The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 09, 1912, SECTION THREE, Page 3, Image 41

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Mrs. P. J. Cronln. Mr. M. McNamara,
Mra. V. Zimmerman. Mn. 'J. F. Shea,
Mrs. F. O. Haley. Mis Falling, Mia
Uf?nevlve Thompson, Mt Mary Isom,
Mr. Roger B. Hlnnott and Mr. . J.
Society turned out rn mn for the
opening performance of Maiv'8 Adam
in "Chantecler. " The oxrs mere ocru
pled by the mast et and several mail
er Dartlra ot twoa and tlireea dotted
the audience.
Mr. ami Mr. J. D. Farrell entertained
one of the largest partle. Their gueit
Included Mr. and Mr. E. C. flhevUn.
Mr. and Mr. U Allen Lewis, Mr. and
Mr. Ilenrv C. Cabell, Mr. and Mr.
Richard Nixon. Later the gusU were
entertained at aupper at the, Hotel
With Ir. J. JT. Coghlan were Mr. J.
Wesley Ijidd, Mian Helen Ladd. Ml
France Brady and Clarence Bewail.
Anions; prominent person In the
audience were Mrs. Helen Ladd Cor
hett, Mr. and Mra. Peter Kyr- Mr. and
Mn. Richard Koehler. Mr. and Mr.
John K. Kollock. Mr. and Mm. Thoma
RoherUon, Mrs. Kolomon Hlrsch and the
Misses Hlrsch. Miss Iesley Smith, the
Misses Jean and Barbara Markensle,
Rodney Olldan and Frederick Forster.
Mr. and Mr. W. W. Cotton returned
last week from abroad, where they
' have been traveling for several month
Mra. Ralph Wilbur, who ha been
touring Kurope with Mr. John Lewi
for ceveral months, has returned horn.
Mrs. Lewi In at present In Pari and
will travel In Europe for some time.
While away Mr. 'Wilbur and Mra. Lewi
have been extensively entertained.
The Misses Flora and Marlon Bauer
arrived In Portland from New York on
Wednesday. They will pass the Sum
mer with their mother, Madame Julia
Bauer. Mis Kmllle Frances Bauer I
at present in fan Francisco. Klie ex
perts to arrive In Portland in a fort
night. e e
A party composed of members of the
sub-debutante set. chaperoned by Mrs.
J. Wesley Ladd. enjoyed -a boating
party up the Willamette on Sunday
afternoon. In the party wera Mis
Helen I.add. Mis Nancy Zan, Miss
Orace Peter. Miss Mary Brownlle. Mis
Rhoda KtimmeUn. William Wheeler.
Bud Krihs. flavin Dyott, Ferdinand
Smith and Harry Lytte.
Mrs. Oharfea T. Whitney entertained
with a srmill bridge' on Monday after
noon, complimenting her sister. Miss
Barrow, who Is visiting her from Cali
fornia, '
Mr. and Mrs. Jumes T. Barron re
turned from v Jtnston this week with
their son and daughter. Miiater Rob
ert ha been, attending the Volkman
School preparatory for Harvard, and
Miss Anna Barron grajnite.l In May
from the Sacred Heart College. Mr.
Barron and hi family will pas the
Summer In Alaska.
e e
Mrs. Howard Holland returned last
week from an extended vlait In Cali
fornia, e
Mr. and Mrs. Wllaon Clark are be
ing felicitated on the arrival of a baby
girl, born May 30. The baby will be
called L'llzabeth Sophia. ,
Mlsa Mary Schelter. of Wilmington,
' N". J., arrives In Portland today. She,
will be with Mlsse Ruth and Gene
vieve Church for the Summer.
The athletic set are looking forward
to the Spring Hunt Club meet whleh
will be held at the Hunt Club ground
on Saturday. June, IS. Among the
participant are Mrs. William H. War
rens, who will ride In the tandem trot
and ladles' trot. F. O. Buffum. Mr.
James Nieol, Miss Sallle Leadhetter.
Miss Mabel ljiwrence. Miss Em'ly
Stearns, Frederick Leatbetten Italph
Jenkins. William Walter, Walter Grut
ler, Eugene Oppenhelmer, Henry Ladd
-Corbett, Dr. McDanlela. Dr. J. N. Cogh
lan and Joseph C'ron'n. This will be
the first moet and steeplechase held at
the new grounds,
A party of Portland residents at
tended the dance given by the Illlhee
Club, of Salem, In the new Oregon
Electric freight building at Salem Tues
day night. They traveled In a special
rar both to and from the capital. The
following were In the party: Mr. and
Mra. A. I". Adams, Mr. and Mr. Charles
A. Coolldge, Dr. and Mra. Sanford
Whiting. Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Pell.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ransom, Mr. and
Mrs. Ilarvev E. Lounsbury. Fred A.
Hushnell, Miss Franoes Brady, Dr. and
Mrs. James C. Zan. Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Turner.'Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Wlcker
aliam, George M. McDowell. Mr. and
Mrs. Wither E. Co man, Mr. and Mra
Carl H. Gray, Jr.. C. D. Kllllpp, W. P.
I'owers. Bert Cohen. Frank A. Moore.
. V .
A delightful affair of the week was
the tea given by Mrs. Arthur C Spencer
at her Portland Helghta home. Pink
roses were the decorations used In the
living-room and hulL Receiving with
the hostess were her mother. Mra. M. A.
Fenton, and Mrs. William D. Fenton.
The tea table, which "wi presided over
by Mrs. J. D. Leonard, Mrs. Kufus Hob
nan, Mrs. F. I. Ball and Mra. Dan J.
Malarkey. was centered with a huge
basket of yellow Iris and roses. As
sisting In the dining-room were Miss
Margaret Hawkins and the Misses
Charlie and Luclle Fenton. Floating
about the rooms and serving punch
were Miss Hazel Morris, Miss Mary
Long. Mra. flicks C. Fenton and Mrs.
Ueorge W. Bosch ke.
Mrs. Isaac Vanduyn wn hostess at a
reception on Friday, complimenting her
guest. Mra. John Sommervllle, ot Ed
monton. Canada. Mra. Vanduyn was
assisted In receiving by the honor guest
and Mrs. Frank Vanduyn. About 40
guests called during .the afternoon.
Decoration of La France and Caroline
Teatout roses were used throughout the
rooms. Mr. Louis Burke and Mra.
Francis D. Chamberlln presided at the
tea table, assisted by Mlsa. Elizabeth
Boyd and Mia Julia Palmer. ' Icee were
served In the library by Mra. J. J. Pan
ton and Mlaa Tlca Von Bolton.
e e
Dr. Kugena Hockey returned home
Wednesday from the East. He will
pass the Summer with his parents. Dr.
and Mr. A. E. Hockey.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Houser have re
turned from an extended European
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick 8. Stanley
and Mlsa Cornelia Stanley left Port
land Thursdsy for the East. They ex
pect to be gone about a month- and
will attend the arraduatlon of George
Stanley at Yale on June It. '
' -
One of the prettiest of June' cycle", of
' wedding was that of Jdfts Eva Jen
kins, daughter of Mrs. Addle Jenkins
and Robert Gerard McPherson. which
took place at Trinity Episcopal Chapel
on Wdneday evening. Rev. A. A.
Morrlaon officiated. Only relatives and
s, few Intimate friends witnessed the
ceremony and there were no attendant.
A reception followed at the home of
the bride mother. The popular (hade
of pink predominated In the decorating
scheme of the Jenkins home and was
carried out with masse of roses. Re
ceiving with the bride and bridegroom
were 'Mr. Addle Jenkins and Mr. and
Mr. W. O. McPherson. The bride wore
a handsome creation of heavy white
satin with an overdress of real maltese
lace. Her tulle veil waa fastened to
her coiffure with a coronet of orange
blossoms and she carried a shower bou
quet of white rosebuds. Mrs. Jenkins
sppeared In blue chiffon embroidered
In corresponding tones, made over m
foundation of blue rharmetise. Mrs.
McPherson wss In royal blue chiffon
draped with blank chiffon. Mr. and
Mrs. McPherson will pass their honey
moon at Meadow Lake. They will be
at home after Julv 1. and will take an ,
apartment until their handsome home
on Aspen street. Willamette Heights, is
Lieutenant F. D Ktlgore. L'nlteid
Statea Marine Corps, of Bremerton
Navy-yard, will arrive In Portland to
day and will be the) guest of his sister,
Mrs. James T. Moylan. at the Moylan
home on Willamette Heights, for sev
eral day. Lieutenant Kilgore la on
route to Washington. D. C, where he
will take his examinations for his cap
Mrs. Frank Butler (Miss Inez Stock
ton) entertained with a tea on Tues
day afternoon complimenting Mrs.
Frank Sullivan, of Seattle and Jerome
Alexander, formerly Mlaa Albertlnv
Dletrlck. a nonular society girl of
ponTi,tDr.mi principal ix
V; :
M rm. Jssm B. Carrsisj. .
James B. Cur ran. Jr.. and Miss
Gertrude Dlnneen were married
last Tuesday morning In St. Pat
rick's Church. The wedding was
a quiet affair and only the Im
mediate families of the, young
couple) .were present. Mr. and
Mra.Curran will be at horn
after July 1 at Sit East Everett
atreet. - - -
P.erkeley. Cat Decorations of pink
lilies were) used throughout the room.
Mrs. Joseph Manas. ot Seattle, Mrs.
Robert Noonan and Mrs. Wheeler pre-
clded at the table assisted by Miss Shir
ley Eastham, Mlaa Barbara Crocker and
Miss Katherlne Emmons. Mrs. M. O.
McCorkle and Mlsa Margaret Webber
assisted about the rooms.
. . e
Miss Eleanor1 Cannon' left Portland
last week for San Francisco, where ahe
will visit for a fortnight.
e e - e
Mrs. Edward Tracy Bemls and her
mall . daughter, Leone: will arrive
Tuesday morning from Billing. Mont,
to be guests for month with Mrs.
Bemls' sister. Miss Leon Cass Baer, at
the Bowers Hotel. 1
.. .
Miss Edwa Doney Ewlng. of Stock
ton. Cal., has returned home after s
six weeks' visit with Mrs; Harry E.
Thlxton at the Thlxton home on Port
land Heights. Mrs. Claude A. Martin,
of MadlsonvlMe, Ky and Miss Florence
Walker, of Henderson, Ky., sister of
Mrs. Thlxton. will arrive In Portland
for a prolonged Visit. .
e , V
Mr. and Mrs. George A. White, the
former of whom Is Sunday Editor of
The Oregonlan. are receiving felicita
tions on the birth of a daughter, born
w m
Miss Esther Goodman and her moth
er, Mra. M. Goodman, returned to Port
land yesterday from San Francisco,
where they passed two months.
Mra. G E. Everett who Is profession
ally known aa Alice Flemings arrived
in Portland on Thursday, coming from
Ottawa. Canada. She opens an engage
ment today at the Baker Theater.
Complimenting a bevy of the brides
of the year and young matrons. Mra.
George B. Cellars entertained with a
card party on Tuesday afternoon.
Among those present were: Mrs. H. B.
Fries. Mrs. Donald Spencer, Mra. Harry
Vandyke. Mrs. Lloyd Bates. Mra. C. Mc
Mlcken. Mrs. M. B. Evans, Mr Victor
Jorgensen. Mrs. C. D. Hurlbut. Mr.
Harry Wellder, of Honolulu; Mrs. J.
W. Toft. Mrs. J. 8. Stack, Mra. C. B.
Paddock, Mrs. Qeorge D. Greene, Mrs.
William Kerns, Mr. J. C. Hare. Mrs.
Frederick Jennings. Mrs, J. Armand,
Mrs. H. Heppner. Mrs. M. C. Banfleld.
Mra. George Brlce. Mra. A- M. Dibble.
Mrs. Robert Berger, Mrs. B. 8. Pagen,
Mrs. A. M. Brown, Mrs. A. B. Wlnfree,
Mrs. Calvin W. White. Mra. C. F.
Wright. Mra. J. C Simmons. Mra. J. B.
Tanner, Mra. John F. Logan, Mlsa Anna
Jamea. Miss Eveline Paddock, assisted
Miss Mary Cellars In serving.
Mrs. "Ernest August Sommer and
Mrs. -Hugh Stevens Mount entertained
at bridge one afternoon last week at
the beautiful home of Mrs. Sommer on
the Willamette River. The color schema
of the dee-orations waa pink and green,
and great clusters of dark green foliage
wera used with splendid effect. Dainty
refreshments were served on the glass
enclosed veranda. Twenty tables of
bridge were arranged.
Miss Marie Haller arrived horn the
first of last week from Washington. D.
C. where she has been attending the
Mount. Vernon Seminary, a finishing
school for young women, during the
past year. She waa accompanied home
by her father. H. M. Haller. who ha
been East on an extended business trip,
In honor of Mrs. J. D Me'rsereau. o
Pasadena. Cel.. a visitor to Portland,
Aire, w . t. juersereau was a nosiese, a
the Orpheum last Thursday afternoon
Those who enjoyed the bill with the
hostess and honor guest were Mrs. J. F.
R. Webber. Mra. Warren Keller. Mrs
L. Hammond. Mra. W. Shore and Mra.
J. Aull, of Atlanta, Ga.
Tn honor of Jasoes H. Morrison, au-
mor oi j ne aairacie. in wnicn riur
ence Roberta appeared at the Orpher.m
recently, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Powefs were
dinner hosts last Tuesday evening. The
guesta with the actor-playwright hon
ored were Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Harvey.
Mra. Harvey 1 Mr. Morrison' sister.
Mr. Morrison was again honored Friday
night when Mr. and Mrs. Hgrvey were
hosts at dinner at the Pnuland "-Intel
ihe guests were Mr. and Mra. Ira I'ow
era and Mr. and Mra. Sherman O'Gor-
man. . .
Mrs. 8. B. Schwab announces the en
gageosent of her daughter. Marguerite,
to Walter Raleigh Anderson. No def
inite plana have yet been made for the
wedding. i . -
Bachelor of the Multnomah Amateur
Athletic Club-held their first monthly
dinner at the Oregon Grill Friday night
and after the soread 14 of the members
went to the Orpheum. The Bachelor
decided at the table to give a aeries of
monthly dinners, each of which is to be
followed by a theater party. The Bach
elor who attended the Orpheum after
the dinner were 8. E. Kramer, W. W.
Hussey, R. M. Cldggett. A. T. Caswell,
Leo Paronl. Dr. J. W. McColIom. Edward
M. Duffy. C. T. Haas. A, A. Courtney,
Jr, Robert Macglll. Harold Chamber'
lln. L. O Gibson, C. O. HJermstad and
W . C. Francla. I - .
f ,
Mrs. Harry E. Northup aad "children
are vlsltln Judsre and Mrs. H. ' H.
Northup on Portland Heights, alter
passing the Winter In California.
Preparations are being made by the
officers of department headquarters.
and 'Of the post, to go to the maneu
vera to be held from. July 20 td 30 In
th Grays Harbor country, with Cen
tralla as a base of operations. The
Twenty-first Infantry, which returned
In May from a three years' campaign In
the Philippines, Is being recruited up
to normal strength. 5 men snd about
IS officers. Just now the regiment, in
command of Colonel Young, Is 147 men
short, but these are expected to ar
- v
General "Maus and hla aide. Lieuten
ant Whitley, are now In the Souad
country, near Seattle, looking over the
proposed maneuver grounds. .
Mrs. Toung, wife of Colonel Young.
eft Thursday for Denver, to pass a
month with a son.
, e .
Mies Katherlne Dent- a sister of Can-
tain Dent, of tbe Engineers Corps, left
on Monday for New York and Phila
delphia, for a visit.
Captain Tiffany, post adjutant, has
goner to Newport. N. Y., and New "York
City, to visit his parents, whom he has
not seen for nearly three years. He
Unexpected to return wlth.Mrs. Tif
fany by July 1.
Captain Van Deman la acting post
adjutant during the absence of Cap
tain Tiffany. . i
e e
Two new officers have been assigned
to ' the Twenty-first Infantry and the
Second Field Artillery. Lieutenant
Wheeler, of Peoria, 111, who was ap
pointed from civil life will be with the
former, and Lieutenant Wilson with the
e e .
Letters from officers of the First In
fantry, now In Schoneld Barracks, near
Honolulu, Indicate that It Is not
early so pleasant for them there as
it waa In Vancouver Barracks. A bad
wind carries an unpleasant dust Into
the. tents In which they are quartered.
and this has caused "many families to
aeek quarters In hotels, which Is rath-
r expenalve. The trip over waa de
lightful, good weather , being enjoyed
on the Sherman.
e e e
Thirty officers of the pot went to
the smoker given by the National
Guard In the Armory, in Portland.
Tuesday. All had a pleasant time and
made many new acquaintance. ' .
123 Morrison street, Opposite
Hotel Pertlaad.
Forced to
AT 0(E.
Every V c
t i
'Obs Ca(rrt Goods Excepted.
All Waists educed.
Collar and Cuff Sets re
duced. Coat Sets reduced.
All' Corsets and Underwear
Neckwear and Gloves re
'duced. 'r-r
Embroideries, Half Price.
Mra. Wilkes, Mr. Fred W. Bugbee, Mr.
A. B. Warfleld. Mis Danforth, Mlsa
Fleming, and Mra. Klnnlson.
Mrs. A. P. "rlufflngvon and daughter.
Miss Marguerite, have arrived, from
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where they
have been for nearly a year past.
Among those who attended "Chan
tecler"- In Portland Wednesday- after
noon were Mrs. Maus, Mr. A. B. War
fleld. Mr. Walter JC Lloyd, Mra. Fred
W. Bugbee, Mrs. E. C. Stuart, Mrs. A.
8. Fleming, Mrs. F. W. Foster, Mrs. K.
F. McUlachlln and Mrs. Joseph T.
Officers of the Twenty-first Infantry
have been much Interested - in the
fllKhts over the post of iV aviator.
Silas Chrlstofferson, who, on Thursday,
made a flight from here to the Country
Club, In Portland, In tight minutes. '
The tfAundl In the. rtoat mrm now
like a large and beautiful campus, with
many, shade treea and a profusion of
rose studded In well-kept ireen lawns.
Hundred of Visitor during the week
pais through the post, lounge on the
graa and enjoy Ihe band concert,
which are being given regularly.
A huge field meet Is to. ha given
by the soldiers July 4, when. It Is ex
pected. 10.000 persons will be present
to see the military sports.
The officers polo team Is expecting
to have a game with a Portland team
this afternoon on the polo Held In the
artillery drill grounds. The officers
last Sunday defeated their visitors.
Mra McCleave entertained at bridge
Tuesday night. Mrs. Marlon P. Maus.
At the home of Dr. E. A. Somner,
overlooking the banks of the Willam
ette at Oregon Olty. Mr. Bomber en
tertained a number of friends at
bridge Saturday from 1 to 6 o'clock.
Many visitors attended from Portland,
Those attending during the-afternoon
were: Mrs. C D. Latourette. Mrs. E. hi.
Charmn,Mrs. U L. Pickens. Mra George
A. Harding, Mrs. Nelta Barlow Law
rence, Miss Fannie G. Porter, Miss
Kale J. Porter. Mra. Henry O'Malley,
Mrs. Edward Schwab, Mra. Theodore
Osmund, Mrs. O. M. Rands, Mrs. John
Humphrey, Mrs. J. W.' Fouts. Mrs. K.
T. Fields, Mrs. Li. L. Porter, Mra. L. E.
Jones. Mrs. John F. Clark, Mrs. John
Lewthwalte, Jr.,' Miss' Mayone Lew
thwalte, Mlsa Lewthwalte, Miss Nelta
Harding, Mrs. Mrs. K. A. Melssner,
Mrs f. Hendry,' Mrs. E. Avlson, Mra
W. R. Logus. Mra. H. A. Moody, Miss
CIs Barclay Pratt, Mrs. W. L. Mulvey.
Mra. Kenneth Stanton. Mrs. F. W.
Greenman, Mra. J. H. Walker. Mrs. E.
A. Chapman. Miss- Nell Canftcld. Mis
Mollle Holmes. Mrs. C. G. Huntley, Mrs.
H. E. StralgM, Mra. George Hawkins,
Mr. M. D. Latourette, Miss Nlma Kel
ley, Mrs. J. P. Lovett, Mrs. A. C. War
ner. Mrs. T. P. Randall, Miss Marjorl
Canfleld. Mrs. Meta Flnlev Thayer, Mrs.
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Fred Price. Mrs. Mooney, Mrs. a O.
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Marshall. Mrs. Anna Zelgler. Mrs. Al
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Hoe and Miss Rose Schatx,
Court Mount Hood No. I, Foresters
of America, gave an excursion and pic
nic on Sunday. June S, at Bull Hun
on the new Mount Hood Line. About
1200 men. women and children attend
ed, filling the 13 coaches to their ut
most capacity.
The grounds were reached about
11:30 A. M, after which all thoae who
had brought their lunches enjoyed them
In the shade of the treea In the beau
tiful picnic grounds. After lunch
sports of all kind were indulged in by
the . younger members of the party.
Haces for men. women and children
were held and also a tug of war be
tween Forestera and all-comers, which
waa easily won by the Foresters. Some
of the disciples of Ixaak Walton
brought along their lines and poles and
enjoyed the excellent fishing In the
Sandy River. For thoee who wished
to dance the pavilion was open all af
ternoon and many availed themselves
of the opportunity. So successful was
this picnic that the court may repeat It
again this Summer If occasion offers.
The annual luncheon of Oregon Chap
ter, t'nlted rurhter of the Confed-
Protect Your
For a minimum ' charge we '.
store and insure your furs
against Moth. Tire, . Theft
. Vaults of steel and concrete
in a fire-proof building.
'Fur re paired and remodeled
during the Summer months.
Superior workmanship, latest
Bring" your furs along when vis-'
iling Portland, Rose Carnival
week. Delivered later when
P. Plageaaaaa, Manager.
3A Morrtaoa St., Penlaad. Or.
Portland Ostrich Feather Dye Wks
t'H A S. HILL, president,
(tetrleh Products.
Flume mmifsuurd. ilid and repaired.
Pises dve snd an wnrk guaranteed.
Wlllew riitmea made fron' old malertsl.
Mil Merrhaata Trust Hldg.. Sixth and
WeatilnstAO streets. Mats)
Finely Tailored Suits
Actual Worth $24.75 to $30.00
Such Values Are Bound to Create a Sen
sation and the Shrewd Woman Is Quick
to Take Advantage.
You can select your ideal from this lot ; every .uit bfautifully tailored i1
the season's most accepted styles and materials of the newest and most
desired weaves Pretty grays, tans, browns, navy or .black, all sizes.
The miss, the small woman and the large will find these d f A Q C
to her liking and remarkably low priced at. . L frii3
Tp! Ill
New Ratine Peplum Waists
A new and attractive waist made of cotton voile with Dutch collar
ind Peplum of ratine in lavender, tan or white. Regular C"t f
$2.50 waists, special JJ 1 t7tD
C'oak and Suit Department
Second Floor
126 Sixth Street
Near Washington
Are invited to in
spect Portland's
neatest, clea n e 1 1,
brightest and largest
specialty Cloak, Suit
and Millinery House.
You are welcomed.
eracr, was held Monday. June f, the
anniversary of the birth of Jefferson
Davis. The luncheon was held in the
Royal Suite, Hotel Multnomah, where
4T sat down to a table beautiful In all
Its appointments. The decorations were
In red and wliote, the Confederate col- I
ore. Four Confederate veterans were
guests of honor, Cnptaln II. II. Do IT,
Captain Hrldwell, V. Joplln and Mr.
niunitrnsliip. Mrs. Avis I.ohdell whs
also Ruest of honor.
Mrs. Nnnnle DufT Pllva. president of
the chapter, was toastniistiess and
presided In a most rlinrtnlna: manner.
(Continued tin 1'SKS 4.)
$10,000 of High Grade Stamped and
Hand -Made Articles being sold re
gardless of cost or former value
Nothing reserved. Everything goes.
Come early for the pretty things.
Sale Starts Monday 9 A. M.
Ladies' High-grade
Shirtwaists, trimmed
with hand embroidery
and real laces; values to
$10.00, at 94.50
Hand-made Guest Tow
els, embroidered in col
ors; regular $2 values,
at $1.30
Stamped Guest Towels,
best grade huck; regu
lar 50c and GOc values,
at ......29t
Embroidery Cotton,
suitable for towels,
shirtwaists, etc.; regu
lar 5s, special, skein It?
New Punch-work Doi
lies, 27-inch; regular $1
values, at G9
18-in., reg.35c vaK 15
Novelties, very suitable
for Christmas gifts,
Necktie Racks, Hand
bags, Calendars, Pin
values, at
regular 50c
Night Gowns, best qua!
ity nainsook; cut long
and full; completely
nyule; regular $2.00 val
ues, at SI. 19
Stamped Shirtwaist
Patterns, best Erath
lawn; rcgulaf- $1.2. val
ues, at 79
Hand-embroidered Che
mise and Corset Covers;
values to $7.00. .S3.50
Burlap, colors red and
green; regular ?oc, val
ues, yard 9
Oval Library Scarfs,
conventional design;
reg. $1.00 values.. 33?
White Linen Doilies, Ifi
inelies size; regular Up
values, at 9
Tan Linen Centers and
Pillow Tops, complete
with cotton to em
broider; regular 7e to
$1.00 values, at....33
Our special offering for Rose Carnival week is a
large assortment of women's euits in Navy Blues
and Mixtures; plain tailored or fancy models at
One-Half Price
$28.00 Suit! now...S14.00
$32.00 Suits now...Sl(.00
$38.00 Suits now...S19.00
$40.00 Suits now...Si:0.00
$52.00 Suits novv...s:iI(.0)
$68.00 Suits now...S3.1.00
Sfje partfjolomeUj Co.
Ira 108.2!