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Z&t 3,11 Ipricas
In this announcement there is a gift for every person-Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Sweetheart and Friend.
Our store is ready for any test you may give it. Scan this list of suggestions- fts for 25 cents or less. 53 cents
or less, and so on,, up to as much as you care to pay. Gome and see our superb displays-hundreds of beautiful
gifts at all prices for all people, at Gill's to solve the perplexing question of what to .give. Lome.
Jor Jxxl
I bill's
nr 1 '
Rtsl-Pilnttd Baby
fUchets. 250
Flillomrx for Little
Tots. 25
Calendars op from V 5
IMaxlrs up from .....25
Ink Btanda up from 25
Cola Purses up from 25
Urtndor Fachets 25a
Book of Tlssu. tor aaa-
Inc Ey.rlasses. 25
Box of Wrltlns; Papar up
from. 254
Dainty Christmas) Book
lota up from 25)
Pretty Christmas Cards
op from 104
Holly and Poinsattta
Hoim up from....... 5
Tha Princess 25
Friendship a book) 125
Gold Du.t (a book) Z5?
Tha Prairie 25
Rip Vao Wlokla 25
fcnow Bound........... ..25
Love Foams.. ...... ......25
Babr Books (Fancy Sta
tionery Dept.) Z5
Cuff Links up from 75
Watch Fobs up from 75
Exquisite Calendars. 75
Desk Flttlntrs up from... 75
Box of Wrltlna; Paper. ..75
Vest Pocket Memorandum
Book a up from.. 75
Wallets. 73
Coin Purses. .....75
Post Card Albums. 75
Llne-a-Day Books up
from. 75
Looit'Liif Ad dreas
Books tip from. 75
Gray s Elesy. leather. ... 75
Immensee. leather. 75
Compenaatlon. leather.. .. 75
Saul, leather 75
The Rubalyat. leather.... 75
Cupid's I'nderstudy 75
Social Secretary.... 75
Tha Spanlnh Jade 75
Tha Six -Cylinder Court
ship. 7S
H a a deoma Calendars up
from 50
Calendars appropriate for
Men up from. SO
Paper Knives up from.. .50
Ash Trays Aip f rom.. .... .50
Uroorh pins up from.....50
ruff Links up from..... .50
Stick Pins up from......50
list Pins up from. ....... f
Wanna up from.... 50
IMartes up from 50
Post Card Albums up
from 60
Artistic Box of Wrltlnr
Paper up from..........RO
Toast Books &Os)
Glorious Mother (a
book) 604
Pear Old Father (a
book) KO
Pictures of Memory. RO
Cheer and Joy Be ThlneBO
Kind Thouirhts. 60
Christmas Day la the
Evening- . 50
Sentiment Calendars. ..S1.50
Playlnc Cards In cases.-Sl.50
Telephone Lists. Kl.GO
Pretty Calendars. Sl.SO
Hand-Craft Plna
up from ....ftl.SO
Stencil Seta Sl.SO
Brlda-e Sets) up from... SI. SO
00 Seta up from. S1.50
Crtbbare Sets ?l-50
Paper Knives S1.50
Munlo Hacks up from. .SI. GO
Diaries 81. SO
Complete Tennyson. .. .SI. 50
Complete Longfellow. ..S 1.50
Complete Whlttler S1.50
Book fit Sweethearts.... $1.50
Out of Doors la Holy
Land. Sl.SO
Peter Pan SI. SO
Praam of Fair Wnn.. I.50
Hiawatha. Illustrated. .SI. 50
Friendship and Lora...S1.50
Poems and Poesiesv....S1.50
Telephone Lists Sl.OO
Beautiful Box of Wrltlna; Papar Sl.OO
Stencil Set Sl.OO
Playing- Card Sets Sl.OO
Watch Fobs Sl.OO
Cuff Links. Sl.OO
Pretty Calendars Sl.OO
Paper Knives Sl.OO
Bridge Sets Sl.OO
Brooch Pins Sl.OO
Cuff Links , Sl.OO
Art Calendars Sl.OO
Vest Pocket Memorandum Books Sl.OO
Diaries Sl.OO
Coin Purses Sl.OO
Ink Stands Sl.OO .
Wallets Sl.OO
Post Card Album Sl.OO
Lonsrfeilow'a Collected Poems Sl.OO
Tennvson's Poems Sl.OO
Whlttier'e Poems. Sl.OO
Keat's Poems Sl.OO
Favorite Quotations Sl.OO
Dresden China (a book) Sl.OO
Hovel Sevres China (a book) Sl.OO
Bibles. Sl.OO
Tes laments Sl.OO
Lewi and Clark Journal Sl.OO
Mountain That Was God Sl.OO
Japan, the Eastern Wonderland Sl.OO
Toiling; of Felix Sl.OO
The.Uncrowned Kins; Sl.OO
Everybody's Lonesome Sl.OO
Molly Make Believe Sl.OO
Dr. Thome's Idea .....Sl.OO
Willie Mc Wattle s Master. Sl.OO
Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pens up
Playing Cards In Case.
. Telephone Lists
Office Clocks
Sumptuous Calendars..
Hand - Craft Pin
Hand - Craft Rings...
.. .82.50
3tencil Sets S2.50
. .82.50
. .82.50
. 82.50
. .82.50
Bridge Sets
"500" Sets
Cribbage Sets
Exquisite Box of Stationery
Book Ends
Calling Cards up from
Ink Stands
Cigar Case
The Rosary. Illustrated and boxed..
Who Kio-'ht Million Women Want..
Ti l Conservation of Water 82. 50
Dream Life, illustrated by Parrlsh 82. 50
Golden Age. Illustrated by Parrleh S2.50
The Wonder Book and Tanglewood
Tales $2.50
The Arabian Nights, Illustrated by
Parrlsh S2.50
Colonial Holidays 82. 50
Romantic California 82. 50
The Great White North , 82. SO
The Romance of American Navy 82. 50
Rare Days in Japan 82. 50
The Chinese 82. 50
Artists. Past and Present 82. 50
The Great Modorn Painters $2.50
Slippers in Case 85. OO
Music Rolls S5.00
Case $5.00
Hand-Tooled Book Cov-
ers 84.00
Magazine Covers 85.00
Handsome Calendars. . .84.00
Desk Sets $5.00
Adjustable Telephone
Brackets up from $3.50
Playing Card Tables. ..S4.00
Wallet! ?5.00
Brief Cases S5.00
W a t e r m a n's Ideal
Fountain Pens 85.00
The Rhinegold and the
Valkyrie $5.00
Hamlet Ellus, by Rack-
ham - $5.00
Ir. Pickwick, illustrat
ed bv Reynolds 85. OO
The Deserted Village. -S5.00
TTie Merchant of Venice,
Illustrated S 5.00
The Rubalyat, Illust So. OO
Desk Fittings SIO
Hand-Craft Hand Rags..$10
Gold-Mounted Water
man's Fountain Pens... SIO
Hand-Craft Pins.. ...... .$10
Gill's Gift Certificate
(any amount) SIO
A Gorgeous Box of sta"
tionery $ JO
Ink Stands SIO
Brief Cases SIO
OffWe C.halrs (several
prices) SIO
Complete Charles
Dickens 8JO
Set Shakespeare SIO
Complete Set George
Eliot 8J2
Complete Thackeray SIO
Complete Irving 5J-0
Victor Hugo's Works $10
Complete Edgar Allen
Macau lay's Essays,
leather SIO
(B ill Co
Third and
Alder Sts.
'Portland 5 Ibzal 5lft Store a,sL
Hand-Craft Hand-Bags
up from 85. SO
Desk Sets S7.50
Bridge Sets 86.00
600" S6.00
Elegant Box of Writ-
lng Paper. $7.50
Globe Wernicke Sec- "
ttonal Book Case up
from. 87.50
Brief Cases 87. 50
Cigar Cases S7.50
Gold-Mounted Water
man's Fountain Pen...$7.50
Hand-Craft Pins $7.50
Ink Stand 87.50
Wallets 87.50
Poems of Rosetti 87. 50
Songs of the English. .$7.50
Great Masters of Land
scape. S7.50
Trans - Himalaya S7.50
Cam era Adventures In
Africa. S7.50
Sets of the Poets. S7.50
Complete Goethe $7.50
An Elegant Combina
tion of Writing Pa
per. :..825.00
Exquisite Desk Sets....$25.00
Goid-Mounted Water
man Fountain Pen 815.00
Brief Case $25. OO
Globe Wernicke
Bookcase, approxl
imately $25. OO
Globe Wernicke
Fill ng Cabinet, all
prices, approximate
ly $25.00
Complete Set of Mark
Twain $25.00
Complete Set of
Francis Farknlan:. . . $25.00
Complete Wa Iter
Scott, half calf $25. OO
Complete De Maupas
sant S25.00
Complete Charles
De Koch $25. OO
The Immortals, half
leather $25.00
Broken Lines and Samples Erom the Wholesale Department
Red Cross Stamps
From bow until CTirtvtmaa. b car
I'oxi dm Rd Croaa Stamp oa tvil your
Ur and pack, and hlp itamp
cut tbrealoalv W bar tam tor
al. -
Our ! iMt Nk tot. $l3CSt.
T1i following Udla will Mil atajnpt at
tur booth next wok. la aaasv of tfra
""" namoty:
Mlw WlnoJ Lw1a Mia Rltaal Cham
btrlln, Mtaa Kat Braxli. Mra. Brlatow,
lira. mtrhr, Mra. J. C. Vorrlsoa, Mrs.
A. Owiand, MIm Jdral McUin, Mlu
Ulo Wliltn7 aad Uim Xr-vld Fl-ury.
Gift Certificates
If in Donbt
As to What to Give,
Gill's Gift Certificates
And Let the Recipients Choose
for Themselves
Commencing tomorrow (Monday) we will have a
special display of beautiful Holiday Gifts on our
Sixth Floor, of which the following is a partial list,
at prices to fit all purses.
Broker lines and Samples From the Wholesale Department
Brash and Comb Sets, In
wood and metal
Glove and Handk'f Boxes
Necktie Boxes
Collar and Cuff Boxes
Postcard Boxes
Cigar Jars
Puff and Pomade Jars,
etc., etc.
Hair Receivers
Photo Albums
Shaving Sets
Manicure Sets
Jewel Boxes
Smoking Sets
Brass Fern Dishes
Clocks, eta, etc.
Hand Mirrors
Triplicate Mirrors
Framed Pictures
Dressed Dolls
Kid Body Dolls
Jointed Dolls
Novelty Dolls, etc., etc.
In Our Windows
Beautiful Calendars
Globe-TVernicke Sectional
Handsome Gift Books
Xmas Leather Goods for Men
Writing Paper in Exquisite Gift
Dainty Pipe and Tie Racks, etc.
Books for Children
Our Second f2d) Floor Juvenile Book
Department will be an interesting place
to sDend a few minutes, and a visit to
same will settle the sift problem.
In thia department you will find hun
dreds of books suitable for little tots
and boys and girls, and at any price you
may care to spend.
For the convenience of our customers
we have this department on the SEC
OND FLOOR, which is connected by an
electric elevator and new iron stairs.
We invite you to COME AND LOOK
Sound City Officials Here to
See Hawthorne Bridge.
Trouble In Making Counter Weljcbts
Ha la nee Not Ttaonght Sertoua.
Commission Form of Govern-men-
Pronounced Good.
Thr Commissioners and ths CItr
Engineer, of Taeoma. visited Portland
resterday for the purpose, of Inspecting
Iho new Hawthornt-arenue lift Midge
before selecting tbo style of bridges
to be built over the Puget Sound
waterway ar.d the Puyallup waterway
lr their city, for which 150.000 In
bonds bare been TOted. The principal
bridge In Taeoma Is orer the Puget
found waterway and the Commllon
rs look with favor upon the lift pat
tern In preference to the bascule, or
-Jnchnlfe" bridge.
The Commissioners on the junket
are Milton Lawson. Commissioner of
tie LlgM ar.d Water Department: Ray
freeland. Commissioner of Finance,
and Owen Woods. Commissioner of
I'ubllo Works. V. C. Kellgh. City
engineer, accompanied the party as
xpert. .
-I think the vertical lift bridge Is
what we want." said Commissioner
Woods, last night. "We have elimin
ated the old draw, or swing bridge,
and are to decide between a bascule
and vertical lift. The bridge over the
waterway will be larger than the Haw-tnorne-avenue
bridge In Portland. It
will be TO feet wide, allowing to feet
roadway for doable street car tracks,
and 1 feet on each side for sidewalks.
The Government requires an opening
joe feet. As a bascule bridge will
necessitate two aprons, which will be
100 feet high when the bridge Is open.
It Is not practical when a strong wind
Is blowing-. The surface would be too
big. A lift bridge does not catch the
wind, and besides, It Is solid when In
place. Railroad companies bave found
the bascule bridge weak In the center
where two aprons are used.
"There Is nothing strange about the
difficulty -with the Hawthorne lift
bridge because of the counterweights.
The same condition Is encountered with
elevators. It Is necessary to balance
the counterweights with the carriage
and the same rule obtains concerning
lift bridges. As soon as the weights
on the Hawthorne bridge are adjusted,
there will be po difficulty.
"In Taeoma our bridge will be CO feet
above the water and the lift will not be
as hlca as the bridge In Portland."
Concerning the Ornimkaion form of
government hi Taeoma. the Commis
sioners say it Is a success and far su
perior to the old system.
"We meet every day as a council." sold
Commissioner Freeland. "and wipe the
docket clean, so to speak. Each Com
missioner la personally responsible for
his department and the four CommWw on
ers and Mayor, sitting as a legislative
body, are not long In passing upon the
recommendations of a Commissioner. If
thore is anything we choose to Investigate
for ourselves. It does not take long to
get Into an automobile or on a streetcar
and do so
The commission form of government
Is not a failure nor are we running be
hind on finances. Tliere were many big
undertakings the former administration
started that wo are carrying out We In
herited financial burdens and sre shoul
dering them to the satisfaction of the
Taeoma has adopted an antl-treatlng
ordinance, which will be effective one
week from tomorrow. When asked to
explain Its provisions. Commissioner
Woods said:
The ordinance simply prohibits treat
ing. It means that one man may not
buy a drink for another. If a bartender
accepta pay for two drinks he commits
an offenew under the ordlnmnoe. Esich
man must bur Ms own drink, even If two
walk into a saloon together."
When asked If the ordinance would be
successfully enforced, the three Com
missioners Just smiled.
"We don't know whether It will go.
said Commissioner Woods, "for a referen
dum has been called. A petition Is being,
circulated and the people may vote it
them all the recall. At the recent
Kalama city election, out of 284 votes
cast, 103 . were those of women, who
were shown every courtesy and were
permitted to vote unchallenged by any
member of the election board.
Bluejacket Gets Three Tears.
HONGKONG, Dec. 10. John William
Hays, a sailor on the American cruiser
New York, who killed a Japanese child
and Injured another Japanese while
running amuck In the lower quarter
of Hongkong on September 1, has been
sentenced to three years' penal servi
tude. Ijandls Merciful to Youth.
CHICAGO. Dec. 10. Boles Kaktovlcz,
17 years old, who confessed to stealing
J2 from a registered letter, will not be
sentenced until after the Christmas hol
idays. "I can't sentence this boy now,"
said Judge Landls, In the United
States Court yesterday, after giving- the
case consideration. '"I can't do It.
It is a Modern Style and in Fine Condition, to
Those Who Want to Buy a Name,
Here's Your Chance.
Suffragist Champions Recall.
KALAMA. Wash, Dec 10. Mrs. Car
rie Wlnans Carson, of this city. In ad
dressing the County Pomona Grange
here on the subject of woman suf
frage today, sounded tha keynote of
the battle coming In this state, when,
by tbe aid of the women, the clUsenry
of this state will begin the fight for
the reform laws now In vogue in Ore
gon, Including tbe most extreme of
While we do not at this sale (sell
ing at factory wholesale price as we
are, and without profit) take second
hand or used pianos in exchange, I sold
a fine, massive "art" style "Cote"
piano to a lady yesterday who has
asked me to take her second-hand up
right Steinway piano to our store and
sell it for her, for the best price it
would bring at once, and apply the
proceeds on her new "Cote" piano,
and she would immediately send us a
check for the balance. She has not
handicapped me to any set price, but
simply 6aid, "Sell it, and apply pro
ceeds." Therefore I feel that, as she
bought her new piano at the factory
wholesale price, saving thereby nearly
three hundred dollars, she can afford
to sell her second-hand Steinway for
most any old price in reason, and,
while it is a late, modern-style case,
comparatively new and in perfect con
dition, in order to sell it right quick
I'm going to offer it for sale tomor
row at $200, and the first person who
sees this piano and wants to buy a
NAME will TAKE it
It is a medium size, in handsome
mahogany case, showing no mars and
but little use. The lady says she paid
six hundred dollars cash for it.
Who wants it tomorrow at two hun
dred t See it, try it, and buy it, at
the Cote Piano Mfg." Co. 's Store, 361
Morrison street, corner of Park, where
all styles of our fine and new "Cote"
pianos are on sale at less than half
price, and a brand-new Weber up
right to compare them with.
Any intending purchaser buying a
piano at this time without first seeing
these beautiful Cotes direct from the
factory and getting the wholesale
prices on same, is standing very much
in his own light, and very much out of
tune with justice to himself.
We are selling pianos many dollars
lower here than any retail house ever
did, ever will, or can possibly af
ford to do.
We are piano manufacturers, cut
ting the life out of prices here. Who
is there to compete with usT Nobody 1
Cote Piano Mfg. Co, A. A. Fisher, j
Manager, 361 Morrison street, corner
of Park. . I
Christmas is coming: on and he has
four little brothers and sisters at home.
I shall allow him to remain with them
until after Christmas. Let him come
here "again on January 9 and I'll see
what I will do then."
Boycott Declared Federal Issue.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 10. Danbury
hftts were the subject of a dispute heard
before the United States Circuit Court
here yesterday. Dietrich. Loewe & Co..
of Danbury, Conn., sought a permanent
Injunction to restrain the California Fed
eration of Labor from boycotting the
hats made by the company. A prelim
inary injunction had been Issued sev
eral months ago. The attorneys for the
union - argued that the Federal courts
had no Jurisdiction, but opposing coun
sel contended that the Influence of the
California Federation of Labor extended
outside the state and made an interstate
Issue of the boycott question. The Loewe
Company obtained a permanent Injunc-
tlon In Connecticut against the Journey
men hatters of Danbury and a Judgment
for $240,000 against the members of the
Highest Grade Men's Wear.
Headquarters for men's gifts. The shop
of the handsomo windows, 344 Washing
ton, between Seventh and Park.
A Fascinatln
g y anety
See our immense assortment of
electrical and gas table lamps,
andirons, folding screens and fire
sets in the antique, black and
bronze finishes. Any of the
above will make a most appro
priate gift for the family. Gall
now and make your selections.
5ryv -tTVI
It 5
Get our suggestions for more
mumioation for the Holidays. It
adds more cheer and welcome to
your Christmas visitors.
Phone us Monday morning and
have our representative call.
311 Stark St, Near Sixth. Telephones Main S79 and A 1 879