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    rJIE SUJiDAt OKKWOSIAX. 1'OKTIiAND, 7 rUHflS If, 11112.
! .-
Cole, Ford and Reo Machines
Augment List of Starters
In July Events.' , -
; Big Force of Men and Team Pat
I ! ting Flre-Mlle Courts In Shape,
for Speed Men
ij Jul j- B and
Oar. Horsepower. Driver.
Flat 130 Teiilaft
Fist l 1! . Brl
Flat to l'notin4
Napier 100 Vnnamed
Simples .........90 .. ' I'DnimM
' HlmpIrK TO 1 nnFnrl
Mrcr ... .. 1'nnamed
Mercer ..... 00 t'nnamed
1 ehact 01...'.... I'nntmvd .
i R.o , to....' Krmu i
i Ford '. .r.. ... Bennett i
i Cole -10 ., Btliuuu
Probable Entries.
i Pope-Hertford ...SO.'. Fleming
, Knox ............ .79 .. ..' Mulford ,
Flat . . ISO Old field
, rM 100 Dlibrow
t'nnemed Nlkrent
riindsrl ...JO fnnamed
E.-M.-K. .. .. ..10. ....... Vnn-med
Oakland .40 Vnnamed 1
Merredae rnmumd
1 .MjII to t'nnamed 1
8ioddrd-Dejrton..0 t'nnamed 1
Losier . . . .-.... . . . . . Vnnamed
- jer:,'
.t ao. 4to t44 - tv.. c
iifloT tfS
i r
; Vhal
. TACOMA. Wash., June.!. (Special.)
, Entries for tho Tacoma automobile
'races to ba held under tha auspices of
. tha Kontamara Festo and tha Tacoma
Automobile Club July f and . are be
ginning to come In. Three were aent In
during the tait few day from the
North west, two of which were from
Tacoma and one from Vancouver. B. C
The poaalbllltlea are that several of tha
country's leading race pilot, will be at
the wheela of machinee speeding orcr
the Tacoma oourae. Barney Oldfleld.
Joe Dawson. Caleb Bra sic, Spencer wis
hart, Louie Dlibrow, Teddy Tetalaft
and other noted driver are among the
Hit the Tacoma race committee la try-
In to aeoure.
A largo force of men, augmented by
several hundred tea s of horses, and
I1 kind of road-bulldlng Implement.
are buoy putting the five-mile circular
(r-ourse In perfect condition. It W.ll be
ompieiein ampie uroe i mow pjvn
practice, according to it. w. ioneriy.
irman of the automobile race com-
j j.ilttee.
: f The flrat entry thla week came from
C Stlnoon. of the American Automo-
itille Company, of this city. He entered
X Keo. with the driver unnamed. 8tln
fon repreaenta the Reo In this terri
tory. The car will compete In event
I Jio, I for cara of leea than ISO cublo
j inches piston displacement. This Is the
ame car that was entered In the last
,anta Monica road race. v It crowds
'the limit on piston displacement, being
tiut one or two cublo Incbea short of
'(the high mark.
:' One-Armed Aide Xsmedl
' The first Tacoma car with a Tacoma
driver to be named for thla event Is a
model "T" Ford roadster, owned by W.
I jK. Baldwin, manager of the Ford Motor
jfar agency. His little machine has
. breated no email admiration ever elnce
he brought It to Tacoma. In apeed
testa around the country near here It
has made remarkable showings and
Baldwin expects some good work from
It July . He hae named Frank Ben
nett, one of his aides, as driver and F.
Ia Oray, a mechanic In his shop, aa
mechanician for Bennett. Both are
nervy men with considerable experience
In the speed game. Oray, although he
lost his right arm several years ago.
can drive anything on four wheels as
easily as the average man normally
equipped with arma. He will confine
himself, however to the role of first aa
alstant. From Vancouvsr came the entry of
a big Cole racer, owned by 8. H. Mac
Clinton, who has named "Red" Sebas
tian to drive It for him. This apeed
peddler will appear not only In -the
free-for-all. but In the ISO-mile class C
event aa well. Another Cole entry la ex
pected at any time from Portland.
Frank Tauscher, of the Twltchell Motor
Car Company, of that city, having spe
cific designs on some of the Tacoma
'prise money. He has sen". Id his order
for a special machine and Portland mo-
' torlsts are looking to him aa one who
will bring home the bacon. He expects
to do the driving act himself.
I Downs May Eater.
To the big field, ever since the In-
'dtanapolla race, the wires have been
kept hot In an effort to nail Joe law.
son. who won the International sweep
' stakes In a , National. The National,
i drivers have Hot yet been named, and
while the N Itlonal bulldera will not
i promise him, there Is a chance that hie
'face will be amons; those set for the
Montamarathbn. The committee le
awaiting word now from Ita represen
tatives, who have been "scouting" the
field at Indianapolis.
The executive committee, comprising
A. B. Howe. Oeorge B. Burke, director
of finance, and Arthur O. Prlchard, pres
ident of the Tacoma Automobile Club,
has named the following heads of new
' committees:
f Transportation, telephone, telegraph
i R. I), MacDonald.
! Awards L. J. W. Jones.
j Safety, policing and relief Cheater
w. Hansen.
Course and grounds Frank Aliyn.
Buildings D. D. A. Outcault.
I Publicity A. I Sommers.
W. R. Johnston has been appointed
to represent the race committee In San
Francisco and sign up antrlee expected
J irom that elty."
f The mlle-and-a-half straightaway on
t which the grandstand will be built next
I week has passed through the finishers'
hands and will be ready within a day
i or two for the final coating on which
the big machines wdl speed. One big
arane; la wonting; on the southern end
! of this stretch, another la building the
curve, a third Is worklnsr on the next
, leg of the course and a fourth Is grad
i ing near the home of Charlea Rlchard
: eon. where the eecond curve la being
' banked. An unusual scene of activity
Is being presented all around the oours.
. More gradera are cutting and filling on
' the north leg of the track.
, "We won't guarantee that the big
j pllota can drive their cara 1000 miles
ian hour over our course, but they will
he able te hit some pretty tall figures
when It comes to time." said A. B.
Howe, president of the Carnival Aso
' elation, upon returning from his tour of
Inspection yesterday. "We found Judge
j Reynolds togged out In his old clothes.
: looking just like the working man he
, la, and driving his automobile from one
arana; to another, glvlna; ordere and an
I awerlna: questions. The boys certainly
. are working, and It Is gratifying to
Bote the progress they are making."
Xew Oakland Arrived.
Three carloada of Oaklands were re
) reived by Manager Arnold, of the Pa
' clflo Motors Company, last week. The
"' 4 ' W
J- -"" ST.-:-.. :
u -
ahlpment Included four roadster, three
0" touring cara and two "40" touring
cars. Virtually all the cara, according
to Arnold, were sold before their arrival.
SlVu Tf n vvmiiiuMii' '
Manager - of : Selling Organization
Explulns Added Tower ' In
- ' Long-Stroke Motor.
The latest automobile factory official
to coma to Portland la R. O. Neighbors,
salea manager of the Hupp Motor Car
Company, of Detroit.- Nelghbora arrived
here last week and. Is making his head.
quartera with Dulmage & Smith, who
have the Oregon a,-ency for the Hupp-
moblle. . He saya that the automobile
business generally appears to be more
flourishing than ever before In Its his
tory. Although the Hupp factory Is
tarnlng out. more, than SO cara of the
32" type dally.- It la not able to keep
abreast of the demand.' he declares.
During the 1912 season 11.000 Huppmo
blles of alt modela will be manufac
tured, according to the sales managerJ
ine nupmoone la territorially rep
resented in every part of the United
States and our Important task now le
io eoucate the dealers to cover their
territory intensively and to take ear
of the demand that seems to have pen
etrated even the more remote parts of
me country, said Neighbors.
"Although numerous Improvements
and refinements have been Introduced
In the 30-horsepower model, which
make It a. very much more efficient
uacnine man mat put out three years
ago, yet there never haa bee a radical
cuange in me standard engine which
ortglnaly made the Huomobile famous.
JI courae the long-stroke -12' horse
powers motor Is a radically different
design. It Is quite as individual In
atyle .as waa Ita predecessor, the 20-
horsepower runabout, but the chief fae.
tor of Ita popularity lies In its pulling
power ior me aixe or the engine.
in tnis connection we have often
been asked how we rated thla car at
si norsepower. when, acordlnr to tha
A. J A. M. formula, based solely on the
else of the bore. It would get a rating
of only !.. . At the time this formula
was aaopten. in lo, automobile mo
tors naa eiroaea practically equal to
their bore, so this formula gave a fair
iaea oi tne power.
"e rat our small motor, which Is
iVt-locn bore and IH-lnch stroke, at
zu-norsepowcr, although the A. L. A. M.
rating would only give ua !.. As ap-
puou i" m lung-siroae motor, the fal
tacy oi me a. I A. M. rating la at
once apparent, aa it does not take Into
account the length of the stroke and
gives tne same rating to our mn.i.i
H.' which la 3 Vi -Inch bore and SH-inch
irons, a to our small motor.
a a matter or fact, we get the
ame explosion pressure on the pistons
of both our. motors. But in the larger
motor, vis., the model ,H" long-stroke,
this pressure ha the advantage of act.
Ing on a crank with a longer radius, so
that it produces s turning effort equal
io limes tnat or tne smaller motor.
In other words. It ha over ( per cent
greater-pulling power. This pulling
power Is maintained to as great num
ber of revolutions per minute aa In tha
uioiur. giving at jeast so per
more maximum power, ao that .we
arrive at tne power of the model H
, w iimes i.e. wnicn givee us
me iz-norsepower."
ix-i nomas Manager Casta Lot With
Old Detroit Company. .
Announcement haYjust'been made by
the Abbott Motor Company of Detroit,
that they have secured the services of
Walter H. Van Deusen,. one X the
strongest automobile salea managers
In the trade.
Mr. Van Deusen-wlU act la the eapa-
. "1 - - - .
Used by Competitor
Realizing the prestige of the name "WINTON" .SIX," ono of
our most TYorthy and alert competitors has used it in his adver
tisements, claiming lie could save "any one contemplating pur
chasing a 1912 or 1913 WINTON SIX enough money .to make it
worth nis while to call at the place of business of this worthy
competitor." ' .
Of course, this brought more real, live prospects to our worthy
competitor than any ad. he could have used, mentioning only the
names of the cars he was handling. '.
But. what did he have to offer in a bargain in a "WLNTON
SIX"! Only' this: A credit memo for $1500 (now in our pos
session), with the following notation on the face of it:
"This Is credit memo on purchase of a 1912 or 1913 '
. WINTON SIX and la good through any branch
house of the Wlnton Co. and not through agents."
Did he expect to sell this credit memo? No.
Did he add to his list of prospects? Yes.
The Answer. The acr. accomplished that which it was intended
it should. , ; .
Are these bargains below fakes? NO.
j "The Winton Co. guarantees every statement of Wln
ton six advertising to be true wltnout qualification."
1 View ef a Straightaway stretch of Ike Tacoma Aatomoblle Rare t'oareev
g Settles of Caaa? at Racetrack Batldere Preparing the ara for the
M.atinara Keato Speed Carnival, a Krom lft rtlKkti II. V. Uabrrty,
I'aalrsoaa af the Race Cvaetaltteet Orvrge It. Marke, bnlrmaa of the r'lnaa
rial Pmmlll w, and A. B. Howe, Preoldent af the f aralval AaaoHatlun.
city of assistant general sales man
ager. He wee general salea manager
of tha E. R. Thomas Motor Company
for several years and during the past
year has been oonnected with the sales
of the Chalmers Motor
Cohen in
Ed Cohen, ' rr
KaHtern Oregon,
anager of " the Vnlted
One Pierce-Arrow, seven-passenger, equipped with top, glass
front and speedometer in' good condition, and we all know that the
Pierce is a good car, we admit, even worth, of WINTON competi
tion. We are not acting as brokers for a commission; this car
belongs to us; we took it as part payment on a WINTON SIX,
believing it would find a ready sale; that we have been mistaken
is our loss and to your advantage. We have had it for months,
reducing the price daily. Now we invite an offer. . I)ont bo afraid
to make one. What you consider too low, may seem big to us.
Make an offer on this elegant Pierce Arrow. We will demon
strate it to your satisfaction. .
One Cadillac, five-passenger, touring car, also equipped with
top, wind shield and speedometer, and taken as part pavment on
These cars are guaranteed to le delivered in good condition,
but they are not overhauled in the same manner that we overhaul
and rebuild our used WINTON SIXES. Let us talk to you about
one of these cars.
We shall also be pleased to go into details with you concerning
the rare ba'rgains our worth' competitor has advertised.
Twenty-third at Washington, Portland, Oregon
Main 4244
A 4944
Auto Company, which hae the Oregon
agency for the Maawell and Columbia
touring car and the Sampson truck.
Is meeting with pronounced success on
his trip through Eastern,; Oregon. Lt
week Mr. Cohen was In La Grande and
reported the aale of seven machines.
Word received here from him by Ar
nold Cohen tndlcatea he haa sold a
number of cara In other Eaatern Ore
gon towns.
Long Tour Planned.
Pr. A. BertschlBger and his wife will
leave here June 21 on an automobile
tour overland to New, York City. They
will ao In their Maxwell Mercury. The
Portland motorists will tour leisurely,
following the old Oregon trail.
Visitors to the Rose Show
WE hereby extend to you a
cordial invitation to call
and look over the largest and
Finest Equipped automQbile es
tablishment on the Pacific
Covey Motor Car
Washington Street at 21st
10 Oversize
Adds 25 to the Mileage
CeWyear No-Rim-Cut lire are
nerer leas than 10 percent over tha
rated site.
Actual comparison was lately
made with five leading makes of
clincher tire. And No-Kirn-Cut
tire, measured by air capacity,
averaged 16.7 per cent larger.-
But call the overs ire merely 10
per cent. That mean 10 per
cent more air 10 per cent added
carrying capacity. And that, with
tha average car, add 25 per cent
to tb tire mileage.
, No Rim-Cutting
Then, the patent tire end rim
catting forever.
Statistics show that 23 per cent
of all ruined old-type tire are rim-
cut. These new-type tires No-Kim-Cut
tires save that 23 per
' These two feature together
No-Rlra-Ctit and oversize tinder
average conditions, cut tlr bill
in two.
' That It why No-Rlm-Cut t!rV
nowfaroutsellanyothertlre. They
are used today on some 100,000
You ar bound to com to them.
But, while you are waiting, your
tire cost is twice what It need be.
Let us prove this to you.
Our 1912 Tire Book, baaed ea 1 3
year ef tire snaking, la filled witk
facta you should know. Ask a t
mail it to you.
No -Rim- Cut . Tires
10 Oversize
This Company haa no connection whatever with any other
rubber concern which uses the Qoodyear name.
as bereatk Ktreel.
feeae TaHHe Mala SIM aaa Heme A 04.