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    4 ttte srypAT QREnoyiAy. roitTLAyp, October 22. 1011.
Archer & Wiggins
Wright & Ditaon Athletic Goods, Guns and
Ammunition, Fishing Tackle
Motorists Cautioned to Use
Directors Choose Place for
Building to Be Erected
in Spring.
Care When ' Tinkering
. With. Machine.
N. W. Corner Sixth and Oak Streets
jVC.-1 " r-. . , -- ifT.i Viv - r-x . J ..
I kv Y
I l II BM ! ! Ms I II ! I
Acbcrn Motor Car Co.
505-7 Burnside Street
A 7339, Main 2674.
.wtrtrand Automobile Club's; Ruler
Dold That Land 00 Sandy
Road Supplies Ercrjr.
rd Demanded.
bt pn. J. rtsi-T.
With th. selection of a definite sits
for the proposed clubhouse, the unan
imous Indorsement of the pln to s.
cure permanent downtown headquar
ters In one of the leadln hotel, and
the aurance of the directors that the
clubhouse will be erected early In the
Spring, the Inauguration of a strenuous
membership campaign for the Portland
Automobile Club Is beginning to as
sume mature aspects.
Several of the directors went to the
club's grounds last Sunday morning.'
and. after giving the question careful
consideration, decided that the best
thing to do would be to build a suit
able clubhouse there. They Inspected
the whole acreage and finally decided
en a spot overlooking the picturesque River. It Is on the west bank
f the stream and commands a beauti
ful view of the surrounding country.
gltuated on both sides of the Bandy
Road, and on the west side of the
stream that bears the same name, the
grounds, covering over It acres, are
Ideally located for the purpose, which
the motorists' organisation wants. Ac
cessible by an lmprovtd road, which Is
in excellent condition the year round,
especially adapted for picnicking, fish
ing, boating and swimming. It Is doubt
ful If a more desirable spot could be
fleeted within reasonable distance of
the city. '
But a short drive from Portland, sur
rounded by a dense forest, with majes
tic trees rearing their stately beads
toward the skyline, the atmosphere of
the city Is completely lost. It Is a
delightful place to escape the oppres
sive heat of the city's Summer, and
affords Innumerable opportunities of
outdoor recreation. One of the princi
pal assets of the rrounda Is the fact
that there Is ample space cleared for
mall children to frolic about without
Sanger of Injury.
lmri"'" Are rtaaswd.
There are all sorts of possibilities
for Improving the gmunds at slight
cost, but the plans of the directors are
only In the formative state and not
ready for publication.
Evidence of the popularity of the
grounds le given every Sunday and hol
iday. Home time ago a member of the
club was delegated to keep tsb on the
number of machines which entered the
grounde on Sunday. Hie count. a re
turned to President W. J. Clemens, was
us. and this Included only those which
went there In the afternoon. Several
autos were In the grounds when the
directors arrived rhere Sunday.
The ride out to the club grounds Is
tnsde pleasant bcth by the good char
acter of the roads and the scenery.
Even in mid-Summer, the Base Line
and Sandy highways are devoid of
dust. The roads are kept In good con
dition all year, rtumps an ruts are
noticeable by their absence, and the
grades offer 00 difficulty.
dak Benefits Great.
Benefits to be derived from an auto
mobile association are eo numerous
that It would take a volume to recite
them. By close and effective organisa
tion, the motorists can obtain useful
recognition and gain points thst it
would be Impossible for a single per
son to get. There are over 000 auto
Ists In Oregon: 5" belong to the Port
land Automobile Club. With thts com
paratively small representation the or
ganisation has made Its Influence felt
In good roads legislation over the en
tire state; was a paramount factor In
the framing of the motor vehicle law,
and has done numernue other Impor
tant thing to help the cause of the
automobile owner.
KTfort I being made to Increase the
membership to 1P01. With double Its
present strength It Is easy to compre
hend what a potent factor the club
would be In matters pertaining to the
operation of automobiles. It give the
member many advantage. For In
stance. It Is affiliated with the Amer
ican Automobile Association, which has
branches the country over, and Its
tadge entitles the possessor to every
attention In a strange country. The
visiting member will be supplied with
valuable road data, given map and
Tip-to-date Information concerning the
condition of the hlghwav. and gets
the benefit of te experience of ethers
In picking the best tours. '
(lab Coed Reads Farts.
During the past Summer the tour
ing of the state by automobile ha
grown to considerable popularity.
White on long trips the. tourists ran
Into many bad roads. The real way to
secure their betterment Is by co-operation,
and no better method could be
singled out than by an Influential au
tomobile organisation. Many states are
appropriating considerable money for
yad Improvement, and everywhere It
I noticeable that the activities of au
tomobile associations have figured In
the allotments By esertlng their In
fluence as a body before the legisla
tors, the autolsts nave obtained rec
ognition and many of their suggestion
Several plan have been submitted to
the directors for the clubhouse. None,
however, have been selected. The board
will wait nntll all plans have been sub
mitted, and as there Is no urgent need
f hurry, everyone who desires to com
pete undoubtedly will be given ample
t!m to prepare their plans.
Para te Be Baa
One of the plans submitted de
pict a building tSxtt feet, con
taining a lounglng-room and dining-room,
each Ilxl. separated by
a reception hall Hull, with an entrance
from a l-foot porch that extends the
width of the building.
These three main rooms are connect
ed by large folding doors and when
opened convert them Into a large hslL
The kitchen, with its pantry and store
room. l!x!l: raretaker living-room.
17x21: bedroom. txl2: and bath, ac
cessible from Inside and out. from a
wing on the dining-room side, while
the bllllard-room. 21x!7. and bar. xll.
open onto a porch, which constitutes
an t. on the other side. In the center,
with entrances from the reception hall.
Is another extension, separated from
the two wings by a wide court, which
contains a ladles' parlor and a men's
While detail for conducting the club
. bouse have not been thoroughly worked
out. a caretaker and Ms wife probably
will be Installed. Additional help will
be provided as the demand warrants.
The bar ana care win oe open aii weea.
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II-. - .- ' - --. ' .t.i,"' ' I. ;'-:-'i-.v I
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ff 1 r ?i 1 1 n " ii . V1T1 ) 1 sa - j sr&je jrjeawz" JT&ojyV
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jz&jvT&yr ytEw r.jr&rcrTJ-G jo0T7'Js:&, Jtcwr oosrxnr sEO?&'JCirr?r7
Pacific Highway Recognized in
Route of "Road of Three Nations'
Unofficially Selected for "Xorth
nd South" State
Supporter of the Pacific Highway,
"the road of three nation." will be
gratified te hear that the California
State Highway Commission ha looked
with favor en thl route and that In
all probability It will be the "north and
outh' highway chosen by its member
a being most worthy of improvement.
With a state act passed providing for
the expenditure of IIS. 000. 000 for better
highways throughout California, and
a distinct provision for a direct road
from the northern boundary to the
southern line: the highway commis
sion already mapping out the roads to
be worked on. prospect for making the
Paclflflc Highway an Improved road
from one end to tho other by 1915 be
gin to loom brightly. Effortsjire being
made by those Interested In this coast
road to have all work centered on Its
Improvement until It Is put In good
condition from Tla Juana. Mexico, to
Vancouver. B. C
The California commission made an
official tour of Inspection over the route
recently and Joined In aoclalmlng It
the most practical of all roads sug
gested. It taps the most -picturesque
and fertile section of the state and s
the road most frequently taken when
Journeying up and down the state
The Pacific Highway Association ha
been a prominent body In furthering
the good roads movement In the North
west. The highway Is amply marked
all through British Columbia. Wash
ington and Oregon. Officials were re
cently appointed In California and It I
expected that the work of posting sign
through that state will begin eoon.
The provincial government of British
j coiuiuoia na oaicsuy rvtvsmica ius
iZTT'Zz S--fr'--..
J --v. "r
Pacific Highway and ha appropriated
a considerable sum for It Improvement.
Money also baa been et aside for con
tinuing It from Vancouver to Haxelton,
and a pathfindlng party ha Just com
pleted mapping thl route.
County officials In the country the
highway traverse In thl tat have
pledged their auport to furthering tta
betterment. The . recent sign-posting
expedition, led by Frank FretwelL sec
retary of the association, was received
with much enthusiasm. Clvlo organisa
tion banqueted the crew, went to much
trouble to see that they were shown
the correct rout and altogether made
thing pleasant for the Fretwell party.
Frank B. Riley, of - Portland. Or-vice-president
of the Pacific Highway
Association, has made numerous trips
to the southern part of the state In the
Interest of the highway. He has re
ceived encouragement at every turn
and has the promise of supervisors and
County Judges that they wMl Join In
making the highway a big booster for
It Is the plan of the official to have
the route In good condition by 1S15.
It Is figured that If there 1 a direct
route affording pleasant touring be
tween San Francisco and the Northwest
by the time the Panama Paclflo Expo
sition is opened, this country will reap
rich benefits from It. Many people, it
Is argued, will Journey to California by
automobile and after taking In the
world' fair will continue northward If
prospects of a pleasurable drive caa
be beld out.
Approach of Severe Weather Causes
Doom In Closed -Body Types.
With the approach of the wet weath
er and cold winds the fastidious own
ers of motor car are turning their at
tention toward the closed-body type
and there la an evident Increase In the
demand for coupes. This style Is the
last word In body construction and has
filled a niche In body building that
cannot be replaced by any other de
sign. It 1 looked upon as the Ideal
car for severe weather.
The coupe Is an eyeryday car which
can be driven In all kinds or weather
through mud, slush, snow or rain,
without wearing apparel being spoiled.
For the gentle sex It Is an Ideal car,,
affording protection from dust and In
clement weather.
In territories where the Winter are
evere, ooupe are coming Into popular
demand. Statistics compiled by a man
ufacturer show that this Is especially
so with physicians, who care for their
own health as well as that of their
patients, and have signaled out the
ooupe as the car that will protect him
a will no other mode of travel.
3s-- - - "
. "
Northwest Enthusiasts Will
Boost Highways.
Advocates of Better Roads to Gather
at New Westminster, B. C, Next
Month to Urge Improve- -'
ment Work.
An important etep towards the Im
provement of existing roads In Western
Canada will be taken on November I
and t, when meetings of all .Interested
In this movement will be held In New
Westminster, B. C The meetings are
called by Mayor John A. Lee. and will
be attended by a large number of the
members of the Westminster Automo
bile Club, the Vancouver Auto Club,
the Victoria Auto Club, the Seattle Au
tomobile Club and other automobile as
sociations of the Northwest.
The Pacific Highway Association will
be represented at the meetings by a
strong delegation. Including prominent
Ean Francisco, Tacoma, Seattle and Bel
Ungham men. These men will come
prepared to urge the extension of the
Pacific Highway, which now stretches
from Vancouver, B. C. to Tla Juana,
Mexico, a distance of 2009 miles.
The extension of the Canadian High
way with the object of eventually
making It a good road from the Atlan
tic to the Pacific will also command
much of the attention of the meetings.
Resolutions asking the Federal Govern
ment to assist In thts scheme will be In
troduced during the convention.
Other matters to be discussed Include
the placing of signs and guide posts
along all travelled roads, the stand
ardising of legislation regarding the
speed of automobiles and the "rule of
the road." and the planning of a cam
paign in favor of better roads.
Frank B. Riley, vice-president of
the Pacific Highway for Oregon, has
received a request to address the gath
ering. He will attend if possible.
Voltmeter Should Be Applied When
Battery Is at Work If Correct
Statu Is to Be Shown Other
Valuable Tips Are Told.
Crank the motor without making
surs thst everything Is ready be
snre the spark Is retarded.
Prime "the oarburetsr too rauchr
prim It Just once.
Turn the corners too rapidly It
wears tires.
Twist the stearin ear when the
ear 1 not In motion.
Apply the brakes with too much
fore It is hard on tires, hard on the
brakes snd is unnecessary except In
Us the brakes too much slow
down the car by means of the clutch
end throttle.
let the motor labor on hllla.
Abuse 'the brake In descending
long hills us first ons set of
brakes and then the other.
Engage the reverse gear until the
car is. at a standstill.
Shift from reverse gear te any
other gear until the car has stopped
traveling backward and Is at a
Comparatively few owners and
drivers of motor car seem to real
ize the necessity of oiling not only
the spring- shackles, grut the leaves
themselves. The latter should be lub
ricated, if for no other reason than
eliminating; the annoying, squeak that
accompanies a dry spring.
The best lubricant for this purpose
Is a mixture of ordinary oil and
graphite, or the regular graphite
grease that is on the market. To
facilitate the Injection of grease be
tween the leaves, the frame of the
car should be Jacked up until the axle
partially hangs by the springs. This
will open the leaves and with the aid
of a thin stick the grease can be spread
easily. A screwdriver or similar tool
can be used without harm to further
spread the leaves if necessary.
It Is best to be liberal In the appli
cation of this grease In order to In
sure It being- spread over the entire
surface when the frame Is let down.
The surplus can be wiped off, and
with this treatment the leaves will not
require further attention for another
That puirllng engine . difficulty
which I manifest by a loss of com
pression wiien the cylinders are hot,
when they are known to have been
tight when cold, may be caused by the
expansion of the valve stems during the
warming process. Unless a proper
amount of clearance is allowed be
tween the ends of the stems and the
tappets, this may be sufficient to pre
vent the valves from setting. Thl
difficulty ha befooled the oldest of mo
torists. ITew Ptna Best.
When assembling those parts of a
car In which pip are used, it I quick
est to use new pin and not those
which have been removed in taking
down the parts. Bometlmes. however,
the old pin have to be used and dlift
culty Is experienced In straightening
them. A procedure which Is generally
effective consists In gripping the
played ends of the pins between a
pair of pliers and resting the bead
upon some hard surface. A tap on the
head of the pin spreads that end and
close np the other, straightening the
pin and restoring It to It original
shape, - so that it may be replaced
It Is a wise precaution to go over
the bolt whlca aecure the several sec
tions of a plenetary transmission occa
sionally In order to see that no loose
ness exists. While the loss of one or
more of these bolts might not permit
the gear to separate entirely, there is
a danger that It may o weaken the
fastening a to allow the gear to
lightly work out of their proper mesh,
or that the remaining bolt be sheared
off as & result of being overloaded.
When attempting to remove sprock
ets or other gear wheel from shafts
to which they are attached by mean
pf taper or plain fits and keys, care
should be taken not to use the hammer
too freely, for fear of either fracturing
the gear or springing It out of line. A
so-called "pulley-puller," or special
jack, may be contrived without diffi
culty under almost any circumstances,
and by It use the part may be re
moved without imposing any undue
train upon It.
Wires Shosld Be Inspected.
The entire ignition wiring of a car
should be carefully examined from time
to time for signs of wear In the Insula-
tlon. At certain places the wires are
exposed to continual. If slight, fric
tion, which will ultimately break
through the insulation and establish
a short circuit. The timely application
of a little insulation tape will often
save much trouble in this respect.
When replacing a broken ball In a
ball bearing, it is better to renew the
whole set, unless the new ball can be
carefully gauged to be of the same
size as the others. If this is not at
tended to, the new ball, being forced
ts bear more than its share ot the
weight, quickly succumbs. The great
est care should be exercised, of course,
to use grease free from grit and to
clean the balls and bearings before
they are replaced.
Although a new battery shows up
properly on the voltmeter, don't be too
certain that It does not require re
charging unles the reading Is taken
when the battery Is at work.
Horns which have been exposed to
the rain and dust occasionally refuse to
sound. If the rubber bulb Is taken off
and a thin piece of paper passed be
tween the lips of the horn it will clear
the obstruction. Care must be used,
however, not to open the lips of the
horn when doing o.
American' Motor-Car Designer to
Inspect Foreign Factories.
Members of the Society of Automo
bile Engineers are preparing plans for
their fcrelgn trip, which will begin
about November 1 and last all through
the month. Prospects are bright for
a large number to Join the excursion.
The American designer will view
Largest Stock
Automobile Accessories
M. & W G. & J. and Hartford
Tires, Monogram Oils
80-82 Seventh St, Cor. Oak. Portland, Or.
Braly-Du Bois Auto Co.
Phones A 3881, Main 4880 31-33 N. 19th, Near Washington
fH U v The car that comes hilly equipped
i, CLirCJL- Best for the Money
Ford Motor Car Agency
A. J. Edwards, See. and Mgr. E. Sth and Hawthorne AvenM. Phone East 43.
Vulcanising Retreading. R. E. BLODCBTT, 89-81 Jf. 14th.
F. W. VOGLER, President
Fifteenth and Alder Sts. Phones Main 7179, A 4959.
Schacht Motor Car Co.
Main 6374 A 7577
694 Washington Street, Corner King
Our Motto: "Quality and a Square DeaL"
Western Hardware & Auto Supply Co.
Vulcanizing, Hardware and Auto Supplies.
Phones : Main 8828. Home A 2016.
BALLOU & WRIGHT, 80-82 Seventh Street, Cor. Oak
the automobile show at Olympla, Lon
don, and make a tour of inspection ot
the leading automobile factories In
England and France. It is their pur
pose to study the systems In vogue
abroad and determine If some of them
cannot be used In this country with
good effect. They will also participate
ite Motor Car Co.
Motor Trucks and
Touring Cars
Corner 19th and
D. Stoddard. A at.. 805 Columbia fildg. Mala 147
Northwest Distributors,
Phones: E. 3887, B 1625.
Main T005.
Tom A. Deerlng, Mgr.
89-631 Washington St.
Distributor for
Oregon, Washington, California
and Nevada.
in meetings with the Incorporated In
stitution of Automobile Engineers.
In addition to events previously an
nounced, visits will be made to the
South Kensington Museum, in London,
the interesting laboratories of the
Royal Automobile Club of England, and
to the Automobile Club ot France and
the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers.
Washington Sts.