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Two Seal Pitchers Treated to
Terrific Bombardment for
Score of 12 to 4.
Portland Shortstop, Hitting for Tea
Bases. Ia Responsible for SU
Rao Darkness) Hold San
Francisco at Hla Mercy.
rrtlana l'xi as .imtTf
,ra 10T t .Mil
Aftar playing nip and tuck games for
three weeks straight, ths Beaver held
a batting rally yesterday at tha em
Sanaa erf pitchers Sutsr and Browning,
of San Francisco, and won a lop-sided
irai by tha score of 11 to 4.
It was a slugfest for tha Beavera
from tha Jump, and Harry Suter. tha
Seal southpaw, lasted Juat long enough
ta allow Portland ana run with tha
sacks still loaded, whan "Kid" Mohler
wtgwsgsed him to cover and suhstM
tutsd Frank "Alexander" Brownlna;.
who was anything bat effective against
Rogsr Pecklnpaugh and BUI Rappa.
A few other Beavers alao figured In
tha twatfest against Brownlna. but It
was the Ions drives of Pecklnpaugh.
who s'.ammed out two doubles and a
similar numbar of triples In four trials.
' and a. healthy thres-bagger by Rspps
if at created most of tha havoc for tha
. teals.
eavwra Lasts) Hare! n ta
The Beavers started after Sotsr In
tha first Inning whan Chadbourne.
Roarers and Lindsay, three left-handed
- batters, singled successively and filled
the bases. A Ion fly by Bill Rspps.
which waa cleverly captured by John
son, proved far enough out to permit
Chadbourne to score. Buddy Ryan also
filed to Johnson, bat ao one advanced,
and Buter finished hla term of pitching
by filling up the paths on a paaa to
Krtief er.
Mohler then substituted Brown Ins;,
and Pecklnpaufh promptly scored
Rodger. Lindsay and Krueger with a
double, the first of bVe four ringing bits
to the left field portion of the en
closure. Mickey La Long ended tha
first Inning with a tap to French.
Wearer's single and doublea by John
eon and Tennant gave to Seals two In
the aecond. but after that Harkness
wss an enigma, for the other Seal runs
were accumulated the Portland
pitcher took things easy In the eighth
and ninth lnnlns. when tha home team
had 10 runs to tha good. Pecklnpaugh'!
second double and a pass to Chad
bourne, combined with an error by
Weaver and two double steals, cava
Portland two mora in toe rourtn.
BUI Raapa Scare a Twa.
A single by Rspps and Pecklnpaugh'
first triple annesed soother for the
Reavers In the fifth. Chadbourne.
Rodger and Lindsay singled succes
sively In tha sixth, but Chadbourne
wss out after over-running third on
Lindsay's Infield hlngle. This made
but two out. and BUI Rapps proved the
Plnch-hltter by lacing one for three
hags that scored Rodgers and Lindsay.
Ryan scored Rspps by beating; out a
alow bounder to Weaver.
Perkinpaugh opened the seventh
" with bis second three-bagger, and his
fourth long hit f tha day. and scored
on a single by La, Longe. Harkness
sacrificed La Longe to aecond. and that
worthy tallied an a pretty hit to left
by Rodger.
Two games will be played this after
noon, and aa both trams ara scheduled
to depsrt for the South at ( o'clock,
the first game will be railed at 1:10
o'clock, and tha final game will b ter-
' mlnated at I o'clock, ao tha players can
get ttretr train.
Headeream Held la Reserve.
Tm Seaton and Bill Steen will pitch
" for Portland, aa Bra Henderson haa
volunteered to pitch three gamea next
week against Vernon. Tha Seals will
depend on Harry Suter or "Doc" Moa
klman and "lack" Henley In tha final
games of the season here. Tha score:
raa FTencle- Fort la ad -
ruf 32100
Fr. h 3 ' Re gerajb ft B 1 ft
M.-A'l'Va 2 I Unsay. S ft 2 1 1
vt. i i 3 J iupps.i. x a o a
Jen'e..'f Rran.rf .. ft 1 3 a
.N. 'or.rf .4 a a OKn'.r.rl. 4 t
T.n'at.le X a 1 4 4 4
wrry.r. 4 I S 3 0 UL i.c 1141
Hater, a O ft O Hark em. a X J 1
rD . 41 Jj
TMIHN1 Tat ale M 14 tT 11 X
Francises 11 4
Hi. O X V a I o X I
rt:nd 4 O X 1 X x a u
,v htc 4 1 1 X ft 14
m Kun PeejaM. Weaver. Johnson. Narler.
Lh4urn 2. Rsdsere 2. Rappa. Lindsay 2.
T.vb.i. l.a Ltingf. Pa-klnpugh - krurr.
Iru,k out Br Hurkntn 4. by Browning 3.
Fva on balle tg HerSnaee 1. olT iul-r 1.
T Prawning X- T-bea hit I'vrkln
&aut -. Johnaon. Tnnant. Three-baea
Kite P.lnpausa X. Rappa RarnB.-a hits
aLa Hkrknru. iacnne fliee Rappa.
au-Ardir. eioiea baees rW'klnpeuge. 'had
boume 2. Rflgera. roare'l. hrao. Innings
rirhd Fy Suter 7-X Baaa hits Oft utrr
. runa 1. Ttma of same 1;41. Vmplree
iaa.y and Vaa Haitra.
Nolo of the Game.
Yreteriav'a victory waa the flrat easy
rme tre Beavers have hai in iiur
Wek. Neariv every other game played
If period bv ortland haa been de
cayed br one run.
"Spe-k" Hsrknees hsd an easy gsme.
and waa deoidedlr thankful far it. aa c.ever tlrler hae been compelled
to ehul trie opponents out or hold thera
ta one run to win In the past.
'Frank Hrownlng was treated to the
wVrat neatlna the Portland rlub haa
evor admlniatered to him. but as he
eptered the same with the bases full.
1 waa not alto;othrr Ma fault.
Any time left-handed batters get to
Suter for tirre hits In succession it Is
time to take htm out. for tlila twlrler
la one of the best southpaws In the He was not right yesterdsy.
H:ll Rspps put un a job on Xlax
meer The eccentric heaver wss sent
to the coarhlnt line, and because he
wore an odd uniform. Kinney ordered
him to the bench. Maxmeyer then
changed shirts ami Finney ordered him
out of te grounds.
Kill Rodgers toss been the hitting
demon of the team since he rejoined
te Heavers regular battle array.
t.wrr-lv a day haa paaaed but that ha
b.ta made one or more blnglea.
Roger Pei-klnpaugh has also been
some alugser In tae lsat few games.
Ilia feat rstrdav of rapping ut two
doublea and two three-basgera In four
tmes up la a slugging mark surpassed
' as v tv Ruddy Rysn this season.
.Today the fans will bid fsrewell to
t'.e B'Srers for 11 1. and a record
breaking crowd Is exported to attend
file afternoon s double-header to give
l.-.rm a royal aendorf for tha season.
Mlnnm. Stint Out Till Mtlh, Then
.Mab l'p for Ix Ttm.
tA.V rRAMClSCO. Sept. . Oaklaad
V t:
. ' ' e-. 7
' ,,
- a . . . X - ' - - K Pier
j -lie- ' , fe,,,. v.
defeated Sacramento here today by a
score of 4 to 1. Sacramento made Ita
runs In tha aecond inning; on two hits.
Oakland failed to get a run until the
sixth. Score:
Keeramrnto I Oakland
Ab H Po A E Ab H Po A E
M.d'n.rf 4 0 O 0 0 HoTn.lf. 4OX01
ihlnn.Sb 112 1 BCoy.rf... 4 12 10
U'Ke.'.'b 4 X X 3 OZa' 4 14 10
f'an' 4 Oil 0 0 Vol on..l( 4 11X0 4 2 X O OTlp' 4 X B 1 O
1,'wla.lf. 4 110 0Cut'aw.2b S 0 X 1 1
Tho'a.c. X 1 1 0 S 1 4 4 0
Ir'en.aa X O O 4 I MitM.c... X 1 X 1 0
Hunt.p.. 4 1 0 0 tlra orr.P X 0 1 ft O
t'at' 0 0 0 0 0
Totals aX 24 IX 4i Totsls XI 10 XT 14
Harranenta ..0 1 000000 1
Hit, 2 2 2 0 0 O 1 1
Oakland o 0 0 O X a 1 4
una 1 t i 4 l
Runs Lewis. Lerrhen. Hunt. Coy X. Zach
er. Tledamann. gtolea baaaa Laarla. Tlde
mana Sarrlrtca fllee Bhlnn. Cutahaw. Two
baae hit Waraa. Hacrlrlca hlia Oresorr.
Larch an. Klrat baae on bal.a Off Gregory 2.
8 1 ruck out Hr Hant a. by Ortfory 2. Dou
ble plsya Zachr to Gregory to Wolvertoa
to Cutahaw; roy to Zachar. Paaaad ball
Mltsa. Tune of game 1:54. Vniplra Hllda
Halla Hurt WhUe Fleldlnr Ball and
Vernon 'Wins Afaln.
LOS ANGELES. SepL 10. Vernon
hammersd Halla all over tha lot today
and won the gsme by scoring five
runs tn the third Inning. In tha fifth
Halla collided with Moore while trying
to handle an infield hit and waa
knocked unconscious Delhi, who suc
ceeded him. held the Hoganltes to two
The score:
Vara on I Lo Ang'lea
Ab-H.Po.AE.! Ab.HPo.AB.
Carrie o f 4 1 X O O How'r.Xb & O X X O
M Oo-t lf 4 2 1 ODulln.3b. 5 112 1
Patron lb 4 1 1 O' 1 1 1
Firh'rib X 1 4 5 4 1 11 0 0
?on-n rf 4 0 10 H tm lie, 1110
Moan aa. 4 14 12 Ie! 4 2 2 ft 1
SSK - ill J-o,..r.l(.. 4 2 2 0 0
Frewn.e 1 1 1 0 Br ka.c. . 4 J 1 I 0
t'w'rts X I 1 2 0 Halia. p.. 2 111
P a a rlhl.p . .- 1000
inllon... o
Totals IT" Xt IX "2! Tetala I 14 14 4
Vernon" 0 ft 1 O 0 O o a
Kite 1 ft 1 0 1 1 X
Lea Angeles Ollieaon o j
...01210101 1
Matted for Delhi tn ninth.
Rene Cmrtlale. Patterson, ttraahrar. Bar
ren. Brown, enewart. Ialv. Hritmuller, Del
tnaa. ito!n baaaa t'arllale. Palay. Seven
blta off Halla la four and tao-thlrda In
nlnsa. Twe-beee hlta l)br. Daley. Haaea
on balla 4rf Stewart 2. Halla 1. Telhl 1.
Mruck eut Ht-aart 4. Halla 1. Delhi 1.
Paaaad bale Hrooka. Time 1:40. Vmplra
Wlntrrbotham to Aid Salem.
SALEM. Or.. Sept. SO. (Special.)
Wlnterbotham. of Portland, haa been
secured by Manager Jerman to pitch
against Woodburn In tha game tomor
row, which will decide whs) wins the
Willamette Valley League pennant.
Hewitt In the Infield and Parks In the
outfield will be other strong addltioaa.
SaJem has won one and Woodburn haa
won one game in the final aerlea of
three games to break the percentage
tla at the end of the eeason.
Oregon City Arrange Sohcdalc.
OREGON CtTT. Sept. SO. (Special.)
Harry White, manager of tha Oregon
City football team. Is receiving letters
from all parta of the Willamette Valley
from teams seeking gsmes. It Is the
Intention of the team to play the ma
jority of their games In Oregon City,
but they plan a tour later In the sea
son. Comblnstlon suits, black Jerseys
with yellow striped aleeves and black
stockings with yellow stripes, will be
the uniform ( tk Oregoa city players.
MJj I II "'Tmraia
. .... 1
. "W'."
Ratting Averages Show Recti of
South Rend Leads In Largest
Number of Games.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. Sept. SO. (Spe
cial.) President O. J. Albers. of tha
State League, has received the pennant
won by Centralis, and It will be pre
sented at a meeting ef tha league di
rectors In Chehali tomorrow. Follow
ing la a Hat of ti.e players batting bet
tar than .250 through tha season and
the records of the leading twirlera:
G. AB. H. Ave.
Kennedy. Cbahalla 4 1.1 H .48:1
Jnhneon. Chehalla IS ftn 23 .8M
Road. 800 th Band 4 13 1 .ft3:t
C'lemealeon. Raymond. .. 14 ST 2i .828
Moore. Chehalis (0 17 04 .824
Guyn. Centralis 6T 2T.J 72 ,i0
Murrar. Chehalla .11 214 .301!
Taylor, rhehalta .14 210 47 .108
Krlnke. Chehalla '. .10 81 Itt .Xnl
Balgutakl. Mouth Bead. .11 41 12 .22
Wlnrholt. Ray -Che.. . v .40 214 i
SVhlitemore. no. Brnd... 7 2S 8 ,2h
Pkker. South B-nd 2 T 2 .24
Bersar. I'entralia 20 61 17 .27
Vivian. Raymond 44 21i 6 .2
Reed. Raymond 4 13 4ft .2X0
MoBHda. I'hahaMa .Ill I'll 2.1 .2rtO
Uleaaon. Caatralla 4 170 44 .ir.:i
Baker. South Bend 40 177 4d
ooule. Raymond 14 47 - .247
4(rtarthey. Raymond. ... 22 44 14 .264
Minor. Che.-l'an 4S iJ.t t.n .244
Hrry. Chrhalla 47 22H 41 .244
White. Ravmond 22 74 ID .243
otablck. Centralis 29 l'xi 24 .240
Johnson. South Bend.... 24 0 .240
Pitching Reroeda.
G. W. L. Par.
Bersr. Oentralia 12 7 2 .777
Frlnke. Chehalla 14 10 3 .780
Callahan. Centralla ! 13 4 .74
Onvn. Cheballs IS 4 1 -7
Heimecka. Raymond.... USX .824
Col-man, t'he.-Ray 1 .
Archer, rh. halla 10 8 4 .800
Baker. Ravmond 24 13 .4i
Fllchner, Chehalla 18 M ft .48:1
Krauae. Centralla 18 S 8 .471
M-raw. Cha -Ray 10 4 1 .571
Sis. Lergaea ac 1. 1 a a caw
raclfle revet. Nertbwraters,
w. L PC! vv. I- p.r.
Portland 1(0 n .4:! Vsncou'r. 102 1 .124
rnon. . 1T 74 ..lul'Fitokane. 1'4 72 .472
Oakland. S -4n Seattle . . 77 .442
San Fra. S lot .444 Portland. M 71 .421
Sac'to . 71 1U .4:1 Taroma. . M 2 .497
Los Ant. 74 110 .44 Victoria. 42 124 .It
atlonal. Anaerlran.
w. I- PC w. L- PC.
jcw Tork ' 40 .4o Phlla h 4 .71
CMcaae.. S7 4 ..'!! Ietrnlt. . . 7 6 .4P2
Ptttaourg S-! H7 .44:1 Cleveland. 77 70 .424
Phlla . T 4 .44 New York 74 VI1 .417
Hl Loula. 73 7 .41 1 Chiraro.. . 73 72 .403
Ctncln... a. Vi .4 VI Boaten. . . . 72 74 .400
Brooklyn. HO S2 .421 Waah'ton. 62 M .410
Hoaton... 3l 1(4 .271 St. l.ouH. 41 1"4 .22
Americas Aaaa. VYeeteva league. '
w. u. p c. w. l- p.c.
Mtnneep.. 98 04 Pnw. . . CM 41 .rt42
Kan. city. 3 S .471 St. Joseph 4 .471
Columbua. 7 77 .4.11 Pueblo.... 4 70 .444
St. Paul.. 7 SI .42 Slou City 1 76 .415
Milwaukee 7 M .47 Lincoln.. . so "rt .412
Toledo 7 M .47 Omaha. . . 77 7 .407
lnoianap.. 72 .440 Topeka. . . 44 W . 14
Loaleellle. 4 Vtt ..two Dea Mnln.,43 100 -SO
Yeeterday'e Reeulta.
Pacific Coaat Leaue Portland 12. Pen
Franelaco 4: Vernon s, Loa Aosoles 8; Oak
land 4. oacramento X.
Xorthaeetern Leasue Portland 10, Spo
kane X; Taooma 10, Seattle 4; Vancouver 11.
Victoria 1 1. called by mlatake of scorer.
American Leasue Na- Tork 4-7.
Loula 8-2: Ctilcago -4. Boston 1-2: Phila
delphia 0-8. Cleveland 1-4; Washington 8.
Detroit 2.
National T.earue Plttaburr 0-a, Philadel
phia 2-7. Cincinnati 14-2. Boaton l-: Naw
Tork X Chlcaro 1; St. l.oula 0. Brooklyn .
called In the llth becauee of Sarkneaa.
American ,Aaiociatlon Toledo Colum
tiua -t: St. Paul 2-2 Milwaukee 0-7: In
dianapolla S I.oulavlile 2; Kanaaa City 8.
M:nneapolla X, called end of aeventh because
of wet grounda.
Waatern l.easue St.- Joeeph 4-1. Lincoln
3-0: Dearer 8. Pes ktiunaa 4; enable T.
Omaha 8; Sioux City 11. Topeka 0-
TetSj' 1
"t I aa. ..-... j-- . v
Freckled Pitcher Repairs Rep
utation Damaged at
. 1
Big Reaver Is Native Son, Fay He
Will Make Good in Rig Iearuei
Now. Victim of "Knock
ers," Ia Asserted.
When "Speck" Harkness was re
turned to the Portland baseball team
last Summer by the .Cleveland Ameri
cana, aeveral wiseacres who think they
know all about ballplayers and their
ability elmply whanged the anvil Into
pieces In expressing their opinion of
the tall young twlrler. for whom they
predicted all aorta of disaster.
"Speck had no very flattering start,
but 'he kept pegging away and Mc
Cradle continued to have faith in him.
One day the big pitcher was sent Into
the game against the Oaks at Fan
Francisco In the first inning with the
bases full and none out and he suc
ceeded In whitewashing the "W'olver
Inea, which served to start a change 1n
his luck. Since that time "Speck" has
pitched five gamea and only four rune
have been registered against him.
Ha la the original "comeback" of
the hunch, and now Is as dependable
a pitcher as there Is In the league,
most of the knockers are trying to per
suade their auditors that they are in
tha "I-told-you-ao" class.
Harkaesa "Native ."
Fred H. Harkness la a native of Cal
ifornia, and for years made his home
at Arroyo Grarnre, 1 miles from San
Lula Obispo. Of athletic tendency
while a lad. the youngster naturally
took to baseball playing. He learned
the rudiments of pitching In the Cali
fornia bushes, and made such a fine
showing that he was signed by John
J. McClosky for the Butte team of
the Northwestern League in 1S08.
McCredle kept tab on young Hark
ness while he was with Butte, for he
had been tipped to this twlrler by Cal
ifornia friends, and w hen the open sea
son for drafting from class B clubs
arrived, the Portland team selected and
waa awarded 'Harkness of Butte. Mc
Credle drafted Carson from the Taco
ma club the same season. Both these
twirlera became Beavers in 1909.
While wearing a Portland uniform
that year. Harkness made such a good
showing that he was purchased by the
Cleveland American League club for
1910. "Speck" reported to the Clever
land team last year and made good.
He was signed aaraln this season and
pitched for Cleveland until the latter
part of July, when he was returned to
the Portland club by the American
League team.
, Heavy Hitters Beat "Speck."
The Philadelphia Athletics were re
sponsible for "Speck's" return to Port
land by the severe lacing they gave
him when he attempted to 'deceive
their, heavy gunning. Any one who
wants an argument can get It by as
serting, in the presence of Harkness,
that Connie Mack'a team is a weak
hlttlng aggregation. "Speck" asserts
that the Athletics are the hardest hit
ters over gathered on one club, and he
Is banking on them to defeat the New
York Giants in the coming champion
ship series.
Harkness asserts that he Is not
through with the bit; leagues, for he
clalma that he will get another chance
yet and that the next time he goes
up 'he will stick longer than he re
mained In a Cleveland uniform. He Is
ambitious and his present form would
Indicate 'that he will undoubtedly ac
complish his ambition to gain another
chance In fast company.
THE Beavers and the Seals will oc
cupy special cars leaving Portland
tonight at o'clock, and will arrive
In San Franolsco tomorrow night at 9
o'clock. Th Beavers will remain at
San Francisco Monday night and will
leave there Tuesday morning for Los
Angeles, where they open with Vernon
on Wednesday.
Benny Henderaon has volunteered to
pitch three gamea against Vernon next
week, and his wish will no doubt be
granted by McCredle. though Elmer
Koestnar Is equally as eager to hurl
against the Hooligan band. Koestner
thinks he can beat that team any
time he starts against them.
a a a
Yesterday's victory over the Seals
gives Portland four out of five games
with the Frisky ones. The Seals have
always been troublesome contenders,
snd have, previous to this series, been
hard nuts for the Beavers to crack, ex
cept on their last previous trip to Port
land. At that time Portland took nve
out of six and sent them on the to
boggan, a a a
A San Francisco writer asserts that
the results of the games of the past
few weeks show Vernon to have the
best club, as he says that Portland is
simply showing the advantage of being
at home. If the other clubs would play
as hsrd sgslnst Vernon as they seem
to do against Portland the Vernon
club would not win so many decisive
battles. When Vernoon faces good
pitching that club does not hit so
strongly. s was demonstrated when
Hogan was in Portland.
a a a
According to a San Francisco ex
change. Patsy O'Rourke is to handle
the Sacramento club again next sea
aon for the scrappy little Irishman has
made a hit in the California state
capital. O'Rourke is a good leader and
if the Senatorial owners will get him
a ball club he will make the other
fellows bustlesome next season.
The effervescent J. Cal Ewing. rated
as one of the keenest and brainiest
baseball Solomons of the West, declares
Bil Eteen will have to change his box
delivery when he goes to Cleveland
next season.
"Steen balks dozens of times in every
game." declared Cal on Thursday, call
ing attention at numerous Intervals to
the so-called balk delivery.
"See that peculiar twist of the shoul
der? He's got all the base runners
srsred to death. That twist Is a part
of his delivery and legally lie should
never be allowed to throw to the bases
with ths same feint motion that he uses
In feeding the ball to the batter."
If Weather' I. Balmy Sailers Will
Rare. to Milvraokle.
Weather permitting tea xy;hts will
t ; . V. V,,k null this
line up Mb i UP vni i- i. ....... . "
I . i. . . A UllvanbU
axiernwuu xur i.ue ivies
and return. The championship for 1911
will be decided and several other prises
will be competed for. Much interest
has been shown and a large number of
boata are expected to enter.
Two additions to the houseboats wer
made last week with the arrival of R.
Warrlner's houseboat from Rock
Island and one belonging to Hahn,
built on a pontoon. It has sprung
a leak and one side is under water,
awaiting the discovery of the trouble.
William Racer and A. Shoitn are
planning a dance for the near future
and the date will be announced in a
few days.
Several yachts Including the Swal
low and Terrior, Fore-an'-Aft, Sparrow
and Spendthrift, sailed to Rooster Rock
last Sunday. The Swallow and Terrior
had left the day before for the mouth
of the river and remained there over
night. Every yacht hag a new crew.
The day was ideal for yachting and
after enjoying the Columbia until late
In the afternoon, the boats turned
homeward and arrived at tha clubhouse
at 8 o'clock.
The Buccaneer will -be drawn for
this morning at 10:30 o'clock. Vice
Commodore Mendenhall has all the
tickets disposed of and considerable in
terest la manifested in the drawing.
McGraw's Hnetling Pennant Seekers
Hammer Brown Vnmerclfully and
Doyl Drive Out Homer.
CHICAGO. Sept. SO. New York tri
umphed over Chicago today In the third
game of the crucial series. 3 to 1,
thereby regaining part of Its loss of
the two previous games.
Larry Doyle's home run drive In the
opening Inning was responsible for the
early lead of the visitors. Devore, who
bad singled, scored abead of him.
Chicago's lone tally came In the fifth
Inning on a baee on balls, a single,
and an error. Brown was hit hard
throughout. The score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Chicago. ..1 6 0New Tork. .1 14 4
- Batteries Brown and Archer: Ames
and Myers. Umpires Brennan and
Pittsburg 9-8, Philadelphia 2-7.
PITTSBURG, Sept. SO. Pittsburg
today took two games from Philadel
phia. First game:
R.H.E.I " R.H.E.
Pittsburg ..6 8 lPhiladel ....2 9 3
Batteries Adams and Gibson; Chal
mers and Cotter.
Second game:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Pittsburg ..8 8- 0Phlladel ....7 11 1
Batteries Llefleld, Ferry and Gibson;
Stack, Hall and Kllllfer. Umpires
Rigler and Flnneran.
Boston 9-1, Cincinnati 2-4.
CINCINNATI, Sept. SO. Cincinnati
and Boston broke even in a double
header here today. First Game:
R H El - R H E
Boston 9 15 lCincinnati ..3 6 2
Batteries Donnally and Kllng;
Suggs. Compton and Severlch. Um
pires Johnstone and Eason.
Second game:
Boston 110 3!Clnclnnatl ..4 11 1
Batteries Young and Rarlden
Kllng; Benton and Clark. Umpires
Eason and Johnstone. -
Brooklyn 6, St. Louis 6.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 80. The locals tied
the score In a ninth inning rally to
day, and battled with Brooklyn to a
S-to-S tie at the end of the 11th in
ning, the game being called on account
of darkness. The score:
' R. H. E.1 R. H. E.
Brooklyn. .6 9 7St. Louis. . 12 0
Batteries E. Steele, Schardt and O.
Miller; Harmon, Dale and Bliss. Um
pires -Clom and Emslle.
Cleveland 1-4, Philadelphia 6-S.
PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 30. The home
team won the first game and lost the
second. The score:
First game
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Cleveland. .1 7 llPhlla'phia. .6 12 1
Batteries Blandlng and O'Neil;
Krause and Thomas.
Second game
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Cleveland .4 II lPhlIa'lphla. .3-10 3
Batteries Baskette and Fisher,
Easterly; Martin, Armstrong and
St. Lonfct 5-2, New York 4-7.
NEW YORK. Sept. SO. Poor fielding
by the locals gave the visitors the first
game today. In the second Ford was
invincible except tn the second Inning.
First game:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
St. Louis. ..6 11 lNew York. .4 4
Batteries Allison and Stephens;
HafT. Ford and Blair.
Second game:
R. H. E.I R. H. E.
St. Louis... 2 6 1,-N'ew York.. .7 12 1
Batteries Hawks and Stephens; Ford
and Blair.
Chicago -4, Boston 1-2.
Boston. Sept- 30. Chicago ended its
final Boston series today by taking
both games of a double header. The
First game
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Bpeton. . .1 4 SIChicago. . .9 11 1
Batteries Pape. Bushelman end
Williams; Scott and Block. ,
Second game
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Boston. . .2 3 3. Chicago. . .4 C 0
Batteries Hagerman and Williams;
Bens and Sullivan.
Washington S, Detroit 2.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 30. Detroit
went down to defeat today. Groom's
pitching was the feature. Score: -
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Wash 3 10 SiDetroit 2 4 4
Batteries Groom and Henry; Works
and Stanage.
Cleveland Scrapper Qualifies for
Bout by Whipping Conley.
LOS ANGELES. Sept. 30. Johnny
Kilbane, of Cleveland, qualified as the
opponent of Abe Attell Jn a fight for
the featherweight championship here
New Year day. by beating Frankie Con
ley, of Kenosha, in a 20-round go today
at Vernon arena. Conley'a aggressive
ness in the face of certain defeat was
the only feature of the fight.
In the 11th and again in the 16tb the
gong saved Conley from a knockout.
18 Hits Gathered Off Spokane
City Leaguer Tried Out in
Box by Indians.
Though Tonheson Is Pounded. Good
Fielding Givys Him Long End of
1 0-to-3 Score Two Games to
Wind Up. Play for Year.
SPOKANE. Wash., Sept. 30. (Spe
cial.) Kelly, another City League re
cruit, was tendered a smarting recep
tion when he essayed his league debut
at Recreation Park today,- the Portland
Roadsters amassing 18 hits. Including
two doubles, three triples and a homo
run. The score was 10 to 3.
Tonneson was no pussle to the Spo
kane batsmen, either, but Kelly's sup
port was Indifferent and the Roadsters
took chances on the bases. Portland
got a hit in every Inning except one,
and every man in ths Portland lineup
got at least one hit. Ke,lly was con
stantly In a hole.
Tomorrow will wind up the season
here and two games will be played.
Spokane will have Its strongest lineup
in the field, for Nick Williams Is play
ing the string out as If the pennant
was depending upon It.
He probably will pitch Henkle and
Jensen against Schwenk and O'Lough
ln for Spokane. The score:
Portland 1 Spokane
Ab H Po A E Ab H Po A B
Munf.Sb a 2 3 8 0Z!m.rf... 4 112 1
Haxrls,cf 5 2 S 0 4 0 4 2 0
Stovall.rf 6 2 2 O OCartw't.lf 4 8 110
Wlliri.llj 4 1 10 2 0!Nord' 4 2 10 2 1
Pet'g w.lf 8 8 10 ipplM'n.2b 2 0 J 4 0
Mensor.2b 8 18 1 0 Klpp' 8 2 10 0
Moore.c. 4 3 2 1 mostdtek.c 4 15 0 0 4 3 1 3 0Sheeley.3b 4 0 3 2 0
Tonne.. p. 4 2 2 2 OiKelty.p.. 4 112 1
Total. 88 18 2T 14 11 Totals 33 10 27 21 S
Portland 0 1 1 0 3 1 2 0 2 10
Spokane 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 3
Runs Mundorff, Harris, stovall. Williams,
Pettlgrew 3. Moore, Coltrin S. Cartwright,
Nordyke, Kippert. Home run Mundorf.
Three-baae hits Williams, Coltrin, Tonne
son. Kippert. Two-baas hits Moore. Cart
wright. Pettigrew. Sacrifice hits Spleaman
2. Pettigrew 2. Sacrifice files Kippert, Pet
tltgrew. Stolen bases Stovall, Mensor,
Cartwrlght, Struck out Kelly 3. Tonneaoa
2. Baae on balls Kelly 3. Wild pitch
Tonneson. Hit by pitcher Moore. Left on
bases Portland 9. Spokane 6. Time 1:30.
Umpire Dash wood.
Vancouver and Victoria Teams Do
Not Know Which Wins.
EVERETT. Wash.. Sept. 30. Van
couver and Victoria played a nine-inning
tie game today. A misunder
standing occurred regarding the score
and it was not discovered that the re
sult was a tie until half the players
had left the field. The game was a
slugging match.
The score:
Vancouver J Victoria .
Ab.H.Po.A.K. AD.H.PO.A.B.
Ben'tt.2b 5 12 8 2' 5 14 0 0
BrasT.tb S 2 7 0 OlQood'n.Sb 3 2 0 2 0
Frlsk.rf. 5 1 3 0 0 Keller.2lb. 4 14 4 1
James.3b 5 0 0 1 5 18 0 0'8'1 3 1 llClem'n,rf 4 10 0 0 4 8 3 1 OMcM' 8 110 0 J
WlU'tt.lf 4 2 0 0 0'Bren'n.aa. 4 3 3 8 0
Lewls.c. 4 210 0 0'Devogt.e. 5 14 0 0
Clark, p. 3 1 0 2 OjErlck'n.p. 4 2 81
Totals 40 13 2T 10 3 Totals 41 15 27 12 2
Vancouver 0 0 0 1 0 6 1 l i II
Victoria 0 8 0 4 3 0 3 0 0 11
Runs Bennett 2. Swain 2. 6charnweber 3,
WlUett 2, Lewis, Clark. Million, clementson
2 McMurdo 3, Brennan 8, Devogt, Erickson.
Two-base hlta McMurdo, Brennan. Erlck
aon. Clementson. Three-baae hlta Brashear.
Wlllett. Scharnweber. McMurdo 2. Home
runs Devogt, Brennan. stolen bases Ben
nett. Million. Sacrifice hit Scharnweber.
Sacrifice flv Brennan. Bases on balls Off
Clark 1. off Erickson 4. Struck out By
Clark 6. by Erickson 3. Hit by pitcher
Keller, by Clark; Lewis, by Erlokaon. Time
1;3J Umpire StsrkelL
Bengals Pounce on Seattle Turks lor
10 Rnns and Game.
SEATTLE, Sept. 80. Tacoma won to
day's game from Spokane by opportune
hitting, 10 to 4. Mike Lynch'a batting
was a feature.-
The score:
1 2
8 4 5
14 3
0 2
0 0jCasey,2b.
2 10 0'Abbott.rf
5 2 2
5 8 0
4 2 1
1 1
Weed.rf . .
V nail gc
Seaton, p
Sage, p.
2 0
2 4
0 10
1 4
3 2
2 01
o o
4 0
Guyn. If . .
0 0
2 0
cole n,3D
2 1
2 2
2 12
1 1
1 6
1 o:schm'tx.D 4
3 0 1 ! l
Totals 35 11 26 14 li Totala 41 18 27 17 2
Fisher out, bit by batted ball.
Seattle 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4
Tacoma 1 2 1 1 2 0 0 3 010
Runs Crulckshank. Householder, . Bue,
Weed Morse. Abbott 2, Lynch. Guyn, Cole
man 2. Burns, Fisher, Schmuts. Two-base
bita Lynch 3. Coleman. Home runs
Bums Guyn, Moras. Sacrifice hits Morae.
Coleman. Schmuts. Struck out By Seaton
L by Sage 1. by Schmuts 1. Bases on balls
Off Seaton 1. off Sage 2, off Schmuts 1'.
pitchers' summary runs. 6 hits off Sea
ton In 2 Innings; runs. 12 hits off Bage In
7 Innings. Charge defeat to Sage. Double
plavs Casey to Moras tar Fisher, 2. Umpire
Sew Grandstand Will Be Single
Decker and Built of Wood.
President McCredie, of the Portland
Baseball Club, held a conference with
his architect yesterday, outlining his
plans for the new Portland Coast
League baseball plant to be built be
fore the opening of the 1912 playing
season at Twenty-fourth and Vaughn
The new grandstand, which will be
a single-decker, is to be constructed
entirely of wood, as the association
has but a ten-year lease on the prop
erty. This stand will reach to both
right and left field fences and will be
raised up four or five feet higher than
the present stand.
The bleachers tack to the grandstand
at both fences and entirely encircle
the playing field. - The outerworks will
be bitched back several feet so as
not to cut Into the playing field moro
than absolutely essential.
W. W. Metzger, who has had the con
cession at the park for two or three
seasons, has closed a deal for a five
season lease on the privileges. Under
this well-known necromancer's regime
gambling has entirely ceased to
flourish at the ball park. Rowdyism,
the little that might have existed
formerly, has been entirely wiped out
and things axe running with excep
tional smoothness.
"Metx." as he Is popularly called, is
an ardent ball fan and expects to hie
himself Eastward, with Mrs. Metsger.
for the world's series.
Horsemen at Lake City Track Going
to Spokane Meet.
SPOKANE, Waste.. Sept. 30. The flrat
half of the Lake City racing season
came to an end today. Race followers
and the majority of the owners go to
the Spokane Interstate Fair meet for
the coming week, returning to Alan
October 9 for the three weeks' windup.
Roy. Jr., won the feature race of the
day. the 31000 Elks' handicap. Sum
mary: Six furlongs, selling Marie Hyde (E.
McEwen), 8 to 1. won: Ballella (Bux
ton). 7 to 5. second: Margaret Ran
dolph (Fraeh. 10 to 1. third. Time.
1:14 1-5. Bonnie Bard. Ho Knows. Sir
Fretful. Geltco. Pitapat. Darelngton.
Judge Cabanlss. Charles Ureen and
Hand Satchel finished as named.
Six furlongs, selling Roberta C.
Ross). 20 to 1, won: Passenger iKItsch
baum). 7 to 1. second: Frank O. Hogan
(Forsyth), 3 to 1. third. Time, 1:14.
John H. Sheehan, Belle of Iroquois. Sil
ver Stocking. Thomas Calhoun. New
Capital. Fancy and Lees Friar finished
as named.
Mile selling Southern Gold (Keogh).
to 1, won; Trlste (Carter). 7 to 3. sec
ond: Meada C Ross). 15 to 1, third.
Time, 1:42 1-5. Nebraska Lass. Dave
Weber, Ben Oreenleaf. Rake. Allan
Fearn and Miss Condon finished as
Mile and an eighth. Elks' handicap,
31000 Roy, Jr. (Gross), to 3. won:
Jack Paine (McEwen). to 8. second;
Fred Mulholland (Buxton), 18 to 6,
third. Time, 1:54. Whltewool. Ocean
Queen and Sir John finished as named.
Fifth, mile selling Marlgot (Calla
han). ( to 1. won: Chanticleer (C. Ross).
6 to 3, second: Elgin (French), 7 to 1.
third. Time. 1:43 1-6. Reene W Ta
hoe. Delva and Jim Cafferata finished
as named.
Mile and sixteenth, selling Dutch
Rock (Callahan), 13 to 5, won: The.
Monk (Riddle), 2 to 1. second; Figent
(Ross), 9 to 1. third. Time. 1:47 2-5.
Colinet. Whidden and Molesey finished
as named.
Jack, Lester, of Cle Elum, Wash.,
Badly Beaten by Sam McVea.
STDNET. N. a W., Sept. SO. Sam Mo
Vea, of California, today defeated Jack
Lester, of Cle Elum, Wash., on points
in a 30-round match for the heavy
weight championship of Australia. Sev
enteen thousand persons gathered in
the stadium to see the contest.
McVea, who was the heaviest, out
pointed Lester throughout and never
extended himself. His chief method of
attack was a loft hook to the face, sup
plemented by uppercuts, and In the
nnal rounds the victor belabored Les
ter with terrific body punches.
Lester was unable to land an effec
tive blow. After the 12th round he
made no endeavor to attack.
Lester won the Australian champion
ship September 9 by defeating Bill
Lange, of Australia, on points.
Californlans Will Try to Get Beav
ers' "Goat" With Yells.
LOS ANGELES, Cal.. Sept. 30. (Spe
ciaL) When the Portland Beavers hit
the Angel fold Wednesday for the
crucial clash with Happy Hogans
Tigers they will be greeted by a
regularly organised rooters' associa
tlon and if the Tigers are not able
to "get" the Northern "goat," about
COO loyal fans will get into the game.
George Cline has been elected presi
dent of the club and Charles McCue
Is the official yell leader. This In it
self Is "some" combination but when
John Brink. Eddie Maier. et aL, get
Into the running, the strength of tho
new organisation will be at par.
Vancouver, B. C, Team Beats Fam
one) Teeumseh, 5 to 0.
tho world's championship lacrosse;
game today. Vancouver defeated tha
Tecumseh team of Toronto, champions
of Eastern Canada, by tho score ot
6 to 0.
It was tho first shutout in the experi
ence of the Tecumsehs for several sea
sons. Vancouver completely out
classed tho Eastern champions.
Tho second match of the series will
be played next Saturday, but as Van
couver now haa flva goals to the good
the Tecumsehs have hardly a chance
to win.
Fast Four Heats in World Run at
Columbus on Getaway Day.
COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 80. It required
tha final event of the Fall trotting
meeting of the Columbus Driving As
sociation to add a new world's trotting
record for four heats In a race. The
time for these was 2:05 Vs, 3:054, 3:05
and 2:05. Summary:
2:14 trot. S in 6, purse 31200 Myrtle
Grant won second, third and fourth
heata and race. Best time 2:084. Mar
tha C. second, won first heat, time
2-124; Densmore third.
2:18 trot, stake, 8 In 5, purse 32000
Soprano won second, third and fourth
heats and race. Best time 2:06. Miller
won first heat- Time, 2:05tf. Don
Labor third.
Eastern Football Results.
At Hanover. N. H., Sept. 3. Dart
mouth, 23; Massachusetts Agricultu
ral. 0. , A .
At Minneapolis Minnesota 5, Ames 0.
At South Bethlehem, Pa. Lehigh 11,
Western Maryland 6. . .
At Easton. Pa. Lafayette 3, Urusl
nus 0.
At Bloomington, Ind. Indiana 9, De
pauw 6.
At Philadelphia Pennsylvania 5,
Gettysysburg 3. '
At State College, Pa. Pennsylvania
State College 67, Geneva 0.
At Haverford. Pa. Haverford 49,
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 0.
At 'Columbus Ohio State University
8, Otterbein 0.
At Ithaca Cornell . Colgate 0.
At Brunswick, Me. Bowdoln 14, Fort
McKlnley 0.
At New Haven Yale 2, Holy Cross 0.
At Carlisle, Pa. Carlisle Indians 17.
Dickinson 0.
At Princeton Princeton 37, Stevens 0.
Af Cambridge Harvard 15, Bates 0.
At Willlamstown Williams 0, Ren
nselaer 0.
G. W. Reynolds, of Divide, Has Been
In Office 35 Years.
SALEM. Or.. Sept. 30. (Special.)
State Superintendent Alderman Is
anxious to ascertain whether any school
trustee in Oregon has served for a
longer period than 35 years.
G. W. Reynolds, of Divide, has acted
in that capacity for that length ot
time, and he believes that he haa the
record broken in point of service.