 Mahogany Tables $23.50
$41.25 Fumed Library Tables $20
$42 Fumed Library Tables $22.50
$47.50 Fumed Lib. Tables $24.75
$95 Fumed Library Tables $57.50
All other Library Tables OFF
$ 1 5 Famous Ostermoor
Mattresses Only $ 1 2.49
TWO carloads of the
celebrated Oster-
moor Mattresses nere ior y
the August Homefurnishing
The identical Mattresses
advertised nationally by
Ostermoor & Company at
$15. Say Ostermoor to any
one and they instantly
think of the world's best
The hillowv softness of the Ostermoor and its lifetime
jMwntir result, from the fact that it is "built not stuffed.
Made in one piece, full-size, weiging 50
pounds. Covered with striped linen tick
ing and a choice of colors. August Sale,
$ 1 2.49
If Made In Two Pieces, 50c Extra
SticldeyWamous Crafts-
mail Furniture, August
$25 Oak Dressers $ 1 7.98
Beautiful quartered oak Dress
ers, as illustrated, with large oval
or square French plate mirror.
Waxed golden finish splendid
cabinet work. Are tf - AQ
$25 Dressers, at xft 1 .rO
$11.00 G. Oak Dressers, S 8.75
$18.50 G. Oak Dressers, 312.50
$17.50 G. Oak Dressers, $13.25
$22.50 G. Oak Dressers, $16.00
$25.00 G. Oak Dressers, $18.25
$27.00 G. Oak Dressers, $18.75
$31.00 Satin Walnut Dressers for
$33.00 Satin Walnut Dressers for
$40.00 Satin Walnut Dressers for
$27.25 .
This $17 Tapestry
Couch for $10.75
"Well built couches, just as illus
trated, covered in Tapestry. Just
52 of them in seven different pat
terns. Regularly djl A 7C
$17 August Sale D 1 J i J
Same Couches; covered in imi
tation leather $11 7C
August Sale price D A TT I O
$22.50 Turkish Rockers
This large, comfort
able Turkish Rocker,
ideal for the living
room or parlor. Covered
in imitation black lea
ther with spring seat.
Regularly $22.5060 of
at only O 1 O.VD
Others in Genuine
, Leather
$35.00 Rockers, $19.95
$57.50 Rockers, $27.75
For this great August Fur
niture Sale Ave ofter every
-piece of. the celebrated Gustav
Stickney's Craftsman Furni
ture at 20 per cent off the uni
form prices at which it . sells
throughout the country.
Included are Beds, Dressers,
Chiffoniers, Buffets, China
riahinfits. Serving- Tables. Ex
tension Dining Tables, Dining
Chairs, Davenports, Eockers, Library Tables and other
pieces. The entire line nothing ffn t ff
restricted; on special sale at &:ly.. w.
"Craftsman" Is Original SticKley Mission Furniture
This $5 Breakfast
The fac
tory made
up 300 of
these' Eng
lish Break
fast Tables
fnr nnr All-
gust sale. Just as illustrated,
finished in waxed golden,
Early English, fumed or nat
ural. Regular $5 J0 QO
Tables. Special P.'0
$3.75 Hardwood
Rocker $2I
Pretty, hardwood Rock
ers, just as illustrated, fin
ished in golden or imita
tion mahogany witn
imitation leather seat.
We've 178 of them--regular-
d r
$5.00 Rockers, $3.50
$5.25 Rockers, $3.75
$6.25 Rockers, $4.75
$7.00 Rockers, $4.65
$7.50 Rockers, $5.00
$8.00 Rockers, $5.50
All Other Dressers
Go at V4 Off
$50.00 Rockers, $28.75
$70.00 Rockers, $47.50
$81.00 Rockers, ?54.7&
m m
u .
r iLxji
Perrin Gloves
Ajax Guaranteed
Gotham Shirts and
Underwear '
time. Irene Corsets
$58 Camphor Chest $28
Only 24 of these use-
sful Camphor Chests,
erfsSri im-norted dii-ect from
&333Bfflra?OT $5.68:
on special sale
low price 9JiJ
Yum Yum Springs $1.6 9
' mi t TT XT
tore With Complete Mail Order Service and Catalogue.
Expert Furniture Upholstering' and Repairing. Phone, We'll Call and PiaKe Estimate
This solid oak, 6-foot
Extension Table, exactly
as illustrated, finished in
waxed srolden. or Early
English. Diameter of top 42
inches. Eegular- IJ 1 A O C
ly $16, now only P " V.iiJ
$16 Dining Tables, 6-ft. extension ;
Early English, fumed or waxed fin
ish, $11.
$25 Dining Tables, 6-ft. extension ;
Early English, fumed or waxed fin
ish, $18.25.
$43.25 Fumed Table, $24.25
$57.00 Fumed xaoie, jfrisu.uu
S70.00 Fumed Table. S3K.nO
$75.00 Fumed Table, $40.00
All Dining Tables not listed, Off largest line in city
Two Dining Chair Specials
This $2.75
Solid Oak Diner
Just as illus
trated. Finished
in waxed gold
en, Early Eng
lish or fumed.
August Sale
This $5.25
Solid Oak Diner
Just a 8 illus
trated, in beau
tiful golden fin
ish, with genu-
- ine leather slip
seat. August
Sale price,
1 $3.29
$52.50 Buffets for $26.25
"N"o store hereabouts can
show such a beautiful line of
Buffets as are included in our
Great August Sale. .
The $52.50- "Lifetime" Mission
Oak Buffet as illustrated, finished in
fumed or Early English. " Finest' of
construction. French (fOC.OC
plate mirror. Only DOZP
$50 Fumed Oak Buffets at $29.50
$62 Mahogany Buffets at $31.00
$80 Golden wax isuiiets at .ov
$87.50 Walnut Buffets, $43.75
$85.00 G. Wax Buffets, $45.00
ojPp I
$120.00 Mahogany Buffet $60.00
$132.00 Fumed O. Buffet $66.00
Parlor Furniture at V4 Less
Our complete
line of the ele
gant Ketchem
& Rothchild
over - stuiiea
and denim-covered
: Furniture goes
gust Sale at a straight one-fourth reduction irom our
regular prices.
Mahogany and oak frames, covered in best quality
denim, with moss and hair filling. Either singly or in
sets. Chairs and Rockers marked $28 1 A. I p.
to $135 and Davenports $55 to $250, all
Summer Furniture Vz Off
Our entire stock of cool-looking, artistic Summer
Furniture, imported from China.
Comfortable Rockers, Chairs, Easy Chairs, with extension footiest.
Settees, Tables, Stools, etc. Ideal for porch, lawn, Summer - Qff
home USed by many the year around. Entire stock for w
The famous Yum Yum
Springs, exactly as illus
trated, to fit any size bed.
Stronar, coil support; reg
ular $2.50; delivered in
your neigh- d1 Q
borhood only P 1
This $5.00 Sanitary Couch
IBE bought a solid carload of sanitary bteel
Couches for August selling. -
One of the best couches Ave ever offered at this
price. Exactly as illustrated above, with oxidized
finish. Strong and durable. When both sides are up
it is a full size bed. Our regular $5.00 d 0 0 Q
Couches; August Sale tomorrow at only p