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Harry BielU Mr. and Mr. William
3?aaugbtjr. Mr. and Sir. Kd I"lB
ad Mr. and Mrs. Kred Marx.
Mr. and Mm. A. K. Il-ls!er celebrated
ttrlr 3n. rdJlna; anniversary Ftur
tlay. November I-. at Irtlr home on
East Davis street. The following
jrucata were pres-nt: Mr. and Mr. t.
bcaurr.ann. Mr. and Mr. A. ll.-iler. Mr.
and Mra. O. Ruberl. Mr. and Mm. K.
Falrbanlc. Mr. and Mr. IL KueMe. Mr.
and Mrs. II. Tun der Wertr.. Mr. and
lrs. A- Gel-re. Mls 0rtruil Kuehle.
Mlas Florence voii dt-r Wrtli. Ml
Helen Kurhl. Mla Clara .-Ulcr. Al
fred Roberts. Walter Fairbanks, tieorire
Roberts. lUnrr Kuehle and Uj" Nlk
las. Urn. r. P. ArrlnKton. of the Hint
Apartments, a-ave mo enjoyable ' llacli
elor Mld' entertainment Tuesday vven
Isc In honor to Mtss KlUabeth Wooil
ruff whn recently returned from a
fire weeks' trip to the Fast. The
hostess u assisted by Mra. C. K. Ire
land. The follom-lna: irueM were prcii
ent: .!! Klizabeth Woodruff. Mlna
Mary Worrell. IIm Oertrudo Phillips.
Mini Minnie Ilrupcer. Miss Coleman.
Xtra Ethel Wlnne. Miss Ann Ford. Miss
Mayme Ford. Mlsa lxetta M. Ionnlll,
La S;ronce and Miss Wickham.
The first regular Winter meetln of tl.e
lMra!nit Clory V Cl'ib waa held at
tfce home of Urv I"-la Nltk!ey Tuesday
afternoon. Tl birthdays of Mr K. Pfer
!ner and Mm. Rosa Krnery ere cele
brated In the course ot the entertainment
t which the followlr.c tiietji wre pree
r.t: Mr Knee tmery. Mrs. M. A. Reed.
3J-S- Sadie Hamilton. Mr. Mary K.
rfrrdner. Mrs M.utdc C.reene. Mr. Flora
CoitwisII. Mra Mary He. Mr. Nel-
vrna Worlrk. Mr, llarnar wcicn. jirw.
Bsiu Smith and Mra. U. HuMcn.
A merrr crowd of yonnt people, con
ai.itlnir of lUrrltt Vanetta. Rose K.l-
vood. Hester Thorp. Myrtle an.i ran
el Elwood. Louise Taylor. Frank Akin,
Clarence Stanley and Fred Oliver, wlln
Mr. and Mra. Thorp as chaperons, were
met at Rockwood with a waa-on in
which they were conveyed to Orient,
where they attended a real country
dance on Saturday evening a week .
e-upper aerved at II o'clock, after
which dancing: continued until the wee
The Monday History Club met No
vember II. at the home of Mra. Charlea
V. Filter. Mexico was the country un
ifier discussion. Mrs. Tipton a-ave an ad
drciui on " Aztecs and Foltees." and Mr.
Ktnltii read a paper on "Pottery or aiex
5 co. Following- these Mr. Cooper rave
g appreciated talk on Mexican curios.
pottery, baskets and arawn-wora. ni
which choice collection, owned by
Mrs. Cooper, waa on display.
Mr. and Mr. Swan, on Manhattan
afreet, were agreeably surprised We
nenday evenlnir. November 15. by the
George Wright Post and Corps. Mac
cabees Women and their neighbors, the
occasion being their SSth wedding- annl-
ersay. Five hundred was enjoyea in
the course of the evening.
One of the affair of the week was
the surprise party In honor of Bert
Frost. The decorations were pink and
are en. orofusely arranged with carna
tions and Oregon a-rape. The enter,
tilnmrnl consisted of "600." after
erblch an elaborate supper was served.
Jly FJJlers entertained with a box
party at the Hellls; Theater Monday
evening m nonor ot Mm
Freiburg-. Germany. The following:
a-uesta were present: Kdwln Welte.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 1L EUers, Miss J or vis,
Ir. Emil Ecna.
The Tllllcum -500" Club waa enter
tained Monday evening" by Mrs. Henry
Ftaff. 10H East Market street. After
the usual number of "hands" were
r laved a hot luncheon was served.
The good fellowship campaign com
mittee. Women of Woodcraft, expects
to give a literary and musical enter
tainment, followed by a dance, early In
A delightful party at Christensen's
hall took place Thursday evening,
when the Portland Chapter of the
American Institute of Banking enter
tained at dancing.
Miss Josephine Locke, a well-known
lecturer on art. who returned recently
from Japan and who has given Inter
esting lectures on Japanese art here,
under the auspices of the Woman's
Club, will lecture on art before the
Rose City Chapter of the American
Woman's League, at the library next
Tuesday evening.
Miss Locke will leave for Europe
Boon, after a trip to Los Angeles.
At the annual meeting or St. An
Brews "society of Oregon. Wednesday
evening. o8krs were elected lor the
ensuing year as follows:
PTesldenU K. K. Paxter: vice-president.
Alexander G. Brown; treasurer.
Charles Leigh; secretary. A. T. Smith;
assistant secretary. Thomas Burns;
chaplain. Rev. Donald A. Mackensle;
committee of relief. W. R. Mackenxie.
James Cormark. John A. Paterson;
Committee of management, John Baikle,
John M. Wallace. J. R. Stuart.
It waa arranged to hold the annual
celebration November 30, with a ban
tauet at the Commercial .Club.
Miss Marie Cavallne and Miss Marie
Stlngrlch entertained with a ahower In
tionor of Miss Gladys NeaL whose en
gagement to William Ellwood Graham
has Just been announced. The bouse
was artistically decorated with palms
and flowers, of which a huge bell In
the dining-room was an attractive fea
ture. The guests were Miss Gladys NelU
Mr. James M. Neal. Miss Marie Mc
lirtde. Miss Luclle Fenton. Miss Weh
rung. Miss (Catherine Whttmer, Miss
Heckle Goldstein Mis Nellie Prebel.
:Ilss May Clarke. Miss Charlie Fenton.
,3ilss Hasel Koonts. Mtss Louise Walk
er. Miss Maurlne Campbell. Mis Esth
er Hays. Miss Edith Kopple. Miss
'Katherln Graham. Miss Margaret
Slackett and Miss Lucre il Cavallne.
Mrs. Charles F. Runkel entertained
;.t her home. C7S Stark street, with a
' plate shower Thursday afternoon In
i honor of Miss Gladys McSloy. the only
daughter of Dr. J. 1L McSloy. of thl
jelty. whose wedding will take place
I early next week to Mr. B. O. Herman,
Jof San Francisco.
' The rooms were artistically deco-
rated with red hearts and potted fern
land the tables with red carnations.
Mnch amusement was afforded the
guests by the written advice handed
In with each plate to the bride-elect,
lafter which they all partook of a
I daintily served luncheon. A profusion
of hearts decorated the luncheon
throughout. Among the guests present
were several old friends from South
(Daknta. Mrs. James Whealan. Mr,
tl. W. Huffman. Mrs. O. R. Elwood.
Mra. li D. Hollister. Jr.. Mrs. J. 1L Mc
Hloy. Mrs- R. A. Vile. Mrs. Moody
'Rogers. Mr. George Thompson, Miss
Florence Elwood. Miss Louise Rogers.
Mis Ruth Lewis and MLsa Nina Run
One of Cie largest weddings of the
past week took place at the Neth resl
eoor la Irvlcgton, Wednesday venloaV
when Miss Mary E. Judy and Carl F.
Neth were married by the Rev. Harry
Ix-eIs of the Mlzpah Preshy terlnn
Church. The bride wore dainty silk,
embroidered, and a veil of tulle caught
Into place with orango blossoms. She
carried a shower bouquet of bride roses.
Her bridesmaid. Miss Anna Turner, wore
a gown of pink messaline and carried
pink carnations. Joseph 3. Feary at
tended Mr. Neth. The ceremony was
performed under an arch of evergreens
and Immediately following it supper
was served. The rooms nere decorated
with ferns, violets and chrysanthemums,
while a large "Horn of Plenty," made
f chrysanthemums formed the center
piece for the table. Mr. and Mrs. Neth
will he nt homo after leember 1 to
their friends at 4.2 East Fifteenth street
north. The following persons were pres
ent at the wedding: Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Neth. Forest Judy. Mr. and Mrs. O. 8.
Cutler. J. A. Anthony, Miss Marie Herk
er. Mls Lillian Mullen. Mr. and Mrs.
Tl -:jJ " ' "... " It t '
W . m -
Karl l. Dwlre. stage manager of the Baker stock company In Seattle,
and Miss Ruth Leschler, a former member of the Baker company In Port
land, were quietly married at the Baptist parsonage In Seattle, Wash., Thurs
day afternoon. November 10, at 3 o'clock. The ceremony was wltneased by
only a few friends of Mr. and Mrs. Dwlre.
W. S. Cutler. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur But
terworth. Mrs. Mnnette Robinson, A. H.
Tugs, John A. Wilson. Mra. C. E. Sher
man, John Aaron, Iroy R. Fields, .Miss
Alice Dougherty. Frank W. Howell, Mrs.
H Frey. Miss Ellrabeth Johnston, Miss
Mary McCartney, J. H. Weiss. Mrs.
Brunswick. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Flledner.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Aldrlch. Miss Helen
Standlst. Linn Bennett. Miss Olga Sech
tem. C. B. Haynes. IL. A. Bennett. Ar
thur L. Fields. C. O. Crook, C. V. Mi
chel. Miss E. Wllhelm. Mr. and Mrs. M.
J. TenanU Mr. and Mrs. H. Pfaft, Mr.
S. A. Star. Miss Virginia Chambers. Mrs.
M. E. Hamlin. Mrs. M. E. Mullen, miss
Cornelia Barker. Miss Maud Osborne,
Miss Mary K. Qulgley, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Goehrlng. Miss Berth Lerr and Miss
Effle Chambers.
AVelgel-Ioorc. '
C.ustav Welgel and Miss Ethel Moore
were married Wednesday evening by
the Rev. M. E. Boulton. of The Dailes.
The ceremony took place at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. R. Le Compte. at
10 Blbee avenue. The attendants were
Harry L. Frank and Miss Greta Jurgen.
White cosmos and chrysanthemums
with English Ivy formed the house
Mr. and Mrs. W elgel expect to reside
In Portland.
Stratum-Tort r.
r 11 T Cotia ttni4 ATI I.0I0
Porter were married in the church par
lor or the r irst Lnitanan t-nnrcn -
v,- in v... tho Iter T. 1 Eliot. Mr.
and Mr. Stratton left immediately for
the South, returning to roruana ""-
L 1 1 0 , . VA .-i. ...... ., . - - --
at home at 41 Union avenue, North.
A. E Edwarda and Mis Bertha D.
Evenson were married at Sunnyslde
Congregational Church. Saturday after
noon. November 12. by the Rev. J. J.
Staub. R. W. Wilson waa best man
and MLsa Thea Evenson, sister of the
bride, was maid of honor.
Mr. Emma Schofleid and A, C. Loh-
mlre were marriea inursuay rveiiius
br the Rev. E. H. Mowre. pastor or
the Methodist Episcopal Church. South.
They will reside In the home of Mr.
Lohmlre, at the corner of Tillamook
and Thirteenth treets.
The wedding of Daniel M.ixfield and
Ada Beach took place November 13 at
300 Hougton street. The Rev. J. Bower
eox performed the ceremony. Mr. and
Mrs. Maxneld will be at coma to tncir
friends at 1090 Amherst street.
Mis Minnie CockelU of Lexington.
Wash., became the bride of Jesse Hoi-
brook Tuesday evening, November 15,
at the First Baptist Church. The Rev.
W. B. Hlnson performed the ceremony.
Sidney A. Smith and Miss Mabel P.
Wilson were married at the residence of
I i ...-w ". ;i v lit
!- Y. n U I V
y - ;
. :v V:i r
- . 1 - I
1 t 1 .
GRANTS PAPS. Or, Nor. 19. (Spool!.) One of the prettiest weddings
solemnised In this city this Fall took place when Hugh L. de Armond was
married to Miss Effle Gertrude Tetherow. Mr. De Armond Is a prominent
young attorney, and a graduate of the University of Oregon. He has long
been associated with his father and brother In the milling business. Mrs.
De Armond Is the eldest daughter of J. M. Tetherow, of this city, a large
mine gtuu la Oregon and. California.
Mr. and Mrs. Don B. Waggener. at
Montgomery street, Tuesday. Novetn
ver 15. the Rev. J. Bowereox officiating.
Mrs. Smith came to Portland recently,
her former home having been In West
Point. Cal. The bridegroom is a civil
engineer employed in the construction of
the new railroad to Tillamook. Mr. and
Mrs. Smith will reside In Oregon.
Olsen-Vlk Tonncseti-VIk.
The double wedding of Tlnus Olsen
and Una Vlk.'and Oio Tonnescii and
Inga V'lk took place November u. at tho
Lutheran Church, when the Rev. O. M.
Holden performed the ceremony.
H. M. Lovejoy and Miss Kilo. Hamra
were married Tuesday evening. Novem
ber 15. at T21 Everett street by the Rev.
Benjamin Young.
George A. Itarnian, of Salem, and
Miss Llllle Johnson, of Portland, were
married Saturday, November 12. at the
Methodist Episcopal Church parsonage
by the Rev. Benjamin Young.
William S. McCall. of Colfax. Wash.,
and Miss O. Leaty Renlck, of Portland,
were married by the Rev.'W. B. Hlnson
Thursday evening, November 17, at the
First Baptist Church.
Richard Watson and Rose Frosh were
married at the parsonage of the Grace
Methodist Church, on November 12.
when the pastor, J. H. Cudllff, performed
the ceremony.
The wedding of Ormsby Mechllng and
Miss Alpha Poe took place at the White
Temple, Thursday, November 3. The
Rev. W. B. Hlnson performed the cere
mony. Stratton-Porter.
Carroll B. Stratton and Lolo C. Porter,
both of Portland, were married Novem
ber 10 In the parlors of the First Uni
tarian Church by the Rev. T. L. Eliot.
Caroline Charvat and M. J. Cernlck
were married at the Grace Methodist
parsonage, November 12, by the Rev. J.
II. Cudlipp.
A. M. Arnold and Miss Rose L. White,
both of Portland, were married Tuesday
evening by the Rev. Benjamin Young
at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage.
The 'Mystic Stars of Myrtle are giving
a dancing and card party Wednesday
evening, November 23, at the Masonic
Temple, comer West Park and Yamhill
streets. The patronesses Include: Mrs.
Peter Hobklrk, Mrs. H. G. Boyd, Mr.
Herman Carlson, Mrs. V. B. Harrington,
Mrs. C. IL McGirr, Miss Virgina Mul
thauf. Mra. Fannie Neppach, Mrs. C. E.
Runyon, Mrs. G. Hlgglns. Mrs. W. L.
Robb. The reception committee consists
of C, E. Anderson, V. A. Avery. H. G.
Boyd, J. L. Bailey, H. M. Bush. J. Les
ser. W. W. Chrlstensen. D. G. Tomoslni,
George E. Hlgglns, Albert Stone,
The Now York 8tate Society of Oregon
will hold the annual celebration of
Evacuation day next Saturday evening,
November X. at Oddfellows' Hall, at East
Sixth and East Alder streets, when
Judge Henry McGinn will deliver an ad
dress on the last great event of the Rev
olutionary War. A musical and literary
programme will also be given and re
freshments served.
Invitations have been extended to alt
New Yorkers, either visitors or residents
of this1 city or state, to be present.
The St. Lawrence Social Club will
give a Thanksgiving dancing party at
their hall, on Third and Sherman
streets, Thursday night. The patron-
esses will be Mrs. N. A. Schanen, Mrs.
W. P. Llllis. Mrs. C. H. Feldman. Mrs.
M. J. Smith and Mrs. F. P. Sheasgreen.
The Committee on Arrangements is
composed of R. E. Barrett. A. B. Cain,
Joseph Cavenaugh, W. P. Llllis, Harry
McCullotigh, Henry Tillman, J. C
Smith, John Weber and Edward Bar
rett. .
A Thanksgiving reception will be
held in the parlors of the First Con
gregational .Church Tuesday afternoon.
Foreign countries will be represented
by the costumes of the women In the
receiving line and Mrs. Frederick Ol
sen and Mrs. Baltes Allen will furnish
an excellent musical programme.
The Daughters' of the Confederacy will
meet next Tuesday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. George H. Thomas at Fourteenth
and East Morrison streets. AU Southern
ers' hero have been Invited to attend. An
Interesting programme ha been ar
ranged. The Mothers' Circle, of the Eliot
School, will meet Friday. November 18,
at 3 o'clock in the school assembly
hall. A discussion on matters of Im
portance to teachers and parents will
be led by Principal P. W. Downs.
Tho O. E. S. Club has set the evening
of December 12 for Its Christmas party,
which will -take place at the Masonlu
Temple. This Is tho second of Its Win
ter serlefl."
The first division of the Shakespeare
Club will meet at the home of Mrs. E.
E. Tinney. at 52S Couch street, Monday
afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The Bible Study Class of the Coun
cil of Jewish Women will meet In the
rest room of the Tcmplo Beth Israel,
Wednesday, November 23, at 3 o'clock.
Cards are out for the hard times party
to bo given December 1 "by the P. S. T. V.
girls at their gymnasium.
The women of the Grace Methodist
Church w-111 hold their annual bazaar
on December 6 and 7.
The engagements of Ii. L Guiss and
Miss Helen McKinney, of Woodburn.
Or., and Hal D. Patton, of Salem, and
Miss Nellie May Lucia, of Portland,
were announced at the celebration of
the 17th wedding anniversary. Novem
ber 6. of Mr. and Mrs. E. Cooke Patton,
at their home In Salem. The occasion
was an elaborate dinner with covers
laid for 12. The dining-room was
beautifully decorated with smilax and
yellow chrysanthemums.
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Lewis will be at
home today in honor of heir daughter,
Ruth, whose engagement to J. New
berger they announce. Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis will also receive Wednesday from
2 to 6 o'clock in the afternoon.
Miss Henrietta Schuyler is passing a
few days with friends in Hood River.
William Eubanks, of Eugene, was In
town a few days last week on busi
ness. Mrs. H. M. Adams, of San Francisco,
epc-nt several at Hotel Gearhart this
A. D. Plugoff. of San Francisco, is
visiting in Portland In view of his
business Interests.
Mrs. Imogens Harding Brodle, who
has been seriously 111 forsome time.
Is now rapidly recovering.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Gaston Gottschalk
and wife, of Chicago, have taken an
apartment at the Re-Ukan.
Miss Gertrude White and Miss Hen
rietta Tichenor will pass Thanksgiving
at Hotel Gearhart-by-the-Sea.
Mrs. Benjamin Latz has left the city
for San Francisco and Southern Cali
fornia for the Winter season.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McQulnn left
Portland for Seattle Friday. From Se
attle they will sail for Alaska.
Mr. and Tdrs. Frank D. GIbbs have
returned from the East and are now
domiciled In their Irvington home.
Dr. B E. Miller has returned from
Olyirmla, Wash., where he was called
on professional business last week.
Mrs. S. A. Ross, Miss Lucy Slade, Miss
Florence McCommon and Mis?s Bessie
Sexton, of Astoria, vlsdted Hotel Gear-
hurt this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Wyman. of North
Yakima, where they were recently mar
ried, have come to Portland to estab
lish their future home.
D. C. Lawless, of Toledo, O, who
is making a tour of the Northwest, re
cently stopped In Portland as the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Simon.
Mrs. Mary L. Coleman, of Atlanta,
III., arrived In Portland last Sunday
for a two months' visit with her son,
II. E. Coleman, at 778 GUsan street.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Johnson and
small daughter, Mary, of Southern Cali
fornia, are week-end guests of Mr. and
Mrs. James Goodwin at East Forty
ninth street. North.
Mrs. Charles Barenstecker left Port
land yesterday for an extended Eastern
trip. She experts to spend Thanksgiving
Your Freckles
Need Attention fa November or Face
Will Staad Covered.
November is the time to take spe
cial care of the complexion if you wish
to look well during Jhe Winter. The
Autumn sun and winds have brought
out freckles that will stay all Winter
unless removed now with Othlne
double strength.
This prescription for the cure of
freckles is the discovery of an eminent
skin specialist, and is so uniformly suc
cessful that It Is sold by Woodard,
Clarke & Co. under the guarantee to re
fund the money if it falls. Get an
ounce of Othlne double strength, and
even the first night's application will
show a wonderful improvement, some
of the smaller freckles even vanishing
entirely. Be sure to ask for the double
strength Othlne, as It Is sold under
guarantee of money back if it fails to
remove the freckles. .
287 Morrison St.
r-.Y ; -1 1 is ,i'W 1 ttWiiWsisa,
f-" ' ai iui mm i.ll. JWlJSSilsi-a;.ai
Black Furs Are Very Popular
Animal or Shawl Collar, $17.50, $22.50,
Muff H Barrel or Rug, $13.50, $17.50,
Sets Complete, $7.25, $11.25, $18.75.
Brown Furs Are Very Stylish
Shawl Collars, $17.50, $22.50, $27.50, $35
Muff, $12.50, $17.50, $25.00, $32.50.
Special Sets, $22.50, $25.00.
Scarfs, $6.50, $11.50, $17.50, $25, $35.
Muff, $17.50, $22.50, $27.50, $35.
Animal and Shawl Collars, $35, $55,
$75, $100.
Muffs, Barrel and Rug, $35, $42.50, $55,
$75, $110.
We invite your inspection of an assortment that will
woman of taste, who is determined to get the best in
Fur Coats and Fur-Lined Coats Our Specialty
In All Desirable Furs Correct Cut and Style.
PRICES $30, $47.50, $55, $75, $95, $110, $125, $155, $175, $200.
Store Open Saturday Evenings Until Christmas. Send
In Chicago with her mother before going
to Cleveland. Ohio, where she will be
the gTiest of her sister, Mrs. A. J. Foxer.
The Christmas holidays she will pass
To those only who contem-
plate the purchase of a
Stein way piano for Xmas!
We consider it our duty to notify
you that your order should ba
placed without delay. The de
mand for Steinways in Portland
is greater than in any former
year, and it is quite possible that
we will be unable to fill late or
ders. Selections may be made
now to every possible advantage,
put aside and delivered Christ
mas. Priced from
Stein way
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We Stand Unrivaled for Quality,
Value and Artistic Workmanship
Shawl Collar, $17.50, $20.00, $25.00, $35.00
Muff, $15.00, $17.50, $22.50, $37.50
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Muff Bolster and Rug, $30.00, $40.00,
$55.00, $65.00.'
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Muff, $5.75, $10, $12.50, $17.50.
Scarfs, $4.50, $9, $16, $20, $27.50.
Muffs, $10, $15, $22.50, $30.
Special Sets, $14.25.
Scarfs, $6, $9.50, $15, $25, $35.
Muffs, $10, $12.50, $15, $27.50.
Special Sets, $13.50.
Collars and Scarfs, $5, $7.50, $9, $12.50.
Muffs to Match, $6, $10.75.
PRICES $2.00, $2.50, $3.25, $4.25, $5.75,
with her daughter, Miss "Viola Baren
stecker, who Is at school at Forest Glen,
Mrs. B. H. C. Taylor .of Lewlston.
Sherman my& Co.
appeal powerfully to the
Furs for the least money.
in all Furs.
$6.25, $7.50.
288 Morrison St., Corbel! BIdg.
for Illustrated Catalogue.
Idaho, formerly Miss Hortense Van
Fredath, of Portland, and her daughter
have come to Portland and will reside
at Lucretla Court this Winter. Mrs. T.