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School Garden Contest Is Un
usually Interesting and
Exhibit Held at Armory Proves One
of Best Imaginable and Will Be
or Great Benefit, Is Belief
of Committeemen.
From the opening of the doors at 11 1
A. M., a steady stream of people kpt
pouring; Into the Armory yesterday to
view the exhibits of the children who
have been engaged In the school gar
den contest. The vast auditorium was
. filled from end to end with a variety
. of vegetables, -fruits and flowers, wltb
a preponderance of the first-named, of
a quality so excellent as to excite the
admiration of one and all. Woodlawn
School, with a display stretching; from
sine to side or the nail, carried on an ;
the major honors, winning; The Ore
gonlan cup for the highest percentage
of gardeners among students with a
li "highest posuDie oi tvu per cent.
l nis exnioti anaea one more prqoi
I , of the fertility of the soil of Oregon.
It also showed wnat energy and per
severance can accomplish even when
applied by a tiny tot of 10. and It has
been the means of giving 6000 children
the finest . training they could possi
bly have.
- "Every citizen of Portland needs to
possess an acquaintance with the poll:
these boys and girls have begun their
acquaintance at the right age. and It
will be. in consequence, an acquaintance
that will ripen Into love as the years
roll on." was the comment of a com
mitteeman yesterday.
I.arfte Displays Sees.
Some of the largest displays were i
those from Olencoe. nicely decorated
in blue and gold; Rose City Park, with
a fine displry of fruit; Ockley Green,
which was nicely arranged: Arlet. no
ticeable for a display of huge turnips:
Krnton and Portsmouth. These were J
the leading ones out of a total of 4S
entries. In some cases the effect of
the exhibit a.i a whole was somewhat
marred by having been arranged with
a view to the prominence of .one or
more individuals.
- - Chief among Individual displays we-re
those of Harlan Stansberry. of Wood-
lawn, and Fred Kelly, of Lents. The
former had not Sufficient room on his
special table for all his produce, with
tlie result that bulky cabbages and
i other vegetables found a resting-place
on the floor. His garden was 18 fr-"t.
square, divided into four iuarters by
paths, with borders and nasturUums.
In that garden he had ' grown 'very
vegetable for which it was possible to
obtain a prize.
Fred Kelly.- 13 ytr of age. who won
second prize for the best display, alms
at putting Professor Bouquet ' out of
his Job at Corvallls.
"After I've been to high school," h
announced. "I am going on to th
Agricultural College to take a course
in agricultural science. This yeiir
have been studying my soil with
view 'to growing In the future onl
what is best suited to lt Lettuce an
. potatoes are what I paid most attention
to this year, but I have also grown
good deal of spinach, which 1 sold I
l-ents for 10 cents a bundle. What'
more. I made quite a bit at It."
School Gordea Replies Attracts.
In the center of the Woodlawn dis
play was a replica of the school gar
den's. Samples of what had been grown
In 100 of the gardens were placed in
small boxes, each of which contained
the best of the produce of one. and only
one. of those plots. One of these con
tained produce from the experimental
garden, handled by two boys-of the
eighth grade. All kinds of corn, flax,
millet, hemp, wheat, barley, oats, al
falfa and parsley were shown.
The Judges were unanimous in vole
Ing their gratification at the results.
which exceeded even the most sanguine
expectations. So much so, in fact, tha
the Judging, which was tohave been
concluded by 11 A. M., was not com
pleted till late in the afternoon. This
was caused by the closeness of com
ret I tors coupled with a desire on be
half of the arbiters to make assurance
doubly sure by Inspecting the leading
contestants several times.
The Oregonlan challenge cup. on the
table of the Woodlawn School, attract
ed much attention on account of Its
symmetrical beauty. Tall and graceful,
with 'more than a suggestion of
strength, and with three delicately
curved arms, it bore a suitable Inscrip
tion, enclosed amid grapes and vine
The judges were divided into three
sections, commercial, artistic and sci
entific. In the first-named were Miss
Lilian B. Tingle. Timothy Pearson and
J. C. Mann. Mrs. Sarah Evans, Mrs.
Allen Lewis and Frederick V. Holman
attended to the artistic, side of It, witn
Professors Bouquet. Hetzel and Dr. i
H. Chapman as judges of the acientlflo
- points.
Aaetloa Is Held.
J. F. Larsen and J. T. Wilson last
night held an auction of all the pro
duce sbown. the proceeds going to the
i School Garden Contest fund as
nucleus for next year's exhibition, when
tbs probability Is that two days will
be given over to the children and their
vegetables. What was not sold went
to the Children's Home.
Ot the general committee who so
willingly gave their services, none has
worked harder than Mrs. B. T. Voor
hurst. She witnessed no parades, pre
ferring to work for the good of the
children and the success of the contest,
and for the last week her evenings
have been devoted to the typewriter
and the fountain pen. Among others
who worked hard were: M. N. Dana.
B. T. Voorhurst, R. R. Routledge, E. J.
Jaeger. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Head.
H. E. Weed. O. M. Plummer. J. F. Lar
son and J. L. Duffey.
Individual and borne gardens awards
Best district garden Woodlawn.
Oregonlan Challenge Cup, greatest
percentage of contestants among stu
dents Woodlawn, 668 students, wltb
percentage of 100.
Best Individual gardens, under 13
years of age First. Cecilia Rosser.
tKrkley Green: second. Mamie Kruser.
Holman school: third. Lester Martin,
Portsmouth school. Special mention
Sybil Lindell. Eliot: Ralph Zimmerman,
lrvlngton: Henry Hammer. Buckman.
Best Individual garden, over 13 years
of age First. Harlan Stansberry,
Woodlawn: second, Ralph Wlnchell,
Washington High School; third. Ruth
Stewart, Portsmouth. Special mention
Richard Stanton. Kerns; Fred Kelly,
Lents: Clyde Martin, Portsmouth;
George Powell. Arleta; John Johnson.
Falling: Hugh Heddinger, Woodstock;
Alice Cellars. Eliot.
Pennant Awards.
A1ns-erth Over 13 years: Rotwell D
Mot- Nelson. Stanley Blumauer; under
' JaPmr:fm "Til" .i-..a.
. I r csv " ' -nil -Vw W
ID . .-rtrZ1 X,!fi.w !
' p8 3JE are FT.
7 i "
1 1 9! - S C 1
8V VfVc- tl
t - rwr "i mvn r iiTtfwifTiiirT nr-winii n nm-1 i-Tn-gn T
1, Arleta Sclwol Kxklblt 3 Norma 31a oe lla His Individ! Display of
Oaloas; 3, a Typfcail School Exhibit; 4, Prettily Teooral the Hlirhlaad
Hchool'a Collectioa B The Oresoalaa C hall ease Cap, Moa by Woodlawa
IS years. Helen Ball. Fen ton Spencer, David
Albtna Homestead Over 13 years. A I vena
Anderson, Rbae Prance. Augustus Bowem
under IS years. Alvlna Marks, Curtis Fow
ell, Herman Kellar.
Arleta Over 13 years, Wilbur Mfsson, Jes
le Husrlns: under 13 years. Otto W. De
J oh not t, Marraret French.
Atkinaon Over 13 years. Sylvan essel
under 13 years. Mary Flneran, Helen Finer
an. Harold Jackson.
Brooklyn Over 13 years, KJsle- Jensen.
Stewart Cox. Kenneth Pratt; under 13 years,
Edward Strong-. Benjamin Wilson. Allen Cox.
v Buckman Over 13 years. Joe Kelly, Aew
ton Matthews. Mai)-? I Metcalf: under
years. , Florence Met call, Carrie . Kittec
Georare Meiater.
Chapman Over 13, Mary Ackerman. v u
lis Halverson; over 13 years. Harry Ham
mer special mention), Annie Lackney, Lu
cile Tracllo.
Clinton Kelly over 13 years. Bennte uoia
stein. Elmer Callahan, Margaret Salro; un
der 13 years. Roy Floyd. Albert Young,
Adolpb -Salro.
Couch Over 13 years. Henry Bttdenstein,
Jackson Wentworth. Charier went worth; on
der 13 years. Norrls Stein, Patterson El
fin eer. Vera Wllhelm. -"
Crest on Over 13 years. William ewton,
Iena Butser; under 13 years, Olive Jones,
Mary Butxer. "
Davis Over 13 years. Aloyslus Bader, Al
bert Lrove; under 13 years, Elvina-. Ranscb,
Alice Ktlgore,
Eliot Over 13 years. Alice Sellers (special
mention), George Repp, tawm ingnam; un
der 13 years. Sybil Lindell (special mention),
Mabel Sailing. Ralph sailing.
Failina- John Johnson (special mention)
Annie Greenburs. Eva Luniman; under In
years. Herman Weber, James Spaulding.
The! ma Farrel.
Gienco Over - 13 years. Hattle Felton,
Barnes French. Myrtle Alexander: under 13
years of age, Floyd Jones. Edith Almquist
Irwin Miller.
Hawthorne Over 13 year. Harry Snyder,
Harold Jensen. Albert Allen: under 13 years
Josenh Church, George Schwlnd. Florence
Hirhland Under 13 years. Paul KJippei,
Elmer Henele. Ruwell WrlRht.
Holladay Over 13 years, rrea ADegg sp-
ctal mention). Seth Mygren. louise araer;
under 13 xears. Ralph Leonard. Norman
Mace. Alex Scott.
HiMinn Orar IS years. MrTMTl wnon
under 13 Years. Ralph Leonard, Keith
Ward: Farl Kraemer.
Holman T'nder 13 years, Cliirord cow
man. Madeline CoiTey. -
lrrlneion Over 13 years, jaraee aurpny,
Jack Halden. Dorris Jenkins; under 13 years.
Ralph Zimmerman special mention). Erneat
Eiwh. narrtps Colllnson. nosers riummer.
Jeff-ron High Over 13 years, i-red ets-
hausen, Winfieid Henderson, icior new,
under 13 years. John Adams, Wylle Bent.
Kenton Under 13 yeara, ecii noniwij,
Henrt Bromex. Ruth Lyon.
Kern over 13 Years. Kicnara Bunion
fsTecil mention). Clay Chatfleld, E. A.
Ahllne: under 13 years. - Agatha tsswein.
Robert Wakefield, Leonard Schmeer.
Lents Over 33 yeara, Fre-a h.eny spe-
clei mention). Lloyd Elliot. George Walm-
sky; under 13 years, Ralph Walmsky. Bernte
Kearna. Theodore Hauser. -
Llewellvn Over 13 yeara. Glen won. ;en
Lester. Lyal Burtis: under 13 years, Walter
Andrew!. Kd win Hatland.
Ladd Over 13 yeare. Paul Stewart, tm-
merson Taylor. Emit Leitx.
Montavllla Over 13 years. Frank mow-
ton, William Beggerstoff; under 13 years.
Ray Stein. Roy Stein.
Mt. Ta-oor over is years. Marry obuk.
Kenneth Rosa. George Ward; under 13 yeara.
Eddie Ott, Richard Kelly, Laverne Ram
baugb. - -
Ockley Green over is years, Kinai nui-
sen. Jessie Snyder. Ha mid Bareman; undei
3 yeara. Melville Bush, Gene Henderson.
Cecilia Russell.
Peninsula Over 13 yeara. Frank tpencer.
Walter Anderson. Albert Schulta; under 13
years, n.o award b.
p-rtmoutn uver is years, vena xanin;
tder IS years, Clyde Martin special men
tion . George Easter.
Richmond Over lft yeaxa, Jesse . WVhvtt
Howard Hubbard: under 13 years, Amendio
Busxettl, Bllne Anderson, Beatrice Rantro.
Rose City Park Over 18 years. Myrtle
Howard; under 13 years, Llgl Hansen, Fred
erick Bracher. Lawrenca Scbauff.
Shattuck Over 13 years, Sol Cohen, Stew
art Hopkins. Louis Wlngsrt; under 1.1 years,
Angelina Leonetti. Ruth Boehl.
-Sunnynlde Over 33 years, Vance O'yman,
Maria Watson. Donald Cartwright; -utder 13
years. Clifford Reed, Margaret Macgregor.
Terwilllger Ove 13 years, Claude Eras,
Fred Miller. Daniel Hamm; under 13 years.
Eugene Bod way, Charles Guarasclo, Ernest
Slrsfoos. . "
South Mt. Tabor Under . 13 years. Albert
Beach. Gordon Wiltshire.
Stephens Under 13 years, Ruth Levan,
Lowell Body, Robert Gordon.
ThompsonOver 13 years, Samuel Ouer,
Edwin Weston, Curtis . McKlnney; under
13 years. Andrew Wilson. Mauae Mosiey.
Rsy Craig.
vernon Over 13 years George Goldstein,
CeUa Davis, Harold Frledrickson;, under 13
. X Si" Jit S 4
J .
The Unprecedented Success of this mag-
. iiificent hostelry was best shown in the past week, the week of
the Rose Festival,'" when -every-room of the mammoth hotel was
taken and hundreds of jruests had to be turned away from its wel
come doors.
The Appreciation of the Management is
voiced in this announcement liy its hearty thanks to the thousands ;
of visitors who Ji.-vve iu;:d- 1ui.- thoir lioiiie durini;' their : stay in :
the Rose City. : '" ' ' ; , ; ': :
The Magnificence of the Hotel, its uperb
appointments, its service and the attention to the smallest detail
for comfort of its guests will long. linger pleasantly in the, memory
of every guest and it is a source of pride: to the Management t
-have-been able to contribute to the pleasure and comfort of the
"visitors to Portland's beautiful Rose Festival. '; r
The Management Will Unceasingly Strive
to "uphold the splendid reputation of the hotel already made and
assures every guest a courtesy and service seldom found, even in
the finest hostelries of the country.
, H; C. BOWERS, Manager :
Sumu afyviva- .KXL-Jt-
. Mlea Geaevleve H alley. ,
- The 43d annual commencement
of St. Helen's Hall - was held
Monday evening. June 10. Miss
Genevieve Hailey was president
of the class, which numbered 17.
The spacious gymnasium, where
the ceremony was held, was deco
rated with, palms and roses. Two
hundred students in white sjowns
and veils chanted the Episcopal
choral service. The graduates
wore Ions veils and carried arm
bouquets of sweet peas. Rev.
A. A. Morrison delivered the
baccalaureate sermon and Bishop
Scad ding presented the diplomas.
The annual St. Helen's Hall
promenade was aiven on Thurs
day eve-nine;, June IS. The pa
tronesses were Mrs. Charles
Scadding; Mrs. A. A. Morrison.
Mrs. Thomas G. Hailey. Mrs.
Moctajomery Hall and Mrs.
Spencer. - The officers of the
Maryland were am on a the guests. .
years. Vera St Ilea, Douglas Young, Carl
Weston Over 13 years. Edwin Lax, Buren
Kara, Ethel Wood ; under 13 years, Ora
Docxevel, Charles Cummins, Cecil Laird.
Woodlawn Over 13 years. Earl Krueger.
Edw&rd Johnson; under 13 years, Lawrence
Williams, Jessie Kubtcn.
Woodstock On er 13 years, Hun Hed-
nlffer peclat -mention), Edward Smith, Al
bert Bryant; under 13 years, Julia Bunch,
Howard Robinson, Irwin Flsice.
Washington High Over 13 years, Ernes
Mallet, W'alter Bollen. -Awards
for exhibits follow:
Best school community garden Great
Nortnem cup, wooaiawn.
Best general display by pupil under 13
First, Mary L. Miller. Arleta. $7.50 cash
second, Sybel Lindell, Eliot. $5 casb; tbird.
orman Mace. casn. Holladay.
Best general display by pupil over 13
First, Harlan Stansberry, $7.50 cash. Wood
lawn; second, r red Kelly, Lents, $5 cash,
third, Richard Stanton. Kerns, $3 cash.
Arleta Individual Prixes.
Btst long radishes, Everett Ball. 8. first
prlstf; large-t single beet. Vie GraybiJl, 13,
second prize; oest six carrots, Man L. Mil
ler, 1'J. second prize, also won third prize
for the largest bunch of turnips, second
prize for best beans on vine: lonsr radishes.
Greorge Powell. 14. third: bunch of turnips.
Mildred Unsiow, vr secona prize; cabbage.
Catherine S. Ungcr, second; single head let
tuce, Louis Burch. 13, third, also third for
the bvst three heads of lettuce; turnips,
George Powell. 14. first, also first for onions.
Alblna Homestead prizes Turnip rad
ishes, Edward L. Hart. Jr., 7, flrsx;.. largest
Dee is, ai vin partus. i-, Kcona,
Buckman prise Peavines, George Me is
ter, 12, second.
Clinton Kelly Bunch radishes, Freddy
unterrnes, iu, inira.
Creston Peas. 24 pods, - Lena Rice, 10,
Eliot Bunch onions, Cybll Lindell, 11,
Gtencoe Single head lettuce, Myrtl Alex
ander, 13, second.
Hawthorne Bunch beets, Frank Forres
ter, 14. first, also largest single carrot, first,
largest single beet, first.
Highland Peavines, E. Von Plngle. "12,
third; turnip radishes,-Paul Klppie, 12, sec
ond. Holladay Onions, Norman Mace, -11, first;
head lettuce. Fred Obegg. 16, second;
bunch carror. Paul V. Konig. 10, second,
also three heads lettuce, first; peavines.
Seth Nygren. 14. third.
Holman Largest single beet, Mamie Kur
a. 12. third.
Irvington Onions. Ralph Zimmerman. 7,
third; peas, 24 . pods. John Burnett, 12,
Kenton Cabbage, Henry B rower, 10,
first, also three heads lettuce, third, single
head lettuce, second.
Kerns Potatoes, bes 12 Richard Stanton,
13, second; also beans, second.
Lents Pea vine. Fred Kelly, 13, second;
also 12 potatoes, first; beans, first.- Single
turnip, Ralph Walmsley, 11, first; long rad
ish ea, second.
Llewellyn Bunch turnip radishes. Gene
Lester, 14, flrsU Peas. Lyle Bartis, 14, third.
Montavllia Harry Humphrey, !. special
for exhibit.
Ockley -Green- Twelve potatoes, Baxter
Davis. 12. third. Bunch , turnips. Cecelia
Rosser, 10, first; also single turnip, s-cond;
h.H lottiire first. Beets. Robert Knight
15. third. Beets, Melville Busch. 10, first;
also bunch of beets, second: head lettuce,
Mount Taboi Cabbage, Richard Kelly, 13,
second. Looae-leaf lettuce, Walter Rum
ba ugh, 11, first,
Peninsula Lons: radishes. Clarence Blmon-
aen. 10. third: also beets, third. Turnip
radishes, Walter Anderson, 1, second.
Beans on vine, Grace Goseett, 12, first.
Portsmouth Peas, 24 pods, Lester Martin,
11 first. Carrots. George Easter, 11, sec
ond. Peas. 24 pods, Vestra Martin. 15, sec
ond. Peavines, Lester Martin, ii, nr.
Rose - City Pari; Leaf lettuce, Leon ore
Blaessing. 11. third.
Thompson Single carrot, Samuel Ourl, 13,
Washington High Largest cabbage, Ar
chie Johnson, 15, third; also group of best
three cabbages, third. Six carrots, Ralph
Winkle, 17, second ; also largest turnip,
third; bunch of turnipa. second; leaf lettuce,
third. Single turnip. F. R. Young. 17. second.
Woodlawn Leaf lettuce, Aujust Johnson,
8. second. Beanvine, Arthur Kelt. 12, third.
Leaf lettuce, Harian Stansbury, J5, first;
also largest turnip, first. Carrots, bunch,
August Krueger. 10, first; also single carrot,
first. Bunch carrots, Earle Krueger, 14.
first; also single carrot, third; three cab
bages, first. Three cabbages, August Krue
irer. -40, first: also single cabbage, second;
bunch beets, first: peas, 24 pods, first. Earl
Krueger. single cabbage, rtrst; peas. i- pouo. i
first. Bunch beets, ran vaugnn, j-i, sc
ond. Potatoes. - Everett "Williams, 12, sec
ond. Three cabbages, Lawrence Williams.
12, third; also largest cabbage, third.
Woodstock Head lettuce Joe Mokos, 13,
first. Head lettuce. Hugo Hedllnger, 15.
second: also long radishes, firjt. Long rad
ish, Kennet Farrier, 11, second.
First prises, merchandise to value of $.1;
second prizes, merchandise to value of $3;
third prizes, merchandise to value of $2.
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