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That Portland Is Not Overbuilt
in Close-in Residences Is
Shown by Demand.
lfcria I o I lowed la ConM ruction of
Later Strartnm Make Dowi.
Tow a Living Pleaanl New
nn)l!ln I'lanned.
la the pant rur the ipartment-hot
development In .Portland has been at
Its belaht. Until a comparatively re
rrt date. Porllantl wu probably tha
ouly larva city on tha Coast that was
lack ward la Itili class of construction,
but ibn tha need fur tha housing of
amall families la the cluaa-ln renter
became apparent It seemed that tha
rlty waa coin apartment-home mad
for a time. In every direction ona
could aee an apartment coin- Op or
lately completed. It waa common talk
that the city waa oTer-doln tha thing.
Thoaa who Invented thetr money In
apartment-liouae construction have bad
no cauaa for alarm. boweTer. In al
most every inatanre new apartment
bare been filled up within a few weeks
after their completion, and la many
raaea all of the aiMtre had been en
cased prior to tha completion of tha
feuildinas. There are many mora
Itouaea under construction on both the
tilde and tha East Side, and atlll
It aee ma that the demand for apart
menta la greater than tha accommoda
tions. In apartment-bouaa conatructlon
there haa been an evolution, almllar to
tha constantly-changing- plana for of
fice and bualneaa structures. Apart
menta that wera erected only a few
years ago ara aomewhat antiquated,
compared with the buildings that are
constructed now. Today theaa build
Inaa muat be equipped with every mod
ern convenience, greater privacy for
Individual tenanta muat be- tven. and
the atructurea muat be entirely fire
proof. Tha whima and demanda of tha
a part men! -house public muat be re
spected. Tha bulldera have been quick
to meet the requirements, so when an
anartmeat-house la planned todav It
wtll have all Important features that
may be demanded of aa exacting clien
tele. T-arly Hsasn abas Contrast.
Home of the first houses erected In
Tortland. about tha time of tha I-ewls
A Clark Exposition, are of a decidedly
contrasting type, compared with the
11 1 structure. They were o- frame
construction, and had few of tha con
venlencea that tha modern apartment
house haa. Tet a homelike atmos
phere la found about these earlier
houses, which haa become an Impor
tant asset.
In the apartment-bouse center of the
West Side, of which Trinity I'Uce Is
about the center, the development In
the past year or two baa been amaa
lag. Home blovke are occupied now
entirely by apartment buildings.
These atructurea are from four to five
torlea with basements, aa a rule, with
pressed brick exteriors and either
alow-burning mill construction or fire
proof construction for the Interior.
There are three distinct types or late
apartment-house construction In Port -land,
upon which the future buildtnga
may be guided to a large extent.
These are designated as the Claaa A
fireproof apartments, the duplex, apart
ments and the ro-operatlrely owned
The modrl that may aerve to Illus
trate the first mentioned type is the
Trinity I'lare -structure known as Trin
ity Apartments. This building waa
completed in August at a cost of 1100.-
The exterior Is finished In pressed
brick, with stone trimmings. The
Tudor etyle of architecture predomi
nates The apartmenta of three and
four rooms each are so arranged that
all have private ha II ware leading from
the main entrance. Each apartment
baa an outside sleeping porch. The ar
rangement I dlattnrttve and gives tha
apartmenta the appearance of large
Two Arm llrln IS.wOO.
V. K I la I lock, a building contractor.
I'll purchased a two-acre tract on Kast
Fortieth street and loadstone avenue
from T. J. Leonard for Ili.tM. Tha
tract la high and alghtly and la occu
pied by three modern residences, Mr.
l.eonard took In exchange for thla
property a modern six-room residence
a Kaat Flftr-thlrd and Kast Ash
atreeta valued at 4i)0 and a Block
ranch of 3i acres In lKuglaa county
valued at $: The difference waa
paid In rash. Mr. Matlock will plat
Die tract and erect several dwellings.
,- aV'
-asj -V
tt myym in! i!f n mmm
1 'v,
i -AtB 1 -r- ""n - : - -y. -
amawaw.aaaa.waawawa aaaawamaaawaxai mmm
Many Modem Structures Are
Nearing Completion.
Four-Mori strut-tare? Itullt for
Mronr, lirotlM-r About Head)-.
cw Tjjm? of Apartniont-Houc
Now lie Ins; linill.
Ilotrl Kaatalde Is the fine four-story
brick buildim? which la ueinx construct
ed at the northwest corner of East
flith and Kaat Morrison atreeta lor
Htrong Brothers, at a cost of $7:.. 000.
It la one of the most pertentlous struc
tures erected In Central Kast Tortland
this year. The building covers a quar
ter block. It has a full basement ex
tending to the sidewalk on Kaat Mor
rison and Kast Sixth streets. Tiis
basement will contain a barber ahop
and billiard hall, besldea houslne- the
heating plant and providing storage
rooms for the rooms above.
There wl'.l be four stores facing East
Morrison atreet. besldea a wide corridor
leading to the lobby at the rear. The
lobby will be of ample dimensions and
will have an entrance on Kaat Sixth
atreet. Two flighte of atalra and an
elevator will provide access to the up
per floors. In the building there will
be rooms, with 24 baths. It will be
a well-lighted building, and It will
be completed about December 1. lo
cated In the center of the East Side,
erection of this building Is considered
v . J
Tea Apartaneals Caaapleted.
The Windsor apartment-house, which
baa Just been completed at the south
west corner of Kast Yamhill and East
Fourteenth streets for II. A. Hale. Is
one of the finest buildings of tha
i r t
kind erected on the East Side. The
structure la modern In. every respect.
It wss built at a cost of about 140.000.
The three-story building which la
being built for Bailey. Taylor & Lam
bert at the northwest corner of Kast
Fifteenth and Belmont streets will be
an apartment without any business
section on the lower floor. It will
cover nearly the quarter block and ths
cost will be 115.000. It will be of a
class by itself and a rather new type
of apartment-house construction on ths
East Side.
Other Bnlldlaga Plaaaeat.
Work Is In progress on a two-story
apartment building at ths southwest
corner of Mtlwauklo and Biamark
streets for Mrs. Anna Gerlinger. On
the first floor there will be two store-
looms and on the second floor there
will be two flats of five rooms each
It will be an attractive structure and
the cost will be 10.000. Excavating
for the foundation la well advanced
and the foundation started at
Architect J. O. Wrenn Is preparing
plans for a two-story frame building
containing four flats of five rooms
each .with baths and sleeping; porrhes
to be built at the corner of East
Eighteenth and Main streets for Al
herrv tieorge. It will be 36x"2 feet
In slxe with full basement. Each
apartment will have a pressed brick
fireplace., bullt-ln buffet. cabinet
kitchen and other conveniences. The
building will be heated with hot air.
The coat of the building will be about
Fall City to Hold Fair.
FALLS CITT. Or Sept. JO. (Spe
cial.) Tha second annual agricultural
fair will be held here next wee. Octo
ber 5 and . The citizens are taking
a lively Interest In the success of this
exhibition and prospects are fair that
It will be far better than last years
fair. In connection with ths fair
barbecue wtll be held. A fat steer wtll
be roasted to a turn on the vacant Ed
gar lot on Main street and a large at
tendance Is expected.
City to Iteorlve riant.
HOOD RIVER. Or.. Sept. 30. (Spe
cial.) A. J. Derby. City Attorney, re
word this morning from tne
management of the Pacific Power ac
Light Company that It would deliver
over to the city the water plant con
demned by the city and the value of
which was assessed at 123.441 by a
Jury In the Circuit Court here several
days ago.
r, ,
TVe, i-
Iodcrn Dairy Ranch to Be D-vol
oped Willamette Valley Believed
Bent for Industry.
Thirty-two thousand dollars of Ne
braska money was Invested In a Linn
County farm last week when Calkins &
Hlgxs. new arrivals In Oregon, pur
chased from Thomas Frohman 300
acres located throe miles southeast of
Albany, paying all cash for the prop
erty. Included In the purchase price
are the stock and farming Implements
on the farm. .
All of the tract Is In cultivation with
the exception of 50 acres which are
used as pasture. A. D. Calklrm. one of
the purchasers. Is a practical dairyman
and It Is the intention of the firm to
develop the pluce Into a modern dairy.
Plans have been made for a large bam.
Over 100 cattle will be maintained. A
warehouse and switch from the Leb
anon branch of the Southern Pacific
are on the property, thus providing di
rect shipping facilities.
Mr. Calkins has been traveling near
ly a year In the Middle "West and on
tha Coast In earch of the kind of farm
he desired for his future operations.
Me declares that the Willamette Val
ley is an Ideal location for dairying
and predicts that this Industry will be
come one of the most important, event
ually, in the state. The new owners
have taken possession of the property
and will begin their Improvement plans
at once
' The sale was negotiated by Everett
aV Crew, realty dealers of Portland.
Home Buyers Active In Several East
Side Districts.
in residence property a number of
sales were reported last week by 8. D.
Vincent 4 Company. W. A. Burdlck
bought a lot on East Twentieth street
between Siskiyou and Stanton streets
for 11800. on which he will erect
modern residence In a short time. Henry
Hunt, of the Pacific Telephone ana
Telegraph Company, bought a home on
East Sixty-first and Sandy boulevard
for 13700. Mr. Hunt haa taken posses
sion of the property.
The Provident Investment Trustee
Comoanv lias sold to V. A. Cram
quarter block In Multnomah Addition
for 15000. The property is not n
proved, but the new owner Intends to
erect a brick business building on the
lot next year.
8. D. Vincent purchased a half In
terest In two lots at the southeast
corner of Sandy boulevard and Kast
Forty-second street. As Mr. Vincent
owned the other half Interest in the
property, by this purchase he become
sole owner of the property. Tentative
plans are being drawn for a business
Residence Property Sold.
Mrs. M. S. Stabler, who arrived re
cently from r-auk Center. Minn., haa
purchased a lot 100x100 feet at the cor-
rer of East Mneteentn street ana
Knapp avenue. In Westmoreland, from
M. A. Fewlngs. for $6000. There Is a
new eight-room house on the lot. Mrs.
Stabler will make her permanent home
on thla property.
Idaho 1'nlverxl'y Regents Sued.
MOSCOW, Idaho. Sept. 30. (SpeclaL)
Suit was filed here yesterday In the
United States Court against the regents
of the University of Idaho for Hi. 554. 4
by the Interstate Construction Com
pany of Saginaw. Mich. The action la
an outgrowth of the contract which
was let this company three years ago
for the construction of the auditorium
annex of the new administration
building. AfteV the company had
progressed with, some work and ma
terial for the foundation. State Treas
urer C. A. Hastings refused to sign the
bonds authorized by the Legislature
for this purpose, and the case wa
later appealed to the Supreme Court,
which held on a technicality that the
bonds were Illegal. After thla- decision
work waa suspended by the construc
tion company.
One Erected on Each Side of
River by Same Men.
Movement Started to Install Cluster
Street Lights on Grand Avenue
for Distance of IS Blocks.
Long Lease Taken.
By the construction of a business
building on the West Side and another
on the East Side, J. O. Edwards and
E. J. Daly are expressing their confi
dence in Portland In a substantial
manner. The building that Is arising
on the East Side contains four stories
and a basement. It has a pressed
brick exterior and Is of high-class con
struction throughout. The lower floor
wtll be occupied by stores and the
three upper stories will be fitted up as
a modern rooming and apartment
house. The structure will cost $70,000
and la one of the finest .that has been
erected on the East Side this year. It
is 90x100 feet and is located at the
northwest corner of Grand aveiue and
Belmont street.
The other building erected by E. J.
Daly has just been completed. It occu
pies tha northwest corner of Nine
teenth and Washington streets and
covers ground 100x130 feet. It is oc
cupied by five stores and a garage.
This building waa erected at a cost of
A lease has been taken on the 90x100
lot at the southeast corner of Grand
avenue and Belmont street by Adam
Mueller, of the Northern Brewery Co,
The lease runs for 60 years. It Is the
intention of Mr. Mueller to erect a
modern business building on this
property in the near future. This cor
ner is located 'diagonally across the
street from the now Edwards-Daly
building. .
In line with the rapid development
of Grand avenue as a business street,
a movement has been started to Install
cluster street lights on this thorough
fare from Hawthorne avenue to East
Burnslde street. The distance between
these two streets covers 15 blocks. As
Grand avenue is wider than most of
the city streets, it Is anticipated that
such an improvement would make this
avenue one of the most popular for
night traffic on the East Side. It Is
understood that the majority of the
property owners along the street are
in favor of the plan for im.prov.ed
street lighting.
Handsome l2-Story Structure Built,
In Record-Breaking Time.
Work is being pushed on the n-w
Wilcox bu4ldlng at the southeast cor
ner of Sixth and Washington streets. It
is expected that the 12rstorv structure
will be completed by the latter part
of the month. The lower floors are al
ready occupied, with the exception of
the space to be taken by W. Fried
lander. Jeweler. This store will be in
stalled this week.
The Interior of the upper floors is
being finished as rapidly as possible.
Stone & Webster, the contractors, say
that there has been less delay on this
building than on any construction of
this class that has been done in Port
land. Much of the space of the upper floors
lias been reserved, according to Mr.
Holbrook, superintendent of the build
ing. It is probable that the second
floor will be used for mercantile pur
Flats and Apartment-Houses to Rise
on East Side.
Plans are being drawn by Architect
R, N. Hockenberry for a two-story
frame building 28x50 feet with .full
basement to be built on Vancouver
avenue and Morris street for A. H.
Leader, at a cost of $4000. The build
ing will contain two flats of five
rooms each and it will be modern
throughout. The structure Is being
erected under the supervision of Mr.
Leader. -
A two-story frame office building has
been built on East Eightieth street
and Villa avenue, Montavilla. for
August Gierke, at a cost of $6000. It
is 3sx50 feet. The first floor is for
general business and the upper for
apartments and offices.
Plans have been drawn for a two
story brick store and apartment building
Tor L. Gerlinger, to be built at the cor
. J.
77 s -."-r -'' ,? v - V J .
Within a few daj-s work will start on filling in the Cottle tract on Guild's Lake for the projected plant
of the Berlin Machine Works, the head offices of which are In Belolt, Wis. The picture shows the engin
ers surveying the land preparatory to filling. Richard R. Crankhite, advertising agent for the company,'
has left the city after maklnir a personal Investigation of the tract, looking over the streetcar facilities and
going over the estimates of the engineers.
"Our contract calls for filling the entire 1! acres In six months after work is started," said Mr.
Cronkhlte. "As the fill will be started at the road, working back, we expect to start building within 60
days after filling is begun.
"The new plant will he attractive, even artistic, and thoroughly In keeping with that part of the city...
The machinery will be motor-driven, doing away with any danger of a smoke nuisance. Nearby are gravel,
bunkers holding lono tons, and as the ground beneath has not settled, It indicates to us a suitable foun
dation, so we expe t to experler.c e no difficulty on that score." ""
ner of East Glisan and East Thirtieth
streets. The upper floor will be ar
ranged for apartments. A one-story
brick concrete building will be built on
East Sixth and East Davis streets for
John Bugbeder for $4000. It will be
used as a laundry. ,
New Portland Association to De
velop Fine Estate.
Oakdale-on-the-Rivsr Is the name of
the new exclusive residence district
which will be developed by Pea
body, Cleaveland 4 Co. By the
purchase of 13 acres from the Star
Sand Company last week G. Haven
Peabody and associates have title to a
25-acre plot which is considered ideal
for the development that has been
The property lies a. short distance
south of the Waverly Golf Links and
has a frontage of over 1300 feet on the
Willamette River. The location, as
well as the contour of the land, make
it possible to provide 23 or 30 build
ing plots which will be entirely dis
tinctive from each other and yet each
will form an - Important part of the
general scheme. Attractive enclosures,
gate houses and. small rest houses are
a part of the proposed development.
One of the features will be a broad
parking along the river front. In
cluded in the Improvements will be the
construction of an attractive boathouse
and private wharf for use of the In
dividual property-owners.
Dr. Morrison is having plans drawn
for an elaborate dwelling. It will be
a half-timbered English house and will
be one of the finest homes In Portland.
Other homes to be built will be of the
same high standard in construction.
Johnson & Mayer are the architects
who will execute the general develop
ment plans.
.1,000,000,000 FEET.
Forestry Patrol Responsible for
Lives Saved Private Losses
- Were Slight.
SALEM. Or.. Sept. SO. (Special.)
With the forest fire season practically
over. State Forester Elliott estimates
the State Board of Forestry has saved
for the state, outside of National for
ests, at least $1,000,000 on an invest
ment of $30,000, .the appropriation of
$69,000 for-the state board being for a
biennial period.
Last year an estimated loss of 1.750.
000,000 feet of .timber was reported.
This year the loss will range between
25,000,000 or 50,000,000 feet. a. saving
this year of over 1,000,000,000 feet. Mr.
Elliott said:
"While this year the season for fires
was somewhat shorter, it was much
drier and hotter while it lasted, and
consequently the danger was greatly
Increased. Not only have fires been
kept down, but there has been no loss
of life. Last year several persons lost
their lives. In addition, but little out
side property was destroyed this year
where many thousands of dollars'
worth were destroyed last year.
"I feel more than satisfied witH the
showing, even though the appropria
tion was comparatively small. The or
ganization has worked splendidly and
the men did well, although there were
numerous odds to work against and
obstacles to overcome.
"The patrol throughout the state was
satisfactory not only to the State
Board of Forestry and myself, but I
believe to the timber owners at large
as well."
A call is being sent out to the mem
bers of the State Board of Forestry to
meet In Salem October 6 for the final
meeting of the year. By October 1 all
the regular force will be taken off, a.?
danger is practically over. At the
meeting the business-of the year will
be cleaned up, and there may be some
consideration of an extension of policy
for next year.
Would-Be Murderer May Be Located
by Hunting "Call Shots."
TACOMA. Wash., Sept, 30. A last ef
fort to find Calvin, the would-be mur
derer, will be made by the posses near
Roy today. Failure to discover trace
of his whereabouts will cause a sus
pension In the man hunt here and the
deputies will return to Tacoma.
Arthur Calvin, a brother of the fugi
tive, arrived today. He and Frank
often hunted together and had what
are known as "call shots" or signals
by which they could locate each other.
Arthur will plunge into the forest now.
firing these signals on the chance that
his brother may hear them. ,
The revolve? which Calvin used in
For the
Dark and
Chilly Days
Do 'not delay, .but pre
pare at once. We can
offer 3'ou many sugges
tions in:
Lighting Fixtures
Fireplace Appliances
Electric Irons, Etc.
311 Stark, Near Sixth
. Both Phones
Lighting Fixtures
Tiling and Electrical Contracting
his pistol duel with Ceputles C. S. Wil
liams and U. H. Williams, and Andrew
Anderson, a rancher near Roy. last
Sunday night, was found today near
the scene of the fight. The discovery
shows that Calvin had three revolvers
with him when he shot Mrs. Irving.
Oregon School of United Brethren
Opens for Forty-sixth Year.
PHILOMATH, Or., Sept. 30. (Spe
cial.) Philomath College, the Oregon
school of the United Brethren church,'
opened its 46th year Wednesday with
public exercises. Two addresses were
given on educational topics. The
first was by Rev. Edlis, on "The
Choice of a College." The other was by
the president of the college. Dr. Marion
R. Drury, whose subject waa "The Val
ue of College Training."
Following the addresses the registra
tion of students began. Before the of
fice of the registrar closed In the even
ing a larger number enrolled than ever
before in the history of the college on
opening day.
Other events of opening wek will be
the receptions to new students on Fri
day evening by the Christian associa
tions, and the general reception to all
students by the faculty Saturday even
ing. The convocation sermon will be
preached Sunday morning at 11 o'clock
In the college assembly hall by Dr. P.
O. Bonebrake, who has represented
Benton County the past two years 'ri
the General Assembly. He was at one
time president of the college here, and
19 UU til tCI J .lift 11 COLdClM J "IB
fellow citizens.
Condition Xow Said to Be Suitable
for Use of Drag.
LEGE, Corvallis, Sept 30. (Special.)!
The recent heavy rains, which havo
made many roads Impassable through
rural Oregon, are declared by Profes
sor E. F. Ayres, of the good roads de
partment of the Oregon Agricultural
College, to be a blessing in disguise.
"These rains, coming as they did,
and thoroughly wetting down the
roads," said Professor Ayres, "make
Ideal conditions for the use of the
road drag before the heavy Winter
rains start. By running over the road3
two or three times now with the drag,
all mud holes and irregularities can
be leveled and the surface of the roads
put into first-class condition. The use
of the drag, moreover, will aid the
drainage of the road. The expense of
using a road drag Is slight, and it has
tionn nT.rtT.0H that thnir ara nvtm m il 1'
efficient in building up and beeping
up the dirt roads."