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Portland's Best Corset ServicePrincipal and Sole Agents for the Warner, Redfem, Nemo, Mme. Irene, Successo, La Camille Lace-Front
Any Style Victor or Columbia Talking Machine on Club Plan of Easy Payments See 6th-St. Display Marbleized Emblems, Fruit, Etc.
Extra service in the 7th Floor Tea
Room this week. Breakfast, 8 to 10:30;
Luncheon, 11:30 to 2, with Orchestral
Music. Special Afternoon Teas.
Government ,Weather
We are rapidly transforming our De
" livery Service to motor cars. Many of
our horses are for sale. Enquire Ac
commodation Station, first floor.
Quiet surroundings and expert service
in our Manicuring, Hairdressing and
Beauty Parlors On the Balcony, New
V I I it - M .
Meier &. Frank's the Elks' Store
FROM across the continent from Maine to California, Jjulatii
to Galveston 60,000 members of the B. P. O. Elks, then
families -and friends, are making Portland their goal
-Tomorrow opens the 48th Grand Lodge Reunion of the B. P. O. E. .Meier & Frank's,
as Portland's foremost store, bids every visitor thrice welcome.
Make this your store your headquarters ! All the conveniences and courtesies at
our command are yours. A special rest room, on the fifth floor, for Elks, their fami
lies and friends, has been provided. - "
We want the Portland Elks to show visitors what a beautiful store we have. We . - " -
believe they will find here an institution as complete, with service as near perfect,' with salespeople as courteous, as any in America. Upon
application at Accommodation Station, first floor, we will be glad to furnish a guide to show you about the store. . '
Scattered through the various departments is a display of Elks' Souvenirs and Novelties which we are told is the most complete ever shown
in a Grand Lodge Reunion city. See the magnificent specimens of Elk heads, from famous Jackson Hole district, Wyoming. Priced $S5rto $250.
We will follow our usual custom in closing the store every eveningHhis week at 6 o 'clock, except Saturday night, when we remain open till 9 :30.
Elks' Leather Belts', SI
B. P. O. E. White Silk Handker-
25,000 Elks' Official Souvenir
Postcards to Be Given Away!
THE official Elks' Grand Lodge Reunion Postcard, in five colors t com
pliment of Meier & Frank's! We've 25,000 to distribute gratis this
week. Ask any floorman; they will also be found at the accommodation station, tea room, rest rooms.
Some of the Store's Conveniences '
Our Tea Room and Restaurant, 7th
Floor. . One of the prettiest and thor
oughly appointed of its kind in .the
country. A la carte menu, at break
fast and luncheon. Dainty afternoon
Tea and Service. Music at noon.
Special Elks' Restrom and Writ
ing Room, 5th Floor, Main Building.
Ladies' Reception and Restroom,
2d floor, New Bldg. '
Public .Telephone Booths, both Pa
cific (Bell) and Home basement, 2d
Fifth and 1st Floors
Natural Elks' Heads, from Jack
son Hole, Wyoming; priced $70,
$125, $150, $165, $175 and $250.
Souvenirs, carved, from elks'
horns, ash trays, match holders,
toothpick holders, gavels, cork
screws, napkin rings, etc. Priced
50 to $2 , 4
Elks' Horns, for hall racks, etc.,
from 310 to 320 a pair.
Elk Lanterns, 25c ; complete
with stand, 35
Elk Paper Garlands, 25c; Tas
sels, 10
Purple and White Pampas Plumes
at 25 -
Elk Pillows, at 32.50 up.
Elk Flags, 4x6 feet, 31; 3x5
feet, 75
Elk Streamers, 80, 31 and
31.25 -
Elk Printed Pennants, 25 and
Printed B. P. O. E. Pennants,
with head, 50 -
Sewed Elk Pennants, with print
ed head and clock, 31
Elk Portland Reunion Pennants,
with sewed head and clock, 75S
31 and 31.25 .
, Purple and White Elk Stream
ers, with elk head printed on mus
lin. 31.25. Others 80
Official Elks' Plaques, 50
Purple Satin Elks' Pillow Tops,
at only 35.50
Hen's Goods
Official B.- P. O. E. Silk Four-in-Hands,
with clock designs, at
25 and 50
' Elks' Combination Sets Wide
flowing end silk Four-iu-IIands
and Silk Handkerchief to match.
Elk design in corner, set, 31
Purple Socks to match, 25
chiefs, with half-inch purple bor
ders, 50
Elks' Suspenders Purple elas
, tic, with leather nds, 50 -
Elks' Official Hats .and Caps at
only 50
Men's White Plaited Shirts, for
wear with purple ties," 95
In Jewelry Dept. ;
Elks' Gold-filled Pencils 32.25
Elks' Cigar Lighters and Cutters,
silver, gold-plated and mother-of-pearl,
31.75, 32.25, 33.50
Elks Card Cases of silver and
gold-filled, 34 and 35 '
Elks Souvenir Spoons, at 98,
31.25 to 33.50
Other Elk Souvenirs Trays,
Paper Weights, Cigarette Cases,
Match : Safes, Powder Jars, Pin
Trays, Cups, Book Marks, Ink
Stands, Bottle Openers, Button
hooks, Jewel Cases, 25 to 32
Real Coin Jewelry
Elk Silver Fobs, $3.50, 34.50
Elk Ribbon Fobs $2, 32.25
and 32.75
Elks Cuff Links 32
Elks' Brooches At 31.50
32.25 and 34.50
New Elk Blankets, from Oregon
City and Pendleton mills. Finest
wool, sizes "62x80. For dens, libra
ries, etc., 310
E1K Ribbons
On the first floor, Elk Handker
chiefs, Ribbons, Canes.
"Hello Bill" BooK 50c
A little volume of jolly after
dinner stories and toasts. In the
Book Dept., 'basement, for 50
and 7th floors.
Free Checking Station for parcels
and luggage,-basement.
Lost and Found Station, basement.
Manicuring, Hairdressing and Beau
ty Parlors, balcony, New' Bldg.
E1K Pillows
Elk, Pillow Tops and ready-made
Pillows of linen, crash, velvet, bur
lap, etc., in Needleart Section,, third
flo6r. 50 to 31.50 - '
E1K Paper
A special Elks' Booth in the Sta
tionery Department, first floor. Pa
per Festoons, Party Favors and
decorations of all kinds.
EllC Souvenir Fans, 10c
Iu Fan Department, first floor.
Charming Summer Hats of Felt
IN distinct reliet trom tne ordi
nary Summer Hats are these
smart, new models of white and colored Feits.
Included in our interesting showing on the
second floor are the clever, jaunty creations
of such modistes as Burgesser, Hyland, Fisk
and others. .. "
Large and small shapes are equally popular,
though the soft rolling styles seem to pre
dominate. Stunning combinations of black and
white. Pale shades of pink and blue that lend
youth to milady's contour. Trimmed with
plain silk moire bands, with jaunty feathers of
white, with drapes of silk and chiffon.
Remarkably attractive models for the miss,
the young woman and the matron. See them
tomorrow priced at from 33 to 320
Clever Hats of white felt, finished with band of purple-7-just the Hats for
wear Elks' Week. Popular prices $1,225 to $3.Z5
All Summer Millinery,
Paris makers, regularly
including Hats of New York and U T)nir0
selling at $7.60 to $150, at just 'v"
20c to 35c Embroideries, 1 5c
f UST such pretty Embroideries in demand now for trim-
f Tmno- rmdermuslins and children's wear! Over 4DU0
yards of Edges and Insertions, 1 to 6 inches wide. Dainty
floral and eyelet designs, -with strong edge." Excellent
20c to 35c grades : at the special low price, . per yard
Swiss and Nainsook
Allover Embroideries
Beautiful designs for
waists and yokes, $2.25
to $3 grades, 31.69;
$1.50 to $2 grades at
45-inch Swiss Flounc-
ings Handsome Baby
Irish and floral designs
for lingerie gowns. The
regular $2 to $3 grades
at 31.39, and $1.50
to $2 grades at 9S.
White and Cream
Venise Bands Beauti
fully finished St. Gall
Laces, in such demand
for waists and gowns.
$4 to $.5.50, 33.69; $2
to $2.50, 31.69. ;
1 Lingerie Dresses Reduce
TKUJLii phenomenal such reductions on
every beautiful Lingerie Gown in" our en
tire stock,- when Elks' Reunion Week calls for white
dresses for so many occasions. ,
Exquisite models of filmy batistes and mulls, com
bined with dainty Val. lace and insertion ; also the
heavier laces and fine embroideries. Round, square or
high neck. . Many show the Tunic and over-flounce
styles. Choose early before assortments are broken.
rBiW!? X . ITiB.hi m
8 - . '
$40.00 Dresses for 330.00
$50.00 Dresses for $37.50
$65.00 Dresses for 348.75
$20.00 Dresses for 315.00
$25.00 Dresses for 318.75
$35.00 Dresses for 326.25
Hand-Embroidered Linen Dresses, Less
Elegant imported hand-embroidered White Linen Dresses,
both of the sheer and heavy grades some trimmed with real
Irish crochet lace. - '
$35.00 Dresses for 317.50 I $50.00 Dresses for $25.00
$40.00 Dresses for 320.00 . $75.00 Dresses for 337.50
A A . AAA Ml 1 T B SB
a $3U 10 $38 lauorea suits, $17.45
' By all means the best Tailored Suit offering of the season !
Smart models for Summer and early Fall wear plain tail-
ored or fancy coats with deep re vers, trimmed in satin, silk
or ratine. , Tunic tucked skirts. Fine Serges, Whipcords,
L a Homespuns and fancy Worsteds in navy, black, gray, brown
I checks, stripes and mixtures. Regular $30, d" 'j A St
i A $32.50 and $38 Suits, offered for this sale at P 1 etO
Coats for street, dress and auto wear this Summer styles
that'll be just as good. for early Fall. French, and heavy
storm Serges, Cheviots and Tweeds, in natty black-and-white
checks and gray mixtures. Wide range of styles, from plain
tailored to fancy dress Coat. Our $25.00 toC1Q QE
$35.00 garments, from regular stock, special at P 1 fOJJ
A Sale of Beautiful Negligee
F interest to every woman who de-
lights m attractive, becoming ature
for the boudoir is this sale of lovely Negligee.
And wonderful is the assortment of charming
styles. Included are handsome Japanese tea
gowns, tea sacques, boudoir robes, long kimonos
and Madame Butterfly gowns. Also exquisite,
hand-embroidered Mandarin Robes for theater
wear. -
Of beautiful, clinging crepe dc chines, soft
taffetas and Japanese silks. Words are inade
quate to express the beauty of the hand em
broidery, the dainty trimmings of laces, hand
made roses, etc. Every becoming shade short,
three-quarter and full-length styles. Note the
price reductions:
$10 Negligee at 37.85
$12 Negligee at $9.85
$15 Negligees, 312.75
$18 Negligee, 314.75
$22.50 Neglg.. 317.45
$1 Cheney Silk Foulards, 79c
FOULARDS, the queen of Summer Silks, at the height
of their, reign now ! And at Meier & Frank's is an un
rivaled selection of the famous Cheney Bros. Showerproof Foulards
over a hundred new styles and colors. Dainty dots, rings, m
coin spots and small figures in blues, pink, rose, greens, v
grays, tans, etc. Staple $1 quality, on sale, the yard,
$1.50 Natural Pongee Silksgenu
ine Chinese hand-loomed quality, 34
inches wide, for suits, JJ1 f'7
dresses, coats,' etc. Yard,?"
$1 New Tub Silks 32 inches wide,
White ground, with dainty blue,
black, lavender, pink and flQ n
gray, stripes. Special, yard OwC
2000 Pieces of 50c to
75c Ribbons, Yd. 25c
WE'LL surely sell the greater part of
these exquisite Ribbons at tomor
row's price I
An immense assortment 2000 pieces incomplete
lines from regular stock and specially-bought lots.
Plain and fancy Ribbons, 5 to 6 inches wide Taf
fetas, Moires, Dresdens, "Warp Prints and Satins, in
a wealth of lovely striped, plaid, checked
and ombre designs. All are high-grade -
50c to 75c Ribbons, tomorrow, yard at
Pint Floor, Main Bnlldlnx Mall Orders Filled
Long Silk Gloves, $ 1 .25
A, REMARKABLE purchase
2000 pairs less than 1
$5 Pephim Waists, $3.75
maker's original price to us
handsome Long SUk Gloves!
Superb quality high - grade Milanese
Silk, with, guaranteed double finger-tips.
. , The 16-button length is beau
tifully hand-embroidered on the
arms and back of the Gloves.
extra heavy Silk in 20 - button
Solendid assortment of the sea
. C3 - J.
-son's most askedfor shades. Long Silk
Gloves intended to sell for (J
$1.50 to $3.50 pr., tomorrow a X tuD
Lingerie Waists -'
The prettiest of Lingerie
Waists at $4.45 for tomor
row. Flno mulls, dotted
Sn-Jsses and sheer, marqui
settes, nicely trimmed In
filet and Valenciennes
laces. Low neck, fthort
sleeve styles. Also embroid
ered -models, open in front
and with long- sleeves.
Triced spl at only 84.45.
THERE LL be no resisting:
these- pretty Peplum
Waists that we special tomorrow at
$3.75. Regularly you'd pay $5 for
them and they're attractively made,
every one of them. " - - - "
Pretty combinations of Valen
ciennes and bands of cluny lace and
of sheer, cool marquisette trimmed
.with cluny insertions.
v Becoming low neck and short-
sleeved styles with Peplum
that fits smoothly over
the hips. Note the sketch
clever $5 q P
Waists at &J. O
Mannish Waists
Save on Linen Cloths
HUNDREDS of housewives who know
the superb quality and durability of
John Si Brown Linens, here exclusively in Portland, will
want to share in these savings on Cloths. Dainty clover
leaf, fleur de leis and wreath patterns.
Cloths, 72x72, $3.75;
So popular and Jaunty for
warm-weather wear- Man
nish W a i s t a. of washable
silks, habutal, Jap and pon
gee. Plain and In smart
colored stripes, with soft
collars and cuffs. Included
in the group are the new
Robespierre Blouses, with'
short sleeves and turnback
cuffs. Priced at '84.50 to
Second Floor, Main Bolldlajr Mall Order Filled,
$3.25 Cloths, 72x72 inches,
$4.75 Cloths, 72x108 -inch
size, $4
20 -inch Napkins to match,
dozen, $3.00
. Odd Table Cloths Fine,
heavy Scotch Damask, in
beautiful patterns: $5.00
$6.00 Cloths, 72x81, $5;
$7.00 Cloths, 72x108, $6.
- 25c Linen Hack Towels
Extra heavy and extra
lai'ge, - 20 x 38 - inch size.
Neatly hemmed with red
borders. Tomor- H O
row, pr. 35S ea. J.OC
Parasols at Lowered Prices
'OU'LL be out of doors a good deal of
the time during Elks' "Week a sun
shade is almost a necessity ! -
And what, a finish one of 'these beautiful Para
sols adds to any costume. A wonderful variety
of styles and colors plain and fancy pongees,
plain 'and fancy taffetas, white silks, white em-,
broidered linens, Dresdens, fancy lingerie and
Persian styles. Every Parasol reduced
$1.25-$1.50 Parasols, 98
$2.00 Parasols at $1.63
$2.50 Parasols at $1.98
$6.50 to $7.50 Parasols at
$3.00 Parasols at $2.19
$3.50 Parasols at $2.98
$4 to $5 Parasols, $2.69
$8.50 to $12.00 Parasols at
All high-grade Parasols from $12.50 to $25, 13 OFF
$ 5 Fern Dishes $ 3.49
RICH, beautiful cut- glass Fern
Dishes 8-inch size, with niekel-nlated
To 75c EmbM Collars
and Coat Sets at 25c
charming mid-Sum-for
Elks' Reunion
mer Neckwear
Week. '
Pretty Embroidered Collars and Cuffs, with button
holed edges. Also large square Collars,
hand-embroidered Trouville Collars and all
silk Gaby Four-in-Hands. Regular 50c to
too Neckwear, tomorrow we special tbem at
53c to 75c HandKerchiefs, Tomorrow 29c
Over 2000 fine Handkerchiefs, including hand-embroidered
initials, corners and borders. Also novelty OQ
and colored borders. Broken lines, 50c-75c grades, 7 C
' First Floor, Mala Building Mail Order Filled
, im uuiiun-
lining. Several - new . patterns. -Af0 A g
handsome decoration for the table tDOy 17
$5 Cat Glass Sugar and
Creamers New hob star
or whirlwind cuttirfgs. Of
fered - special, CO
the pair, only P'-i
$2.50 Cnt Glass Nappies
6-in. .size, with or with
out handle. Deep, rich
cuttings, spe- 1 fiQ'
cial for onlyP-l01'
$5 Cut Glass Bowhv-
8-inch sizej'injvarious pop
ular patterns, deeply cut.
-We have 100 dJO QQ
to sell at only V'70
; $7.50 and $8 a Dozen
Cut Glass Tumblers new
hob star or whirlwind pat
terns. Special, a O 7
dozen, $4.44. Each C
To $4.50 Footwear, $2.65
CIX of the season's smart-
est styles in Women's
Pumps and Oxfords, taken from
our regular $3.50, $4 aud $4.50
lines, for an Elks' Reunion Week
special at $2.65.
Three of the styles are dainty
Colonial. Pumps in gunmetal, vel
vet and suede. One regular Pump
style, in patent ' colt, tan Russia
Calf or gunmetal, with silk braid
John 9. Bron-n Linens.
Cousin's bhoes.
Minuting Underwear.
Willamette Sew
ing Machines.
Aco r n stoves m n d
Fnlton Whitney
Ostermoor M a 4
treviiea. Tnkalnn Ding Specialties. PORTLAND
A jax fJnaranteed
Hosiery. .
Gotham Shirts and
Perrin's Gloves.
Madame Irene Cor
sets. Enpn Pettirnats.
Ham peek Clothes for
G n s t a v e Stickler
Original Craftsman
PHONES Pacific, Marshall 4600; Home," A-6101. Only Portland Store With Complete Mail Order Service and Catalogue.
or crushed leather
Another is a new
"button Oxford,
of patented t,
with cravenetted
tops. The sixth
style is a dressy 2
ej'elet patent colt
Oxford Tie, of the famous Cousin's make.
Every pair is -high grade with genuine Goodyear
welt soles, plain or tipped, toes and
medium Cuban heels. Our regular
$3.50, $4.00 and $4.50 Footwear
nil cri riAi- nnil mi i-1 4- It a t ri nn'Aiv rvi B IB