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merce- Commission's extensive Investi
gation of that subject Just completed
Raiimiila will be reaulred to estab
All Hail Orders Carefully and Promptly Filled -Express Prepaid on Purchases S 5 or Over Jthin
100 Miles of Portland-Samples Mailed on Request -Principal Portland Agents for Ladieom
Journal Patterns and Publications -Very Latest Style Patterns m AH Sizes at 10o and 15c Jn
lish drastic regulations to safeguard
the operation or tne privileges in iu-
500 boxes of Fine Stationery, Lawn,
Cloth, Fabric- and Linen Finished
Paper of excellent quality. 21 sheets
of Paper with Envelopes to match.
Comes in fancy floral cartons and
sold regularly at 25c a box,. . 1 Cr
Mechanic May Lose Life as Result ot
All the 25c Grade
Wa sh Belts 15c
At the Notion Counter
A special offering of Women's White
Wash Belts, shown in neat embroid
ered patterns and plain tailored ef-
fects. All sizes in best 25c 1 C
grade, priced this sale at . aJC
Spokane Garage Explosion.
Actor and Miss Zabelle Furnish
- SPOKANE, July 6. (Special.) Roy
Eads, a mechanic was seriously
Excitement as Liner Pre
pares to Sail.
burned today by a gasoline explosion
in a garage.
The explosion' threw gasoline over
Eads and his ciotning was ai.iu.ino .!
most instantly. .
Ed Malrneau also suffered painful
hn,n, Kiit will rflrnvtr.
iraAa' tara hfinVlii. arms and lesrs
The Most in Value, the Best in Quality
priced for this sale at.
were burned. His recovery is oouoi
The gat-age was a total loss. One
. s
' ; , ' '
Hitchcock Minim Ires Incident, Say
Ing He Xeeded Signature That
He Might Sell Herd of
Cows They Own.
NEW YORK. July . (Special.)
Raymond Hitchcock and his wife. Flora
Zabelle. had a squabble this morning
in front of the stateroom which hi
wife and her father engaged on the
Hamburg-American liner Moltke, which
sailed today from Hoboken for Medit
erranean ports. The squabble was fur
ther augmented by the appearance of a
person whom all present called
"Charlie." From words that flew for a
time, spectators gathered that not only
did Mr. Hitchcock want Miss Zabelle
to sign certain papers which he
brought to the ship, together with a
lawyer, but he strenuously objected to
"Charlie's" sailing on the Moltke or
tagging around after Miss Zabelle.
Matters were further complicated by
the untimely arrival of Charlie himself
with two suitcases. He and Hitchcock
started right in without further words,
but were pulled apart.
Then Hitchcock fumbled in his coat
pockets and unearthed some legal docu
ments which he wanted his wife to
sign. ' He appeared to forget Charlie.
All he wanted was to have the papers
'Td sign almost anything, sighed
Miss Zabelle in relief, "to be rid of
Charlie sailed when the Moltke did.
At the Lambs Club this afternoon
Hitchcock said he was amused over
the Incident. He said that his wife had
given liim power of attorney to sell
their farm near Brewster and had left
for the ship before he discovered that
he could not dispose of their herd of
Holstelns without Mrs. Hitchcock's
signature. He . said his father-in-law
had not much respect for his business
ability and that he was a little ex
cited. "Charlie," he declared, was his
wife's cousin. He was on the best of
terms with his wife, he said.
Cantata, Joan of Arc, Rendered as
Fart of Chautauqua Programme.
ALBANT. Or.. July . (Special.) An
oratorio by. local people,- assisted by a
Portland soloist, was the leature 01
the Albany Chautauqua today. It was
the cantata. ."Joan of Arc" and was
Dresented in the bisr auditorium to-
nlg-hkrlt. a directed by-Mrs.- Adna
Smith Flo,, of the conservatory of :mu
sic of Albany College, and the . solo
parts were- taken by Mrs. Flo. . so
prano"; J. P. Mulder, of Portland. -tenor.
bind J. C. Irvine, of Albany, baritone.
The large chorus was . formed of local
Preceding- the oratorio was a concert
Iby the Chautauqua orchestra, and the
(following ' musical numbers by local
talent: "The Camera Hump" (Ger
man), by a children's chorus: "Slum
bering Song of the Sea" (Coombs),
chorus or young women; i win uive
the Keys of Heaven." by a children's
horns: male quartet, Messrs. A. At.
Hammer, C. V. Littler. J. C. Irvine and
H. A. Kelson.
Professor Lee Emerson Bassett, of
Stanford University, gave a recital this
ifternoon on "Hamlet." and Miss Mary.
A. Sutherland, of the North Dakota
Agricultural College, spoke In the audi
torium this afternoon on "Meats, a Dis
cussion of the Relative Values of the
JDIfferent Cuts." A concert by the
Icnautauqua orchestra at 2 o'clock and
h. band concert at 4 o clock completed
hhe afternoon programme.
Rev. William Parsons, . D.. pastor
of the First Presbyterian Church of
Eugene, was the speaker at the forum
hour this forenoon. The work of the
Chautauqua Summer School was car
ried forward today. Rev. W. B. Hln-
kon, D. D-. pastor of the White Temple
rf Portland, conducted the Summer
(Bible school class.
The attendance at today's sessions
k-as large and the colony of campers
bn the Chautauqua grounds was aug
mented today by several people from
kurrounding cities as well as from
LBids for Improvements, Including
Pavement, Are Received.
LEBANON. Or, July 6. (Special.)
Work is being pushed on the local
sewer system. The outlet has been
opened and pipe-laying is la progress.
A large number of bids have been
received for the new paving and the
(bound! committee Is comparing them-
and action will be taken at an - ad
journed meeting Tuesday night.
Last January the 160.000 of sewer
funds was received by the city and
Lhe Treasurer gave a personal bond In
the sum of $75,000, the 12 bondsmen
qualifying in the sum of 1290.000. It
now develops that the county tax rolls
show them to have paid taxes last
k-ear on S36.945. The names Of two not
Appearing on the rolls at all. No ac
tion looking to the securing of a new
bond has as yet been taken.-
a tor Organizes Club for Swimming
In Basement.
ROSEVILLE, Cat, July 6. (Special.)
A feature of the new Presbyterian
t'hurch here, which is practically com-
bleted but not yet dedicated, will oe a
Swimming pool in the basement.
The pastor. Rev. O. L. Linn, has or
ganized an association along the lines
fcf the T. M. C A., to which 60 mem
bers have made subscriptions of fo eacn
for the establishment of the pool, and
Lrtll Day SI a month for running ex
penses during the year. An additional
Amount win oe requirea 10 guarantee
'MUMng In Transit' Privileges Sub
ject to Gross Law Violations. )
WASHINGTON, July 6. Gross frauds
knd violations of the law in' the exer-
frise of the "milling in transit privi
leges" accorded to sniDners. princip
ally in grain products and lumber, have
.. Flora Zabelle.. . .
taxlcab and six hacks were burned, a
shed in the rear of the garage was
slightly burned and houses on each side
of the garage were damaged. The
total loss was estimated at $5000.
Four of Eight Submarines Will Be
'J Built on Pacific. "'
ington. July 6. Senator Jones has se
cured an amendment to the Naval ap
propriation bill providing that four or
the eight submarines authorized, to
cost in aggregate $4,440,000, shall be
built on the Pacific Coast; also an
amendment authorizing the erection of
two large wireless stations, one on the
coast of Washington and one in Alaska,
to cost "not exceeding $1,000,000 each.
Senator Heyburn secured an amend
ment appropriating $76,000 for devel
oping and mining coal on the public
lands in Alaska lor tne use or me
Husband Files' Complaint. '
G. Bleloh, contractor, well known in
Portland, obtained an Information yes
terday against J. C. Smith and Llllle
Bieloh. his wife. The same defendants
were arrested several months ago on a
like charge and were held to answer to
the grand jury. Then the complaining
husband relented and tne action
Painless Perfect
Dental Work
with the assistance of a new anes
thetic which causes no disagreeable
after effects of any kind, we give
more for the money than any other
dentist in Portland. This statement
Is substantiated and guaranteed by
25 years' successful practice In Port
land. In that time our patients
have Included the best-known men
and women in the state.
Our B r 1 d g e w ork, Plate Work,
Crown Work, Fillings and all kinds
of dental work are unequaled.
Best Red Rubber Plate. eaek97J(0
23-K. Gold or Poreelala Crowm.aS.OO
Gold or Enamel FtlUasa, aeal.M
Sliver FUUna-, each 9 .30
Wise Dental Co.
Office Hoars 8 A. M. to 8 P. M.
' Snadaya B to 1.
Phoaea Main Z02&, A 2029
Falling Bldg, Third and Waahtna-toa
' Dr. Wise's Personal Service If
Reqnested. . .
B. F. O. E.
Welcome to the Hose City
We extend a cordial invitation to
you to make this store your head
quarters while in our city. We
want you to feel free to ask any of
our employes, questions to par
take of any and all of the conve
niences we have provided; in short,
to make yourself perfectly at home.
Floor attendants will see that you
pet everv attention and if you de
sire you can check bundles for an
mdefrnite tune, tree ot cost.
Every department of this store has entered into this Great Summer Sale, which gives promise of being
the greatest of its kind ever organized in this city. Great preparations have been made for this sale.
Everything bought for Spring trade remaining has been taken off our shelves and placed on the bar
gain tables, bearing prices that will cause them to take a hurried departure. Hundreds of dollars'
worth of desirable goods goods you can use to advantage now are offered at prices you will quickly
recognize as much under even bargain figures. Besides, we've made many remarkable fortunate pur
' chases of Summer goods paid bargain prices at bargain prices we offer them to you; For example!
Big Sale Women's
Fine Silk Dresses
Shown in stvles entirely new this season, in
plain colors or changeable effect. d (-ff
Regular $17.50 and $15 values . . ? U.U V7
More new nlodels have arrived to add to our
already large assortment of Handsome Silk
Dresses, which portray smart, distinctive and
uncommon style ideas. : Beautifully made
varments shown in all wanted colors in either
plain or changeable effect. Materials are silk
poplins, messalines, -pongees and taffetas,
cleverly finished Dresses suitable for either
street or party wear. All alterations free.
Regular $17.50 and $15.00 , T f ff
- values, priced tomorrow ....... P V W
A Most Wonderful
Sale Dress' SkiFts
Shown in hundreds of good styles in plain
colors and mixtures; values to
$9.50, sale price ..: ....
If you are in need of a separate Skirt, you ought to see this, show
ing, which is the largest and most complete we or any other store in
this city has ever gathered. There's practically no limit to selection
and you have choice from hundreds of styles in mixtures and plain
colored serges, voiles, etc., made in the newest styles; panel back
and front, also one-sided effect with high or regulation Q QO
waist; regular values to $9.50, sale price ; pJ.JJ
Bathing Suits, all styles and sizes, $1.75, $1.98, 2.50 to $4.50
Bathing Caps at 15, 25, 35j,65. Bathing Shoes at 35, 65
Women's Fine
Shown in black and the popular QQA
new shades; best $1.25 grade at.
You know, the Weight and character of
Stockings add to, or detract from, your
comfort and costume. Therefore if you
are particular about such things you
.Ill of Women's High-Orade Silk Stockings.
Tnese are made oi tne iinest oi siik uh
double heel and toe and heavy lisle sole
and ribbed lisle garter top. They come
in all sizes and are shown in black and the
popular new shades of tan, light and dark
gray, light blue and navy, lavender, pink,
etc. Stockings that sell everywhere at
$1.25 a pair, priced for QQa
this sale at 17 OV
Women's Silk Boot Hose, 50c Grade, 3 Pairs for $1.00
These are -wonderful bargains at. this lowered price. Fine Thread
Silk Hose, made with double toe and high spliced heel, double lisle
sole and lisle top. They come in all sizes from sy2 to 10 and were
bought to sell regularly at 50c a pair, priced for this flfh
sale at 35, or 3 pairs for. . . . . . : J. W
Women's Cotton Union Suits 1-3 Less Than Regular
We have just received direct from the . manufacturer, a special
purchase of the "Augusta" Knit Combination Suits. They are well
wearing, perfect-fitting Union Suits of seasonable weight and fine
rib, shown in low-neck sleeveless styles with lace-trimmecKQ
knee, all sizes, regular 75c grade priced for this sale at tJXJK
'ill ':; V
vf 111 iftJ&!
Women's Pumps and
Shown in latest styles in patent colt, vici kid, gun
metal and Russia calf; regular $3.00 CpLO f Q
and $3.50 values, tomorrow .... . . tp JL S7
This interesting sale shows the latest style Pumps
and Oxfords in qualities that annot be surpassed
for wear. All styles and sizes in patent colt, vici kid,
gunmetal and Russia calf, in button and blucher
lace, hiffh and heavy soles, low and high heeL The
i 1- i i i rr 3 aw aw.
kma tnat sen reguiany at q.uu ana , T f
$3.50 a pair, priced this sale,.-. .......
Important Sale Misses' and Children'3 Pumps and Oxfords
Sizes 8y2 to 11, regular $2.00 values at.
Sizes 11 to 2, regular $2.50 values at
ens Underwear
In the Men's Section tomorrow we are making a spe
cialty of Fine Cotton Mesh Shirts and Drawers at a
saving figure. The Shirts are made with long sleeves;
are neatly faced on the front and bound around the
neck. ' Drawers come ankle length and have good sus
pender straps. These garments come in plain white
and are the best 50c values. Specially priced, QQo
per garment. . . .'.
- . Men's Dress Shirts, $1.25 values, $1.00
A special offering of Men's Dress Shirts, made of good
quality plain white material and shown with plain and
pleated bosom. They come coat style, with attached
cuffs or regular style with detached cuffs J-j
and are $1.25 values. Special at. ....... P vrJ
Negligee Shirts Specially Priced $1.00
A fine line of Men's Negligee Shirts, made of fine
quality mercerized material with one separate soft
collar to match. They come in plain tan, cream or
white; also a line made of good quality figured madras.
Fine. custom-made garments, specially ' &"t QQ
priced at r 7
Elk Four-in-Hand Ties at 25 and 50 Each
Domestics and Wasli Goods
Here is a sale that ought to interest every woman in this vicinity..
The prices figure just about half those regularly asked. Are you
going to miss such an opportunity? ,
In 25c and 35c, Qualities, Priced for This Sale at 15 Yard
About 3000 yards of dainty Silk-Mixed Wash Goods, shown in a
wonderful assortment of plain and fancy styles. Fresh, clean goods
in the wanted plain shades and neat colorings, bought to "I
sell regularly at 25c and 35c yard. . This sale only at, yard yV
Summer Corsets, Special 50c
We are now showing an extra strong line of Summer Corsets and
all the late models are represented. They' are made of good qual
ity batiste, coutil or Summer net, boned with rust-proof steels and
neatly trimmed with lace. Hose supporters front and side. They
come in sizes 18 to 30 and there is a style to fit every 50C
figure. Specially priced at . . ; .' ... , . -. . .'. . ..... . .
July Sale of Go wns
French and American
Emb. Underwear
Muslin Gowns at 98V $1.19
$1.75, $1.98 to $4.25
An elegant line of Women's
Gowns, shown in a great vari
ety of styles and patterns.
Beautiful , garments copied
from the latest French designs
and finished in a superior
manner. , , ' '
Hand WM
Corset Covers at 59, 85,
98, $1.25 to $1.75
A most wonderful line of dainty
hand-embroidered Corset Cov
ers, made of good quality mate
rials and handsomely finished.
Chemise at 98V $1.19,
$1.50 and $1.75
Dainty, well-made, finely-finished
Chemise, in a large variety
of pretty patterns, neatly em
broidered in handsome designs.
been reveaieu- oy uv mwisuiiv