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buy a lot in
Single Tax Advocates Trying
to Deceive Voters.
In Beaumont 123 Dwellings
Rise in Eleven Months.
Propaganda Already Having Effect
on Slate, Declare Cbarlei II.
Shields, of Oregon Kqnal
Taxation League.
That deception and duplicity sr
practiced by th promoter of the single
tax theorj- In foisting their measure
upon the voter of Oregon I charged
by Charles H. Slileld. secretary of the
Oregon Kqual Taxation league. Sir.
Shield declare that the whole ytem
of argument of the single tax advocates
la an appeal to the emotion, lympathy
and prejudice of the people.
"W. 8. ITRen. A. D. Crldge and Dr.
Eggleston and other who are o active
In the promotion of the slngls tax doc
trine In the tat are now denylnir the
true purpoee of (Ingle tax." ald Mr.
Shield yeiterday. "Mr. URen wa
fcold enough to aay at the teuton of
the alngle tax conference In New Tork
la 110 that he had not talked single
tax to the people of Oregon, a that was
not the queitlon before the house; that
he had kept alngle tax under cover.
Tet. single tax wag and had been the
whole how; so ITRen. Crldtre and Dr.
Eggleston have been successful In the
'hell game' ao far.
'"Will the people of Oregon allow
themselves to b longer deceived? Can
you place confidence In a man or a
et of men who . have one deceived
youT These same men, drawing pay
from the same commission, are now
again trying to deceive the people. They
liava discovered that tha citizen of
Oregon have found the joker In the
single tax system and that tha voters
of Oregon, not only the farmer, land
owners, lot owner, banker, merchant
and professional men, but shopmen,
carpenters and wase-earnera of All
kinds who do not own a single foot of
me earth a surface, are not ready to
adopt a system of destroying prlvaU
property In land, forcing the land by
process of single tax back Into the
hands of the state to be leased to the
people who may now own or occupy It.
"People of Oregon, be no longer de
ceived! Single tax mesne today Just
exactly what It meant when Henry
George conceived the Idea. I do not
censure these men for receiving pay for
ineir work, but what I do censure the
hired men of tha Joseph Fels Fund
Commission for Is their attempt to de
ceive the people by declaring to them
that single tax of today I not the aln
gle tax of 'Progress and Poverty,' and
that It does not have for lta aim the
confiscation of private property In land
and the restoration of the land tj all of
the people.
"A a matter of fact the broad-guage
single tHxer do not attempt to deny
the purpose of alngle tax. You ara told,
and no doubt will be repeatedly told,
that If the people after trying tbla sys
tem do not want It. they can repeal It.
and need not go any further with It
than they desire. To the average mind
this sound reasonable. The objection
to such a procedure, however, la In the
fact that first of all It ha no substan
tial economic foundation. Second, when
tested by the prn-e of analysts In re
lation to social conditions, it haa a de
teriorating effect. Third. It first pur
pose Is to decrease land values. With
declining land valuea. the wheela of
progress and Industry slacken In speed,
and stagnation of business and enter
prise follow In exact proportion. Thus,
experimenting would cause Inestimable
damage before final restoration could
be made. Therefore. It la not even con
sistent to advocate experimenting with
a ytem that haa none of the ear
mark tf Improvement, but absolutely
to the contrary.
"Orpjron In yet undeveloped. Wash
ington Is yet nmlevelnped. Both these
states need the stimulating Influence Of
outside capital. At tha present tlm
both these states are on the blacklist
Men of means have refused to even
complete deal:, that had been pending
prior to this single tax agitation. They
are now waiting for the people of the
state of Oregon and the state of Wash
ington to give expression as to their at
titude on thl question. Therefore, the
necessity of a positive and unquestioned
expression upon thl queitlon In tha
coming election.
"The Oreaon Kqual Taxation League
ha tor free distribution a book en
titled 'Single Tax Exposed.' which
should be read by every voter In the
state. These books will be mailed to
any addrese free of charge."
Vnlverslty Club to Consider Fropo-
In Wednesday Xlght.
To provide a fund for the Immediate
construction of Its new home at the
northwest corner of Blxth and Jeffer
son streets, the Vnlverslty Club will
hold a special meeting next Wednesday
night and consider the proposal to
float a loan of $160,000.
Plans for the structure are now be
ing prepared by Whltehouse A Foull
lioux. Tha building will be somewhat
similar to the Arlington Club and will
ha a valuable addition to Upper Blxth
The proposals to be submitted to the
members Wednesday night ara as fol
lows: A proposition to authorise a loan of and to secure such loan by a
mortgage of the Interest of tha club
In the site now occupied by the club
and of the interest of the club under the
lease of said premlaea now held by C
H. Davis, Jr.. and by a pledge of the
Intereat of the club under tha bond
given under aald lease by C H. Davis.
Jr., and C. H. Davis. Sr and by a mort
gage of lota I and 4, of block 114 of
tha City of Portland; a proposition to
authorise the giving of a mortgage In
the sum of 112.000 to the executor of
the estate of Julia Corbett. deceaaed. on
the east half of lots S and . of block
144, in the City of Portland, a part pay
ment of the purchase price therefor,
and also a proposition to authorise a
second mortgage on tha Interest of the
club In the alte now occupied by It and
tn the new site purchased by It, being
lots 3 and 4, block 184. In the City of
Portland, to secure an authorised Issue
of second mortgage bonds to an amount
not exaeedlng f 100,000, of which I7J.0V0
are to be presently Issued.
, Ventura Park Active.
In Ventura Park there is much build
ing constrnotlvn under way. A water
system la being Installed and the
street ara being Improved. During the
past few weeks over (00 lots have been
aold by F. 13. Taylor Co., selling
agenta. It Is expected that there will
be SO families living in the addition
before the end of Summer. The tract Is
Intersected by the Base Line road and
with the electrification of the Mount
Hood lire excellent transportation fa
cilities will b provided.
1 " i y. .
St. Johns Expends Large Sum
in Improvements.
Plan la Suggested to Build Wide
Avenue From Business District
to Waterfronts Town Has nig
Asset' In Its Harbor.
St. John has mad more progress in
street Improveratni the past year than
In former year. Many of the mora
Important streets have been Improved
with hard-aurfac pavements, and oth
er will be paved next year.
Jersey street 1 being repaved with
westrumite. It Is the principal street
of Hu Johns, and hence the new pave
ment will be thoroughly tested.
The annual report of City Kecorder
F. A. Rice give an Idea of what haa
been accomplished In St. Johns In tha
way of street work the past year. The
amount received in the street fund was
I1S8.08S, and 1186.901 waa Dald out.
leaving a balance of 12117. For sewers
something over 156.000 waa paid out.
The Fessenden-street Improvement cost
$21,734, and on Portland Boulevard
130.68 was expended. For Buchanan
street, 19085 waa paid out.
The report of the City Recorder
ahows that the city received for the
year the aura of $254,424 and paid out
(245.128. leaving a balance of $21,124 In
tha city treasury. Tha city has out.
standing Improvement bonds to the
amount of $203,500, all of which ha
gone Into street Improvement and
ewer main. Tha report show that
for the past quarter tha city received
$74,482, and after paying expenses bad
a balance of $!&"&.
These figures Indicate that tha mu
nicipality of BL Johns Is doing an an
nual business of $u0.000, which Js a
remarkable show Inn. The town m. few
years atco was a atruaBl!na- village of
a few hundred people.
At the last meeting of tha City
Council It was ordered that another
block of Improvement bonda be aold
to the amount of $7000. St. Johns
water-front Is Its greatest asset. It be
ing deep and extensive. Manager Ayer,
of the St John Lumber Company re
cently addressed the Council and de
clared that one of the things St. Johns
needs Is at least one good street lead
ing to the water-front from tha upper
district, lie also expressed tha opin
ion that It I not the part of wisdom
to put down on the streets anything
but hard-surface pavements, a there
l little difference In cost between
macadam and hard-surface. Mr. Ayer
also advocated building first-class
streets to the north and aouth of St
be shingled on tha outsld and others
will have the usual spruce aiding. The
block on which these houses will he
built la wall adapted for the purpose.
Plana for the first group have been
completed and the contract for the
buildings will be let ss a whole. Work
will start on four more a coon aa th
first group ha been finished.
Multnomah Station Grows.
Multnomah, a townsite on th Ore
gon Electric opened up by the West
ern Securities Company. Is making sub
stantial progress. Several streets have
been cleared and graded and a modern
drainage system la being Installed.
There ara under coura of construction
a number of attractive bungalow. Tel
ephone hava been Installed at Mult
nomah and arrangements are now be
Ing made foe, electric light and power
service. Tha company reports the sale
of several home site th past faw days.
Escaping With Loot, Robbers Shoot
at Officer and Kill Xeweboy,
Paying Penalty Later.
Reminiscences of long ago, and of
Portland's first experience with profes
sional criminals were aroused by the
examination of John F. O'Shea. member
of Mayor Simon's Executive Board, and
a venireman at th trial of Jack
Roberts, who was asked as a prelim
inary question whether he had personal
connection with a crime of violence.
Replies and succeeding question
brought out the story of a murderous
assault upon Walter O'Shea. hi father.
In 1171. by two thug who were hanged
afterward for a homicide following tha
Walter O'Shea kept a money-lending
office at First and Washington streets.
In an assault closely resembling the
exploits of Jack LaRose, two men. aald
to be th first real yeggmen to reach
the riling village of Portland, entered
the place, beat tha proprietor to Insen
sibility and made off with over $1000
worth of watches. Thev escaned In
'an express wagon, but at Third and
Alder streets encountered Constable
Pan Bprasjue, who shielded himself be
hind a tree and opened Are. They re
turned the nre and a bullet glancing
off th tree killed Loul Joseph, s
The criminals escaped for a time, but
eventually were captured, and on
evidence of Joseph Swoards, a boy In
tbelr tutelage, were convicted, under
the names Archie Brown And James
Johnson. They ware prosecuted under
a statute which makes homicide In th
purauit of certain other felonlea first
degree murder. The prosecution waa
conducted by Judge J. F. Caples, who
died a few year ago. It waa In the
decision of this case by the Supreme
Court that the atatute waa upheld as
It has sine existed making such crimes
punishable with death. Both men were
Many of those present In Judge Mor-
I V.' ..t II . . v I
-'X m Lfc-v
N ill n,.4i ir. 'fc. , - TT"
eV-!7C ' .V. '..
- ' , , it., v.,, ' V, ' I
Johns. He said that one good street
In each direction would work to the
benefit of the place.
A resolution ta Improve Fessenden
street between Jersey and Smith ave
nue with hard-surface was adopted. The
disposition of the Council Is to en
courage the paving of the Important
streets with permanent material.
During the regatta, while the Elk
reunion I In progress, St Johns will
be abla to show what progress It has
made in the race course In front of the
town, where there la deep and unob
structed water. The race may be seen
from the high banks of the river. The
St Johns Commercial Club, under the
direction of B. F. Crawshaw, general
secretary. Is making arrangements to
make th most of that event to enable
th hundred to see th city at th
Junction of tb Columbia and Willam
ette river
Ten Peninsula, Home to Rise.
Architect William A Raamussen
have been commissioned to prepare
plans for 10 modern bonsralows to be
built on a block of ground bounded by
Warren, Van Houten. MoDteltn and
th Wlllamtt boulevard. Ail these
house will be on a different plan of
architecture. 8om of th novae will
row's courtroom remembered the affair
when Mr. O'Shea's statement recalled It
"I was years old." said Attorney
Malarkey, "but I remember every bit of
It We boya were afraid to go out after
dark because we thought Brown and
Johnson would get us. - The Tracy af
fair made no greater lmprejslon. It de.
veloped that the criminals, ef tha class
we now call yeggmen, bad drifted to
California, and then came here, think
ing to make a elean-up In tha little
village which had no prior experience
of the kind. Up to that time all our
Crimea had been of the kind com
mitted tinder some Immediate Induce
ment, by local talent.
Mr. Panton Restrained.
A restraining order has been Issued
by the Circuit Court agalnat Cornelia
K. Panton. In which ahe la forbidden to
destroy shrubbery or other property on
th Rosemond place, where she Is now
staying. Thl I the property of her
former husband. Dr. A. C. Panton. from
whom she Is divorced, and with whom
h recently had eome difficulty.
A aenleet ta mm lot aiases th business
meu of Fuses. Core Chom. for th-
lisnin a commercial sou wa i"v.
Heights Property Converted
- Into Beautiful Sites.
Kings Heights, Arlington Heights,
Westover Terraces, ' Westwood
and Other Addition to Be
Show Places of Portland.
Development of the West Bide hill
Into beautiful residence sites Js rap
Idly becoming a reality. After nearly
two years of work on various proper
ties, there Is now something to show
for th Improvement activity. King
Height. Arlington Height ad Wot
over Terraore are three great exam
ples of hillside contouring. When im
provement In these sub-divisions are
completed. It la conceded by world
travelers and persona competent to
pass judgment that Portland will hav
the distinction of possessing tha fin
est and most magnificent residence
view propertle In the country.
Immediately west of these properties
and attaining a still' higher level are
two other subdivisions that ar to be
Improved and placed on the market
The first property to be developed lies
south of the site of the beautiful home
of Mr. and Mr. II. I. Pittock. plans
for which ara now being completed.
A short distance beyond is Westwood.
an attractive property, which will be
developed with all standard Improve
ment this Bummer.
The Improvement of Kings Height
Include all modern Improvements, such
a gas, water and sewer mains, con
crete sidewalks and hard surface
street. In addition to hi work, spe
cial attention Is being given to re
taining walls and parking. Back of
low retaining walls will be wide park
ings with special landscape treatment
Alonar the edges of the walls through
out the tract will be bed ass of Scotch
broom. Estimatea on this feature of
the development are being prepared
now, and It Is expected that contracts
tor this work will be let In about two
The work of hard-aurfaclng th
street. It Is announced, will be started
this month. Paving operations will b
rushed during th Hummer so that
the work will be completed before the
Fall rains set In. Already all tb
streets have been graded and sewer,
water and gas mains installed.
There are about 400 building alte In
th addition, many of which are larger
than the ordtnary-alsed lot. The cost
of the development of the property will
be approximately $1100,000. - O. F. John
son, president of the Provident Trust
Company and former Northwest mana
ger of Sherman, Clay at Company, I
now the directing head of the syndic-ate
that owna both the King Height
and Arlington Heights properties.
Since King Height property waa
placed on th market last Fall there
hav been about 0 building altea aold,
representing a total consideration of
$180,000. A number of sale have been
closed recently by Dorr K. Keasey ft
Co.. the sale agent. F. P. Russell
will build a fin home, for which plan
re now being prepared. Thoma
Ilawke. landscape artist, has been en
gaged to develop the ait. Mr. Hawkea
will alao lay out the ground of Uttvo
Stoddard, adjoining Mr. Russell's prop
erty. Mr. Htoddard la ' having plana
drawn for a fine home.
W. II. Jonea haa purchased a large
(He and will begin the erection of a
dwelling next week. W, K. Jone ,has
acquired the adjoining alt and will
build on It soon. - These two altea were
old for $S700.
J. A. Kallstrom. who ha Just com
pleted a residence on lot 12. In block
21. has also purchased another build
ing site for $3000. If. A. Roe bought
two lot and will build a modern houae
on tha property soon.
Meeeenger and An to Crash.
Ernest Cobb, a messenger boy In th
employ of Olds, Wortman at King, was
Injured yeiterday, when he ran Into an
automobile at Twelfth and Taylor
streets. He haa a broken thumb and
waa bruised about the face and other
part of the body. He I at Ft Vin
cent' Hospital.
A Boston scientist clslms to hsvs found
a war to build up diamonds from chips wltn
ordinary tUumlnatln ss and a morevry
All Streets Have Standard 'Improve
ment; Alameda Park Also Mak
ing Marked Progress; Paving
Work Is Well Cnder Way.
Less than a year ago, Beaumont, a
finely developed tost Bide residential
section, waa an expanse of wild tree
and underbrush. Today there are
beautiful driveway, all hard-surfaced,
well-kept building alte and III home
completed and under construction.
There ar 1$ dwelling on the higher
part of th addition, north of the Ala
meda, and (5 houae In th lower dis
trict Of th bouse completed it ar
now occupied by owner and 17 dwell
ing ar completed and ready for oc
cupancy. Th remainder of the num
ber will be completed oon. In addi
tion, to the home, there ar a large
number of home-builder planning to
build during tb year.
Tha sightly location of the addition,
together with Its high level. Is attrac
tive to home-owners. The district 1
erved with a carllne, car servlc hav
ing been established In January.
The Columbia Trust Company, which
haa the selling agency for Beaumont
ha closed a large number of ssles
the past few day. Among the sales
of Improved property are the follow
ing: Seven-room house on Fast Forty
third street between Siskiyou and
Klickitat streets, built by L M Mc
Kay, was purchased by C. T. 6aling for
$1720; six-room hoase on East Ferty
fourth street near the Alameda, built
by W. J. Dunlan. aold to N. It Aiciil
son for HiiO; seven-room housa aold
for C. F. Brown to IX R. Wheeless for
$5750; seven-room house aold for C
A. Hoy to W. J. Russell, recently of
Oakland. Cal.. for $4100; home on the
corner of Knott and East Forty-second
streets sold for F. J. Mltcbel. to M.
D. Lewi for IsfiO.
In Alameda Park there I a brisk
demand for homeeltes. Ten modern
dwelling ar now under way In that
addition for persons who will occupy
tham aa soon aa completed. It F. Dll
lev la building a modem homo on Cast
Thirtieth street for $460; Arnt Ander
son Is having a dwelling built at East
Thirtieth and Bkidmor street for
$o(i0 and 8. F. Anderson la construct
ing a modern home directly across the
street; F. C. Alger ta erecting a dwell
ing on East Thirtieth street; W. F. Cat
ton, recently of Tacoma, Is having a
dwelling built on Cast Thirtieth etreet
for $tooe; Henry Copenhagen haa un
der way a ten-room house at East
Thirtieth and Mason streets, which will
cost $8000; W. 11. Donahue la building
a houae costing $400 on East Thirtieth
street near Mason street: H. P. Linn 1
completing a home on East Twenty
ninth street at a coat of $4090. The
Alameda Land Company will erect four
bungalowa on the side hill on the
south end of the addition. The bouse
will be of unique construction, with
th bedroom downstairs and the living-rooms
upstairs. Th houses will
cost about $400 each.
The contractora are rushing th
hard-aurfaclng of the atreeta and ex
pect to hav th work completed In a
few weeks. All the streets ta the ad
dition wtll be paved.
COST OP $ I SO, 000.
XlnoKtory Family Hotel, of Many
Distinctive FVatnrea. to lie
Ready Early In January.
What I considered one of th most
modern and best-built structure of
th kind In th city 1 th nine-story
Mallory Hotel building, at the north
west corner of Yamhill and Lownsdal
streets, which Is rapidly nearlng com
pletion. The structure covers a quar
ter block, and. besides nine full stories.
eontaina a basement over one-half of
which U above tha street level.
Th building waa arranged especially
for a family hotel. Th entire first
floor I given over to entertainment
featurea. there being a large dining
room, reception-room and ballroom.
Tha room ar so arranged to provide
special convenience for social func
tions. Th lobby, with Its main entrance
from th Lownsdal-treet side, I on
of the delightful feature of th build
ing. It la finished in ornamental plas
ter of French gray color. There ar
110 rooma In the hotel and 112 bath
rooms. All the rooma are finished In
white enamel, with doors of solid ma
hogany. Each room haa outside air and
light. In the matter of appointments
the hotel Is probably one of the most
modern In the Northwest
The exterior la of cream-oolorad
preesed brick, with solid concrete trim
mings. The upper portion of the ex
terior is partially finished In tile. The
enclosed Ore escape on the front side
of th building I another feature pro
vided to enhance th architectural
beauty of the structure.
Th hot), fully completed, will rep
resent a coat of $1I9.'h, and waa built
for Judge Rufu Mallory under the
direction ef C. K.. Henry, president of
th Portland Realty Board. It I ex
pected that tke hotel will be completed
and opened the first part of July,
Bridge Case) Argued.
Arguments In the ease ef the United
Engineering Company agalnat th City
of Portland wer heard before Judge
Kavanaugh yesterday morning, and th
coss was taken under advisement, Th
company la suing for 132.060. which It
allege I th amount still due tor the
sonstructloa of th bridge.
Bootee's tast In art I cetnolle enough
to take la both Gtotte aod Matisse. It is
curious that all ttos sew works a1 4ed tfclt
rear by strs. 'Johs 1- ardnr to bsr supor
fonway court collection are bjr toe c
temrlc freneh pt-liTipre,ilonlt.
Splendidly located near Portland, on United Railwiyg. Fast, train, week
end rates, COMMUTATION TICKETS. Xear town of North Plains. Elee
trie light, pur water, improved streets, modern building. Ideal location for
For literature write or call at office of
Main 6076. or A S77i.
235 Stark Street. Portland, Oregon.
"On the Peninsula"
Until You See the
Property :
Do it Today! Do it Today! Do it Today!
.' '. ""V Ve '( -,
t'aaewaver Car f.oe ntreet i Drldgrtoa fee Ik fe
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Salesmen will be on the ground Sunday for your
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The Spanton Co.
"f A". rfSl'l
I' ji ir:!iRj
;-r rvrVTl r-p nr '-'
rewTsi-- ; - .
t -:-"-f -T'.,-r-ri,
Tt t ' ' .
. - .
Modern House
I bedroom, large clothe rlosrt and built-in wardrobe, t toilets. 3 fir,
places, furnace, wash trays, etc. Artistic combination light future.
HIS Kodney avenue WALNPT PAKK. rloe to Jerfersnn High Hchool
snd 4 rsrllnes. Social envlronmeni-ient the best I'liono Woodlawn 1171.
lilfO. terms.
Manufaclur!ng Center of
Middle Canadian West
TVhen you know the flood of population that is sweeping int
and filling Wrttern Canada you will realize, the immediate and
lasting advantage to the manufacturer who locates in Calgary.
Moreover, the completion of the l'anama Canal will unquestionably
make Calgary the great manufacturing center of the Canadian
vest a distinction which ber strategic position, cheap power, nat
ural gas favorable labor market and unexcelled railway facilities
insure for her.
There is tcareely a line of manufacturing for which Calgary
does not offer at onee an amazing future. Those for which there
is an opening are farm implements, tractor engines, bags, binder
twine, flax fabrics, paints and oils, furniture, boots and shoes,
shirts and overalls, tannery, stoves and furnaces, tar and building
paper, window glass, beet-suirar plants, packing-houses, brushes,
brooms, g&a engines and machinery'- Write me today for individ
ual information.
Industrial ComaiiKioner, Calgary, Canada,