The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, September 24, 1911, SECTION THREE, Image 35

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" n tt"ta . imnvTn- TrtTTT -v-t nppr.nv . srPTFMTtTTR. 24. 1911. ' " ' NO.- 39.
Ul X A a T Sl.lUAI XVJIV. A. VJT, I, v,n wi... .
.. r f T T r n.n CU1tn Wnicttt.
Mme. Mariette Corsets Royal Worcester, BonTon, Mme. Helene, Marquise, nowa, " acubu c,
Haviland, Royal Do niton China Howard Dtistless uusters
Denton's Sleeping Garm,ts)
Arnold Infants' Wear, Etc.;
Richardson Linens, Old Bleach Linens Libbey Cut Class
Dolls and Toys Repaired
Bins Walking Dogs, Etc.
New English School Coat
For girls 13, 15, 17 years of age. QC ff
The hardy tweed materials, $15 to CbOtUU
Trimmed .fiats
$5 to $175
In a broad range of price like this
we are reasonably sure that we
can please yon. Our bnyers, de
signers and makers have been to
the great fountainhead of fashion
to study the styles. They have
ETy been very painstaking in selecting
jv&jT and we are sure that our showing
vi- of styles is correct. Women who
want original ideas carried out
will find our milliners most com
petent to execute their orders.
Many new and exclusive patterns
just received will be shown in the
French room tomorrow. See them.
1.75 Umbrellas Sl.97
Rainy days suggest rain excluders. For
tomorrow's sale we offer Women's 26
inch Umbrellas of fine Italian cloth;
eight ribs, heavy steel frame fitted with
fancy silver trimmed and plain Mis
sion" handles; regular J - Q7
$1.75 vals., specialized at Dlu7
Only Retail Store West of Chicago Occupying an Entire BlocR
19 ! N
Women's Rid
$4 Grades for $2.65
$1.75 Grades at $1.15
Not often do you have an opportunity
like this. Women who know what good
Gloves we carry will come early and
prepared for several pairs. 16-button
length Kid Gloves and fine Imported
French Suedes, m tan, white, green,
blacky mode, etc. Reg. JQ JC
values' to $4, specialized Om00
Kid Gloves in the two-clasp overseam
styles, in white, tan, mod,, black and
all other wanted colors. A new ship
ment just received from one of Amer
ica's foremost importers. "fl 1 C
Actual $1.75 values, pair T X X O
A Great Sale oi
Fire Sets, Screens, Etc.
Just to add comfort to your already
cozy home, with little cost to you.
$3.50 Black Andirons, at only $2.80
$4.00 Black Andirons, at only $3.20
$5.50 Black Andirons, at only $4.40
$6.85 Flemish Finish And- Cj C f Q
irons, special, the set, at u)0rO
$7.50 Flemish Finish And- J AA
irons, special, the set, at ii0.vlLr
$9.00 Flemish Finish And- JT 0"
irons, special, the set, at Z) J
ColonialBrass FireSets
$6.00 Values, reduced to only $4.80
$7.50 Values reduced to only $6.00
$9.00 Values reduced to only $7.20
BlacK Fire Screens
$3.50 Values reduced to only S2.80
$4.00 Values reduced to only $3.60
$2.50 Values reduced to only S2.00
$9.75 Brass Fire Screens, only $7.80
Brass Andirons
$10.00 Values reduced to only $8.00
$12.50 Values reduced to only $10.00
$14.00 Values reduced to only S11.20
$17.00 Values reduced to only $13.60
$20.00 Values reduced to only SI 6.00
$30.00 Values reduced to only $24.00
Brass Fire Sets
$ 6.75 Values reduced to only $5.40
$10.75 Values reduced to only $8.60
$1175 Valaes reduced to only $12.00
$17.50 Values reduced to only $14.00
NewFall biits
An assortment of Women's New Fall
Suits made to conform with the most ap
proved fashions for 1911-12. The lot
embraces the very popular Cheviots,
Tweeds, ChecKed Novelties, Blue Serges,
Homespuns, etc, in the plain tailored
effects designed on perfect lines, Nor
folK styles, etc JacKets are medium
length lined with good quality SKinner's
satin. SKirts are panel bacK and front
with side plaits or with loose panel in
bacK and front. Some of the Shirts
have raised waist line. The matter
of (
their cost to us or what they should sell
for is of little consequence to you just
so you get the best Suit dog ff
shown in Portland for M3UU
"The Very Bag I Want
"And a $5.00 One
For Only $2.98"
That's what you'll say when you see these.
It's a remarkable special and we know you will
appreciate our efforts to get them for you.
We bought thm at a great saving and pass
them on to you at the same. They come in
black and colors with long of short handles
with frames of gilt, gunmetal, French gray or
silver. All leather lined and fitted, with coin
purses; regular values to $5.00, (10 QQ
specialized for this sale at only P.c0
1 NpcKweari7c II $1.25
Women's Fancy -Neckwear in many
new wanted styles in lace, lawn, venise
and combination designs in all the pre
vailing stylish patterns in Jabots, Side
Effects, Fichus, Stocks, etc. ; a j
Manicuring', Hairdress'g
The most up-to-date parlors in the city located on
2d.' floor. Graduate attendants. Popular prices.
worth to $1.00 each, special at
$2.25 Allovers at 98c
In the Lace Store, main floor, a sale of
thousands of yards of White, Cream
and Ecru Oriental Net Allovers, in
dainty designs ; worth to Q
$2.25 the yard, on sale at only OC
Iirtrodluictory Slhiowim of Fuir:
Styles Never More Beautiful Prices Never So Low
Buying a rich piece of Fur is like buying a Diamond it will last you many years and you want to
be sure that you are getting the genuine article. If you put your trust in this store you have no fears
of getting an imitation. We call Furs by their correct names and guarantee them as represented.
Half the pleasure of owning furs is the full assurance of their value. Far-sighted people will make
selections before the stocks are broken. Come in and see our excellent stock at very lowest prices.
RicH Ermine Sets
$110 to $250
The royalty of Russia have not ' suc
ceeded in cornering the Ermine supply.
There's yet a good lot for the American
women and we have the choice ones.
Beautiful Ermine Sets. The new style
Muffs and Neck Pieces (Jrt(A
range in price, $110 to D3vF
Fine Lynx Sets
$90 tip to $275
The Lynx vies with all other furs in
points of natural life and lustre. They
are trapped at the season when fur is
best and free from imperfections. Many
prefer lynx to all others. Or7C
We price sets at $90 to O&i J
Isabella Fox Sets
$65 tip to $95
A long, soft, lasting fur. For many
years the most staple on the market. We
have them in many styles. For com
fort they have no equal. See. them.
Black Fox
Sets $75 to $90
Latest style neck pieces
and muffs in various sizes.
$65.00 UP TO $93J0O
ON SALE AT $58.50
Natural Fox
Sets 5550 to $85
Muffs and neck pieces to
suit every tasts and purse.
$25.00 UP TO $65.00
$65.00 UP TO $75.00
$32.00 UP TO $50.00
Real Minx .Sets
$90 to $400
The Mint is in a class by itself. No
other fur possesses the same life and
natural lustre. They are so "tailory"
neat and very attractive that they lead
all others. We have the genuine and
guarantee them perfect. (tj"ir
Prices range from $90 to tD'tUi
Fine Jap MinK Sets
$35 up to $85
Jap Mink, nearest in kin to the natural
minks. Climatic conditions render them
less lustrous and more easily caught,
therefore the prices are more reason
able. We call them by CtQZt ff
their right name. $35 tOJ.UU
River MinK Sets
$32.50 tip to $50
The North American Mink is popular
for its durability and close resemblance
to the Alaskan. We recommend them
very highly for your new set of furs.
California MinK
Sets $50 to $65
Here's an opportunity to
select from a special se-.
lected lot of good styles.'
Gray Squirrel
Sets $20 to $35
Very attractively designed
neck pieces and muffs. All
are on sale at low prices.
Persian Lamb Sets $75.00
A close resemblance to the almost extinct and very
(high-grade product of Astrakhan a rich, lustrous
dyed young lambskin set, specialized at only $75.00
f All furs in this store were selected by an expert of'
'unusual ability.- Every piece examined prior to sale.
1 .
1 iv
r Great Sale of
Eipht lots of fine Arabian Hand
made Curtains offered as follows:
$ 6.00 CURTAINS, PAIR, $4.50
$ 8.50 CURTAINS, PAIR, $7.50
$13.50 CURTAINS, PAIR, $9.50
$15.00 CURTAINS, PAIR, $0.75
$20.00 CURTAINS, PAIR $11.49
$35.00 CURTAINS, PAIR $22.00
$40.00 CURTAINS, PAIR $25.00
$50.00 CURTAINS, PAIR $25.00
Brussels Nets, Irish Points. Re
naissance effects, Cluny effects,
etc., in ivory, Arabian and white,
all are reduced to close as follows:
$2.00 CURTAINS, PAIR, $1.35
$3.00 CURTAINS, PAIR, $1.95
$4.00 CURTAINS, PAIR, $2.65
$7.00 CURTAINS, PAIR, $3.95
The Nevr Fall Draperies are now in. New
patterns in Wall Tapers, Art Furniture,
etc. Third floor. .
Women's Fur-Coats
Hudson Seal Coats $125-$155
Plain Hudson Seal Coats, English
dyed, fast color, lined with Skinner's
sat. These are high-grade garments.
Nearseal Coats $98.50 to $150
Correct imitations of real seal.. It
takes an expert to tell the difference
when coat is being worn. See these.
Russian Pony Coats $65-$165
A splendid selection of these most
popular Fur- Coats for Fall. Very
attractive styles, lined throughout
with satin. Priced from 1 1 CC2
$65 up to as high as D 1 DO
Ringtail Coats for $225 Each
This very rich garment will wear
a lifetime. It is rich in appearance;
will answer every call for a good fur
coat; suitable to wear flJOOC
on any occasion; price DdU
Raccoon Coats Natural and
Dyed $68.50 and $75.00
Women's Long Fur Coats in the
natural colors or black. For a mod
erately priced garment you can't
beat the Raccoon. (fTf? ff
Prices $68.50 and,' O.UU
Fur Goats
We take just as good care of the
children as we do of the women.
The assortment of Fur Coats for
our young lady patrons is not
to be equaled in the entire city.
Gray Krimmer Coats, $35.00
Hudson Seal Coats at $40.00
White Coney Coats, $17.50, $20
Brown Coney Coats, $30.C'D
Comlete stock of Misses' and
Children 's Fur Sets, Muffs, Neck
Pieces, etc. Reasonably priced.
Combs 69c
$2.00 Combs 98c
$3.00 Combs $1.98
On Sale Mala Floor
Hair Combs and Barrettes in all the
newest popular designs just received.
A great variety of dainty designs in.
white stone and gold inlaid effects;
$1.25 vals. at 69c each; $2 (t QQ
vals. at 98c and $3 vals. 0l7O
25c Grades 12c
$226 Grades 98c
Every woman loves dainty Embroid
ery, and this showing will appeal very
strongly to those of good taste in choos
ing patterns. We bought them at an
importer '8 closing-out sale at ridiculously-low-
prices. They just reached nav
The lots comprise every. wanted pat
tern in 27inch . Flouncings, Allovers,
Edges, Insertions, Bands, Galloons,
etc. ; in the daintiest designs on Swiss,
Nainsook and Cambric. We divide them
into 3 lots as follows : 25c grades for
12S $1.25 grades for 48 QQ
and the regular $2.25 grades UOC
!Oc Week
An innovation in the "Aisle of Cot
tons." Beautiful Dotted Swiss, in all
size dots and extra sheer quality.
Priced very special all this - f
week at the low price, the yard LVJC
India Linons in fine quality, f
strong and durable. 15c grade x UC
Outing' Flannels, one of the best grades,
in light and dark colors, checks, stripes,
plaids, etc., and mottled ef- Q
fects, specially priced, yard i VC
Huck Towels, extra heavy, 70 per cent
linen; great bargains for this A
week at the special price of X JC
Irish Crash, all pure linen, ex- 1 A
tra heavy, soft and absorbent x JC
Pillow Cases, of strong, heavy sheeting ;
size 45x36 ; regular 15c Beliefs, Q
priced for this week's selling X UC
Wash Goods in printed foulard 4 A
effects; reg. 20c grades, for 1 UC
Shepherd Checks . for chil
dren 's wear; all size checks
The New Arrivals in SilKs
Velvets and Dress Goods
The most extensive showing of new Fabrics ever brought to Portland. The new weaves in
plain and fancy Silks. Marquisettes, Crepe Meteor, Wool Back Satins, Double-Faced Sat
ins, etc. New plain Silks, &3c to $1.50, in every wanted color. Fancy Silks, $1.00, $1.25,
$1.50, for waists and dresses. Plain and fancy Marquisettes, priced from $1.25 to $2.50.
44-inch Crepe Meteor, $3.50 Yard In white, ivory, jcream, pink, light blue, lavender, apri
cot, rose, champagne, tan, Copenhagen, gray, maize, gold, raisin, navy and black. Other
qualities priced at $2.00 and $3.00 the yard.
Bordered Silks $3.00 Yard. A nice assortment of new bordered silks in exclusive de
signs for dresses, for street or for evening wear. On sale main floor.
Costume Velvet, 44 inches wide, $5.50, $6.00, $6.50 yard. Coating Velours, 32 inches
wide, at $4.50 and $6.00 a yard. Velveteens, 75c, 85c, $1.25 and $1.75 a yard.
Polo Coatings, all the new colors, priced at $2.50. $3.50, $4.00, $4.50 and $6.00 a yard.
CHesHire Hats at $3
The New Stetson Hats $4
- A Hat in this line to
Bargain Circle Main Floor
18c Imperial Suitings 12V2C
Thousands of Portland's thrifty women have already learned the wisdom
of patronizing our "Bargain Circle" Sales. New bargains each day.
Imperial Suitings in all the new Fall patterns and colors will be on sale
tomorrow. This cloth is impervious to rairr and dampness, it makes
ud most Btylishly and is reasonably priced at 18c. Special- f r I '
ized for tomorrow's selling at this exceptionally low price Xi72C
suit every man. The
new Fall and Winter
shapes are different.
You'll like 'em. Soft
and Derbies, in light
and dark tans, grays,
browns and black. A
splendid hat you
can't beat tO fC
it for only POVV
Black Derby styles, 16
new Fall and Winter
Blocks in the Stetson.