The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 29, 1911, Page 14, Image 14

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    a- Aurnnvnv PflTlTL AXD. OCTOBEK 29, 1911.
fhe Villa St. Clara, Finest Anartment Ho.- " W,t. Wished Throughout by Meier & Fr's-See Pae "gcm
Wonderful Variety of Dolls and DoUJeds-Also Doll Hospital 5th F.oor-Credit Purchases Tomorrow Go on Novemter Account?
Our B
Ihow Will Be He
! th Annua
pvrr sO in Prizes Offered Pianned on Greater Scale Than Ever Before
. wn,OT. ca Frank Store has held an original Doll "Show here on the 5th floor in the best All-the-Year-Round Toy Depart-
For the last ten years The Meier a rjS?, ?5oU Show the most notable and enjoyable ever held on the Coast to far eclipse any previ
ment of the Northwest! We VT IIJSl Measure for years 9 come. A Doll Show to delight the chifd heart-and
ous event and one that children and parents aJiKe will remm" SJen the feeiinrf 0f tenderness and care for the Doll companions of their child
that's one of the objects o is sp
nSOd aays. every J - r- " " ' "RnrAetv or charitable Institution entering the best ercrop of Dressed Dolls consisting of not less than ten ,
OSAUO rtULtr-OV m Bu 7"" - ... .nt.Hn, th .econd best Larirest I CI... F. An J8.50 Doll Perambulator I CI... G-Cholee OI
hm4 r.rmut Prl.r 130 in old to
tl,. Chiir.i. Society or IharltnK J
lnMinmon for the bel Mncie
Ire.c.l choen from ny
eroun wi -nlred for Grand ";ie.
Third Jrrt Prt.e 120 In (C old to
the Church. Sm-iety or Charitably
. ..... i .1. a MCond beat
Single Iressed Ioll chosen trom
m ii j r-' - -
Orand Prlxe. .
Fourth Ord Prl-2S Jn KOld to
the child entering- the bent roup
of Dreed Uol'.a consisting of not
less than three.
CI A-Flr.1 ITIae A IK Colum
bia TalKinir mi"". i
Llj. .i.ild entering the
Ki' Simla Dressed Doll of any
; m a lit aa Tov Krenrn
Milliner- store to the child en
trlnB fn second best Dresned
la.rB Flrat Prlpe A beautiful
fii Toll House to the child entcr
in the X-arget Best Dressed Doll.
? L1" LL'Tais WrV Balcet
c-nu 1 " " " V. t.ii j
and Doll s i roueeeau ib vn-i"
entering- the second best Largest
Uressed lkjii.
CI.m C A 115.00 Work Basket on
tand to the child entering the
Wet Dressed Doll. 17 to 24 Inches
ClMh A 112.60 German Stiver
Toilet set to the child entering ine
rinut Dressed Doll. to 18 Inches
Cla. K An 18.50 Doll Perambulator
to the child entering the Best
Dressed Doll not over six Inches
In length.
Claaa F Flrt Prise A 110 Mer
chandise Order to the child enter
ing the Most Original Doll.
Second Prise A $5 Merchandise
Order to the child entering uie
second Dent vi 1100.1 uun.
hnl-a g9 T"rll an4 TreMn!
totaline- to the enna entering
the most uomicany ure?eu uim.
Clam H An $8.50 Doll's Bed to the
child entering the Best Dressed
Bov Doll.
CImm I A $3 Merchandise Order to
the child entering the Most Curi
ous or Interesting Doll.
Clau J A 10 Merchandise Order to
jjpriag Maid" Records Here
HEAR "Dav Dreams," "Two Lit
tle Love Bees" and Gems from
The Spring Maid, that joyous Vien
nese Opera which comes to Portland
this week, on the Vietor or Columbia.
"The Spring Maid" Coiffure Also
:.,;.,to.i fnr th onera- In our
Beauty Parlors, regularly $J at $3.
Mm f
I MfonH bent Original Doll. 1
I nig ii. y..
The Way ReclMctSoES Are Made at
All .l rimraeca nais r rom ,
the child. enUring the Oldest or
Most Ancient uon.
Class K Flint Prtme A $10 Mer
chandise Order to the child enter
ing the Best Doll representing
typical Western characters.
Second Prixe A 7.50 Merchandise
Order to the child entering the
second best Doll representing
typical Western characters.
Lunch in Beantiful Restaurant
DELIGHTFUL in its surroundings,
unexcelled in service and cuisine,
our beautiful Seventh Floor Restau
rant will prove a revelatioin to the
shopper and business man alike.
The Heilig Theater Orchestra plays
daily from 11:30 to 2. Through ele
vator service.
Ife Sale of Dresses $25
to $30 Lines at $19.45
You'll not find more beantiful Dresses anywhere at this price!
Smart one-piece Afternoon and Evening Dresses of Serges, Pan.
nmWt rf,.vintvRroadcloths. SilKs and Satins. All show the mod
1lh Wu ut.linp. High necK with dainty lace yoKes, also with
niTrnilar of Irish Crochet, Colors: BlacK, naVy, tan, gray,
green, purple and brown. AH sizes op
to 44 bust measure. Our regular $25,
S27.50 and $30 Dresses, tomorrow only
S22.50 Suits. $ 1 7.45
Our entire line of $22.50 Tailored Suits.
Cheviots, tweeds and worsteds in grays,
browns, etc. Alo plain blue or black
serge. Smart new models. Of-CI "7 A CI
fered tomorrow, suit, only H
$25 Coats at $19.45
Special line of our regular $25 Coats, in
cluding score of latest models in double
texture and reversible fabrics. Grays, tans,
browns, black and mixtures. t 1 Q A$
Offered tomorrow, ea only V
To $10 Skirts, $4:85
Women's and Misses new Skirts of
splendid Tweeds. Serges, Cheviots and
broadcloths. Black, brown, navy, tan, both
plain or in checks or stripes, it! A Q
$7.50 to $10.00 lines, for only
$6 Petticoats, $3.95
A special purchase of handsome new Mes
saline Silk Petticoats with fringed flounces.
Either plain or jersey tops. Black, white,
and all wanted shades. Splen- CO QC
did $5 and $6 grades, at only V-'-'
5 Up, Tomorrow lh Off
We anticipate the greatest crowds our Millinery Department has
seen in years, as the result of this announcement ! Every beau
tiful New YorK and Paris Hat, including all the exquisite crea
tions vou have seen here this season, from $15 to $175, on spe-
cial sale tomorrow on the second floor at just ONE-THIRD OFF
All $15 Hats now at $10.00
All $18 Hats now at $12.00
-All $20 Hats now at $13.35
All $25 Hats no wat $16.70
All $30 Hats now at $20.00
All $35 Hats now at $23.34
All $40 Hats now at $26.65
All $50 Hats now at $33.34
$7.50 to $12 Hats Only $5.95
Choose from 150 smart tailored and Dress
Hats tomorrow' at this sensntional price!
-VT 1 X i . 1. 2 ..Ml. .I,.nAl XTt I If r nf t II rt
v eiyei,. leiv. an pu.vmiA;5.
No two of the
$7.50 to $12' Hats,' each, only
becoming models alike. Our L" C QC
All $60 Hats now at $40.00
All $75 Hats now at $50.00
All $90 Hats now at $60.00
All $100 Hats now at $66.67
All $125 Hats now at $83.34
All $135 Hats now at $90.00
All $150 Hats now at $100.00
All $175 Hats now at $116.67
All Untrimmed Shapes Felts, velours,
velvets and beavers, in black, white and
every color. Priced $4.00 tojj
$20, offered at this reductioin VII
Fancy Wings An assorted lot in all
shapes and colors. Prices from $1.50 to
$7.50, now offered at ONE-HALF PRICE
' ,'4 Vil
f. 2 X
X ( V xf f XiS '."8
Other Astonishing Sales Beginnin
'Clock Tomorrow!
S1.25 70-in. Pure T Jnen Damask at 872c
18c Heavy, Full Size Pillowcases 12'2c
50c Printed Silk Mulls at the Yard 19c
S1.50 to $2.50 Black Silk Hose, Pair 95c
10c Black Spool. Silk, Special at 4 for 25c
Women's S1.25 and $1.50 Gloves for 98c
Women's $3 Long Lamb Gloves at $2 39
25c English China Cups and Saucers 16c
SLOP Griswold Waffle Irons, Special 69c
25c Dr. Lyon's Tooth Powder, 10c Box
18c Pajama Flannels, 27-inch, Yard 12c
All New Shetland Veils Now at '3 Off
$5 to $7 Hammered Brassware for $2.98
A Bis Sensation Tomorrow
Entire Stock Dress Goods
Silks and Velvets Reduced
To $1.50 Dress Goods, 98c $1 Silk Messalines for 79c
A biff table filled witli hand- Fully a hundred different
some Two-Tone Cheviots and shades to choose from! think oi -
Mixed Suitings in all the new it. Rich, shimmering, all -silk
browns, gravs,. blues, tans. Messalines for dresses, waists
greens; etc. " Regu- 'and party frocks.
far $1.25 and $1.50 V OC Finest $1 grades. To-
Dress Goods at, yd. v v morrow at only, yd.
$2 Dress Goods, Yd. $1.39 The Polo Coatings, $2.25 Up
High Grade Scotch and Home- Every yard of the favored Polo
spun Suitings of our best $2 Coatings reduced. All plain col-
fis-& $ .39- ?fr$2.25
morrow, yard F a only, the yard V
oriieres, Half
We've gone through cur entire stocK of Portieres, taKing out all odd pairs. To
thP have be"e!Tadded several big special purchases. Around 1150 pairs divided
into four lots for this sensational distribution tomorrow:
Lot 1
.Figured Rep.
"Tanestrv and
fancy portieres in all colors
anil weaves; worth $3 and $6
a pair. Clioiee for tomorrow,
the sinple For- (T- Ak
tiere t only OliHi
f a O l'ortieres of the
lQt Ct jfio to $12
a pair prade. Ilandsome Ori
ental desiens with heavy
fringe. Also fancy Keps and
Tapestry borders.
lrieed at only, ea.
Lot 3-
Portieres of rich
Mercerized Reps i
and fancy imported materials
in a gre it assortment of colors.
Worth $14 to $16 by the pair.
Priced for tomor- !0 QQ
row at only. ea. j)OaOZx
I Cit A Includes re ally
lVJL v tstonishing val
ues in elegjuit Velour, Silk and
Satin Damask Portieres of
beautiful designs and colorings.
Worth $20 to $3U
a pair, at only, ea.
All Irish Crochet Neckwear for V4 Less
Marabou Sets and Stoles at a Fourth Off
Sample Jewelry, 29c, 49c, "796, 98c, $1.39
Boys' $2.50 Woolen Blouse Suits at $1.49
All Leather Goods at One-Fourth Less
All Knit Underwear Greatly Reduced
AH Belts and Beltings at a Fourth Less
Leather Traveling Sets at Half Price
200 Beaded and Tapestry Bags 2 Price
$6.00 to $8.00 High Grade Corsets $198
Pictures and Picture Framing at !4 Off
To 18c Eyria Lace Edges, Insertions, 7c
S1.25 to $2.25 Swiss Baby Flouncings, 98c
Money-Saving Opportunities on
Blankets 'mi Coniforters!
j i
II 1 'mean rrrmn
Light, soft, warm and comfortable Comforters. All full sizefilled with pure
white, sanitary sheet cotton that won't bunch up. Covered with good qualUyjilK:
nline. The BlanKets of soft, all-wool, full-sized. White, colored and Army styles.
The Comforters
$1.25 Comforters $1.10
$L50Comf orters$ 1 .29
$1.75 Comforters 5153
$2.00 Comforters $1.09
$2.15"Comforters S1.72
$3.00 Comforters $2.69
II K j $3.50 Comforters $3.15
$3.75 Comforters $6X5
Xe Blankets
$4.50 BlanKets $3.75
$50 BlanKets $4.29
$6.50 BlanKets $5.65
$70 BlanKets $6.55
$6.50 Plaid Bl'Ks $5.55
$7.50 Plaid Bf Ks $6.55
Blue Army Bl'Kets $4
KhaKi Color Bl'Kts $5