The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, December 25, 1910, SECTION THREE, Image 19

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See Pages 4 and 5, This Section for Additional Great StocR-Cleanup Announcements Store Closed All Day Monday
Credit Purchases Made All This WeeK Will Be Charged on Your January Account-Take Advantage of THis Offer
Great cleanup a
Hkndherehlef used for our
Chriilmas decoration. 15.
OOO of them to be told avt 3c
wd 4e ch See d. page 3
Qldls, Wortmafffc.. liimig Store
Amnmuasil Stocfe-Oeamap Sales of
Cloafe-s, Suaitls, .Waistts, Millinery
Furs, Gowns, Ete., Starts Tesdlay
Eiaftire Stocll at Jamnuiary Prices
Tuesday we inaugurate the greatest special sale event of the year in the ready-to-wear departments - CloaRs,
Suits, Waists, Muslin Underwear, Millinery Also Linen and Domestic departments Pricing never before
Known on high class merchandise Shrewd buyers will taKe advantage and supply their wants for months
to come Remember, Our Entire StocRs of Above Lines Are on Sale at Greatly Reduced Prices This WeeK
Great cleanup sale of
brohen lines holiday
goods at one-half regu
lar prices See page
$32.50 Coats at $13.98
$40.00 Coats $23.65
LOT 1 Snch weather strongly emphasizes the need of a good, warm Coat. Realiz
ing ai we do that only the most attractive bargain will entice yon to come out bo
toon after Christmas, we - pnt forth onr best offering! In Fine Plain Tailored
Coats in inch popular materials as Scotch and English mixtures, serges, cheviots,
rich appearing velvets, broadcloths and basket weaves ; also stripes and checks,
neatly trimmed velvet, military or turn-down collars; all this sea- (ti 0 nn
son's best styles; values to $32.60, marked for this sale at only, ea, 3) 1 aJi0
LOT 2 A belated shipment of a lot of Coats which was bought way under price. Very high-grade, plain tailored and
novelty effects. Polo Coats, chevioU with plaid trimmings. Shawl-style Coats - with fringe on collar, pockets and
sleeves, aroaaciotn loan wun auacnea cape ana velvet collar, or witn piaia lining ana collar. jcy
Remarkable values to $40.00. For speedy closing this fine line of Coats has been marked at only ttfr3,OQ
$22.50 Val. $11U
Tuesday, second floor, women's Raincoats
in all the popular materials; waterproof
poplin, rubberized materials, etc. Light
and dark gray, brown, blue, black, olive,
tie.; all nzes in the lot: our ffl 1 QC
regular rallies to at V
$18.50 Val. $91
Tuesday, on the second floor. 300 women's
Drets Skirts of navy bine and black serfs,
gray French serge, Panamas and shepherd
checks; plain and plaited styles, or trim'd
values up to $28.50. at only
$I5Coats $11.25
$35.00 Coats $26.25
$95.00 Coat-$7I.25
Tuesday will be the greatest Coat day in
the history of all Portland. Our stock
comprises Polo Coats with blt and fancy
cuffs; Cheviot Coats with box effect in
back; also full-lined hood and shawl col
lars, and mandarin sleeves; Scotch chev
iots with plaid collars, black. broadcloths,
plain and braided. The newest style
Raincoat, Coverts, etc., in mannish ef
fects, on sale at the following prices:
$15.00 values reduced to only $11.25
$20.00 values reduced to only $15.00
$25.00 values red need to only g 1 8.75
$35.00 values reduced to only 820.25
$50.00 values reduced to only $37.50
$76.00 values reduced to only $56.25
$95.00- values reduced to only $71.25
Entire StocK of
Eurs at 14 Off
Our large stock of Furs was purchased be
fore the great advance in prices, and to
make things interesting we cheerfully for
feit the profit from now on in order to
close out every garment by the first of the
year. AH women's and children's Fur
Coats, Sets, Muffs, Scarfs, etc., are on Ia
sale at a reduction of one-fourth less
Scarfs $10.65
Large Isabella Opossum Scarfs, River Mink
Scarfs, in the cape effect, large natural
river mink Pillow Muffs, large Isabella
opossum Pillow and Rug Muffs, large Pony
Pillow Muffs, Jap Mink Scarfs and Muffs,
ete.; a splendid variety of ffl f CC
values up to $18.50, for only SHJJD
$28.50 Suits for $12.98
$38.5Q Suits for $15.98
For Tuesday's selling A line of Women's Suits in such charming styles and re
markable values as would, warrant the use of more space for description. Believing
you will come to see them, we will only say they are the newest styles in serges,
broadcloths, cheviots, basket weaves and fancy mixtures, with velvet or satin collars
or collars of same material. The best tailored and neatest fitting
T 1 O AO
garments. Comparison will convince yon. Reg, vals. to $28.50, sp'l 1 X aCttO
LOT 2 It tg gratifying to know that we helped to make so many people happy
today. Tuesday we will continue the good work by offering an exquisite line of
Women's Suits in navy and black serges, popular shades in broad-
cloths, fancy mixtures, stripes and checks. Values to $38.50, special j) 1 eD.lvO
K. i m o n os
$6:QO Val. $3.75
$12.50 Val. $5.95
LOT 1 Extra special in long and short
Kimonos, made of silk and albatross, in
many styles and regular stock CO t7E
values to $6.00; special to close J
LOT 2 A large assortment of short Kimo
nos in silk, albatross and French flannels,
all well made and trim'd in pleasing styles;
regular values up to $12.50, of- (fC QC
fered sfecial for this sale, ea. PJ.0
LOT S -An exceptional lot of fancy short
Kimonos in Japanese silk, albatross, challie,
Jap Crepes, etc.; embroidered and trimmed
with laces, ribbons, silk sashes, ' etc. ; our
regular values up to $18.50, ff l 1 O C
special for Tuesday's sale V
LOT 4 Comprises our entire stock of fine
imported and American-made Kimonos.
Regular values from $5.00 to $75.00, Ia
at a reduction from regular prices of
$15 Bathrobe 7.98
Tuesday, second floor, a sale of women's
Bath Robes, made of blanket cloth in
fancy desieas; OBmttional patterns and
stripes with cords to match. Also eider
downs, trimmed with satin, V-necks or
high-neck styles; very fine ff7 QO
values to $1&00, special only V f .IO
$6.50 Sweaters $3.95
$15 Waists $5.79
Women's Coat Style Sweaters, in red,
gray, green and jiavy colors; full length,
fastened with pearl buttons; some with
plain roll collars, plain and CQ CktZ
fancy weaves; $6.50 values
WAISTS A large assortment of fancy
Waists in allover nets, chiffons, Persian
silks, with messaline eollars and cuffs;
taffeta silks, with shirred and tucked
fronts, collars and cuffs, or with em
broidered lace yokes; dainty materials
with lace trimming; in all ff C 7Q
shades; values to $15.00 for P-
i m Aaa.iirft 13
ir if ! -"H . I. 1.
Annual Sale of
500 Suits
at lh Price
A sale of great magnitude, embracing
500 of our most attractive values in
Women's Suits ranging in price from
$40.00 up to $88.50. Included in the
assortment are our very best makes.
Suits from manufacturers whose repu
tations are world-wide. Highly tail
ored, neat fitting Suits, worth
$40.00 to $88.50. Priced special at
Tlhie (Greaitt AinxirMiisil "WMtie Fair
200,000 Pieces New MuasMmi Umdlerwear
Gowns, SKirts, Corset Covers, Chemise, Drawers, Sets. Etc Wonderful Values 2d Fl
Tuesday we start the great Annual Midwinter "White Fair" The time of the year when women can sup
ply every need in undennuslins at a saving they will appreciate Over 200,000 pieces of new and beaut
iful lingerie included in this aale The daintiest undergarments lrom the leading manufacturers whose
goods are produced under the most sanitary conditions by the most sKillful, careful operators to be had
Undermuslin Sets
5000 Gowns
52.00 Gowns $1.49
Great white sale of women's Max tin Gowns
made full and long, rery sheer materials;
manv different dei?n. Our best regular
2.00 values, speeial daring the ffl A Q
white sale at low price of, ea. V
$1.25 Vals. 79c
$5 Vals. $2.39
Women's white Muslin Gowns in the
slipover, hifth or low-neck styles, with
long- or short sleeves, trimmed in Valen
ciennes lace, torchon lace and beading;
our best regular $l-2o values, on f7Q
special sale at low price of, ea.
LOT S Women's Muslin .Gowns in the
slipover stvle, with high, low or V-neck,
trimmed in embroidery, torchon or Vai.
lace; very attractive $1.50 values, QO.
offered special at low price of 'oc
LOT 3 Women's Gowns made of the
very sheerest quality of nainsook, beau
tifully embroidered in floral and conven
tional designs and trimmed in dainty
lace; regular $5.00 values, 0 OQ
white sale price, at. garment
LOT 4 Women's Muslin Gowns, in the
slipover, high, square or V-neck styles,
with long or short sleeves, trimmed with
Valenciennes and torchon lace or em
broidery: our regular $1.75 djl OC
values, White Fair price, ea. V',
$2.25 Gowris $1.98
$3.25 Vals. $2.39
$1.50 Values 98c
Unusual value in women's Muslin Gowns,
sheer quality, slipover, high or V-neck
styles, short or long sleeves, trimmed in
Valenciennes or torchon lace, ffl QO
Regular $2JZ5 values, at, ea. P'0
Great white sale of women's Combinations
in fine quality muslin or longcloth, trimmed
in various rows of dainty lace and embroid
ery, with insets of medallions and beading.
Corset cover and drawers combined, or cor
set covers and skirts combined. - Popular
princess styles. Our regular $2.75 values
on sale for $1.98, and regular CO OQ
$3.25 values on sale for only ?J&
LOT 2 Women's Combination Suits, skirt
and corset covers, and drawers and corset
covers, made of fine materials, trimmed in
pretty laces, or embroidered. All sizes in
the lot. Best regular $1.50 values; offered
during the white sale at this special price.
Boy all you want of them at the QQ
very low price of only, the suit
LOT S Women's Combinations in all pop
ular styles and makes. The materials are
longcloth and muslin, trimmed in torchon
and German Val. lace or embroidery. Very
attractive values at $1.75, very 11 On
special for White Fair at, suit Ol.aiU
$1 Combinati'ns 71c
Women's Combinations of corset covers and
drawers, or corset covers and skirts, made
of fine cambric, nicely styled; trimmed in
torchon lace and embroidery; repu- "71
lar $1 values, at low price of only C
Sale Petticoats
$5 Values $3.98
$2.75 Vals. $1.98
Tuesday, at the big white fair, second floor,
a sale of women 's Petticoats, made of sheer
quality longcloth or cambric; neatly trim'd
in lace and embroidery, medallions and rib
bon beading; attractive and. serviceable; our
regular $5 values, special dur- QQ
ing this sale at low price of, ea. Vw.O
LOT 2 Women's White Skirts, made of
good quality cambric, trimmed in fine lace
and embroidery; eut full in the body, with
deep flounce; our regular val- ffl QO
ues to $2.75, white fair price
$1.75 Drawers $1.29
65c Drawers at 39c
Women's Drawers, made of longcloth and
Cambric, cut full and neatly styled. Trim'd
in lace, embroidery, beading and insertion ;
actual $1.75 values, white fair ffl OQ
price for Tuesday, at only, pair
LOT 2 Women's Mnslin Drawers, tucked
and hemstitched ruffles, well made, OQ
all sizes; regular 65c values, only
LOT 3 Women's Drawers, made of long
cloth or cambric, very neatly trimmed in
embroideries of various type patterns. Good
sellers at regular price of $L25; on QO.
special sale at low price of only, pr. SOC
$14 Values for $9.98
$15 Values for $1Q.79
Tuesday in th8 big white store, second floor, we
will place On Bale a new line of women's Novelty
Sets of two or three garments to match. Combi
nations, gowns and chemise, drawers and gowns,
made of very sheer quality of nainsook, trimmed
in German Valenciennes, lace or swiss embroid
ery, with insets of beading and medal- (Q QO
lions; our regular $14.00 values, sp'l. r,.20
LOT 2 Dainty three-piece sets, made of finest
material, trimmed in various styles, with pretty
and durable lace and insertions, with insets of
medallions and beading; our regular ffl A 7Q
stock vals. at $15, White Fair price P 1 V. 1
$1.5Q Corset Covers at 98c
A very attractive line of Corset Covers, made of
sheer nainsook, trimmed in Valenciennes and tor
chon lace, insertion and beading. Our QQ
regular $1.50 values, white sale price, ea. 27 OC
LOT 2 Women's Corset Covers of dainty ma
terials, neatly trimmed in lace, insertion and me
dallions, etc.; cut full and styled to fit; "Tt
our regular $1.00 values, special at only
50c Corset Covers 29c
Women's Corset Covers, of good quality
muslin, trimmed in lace and insertion ; all
well made and sure to fit ; not skimped in
the cutting; our regular 50c val- OQ-
ues, special at low price of, ea-C
75c Corset Covers 59c
Women's Corset Covers, made of dainty and
pretty materials; good styles,' trimmed .in
lace and medallions; exceptional values at
the regular price of 75c each; spe- CQ
cial during this sale at, the garment O JC