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Famous Sleuth Hints at "High
er Ups" in McNamara
Dynamite Plot.
. j , . . :
AH' Clothing
Keen Detective, Returning From
Jury Bribery Trial, Says Country
Would Be Shocked If He
Should Spare Xo One.
CHICAGO. July . (Special.) Reve
lations so sensational that the entlra
country would be shocked as It was In
the McXamara cases were predicted to
day by W. J. Burns, head of the Burns
National Detective Agency, in the case
of Clarence 8. Harrow, the Chicago at
torney on trial at Los Angeles on a
charge of Jury bribing, should he de
cide to make a complete confession of
all he knows, sparing no one.
Mr. Burns arrived in Chicago today
from California, fresh from the famous
"1 don"t think that it would be nec
essary to send any one to prison in
' case the full facts could be made known
through a confession," he said. "Then
the public would know Just what men
were connected with this outrage, how
they went about. their work and what
they did. I think that It would do mom
good In cleansing the ranks of labor
of crooks than the mere sending of
Darrow to prison. People would be
startled If they knew ths names ol
every one connected with the dastardlj
"Yes, he does. He Is smart enough to
"Yes, e does. He Is smart enough to
realize the strength of the case against
him." said Burns. "I would not be sur
prised if at any time he confessed and
threw himself on the mercy of the
court. He Is being encouraged by his
attorneys and friends. E. N. Nockles.
secretary of the Chicago Federation of
Labor, is his constant companion in the
Accused Camorrlst Does Not Inter
rupt Judge Summing Tp.
VITERBO, Italy, July The pre
siding Judge in the Camorra trial to
day continued his summing up of the
testimony given during the two years'
trial, as to the culpability of the ac
cused for the murder of Gennaro Cuoc
colo and Maria Cuoccolo in June 190.
He did not omit any of the details
in explaining the case to the Jury, and
referred at some length to the flight
of "Erricone" (Enrico Alfano) to Amer
ica. Errlcone bit his lips until they were
bleeding, but nevertheless, although
evidently suffering from the most in
tense excitement, kept his promise not
to Interrupt the Judge.
Woman or Many Marital scapades
v In Straits In Paris.
NEW YORK, July . (Special. Mrs.
Roberta Menges-Corwln-Hlll. "former
"belle of Sheepshead Bay." whose nu
merous marital escapades recently cul
minated in her elopement with Conway
Tearle. actor. Is said to be at the point
of d'eatb in a Paris hotel today.
In response to a cable message re
ceived within the past 48 hours, Mrs.
Robert Menges, mother of the young
woman, sailed for Paris today.
A cable from Paris reported that both
both Mrs. Corwin-Hlll and her actor
companion had been in dire straits for
several weeks and that they were on
the verge of being ordered from their
Train Tears Vp Track, but No One
Is Seriously Hurt.
JACKSON. Miss.. July S. Steel
coaches probably saved the lives of
more than a score of passengers when
Illinois Central passenger train No. 3.
southbound, was wrecked late today
two miles south of Jackson. ' Several
passengers were badly shaken up and
bruised, but only five required more
than passing medical attention. These
were brought to Jackson and placed In
a hospital, where it was said their in
juries were not serious.
The wreck was due to soft roadbed
caused by heavy rains. The plunging
coaches stripped the rails loose for 100
yards. One rail pierced a well filled
coach, passing through both floor and
Ohioan Introduces Bill to Prevent
Use in Advertising. -
WASHINGTON. July S. A bill to
penalize the desecration of the flag and
coat-of-arms of the United States and
to prevent their use for advertising,
patent or copyright, was introduced to
day by Representative Cox, of Ohio.
Democratic nominee for Governor.
The bill would make the Grand Army
of the Republic the only organization
allowed to use the flag as an emblem.
Kelso Man Succumbs Here.
Arden Westfall, a 16-year-old em
ploye of a lumber company at Mills
City, whose parents reside in Kelso,
Wash., died July 4 as the result of an
operation on his leg which had been
crushed June 26. The young man. In
company with John Dlnsmoore. of Mills
City, and another employe were riding
on a car for hauling tools, when it
broke loose and ran down the hill.
crashing into a log. Ono of the boys
managed to Jump out, Dlnsmoore's foot
was crushed and westiaus leg was
badly injured. An operation became
necessary ana aeatn resulted.
Grand Jury Dismisses Constable.
ASTORIA. Or- July s. (SpecIaU
The Circuit Court grand jury returned
a not true bill tonight In the case
against Constable John Sayler. who had
. been held on an information charging
him with manslaughter for shooting
Ray McC. Jones, an enlisted man sta
tioned at r ort Stevens.
Wax ho-wlndow flsarea are bring
shown In China for thhe first time, end
they invariably arous taa inerest of the
r.. :-.r --nrn
California Roos'evelt Men
Take Precautions.
Colonel's Supporter Propose Com'
pact Among Iiegislattve Candi
dates Petition to Be Cir
culated, as Well.
SACRAMENTO, July . Alexander
McCabe, private secretary to Governor
Johnson, today gave out a statement of
the plans of the California Progressive
Republicans, following the conference
of political leaders from various parts
of the state and the Governor yester
day. The statement indicates that the pro
gressives, as represented by the state
administration, will make every effort
to swing California's electoral vote for
Petition Method Doafetfnl.
"Our Presidential Electors, under the
law, are selected by the candidates for
the Legislature chosen at direct pri
maries, ' the statement continues.
"There is a wide Vjlvergence of opinion
as to whether candidates for Presiden
tial Electors can by petition be put
upon the ticket by a party designation.
or if thus put on the ticket can be
voted for in a single group, and there
are many who Insist that the only party
designations tnat can be used are re
publican. Democratic and Socialist.
It has heretofore been determined
that those candidates for the Legisla
ture in the Republican party who are
progressive shall agree. If they are
successful, to nominate candidates for
presidential Electors who will vote for
Roosevelt for President.
Double Precaution Take.
"In addition to making the fight for
candidates for the Legislature in order
that electors favorable to Roosevelt
shall be nominated, petitions will be
circulated for the purpose, if it can
legally be done, of putting Roosevelt
electors upon the ballot in any event.
"It was also determined that repre
sentatives to the conference at Chicago
to be held next month should be elect
ed by the delegates and alternates who
attended the Chicago convention and
that a full quota from California should
be sent there."
California Representative Will Seek
Re-election Under New Standard.
WASHINGTON. July . Representa
tive William Kent of California today
sent an address to his constituents,
giving notice that he would run for re
election simply as a progressive. Kent
was elected as a Republican.
Some time ago he said he would not
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-2 .y - -
1 - c;"Lw-t'.sr-..J,-R,Uis.
v - - - - .- , y ;
n -
be a candidate for re-election, but hU
. i i j . V. n . TT m
announcement, wiuiuhwb
win run hv TMtitlon without seeking a
primary nomination. -
Insurgent Republican Leaders Con
fer at Seattle.
SEATTLE. Wash.. July . (Special.)
Insurgent Republican leaders of Se
attle after a conference with Tomas
Murphine today decided not to nomi
nate a state or county ticket. urphine,
who came home from Chicago two
days ago Imbued with the complete
ticket Idea, gave way before the de
mand of local leaders that the Roose
velt light be limited to a contest for
electors. :
Within a few days a conierence 01
state insurgent leaders will be called
and nrovlslon will be made for calling
a state convention.
There will be a possibility, until tne
convention adjourns. that somebody
will demand that a full ticket be
named and will be able to stampede
.. .nnnntlon In that direction. Local
insurgent leaders believer, heevr,
that they are strong enougn to omo
off this movement.
There is one move that can easily
, - v.Qnl.nn tYie third ticket
UD iil Cfcva v. ... . r
advocates, and It probabyl will be
made. Under the law electors can oe
nominated at any time or any place,
but state and county tickets can be
nominated only on primary day. If a
convention were summoned to nam
electors before September 10, the date
of the state primaries, it would be
powerless-to nominate a state ticket
and probably could be discouraged from
calling a second meeting for that pur
Bruce Dennis Says Need t Third
Party Does Not Exist.
LA GRANDE. Or.. July . (Special.)
'There is no occasion for a third
party In Oregon, with the exception of
Roosevelt electors," was the statement
made by Bruce Dennis, chairman of the
Republican state central committee, to
day, to the i numerous Inquiries that
came from over the state.
"Oregon has spoken. She Is a tro
gresslve state. Progressive candidates
are named for almost every office In
the districts, state and eountles. Sim
ply because a conscienceless National
committee packed a convention is no
cause for Republicans m Oregon to de
sert the party. Especially is this true
where the great backbone of Repub
licanism in the Nation refuses to in
dorse the National committee's action.
The Republican states which do the
electing of Republican National candi
dates refuse to be bound by the late
National convention.
"1 shall call the state committee to
gether soon. It was organised along
progressive lines, as all will remember.
If a majority of that committee does
not agree with me, it means that I
shall step aside." ,
West. Virginia Governor Signs. ,
CHARLESTOWN. ' W. "Vs., July .
Ex-Governor Dawson announced today
that he had signed the call for the
National convention of the Progressive
party, t6 be held in Chicago August
10. Dawson was chairman of the Roose
velt state committee In the primary
campaign in west Virginia.
L ttii -iil
''ie"''""ri - r"""iTfTTT.Bw.),
Other Subjects Will Be Included In
Speech of Acceptance Contri
. buttons Are Received. '
BTrifirov v t Tul v s. Governor
Wilson expressed his opinion today that
the high cost of living is the burning
issue of the hour and tnat-"at us nesri
11.. nvAtA.!.,. tariff " Tt 1
issue, he said, that he expects to cover
iuuy in nis speecn 01 nccepum nu
In every campaign speech that he may
"Undoubtedly the tariff is at the cen
ter of it." he said, referring to the high
x - . .1 j kho. 1. Intar.
cost gi ii i lift - a uc ' a --
laced In public questions of all kinds
. . . . . i i i- i..H,Kla Ti
II.. a . th. hftflft of ft a.11. A
great many of the trust questions of
the time nave arisen out 01 me lhh.
n . . n-at- Ant fm m the cen-
1111. 11 nil jwu -'
ter the high tariff you get into the
trust question ana ouiers.
. n. ..... nnir.m nr " Mr. WU
... . . lr Innl. "tn tftlr ftff TOUT
BUU Wfc lUU'.J . . ' r
coat and go to the mat with Colonel
Roosevelt on the question :
"That sounds decidedly strenuous.
"I Intend to cover ,the matter m my
speech of acceptance and my campaign
speeches Of course, there are other
questions which I shall deal with in
my speech of acceptance, but I cannot
indicate Just now what I shall say. I
want time to organize my thoughts.
"The most Interesting features of my
mall today," he continued, "are the con-
Acts directly and peculiarly on
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revitalizes it. and in this way
builds ud the whole system. Take
it. : Get it today.
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coatea taoiets caiieq ari.
osie erBinjyTsBWM
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n. M it . i4ts a Jnhn Bins'. SSI Ata ATA..
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sssssssssssssssTWW .
k. sPffjsssm sr m
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men who will aid In bringing to you
the electoral vote of Illinois, Indiana
and Iowa."
William BoIIcs Weds in California.
LOS jltNGELES." July 6. (Special.)
The marriage of William Bolles, of
Portland, Or., and Miss Ararah A. Her
rick, of Jersey Shores, Pa., occurred
Thursday evening at the Ivans apart
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Feeling Toward Bourne Regarded as
Responsible for Much of
Hostile Sentiment.
ington, July 6. The conference com
mittee on the rivers and harbors bill
. and 20 other items added to the bill in
the Senate. The meeting ot me com
mittee today resulted In no progress
and adjournment was taken until next
There is determined opposition on
the part of the House members to all
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the big Senate amendments and for
some reason their hostility seems to
center on the Increase in the Celllo
canal appropriation from 00.000 to
$800,000. This increase was specifically
In accord with the recommendation of
the Army engineers and It was shown
that a larger appropriation would tend
to economy, but the fact that Senator
Bourne Is backing the amendment
seems to have aroused specific opposi
tion. It is the Arm declaration of the
House members of the conference com
mittee that this and other objection
able Senate amendments must b
dropped or the bill will be killed. If
they maintain this attitude to the end.
Bourne will be obliged to withdraw his
amendment In order to get $600,000 for
Celilo and all the other Northwestern
appropriations carried by the bill. The
Senate is expected to back down even
tually at least on the majority of the
Items in dispute.
In lfllO the total population of New York
was and thhe total streetcar traffic
tc MSH.ns,4no.
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