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Edna Howard Baker's Free School and Demonstration of
Cooking by Gas Opens Tuesday, 4th Floor Attend Early
Try the Delicious Luncheon in Our 7th Floor Restaurant
Results in Munsingwear Contest Will Be Announced Soon
October Ushers' in". New: Fall F&sMcMs and MercSiaedi
'vH ffMIE arrival of the new month finds every department of this great store replenished with'the latest
'C yV and newest creations in tall and Winter merchandise. Our buyers have made second and tnird
&jA trips to the Eastern markets, that they might have ready for you at this middle
7V) 3".y month of Fall the goods that most stores expect to show at the beginning of the
Jt Vrio; Winter season. So come tomorrow you'll find every section of The Big Store
17 C a kl '11 f ilT".
: If1 . sm)B
5-fairly teeming with the beautiful and new!
In the Ready-to-Wear Salons
voull find an arrav of Gowns, Costumes, Wraps and Suits such as Portland
women have rarely seen. Marvelous creations that trace their style-origin from
world-famed modistes Drecoll, Paquin, Poiret, Roberts, Collat, as well as from
the most famous New York dictators of fashion!
ir 'J u i
See the 5 th Street
Tailored Suits in almost endless vari
ety, for every day finds new additions to
the wonderfully complete stocks always
here for your choice. Every fashion fea
ture shown, from the mannish botched
collar styles to the immense, wide revera
and cape collar modes.
An nnequaled line of Suits at $20 iu
rich woolens and perfect in style and fin
ish. See them tomorrow at only $20
The Showing of Coats is complete.
Whether for street or evening wear, you'll
find a wonderful assortment of styles and
materials. All the Fall worsteds, velvets
and corduroys used in the making of
them. They're chic they're clever
with wide revers, deep collars and jaunty
side fastenings. Priced $10 to $175.
Most Charming Are the Gowna for
afternoon and evening wear. Everything
the feminine heart could wish for. Prac
tical street and afternoon frocks of wool
ens .and silks. Theater and evening
Gowns in decollete and high-neck models
of exquisite, soft, shimmering silks, chif
fons nets, marquisettes and other clinging
; fabrics. Priced $12.50 to $300.
The Tbree-Piece Costumes are marvel
ous creations of perfection. Such grace
of line such chic and charm in every one
of them. Models decidedly French, from
the long willowy lines of the skirt to the
dainty, becoming bodices and jaunty side
fastened jackets. Rich velvets, regal
suedes, broadcloths, etc. Priced, $40 to
te Fall M
IT WILL be worth a trip to the city tomorrow if for no
" riVioT wdani than in visit tli Afillniew Salons of The
other reason than to visit the Millinery Salons of The
ff the marvelous array of Paris and New York Hats here
St5tS or J0UT admiration and choice.
"3W Pause over the names given below and you'll not won-
s.' Aa-r- tViaf Tx-o nail Viia "hv -for ihp most wonderful
Utl m-u buw ..uw " . '
showing of - fashionable (Millinery - Portland
.women have ever participated in!
Germaine. Madame Georgette. Marie-Louise
Camille Rogers. Marbot, Suzanne Talbot.
Poiret. Caroline Rebomc Carlier.
And then there's the superb creations of
Liehenstein, Kurzman, Francois, of New
York, and other Eastern makers.
Distinctive exclusiveness in such a model
as pictured here. Rich, lustrous velvet w.ith
self or colored facinsr of reeal suede and the
gorgeous trimmings of Ostrich Plumes that
add a fetching bit of heighth to Madame Petit.
Styles for every face and coiffure.
American Hats, $5, to $50. Parisian Hats, $35 to $20O.
SEVERAL big special lots of Gloves arrived during last wees, so we've aeciaea to sian wwuw uu xiu -
that voull remember for a long time to come. Many are the famous Perrin 's make, for which we are sole Portland
agents. Extra experienced, giove inters w wan upon you. xmuviuo yum wiubci 6wc
On Back Page off Big October Glove Sale Brings Matchless Svin
Sec. 4, Details of
Our Semi -Annual
Sale of Beds, Mat
tresses & Bedding
$1.50 Perrin Gloves 98c
An extraordinary lot of Perrin 's real French
kid Gloves in two-clasp style. Also Perrin 'a
Cape Gloves for street wear. The best $1.50
grades, and every pair fitted at the QO
counter. Tomorrow' we sell them at
52.25 Perrin Gioves $1.87
Perrin 's extra quality real French Glace
Kid overseam Gloves and best Pioue Kid
Glovea. They have the new 2 and 3-pearl clasps
with heavy embroidered backs. 1 07
Our best $2.25 grades tomorrow U X 0
$1.00 Kid Gloves at 73c
' A great lot of new 1 and 2-clasp Chamois,
Cape, Suede and German Lambskin Gloves in
all colors and sizes. Overseam and Pique
styles with embroidered backs. Posi- wo
tive $1 grades tomorrow, the pair at OC
Perrla. Gallia Glow Two
cli rl French kl4. over tyl. In mil ! mnd
nw hmde. Our be.t OO
ritaUr mrd P 1 W
l-rrrlm-a 1.TS Rl
TVench Kid Mure mnd K.
Tourln.. Pique mnd overml
Rlmca kid In mil Dewtf AJ
hmde. On !. pr. !
Prrrta'a M GItw .Tha smart
2-pemrl clp pqua-ewn (loves
for dress wear. All new Fall
hades. On sale now d1 "TQ
at the low price, pilrwltl?
I. 23 Ijiaikakla Ulra pique
sewn, for street wear. White,
black, tan. irrays. brown and
other new shade. To- Q C
morrow, verr low prl OiJC
aiJMt MarTel Washable Clorea
The famous Glace Kid. Also
In this lot broken lines of reai
French Kid Cape and tf a 1Q
Chamois Oloree. PalrJ)
S.1 to 4 Lobs; Kid Glorea
12 and l-button. real French
a;lace kid. In white an1 all nrw
shades. In mil sizes. d0 AC
Tomorrow, the pair PaiisT
XSO Uaf Kid Glovea It
button, reai French kid and
lam!wkln, in black, white, tan,
mode and champagne flJO QC
tomorrow, the pair P50J
M.AO I.OBK Kid Gloves 20
button Mosquetaire style glace
kid. In white only. Beautiful
quality for evening: tfJO A7
wear. On sale pair I
Chlldrem'a t Glovea 2-clasp
place kid in all staple and new
shades. All sites, spe- yo
jlal tomorrow, sale price
B0 fo 7Be KlTWt Glovea
The clean up of their famous
Chamolsette and silk-lined
cashmere gloves, In good Of
range of shades, the pr. aiJl
Perfection in the New
Madame Irene Corsets
DESIGNED bv fashion and corset ex
perts in Paris, the "Madame Irene"
promises every woman the correct contour of fig
ure the season and present style requirements de
mand. Grace of line, suppleness, flexibility
combined with comfort, make them the highest
achievement in scientific Corsetry today.
Have you seen the striking window in sepia
of Madame Irene Corsets 1 One glance and your
instant thought is perfection! And hundreds of
Portland's most discriminating women find them
perfect in' every possible particular.
Fitted to living models of all builds, we've a
Myle suited to every figure, no matter what your
proportions or special requirements may be.
Kvery line of beauty enhanced.
Consult our expert cosetieres tomorrow about
the Madame Irene. Priced from $6.50 to $22.00.
Lovely Waists for Fall
XirAISTS were never daintier pret-
VV tier for Fall than these of the new
season. And we's just received another
assortment of lovely chiffon and marqui
sette Waists for afternoon and evening
Dainty foundations of lace and silks. See ths
"Winter models of crepe de meteors and crepes,
many of them severer in style though delight
fully graceful. Kimono and set-in sleeves. All
shades to match the new Fall suit. Priced from
$6.50 to $20. '
And the Tailored Models
iM Asinnllv n attractive in creDe meteors.
crepes, plain and striped messalines, challies, taf- 5
fetas. soisettes, piqnes and' linens. Perfect in
. , , , T- : c "
stvle and linisn
$2 to $10.
They're clever! Priced from
i mam n
To $2.50 Embroidery
Flouncings Now at 98c
MAKES the daintiest of dresses for 'infants and children, as
well as pretty waists for women. Lovely 'eyelet, floral and
filet designs done on fine swiss and batiste, 27 inches Q
wide. Actually worth $1.25 to $2.50 a yard. We sell OC
them tomorrow tor tne very.iow price, iur mio cc, ui
$2.50 to $4 . Embroidery Strips
Swiss cambric and nainsook dges and
insertions,' 1 to 18 inches t Oq
wide, Wz anl 5-yd. strips D X 0V
75c Net Allovers in cream and
white. Dainty patterns f6r yokes and
trimmings. Specially priced OA
Eor tomorrow's selling, yard 07C
ska tr fifin Venise Edfi-es and Inser
tions y2 to 4 inches wide. Various
dainty patterns, bargainized Of?
for tomorrow at only, , yard ai O C
75o to $1.50 Val. Laes with Inser
tions to match. Remarkably fine
quality and in y2 to 2-inch
widths. Priced 12-yard boltDUC
Silks, Velvets and Suitings Never More Beautiful
. 7 . . tt.i ..j PKniiiniM Tii I cm W.taoraTh. rirh. Wt. I Maxaiuette for Fall Are I New Double Faced Suitings
Silk and Wool PoDlins That
rombine the wearinir qualities of
imi with the soft. lii.-truusnes
of nilk. lVaiitiful treet and
eveniup j-hade on display in the
Kifth - strtt't window. Full 40
inrlira wide. F'rii'ed a vard at
91.oO and ?2.0O.
Velveta and Corduroys The
aeaoon'a prime ' favoritea. The
Winter girl will literally, "from
the crown of her head to the sole
of her feet" be clad in velvets
or corduroys, with aceompanyinR
rich acrewiories. Every new Fall
shade. Yd. 31.25 to 32.50.
Crepe Meteora The rich, soft.
clinging fabric that jrains daily
in popularity and lends itself
beautifully to jrraceful draping.
Exquisite for afternoon and even
ing gown. Wonderful array of
light and dark colors, 44 inches
wide. Yd. $2.50 to 33.50.
marvelously dainty in their ex
quisite colorings and lovely pat
terns. Striped, figured and plain.
In shades to match the new Fall
suit. Ideal for rich costume veil
ing, waists and afternoon frocks.
44 inches wide, the yard 31.50.
For modish Fall suits, in smart
Scotch weaves and rough finishes
in rich tans, browns, blues and
new Fall colorings. One of the
most popular and practical wool
ens for Fall and Winter. 56 ins.
wide. Yd. 33.00 and $3.50.
High-Top Shoes Are
the Autumn Vogue
a. sm a aw- a- bbu aa. kV-l IVAB
v v j
i:ii:r a krakk-s third iioor
OMEN who want the correct
nnA rinlihv in Footwear for Fall
should see these new J. &.T. Cousin's
Shoes as pictured here.
Cdnsin's name alone is a guarantee
to ever woman.
Of rich tan Russia calf and patent
-olt leathers, with 12 to 16-button
tops. The very styles "that fashion
able Paris and New York women are
wearing! They're nobby! Priced at
pair only $6.
And other new Cousin's Shoes, as well,
in button and lace styles, of tan calf, pun-
. . . . . i
metal, ooze calt ana patent leatncrs.
A last to suit everv foot and fancy.
lYiced. $3.tO. 54, $4.50, $5
and up to $7.50.
Save on Bathroom Supplies
HERE'S a special sale on our high-orrade Bathroom supplies every
piece of solid brass, heavily nickel plated. Neat and sanitary. Note
the reductions:
S3-33 Rabber Bath Mats SI. 79
3Se Tooth Brwsa Haldrra 19
Tile Tawel RIbbb, special 59
XS Soap aaa Tumbler Holrtrr
cmklard, oa aale bow 59
SOp Wane KBaatele4 Bath Tab
9rata, OB aale bow oaly 39
sale bow, low price IK3.19
1.23 Towel Racks, at oaly 99
Oe IMekel Towel Rara. IS-laeh. "l-lo Bath Soap Holaera Sl.l
H.J at sbIt 4K
Se Mekel ToweJ Ban. S4-lach
alse, aa aale bow, oaly 52c?
lie Mekel Towel Bar, ao-laea.
aloe, oa eaie bow, oaiy ur
On Bath Soap Holder at 39
SSe Taaibler Holders oaly 28
tt Taaahler Holdera oaly 79
lb Holdera oaly lDc
aa Paper Holdera. oaly 28
nn ww " " . . aoa rapvr ni. . mt
1 Coaib Bad Brmoh Raeka. oa j B, p... Holders, oaly at 79
aale bow. low price, at 79 a.2S Bath Spraya at oaly 99
SSe Wall Soap Holdera at 28 S24 r.laaa Shelf, with wide
. v . i . . i 01 oo
CSe Soap. Slaada, special 62 I bracheta, ea aale pow gl.99
50c 'Snug-Fit' Barrettes, 25c
A REMARKABLE sale, for never before
have we offered these well-known
"Snug-Fit" Barrettes at such a low price
as this! Actually half their real worth. .
. Barrettes that fit to the hair "
snugly guaranteed unbreakable.
All the clever new shapes and every size
' in both shell and amber color. Plain barred,
.curved and fancy styles. They'll give you
all the satisfaction that a 50c ar-9CJr
rette promises. Our sale price only -"-
Specials in Pure Food Grocery
THE cost of Foods was lower in the Spring and that s
purchased many staples at great savings. We giv
benefit so snare in tnese onermgs lumunuw ;: .
Alpresco Jams, glass at only 21
when we
e you the
Victor Flour, barrel at only $4.75,
50-pound bags, at 3pX..U.'
Olympia Flour, barrel only 5.10,
53-pound sack at $1.35.
Vim Flour, barrel, at only $5.10,
50-pound bags at $1.35.
Eastern Sugar-Cured Hams, special
tomorrow, pound at 17.
Little California Picnic Hams, spe
cial tomorrow, pound, j.lVi.
English Style Bacon, delicious for
breakfast, pound,' 18.
Sun-Cured Strawberry Preserves,
dozen glasses, $1.50, each, 13
Luxury Jams, glass, each, only 19
Campbell's 10c cans Pork and Beans,
special at 8.
Empson's Apex Peas, dozen cans at
$1.50, each at 13.
Empson's Columbia Peas, dozea cans;
$2, each at 18. -
"Pure Cane Sugar, 100-pound bas at
$6.68, 14 pounds for $ 1 .00.
Domino Cut Sugar, 2-pound boxes, to-
morrow at only 25S
Oregon Potatoes, bag $1.65; 13 lbs.
for 25.