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Bankers Profess to Have In
j formation That End Is
Already in Sight.
With Coast Town In Her Possession,
She Will Not Attempt Conquest
of Interior, Which Would
Require) Ix-cadea.
BERLIN. Sept. 19. Ther If aa Im
pression la diplomatic circles that tha
war will be of short duration. The big
banks profess to have Information that
It Is now Tlrtually tr. Tba troth
of this depones on ths assumption that
Turkey will submit, after a show of
opposition, to th loss of Tripoli, and
will not embark on reprisals against
Italian subjects and commerce.
Plana. It was learned, were mad
by Italy to open negotiations aa soon
as ths occupation of Tripoli Is assured,
counting on a reported order from Con
stantinople to the local authorities at
Tripoli not to resist the landing and
using of German channels of communi
cation with the enemy. If there Is no
opposition to her programme. Italy will
content herself In Tripoli with a status
similar to that of Knglsnd In Egypt,
otherwise the annexation of Tripoli
will follow.
Reprtoale Mar Be Made.
Rigorous measures against ports In
Turkey are contemplated If the Turka
execute their threat to expel Italians
and selxe their property In Turkey,
though the possibility that the powers
will Interfere aaalnst a bombardment
and seisure of tne ports In European
and Astatic Turkey la admitted.
If ail goes well. Italy will make over
tures to Turkey aa soon as the coast
towns are In her possession. The con
quest of the Interior. It la thought,
.would require decades.
It was said at the foreign office to
dy that there was every hope, of suc
cess In confining the hostilities to
Italy and Turkey and preventing an
outbreak In the Balkans.
Cretaa Qamtlea IMatarktlag.
The. danger point Is Crete. The re
port from Vienna fhat Turkey has de
manded that Oreece procUlm her dis
interestedness In th island Is believed
at the Oerman foreign offlcej to be
untrue, but Athens understands that
any attempt to selxe this opportunity
to raise the. Cretan question would be
quickly followed by a Turkish mobiliz
ation In Thewaaly.
Germany, at the request of the Porte.
, has undertaken the protection of Otto
man subjects in Italy, as It has as
sumed the safeguarding of Italians In
Turkey. It Is officially explained that
iMi more Is In accordance with the
usual procedure, and doea not Impfy
that Germany will oppose the expul
sion of Italians or other Turkish meas
ures so long as they are In accordance
.with the rules of war.
Notification From Italy Pave Way
for Neutrality Proclamation.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 0. Formal
notification to the I'nlted 8tates that
a state of war exists between Italy and
Turkey was given to the State lepart
ment late today by the Italian charge
d affaires. Noblle Lazzaro dl Marches!
Negrotte Camblaao. His action pavea
the way for the forthcoming proclama
tion of neutrality by this government.
President Taft will proclaim th neu
trality of the lnlted States probably
Monday. The official notification of
Italy carries out The Hague conven
tions of H07. which stipulated that
neutral powers must be notified of the
declaration of war.
As to the Turkish request for car
of Its Interests In Italy, the Ptata De
, partment waa uncertain whether that
pot-eagerly welcomed Invitation would
come through Ambassador Ftockhll! at
Constantinople or the Turkish Ambas
sador, now at Pelleport, I I. The ob
ligation to accept the charge la equally
binding In either case.
The suggestion of Oscar Straus, of
New Tork. former American Ambas
sador to Turkey, that America should
offer to medlsta under the terms of
Article I of The Hague convention Is
under consideration by the Ptate De
T acorn a High School Student Res
cues Child From Bay.
TACOMA. Wash.. Sept. JO. (Spe
cial.) Heroic rescue of 10-year-old
Frances Hovey. daughter of C. II.
Hovey. a Pan Francisco attorney, waa
.made by Pester Armstrong, a Tacoma
High School student, at the Northern
Pai-lrtc dock this afternoon.
. The little glrlt had been walking
with her father and -year-old brother
- when she fell Into the bay. Armstrong
stripped off Ms coat and dived In after
. her. So quick was he that two long
shoremen, who were at th dock, had
not time to reach the edge of the wharf
he for Armstrong bad th child.
Th young student held th girl up
while one of the longshoremen obtained
rep and drew thsm both out.
I am going to bring young Arm
strong's Bam to th attention of th
Carnegie Hero Medal Commission.
said Attorney Hovey. after the rescue.
'H certainly deserves consideration If
anyone doea"
Mr. Hovey gav Armstrong his
Torpedo-Roat Searching for Ixt
Craft. With 13 on Board.
NORFOLK. W. Va- Sept. JO. Th
naval tug Accomac with 1 J man aboard.
Is reported lost at sea.
Torpero-boats are searching for her.
.' Medford May See 10,000 People At
tending Big Event.
. MEDFORD. Or. Sept. JO (Special.!
All Is In readiness for the opening
a! th DisUlct Fair oa Tuesday. It
attractions which hav been at the fair
at Eugene and Roseburg ar coming
her, as are many which were pres
ent at the Klamath celebration during
the last week.
This will be the largest fair that
Medford has ever held, and Mayor
Canon, president; A. K. Ware, secre
tary, and other officers in charge ex
pect fully 10.000 people will be here.
The official programme follows:
October 1 Entry day for all exhibit.
October 4 Old Settlers- day. Three
prizes in gold offered for oldest set
tler attending: afternoon. 2:tS pace,
J:: trot, running race, novelty hitch
up race.
October I Medford day: Judging of
driving and saddle horses: afternoon,
f :40 trot. 1:11 pace, running race, half
mile running race for mules, novelty
muie race hitched to Big Sticky cart;
balloon ascension.
October Grants Pass day and
school day; football game at 30; aft
ernoon. 1:14 trot, 2. 10 pace, running
race and saddle race; balloon ascen
sion. October " Ashland and County day;
public sal of livestock at 10 A- M. ;
afternoon, consolation race for trot
ters, free-for-all pare, running race for
no winners: Medford Derby, ladle' re
lay race, H miles; big balloon race
between Tiny and Johnnie Broderlck
at 4:10.
Wm. C. Wlrsel and Z. J. Rlrge Bnj
Popular Store at East Mor
rison and Grand Ave.
Th Morrison Grand Pharmacy, at
East Morrison and Grand avenue, has
been purchased by Messrs. William C
Wltzel. of Portland, and Z. J. Rlggs.
of Salem. Both gentleman are experi
enced and competent pharmacists, hav.
lng been In the business many years. '
Mr. Wltzel was formerly connected
with the well-known firms of Johnson
A Johnson, manufacturers of surgical
supplies, and John Wyeth Bro., the
famous pharmaceutical house. Until
recently, he conducted a drug store on
Hawthorn avenue, where he made
many friends.
Mr. Itlggs formerly had charge of
the prescription department of Leng-ft-lt
Pharmacy and Wakelee It Co.. San
Francisco. I'ntll coming to Portland
he resided In Salem, where he has been
engaged In the drug business for the
past 10 years. For five years he served
on th Oregon Board of Pharmacy and
by his progressive methods, started the
present crusade against the violators
of the pharmacy law. This law Is a
protection to the public and required
that all druggists be registered and
show that they are competent before
receiving authority to fill prescriptions.
The new firm Intend making the Mor
rison Grand Pharmacy the leading drug
store of the Esst Side. Only the high
est quality and the freshest of drugs
will be used, and they will fill all pre
scriptions just aa prescribed by your
physician. You can feel safe and will
get the best results. Quality consid
ered, prices here are very moderate.
They may not be your nearest drug
gists, but they will come the nearest to
pleasing you.
S. J. Bnohnnan, Who Discovered Ju
ditlt Valley Mines In Montana,
Murdered for His Money.
LONG BEACH. Cal.. Sept. 10. (Spe
cial.) The body found floating In the
ocean near the Jetty her was Identified
today through laundry marks found on
the clothing as that of S. J. Buchanan,
aged 11. Buchanan was a miner and
prospector and always hsd considerable
money about him. and his acquaint
ances here believe that he waa plun
dered for his money. He roomed at
the Gaines Apartments. Esst Third
street, and had been missing from his
room since September 15. The land
lady then reported his disappearance.
The body will be burled by the coun
ty, as It was learned that all his friend
are dead and he had no living relatives.
He came here from British Columbia
last June and before that he passed
most of his time In Montana. There
and In Canada he was a factor for the
Hudson Bay Company.
At th Inquest this morning, th Cor
oner decided Buchanan came to his
death from a blow on the head which
had fractured hla skull.
Buchanan had been In the habit of
walking down th beach each day since
his arrival here and Is said to have
carried between 1.100 and l00 with
him all the time. He was the man who
discovered the mines In the Judith Ba
sin in Montana many years ago.
An Example of Publicity.
Daniel Frohman. In Ms new book.
"Memories of a Manager."
Even In those dsys there was unique
publicity. Here is a sample: One of
the members of the company, an Eng
lishman named J. W. Ftgott. waa an
athlete and a sturdy swimmer. From
a boat near the Atlantic Highlands he
swam out toward an ocean liner. An
officer, thinking he was exhausted,
threw htm a line to which was at
tached a life-preserver. He pushed It
from him
"What do you want?" asked the of
ficer aa the passengers gathered
-I want to know If you hav seen
The Highest Bidder." Then he dived
and mad for bis boat In the distance
Valley' Fhtnlt Goes Fast Friday.
ALBANY, Or- Sept. 10. (Special.)
The Willamette Valley exhibit at the
Omaha Land Show will be assembled
In this city next Thursday and shipped
East Friday. Representatives of the
four counties which ar sending th
Joint exhlbtt met her today. The
counties which have collected and will
ship the exhibit are Marlon. Linn, Ben
ton and Lane. The exhibit will be In
charge of D. C. Freeman, of Eugene,
who will be assisted In displaying and
explaining It by W. F. Groves, of Cor
vallls, and J. C. Holbrook. of Albany.
Holley Pootofk-e Is Robbed.
ALBANT. Or.. Sert. 10. (Special.)
The postofflce at Holley was robbed
last night and about 1100 secured from
the money-order drawer. The office la
locsted In the store of McCully at Co..
and so ire small change In the store
drawer waa also taken.
An Egyptian Joke.
Washington (D. C.) Star.
"That." aald the professor, "Is an
Egyptian Queen. She Is at least 1000
years old."
"My!" exclaimed the girl with large,
fluffy hair. "I'll bet she'd be annoyed
it ia koevr you war ttUlEg it."
I I -
Strike Follows Strike, and War
Rumors Pile on Protest
. and Rebellion.
Britain, However, Will Xot Condemn
Itally Officially, Although Peo
ple Regard War as Act
of Brigandage.
(Special Cable to th Chicago Tribune,
Coturlshu 1011. by th Tribune Co.)
LONDON, Sept. 10. (Special.) Th
chill opening of Winter finds all of Eu
rope In th earn nlghtmar and ridden
by the same uneasiness aa during the
Summer. I
It is Impossible to find any spot on
the whole continent where men, espe
clslly the politicians- and financiers,
can breathe freely. New rumors of wsr
are accompanied everywhere with revo
lution and upheavals against the high
cost of living.
The close of one strike Is Immediate
ly succeeded by the outbreak of an
other, and a panic on one stock ex
change follows a panic on another.
Italy Deaawaeed aa Brigand.
This universal and disastrous unrest
Is partly responsible for the outbreak
of the general and emphatic protect
against Italy's assault on Turkey. The
English press, which at first adopted
aa attitude of friendly neutrality, now
has entirely changed its tone, and
Italy's action Is generally denounced as
But while the ournals thus vocifer
ate, the present probability is that th
government will not go beyond a
strictly unofficial remonstrance.
Thus there Is the anxious and para
doxical situation that, while Turkey
has almost the entire public opinion on
her side for the first time In history,
Italy's big battalions will not be inter
fered with.
The supreme anxiety for the moment
is not Tripoli, so much as whether that
narrow question, like a pebble thrown
Into the water, will widen to an in
calculable extent.
Sleeping laaaea Dssgerosa.
Russia and the free passage through
the Dardanelles: Crete, and its annexa
tion to Greece; Bulgaria and the inva
sion of Macedonia, are among the slum
bering Issues which may burst Into
open destructive activity like Mount
Etna's recent lava tide.
The final addition to the distraction
of Europe la the announcement that
the Moroccan dispute between France
and Germany, which has already de
scended In the newspapers from a scare
head to paragraphs In small type, once
more has entered the stage of bitterly
disputed points.
Domestic politics In England in the
meantime has resumed almost Its full
activity, and the political holidays are
virtually over. Events are still more
favorable for the Liberals. The victory
of Gladstone's grandson In a Scotch
constituency over the fierce and com
bined attack of the Tories and Labor
ltes by a great majority creates An im
mense Liberal Joy. The election was
fought on two issues. Home rule and
Lloyd Oeorge'a Insurance bill, and so
emphatic was the verdict In favor of
both by the great Scotch constituency
that It Increases the hope that both will
certainly be passed into law.
Home Rule la Organised.
The Home Rule cause Is further
helped by the Immense success of the
tour through Ireland of the Eighty
Club an organisation composed of the
most ardent and energetic spirits of
the Liberal party.
Simultaneously the strange antics.
Including the plan to create a provi
sional government In Ulster after Home
Rule Is carried into a law. created
shouts of laughter throughout England
and In Ireland. They already have
elicited strong protests from the ra
tional Unionists.
The Home Rule campaign In Great
Britain now Is fully organized and will
open Its campaign in the second week
of October with Redmund. Dillon, Dev
lin myself and others attending private
coiiferencea and public demonstrations
from Lands End to John O'Groats.
Three Men Have Struggle Before
Overcoming Ferocious Bock.
New Tork Press.
John Buckley, of Waverly avenue;
Captain Frederick Wood and L. Ack
erly. all of Tatchogue, Long Island, en
gaged in a atlrrlng battle in that place
with a buck deer, which, after giving
the men a hard struggle and severely
Injuring one of them, was stabbed to
death. The battle occurred on th
estate of Mrs. Kate L. Gilbert, a
wealthy Manhattan widow.
Mra. Gilbert recently had a notice
printed In a Patchogue newspaper that
a fine buck deer on her property would
be given to any one who would take
away the animal. The deer was known
In Patchogue aa "ferocious." Buckley
decided to devote his holiday to the
capture of the animal, believing he
could sell the deer at a good price
He took a bottle of chloroform, cotton
he Intended to saturate with th anes
thetic, and a stout burlap bag in which
he intended to place the cotton and
throw it over the deer's head.
Buckley entered Mrs. Gilbert's estate
and found the buck. The animal Im
mediately charged him. and with Its
antlera knocked out of hla hand the
chloroform bottle, bag and cotton.
Buckley was flung to the ground and
the deer began to gore him. He clung
to the antlera. shouting for help.
Captain Wood, commander of Frank
Guttrldge's yacht, the Ethel, and Ask
erly were passing In the road on their
way home from the South Bay Yacht
Club. They went to Buckley's assist
ance. Wood grasped the buck's ant
lers and Buckley, senseless, sank to
the ground. Askerly. who once was a
football player, made a flying leap and
tackled the buck's hind legs, hanging
on as th enraged animal plunged.
Wood, clinging to the antlers, waa
dashed about A vicious Jerk of the
aeer9 bead caused him to loose his
hold. Springing to hla feet, he ran
for a wood, the buck in close pursuit,
with Ackerly still clinging to one of
Its hind legs.
As th deer was about to strike Wood
the captain dodged behind a tree,
whipped out a knife and, when the deer
again made for him. Jumped aside and
stabbed the animal in Ita shoulder.
The deer charged aimlessly and Wood
stabbed it again and again, until he
severed an artery and it dropped. Then
Wood and Ackerly watched the ani
mal's struggles from a aaf distance
untU it bled to death. -
Hats I Hi
Hats ;
gf nA M
5CM0SS 1
For Men
S15 to S40
Plot to Strip Empire of Pos
sessions Is Foreseen.
Country Will Cease" to Appear on
Map, Prediction of Counsellor "of
Ottoman Chamber of Com
merce in New York.
NEW TORK, Sept. SO. The ylew
which Turkish business men take of the
trouble between their country and
Italy is Indicated in a pessimistic state
ment given out here by Dr. Vahan
Cardashlan. counsellor of the Ottoman
Chamber of Commerce in America, of
which the Turkish Ambassador is presi
dent. "The gradual dlsmemberrrfent of Tur
key may be expected now," said Mr.
Cardashlan. "Everything in the Euro
pean political situation seems to indi
cate a coalition of the powers against
Turkey. Now that Italy has sheared
off our last outlying possession, I ex
pect that Turkey will be steadily in
vaded until the country ceases to ap
pear on the map.
"Gradually encroaching European
spheres of influence hem Turkey in on
every side. Austria is eagerly awaiting
for the opportunity to seise Salonika on
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rheumatism, relieves that tired
feeling, restores the appetite,
cures paleness, nervousness,
builds up the whole system.
More than 40,000 testimonials
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alleled record are the broad and
solid foundation for this claim.
Take Hood's.
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chocolated tablets called Sarsataba.
Business Men
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show you beneficial changes and
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Store Wm Be Open All Day Monday
" Schloss " Clothes fulfill every requirement you can think of and some that
may not generally occur to you.
"Schloss" Clothes embody every cardinal point in quality of tailoring, fabric
and fit, and have a style that is peculiarly their own, as well as a number of
other advantages not found in average good clothes.
"We refer particularly to the perfection of detail and to the distinctiveness
of lines which have come to be regarded as peculiarly characteristic of "Schloss"
And above and beyond all this they are the best clothes you can buy, for the
reason that their excellence is achieved without prohibitional expense. Let that
be your cue I
and Alder SfreefT
Clothing Co.
the Adriatic. Germany has an outpost
on the Aegean Sea, Russia Is prepared
to assimilate Armenia Major, while
France's interests in Syria and Eng
land's possession of Cyprus complete
the circle.
"No traditional or historic reason can
excuse or Justify Italy's claim to a
. . , Trinnll Trfnnli 1ft
decrepit and emanclated In Industry and
commerce, out nas a vasi area. iuuu
eight times the slse of New York
State) and immense commercial possi
bilities. As a Mediterranean naval
power, Italy needs a base on the north
shore of Africa. The reported boycott
of Italian goods in Asia Minor, the
deprivation of Italian BUbjects of their
rights, are the clumsiest pretexts."
Bookseller Felled With a Book.
Kearsley's Anecdotes.
Tom Osborne, the bookseller, waa one
of "that mercantile rugged race to
which the delicacy of the poet is some
times exposed." .
Osborne, irritated by what he
thought an unnecessary delay on the
part of Johnson, went one day into the
room where Johnson was sitting and
Announces the Opening of His Establishment
in the
Wilcox Building
310-312 Washington Street, Between
Fifth and Sixth
Grant Phegley, Manager
abused him in the most illiberal man
ner. Johnson heard him sometime un
moved; but. at last, losing all patience,
he seized a huge folio and, aiming
a blow at the bookseller". s head, suc
ceeded in sending him sprawling to
the floor. Osborne alarmed the family
by his cries; but Johnson, placing his
foot on his breast, would not let him
stir till he exposed him in that situa
tion: and then left him with this tri
umphant expression: "Lie there, thou
son of dullness, ignorance and obscu
rity!" What Did He Want.
London Answers.
William had thrown down his spade
and shovel and had "gone to be a sol
dier." The recruiting sergeant had
painted such an academy picture of the
Joys of army life that existence up at
the farm seemed very dull and tedious
by comparison.
But the realization fell very far short
of the anticipation. In fact, while Wil
liam was being whipped into shape, his
mind grew terribly Jumbled and he
wished he had never left his old friends
the spade and the shovel.
Established 1870
Gold and Silversmith
You are cordially invited during the opening
week beginning Tuesday, October
third, nineteen hundred
and eleven
Hats Hats
$3.00 A $3.00 A
Hats Hats
"Right turn!" cried the sergenat. Wil
liam turned to the left. When the ser
geant cried, "Left turn!" he turned to
the right.
At last flesh could stand it no longer.
In a frenzy of exasperation, William
faced the badgering drillmaster and ex
claimed: "Look here, sergeant. Tha doesna'
know thy own mind for two minutes
together. Tell us which way tha wants
us to turn, and ha' done wi't!"
A Call for Kegular Work.
A farm hand had worked in the field
from dawn, till darkness, doing the
chores by lantern light. "I'm going
to quit," he said td the farmer at the
end of the month. "You promised me
a steady job."
"Well, haven't you got one?" was the
astonished reply.
"No." said the man, "there are three
or four hours every night that I don't
have anything to do and fool my time
away sleeping."
The exports of phonographs and records
from the United States have doubled In
two years.
I Schloss 1