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Low Heelj Are Aliia In Vofue ud 15-Button Jockey Boot I Proper for Street Weir-Humpty-Dumpty Hifch
Toe Footgear Becomes Fopul ar Mephisto Oasts Juliette. ,
SO great hare been the changes
prescribed bv Punic Fa.hloa lhat
the Shre style, have been hUMen.
a Is Mlunl f.r f.! sear. Neverthe
less the mo,ie In h has umlersone
ilm.Ki an revKluilonizina a transfor
mation as any other article of wearing
apr rel
Klrst anions the innovation Is the
Old-.i-Mor.e.l iow-hel shoe for Street
wear. tn.h seem to have set tte!f
down for a r-rolor.ped man. The
J.x-ev boot for the street, with a li
bation hris;M ant a r-lir of leather
Is an ther novel offerln. Kor strtct
Ir dross the aatla rolonlnl slipper and
ths hurr.ptv-dumpty hlsh-toe last In
suedes, leather anil craverette add
new tone to those st.tnlrl shapes.
IMsplaclr.a- the Jtiliettes and mocca
sins tor house wear Is the Mrphiato
boot, whir comes In all r!ora, but
Is most effective In Chant icier ' red.
Figure shows one of these comfort
aM house slippers, which. In this
model. Is royal purple with a collar of
Hold and Kilt heels, while a tiny gold
tassel hangs from the lowest curve at
each side of the ankle. Ooxe leather,
which resembles suerte. Is used for Me
phistos and they come tn emerald
green, purple and Chantlcler red.
ria-ure 1 ts ths humpty-dumpty hlgh
toe last of waterproof cravsnette. with
'extra heavy soles. With a white and
black suit, whits button on blaok shoes
of this type make a chle effect. Owing
to ths material of whteh It Is made and
the heavy sole, this shoe Is decidedly
practical for street wear as well as
Figure S shows the novelty street
type In ths Jockey boot, which, comes
n various shades, with collar effects
at ths top to agree with the material.
It has the new raised to and ths Cu
ban neel. Fifteen buttoi.a are used
on It and Its extra height makes the
boot a favorite for Winter wear.
The other pedestrian shoe Is shown
In figure and Is also high-topped.
Ths novel part of thla shos Is ths low
heel, which la mors comfortable than
j Answers to Correspondents
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the oH-fsshloned low-heeled shoe, as it
Is built on high-arched lines. It comes
In tau and black.
Kor the equestrienne the Imported
Knellsn riding biKit. as shown In fig
ure 6. Is the appropriate thing and. as
It his been adopted by the I'nlted
Plates Government, it is more in vogue
than ever. It is strictly bench work
and la made of Imported Itussian calf
with h:ind-welted soles.
Ki-xure 2 shows the satin evening
slipper, which Is lined with white kid.
The smsrt chou of chiffon and hand
tied ri'jbon r.-es Is a relief from the
chiffon bow of last season.
The olher dress slipper Is also of
satin, has the colmlxl I1 at the top
and is the newest ddea in drest. slip
pers. It comes In black satin and has
a black aatin corded silk colonial
buckle to supply a neat finish. This
slipper haa the full two-Inch Cuban
CORVALLIS. Or, Oct. 54. I was vary
mocn Interested la the talk on "Vlener
prod" and It Is possible that I may be able
to send yea the recipe before long. Mean
time I will send yoa this reelps for Tstl
man." a Norwegian coffes bread, which
yea and some ef your resders may enjoy:
Kattman Take three eggs, beat whites
stilt, add yelke unbeaten, and beat again.
Add four tesvpoons of sugar tor more If
liked sweeter) snd two teaepoons melted
butter, one wineglass of brandy, one-half
leeipooa baking powder and enough flour
to make dough stiff enough to roll. Ball thla;
cut In diamond skspe with a patry wheel,
cut a silt In center of each and fold through
one end.
Drop In hot lard and fry a delicate brown.
To al turn until Ihey float to the top. If
yea use too much batter they won't float,
o that Is the thing to be careful about.
Thee will keep any length of lime and
are nice wish wins as well ae wltli coffee or
chocolate. Some sprinkle them with pow
dered sugsr.
Yoo might like to know Uist there Is a
store In Melllnsham. Wash, that makes a
specialty of Norwegian end Danish cooking
utenel.e. I have neer sees such a store
In Portlsnd. but It would slmoet be worth
me trip to Belllngham to get some of the
things I have beard he has there-
U'lit you give me through Tbe Oregonlsn
a recipe tor cheese cake? I remember eat
Inf seme yters sgo and have never forgot
ten how good
loaf or sheet.
aa. It was bsked tn
enjoy your entries s
MRS. H. B. H.
t.,4 ir vou could describe It a little
more closely. Was It baked in a
crust Was It like custard pie
with cottage cheese In it. or was It a
vrrr rich granular mixture Did it con
tain almonds? Or currants Or spice?
What ws-the flavoring, orange, lemon,
almond, vanilla, brandy, rum. nutmeg;,
cinnamon, etc. All of these are features
of different cheese cakg reclpea. I
am glad that you find this column
Oregon Oty. Or.. Oct. 2. Will It he
convenient for you to give me t:ie follow
ing Informetlon In the October 2 Issue of
The OregonlanT If not. please try to let
me read your answer In the following 8un-
""ri '"I Is PaltlTrore" and "s la Mary
land" the same In preparing chicken, young
turkeys, etc when one cannot grill themT
Kindly give me directions how to prepare
lotn "ttylct." Toy may not know It. but I
have received my greatest heip In he pt
plx years from your srliciei. and I have al
ways regretted bring unable to enter any
of your classes. When I came West I
hsrdlr knew how to boll sn eg; but now.
of sil my household duties. I revel In cook
ing. 1 do not sttempt any very fancy
dlfhes. but try to perfect my simple, plain,
every-day cooking. When I feel competent
I hall try the fancy and more Intricate
t? I am rather Interested In paper-bag
cookery. Do you .rpr-ve of It? li l euch
S saving In labor w:ien one has a big fam
ily and does sil one's sewing, ss well ss
3i .Could you suggest how to best cook
young turkeys, when one tires of roest? Be
ing In the country, wood Is mv only fuel.
4 Tou hsve given msny different
chutneys. but I csn't find one for a rips
tomato chutney. Do yoo proceed as for
green tomato chutney? I reckon you are
censuring me for anting at uch lencth. but
forgive my voiublllty this tlmr. When I
next write I'll limit my words to the fewest
neceasarv. I thank you for your kindly pa
tience and the Information I know you will
give me. F. M. H.
I certainly do not "censure you for
your volubility." I am glad you find
this column useful, and I hone you will
write any time you think I can help
( 1 ) "A la Baltimore" and "a la Mary
land" are. I think, practically Identical.
Perhaps some Southern reader will cor
rect me If I sm wron. Clean and cut
up a young chicken In neat pieces. A
chicken of broiling; size would be cut
in four pieces, the breast bone snd tips
of pinions being removed. Dip the
pieces In flour, well seasoned with salt
and pepper, then, tn beaten egrg and
then In finely sifted bread or cracker
crumbs: arrange in a baking; pan; pour
on a little melted butter and bake
bout SO minutes; make a cream sauce,
using half chicken stock (made from
giblets and trimmings) and half cream.
Adding the dissolved scrapings from the
pan gives a good flavor. Pour the
sauce Into a hot dish and place upon
it the pieces of browned chicken so
that the crispness of the latter is not
Impaired. Thin broiled and cured slices
of bacon and corn fritters or corn pud
ding often accompany thin dish.
Another rpethod Is to rinse the pieces
of chicken In water or milk and dip
them In seasoned flour, then lay them,
skin side down, in a single layer in a
hot baking pan In a mixture of but
ter and tried-out salt pork fat. Put
Into a very hot oven. Cook a few
minutes and baste well.
When one aide la brown, turn the
pieces over, so that they are lightly
browned all over without being dried
out. The egg-coating of the first meth
od prevents the escape of the juice.
Make a cream gravy In the pan. pour
ing off any superfluous fat. Serve as
In 'the first recipe.
Toung turkey might be cooked by
this method.
2. Tes. I certainly approve of paper
bag cookery. fjr many purposes. For
some time past I have been trying to
find time to write an article about 1C
and I hope to do so shortly.
S. Almost any stay of cooking chick
en could be adapted for young tur
keys. Lucky you. to have so many
that you get tired of roasts! They
might be fried; frlcaseed; smothered
tn a casserole or bean pot; stewed,
with varying accompaniments; "made
Into a pie hot or cold: jellied; potted:
used for salad: curried; served a la
Creole; baked In cream: braised with
mushrooms and chestnuts. If available;
made Into pilau; steamed: smothered
with oysters. If available; spiced:
canned for future use; made Into ta
malea, or chop suey: reheated In pat
ties, croquettes, souffles, etc Person
ally, however, I prefer the simpler
methods of cooking for these delicious
birds. -
(4.) Ripe tomato chutney might be
made by a method similar to that for
green tomato ohutney. If you wish. I
will give you a detailed recipe next
week. Let me know if you wish detailed
Instructions for any of the turkey or
chicken dishes suggested.
Portlsnd. Or.. Oct. IS. Would you tell
me. through The Bundey Oregonlsn. how to
make vanilla extract and others. If not too
much trouble. Thanking you for your
kindness. MRS. V. K. C.
Vanilla owes Its flavor to a volatile
essential oil. This can be extracted
from the pod by soaking In alcohol. I
do not think, however, that you will
find home-made vanilla extract any
better or cheaper than the best com
mercial product. Home-made extract
will be light In color.
Vanilla extract Four ounces best
Mexican vanilla pods, 16 ounces alco
hol. Pound the pods very fine or put
through a fine foodchopper, adding a
little powdered sugar to absorb any
oil which may be expressed. Cover
with pure alcohol: put Into a well
corked bottle, and let stand 2 to 4
weeks. Filter and rebottle, add more
alcohol to the spent pods, to extract the
last trace of the precious essential oil.
This wesker extract can be used with
new pods Instead of the plain alcohol.
This strong extract Is best for confec
tionery, but for ordinsry domestic use
It may be diluted with water, since
there Is danger of using too much. If
one Is acenstomed to ordinary vanilla
Commercial vanilla extract Eight
ounces vanilla pods: 1 ounces tonka
beans: 12 ounces sugar; 1 gallon alco
hol; 1 gallon water. Proceed as In
the first recipe.
Imitation vanilla extract Four
ounces Tonka beans; 1 pint alcohol; 1
pint water; one-half cup brown sugar.
Prepare as above.
The essential oils of lemon or orange
rind (use the yellow part only) and
various spices, can be extracted with
alcohol, as above. '
Portland. Oct. 24. Could you please tell
me how to make dill pickles so thst tney
will keen sound through the vt Inter? Mine
always get soft before Christmas. I eep
them In a stone jar. which I set In a cool,
dark plare. Is this the correct thing to
do? Thanking yoo very much for your kind
ness. MRS' J-
Several recipes for dill pickles have
appeared recently In these columns and
therefore cannot be repeated at present.-
The softening is due to the .ac
tion of micro-organisms. This can be
MAXY thanks for your Interesting
letter and the recelpe for "Fati
min." I have tasted these cakes In Nor
wegian homes and can testify to their
goodness, especially with good Nor
wegian coffee. I shall be very glad If
you succeed In helping us with this
famous Vlener Brod. I did not know
about the store to which you refer; I
believe, however, that some of the larg
er Portland stores make a feature of
Imported kitchen utensils some of
them particularly attractive, but I do
not know whether they Include Nor
wegian and Danish specialties. I am
the proud possessor of some of the spe
cial Irons used In making the Nor
wegian "Ooro" and "Krumkagen"(T).
which I obtained from an Importing
house In Minneapolis.
I shall be very glad to give a recipe
for "cheese cake." but as there are a
good many differing types English.
German and American (probably also
Norwegian-and Danish). X should, bw
To Quickly Chase
Away Wrinkles
(From Fashion Review.)
The surest and Quickest way to ob
literate wrinkles of- every description,
from the finest lines to the deepest
furrows. Is' by means of the saxollta
formula, about which w'v heard so
much of lata. Bathing the face and
neck In the lotion at once tightens and
tones up the skin, affecting every
wrinkle, as well as creased or saggy
tissue about the cheecks, neck or chin.
Any druggist can supply pure pow
dered saxollte. which Is most effec
tive. Dissolve an ounce of this In a
half pint of witch hasel and you have
as perfect a soluUon as any expert
cava make. vAilv,
Frilly Trimmings Add to Attractiveness of Light Face Capes Designed Especially for Young Girls French Dotted
Swiss Muslin and Point d' Esprit Favorite Materials.
If i ' - 4 v (V J I Kf - J I
life, fe vri y -. ( vir
NEW YORK, Nor. 4. (Special.)
Fringe borders many of the pret
tiest fichus that are worn with
afternoon house costumea of a simple
order. This one of white corded silk
trimmed with white silk grass fringe
about two inches long, is cut to fit flat
ly over the shoulders of the blouse
of black satin.
In the back the fichu Is shaped to
the rounded-neck of the blouse and at
avoided or minimised In several ways.
(1.) Be sure the cucumbers are fresh
and well washed.
(2.) During fermentation, keep the
covering-cloth well washed, and the
pickles under the brine.
(S.) Watch for the first soft pickle.
Do not let it Infect the others. Re
move at once any soft ones you find.
Scald the pickles In new brine and
vinegar If necessary. ...
(4.) Sometimes fresh pickle liquid Is
desirable and will check or prevent
softening. Draw off the old and pour
on the new scalding hot. A pint of
vinegar to the gallon is sometimes a
good thing touse either In the origi
nal pickle or in the renewed' liquid.
(5.) It will sometimes be found that
pickles keep better "In a closed keg
after fermentation Is over, than In a
crock. ' ,
(.) If the pickles are put up In
cans, after fermentation "has taken
place, and opened a few at a time there
Is a better chance of their remaining
Cr'(7P) Some makers assert that vine
leaves, cherry leaves and horseradish
leaves, used In the making, tend to
check undesirable ferments and pro
mote the keeping qualities of the
P'lkmust ask Mrs. T. P. S. (Portland)
and Mrs. E. M. M. (Moro. Or.) to wait
until next week for their replies..
French Recipe for Little Dishes.
There Is a dainty little cooking pan
in France which is called a plat. It
has two handles and Is practically a
frying pan with the exception that It is
only made In the prettier kitchen ma
terialsenameled tin, earthenware and
copper. The plats can be bought here
In the cheaper forms, and any one will
find them very satisfactory In prepar-.
ing the following recipe:
Rognons aux Bananes Veal kidney
and bananas are the ingredients of
this melting dish. Take off a little of
the kidney fat use only a half or quar
ter for one person and saute It with
butter in quite a hot pan. The kidney
must be browned slightly, but still be
left a little pink In the Inside; this
slight rareness Improves the taste and
leaves it tender. When cooked, push
the kidney to one side and put in a
banana, cut in lengthwise slices that
have been sprinkled with lemon Juice.
These will fall to pieces with the cook
ing, but all the better. Pile the pulp
beside the kidney on a hot "plate and
eat at once.
Developing Bust
and Chest
Mile. Merlyn. Amerlca-a greatest authority
on Health and Beauty Culture advise, deep
breathing each morning and night, massag
lngtn part, with Meloro.e Beauty cream
each -nlshU and each morning bathe the
narts w'th cold t water. Take White',
vauralre Oalega Tablets four times a day.
drink' ' w.t f reely, and within a very
onable time excellent result, will be noticed
It Is essential that you kVTVE
remedy that contain, the GJ..fii wilfa
PORTED OALEGA, uch a. wlllard White
Company-, does, and to be on the safe side
for this brand, take no .ubstltutes, a. they
are worthies, and a waste of. tlms.
The tablets are more of a food tnan a
mJdlclne and are perfectly harmless. Easy
t0Notkonly doe. Mils. Merlyn endorse Oil.
method but al.o all high authorities on
beauty cult and beauty wr Iter, and thou
sand. CI women w. -
V nite S V .j - "
h m
no new experiment.
to ask for
Wlllard White Co."s
Galega Tablets.
Flesh Builder. Tonic,
1.00 BO.-
Trade Mark)
Thl. Is the preparation so highly rwom
ji k. VE De LE VIE and all high
fuorftl-o? health and beauty culture.
WhTte'eVaucalr. Galega Tablets contain
th? genuine Imported. Galega. They round
out Shrunken, .hallow parts, develop and
ke the bust firm. If you are undevel
oped. THV careworn, nervous or run down.
e"a box of the., tablet., and not. their
.UI1 effects. II box (three week!'
Sen ). only 8o On. bo; of ths tab
le" equal, two 'bottle, of the $1 site liquid.
"rAUTTorInltstlons snd worthies, nos
trums' are being ofTered. Get only the or
iginal genuine. distributed by Wlllard
White cZm Chicago. Beware of .ub.titute.
Look for U. S. res. trademark on each box.
r fnnd te .tamp for sample of Mel
oro.e Cream. Melorose Face Powder; alio
tMe!rit'orders filled : sdd So extrs. Writs to
WILLABD WHITE CO, Chicago. 111.
The Host Perfect Tsilet Dainties in tbeWo:ld
Sold by Owl Drag Csw
the front forms rounded ends which,
like the rounding at the back, termi
nate two inches above the waist line,
The elbow sleeves of the blouses are
finished with double quilling of knlfe
plalted satin and below the narrow
girdle and overlapping top of the ilack
permo skirt. Is a similar frilling.
Not the least of the charms of the
fichus designed especially for young
girls Is their frilly trimmings. Dotted
white net, fine French dotted Swiss
muslin and point d'esprlt are favorite
materials of which to develop this mod
el, which is so cut that it forms double
but transparent folds over the should
ers, curves gracefully across the cen
ter of the hack and joins Just above
the waist line In front In cascade ef
fect. On the edge of the under section are
narrow frila of the dotted net, while
narrow frills of te dotted net, while
Is headed with a narrow- plcot-edged
band of lace.
"Lilac Vegetal" is now a
Household Name
The wonderful quality and fragrance of
have endeared it to the women of America and given it
permanent place in thousands of refined homes.
It is the most popular perfume in the world. In the last
five yean its sales have increased enormously in fact, are
greater than the sales of any other toilet water.
Its fragrance is exquisite, its lasting quality remarkable and
the 'price is but 75c for a 6 oz. bottle.
If you are not a user of ZD. PHTAUD'S Lilao Vegetal, we
want you to know about it and we therefore make
A Special Free Offer
Write your name and address in coupon below, enclosing 5c.
(for postage and packing,) and mail to our American Offices
Please send me yonr special ioc. testing bottle of ED. PINAUD'S
Lilac Vegetal for which I enclose 5c
Name , ; .
B . Street
0 City-
rr i a.
. p.. 1 Oft
Exercising in itself is good, but Is of
no avail for developing the bust or
rounding out hollows, as this disfigure
ment is due to starved, underlying tis
sues, and to correct the fault it is neces
sarv to properlynourish these sensitive
glands and muscles. A gal 1 ol ' tonic
(which is the Vaucalre treatment). Is
very beneficial, because It goes right to
the seat of trouble and so energizes the
delicate tissues and glands that they
quickly respond and soon assume their
correct sire and proportions. Any woman
can easily prepare her own Vaucaire
treatment by making a syrup with a
cupful and a half of sugar and a pint
of water, then adding one ounce galiol.
Take a tablespoonful before meals, and
In a ehort time the figure will be
plump and symmetrical as nature In
tended. Galiol Is a little expensive, but
for this purpose it has no equal.
Ruth S.: The electric needle is pain
ful, slow and uncertain. Apply a deiol
paste to the hairs' you wish removed,
and "after two or three minutes rub off
and wash the skin. Any druggist can
supply the powdered delol, and while it
costs eeventy-five cents an ounce, rare
ly is it necessary to use more than one
application to permanently remove even
a heavy growth of hair.
Betty: Tour "muddy," oily skin will
not cause worriment very much longer
if vou make up and use this amarol re
tiring lotion: Buy two ounces amarol
at the drug store and dissolve it in one
pint hot water, then before retiring at
night thoroughly cleanse the skin and
apply the amarol retiring lotion gen
erously, rubbing lightly until it disap-
fiears. Do thi every night and before
ong your skin will be clear and smooth
and take on the natural rose tint of
youth and health.
Anita: Little good results from ap
plying olive oil to the scalp. To over
come the itchy, scaly condition, it is
necessary to employ a tonic to stimu
late the hair-sacs and tender tissues.
You can make a pint of the best tonio
by pouring one ounce beta-canthol In a
half pint alcohol, then adding one-half
pint water. For best results use fre
quently and plentifully, each time giv
ing the scalp a thorough massage. Ijs
ing this beta-canthol tonic soon cor
rects scalp and hair troubles, encour
ages the secretion of coloring matter,
necessary to restore the former shade
and brilliancy, and induces a heavy
growth of soft, silky hair.
Ida: Nature is kind to the com-
Elexion when her laws are not abused,
ut where powders and cosmestics are
used to excess the harvest is a wrin
kled, aged, mottled, unsightly skin.
Stop clogging and smothering the
pores and try this simple treatment.
If you would regain a soft, velvety skin
and whoJesome complexion: Use plenty
of good soap and warm water to re
move the dust and dirt, then after
drying, apply a cerol cream, massag
ing in well, and soon your skin will
be free from impurities and the true
beauty of youth-hood in all its charm
and loveliness will be yours to enjoy.
To make the cream, dissolve two
ounces cerol In three-fourth pint boil
ing water, stir till smooth.
C. D.: Shampooing can be made a
pleasant Incident of the toilet if you
employ eggol for cleansing hair ana
scalp. Get a package of eggol from
your druggist for a quarter (which is
enough for a dozen shampoos) and dis
solve a teaspoonful in a cup of hot
water: massage briskly as you pour
a little at a time on the scalp. You
will find shampooing with eggol
soothes and invigorates the scalp and
puts it in a healthy condition. After
rinsing, the hair dries quickly and
takes on a rich, even gloss and fluffi
hess. Occasional shampoos with eggol
greatly benefit the hair-sacs and keep
the scalp clean and healthy. Adr