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NO. 23.
Bratnan's Stomach Powder" Relieves All Stomach Troubles
Women's White
Wool Suits
$16.65 to $41.25
Garment Department, Second Floor.
A special sale of oar entire stock of women's
white wool Suits, in the very newest and most
up-to-date models: the materials are serges.
Diagonals, whipcords, Bedford cords, etc., in
plain and tailored styles and fancy materials;
many are lined with good grade . Peau-de-cygne
silk, the skirts have high waist lines,
panel, back and front, with tunic effect; also
three-piece skirts. The jackets are the very
latest models. All are re- ilii OZ?
duced to $16.65 UP TO peJL.riJ
Fine Linen Suits
$6.50 to $38.50
The demand for linen Suits is growing daily
as the Summer advances. We show an exten
sive stock of plain tailored and Norfolk jack
ets with plain skirts, at $6.50 to $7.50 a suit.
Also plain tailored and three-button styles and
military effects, some plain, some trimmed
or with the embroidered collars, $8.50 to $38.50.
A very classy model is shown with deep ro
vers and frog fastenings, and fancy buttons.
Tunic effects, blue, lavender jtOO
and tan. Priced reasonable at
Ice Cream Parlors in
the Basement Store
"HIS CARE AD NEEDS" Valuable-Information,
helpful to mothers In rearing
children. A booklet free for the asking
in the Infants Department, second floor
Elks Purple Sateen For Decorating and Fancy Work, 25c Yd.
Tea Room, 4 th Floor
Bakery on 4 th Floor
Occupying Entire Block Bounded by Morrison, Alder, Tenth, West Park
$6000.00 Voting Contest
Out Annual Gift this year will be disbursed according
to the wishes of our customers.
This contest offers an extraordinary opportunity for the.
members of the various societies and churches, and for
the patrons of the various charitable institutions to ap
propriate large sums of money to same without any effort
other than to band together and cast their ballots alike
and for the same cause.
21 Institutions May Share in the Distribution of This
Gift of $6000 in the Following Amounts:
1 Grand Gift of $1500.00 1 Grand Gift of $1000.00
2 Gifts of $500.00 each 2 Gifts of $250.00 each
5 Gifts of $200.00 each 10 Gifts of $100.00 each .
TOTAL OF 21 GIFTS, $6000.00
Don't fail to ask for ballots when trading in the store.
Remember, your support might be the means of helping
some worthy institution to get one of the big gifts.
Ballots will be distributed in denominations of 25 votes, 50
votes, VD votes, 100 votes, 200 votes, 300 votes, 500 votes,
1000 votes,, and 2000 votes, which will be given with all
cash or credit purchasesftof 18c and upward.
Purchases of 18c to 35c entitle you to 25 votes
Purchases of 36c to 65c entitle you to 60 votes
Purchases of 66c to 85c entitle you to 75 votes
Purchases of 86c to $1.00 entitle you to 100 votes.
A puchase of $5.00 gets, 500 votes.
A $22.68 purchase gets 2275 votes, and so on.
Our regular sales check will be given with each purchase.
This sales check bears the date of issue and five days will
be allowed in which to bring the check to the booth where
it will be exchanged for ballot, which will be stamped with
a date 5 days ahead and must be voted within the time or
same will not be counted.
Women's New Bathing Suits
Priced $2.75 up to $65 r
In the Garment Store, Second Floor. (
Hi, ho for the beach! A plunge in the surf a race on sand! See us -.
for your Bathing Suits in the newest and best models, the panel and t-V
princess front effects ; semi-fitted, with bloomers attarfjed. Mohairs,
with fancy braid trimming, satin sailor collars and s t f CICl
silk nininsr. Thev come in all nrices from $2.75 to IJ vr vvr
Satin Suits, with sailor Collars of contrasting shades, $15.00 and up.
bilk latieta buns, plain or braid-trimmed, priced $1ZU)U and up.
Childs9 Bathing Suits $1.25 up to $10
Children's Bathing Suits in a full line of new styles, d "1 J ff
made of flannel and mohair material ; priced $1.25 to H
Women's and Children's Sweaters
A complete stock of every wanted weave, color, style and pattern, for
motoring, rowing, traveling, for beach or mountain wear. The Oregon
climate requires a sweater almost every day of the year.
Bathing Caps 12c to $6.50
We show the best line of Bathing Caps in all
the Northwest. This will be a great year at
the beaches and we are well prepared to sup
pi every need. Caps in various grades and
styles to match up with suits, JJi? 7)
priced from 12c each on up to P".J"
Bathing Shoes at 25c up
Don't go to the beach without Beach Shoes
which the salt water will not affect. Prices
range for the different grades from 25c up.
Bathing Suit Bags, made of rubberized cash
mere. Also Water Wings with which to float.
Don't forget the Voting Contest
voTmcomcsi m
S landing of the 40 Highes t Con tes tan ts
Up to 6 o'Clock Friday Evening
Fruit and Flower Mission
Day Nursery 512,325
Baby Home 305,225
Port. Boy Scouts, Troop 2 . .273,828
Teachers' Retirement Fund.24S.100
Young- Women's Christian
Association 228,150
Portland Women's Willam
ette Club ....190850
St. Agnes Baby Home 188,075
Portland Women's Union ... 155,825
Children's Home 127,490
First German Evangelical
Church 124,450
Oregon Congress of Mothers 10230
Y. M. C. A. Boys'' Home 80,500
First M. E. Church South.. 80,075
Anabel Presbyterian Church 79,550
Wlllsburg Congregational
Church Aid Society 011,173
Marguerette Camp, R. N. A.. 69,125
St. Ann's Charitable Society 68,825
Newsboys' Home 67,900
Sunnyslde M. E. Church .... 67,100
Industrial Home, W. H. M.
S, M. E. Church 54,625
Oregon Humane Society....
St. Elizabeth House..!.....
Florence Crittenton Home. .
Jewish Neighborhood House
St. Francis' Church
Piedmont Presb. Church....
Louise Home
Scholarship Fund, Oregon
Federation o f ' Women's
Clubs. . .
Oddfellows' Home .........
Patton Home for the Aged.
Boys- and Girls' Aid Society
St. Patrick's Church.
Immanuel Church Pipe Or
gan Fund
Old People's Home
Forbes Presb. Church
L. A. A. Hibernian, Division
No. 2 .......
Atkinson Memorial Congre
gational Church .........
Westminster Presb. Church
Good Samaritan Hospital...
Orphans' Home ....... X.. .
Sale of Handbags
$1.50 Values at 98c
$6.00 Values $4.98
In tlie leather goods section, first floor, Morrison
street way, a great sale of four good lines of
Women's Hand Bags, suitable for Summer use
at the seashore, the trip abroad or for street
wear. All the newest leather effects, with plain
or fancy frames, comprising all the newest shapes.
$1.50 Hand Bags, on sale at only, each, 98
$3.00 Hand Bags, on sale at only, each, $1.98
$4.00 Hand Bags, on sale at only, each, $2.98
$6.00 Hand Bags, on sale at only, each, $4.98
Hot-Weather Needs
Sold Reasonable 3d Floor
Automatic Refrigerators, $21.60 to $54.60
Lawn Mowers, with strong, rigid Q fZCm
frames, special for this sale at PVJ7
$6.35 Garden Hose $5.19
Garden Hose, 50 feet, -inch guaranteed black
rubber, with nozzle. Our regular Cftf 1 G
$6.35 value, bargainized at only .pJ.J-&
Window Screens, adjustable-size 24x45 QQf
inches, special at only, for this sale, ea.,
Chair Step Ladder, combination, C t Q fff
regular $2.35 value, on special sale, 'f'i'O'
American Electric Irons, at $4.00 and $4.50
Hot Point Electric Irons, at $4.00 and $4.50
Perfection Oil Cook Stoves and Q f7i
Ovens, special at low price of only P7
"Howard" Sanitary Dust Cloths, priced at 25
Women's Silk Coats at
Great Reductions
$30 Coats $17.95
Garment Store, Second Floor.
A sale of Women's Coats in rich, lustrous
taffeta silk, plain or changeable colors,
pongee silks and peau de soie silk, with
large collars, semi-fitting and loose effects ;
very stylish models. Some with fancy braid
trimmings and large buttons. A good range
of colors. Values to $30.00, tflff Qtf
bargainized at only, each pJL 4 ttO
$40 Coats $23.79
In this lot we group- plain and changeable
taffetas, black bengaline and natural pon
gees, styled with large collars, trimmed
with moire satin. and hrnarfolnth ? all
the very newest effects, semi-fitted and
loose. Regular values to OQ Ck
1, f s
$40.00, this sale, special,
Linen Coats $5 -$32.50 1 1
An attractive showing of Women's Linen
Coats in the loose and semi-fitted styles,
with sewed-in or raglan sleeves, plain linen
collars or fancy collars and cuffs; some
have military collars. Prices range $5.00
to $32.50. One very attractive model is of
linen crash with raglan sleeves, with auto
cap to match, bargainized (1) ff n , ,
for this sale at low price, P J- lelL Order by Mail
New Dainty Lingerie Dresses
Priced From $6.50 to $37.50
Garment Department, Second Floor.
Women always manifest delight in looking through our stock of
dainty Dresses. .We know all will be especially pleased with this
showing, as it comprises, the highest ideals in Summer Dresses made
of batiste, mull, voile, marquisette, ratine, crepe, Persian lawns, etc.
Trimmed with fine Valenciennes lace, Irish crochet, embroidery,
shadow lace, macrame, filet laces, hand embroidery (J!Qf7
and pin tucks, all priced reasonably at $6.50 to '0 9 .JJ
Women's Dainty Waists $3.95
These may be justly called Waists Extraordinary, for surely so much
style and such good quality is rarely if eVer embodied in a waist at
such a low price. The materials are lingerie and marquisette, trimmed
with shadow laces, Valenciennes, Cluny, filet and Irish heavy thread
laces. Styled with Dutch or high necks ; some have the new peplum
effect, some suspender blouses. In all, a splendid as- Q QZ
sortment of excellent waists, specialized at only, each pOS7J
New Summer Waists $2.69
A sale of Women's Waists of fine lingerie and marquisette materials,
the very newest Summer models; some are made up of fine batistes,
with high or low necks and short sleeves; some have the peplum ef
fect. All are well made and neatly trimmed. We tfJO 4?Q i
special them on the first floor center circle, at, each P&.JJ
Only Complete Stock
of 1912 Models in
$3.75 Marquise Corsets $2.89
$4.00 Corsets for $2.95
Corset Salon, Second Floor.
An exceptional offering of the popular
Marquise Corsets, made of good quality
coutil, plain or fancy batiste; pretty fig
ured Broche and Pekin stripe materials,
4 or 6 hose supporters attached, tops
trimmed in lace or ribbon. flJO OQ
$3.50 and $3.75 values at)i.OZ?
Second Floor Northwest. '
Another lot of Corsets comprising broken
lines of Rengo Belts, Bon Ton, Redfern
and Marquise makes; the materials, bon
ings, etc. are the very best; all are fit
ted with hose supporters and pleasingly
trimmed. The $3.00. $3.50 J0 QflJ
and $4.00 values special at
$3.50 Nemos $1.98 $8 Bon Tons at $3.95
r $3.50 Cj Tf QO
ale at ifO
A sale of two distinctive models in the
Nemo Corsets for heavy and abnormal
figures; they are made of good grade
coutil with double boning and trimmed
with good quality of lace; $8.00 grades
tor $3.40; the regular $3.50
.Nemo Corset on sa
$1.50 Summer
Women's Summer weight Corsets, made
of good grade netting, light weight, airy
and absolutely comfortable; a boon to
the housewife or woman who QQ.
works. A regular $1.50. Corset, J70l
A sale of odds and ends and broken lines
of Bon Ton Corsets, made of good qual
ity coutil and batis'te, boned with walohn
in the silk elastic gussets in hips; some
have silk hose supporters; $4.00, $.5.00
values, $1.69; $6 grades at Q Qff
$2.95; $7 and $8 values at
Corsets for 98c '
Women's Corsets in short and medium
lengths for home wear, the comfortable
kind in which you can- move about eas
ily ; made of light weight G t f Q
eoutil or batiste; special at P-- f
Sale of Brassieres "Nature's Rivals99
50c Grades 29c $2.00 Grades 89c
A very special sale of women's Brassieres in the "Nature's Rival," "De Bevoise"
and "A. P." styles, made of good quality muslin, fancy mercerized batiste and
plain linen, trimmed in edging of dainty lace; 50c grades,. 29c; $1.50 grades OQ
special at Coc, and regular $1.75 and $2.00 grades very special at onlyOJC
We Are Principal Portland Agents --Prices
$&50 to $15
Women who. are interested in Gossard Cor
.' sets vtiil"find,?a complete stock of all the
. 1912 models in our corset. salon, second floor
i , ' ft I
Model 201
Is Priced
This model iis the . most popular Corset in
I the- Gossard ' family, coming into instant
favor and : ever-increasing popularity. In
the higher-priced models, each is designed
for a special type: of figure one that cannot be cor
rectly corseted with; an averifge model; but in 201,
at the popular price of, $5.00, is produced most suc
cessfully a corset-which will' fit satisfactorily the
greatest number of figures possible, with comfort,
grace and correct lines; It is long and straight in
hip line, eliminates i all prominence of hip and ab
domen, combined with' a most graceful molding of
the back. Model 201 is made in two lengths, The
12-inch corset being medium high in the bust and
long below. . -The , 11-inch length is proportionately
lower in the bust' than it is shorter in the skirt,
meaning that while - it ' is much lower in the bust
than the 12-inch corset, it is practically the same
length below.-'-Therefore, in this model is supplied
a medium high and a low bust corset "!")
each having long skirt. The price W
Sale Auto Veils
$1.50 Values Only 98c
$3 Values Only $1.98
$4 Values Only $2.98
In the veiling store, "main floor, a sale
of three splendid lines of Motor Veils.
All are hemstitched, full size, made of
good grade chiffon cloth, exceptional val
ues at. these prices: $1.50 Auto Veils at
9S; our $3 Auto Veils, dy QO
$1.9S; $4.00 Auto Veils. ?270
Women's 85c Neckwear for 48c
8-inch Silk Ribbons for Only 37c
I $5 Lace Curtains at $3175
$2. 50 Lace Curtains Only $1.65
White Battenberg Lace Curtains, made on best French net, with pretty
jace borders and plain net centers ; also some with neat Battenberg lace
insertion and edee to match. 45 inches wide and 3 yards in length:
$4.00 values at $2.85 $4.50 values at $3.35 $5.00 values at $3.75
Nottingham Lace Curtains, full variety of neat and attractive patterns, in
floral, bungalow lace and imitation Brussels lace designs, tff "J SlT
durable quality, 2y2 and 3 yards long; $2.50 values, pair, JP-L.JJ
$40 Silk Velour Portieres at $25
Sample pairs Silk Velour Portieres, in all the most popular colors, with
beautiful embroidered floral borders; also rich -imperial velours, trimmed
with beautiful gold braid, in the most artistic designs, Q (f
Regular $40.00 Velour Portiers, $25.00, $55.00 vals, SJ 11
Pure Foods
Fresh daily from the best market gardens, sold
from our new sanitary stand. Kept on ice under
netting. Don't be afraid to phone your orders
the clerks will select good vegetables for you.
Pimentos, special at, the can, 10
25c can ripe Olives, special at 20
Dried Prunes, special, 3 lbs. for 25J
Dried Peaches, special, 2 lbs for 25
Dried Apricots, special at 2 lbs for 25
White Figs, special at 4 lbs.' for 25
Black Figs, special at 312 lbs. for 25
Onion Salt, the bottle, special at 15?
Domino Sugar, 5-lb. box for only 55
Hotel Mushrooms, the "can, only 19
Staffed Olives, special, 3 bottle for 25
Jellycon, special, 4 packages for 25 '
' Peaches, special, 3 cans for only 50r
Apricots, special, 3 cans for only 50?
Campbell's Soups, the dozen at $1.00
85c Bottle C. & B. Lucca Oil, spec '1, 70
Bulk Cocoanut, 20c grade, pound, 15
30c can of Chocolate, special at 25
25c can Puree De Foie Gras, for 20
35c bottle Kitchen Bouquet for 255
35c bottle O. W. K. Ext. Vanilla, 25
35c bottle O. W. K. Extract Lemon, 25
Corn Starch, the package at only 5
Kingsford's Corn Starch, 3 pkgs. 25
$1.45 0. W. K. Excellence Flour, $1.30
Occidental Flour, special, the sack, $2.20
Gold Medal Flour, the sack for $2.10
Cream of Wheat, the package, only 15
Eagle Brand Milk, the can at only 15
Grape Juice, Bass Island demonstration 4th floor
In the neckwear aisle, first floor, a sale of 100
dozen Women's Venise Collars in a large se
lection of all the newest designs in white,
cream and ecru; pleasing patterns and Qf
good, values at 65c to 85c, special at "Ol
A beautiful showing - of 8-inch Taffeta and
Satin Taffeta Ribbon,' in all the newest shades
for millinery purposes, sashes, belts and hair
bows: Lay in a good supply. Think Q7g
of it, 8-inch ribbon at only, the yard,
$2 Oriental Nets, the Yard at 98c
. Dainty 50c Embroideries for 25c
A great sale of thousands of yards of Embroid-
A sale of several hundred yards of Oriental
Sets, 18 inches wide, suitable for yokes, sleeves,
etc. White, cream and ecru color, matly dainty
patterns to choose from. Great flj 1 Q 7
$2 values, 9S7 and $2.75 valsi V
eries iu Swiss, Nainsook and Cambric, widths
3Va to 27 inches every wanted pattern suit
able for every purpose. 50c grades flQ
for 25 and $1.75 grades for onlySZOC
Boys' $2 Wash Suits 79c
On the Bargain Circle, Main Floor
A sale of boys' Wash Suits, sizes 2 to 7 years; very pretty little styles,
made of serviceable wash materials in the sailor, military and Eton
styles, light and dark patterns not a suit in the lot worth 7Ckg.
less than $1.50 and many are regular $2.00 values, special at 9
Great Sale of Dinner Sets
. In the Big China Store, Third Floor
Fancy shape, decorated with green
border wreath, with Dresden rose
bud and three gold hair lines:. ,
42 pieces, reg. $ 6.75, $ 5.40
50 pieces, reg. $ 7.85, $ 6.25
60 pieces, reg. $10.50, $ 8.40
100 pieces, reg. $15.50, $12.40
Gold band, with narrow gold, line
inside band, semi-porcelain, for:
42-piece, Dinner Set, fij?
regular $5.85 value, tiJ
"50 pieces, reg. $ 7.00, $ 5.60
60 pieces, reg. $ 9.35, $ 7.50
100 pieces, reg. $1335, $11.00
Sale Drugs and Toilet Needs
to Ivory or -Fairy . Soap, special at Si
Jap Rose Soap, regular 10c, at only Si
16c Pears' Unscented Soap at only 10t
Jergen's Toilet Soap, 5c value, only 3d
4711 Verdura Soap, regular 10c, at 6t
10c Physicians' and Surgreons' Soap 6d
10c La Premier Castile Soap. -only 6i
10c Sapollo, hand or kitchen, only 6d
36c Absorbent Cotton now at only 21
16c Toilet Paper. 1S00 sheets, only lO
Peroxide, one-half pound, lac value 8f
6c "Lambert's" Llsterlne now at 20t
6c Witch Hazel,; full pound, only 21
Olive Oil, regular 1 value, at only 75
Malt Nutrine, S5c value, now. only 19
Lavorls, regular 26a value, now at 20
Toilet Ammonia.. 25c value, only 21
Tla for tired feed. 25c value, only 21
60c Bromo Seltzer, special only 40
Sal Hepatlca, 26c value, now only 19
25c"Kondon's: Catarrhal Jelly at 21
50c and 75c Cloth Brushes now at 39
26c. Hand Scrub Brushes at only 19
Nail Files, regular 16c values, now lO
ureasing combs, 60c values, now 39
Whisk Brooms, 25c values, only 19
Tooth Brushes, 36c values, only 19
Pompellan Cream, regular 60c, 76c C7n
and $1 values, at 39. 59 and VI u
Milk of Magnesia, "Phillip," regu- I p
lar 60o value, special at only.... 41b
Rubber- Lined Traveling Cases, OQp
regular S1.25 value, special only 03u
$1.00 Fitches'. Hair Tonic, at only 69
25c Sanltol Liquid Soap at only 15
Hind's Honey and Almond Cream, O On
fl value, special for this sale at OoU
35c Java Rfce Face Powder onlv
60c Pebeco Tooth Paste, at only 39
60it Graves'-Tooth Powder, at only 25
Rubifoam, regular 25c value, only 17
60c Dora Face Powder, now only 39
Buffers, Removal Chamois, reg- Hp
ular 35o value, special for this sale I wu
sir ctvn
'Maurine Preparations
Portland climate is not altogether re
sponsible for the beautiful complex
ions you see upon the streets. "Mau
rine Preparations ' ' cause the trans
formation to beauty with thousands
of satisfied customers. Cream, 25c,
50c and $1.00; Lotion, 50c and $1.00;
Liquid Shampoo, 50c ; Depilatory, 50c ;
Astringent, 50c ; Skin-food, 50c ; Hand
Lotion, 25c. A free treatment in rest
room, second floor. You are invited.
Borden's Malted
$3.75 Can for $2.98
50c Bottle for 40c
So many ways of serving this, article.
Special representative from the Borden
people will be pleased to tell you, and
t -...... ...; 1, t u x-t l t.
"".,71 In drug department, the best in the city.
iifwia nospnai size, regular at jp.&s
Large size, regular $1.00, special, 80
Small size, regular 50c, special at 40?
Household Gloves, all sizes, regular 50c value, OQ
on special sale at the low price of only, pair,
Best white rubber .Syringe, with rapid flow tubing and 3
hard rubber fittings. 2-quart, regular $1.00 00,
value, at 85; 3-quart, regular $1.25 value, OV
I Malted
k , , awl