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Government's Vessels Wil
Police River Course on
Day of Event.
Effort WU1 Be Made Not to Obstruct
Cnnecessarily Merchant Marine,
But Fines and License Rev
ocations Are Penalties.
Official aanctlou and control of tbe
. . . k. on TneiiaT. July
. near 8t- Johns, has been announced
by a letter received yesteraay or
leciur miwiui .......
. riAnartment of
Commerce and Labor, under which such
matters are control. ea. ado w
given Is for the customs officials to
patrol the course on that day between
the hours of 2 and 5 In the afternoon
and strictly enforce the following regu
lations: .
A vessel of any description shall not
be permitted to pass up or down the
course during the progress of a race
In such manner as to endanger oars
men or passengers on excursion steam
ers, yachts or other craft, whether ob
servers or participants In the regatta.
This prohibition to pass up and down
shall not apply to the official boats or
to the racing craft.
"Upon special permission from the
United States officer In charge, vessels
may pass over the course Immediately
before or after a race at a speed of
not to exceed five miles an hour.
"A succession of short sharp whistles
from a United States vessel patrollng
the course shall serve as a signal for
vessels to stop. Pilots of river ves
sels shall stop when directed by the
United States officer In charge, to In
sure the safety of passengers.
"The above regulations will be en
forced subject to the discretion of the
United States officer In charge, so as
not to obstruct unnecessarily the navi
gation of vessels of the merchant
For a violation of these regulations
a licensed officer is liable to suspen
sion or revocation of his license, and
any person having charge of a vessel
and not a licensed officer may be liable
to a fine of J500. Any other person vio
lating the regulations shall be liable
to a penalty of 250.
Vessel Bound for Sound With Alaska
Freight Gets lushed to Boom.
The steam schooner Shna Yak ex
perienced a peculiar accident shortly
after leaving the Oak-street dock for
Seattle, late Friday night, which re
sulted In no damage other than a de
lay of several hours. After passing
through the steel bridge she ran on a
raft of boomstlcks that were being
towed by the steamer F. B. Jones and
on which there was no light. In some
Inexplicable way one of the swifter
chains got wrapped around the tailshaft
and locked it, the raft not being broken
up and the boomstlcks stuck up around
the Shna Yak.
The Willamette fc Columbia Towing
Company, owner of the F. B. Jones, Im
mediately assumed all responsibility for
the accident and, employing a diver,
eventually released the tailshaft.
When the engines were turned over It
was found that no damage had result
ed, and with the consent of Captain
Crowe, surveyor for the underwriters,
she proceeded on her way to Seattle,'
where she will deliver 200 tjns of
freight to the steamer St. Helens for
delivery In Northern Alaska.
As the St. Helens is due to sail for
the North Monday, arrangements were
being perfected to ship the freight by
Tall in the event It was found that the
Shna Yak could not go to sea in suf
ficient time to make the connection.
Hydrographic Bulletins Give News
of Interest to Seamen.
In the last bulletin Issued by the
branch hydrographic office In this city.
Captain Holllngshead, of the British
steamship Tuscaroi-a, reports that on
May 4. In lat. N. 33.02. long. W. 144.88,
he sighted a topmast about SO feet
long, with rigging attached to the up
per part, and It appeared to have been
In the water only a. short time.
Captain Levi Snyder, of the steamer
Anvil, reports that on June 28, crossing
Into Yaquina IT&y. he found 14 feet of
water at high tide, and going out one
hour after flood found 7 feet. On the
same date he crossed over the Siuslaw
Klver bar at low water and found 12
feet. This bar changes very little. .
Wastell Engages Relief to Handle
Trafric Above Pasco.
A. B. Wastell. general manager of the
Open River Transportation Company,
announced yesterday that he had en
gaged the steamer Relief, which Is now
tied up at Celllo, for the upper river
run from Kennewlck and Pasco to the
Priest River country In place of the
steamer W. R. Todd, which was
wrecked a short time ago.
It will take a couple of weeks to get
the Relief Into condition for service,
but she will be hurried, as there Is
much business being offered In that
district and later It Is expected that
much wheat will come out that way.
Marine Notes.
The steam schooner Olympic with
7(4,000 feet of lumber for San Pedro,
sailed last evening.
Inspectors Edwards and Fuller were
at Celllo yesterday inspecting the
steamer Inland Empire.
The steamer 8u H. Elmore arrived
yesterday from Tillamook with a full
cargo of dairy products.
The schooner E. K. Wood, which ar
rived late Friday from Honolulu, made
a quick passage of If days.
The schooner Robert R. Hind arrived
yesterday from San Pedro and will load
lumber at Westport for a return.
ft... n Vi vyn ar Bennett, with a
cargo of lumber from Westport for
Callao, will be towed to sea today.
The California Atlantio Steamship
Company will begin delivering to the
city of Portland on Monday 1400 tons
of cast Iron water pipe that is being
shipped from Philadelphia and is
being brought across . the Panama
The steamer Beaver sailed yesterday
for San Francisco and San Pedro with
215 passengers and 2800 tons of freight.
The steamer Bear arrived yesterday
from San Francisco and San Pedro
with 83 passengers and 100 tons of
freight. . " ' '
The steam schooner Klarfaty, which
arrived yesterday from Ban Diego via
San Francisco, has gone to Rainier to
load lumber.
David McArron. candidate for grand
secretary of the Elks, Is connected
with the steamboat inspection service
at Port Huron.
It was announced yesterday that the
French bark Thiers, which sailed rrom
Hull for Portland on June 12, has been
chartered to load wheat
The motor schooner Nenamosh sailed
vnstardav for Yaaulna Bay with. a gen
eral cargo and during the Summer will
be engaged there in flsning.
Thi. .im nchnnnpr Fort Bragg,
which has not been In this port for
four years, is due to arrive today from
Sue H. Elmore.
Breakwater. ..
Roanoke. . . .,
Rose City.....
Goo. W. Elder.
Nevadan. ....
to Arrive.
' From
San Pedro. .
Tillamook. .
Coos Bay. ..
.San Diego. .
.Fallna Cms.
San Pedro. .
.San DleffO. .
Sallna Crus.
Sallna Crus.
Sallna Crux.
..In port
. .In port
.July 7
..July 7
..July 8
.July 8
..July 11
. July 12
..July 13
.July 1
.July 80
. .Aug. 18
To Depart.
Name. For bate.
Harvard S. F. to L. A. July 8
Korthland San Pedro. ...July 8
Yale 8. F. to L. A.. July 8
Breakwater. .. .Coos Bay. ... July 8
Sue H. Elmoru. Tillamook. ...July 9
Roanoke San Diego July 10
Anvil 3andon July 10
Bear San Pedro. . ..July 11
Nebraskan Sallna Crux. ..July 12
Alliance Eureka July 14
Rose City San Pedro July 18
Geo. W. Elder. .San Diego. ...July IT
Isthmian Sallna Crus. .July 23
Nevadan .Sallna Crus. .Aug. S
Lyra. Sallna Crus. . .Aug. 17
San Francisco with 400 tons of general
freight in the Dodge Line.
The steamer Breakwater will arrive
today from Coos Bay as far as Astoria,
where Its passengers will be trans
ferred and the vessel return to Coos
Bay to bring the Marshfleld Elks to
Portland, arriving on Tuesday.
The Lewis Rlver Navigation Com
pany, operating the steamer Modoc to
Woodland and Rldgefleld, - on Lake
River, has changed Its headquarters
to the Salmon-street dock from Taylor
C. A. Noyer. receiving clerk at the
Oak-street dock, has been transferred
to Pier-19 at San Francisco to super
vise the loading of vessels bound from
there to Portland with freight tor the
E. J. Dodge Company.
The schooner Alvena arrived off the
mouth of the Columbia yesterday from
San Pedro and was taken in tow by
the tug Wallula and headed for Grays
Harbor, where she had been ordered to
load lumber.
The Lewis River Transportation
Company has disposed of Its Interests
in the east fork of the Lewis itiver to
U. S. Brothers, Peter Moo and E. C.
Brothers. The sale included five acres
of land, the launch Spellel and a barge,
the new owners operating the launch
La Center from the foot of Washington
street to La Center and the east lorn
of the Lewis River.
British Bark Metropolis Is Taken by
Portland Flouring Mills to
Load la This City.
SAN FRANCISCO, July . (Special.)
-Graiiv freight rates have taken an
other sharp advance, the figure now be
ing firm at 40 shillings for sailers load
ing at Portland or Puget Sound for the
United Kingdom.
The British bark Metropolis has been
taken by the Portland Flouring Mills
to load at Portland at 40 shillings. The
British ship Ravenhlll tiaa been taken
at the same rate to load at Portland,
or Puget Sound.
The British ship wiscomoe para nas
been taken at the same rate by the
Portland Flouring Mills to load on the
Sound, and the Danish steamer Kina of
the East Asiatic Line has been taken
by Balfour, Guthrie & Co. at 42 shillings
to load wheat or barley at Portland or
Puget Sound.
The Ravenhlll will oome up the coast
In ballast from Callao and the Metropo
lis will make the trip around the Horn
from Buenos Ayres in ballast.
The Wiscombe Park is en route to
Victoria from London with general
cargo, consigned to R. P. Winch & Co.
She left the Falkland Islands May 10.
With the rate on grain now up to 40
shillings for sail and 42 for steam, it
Is very likely that ships win oe com
ing this way In ballast In larger num
bers seeking cnariers.
It Is not HkelT that the advance will
go much beyond the present point, as
steamers can be rushed over here from
the Orient to take advantage of the
profitable rate.
The British bark Battle Abbey sailed
for Portland today to load lumber for
Newcastle. Australia, under charter to
J. J. Moore A Co.
The steamers J. B. Stetson, Rosecrans
and Temple E. Dorr also sailed for Port
land and the Carlos and Geo. w. Jbaaer
arrived from Portland.
The British steamer Manning nas
been chartered by Davies 4k Fehon to
load lumber at Eureka and Portland or
Puget Sound or Grays Harbor for Syd
ney. She first will bring coal to Hono
lulu from Newcastle ana proceea tnence
In ballast to Eureka.
Schooner Alvena Towed North. v
leTfinil nr.. Julv 8. (SoeciaLl
The schooner Alvena arrived off the
w.Atti if th rlvar todav and was
picked up by the tug Wallula, which
towed her to uraya nroor. uipuin
Hellquist, of the schooner E. K. Wood,
which arrived last evening from Hon
tiii I. confined to his cabin with an
acute' attack of rheumatism.
Movements of Vessels.
ASTORIA. July 8. Arrived at 4:30 and
up at i:ou a.onwiw uui.i
n , . ca.. D. m A rrlmA at
. . at. . W TT f3 Kattl.
o ana ion. up . u . - - . ' "
hip Oregon, from Tecoroa. Left up at 0
Steamer Elmore, from Tillamook. Arrived
at 2:30 P. M Schooner KoDert K. tiina.
from San fearo. arrived q
in jrrancisco ana
EM Francisco. July a Sailed at 1 A It.
British bark Battle Abbey, for Columbia
. . .a a a VI C? t Am m flan
Klver. Arnvea n o
Elder. irom roriiaiiu. .
. . i. . .. tl n, PnrtlAnil.
Arrived at noon Steamer Carlos, from
Portland. Sailed at nooa Steamer Ne
braskan, for Portland.
rv.n. rv .luiv a Arrived Steamer Al
liance, from Portland.
Ban pearo. juiy d. Amwn ewmiri
Isy Freeman and Tamaipals. irom rorc-
Schooner Prosper, for Honolulu. Arrived
at 6 P. M. Schooner E. . K. Wood, from
Honolulu. Arrived and lTt up during the
night Steamer Klamath, from San Fran.
'a Francisco, July 8. Arrived Steamers
laaua. from Wlllapa; Geo. W. Elder, via
Portland: Centralis, from Grays Harbor;
Carlos, from Astoria. Sailed Steamers
Tiverton. Seattle: Nippon Maru. Hong
kong: Templa E. Dorr and tug Daring,
towing barge Washtenaw. Grays Harbor;
Rospcraas. . Astoria; Nebraskien. Portland;
F S. Coop. Puget Sound: schooner Mahu.
kona. Port Ludlow; bark Battle Abbey,
Newcastle. Australia, via Astoria; steamer
President, Seattle. . . t
Seattle, July Arrived Steamers Inaba
Maru, from Yokohama; Nome City, from
San Fraacisce; Atlas, from Tacoma. Sailed
Steamers Salalia. for Hamburg., via Saa
' .
Overture . .
Invocation '.
Vocal Solo.
Address of Welcome, behalf Reunion committee . . .
, ' - 8CKDAY. JtTL.r,.
Reception committee meets all arrival ds at train. ' .
"Welcome Squad" of 80 uniformed Elks and band escorts visitors to hotels.
Registration booths will be open.
Bands will play in parks.
Professional baseball games and other sports m various parts of the city. .
Portland-s noted rose gardens will be In bloom. Trolley cars will convey visitors through these floral wonderlands. -The
Oaka, Council Crest and all other amusement, parks will be open, on Sunday.
Portland has numerous churches of all denominations. They will extend cordial welcomes to visiting Elks and their
'"Au'electrlcal decorations prepared for the reunion will be presented In their full glory for the first time on Sunday
night The magnificent "Court of Honor," which will form one of the principal attractions of the convention, will b
complete In all its splendor and will be the rendezvous for all local and visiting Elks and their families.
i The Elks temple will be open throughout the day and evening. Portland lodge will have '.'open house" to all visiting,
members. ' Every brother Is Invited to join with them and partake of the citys hospitality.
Headquarters for visiting women will be maintained on the fourth floor of the Elks' temple.
The theaters have prepared special programmes for this evening and for the remainder of Elk week. .
Naval vessels, which can be reached by launoh from the foot of Stark, Morrison end Salmon streets, are open to an
visitors from 1 to 6 P. M. dally.
1:80 to 5 P. X. Reoeption on battleship Oregon.
2 P. M. Chariot races at Country Club. ,
. J:30 P. X. Motorcycle races, Portland Motorcycle Club, at Country Club.
8:80 P. M. Baseball, Portland vs. Vancouver, Northwestern Leaguers, at Recreation Park. . -
- ' MONDAY. JOT.Y 8. ,M
This day will be devoted to the reoeption of visiting delegates and ths numerous special train parties. More than 180
special train are scheduled to arrive In Portland on this day. Every train will be met by the uniformed reception squad
and Administration Band of 85 pieces.
.8:30 to 11:30 A. M. Reception on battleship Oregon. . '
10:80 A. U. Sight-seeing trolley trips through business and residence sections of the city. t
12 o'clock noon Concert in court of honor.
1:80 to 5 P. M. Reception on battleship Oregon.. - '
2:30 P. M. Roman chariot races at Country Club. . - '
3 P. M. Reception to visiting ladles, fourth floor Elks temple. .
Naval vessels, which can be reached by launch from the foot of Stark, Morrison and Salmon streets, are open to an
visitors from 1 to 5 P. M. dally.
8 P. M. Formal opening of Grand Lodge at Armory.
Opening exercises Charles C. Bradley. Exalted Ruler Portland Lodge, (No. 142, presiding.
...... -
.Grand Chaplain Rev. John Dysart.
.................Miss Maud Dammasch.-
Brother Ralph X. Moody.
sin --, .. Tr. hai1aia" fbv Rrrlcs) . . . . . w, . . utoiMr uom v.
Address of Welcome, behalf City of Portland... ...,..w...r-...... ......Brother A. O. Rushlight, Mayor.
Orcnestra. -
Overture ......' '.'. ... . .....
Address of Welcome, behalf B. P.O. Elk Brother OusC. Mor.
Vocal Solo. "Tenlght. ;M-
Address Of Welcome, behalf State of Oregon ,.. Brot1"' a Soli. Cohen.
Vocal Selection " " J1
Reaponae. on behalf of the Grand Lodge G Jonn P- Sn"W"-
rtna... "Auld Lang Syne"...,. ' Evarybody. with Orchestra.
g p. M. Spectacular performance of "The Bridge of the Oods." at Multnoman rieia.
A. M. Concerts by visiting bands at Grand Lodge headquarters and at all principal hotels.
9:80 to 11:30 A. M. Reception on battleship Oregon.
10 A. M. end hourly thereafter until 3 P. M. Automobiles win be stationed at Multnomah. Oregon. Portland and Im
perial Hotels for exclusive us of visiting ladles in sight-seeing trips to various points of Interest In and about the city.
10 A. M. Opening of business sessions of Grand Lodge at Armory.
.11 A. M. Opening of swt pea show.-seeond floor County Court Hons, ausploes Oregon Bweet Pa Society.
1:80 to 8 P. M. Reception on battleship Oregon.
P. M. Auto races. Country Club. Tetslaff and other famous drivers will compete. '
- 2 P. M. Motor boat regatta on Willamette River at St. Johns. The fastest speed boats on the Pacific Coast are entered.
Special car and steamer service will be maintained between city and race course. A beautiful automobile drive along the
banks of the Willamette. . '
2 P. M. Automobile drive and dedication by Grand Lodge officers of Terwllllger boulevard, the most magnificent
scenic highway in America. .
8 P. M. Baseball, Portland vs. San Francisco, Pacific Coast League, at Recreation Park, Twenty-fourth and Vaughn
street. Ladle free.
8:80 P. M. Elks grand electrical parade of IT floats, one of the spectacular features of week's events, prepared espe
cially for visitors to Grand Lodge Reunion.
11 P. M. Beefsteak dinner to visiting and local members of the press by Elks' publicity committee, for active news
paper men. Grand Lodge officers and commissioner exclusively.
Naval vessels, which can be reaohed by launch from the foot of Stark, Morrison and 6aImon streets, are open to- all
visitors from 1 to 6 P. M. dally. - '
' : 80 A. M. Massed bands parade through Court of Honor. .
9:80 to 11:80 A. M. Reception en battleship Oregon. . . -
10 A. M. Grand lodge session at Armory.
10 A. M. Sweet pea how. Courthouse.
1 P. M. until 12. midnight Free salmon barbecue, band concerts, vaudeville entertainment and continuous amusement at
the Oaks, the Pacific Coast's most popular resort.
Special trolley trains and special ateamers. motoiOoata and launches will take visitors from the city to the park, three
miles south, on ths Willamette River. '
Admission to the park and to every concession within the park will be free to all Elk and their families wearing the
official badge. .. . . , . , .
A vaudeville bill ha been prepared especially for the Elks and continuous performances will be given. Admission will
be free throughout the day and night '
A score of bands will be at the park throughout ihe day and will dispense muslo almost every minute.
1 P. M. Opening of Industrial Exposition In Publle Docks building, 8t Johns. Admission free.
1:80 to 5 P. M. Reception on battleship Oregon.
j p jl Auto races. Country Club. Speed marvels of the world will contest.
8 P. M- Baseball. Portland vs. Saa Francisco, at Recreation Park. Through the courtesy of the managers ef the
Portland and 8an Francisco baseball elubs all ladle will be admitted free. '
8PM Barbecue will be served. Special and extensive preparations have been made to accommodate and satisfy
every gneat Three tons of salmon, 100 bushels pf clams, 100 doxen crabs and a proportionate amount of other choice
edible are required. "
s p.M. Spectacular performance of "The Bridge of the God" at Multnomah Field.
9 p It. Grand electrical and pyrotochnleal display at the Oaks.
Naval esls, which can be reached by launch from the foot of Stark. Morrison and Salmon streets, are open to all
'visitors from 1 to 5 P. M. dally. t
9-80 to 11:30 A. M. Reception on battleship Oregon. ' '....-
10 A. M. The annual Grand Lodge parade will start promptly with military preolslon, forming on Fourteenth street
south of Columbia.
10 A. M. Sweet pea show. Courthouse.
1:30 to B P. M. Reception on battleship Oregon.
2:30 P, M. Grand Lodge eaion at Armory. .
a p m Competitive Drill contest on Multnomah Field, free to public
4 P. M. Baseball, Portland va San Francisco, at Recreation Park. Through the courtesy of the managers of the
Portland and San Francisco Baseball Clubs all ladles will be admitted free.
4-SO P M.-Free entertainment at Council Crest a modern amusement park within, but 1200 feet above the city. Sp.clal
car .ervlee will be provided. Five mountain, are visible from this elevation and visitors are urged to ascend the crest be
fore twilight so that they may enjoy this glorious sight with the setting of the sun. Every eoncenlon will be open for
free enjoyment of Elk and their families. Firework, display will be given at night ' . .L
P v-Plnra band contest at Multnomah Field, open to public This will be one of the feature events of the week.
Brilliant Illumination, will light the field. The eont-tlng bands will be selected from the participants. In ths first pre
Umlnary and therefore wlU include only the best musical organisations at the Reunion. The field will accommodate 20.- ,
000 persona Admission will be free.
a p m Basketball at Mutlnomah Club Billings "Triple B" Elks va Multnomah Athletlo Club.
Naval vessels, which can be reached by launch from the foot of Stark. Morrison and Salmon streets, are open to all vis
itor, from 1 to 8 P. M. Dally. .
A. M. Concert by Administration band In Court of Honor.
o-ao to il&o A. M Reception on battleship Oregon
10 A. M.-Soslng Grand Lodge session at Armory. Inauguration of newly-eleoted officers and farewell address of John
T' ll'AT-ForL'wardTnrot parade, drill eonterf. band and decoration prises by Harry C. MoAUIrter. cretary con-.,,-
oommllon. from official grandstand In front of Federal building on Morrison street
I P M.Fr con on The Willamette and Columbia Rivera, Sten will leave the dock, promptly on the hour.
All visiting Elks who wish to avail themselves of this trip are requested to apply at the R.g!tratkna for
tickets after S A. M.. Friday, July It .
1:80 to 8 P. M. Reception on battleship Oregon.
, p m Bsseball Portland va Ban FrmnoJsoo. at Recreation park. Through the courtesy of the managers of the Port
land and San Franolsoo baseball clubs all ladies will be admitted free.
8:80 P. M Grand ball at Multnomah Hotel.
NaesST wWeh'w'be reached by launch from the foot of Btark. Morrison and Salmon streets, are open to all
visitors from 1 to P. M. dally.
a a if Band concert m Court ef Honor.
9 a! m! And at all hours throughout the remainder ef the day, excursion to numerous nearbr lake, mountain, ocean
9:80 to' 11;80 A. M. Reception OS battleship Oregon.
"ertr!us1odges ef Oregon sad Washington have prwpared elaborately for the entertainment ef visiting Elks. Nu-
entenrtLn,rnalI town, and clUas, even those la which no lodge is located, have asked for the rare honor of
heST to visiting lodgemen. Entertainment typical of the community in which It Is given ha. been prepared.
1:80 to 8 .P. M. Reoeption on battleship Oregon.
8 P. X 'Harness and running races by Gentlemen's Driving Club at Country Club grounds. .
8 r. MBasaball, Portland m San Francisco, at Recreation Park. Througt the eourte of the managers of the
Portland and San Franolsoo Baseball Clubs aU ladles will be admitted free.
Portland ana w masaued earnival and "battle of ribbon." marking finale of Elk week.
Naval vii which n be reached by launch from the toot of Stark. Morrison and Salmon streets, ara open to all
visitors from 1 to P. M. dally.
' t P. M. -Horse races. Riverside Driving Club, at Country Club.
3:80 P. MBasebaU, Portland va Saa Francisco, Coast Leaguers, at Recreation, Park.
Francisco; Catania, for Port San Luis; Col
E. L. Drake, for Tacoma; Admiral Samp.
io. for Southwestern Alaska; Umatilla, for
Taeomai AUaa and barge 83. tor Ban Fran-
Cisco. . ' ' . ' .
Tides at Astoria Sunday,
vrirh water. I Low Watsr.
6-47 AM.W83 feet 11:42 A. M.. .. .3.0 feet
8:17 P. M....8.0 feet
Condition at Month of Klver. -Weather
cloudy. Wind northwest 12 mile,
8aa smooth. -
Roseburg Brewery and Employes In.
dieted tn Dry Territory.
ROSEBTJRQ, Or, July . -(Special.)
As the result of the fAnalysia of Pro
fessor Shinn, of the University of Ore
gon, which showed that the beer sold
by the Roseburg Brewing & Jce Com
pany contains mora than 8 per cent
alcohol, three, ohargea wera preferred
against the brewing company and Its
agents late today. One charge la
against the Boseburg Brawlng & Ice
Company, and the others are against
Oscar KUnke, the alleged manager, and
Joseph Heidenreich, driver of the de
livery wagon. In each Instance the
defendants ara accused of violating the
local option laws.
When arraigned tonight Kllnke and
Heidenreich entered pleas of not guilty
and furnished ball In the sum of 300.
The Boseburg Brewing & Ice Company
waa represented in court by Elbert
Hermann, attorney, who entered a plea
of not guilty. The Brewing company
furnished ball In the sum of 8600.
Because the brewery has operated
continuously since the town went "dry"
and 1 the only brewery in the state
at present operating In restricted ter
ritory, today's charges have caused a
aensatlon. The stockholders are all
prominent business men of Roseburg.
American Flags Are Stolen.
VANCOUVER, Wash., July 6- (Spe
cial.) Miscreants have been stealing a
number of United States flags used by
the city In deooratlng the streets for
Fourth of July parade. The flags were
left up a day or so longer, but It was
noticed that they had begun to dis
appear. The thieves have not been ap
prehended. Ad Club Picnics at Estacada Today,
Members of the Portland Ad Club
will hold their first annual picnlo to
day at Estacada Park. Special trains
will leave First and Alder streets for
the picnlo grounds at 9:80 this morn
ing and i at East Water street and
Hawthorne avenue at 9:45 o'clock. A
feature of the outing will be a baseball
game between teams of the Ad Club
and tbe town of Estacada. At the
conclusion of the game there will be
a series of races for girls, boys . and
adults, for which prises will be award
ed. For those who do not wish to
carry a picnic lunch dinner may be
had at the hotel.
PORTLAND, July a Maximum tempera
ture. OS degrees; minimum, 68 degrees.
River reading. 8 A M., 14.8 feet Change
In last 24 hours. 06 foot Total rainfall
5 P M. to 6 P. M.), none Total rain,
fall since September 1, 1911. 84.90 Inches;
normal rainfall alnce September L 44.11
Inchea; deficiency. 9.21 inches Total sun
shine, none. Possible sunshine. 15 hour
Visitors Iraggage Reaches Rooms
Within Half an Hour of Their
Arrival in the City. -v.
When the registration offices olosed
last night at o'clock, which was an
hour before the scheduled time, not less
than 8750 Elks had been registered, and
that without a single special to swell
tbe aggregation. Tbe numbers were
almost exactly equal to those of all the
Elks who had arrived previously.
"We expect not less than 10,000 'to
morrow," said David M. Dunne, "and
we have all preparations ready. Though
I say It myself, we have been receiv
ing congratulations all day on the ef
ficient manner In which the baggage
has been handled.'
"Checks and shipping tags were sent
out East beforehand, with the result
that within half an hour of arrival In
the city guests had. their luggage In
their rooms."
Yesterday the registration clerks
were Increased in number from 28 to
85, and seven additional will be added
today. Women were kept busy eUl the
time Indexing on the roll the names of
all who registered, while the baggage
was handled with unusual speed, thanks
to the organization work done before
hand. '
Practically ail the telegrams sent
yesterday were to announce the sate
arrival of one or other of the parties.
While a large number went out, hardly
any were received. From today onwaras,
however, arrangement, have been made
by which all telegrams received by the
Western Union will be sent airect to
registration headquarters. There the
proper address and location of every
one wllj be learned rapidly, so that
visiting Elks will get them promptly.
The sale of the tickets for the grand
stand, was far in excess of that of the
preceding day, which had amounted to
36 minutes. Barometer (reduced to sea
level) at S P. M., 80.17 Inches.
There ha been a decrease of atmospheric
pressure over practically the entire United
States High pressure still obtains over
Western Oregon and Western Washington,
and over tbe Appalachian Highland. The
pressure 1. moderately low over the Basin,
Northern Rocky Mountain and Northern
Plain state and Interior Canada. Within
the laat 12 hours light rain have fallen
In Northeastern Washington, Northern
Idaho, Wyoming, Saskatchewan, the Gulf
States, Tennessee and Kentucky. The rain
fall at Memphis within the last 84 hour,
was 3.18 Inchea Thunder storms were re
ported from Idaho. Wyoming, Louisiana,
Missouri and Kentucky. The weather Is
warmer in Central and Northeastern Wash
ington, the Plateau and Plain. .tatea,
Northern Minnesota, Manitoba, Southern
Louisiana and Eastern Tennessee, and it I
cooler In most other section, especially the
Central Mississippi Valley. Central Texas,
Western Louisiana. Northeastern Florida
and the Central Lake region.
The conditions are favorable for shower
Sunday In Northern Washington and North
ern Idaho, and for generally fair weather
In Oregon. Southern Washington and
Southern Idaho. No marked temperature
change are Indicated and generally west
erly wind will obtain.
State of
Baker ...
Chicago .
Dea Molne . .
Helena .
Jacksonville ...
Kansas City .
Klamath Fall ,
Laurier .......
Lo. Angeles ...
Marshfleld ....
Montreal ......
New Orleans .
New Tork ....
VArth Head
North Yakima ,
Pendleton .....
Phoenix ....
Pocatello .....
Portland ......
Ttnaehtirar ......
Racramento .
St. Loula
St. Paul ......
Salt Lake
Run Francisco
Tatoosh Island
Walla Walla .,
Washington ...
Weiser ........
Wenatchee . . . .
Winnipeg .....
66I0.OOI12INW Clear
720.00 6NW Pt. cloudy
B0i0.0012SW Clear
840.00 6SB Pt. cloudy
710.00 14S Clear
84I0.00J10IB Clear
880.00 4 SW Clear
80. 0o 4 SW Pt. cloudy
50. 0014 NW Clear r
88i0. 00112 S Cloudy
68l0.0012 SW Cloudy
, 84I0.2818 SW Rain
8610.00 8W Clear
7110.00 4 NW Pt. cloudy
740.01 4 SE Cloudy
780.00 8SW Clear
80;o.OO 8NWClear
7810.00 4XW Clear
92(0.00 141 SW Pt. cloudy
86 0.14 4iE Cloudy
82 0.00 18 1 8 Clear
56 0.00 12 NW Cloudy
78 0.00 4B Pt. cloudy
78 0.00 4SW Clear
104 0.00 4INW Clear
7810.001 0:S Cloudy
6310.001 8 W Cloudy
7010.00 6 N Clear
86 0.00 8 S Clear
88i0.00 4 SE Cloudy
04 0.00 22 E Clear
860.00 6 3 Cloudy
600.00 22 W Clear
7010.06 4'SW Cloudy
620.00 8W Cloudy
5410.00 6(SW Rain
76l0.00 88W Clear
8010.00 4 a Clear
8510.00 4 E Cloudy
7810.00 4 N Clear
80l0. 00 8S Clear
Portland and vicinity Probably fair.
Westerly winds. -inrta
""-""i,. n'rth. generally fair
VV UOIDR mil u " w - j
south portion. Southwesterly winds.
Idaho Showers north, probably fair
south portion.
Dally er Sunday.
Per Line.
.i 1H
VM WW ........
mA hm consecutive times ...xs
Same ad three consecutive time. . . . 800
Same ad six or seven consecutive times. .oo
The Bbove rat, appir
j.. hvm TndsT" and all other classifies.
tions except the following:
Situations wanieu. mmm.
Situations Wanted, Female.
For Bent, Boom., Private Funllle.
Room and Board, Private Famlliea.
Housekeeping Room. Private Families,
i uivMrtJummt ! not run In aosv
aeeutlve Issues the oae-tlme rate applies.
Six words count as one use on cash ad
earUsementa and no ad counted torn lew than
two line. ' . .
rjtegpniiMi wm www... v
menu over the telephone, providing the ad
vertise' IS a IDOKTloer to wmw yuwun a.w
-rices wtu be quoted over the phone, but
. ... ... . - i ,k. f.llnvlnv ill.
DUi Will D i c,.u.:. .
Whether subsequent advertisements will be
accepted over tne pnone ucikuiiu wk
promptness ef the payment of telephone ad
vertisements. OHUl"-" " -
onal advertisement, will not be accepted
. . . t 1 . Itnl.n fnw mi. lust.
tlon only will be accepted for "House for
Stent." "Furniture iot sate,'' vv
pSualtleVJ "Booxnlng-ldoiisa." and "WaM-
On charge or book advertisements the
charge wui Be ossm "
of unes appearing In the paper, regardless
. . , in mu?h line.
oi we uuu,u. ----a.Z.T, - ...
in new i.u.i 7 . rr
,duuwad hv measure onlj. 14 lines to the
Inch. . x - .
Remittances muss accompany u--."wn
P. Meets every Monday night at the S. W.
corner First and Alder, third floor.
H. F. HIMER. K. of R. S.
JOHNSON In this city, at his late resl
. dence. Sixth and Alder street. William
Carer Johnson, aged 78 years 8 month
and 27 days. Remain, at the establish
ment of J. P. Finlay A Son. Funeral no
tice will appear in a subsequent Issue.
ROBNETT In this city, July (, Myrtle Rob
nelt, aged 16 years, beloved daughter ot
E. Z. and Annetta Robnett. Remalra are
at the parlor, of the Skewe. Undertaking
Co. Funeral notice later.
KEARN9 In this city, July 8. William T.
K earns, aged 51 years. Remains at
Holman's Funeral Parlors. Announce
ment of funeral later.
BECKMAN In this city, July 4. at tbe
family residence, 1444 Madrona avenue.
Henry Edmund Beckman, ased 21 years
8 month. 5 days Funeral service, will
be held today (Sunday), July 7, at
3 P. M., from Pearson Funeral Parlors,
369-871 Russell. Deceased wa. a mem
ber of the Typographical Union, local No.
58; Company C, O. N. Q., members of
which, together with friend and acquain
tances, are respectfully Invited to attend.
Interment Columbia Park Cemetery.
B. P. O. ELKS. NO. 143 Member request
ed to meet in the lodgeroom tomorrow (Sun
day). July 7. 9:30 o'clock A. M.. for the pur
POM of conducting the funeral services of
our late brother, John Ruedy, after which
the remains will be conveyed to the Rom
City Cemetery. VUUting brother Invited to
attend. By order of the E. R.
RUEDY The funeral service of the lat
John Ruedy, who passed away In this
city, July 4. will take place at the Elks'
Temple, under the ausplcea of the B. P.
O. E. today (Sunday), at 10 o'clock A. M.
Interment at Rose City Cemetery. Friend
axe respectfully Invited to attend.
MORGAN The funeral of F. H. Morgan will
be held tomorrow (Sunday), July 7. at
1:80 o'clock, at the residence of hl daugh
ter, Mrs. A. Rollman, 205 Blendena street,
corner Height ave. Interment at Mt. Scott
Park Cemetery. Friend Invited.
HOLLAND In thi. city, at her lat resi
dence, 483 East 13d .treet North, Alms
R. Holland, aged 67 year. 8 month, and
8 daya Remain, at the establishment of
J. P. FInlay A Son. and will be removed
to Kelthsburg, HL. for Interment.
HEATH Funeral service, of the late Mat.
tie Heath will be held today (Sunday), al
3 p. M. from the cbapel of the Skewes
Undertaking Co., corner Third and Clay.
Friends kindly Invited. Interment Bos
City Cemetery.
WIDMAN In thi city, July 4. Que Wle
man. aged 62 years. Funeral services
will be held at Holman's funeral parlors
at 3 P. M. Sunday, July 7. Friend invited.
Interment Rlvervlew Cemetery.
MONUMENTS Otto Schumann Marble
Works. East 8d and Pine sts. East 743.
' MR. EDWARD HOLM AN, the leading fu
neral director and undertaker, 820 Third -,
cor. Salmon, lady aasUtant.
Dunning McKntee, Funeral Director,
7th and Pine, phone Main 480. Lady at
tendant. Office of County Jroner.
A. B. ZEIXJJR CO., 68H-4 Williams ave,
phone East 1088. 0 1088. Lady attendant.
j p. FLNLEY e bom, sa ana smw
lady attendant. Phone Main 8. A 15D9,
v. . am emir r.n.r.1 nimntAii. uimmum
to F. S. Dunning. Inc., E 53, B 3838.
LERCH. Undertaker cor. East Alder and
plxtn. fcas lot, m3 iooo.
SKEWES CVMl'HM, so ana iiay, mam
4153, A 332L Lady attendant.
J Beautiful Z
very Tuesday night la Castle
Hall, Eleventh and Alder etreet.
E. M, LANCE, K.' R. 8.
LADIES OF SECURITY will entertain th
campaign managers Monday eve., July 8, at
regular meeting. W hop to see every mem
ber present to rive them a cordial welcome.
Hall 800, AUsy bldg.
EUREKA COUNCIL, No. 304, Knights and
East side W. O. W. Hall. East
6th and Alder. iTieno. ana relatives oi
members invited after council matting to
spend social, hour. -
p. Meets every Monday night at the 8. W.
corner nrei B v..... ..
meeting for July 10 Is' postponed until July
of all burial plots without extra
charge. Provided with a perma
nent Irreducible Malntena nee
Fund. Location Ideal: Just out
side the city limits on north
and west slopes of Mount Scott.
containing- 835 aores, equipped
with every modern convenletnoa.
CEMETERY. tt It tl
BUILDING. MAIN 226. A 7086.
Phone Main 598, A 7588.
Horse Ambulance Phone Marshall O0
Refer All Csuses of Cruelty to This
Office. Open Day and Night.
Auction Sales
Ford Auction Co.
211 First Street
MONDAY, Tomorrotf, 2 P.M.
Furniture of all descriptions will be
on sale, and you cannot make any mis
take by attending- any of our sales 11
you are looking- for furniture of any
kind. It is useless for' nsr to Itemize
the assortment here, as you have to see
the goods to appreclata them.
We will sell again on
2 P. M. Each Day
and Yu will always find a grood aasort
men to select from,
E. G. FORD, Auctioneer.
We pay cash for furniture or will sell
your poods on commission. Phones
Slain 8951, A 2445.
Barger Will Auction
At Corner of Madison
and Stout Streets
At 10 A. M., JULY 8th
T J . . - . ... aAlt m , K,,hlt
Ji sni lunirucieu w y ( . T
n . .. . i . .mhrai'ln ir tn nart
goo quartered oak rockers, divan
coucn, extra nne j lQ"a,B
9xia rug-s, small rugs, fine lace cur
tains, portieres and fixtures, six-foot
dining- table, quartered oaa peaestai
and six chairs to match, steel couch
and mattress, oHuume. c.
brass enamel beds, springs, mattresses,
dishes cooking utensils, etc., etc. Take
. . . ... i'nun in a n alr ertn-
ductor for Madison an btout streets.
S. H. BARGER, Auctioneer.
3.. V tj lit, O l U laiQc., wiau viii.ii.
est second-hand stock In Portland, and
Will flOll at ail Wince Cfc iu " filti.on.
Auction on Tuesday at 36$ E. Morrison
street. A fine lot of Iron beds one
hundred sent for Immediate sale by R.
R, Co. Just slightly damaged and they
W1H g-o cheap. Come to this sale.
Nos. 44-46 First st-, Portland, between
1 . A V. ... K A .A. wrrmrr inn
riDS ana . bm,.. ...o. vv
foet deep: fine location. Inquire F. D.
Chamberlain, Labbe bldg.
v., nulek sals I will sacrifice mr 11800
equity in new 7 -room home for $760. Look
this up. Owner, AL 1ST. Oreionlan.
ftiorifs Bargain, house and Vt lot,
ilOUU E. mil, between Morrison
and Ankeny lines. Phone B 1376,