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    XM15 bKjxuai OJKiSUOIAN, FOKTL.AJTP. JITLY 7, 1912.
Hasel Weidler, Miss Elsa Grelle and
. Miss Alice Strong. Miss Falling left
. Portland Tuesday morning to pass a
month with her sister, Mrs. JohnLatta,
at her cottage at Gearhart.
a a
Miss Ruth Zelley. of San Francisco,
arrived In Portland last week to be the
guest of Miss Alice Carey for a fort-
- niKht.
' Friends of Miss Hazel Dolph will be
pleased to learn that she la rapidly re-
covering from her recent Illness at St.
Vincent's Hospital and will be re
moved to her home this week.
Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd chaperoned a
number of the younger set Thursday
. on . a launching party, which termi
nated In a dinner and dance at the
Waverly Golf Club. The guests were
Miss Helen Ladd. Miss Esther Tucker,
Miss Mary Brownlle, Miss Grace Peters.
Miss Margaret Malarkey. Miss Clea
Klckerson. Ferdinand Smith. William
Wheeler, Howell Jones, Hallett Max
well. Henry Lytle, Stuart Freeman and
Bud Krlbs.
. Mrs. T. H. Tongue, who has been the
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Martin
Gay Lombard, for a fortnight, left
Portland Tuesday for Victoria, B. C
to pass a month with her daughter,
Mrs. II. M. Munger.
Mrs. Guy Menefee Standifer . (Mar
guerite Boschke) Is -the guest of her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Boschke. In Irvington. Mrs. Boschke
entertained Informally with a box party
at the Orpheura on Tuesday. In com
pliment to her daughtehr, Mrs., Standl-
CMrs. R. B. von Klein Schmidt (Eliza
beth Patterson Sawyer) will arrive la
Portland next week, to be the guest of
her sister, Mrs. Fletcher Linn, for the
Mr. and Mrs. Julius I Meier are be
ing felicitated on the arrival of a son.
The baby will be named. Julius I
Meier. Jr.
Mrs. Walter John Gearin (MIbs Delia
Hahn) will entertain tomorrow with
a bridge tea In compliment to Mrs. Guy
Menefee Standifer. who arrived last
week to be the guest of her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Boschke. Mr.
Standifer reached Portland Friday and
will accompany Mrs. Standifer home
the last of this week..
' Mrs. F. C. Malpas. accompanied by
' her daughter. -Ethel, left Thursday
' morning for a trip into the mountains
of British Columbia. They expect to be
away about a month.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Beckett and
'Mrs. Clyde Hixon Reade left Portland
Thursday morning to pass a week at
Cannon Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery G. Hall
and daughters have gone to their coun
try home on the Columbia River to pass
the remainder of the Summer.
Mrs. R- B. Caswell and daughters,
the Misses Nadlne and Suzanne, have
opened their cottage at Gearhart,
where they will pass the Summer,
y a
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Howard will
pass the Summer at their beach house
at Holman Station.
Mrs. Jonah B. Wise was hostess at a
large reception on Wednesday In honor
' of Mrs. Isaac M. Wise, of Cincinnati,
mother of Dr. Wise. About 90 guests
called at the Wise's new home on
Portland Heights during the afternoon.
Receiving with Mrs. Wise, were the
honor guest and Mrs. Solomon Rosen
feld. The rooms were artistically dec
orated for the occasion. Crimson
rambler, red carnations and huckle
berry were used In the hall, and the
living room was particularly attrac-
- live with Dorothy Perkins roses, pink
carnations and white hydrangeas. In
the dining-room an abundance of pink
roses were used, and red carnations
' and crimson rambler decorated the li
brary. Mrs. I. N. Llpman and Mrs. Al
bert Feldenheimer presided at the -tea
and coffee urns, and Mrs. Herman
Metzger served Ices. Mrs. Henry W.
Metzger was stationed at the punch
bowL Assisting about the rooms were
Miss Mai Hlrsch. Miss Ruth Rosenfeld,
Miss Florence Kohn, Miss Henryette
Lauer and Miss Miriam Jacobs.
Mrs. Jonah B. Wise was distinguished
In a gown of old rose taffeta, elab
orated with gold lace.
Mrs. Isaac M. Wise, the honor guest,
wore a handsome gown of black lace
over satin. '
Mrs. Rosenfeld was in a Paris gown
. of black chiffon and cream lace draped
over black satin.
Mrs. L N. Llpman appeared In a
Parisian creation of white brocaded
satin with touches of black, and a
i. Btff.H. in her coiffure.
Mrs. Herman Metzger wore a blackl
satin gown with toucnes oi cense ai
the girdle.
Mrs. Albert Feldenhelmers gown was
black' satin cut on severe lines, with
touches of coral.
Mrs. Henry Metzger wore black
satin with an over drape of white
Miss Hlrsch was in a handsome gown
of white satin, elaborately embroidered.
Miss Lauer wore a dresden taffeta,
built on the pannier lines.
Miss Rosenfeld ws In a Parisian
gown of blue changeable taffeta.
Miss Jacobs wore a creation of coral
chiffon over white satin.
- - a
Mrs. George Wlckllffe McBrlde re
turned to Portland last week after a
six months' absence. Mrs. McBrlde
passed the Winter In Pasadena as the
guest of Dr. and Mrs. James H. Mc
Brlde. lafer visiting Panama, going
thence to New York. En route home
she was the guest for several days of
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Holman in San
Francisco. She will pass the Summer
at her country place near Milwaukle.
Miss Ethelwynne Glass passed the
Fourth at Hotel Gearhart. and is now
the guest of Miss Dorothy Huber for
the week-end at the Huber's cottage
on Ocean avenue. Her horse. Duke,
was sent down with the Huber's string
on Friday. , , , ' .
Mr. and Mrs. George Gerllnger en
tertained a bouse party at their home
in Dallas. Or., last week.
Mrs. Harry E. Thlxton will be a
. i . An Prlilav Afternoon. - In
UI lUfiO "
compliment to her sisters. Miss Welker
and Mrs. Morton, oi ivcihu-), " "
visiting her for the Summer.
a . a
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Williams, of Chi
cago, are visiting Mrs. M. E. Teal for
a fortnight. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are
touring th- large cities of the West.
The smartest wedding of the week In
San Francisco was that of Miss Elyse
Schultz and Samuel Hopkins, which
took place at Trinity Episcopal Church
on Wednesday evening. Miss Schultz
has often visited in Portland and has
many friends here. She is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Schultz.
of San Francisco. Prior to her mar
riage Miss Schultz" mother resided In
The Dalles. Or. Mr. Hopkins is a rela
tive of the late Mart Hopkins, one of
the wealthiest men In Camomia, who
made his fortune in the coterie that
Included the late Senator Stanford,
Mackay, Flood and Crocker. Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Hopkins will reside at the
E. W. Hopkins home at Menlo, and
later will build a home of their own.
a a a
Miss Lucille Parker was hostess at
an informal tea Tuesday afternoon in
honor of Miss Mary Scherther, of New
Jersey, and Miss Harriet Chamberlain,
of St. Louis. Miss Scherter Is the house
guest of the Misses Ruth and Gene
vieve Church, who are now passing
the Summer at their country home.
Miss Chamberlain and her mother Is
visiting their brother and son Edward
and have taken -the Chapman ' house
for the Summer. Miss Parker's guests
were Miss Mary- Scherther, Miss- Har
riet Chamberlain,' . Miss - Genevieve
Church. Mrs. . Clark - SImonds. Mrs.
Whitney Morden. Miss Alice Grey. Miss
Katherine Emmons. Miss Maida Hart,
Mrs. Henry C Huntington. Miss Gene
vieve Thompson, Mrs. Preston Smith,
Mrs. Norman Pease, Mrs. J. Ernest Lald
law. Mrs. George W. Wentworth, Mrs.
Dorsey Smith, Mrs. Percy . Blanchard,
Miss - Shanna - Cummlngs, Miss Fay
Nichols and Miss Helen Bates.
Mrs. Theodore Nicolal has returned
to her old home on Holladay avenue af
ter an absence of JH years, passed in
California. Mrs. Nicolal will be at home
the first Wednesday of each month. .
a a . a
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Klein have Junt
returned from a motor trip through
Eastern and Central Oregon. Mrs. Klein
is better known as Ltllle V. O'Ryan.
Mrs. G. J. Frankel will be hostess at
a luncheon on Monday in compliment
u ' Mr '' I
SILVERTON. Or July 6. SpeclaL) Miss Volva HlrtzeL. of Scotts Mills,
and Guy Larklns, of Marquam. were married at the home of the Dr,J?'"
parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. HIrttel. at Scotta Mills. Rev. J. C. Spencer of Sil
verton. officiating. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hlrtzel.
and occupies a very high position socially. The bridegroom Is a member of
one of the best-known and highly-respected pioneer families In Southern
Clackamas County. For several years he has been teaching school. After a
brief honeymoon the happy, couple will be at home to their friends at Mar
quam. . " ... ' ' :' ' ' --
tn Ma TTntharinn Oliver McCOy. WhO
Is a well-known reader and interpreter
Of scotch character.- jura, mcv-oy i
hmiAA rnmt nt Mn. K. C HortOIU at
her apartments In the King Hill. .
v-a1tW.i Vnf11-anA Snmilfl C MaV
t, a i-.turnoH to Portland to nass the
Summer. They have graduated' from
Yale. Mr. jt-oreu is a rawnofr.ui iue
Phi Delta Phi Fraternity . and Corby
Court Club. ,- . , t.--i - j-
. . ,. . .
ur und Mrs. Kenneth .McKenzie
Clark Neill embarked Wednesday from
New York City on . the -"White . Star
liner Olympic for Southampton eh route
for an . extended visit with Mr. Nelll's
relatives in Scotland.. This trip will be
In the nature of a home-coming for Mr.
Nelll who has been away from his na
tive heath for some time.. Aside from
attending to business relating to large
estates In which he is Interested, the
visit will give Mr. Neill the . oppor
tunity to present to his friends and
relatives Mrs. Neill (Pansy Sweetser),
the. youngest daughter of Mrs. . Phil
m.i)i.i nf thl fltv. Mr. Nelll is not
nniv a dli ilnimndint of O. N. T.
Clark, the -spool cotton manufacturer.
but Is interested -with Mr. tiara in
number of cotton manufacturing plants
throughout Scotland. Mr. and Mrs. Nelll
will visit his old home on wymm s nay
on the site of Kelly Castle, which has
been succeeded by a - modern Scotch
building and known as Kelly House.
They expect to return to Portland in
three months.
Graham Glass returned to Portland
Monday after a five weeks' Eastern
trip. He accompanied his family -to
Gearhart on Wednesday. While In New
England Mr. Glass passed a week with
nm OnniidirA 81. at Ms beautiful coun
try place in Magnolia.
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Slnnott
passed the week at Sheperd Spring,
having as their guests Mrs.. Kathleen
Lawler Belcher and Mrs. Edward Mur
phy, of Burke, Idaho, who, with her
little daughter, Mary, is making an ex
tended visit with relatives in this city.
Mrs. Jesse A.' Sharp and daughters,
the Misses Dorothy and Constance, are
now in London, where they will remain
for two or three months. It is their
intention to make short trips through
the British Isles and go to Paris for a
week or two- before returning home.
Mrs N' P. Sorensen entertained a
number of her friends at her beautiful
home on Willamette Heights. June 29.
The living-rooms and hall were very
attractively - decorated with Caroline
Testout roses, white lilies, palms and
ferns. Refreshments were later served
In the dining-room and sunroom. They
were beautifully decorated with
coreopsis, California popples and aspar
agus fern -
Several musical numbers were given
by Mrs. Ethel Warner and Master Gor
don Soule. Carol Hand and Emma Sor-
. nMinrllih and
Italian songs, accompanied by Mrs. K. A.
Beals. Mrs. -liuy nainea , -v.v....-panied
by -Mrs. Otto Boss. Miss Christine-Anderson
and Miss Hazel Young
gave readings. The guests were Mrs.
M C. Banfleld. Mrs.- M. Anderson. Mra
George Brice. Mrs. J. G. Beach, Mrs. J.
T. Healey. Mrs. R. Barth. Mrs. C. R.
Gray. Mrs. B. K. Davis, Mrs. L. P. King.
Mrs. T. L. Splud. Mrs. Beach. Mrs. F. E.
Young. Miss Q. King. Miss C. Anderson
Mrs. Albert Brlx. Mrs. A. H. Blrrell. Mrs.
L Saldern. Mrs. C. W. Fulton. Miss V.
Drake. Mrs. H. Beckley. Mrs. Treve
Jones. Mrs. Guy Haines. Mrs. A. J.
Gratta. Mrs. Otto Boss. Mrs. W. A. El
vers. Mrs.. J. F. Drake. Mrs. W. F. Mc
Gregor. Mrs- W. P. Short. Mrs.: Frank
Patton. Mrs. E. A. Beals. Mrs. M. For
dyce. Mrs. R. Wilson. Mrs. F. W. Isher
wood. Mrs. M. F. Henderson, Miss F.
King, Miss P. Vlrson. Tllss Carol Hand,
Mrs. Max Frledenthal, Mrs. E. Packard.
Mrs. L. Hudson, Mrs.- Sheffield, Mra
Ethel Warner, Miss E. Anderson. Miss
To Discard Frecklei,
Tan, Pimples. Wrinkles
N (From Femlalae World.)
The use of creams on the face some
times causes hair to grow. You can
avoid the risk of acquiring superfluous
hair by avoiding cosmetics and using
mercolized wax Instead. There Is notn
ing better for any - condition of the
skin, as the wax .actually absorbs the
offensive cuticle. The latter Is natur
ally replaced by a dear, smooth.
healthy complexion, full of life and ex
oresslon. It's the sensible way to dls
card a freckled, tanned,, over-red,
blotchy or pimpled skin. Get an ounce
of mercolized wax at any drugglsts's
and apply nightly like cold cream,
erasing In the morning with soap and
water. It takes a week or so to com
olete the transformation.
The Ideal wrinkle eradlcator is made
by dissolving an ounce ' of powdered
saxolite in a half pint witch hazeL
Bathing the face in the solution brings
almost Instantaneous results. Adv. -
H. Young, Miss H. Frledenthal. Miss E.
Sorensen and Master Gordon Soule.
The greatest event of the week and
the most elaborate field meet ever held
In the post Was the affair July 4, given
in honor of the Vancouver Commercial
Club by Colonel George S. Young, com
mander of the post. The post athletic
field was - partly surrounded with
grand stands and bleachers and the
maneuvers .were held Inside of the
quarter-mile race track, except the
Roman hurdling and races, which were
on the track Itself. It is conservatively
estimated that there were 15,000 per
sons crowded from 10 to 20 deep around
the field. Many climbed -to, the roofs
of buildings and Into trees which were
near enough to afford a view. Many
Portland guests of officers were no
ticeable in the grand stands. The best
and most spectacular military events
seen In the big tournament In. the sta
dium at Tacoma two years ago were
given. Perhaps the most spectacular
event was the building of a bridge
across . the field and -its destruction
later by dynamite. This was a signal
for Silas Chrlstofferson, an aviator, to
rise in the artillery drill grounds and
soar over the . parade grounds. The
meet was held under the personal di
rection of Captain Mathew A. Reason-
er. Medical Corps, assisted by a score
of officers of. the post. It is proposed
to make this an annual event.
Major and' Mrs. A. 8.. Fleming enter
tained at dinner Thursday Colonel and
Mrs. George S. -Young, Lieutenant-
Colonel and Mrs. Joseph T. Clarke and
Major and -Mrs. Edward F. McGlachlln.
The decorations were crimson ramblers.
Mrs." Fleming also entertained the
Post- Bridge- Club - at-' her .home
Wednesday afternoon. There were
three tables. A prize of a pretty glass
perfume bottle .- was given for each
table. The winners were: Mrs. Buffing-ton,
Mrs. Frederick W. Bugbee and
Mrs. Parker. '
The officers of ' the post and De
partmental Headquarters entertained
the Vancouver - commercial - Club and
the-Vancouver lodge of Elks and busi
ness and - professional - men of Van
couver Monday night at a reception In
the post gymnasium, which had been
appropriately decorated for the occa
sion. Speeches of welcome were made
by General Marlon P. Maus and Colonel
Young. They were responded to by
A. 2t. Blaker, exalted ruler of the Elks;
Mayor Charles S. Irwin and Lloyd Du
Bols, president of the Commercial Club.
The Twenty-first Infantry band played
during the evening until 12 o'clock.
An impromptu programme was held,
songs were sung, there was a stag
dance and . a buffet luncheon was
served. : .
- ;.";'
Mrs. Maus, . wife of General Maus,
had as guests at a luncheon Sunday
Colonel and Mrs. George S. Young, Ma
jor and' Mrs. A. S. Fleming, of the
post; Dr. and Mrs. K. A. J. Mackenzie,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Farrell and Mr and
Mrs.' E. C. Mears, of , Portland. She
will also give a luncheon today to a
number -of guests from Portland.
Mrs. Young, wife of Coloney Young,
has returned from a visit of a month
at the home of her son in Denver.
- W. J. Burns and young daughter,
Miss Virginia, were guests of General
Maus Thursday and remained to see
the field meet in the afternoon.
An informal hop was held in the
post Jrriaay evening, unicers sua ine
women of the post attending. . . -
Captain and Mrs. George S. Tiffany
returned from . New York yesterday.
They had expected to return July 3,
but Captain Tiffany's leave of absence
was" extended ' three days: - Captain
floor covsamos
. The business of Moore & Company will hereafter be owned and conducted by
Sr M. .lJnander and Bernard C Jakway. Mr. Unander has been a member of the
old firm since its organization. . Mr. Jakway has' for the past ten years been with
J. G. Mack & Company, as salesman, buyer and interior decorator.
The new firm will appeal for support to all those who, taking pride in their
homes, want to surround themselves with beautiful and distinctive furnishings.
We shall continue the lines for which Moore & Company have become so widely .
known: Fine Arts, Antiques, China Ware, Crystal,, Potteries and Classic Furniture.
We. shall add the newest and most interesting stock of Drapery and Upholstery
Fabrics and Wall Papers, European and domestic Rugs and more furniture.
And we shall offer exclusive things and superior service on the basis of severely
competitive prices. . """''..: ;; ; . ; : .
This shop has always been one of the interesting show places of Portland.
We shall keep open house during Elks' Week, and you are most cordially
invited to call. . . ' -
Tiffany Is post adjutant ' and during
his absence Captain VanDeman took
his place. ' " '
A polo' game is to be played this
afternoon on the artillery drill grounds
between the officers' team and a team
representing the Waverly Club in Port
land. Major Colin G. Ross, one of the
best polo players on the Pacific Coast,
win be present. He has brought 'his
string of polo polnes from Coronado
Country Club.
- Lieutenant Robert T. Phlnney, of the
Twenty-first Infantry,' who has been
tn la... ahAUt lx Weeks. Will not
return for 10 days, his leave having
been extenaec
pnti. rmnnji s Ravftr. Jr..' of the
Twenty-first Infantry, has been grant
ed a two-montns- leave oi nuncm-c. .
Mrs. A. B. Warfleld entertained at
dinner Wednesday evening.
News that the appropriation of $1;
250.000 had carried for. the maneuvers
u a -mi. ,ia voa. wn racelved
with much pleasure by General Maus
this week. Me naa oeen puuiuns
hold maneuvers In the Grays Harbor
Aniinirv hftvtnff - ftnnroximately 6000
regulars and organized militia partici
pating. 114$ ULllLUli UI ""R1
looked, for' a time as though the appro-
i - -i .nviino. fnr th ezoense
would not- pass. Preparations have
been going along just me bh-uio
though the appropriations had been
made, and when the time comes, about
July 15, the troops from here will be
gin their march to the base of opera
.i . ,aaw r antra 1 1 (General Maus
and his personal staff will leave here
about July 19. - .- .
Dr. and Mrs.- Edwin C. Holmes en
tertained at their home in Walnut
Park In honor of their daughter, Har
riet's 18th birthday. The rooms were
converted Into a perfect bower of wls-
- i Al.Mala th TCIlCfl' COlOr
LJ in a ii vi -
scheme being used. A musical was
given the early pan or me evemuB j
Miss Verna Smith, vocalist: Miss Marie
Lamonte, violinist; Miss Ethel Edick,
pianist, and Mr. Jackson, pianist, . be
ing the participants. The billiard
room was used for dancing. Mrs. Edna
t:, i.ii n,..MaH at th Dunch bowl
The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Marshall, Mr. ana jnrs. nrr aiwii
Mrs. Edith Owens, Mrs. Lamonte, the
ui.... nr.tiio Ti-hl Ethel Edick.
Verna Smith. Jennie Mahoney, MartB
Lamonte, Edna Kantian, java Kianunej.
Daisy Dobner Mayer, Edith Roberts,
a nr..... TCImAf VnTpr Roscoe Con-
V.14U jJICD OlO, 'iuv . -.
oway. Earl Cash, R. McGonigh, Edward
Jackson, Clayton wreene, ion
William Holmes and Arthur Richmond.
... a
Mrs. Gertrude Fisher was guest of
honor at a muslcaie given by Mr. and
Mrs. Charles L. Barre at their home on
Portsmouth avenue . Wednesday;, even
ing. The decoratlons,were marguerites
n1 nlnlr HliM The SOloiStS Of the
evening were Miss Nina Joy, Mrs. Ger
trude Fisher, Mrs. Cliliora a. v-unninB-ham,
Mrs. Charles W. La Barre, Cllf-
r . . r..n1n-hom Anil littlft BemiCe
Fisher. Mrs. Julia La , Barre read , a
humorous story. Mrs. Fisner is aean
of music in Philomath College, and is
passing a part of her vacation visiting
her friends in - Portland. - The guests
were . Miss Jennie Ready. Miss Clark,
Miss Nina Joy, Mrs. Charles E. Price,
Mrs. Hawes, Mrs. Julia C. La Barre,
Rev. and Mrs. W- C. Kantner, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Coon,' Mr. and Mrs.
C H Cunningham, Mr! and Mrs. J. E.
Temple, Mr. and Mrs. Turney, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Backman, Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Huckboiy.
.. ..
Miss Orrel S. Rose entertained a
number of her friends on Monday eve
ning at her home, 1035 Mallory ave
nue. ' The rooms were artistically dec
orated with pink roses and ferns. The
evening was passed In - James and
music; ' several delightful selections
were given by Miss Mabel Kingsbury.
Miss Elsie Shirey. Miss Ethel Murry.
Miss - Edna Murry. Mr. Payne. Mr.
McKnlght and Mr. Warnock. -Miss
Rose was assisted by Mrs. Henry Kad
derly and Mrs. Arthur Steine. The
-... r. were: Miss Allie Kadderly,
Miss Olive Mitchell, Miss Helen Dan-J
gerfleld,' Miss Lillian railing, miss
Beach, MIbs Elsie Shirey, Miss Edna
and Ethel Murry, Misses Mabel and
Pearl Kingsbury, Miss Lesley Clay,
Miss Marie Beach, Miss Essie McGuire,
Earl Breeding. William White, Robert
Yettlck, Harold Davidson, Mr. . War
nock, Mr. McKnlght, Mr. Payne, Carl
a a .
-Mrs. Margaret M. Greene entertained
TueBday afternoon at her residence, 399
East Fifty-fourth street. Rose City
Park.-with a card party. 600 was the
game of the afternoon. The guests
were Mrs. Mary E. Chamberlain, past
department president, W. R. C. ;- Mrs.
Bertha Drew Gilman, of Heppner, Miss
Louisa Severance, president of George
Wright. W. R. C, No. 2: Miss Mary
Renner. Miss Elizabeth Griffith, Miss
Sade Hamilton. Miss Margaret Reed.
Miss Cora Godshall. Misa Maude Chap
man, Miss Lena Gilman, Miss Ellen
Mills, Miss Delia G. Mlckley. Mrs. Bar
ker, Miss Maude C. Gilman, -Mrs. Greene
and sister, and Charles Greene.
Gordon Grange Relief Corps, No.. 43,
.... . v.A.n-inn nrt FHriflV. Juflfl '28.
to their president. Olivette Wheeler,
rti.v .a AiArtA1 in thr office of state
Junior vice-president at Salem during
the convention, oiner siaie oincera
i present were: State, president, ' Jennie
' Prltchard; secretary, Mrs. Hausman;
UNANDER and Jakway
Alokm at Eleventh strkbt ,
(succiaaoaa to Mooas a compant)
state treasurer, Mrs. McBrlde, and state
commander. Judge T. McDevitt. The
hall was beautifully decorated in rea
rambler, white roses, lilies and blue
Canterbury bells.. Refreshments were
served In the banquet-room to mem
bers of Gordon Grange Post, Gordon
Grange Corps and visitors of other
corps. . , . . "... , , " , v.
The San Grael Christian Endeavor So
ciety of the First Church presented the
Am mn. "Evrv Man" on Friday evening
at the Trinity Presbyterian Church of
Blackfoot, Idaho. The proceeds irom
the entertainment were donated to the
church fund for the liquidation of their
debt. Sunday evening at the Trinity
Presbyterian Church, Miss Carrie Lou
ise Olton, a graduate of the Boston Con.
servatory of Muslo, gave selections on
her violin. Miss Olton is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Van Deusen, of 1531 Vir
ginia street.
The women of Grace Memorial Guild
were entertained Tuesday afternoon at
tea at the home of Mrs. T. F. Drake,
in Irvington. The house " was beauti
fully decorated with ferns and mar
guerites. Mrs. John Tate, assisted. In
receiving and Mrs. D. L. Blodgett pre
sided at the tea table. Miss Helen
Trew, dramatic reader, . gave several
fine selections, and Miss Helen A.oren,
an accomplished pianist of Spokane,
Wash., - pleased those present by her
rare, musical ability.
- - a . a . a' - - , ; : ' ;
The Kappa ' Kappa - Club met' at the
home of Miss lone Morrison Tuesday
evening, July 2, for- the purpose of
electing officers. The. new officers are
as follows: President, Isaac Dellar;
vice-president. Ivan Pollard; secretary,
Gladys McAllister;- treasurer, lone
Morrison; . sergeant-at-arms, '. Doreen
McAllister; Editor, Joe Celestine. New
members elected are: Osco Roehr, Fred
Bushnell and Bernlce Cone. After
business was transacted, the evening
was passed dancing. .
a -'
July Fourth at the home of Mrs. J. J.
Chambers. .805 Minnesota avenue, -in
honor of her daughter. Marie, who enr
h.. KioHmatM of St.- Marv's
School. -Music-was the feature of the
afternoon. The dining-room was ar
tistically decorated with the National
colors. The guests were: Edna. Gil
more. Francis Kirby, Nellie Williams.
Mildred Miller. Ethel Kissel, Marcella
Larklns and Lorene Healey. - '
Oregon -Chapter, United Daughters of
a? 1m . Vi . nnmmltf...rnnrY1 TTntel Mult.
no'mah. - This will be the last meeting
until Fall, unicers lor inn jfr wsm
elected as follows: President, Mrs. Lees
Moses; vice-president,- Mrs. C. S. Man
tell; recording secretary, Mrs. John
Nlsson; corresponding secretary, Mrs.
George H. Thomas; treasurer,, Mrs.
Schmidt; historian, Mrs. K. u. xayior. .
. .' ,- .
.. T.vnw A 11 An wna hnatefla at . a
launching party on Friday, July 2, in
honor of her. sister. Miss Bessie Egge
man, of Lewlston, Idaho, State Normal
Faculty. A picnic luncheon was served
at Oswego Beach, and games were, the
feature of the afternoon. - Mrs. E. H.
Keller was awarded a prize- in the
Mint..t Ont-nf -tnwn truests
were Mrs. Eugene Allen, of Rainier,
Or., and Miss Margaret n.oiois, ui u-rtuiu
Rapids, Mich.
... a -
The Michigan Society of Oregon held
I. ,la. mAnlhltf m 1 11 C MODdftV
evening at the Women of Woodcraft
Hall. A musical programme was given
by Miss Heloise Wirt and Mrs. Harriet
Hendee, a piano duet, and vocal selec
tions by Mrs. Fred L. Olson. The Misses
Heloise and Elizabeth also contributed
to the evening with a piano- duet, and
there were, readings by Mra A.. S.
- a a . .
Mrs. Edwin A. Robinson gave a tea
. ,.- fcimA cut fillitB.n' street. Friday
afternoon from 8 to 5 o'clock, in honor
of her sister, Mrs. m. r niornson. l
rno-.w -Doi-ir miii.fl.A-n. . she was assisted
,'by hermother. Mrs. Evelyn S. Jones,
and : Miss Alma ijauriizen. -i a annus
room., and - tea taoie were dmuuiuuj
decorated with pink sweet peas and
mA . Mn. William S. Nash and Mrs.
M. J. Geary presided at the tea table.
One of the most delightful affairs of
iii. av was the - surnrlse reception
tendered the Lincoln-Garfield Post at
the close of their meeting on Tuesaay
evening, which was planned and exe
cuted by . the ladles of the Woman's
Relief Corps in honor of the newly--elected
Department Commander T. B.
McDevitt. of Lincoln-Garfield Post, and
Denartment President Mrs. J. C. Prltch
ard, of Sumner.
a .
The Thlbeterian Club surprised Mra
Smith and Mrs. Gladwyn at the resi
dence of Mrs. Smith, bit East Twelfth
street,, the evening of June 28. The
occasion was the wedding anniversary
of both women. Cut glass bowls, were
presented by the club. ' Five Hundred
was played. ' The chief entertalnmont
of the evening -was-a wedding cere
mony, the couples being remarried.
..-..'.: e '
' Mrs. Francis D. Arrlngton was host
ess at', a luncheon at the Oregon Hotel
on July 8 in honor of her house guest,
Mrs. Joseph I Leavitt, of Los Angeles,
and .'Mrs. Benn, of Evanston, 111. .The
guests "were Mesdames Leavitt,- Benn,
Evans, Lane, Cahow,- Morell, Thompson,
Patterson, Fulton, Moyer, Henzie, Mon
roe, Loveland.. Martlin. Ward, Will
oughy, Mllligan. Clark, and Abbott..
. '
Mrs. Sundeleaf was hostess to , the
Thlbeterian Club June '25 at her home,
442 Leo avenue. Sell wood. Luncheon
was served In an arbor, a'beautlful bas-
Talks on Keeping the Skin Beautiful
- . l Always amuses me when I
f rCNw A arn tn rlTn mv Ideas
many a frown -over" a poor rehearsal or . an incipient crowfoot from
too much laughing has been massaged from my face by that same
delightfully scented and all-healing cream.'
My maid has a clever little trick of giving me an all-over-the-body
rub with Melorose Cream when I am out of sorts or more than usually
tired, and the result-is almost sybaritic in its Intense luxury and
glorious feeling of ease and lassitude. '
The Melorose Powder is by all odds the daintiest, most refined com
plexion -beautifier Imaginable, and has a-particularly soothing action
0nftmhas ancllnglng. evanescent odor of faintest rose that just barely
sugg-ests the flower whose name It bears, and used over a very light
coating of the cream 1t-tends to keep off not only sunburn but also
the tan and other dire effects of chilly breezes.
You see, I am a real "out-of-doors ' girl and walk In all sorts of
weather, on every opportunity that . I have, and my skin Is entirely
free from any sort of blemish, and the reason is because I use these
Melorose toilet articles. '
The Melorose Rouge Is. I think, the most natural I have ever used,
and would deceive any one.' and besides I find it is absolutely harm
less to the texture of the skin. ... . .
I-am often complimented upon and, perhaps, am rather proud pr the
beauty of my hands, and two of my most . important manicure lndls
pensables are a tiny jar of Melorose Nail Polish and a block of the
-Melorose Nail Lustre. The two occupy little space, weigh compara-
tively nothing and serve to- keep my nails always in a perfect condi
tion, with a polish, that is simply perfect In its quiet elegance.
The perfect Cleansing and Massage Cream, has no equal; excellent for
the complexion, freckles, tan. wrinkles, pimples, blackheads, chapped
hands or face, etc.; does not grow hair or turn ranoid, and has a
very dainty odor, suggestive of fresh flowers; defies sun, wind and
oust, ovc per jar.
unlike and superior to any other;
won't rub off; defies detection,
perfectly harmless, perfect color;
comes In Jelly and powdered forms;
costs little more than some others,
but is worth It. 60c size, 45c. -
The perfection of toilet dainties.
One of the very few powders that
are not harmful to the skin. Melo
rose improves. the complexion and
protects the skin from heat, cold,
wind, - dust, etc., as would a fine
veil, particularly-when dusted on
the - face over a small amount of
Melorose Cream, removing the
"shine" upon the skin that makes
the Dest groomea woman iook vul
- For thin, nervous, undeveloped women. ' .
Recommended by Health and Beauty Authorities. Flesh Buildef and
Tonic. Mall orders JJiuea.
Sold in Portland at
ket of flowers hanging over the table.
The afternoon was passed! in Sellwood
Park.. In the evening the game of
five hundred was played. , The c)ub will
not meet again until the first week in
September. - !: - , .
a. a . - i
The members of the Delta Alpha of
the First Evangelical . English Church
were entertained at. a- lawn., party at
the -home, of Miss Beulah Bohr, East
Sixteenth street, on Wednesday even
ing. . Chinese lanterns lighted the
grounds" and the evening was passsd
in games and songs.
.,.:'.' ' .'
. ' Mrs. Frank' Krlger entertained last
evening at her home In the Lincoln
Apartments for Mrs. Charles Shuman,
of Burns, Or. ..The guests were Mrs.
John Grossman, Mrs. Robert Cleveland,
Mrs. Jack Staley, Mrs. William Decker,
Mrs. E. L. Wright, Mrs. Henry Vllliger.
a - .
Mrs. E. M. Lance' was hostess at a
luncheon at the Multnomah' Saturday,
(Concludi-d on Pago 11.)
Does Away Entirely , With Plates and Bridgework
Bridgework at Half Price
(Until further notice.) .
TTTLI, . ...... n rr. . lltf.ilai VAfV
are the same as the standard price of
where it is possible to have bridgework
ana me paueai. ucn co ..
".1,1 . . I -. htm th. VftrV
best and classiest work possible to be
made, at exactly one-half the price
charged by dentists, whose work will
compare lavoraoiy wm " .
l ierms tor uiii worn. w w.aou.
Alveolar Teeth. Where Bridgework Is
jmpoasiDl. , .
. - -- 1 . f i..ih .m lAff av
li oniy yvui vnv . , - -
three or four or more, we can replace
all of those that have been lost on
Dotn siaea cs.i r -
Alveolar teeth, whilst bridgework would
be lmpossmie even n
only two back teeth on each side, say
molars, we can supply all the front
teeth tnat are missing win
as . to how beauty of any . sort
can be retained by or Imparted
to me or any other woman. -
i Everybody expects Some won
derful secret formula, and the
whole thing is so simple after
all.. '
Just breathe deeply of good
fresh, pure air, eat simple food
and only a small quantity, and
exercise early and often in the
Above all things, keep clean,
and by doing so your eyes will
be brighter, your skin whiter
and your color high.
No small part of the beauty
and cleanliness of my skin Is
due to the fact that I use the
Melorose preparations In all my
toilet rites. -.
The Melorose Cream is a par-
Hn.iila.r favorltA 'of mine, and
gar at night; it gives a delicate
and almost transparent velvety ap
pearance to the skin; it does not
blow off, and is so fine that It does
not show. Has a dainty, flower-like
color and Is tinted perfectly to suit
any complexion. Melorose gives
universal satisfaction to people
who appreciate articles of merit;
It does not chap, scale, burn .or
smart- the face, and is very sooth
ing to an irritated skin.. SOo per
Is. the latest and beit. Polishes the
nails almost Instantly; at the same
time giving the nail a perfect,
lasting, tint. Easily applied. Price,
25c. . -
Toilet Goods Dept.
New Remedy That Removes Frecklea
or Coats Nothing;.
Here's a chance. Miss Freckle-Face,
to try a new remedy for freckles with
the guarantee of a reliable dealer that
It will not cost you a penny unless it
ramoves the freckles, while if it does
give you a clear complexion, - the ex
pense Is trifling.
Simply get an ounce of - othlne '
double strength, from Woodard. Clarke
& Co., and one night's treatment will
show you how easily it is to rid your
self of the homely freckles and get a
beautiful complexion. Rarely is more
than one ounce needed for the worst
Be sure to ask Woodard, Clarke St
Co. for the double-strength othlne, as
this is the only prescription sold under
guarantee of money back if it falls
to remove freckles.
serviceable, lifelike Alveolar teeth. This
could not possibly be done byhe bridge
route. And where bridgework Is pos
sible, there 'is no comparison between
the two. A very large percentage of our
work is taking out bridgework put in
by supposedly hlgh-clas dentists, and
replacing It with the beautiful and
artistic Alveolar Teeth. And, unlike
bridgework in another respect, it is
practically painless. No boring or cut
ting into the gums, nothing- to be dread
ed. Now. then, prices being equal,
which would you choose?
Curing Pyorrhea (loose teeth),' a dis
ease given up by most dentists as In
curable, Is another of our specialties.
We cure it absolutely. It's a boastful
statement to make, but we can do any
thing that Is possible In dentistry, and
what we do is always of the very high
est class. Our booklets. Alveolar Den
tistry, are free. Write for one. If you
cannot call. We have samples of our
work to show at all times.
Portland AbtnftTton nidff- 106V, 8d St.
Seattle Height Bide- ud and piae.
Terms to Reliable People.
ii i ii ii i j iiiiiiniiiiiiii n iiiiiiiiiiiii in ' j
tage or a place to spend a few days'
vacation, whether you are in quest' of
rest and quiet, or whether you prefer
gaiety and social mingling, whether
you desire the charms, of rustic life or
whether you. are lured by the fascina
tion of the sea, it matters not, you will
find all here and .more. ,