The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 20, 1910, SECTION TWO, Page 14, Image 30

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. . .
sI'K..Y furnished hnu.. seven room. four
bedroom and hath, nn Portland Height
ramie. r In; P'inn. wno.1 ind
rim; tMr l-vir.g fr Cahforri.a: best
Mr-. K on llelrht. reasonable tent lo
r'( peetv pnTe A 44
$o ..i.-ei) furnlahe J
a w.od rn
-room neu. ri'
ater-he-tr. loveiy
;rd. "f fruit; Kill lease
'. n ' '
0h 't rtAttt. well furnish" for ho
krplnc. 3 room, with for. h. $-' rn"
h :
two Tor SI... unutn-r i . . .
r.nctn Jnth: . vr from depot. i
Morrison lo 2dlh. hi k north
rnMI'I.KTKI.V f-rnlsol -r.o
t. in f.ttti f ir I j 7 ner month, ow
l-ivin Vlty. will rii furniture t a pr
that yoj wl'l agree, l a ,n"D-
!"' ".' Mark t Main -'-. - '-
j.HiiI beautiful furn'.ie.l '
,l,tr hink; irl My modern: lominut
in vvrat ei'ie. rrrii - - - -
nw'hi. Ir.qulr C. E- Br-Ui.ack .111 4
lOFl :KVT-S-ro.-m modern rirrp..
ard furnace, completely f irm ie.l. I"
Tn..i,iri,. from I-' I'-, r-n' " rrf
T'- required. ,.', !rua.l t-. c
TO': rrr
C n
h u. party furnishe-l.
Houe for Kent. uniiltri lor tal.
fmii.i. "" 'Vi i hves.
ro-.m. .-.'h mi., inr. IV rent
$10' p-t. . $;7.. including a g.e. plan...
.nly c.n reonlrcd: from
lix-ni pars $ m..nth. thl l '-
! room.. Vv !' st.; rent $: good
furnace, clear ; .:... r-nl nn.I run
B,n ripn. P'' "" "n.r rli.
l. ro..rr. ul. rty furm:.f!. on 1-tn t..
Inrnrn. fl'- P-t. pr!t nioBt.y
hmakl'rplnjc r-wmi.
U r..i.. --rlhln !-nl: 1" l-or.l-
r: n:y mi .h K'tjmrrd ur I - tl
chnjr- for v-...:it lo-
mi: i-a i i-i' iiKAr.TV o..
)'krn MjIo A .1Tj.
7.TZ ru in lit. is . .-..I n-l Vhlrrtn-i.
I V f:I HNSl V t: furrUI'ir- . f
-d 2 In rl'- f ' l. rtcap a
... ..... . - . . . : . Not H . ' I
n1 !
a:litnx il il inr. 4 I.To-k from Waru l
!rjtir from
Kln'lr t.
J aftrnoouil. -
H RNITi ltK of . i.ii i..nlin of ...k
frru.ri. Uri l"l. pi.' tm mllrr..
Annri'r tin linol-uni. l'"n. .
it.. liuu.. tor roni. t. Toor
. 24.V.
-To buy furrlhe. ." or H-rc-m
rr.1 on Vrl Hi. I'. lllnit ill
mut rn-K'- rrntir.
A rr il:n TTI.
fit. io
w. i;.i:lJkNt '. vi 4'n
J',i;liNU I'KI IlllS 4 room r"iu
for rnf will fnrnnurr; 't
H! .m ur t H t!i'm lf'r.r.
; on Trrro rrH t" wh!t .-..ti. ..n
m.r .Mo of .ir.ot. Mr. Ho-n.
it ..r.tmtc u. lrL.t.ful"l I
n:j7iiri. Turkish iu brsiix. Azniln--.r
brlrkbra. rlr. l ill M nnr. -"-I
N.-u;; n-r Sulmun. -h..r Mm
J-OR SAt.K Klt-rnl iir fiiriniurc of ,"ur
room rii . oiwoum. i.o
n't rlo
In: rnii.t i.avo i-i-.?-, rnri... .
AM I-. I H-t-Stn!iin.
11RMTITE rf f-ur-room prtmnt. enm
pl.trlr furnl-'-l. f r alo raonnhlr A!
prtm"nt r.nt.. ra.onh. . foo.-h
.:. rorn.r IMh. 1 buck from Whlnloo
V ApirrmrrtJS.
J t , , ; K for rnt n. f.w pi -. furniture
for ! i- C" (Jrri'-M.ll.inl
fr..h In fniur. M n.l tilhh..n l.;
"W-W cr la Inht. A. I. Johnson.
FOR nulcrP-.lowr.r. Ittvlns rliy, fumlluro of 5 room f!t. fs no n.
Ulici. i.-in. Fuilo 3. Wllllum
; tk L" cr.
; A f( iv rrw farnlh,. hnu'r. l room..
rholr. r. .irnr. ri.' hbr hood : rnt '".
irr-omo lli. 4 imi for own uo; r.rx'n
.M partlr. only. AMy:l. OrrnonUn.
ti-dvitit.K ofri--r.oni i:iotcrn hono
rompl-tf. wuh!n four bio. k
rhoo.: bi'ii.n for t h. io r.
rr. Uth. Tl. r'n.l "4
f I o
Aih !..
IIU SXI.K or rrnl. fiirnlturo ol l'r r.Miui..
irwvrl location, two llck from Ihree cr-
:nn N 1H1 l
l KMTl ltE of x H-room flat for
Prion Marshall SSI- bundajr b.t. II and
II A. M.
KN ITl'ltn 0 room mcwlrrn flat: rci
term: ch-p If tak.o at tnr. 424
THki fiirniiu1" of room apartment; ft
ara;ain, 1-hona Mln i:it. or i Kln-
rl.rt t.
il n.i.ii .ctl lonal bar.aln. both In
fnrnliir nd Inrom. (all afternoon.
KOFI lh furniture of fc-room home,
c.ntrall low r-nf.
K. FT'"H. "2 1 1 j Morrl.o n St.
JTRMTI KK of K-room hnuw for al:
hou.e for rtni; rnt U7.?: i'-trie llnt:
ba'h. im trt.. all 9 H"h '
VIRMTM'.F. of a five-room flat, almo.t
i.ew. at ft ba.-ln. 773 MIourl av.
I. car. .
a SNAP- Kurnituro of .-room -oita Ir
aai cheap. Owner leavln city. Uml ll
one.. io:, William ae.
1 1 i r.-Kj M nio.lcrn i-ottac. !: furniture
la use one y.-ar. --00. half block to Union
ave. A7 K nott.
ITf.W furniture of 7 -room house and ak-ovo
at low prlre. Terr cheap rent. Inquire
294 lrh. or. Columbia.
frRNITTlIK of -roni houae for sai.
Vet Frk.
IJOt'SG for rent, furniture for sale. it
Joth. near l'lne.
f ;tjcosiPI.ETE f urnUhliif of 5 rooms;
rnt lid. I'hone Faat 14o.
J I RMTVBK of " room In good condition;
cioee In. A 7.'..'1.
Fl'KNITI'HK f il-room flat. rea.fnable.
l, "b!o. k from lorrl.n. 17"' Huh l
.EW thr-tor brick. 60x100; plate '.
front, leth and ;rha;l. suitable for
llahl lobblna. manufacturlnsr or retail;
will leaae one-half, divide apace o ault
tenant or tsnaata. A. O. Lons. front and
tXi'EIXK.VT irrov-ary and hardware loca
tion, two small concrete elore room and
basement; El fid. In main bualncM
Room - Lumbermen Hldir.
STORK. 4lUl. on lrrabe near lloiladay
ave. good bu.lneu location, lease If de
sired' ery rratimabl. Elite, bmlth k
t o.. 32S Waahin'on. room
rjK fiTOKrT, locate! at Eaat Morrln and
v ... ?tK at. auitahl. for crorerie. dry
a-ood. etc. Sea Undlady on second noor
apartment. Kl'VT .4tora With It V 111 -roOIUS IA aultabt lcatlon for moat any line
of bualnoa: low rent. Ions; leae. Apply
to druK-t at comer oi rnmi woo i.o.
-OH KENT for a term of e rear, the oirt
Arllnalon Club bulldln. meat Fark and
Aklr ta. Apply H. I. Coa. room No.
ft. ISOHed
'fOR HE. ST Store, corner Union ftva. and
Maecley street.
Mm r..c wnt In wetl-llhtd office.
Th mearls lots of room for ourelf nd
of both phones, with heat.
hftit and water. Call Board of Trade
Shiva re onlce or d. room with ue of
teleDbono lo rent at ft nominal Ofure to
o. conaianttr la the oftlce; no real ee
tat or almllar bulnes deaired. 814 iewl
b;d.. 1 to 2 p. M-
W..u u k --t- Tt.rmm. fin. .ffio. MoDI BOO-
ad floor L.uskber xchng bulidlnc 3d
ad Btark st- inquire . ji. uoioreoa
114 Lumber Ileum bUS.
rtt-n rnnnwllnfl office In w!l-f urnlhed
suit with u of ltln.roem and both
xhonea Apply i-J Jlln bid... 3d and
U aahlngton.
-t"li!.li: :cnorAiihcr cn have room
wellqulpped office for light service;
will pay small salary. Phone Monday. M.
t..V. A 4 7.V Wis renin oio.
v. . r ,.nir.:a located oftlcea. all-niht le
vator aervlce. till bwaliand blti(.. la ftnd
t.r.-'rL. rm or whole for rent cheap.
Room 113S Washington st
OFKIi'R or dcakrooin, ground Boor.
Aider t.
il.Ki-.ANT dee room for rent cheap. AM
TRuNT office room. lodge hails. AUsky
'-1c . Sd snd Morrleon st.
Iv-H MCkf-A few office, la Coaoa bads.
'FFICES snd ample-room lncheter
bld..o B'h. between Btark and Oak.
SrKTIOI In orflce facing Sd st-. for renC
Apply "e Mohawk bldg.
Large, heated and ell lighted. Cood
elevator -ric. In hrt of online
i"n on Wt "Id. Apply S03 Ahlngton
b '! .
Ik ANTEO To Jeae n-ror space about 104) square suitable for manufacturing
purpoee. M -?. Oregonlan.
tOH RENT-flur. for b.ethoii' at W. It.
At ,on der Wrth. at nd of Morrl
eof. Pridg.
Cor. East whington and Enl Mcma
a. ISOxTJ fewt. one floor; on O. R.
track; Ifttele erupted by Cudahy Pk
la co. Page Inv.stmaat Cc l.v real
gu Fftoa Mai u4
" Vnr. i. ease.
We h hevy mill coniructlort
b.ilM n. .1 torle. snl20 feet. with
fr.irhl elevivtor and trackage In rear, alt
u at c.l on Pacific ave.. In l' wholeenl
diPtrlct of Tacoma. W can !ese this
but;r!:ng foe a term of on to five year
at a very low rental. This Is an excel
lent opportunity for wholesale houso o
ci good location with flrt-clas railroad
and .h,p;.!ng fc!lltle. Cftll or write us
for f'irtrer nortlculnrs.
1tir..llt "A" pt.. Tacoma a.h.
Ivll LIAB-T.oM; ne wareooa e
Bifg locattoa: also coraer store room XMaae)
Broadway, ready Now. 1. Alblna ruoi Ce
nrsiNESs ormRTrMTiTA
Hotel Foster" restfturant Is fnr
on most liberal terms: still In operation;
come today nd look Into the proposition.
Located at corner Third and Davis
STEAM fl.EVMN'l A good loc Ion for
steam .-icnmc and dyeing estUshrrent
ma be found In Oevun bl.K-k. r ront
ami Giohs si..; store has i living room in
r-ar; low rent. Apply SA corner drug store.
Take car.
fHIOKMAKKR. looking for a location. S
the store with fc living rooms in rear in
ilevurta block. Knml and ;nb t.: low
rent. Apply lo Hi drugsil at tornsr,
take -S'- car.
WAXTEh-Party to inve.t Ilrtort In lcxln
inale bus'ne. prooo.lflon wllh prsclli!
nwin: to right party thl offers permanent
Intome; buainees e li'ee'lli'fi .roitie..-
plra.ant and safe Investlurill.
I .e.nlan.
AC &I4.
XO rent In Vancouver. P f . r.SIO .iir
feet, ground flr. splendid corner I. Me
llon', suitable for hlgh-cl cafeteria.
Light an. I l.eai free Tl-i cltr need, a
jr. id cafelena. Iiomlulon Truet Co..
I.M.. ViniouiT. It. . ,
Knit ."-ALE nfectlonerv and f'Ult In
llr of centralis; a good P.. It. town;
worth 1m will aacnflce for ch.
I ac.oui.l of other tnislne.. Addres
It. ill N. Tower m-.. . enirena.'TKSKV, bakeri-. confectionery and
f.incv groceries combined: good livlng
rootri connected; be.t location: a nap
f..r man and eife: lug Income; prlr. !;
terms. Inquire l'th. near .-lark
UII.I. locate in Portland if I ran get a good
paving business, grocery or retaurnt pre
ferred. hvo luvO to Imest. Address E
:j. liregonian
GET In on the ground floor, a fe v thousand
dollar amply secured by real c.-ale
will net a handsome profit Inside of eight
iron t he. 4"j Couch blilg.
yT'H HALE A small test-urant. well lo
cated, good trade not a dead one. but ft
live paving business. See Fredrick, room
r.i4 Alisky bldg.. or. 5dandMorrlsonsls.
FOR rAI.E by owner, a good cigar and con-f.-ctlonary
store: excellent ice cream stand,
three living rooms, rent e.o; 14ov. AF
AN' opiiortunitv for a couple to take charge
of an e.iabll.ihed bnin.-1 bakery on the
Wet flue Call A 7ilS or E S3. Ore
gonlan. .
FOR f S To finis. 14-room. fine loca
tion for restaurant or olTli-ce; rent ;
f HeiO cash. ISO1 nd 17u lOlh. rear Mor
Kr:l. ESTATE man with establl.hed busi
ness desire partner who is milling to
liu.tle. good opening foe right patty; 2j0
aslj renulred P i4. oregonlan
IK man and wife can Invest sniiill amount
In small slenrn laundiy. Ihey will find a
i ham for big money maker at 4 J.'i East
Morri.on St. .
Clean stock, corner, no competition; all
r.teh trade.
II A I.I. HICKI.K. Kl oermeo-
CATKIN for sale, atreetcar transfer point.
Independent license; deal with owner, who
ninl release on account of sickness. C
1: EST A I' HA NT and lunch counter for rale;
If you want a nl.e. clean place, look at
thl on; prlca a7.". cash onl. .2 Norm
17'h st. '
Foil fAI.K White automobile agency for
bun lMego end linperlsl Counties, together
with beet gar In city. Addres C. O.
Funneil r t'o.. San llgo. Cal.
GIVEN wy free, map of all th aiilouua
oil fields. a'o trll ubs.-rlptlon of pub.lca
tion California oil Fields." Sagar-Loomls
Co.. filltreolilan bldg. Portland, or.
KESTaVraNT. doing a w a day business:
will sell st ft sacrlllce; prly leaving; for
information cail room il'. Lumber tl
cane. 2i and Slark St.
i MANlKA"iritlNt bulnes. owner
went a reliable partner to look after
agents etc.; a chance to make big money.
all 417 Board of Trade.
KESTAl'UAXT with 8 rooms, furnished,
n.-ar th SI.; rent only i0, lease: AOO
will put ou In poaacMlon. S1J iienry
"A ANTED Ilefln.d. elderly lady a partner
In face and a.lp arlors: will teach the
business free and l."iO monthly; tlOO
required: ccured. call cSI E. Main SI.
TWO confectionery stores, best Washington
city, established 10 year, long lease; price
il.vO less than Insurance; bargalu, glek
ness It HJ. Oregonlnn.
BMOON doing a a day business, will sell
'at 4iMin if taken at once If you have
the money. Investigate. AL o44. Orego-
lv t; arvl cienliig works; best place In
Portland: guarantee dally profit; must
ell quick: price Sju: icrme.
H. E. J A Ml-.. CO.. s
near Stark.
OK.Hl.KY Clean .lock, rent 3U; 4 living
rooms, an unuaual opportunity; fine bu"l
nesa; will Invoice, or suv; term. Jo
Qulre 10th st.
FfR sale or trade: drug store, good clean
stock. ne fixtures, good location, terms
on part. Splendid opportunity for syood
nrugglet. AF 44 Oregonlan.
fitl.l, restaurant, doing good business,
brtck building. long lease, owner ha
r.lhrr buainrsa, will sell cheap: will trade,
phone A irli.
GROCERY store, doing good cah business,
with 4 living-rooms, will Invoice 5a in
cluding fixture: rent J. Call 1st
St. Tapfer, room 4. m
FOR SAI.E Meat market, fine location. Call
:d ai d Francis ave. ; take "W-W car
or phone Hcllwood KJ7.
FOR iALK Machine shop and foundry do
ing good business; write for particulars.
M 4.'. Orcgontan.
IXlTl UL.S r'. and s-vloon, doing big busi
ness. S Interest loou. AM 04U. Orcgo
nlan. WANTED I'artv with money In A-l laun
dry proposition; no agents. AB 644. Or
gonlan. .
IiRKSSM AKER. well estahllshe! business,
will take partner; beet in city. AH Hi,
iTsJCIllAR STORE, splendid location. 4
rooms rent (15: receipt I0. Call today.
l ; Williams are. ner Broadway.
ptnit.RiKiM. cigar and confectionery; fin
location: close In: One business; other
business: -ll cheap. Call f luih st.
KESTAfRANT. down-town location, clears
S4 to Sl day: other business: will sac
rifice: g;ne caah will handle. Call loth.
L111T grocrrv. dellcaiean and home bak
ery at one-lhlrd price UHlay. It's a
dnndv HIS H"rd of Trade.
tSTABLlSHEO loon for ! to close es
tte. Independent license. tiood cor
ner; 1 IS N. ltd St.
PARTNER wanted, to do hou wiring and
shop repair work; llOO required, a --.
Orecoplan. '
giMMy OROCERY: West side corner: rate
averag 4i day; with, lea. Call 323
Henry bldg.
BEST-PAYINit cigr and confectionery
tore In Portland, no rent to pay. CaJI
417 Foard of Trade
HAKUWARIJ (TUBE Clean new alock; I
voice r.bout f7o.
HALL Hlt'KI.r. S2I Lumbermen.
ciIjmIV wanted, a oo. saloon, either in
Portland, or cloe outlying town; give
full particular. i .. iT-j"nian.
6tB Starlight Oil Company's add under
SALOON for sal cheap. w.ll guarantee
7S day sale. an oie.n. i
HOME bakery and restaurant, fun If tsk-n
before Monday noon. nope laooc -.o...
KE.STAL R ANT "ost ou nothing to look
at It. M'i Y'amhill st.
FOR SALE A-l carjienter shop, with stock
at a bargain. See owner. S71 1st st
TWO of the best paring saloon in fort
land. 417 Heard of Trade.
RESTAURANT loe fin buaincs. will sell
cheap. Call 4t Stark St.
i-M KiNnxTIuNEKt and baker): sales
average -.r. rlar. can aj nen--y qui.
CREAMERY for aaie: established. s.lis
;.. month. Call :49'x otsrk St.
IKK btarlighl Oil Company's ftdd under
FlR SALE, cheap. If Sold at once, account
vfcee.. rnl'llnerv store. 44 Wash. St.
t iR pool table, nest Brunswick maks.
t ft bargain. Oilman bt J44 Jt ftb
Go todny to 37:; w, East Burnalde. cor.
t'nion, and look it over, then come to our
office and make ti an offer; for th bet
of r.ions It must be old at once; guaran
tee aic now -1j a day. all cash sales and
no delivery.
Good West Side location: rent K less
2 yer; average sale $40 day: can be In
creased; prlro SltdHi, JliHKi cash.
It. H. liOUUKIXll CO..
Slrt Hoard or Trade Bldg.
Marshall 4. A 10.M.
We have a tirt-class propoaltlon
to make any man who wants to put
some money in a good paying busi
ness. This is not an experiment, but
In pylng good money now. Thl
place is for sale, owing to death of
oanir. It will pay ou to Investi
gate. Tall Mr. outline. Columbia
Iruat Co.. 84 4th. .board of Tied
Hv jou 1.ym mil you would like
to invet In a cin jvalnr business, giv
ing you control of the business and tnat
will net jou at least .1 per cent per
month on the money Invested. This I"
strlctlv bona fide and one of th pest
growing concerns In Portland today. You
will hv the handling "f all the money
and will guarantee everythlr to be
strictly as represented. Thl will stand
a thorough Investigation and ne worth
lookinr into. i ;,.n. Oregonlan.
One-half Interest In on of th ' ,
paving stores In the cltv. A splendid lo
cation and good class of customers. Will
sell at invoice.
Rooms il7-41S Oregonlan bids.
partner wanted; money-maker.
I'm 11. room.
Washington t . S t..M'. sf".
liHOl'Klty .-TORES.
Washington t.. corner. 1"0.
Ea.t tide. Invoice. :..
Several good ones.
Several varieties.
Call and see tts.
1IA1.I, HICK I.E. ,T.-I LunVhcrmcn.
FxcepMonnl opportunity to acquire
rsiabllshed legitimate manufacturing mml
nes making iaplo line of goods, very
lull coin pel It Ion and excellent territory,
can b handled with nto..Tte capital;
fullest Investigation Invited: this Is not
a g.:d-brlek or gel-rl. h-qulck game; this
busmen lia a great future nnd Is u suro
winner, b. st of reasons for selling. I.
f.-'S, OregoTiThriT
TO It t.N 1
the business district of North Yaklma.
416 N. Sd t.. No. Y'nklma. owner.
FOR SALE Exclusive sgenclrs Inr
nious Marshall & Stearns Co. s oscillating
portal wall beds. The latest and most up-to-date
wall bed: has superseded all "tjer
In Northern California. Over 00 sold n
San Francisco alone. In last days. Fully
protected by patents. Good opportunity lor
fe.ponslhle party with push and capital.
References required. No others need ap
ply. Marshall A Slearn Co.. 1154 l'halan
bldg. ban Francisco. Cal.
A SO -M rapacity Ru.selt portable
mill complete, with-cutoff saw w"'
conveyor, etc.: also ft No. 1 J1NortnJ.":
planer, with attachmente. good n-j
Us been used only ft- short time. For
particular call at my office. rront
su. Portland. Or.
Want ten people with in0 or more to
form svndlcate on a platting proposition
that will make 6'JO per cent pront. A.N
bU7, Oregonlan.
Tarty going East will dlspoae of ft live
mnfg. proposition. On sale at present
time In over a, hundred store In Portland.
Will stsnd the closest Investigation. An
opportunity to step Into a good paying
bumneia. Large profits. required.
N a::2. Oregonlan.
WANT to hcur from parties willing to In
vest capltnl In legitimate manufacturing;
company; have LI days' option on build
ing and plnnt ready tor operation: not a
get-rlch-quiek scheme, but a sound, con
servative business which will produce
good profits from beginning. Y 6 Or
gonlan. VOU can buy an Interest today In a ma
chine that. hn pal-nled. will make you
rich and will be recognized a the great
est ma. hln. ever pat-nted; Jl'Kki will
complete the machine and get it patented.
If Jou have the money, answer thl ad. 1
will call and explain fully. Addrcas O
&3y, oregonlan.
" if'toi' ARE LOOKING
lo-room house, fine location, short walk
to P o. very cheap rent and good clean
furniture. Price tn.'.O. only half cah. I
rooms rented. Call room 518. Oregonlan.
FOR SALE Saloon In Los Angeles. Cal.
Kin location: rent ll'JS. Good lease and
futures. 1-arge stock. Owner retiring.
ITIco 70O. Everything clear. This is
a snsp. No agents. II. EdenborouKh.
Vogel Hotel. 7th and Broadway. Los An-
W.vNIEU A partner "broker, lands and
loans." to open an office; one not over
411 willing to work outside. 1 am middle
age of A-I reputation and a good olflce
snail ; should have some meana to keep
un vour part; please give some good let
e re nee. I' HI. oregonlan. '
FINE opportunity for energetic young man
to secure an lnteret In ell-esiahllshed
real estate business, which Is making big
money and oen 10 thorough Investiga
tion: owner leaving city; little, money te
qulred. All lU.'l. Ore-onlan.
FOR SALE la-use. fixtures and Winter's
wood living rooms In connection; rent.
$0 " This Is a No. 1 location for any
business, sickness compels me to change
climate. He quick. Owner. l ore-
For sale: clearing l' per month; good
location, cheap rent; 3-yer lease; .oOO
csili, balance from receipt.
JOS. C. UIBSON. 3ia tierllnger Bldg.
Well-furnlhed roomlng-houo of about
41 roome. Including piano: cloo to bul
nca centr: doing fin business; leaving
the cltv. E 544. oregonlan.
I WANT Invest a few hundred dollars In a
small merchandise, grocery or cigar store.
I do not want partners. What have
you for ale? Addres by mll only. J.
W Foter Hotel, ad and P.vvl.
Good location, long lea.-, low rent; a
dandy; worth twice the price aakod; ...
part cash. 313 Henry bldg.
OLD established Job printing office, partner
wanted to take oruera; owner will guar-nt-e
business will pay HM) monthly. For
Information call J3S Lumber Exchange.
We have several good buys; one at
I i;oo.
HALL HICK LB. 311 Lumbermen.
HAVE you I'JOOii to place In flrst-cla city
business, where you handle all money
as treasurer of company. K iJ4. Ore
gonlan. BUSINESS wanted: I have :0 to $1009 to
Invest in good paying huelne-s: no real
estate, grocer) : sialo full particulars nrst
letter. 14 l. Oregonlan.
MANUFACTURING llrm wants Interest-n
help; will pay el'ki month salary and bl.
pro Us. Callp4vl.Starkst. .
Partner wanted; about $1200. (
II ALL Hll'KLE. S'JI Lumbermen.
WORKING MEN'S HOTEJ-. 40 rooms, fur
nished complete. Independent license, for
sale che.o. Call 417 Board of Trade.
TRANSFER business: reliable partner
wanted: will pay Sim month: experience
not necessary. Cell 114a t- Slrk st.
OREGON COLD HI Li. stock; make best
cash offer for inr part of 2noo shares;
must have cash. J ft Oregonlan.
GROCERY For a bargain see this one;
tease low rent; $75 day sales, which cau
be increased. Call il4 Slark St.
BLACKSMITH and carriage shoo employs t
men. sivu): a snsp. 4.i Commercial
block. d and Wsh!
WANTED Partner with $loO and his serv
ice for very good business. Call 208 lth
St.. Portland. Or.
Foil sale, two-chair barber shop, wiih
chance for living room. Call at saloon,
cor. ".I and Madison sis.
HWE buver for business or rooming-house,
from ..".' to I'Jiiimi t th r'.'ht price.
MOV ING-PICTURE theater that navs; half
rsh. balance monthly. N .'.2. Oregonlan.
HAVE fi.'e to Sivest In confectionery store
or business A 11 .'.31. Oregonlsn.
RESTAUR '.ST. very cheap, bis" trade; cheap
last; Uvlng-rooms; terms. S9 Simon.
an elegant new 3-story hotel, roniairung .
large rooms. 7 baths, all with tll floor,
hot and cm water throughout bi) rooms
will be finished about January 1; balance
when,1 Located In the center of
We are flooded with inquiries from
Kastern parties wanting general stores
In th Valley. If you have something
good that we can recommend, ranging In
price from JiiOisj tn .V)oo. let us know.
Rooms 517-518 Oregonlan bldg.
WANTED A partner for th nvv and ec-ond-hand
automobile buslne; eetabllshed
In Portland for two years; uo
ln( a good business. but need a
good man for a partner: this is a grand
opportunity for th right man to engage
himself In a good paying buslne on. a
mail Investment; experience I not nec
essary, but would prefer one who cn 00
light offieo work and take earn of the
book and handle the money end or th
butn-ss. Address C M'.r'. Oregonlan.
Want tn people with J1" or more to
form svndlcate on a platting proposition
that will make 500 per cent prom. A.N
&u7. Oregonlan.
WANT business man. capitalist ' ,,rk
Ingmau lo Invest 1000. Cash nianufartur.
Vatented articles. Interest In ni
States patent given Investor. Guaranteed
clear $10,004 year. No risk, no experlenc
required. Stand strict Investigation. .no
brokers wanted. Honest partner required.
AN :3l. oregonlan.
FoR SALE An up-to-date general business In a rapidly growing town In
Oregon, doing a cash business; no gro
ceries or feed; established lnce 1!H and
clearing from $4ono to $1000 per year; will
take $12.0v0 to buy It. Address 1- '
I iregonlan.
it lOU nAri iiw Y ..
Or more to Invest In olld manufactur
ing business where the net Income Is from
f.u to imi'per cent and your money abso
lutely safe, addres. or call
. ...... ....... iM t i rMv
A 1 ba r..iMici-"'."
317 Henry bldg.. I'hone Main 15o4.
This ancy Is In a position l fun" Information "rdln,,1 !
openings; only leglUmats propositions con-
416 Ablngton bldg.. EstabUshed18..
Her Is a bargain If taken at once: An
up-to-date confectionery, with an Iceles.
Innovation Fountain Installed
voice 14000: will sell for a; 5 00 In cash.
For full Information, write Blsbey Bios.,
Cottage Prove, Or.
f 10.000 CASH Will put you Into one of the.
best mercantile businesses In Portland,
owner will guarantee 'ou 20 per cent on
your Investment, boalde good salary lor
Services: In fact It will beat that to a
JOS. CGIDSON'. 305 GcrllngctBldg
A LOCAL corporation, well established need
a r-w thousand dollars to develop th,
business demanded; can show P".,"!'"
$-) to $aoo a sound and exceedingly
prolltal.le Inveatment; can give and ie
oulre best reference. B 521. Oregonlan.
party with :t.100 to tak an lntarest la
good paying business.
AiEs mercantile; agency.
418 Abington bldg.
Main 51)88.
"one hundred- dollars salar't
Per month: 4 year' contract to right
man to manage fruit orchard who Is enp
able of handling men; references re
quired: mauager must own Investment
?n por., N5-...Oregonlan.
RESTAURANT. 4 private J.!!:
1.10. Ions counter long Inw, 5.1.1 Wash
Ington st.; serve liquor; dolns u0
Reason for selling, poor lualth. I hone.
.Mnrsnau -a-..
FCnT" RALE Stock of general "'r.cha,,.d'?;
about $10.(10.1. In live Washington town
of .V)0 with payroll $ 1 4O.0-." a mont h
v..,i.. aniea tH.ri tHMi cash. Reasons for
selling J 528. Oregonlan
DRY lioot'o o 1 ... o..
Clean slock. fin location: Invoice
$1000; clearing $20i a year; low rent.
211 Lewis niug
HAVE the beat bu.lnesa proposition in
Portland for a safe Investment to some
one with $2500; can show yoi. a profit of
better than 60 per cent profit, can glvo
. . .-in oreonlan.
bank reierence.. ----
WANTED Active partner In an old-eslab-W
ilshed hardware business In on. of the
best-growing towns In h" "'",,.,0w5
Valley: must have from -0O to $10,000
catiliai. a on. ---
LOCATION r oiv 1 -
Choice corner, new buildins. no compe
tition: C?Od leas. ..Kmen.
HA I.I, at Ml- Q..T-. "-
OPl'NIN'G for energetic man able to Invcal
F'lWl in reliable cash business; pays much
better than wages: duties easily learned.
Particular 24Hix Stark st. ,
I HAVE a fliat-class business proposition
for sale or will trade for clear real estate.
Call or addres. A. M. "'' - ta"
.T-th P- r nnnn , a. . -
HAVK i"H to invest tn leKltimHt bu-i-jHAr.
-..'" 1 i. Vvnor pneed credit
ma'n. Addre P. O. Box 373. St. Paul.
CAMI If you want cash for your business.
CAc"orpor.lon stock, patent or other prop
erty, addres Northwestern Business
Agency. .Uinnenoooe. -"
Cigar stand
Morrison St.; qulclc sal.
li"AI.T. HICKLB. S21 I.umhermens.
wit 1 car lo per cent lor iniroo... 1.01. ...
,,,'r les who Invest In our business; large
rtVvid-nds: safe city retail proposition.
K 52.". Oregonlan.
PAUTNER wsnte.1 for strictly cash business-will
pay good aalary also share of
profits? very little money required. Par-
I ten 1 a i s ----
vi l-i L-KNOWN uierchant want reliable
paitner able to Invest $2000 with "'Vices:
dull, a easily learned: Pay $2."a) month to
each partnerCall2S v,Starkst.
NtOTtOV "picture and vaudeville theater, only
M merVty near Portland. A snap , st $900
Owner going East. Address AH u3j, Ore
,, . , HOTEL and restaurant. Illla
mcnk Or ; great bargain: $500 will han
do? renion ill health. D 5IO, Oregonlan.
bargain :
.-on Washington st. See It;
cash business: no delivery.
Must sell.
WILLs.ll to highest bidder 2500 .hares Ore
gon Gold Hill mining .lock. r 6 Ore
$7.10 CIGAR .tand: transfer- corner J sale.
j-v 1 tri' lease. Call t-3
average ?,-r . -
Henry nia
ClOAR and confaciionerv Ptore. cleara -ut
C a nVonth; cheap; no renu 417 Board of
mi expense;, living-rooms; will sell
cheap call
a. mLATEN printing plant. established a
years, or will sell Interest to rustler.
F 4SU. oregoni.".
1.1-i.I ABLE partner wanted for transfer
business; experience not necessary; pay
si.ji month. Call 248 . Stark st.
MININO AND l.lULDiiu.ii cwn-.
TelDhon and other bond bought and
old. Fletcher Inv. Co. 2-5 A blngtun.
STOi'kS bond, .old: commissions moderate;
references exchanged; give full details; eg
tabllshed house. Post Box 122. New York.
7ot buys a good poolroom. tc, and busl
- ''..-... nc heat raaaon for aellina.
Ilea.. ii.-i-
H 1 7 M Isslsslppl sve.
GROCERY store, nice corner, ai. '-w n.
price $13); dally cash, sales, tn. Call
ml 4th st.
A-l CIGAR stand; mu
quire Arlington Hotel
(th and Gllsan. 1
II. weigie.
BEST location In, the city for a plumber or
- r.-. . owner. 1 1 U.
Belmont st.
FOH PALE A first-class dressmaking es
tablishment. AN 51"i. Oregonlan.
Best location In city, rhtno M. 72C2.
A GOOD paving poolroom for sale: a snap
for cash. See Bailey Conners. Lents, Or.
FOR- SALE Two good pool tables. 384
Hswthorne ave.
too BUSINESS cards. $1.00: you must brlni;
this ad. Rose City Prlntery. lw.yjp Thlra
FOR SALE Picture theater; no agents; will
sell ehesp: Investigate. C 510. Oregonlan.
VEW Joslina Hendy, triple-discharge. 3
" stamp mill, cheap. AE .:'. Oregonlan.
I mi AUSTRALIAN chop house. 300 Couch
$2.'.o0 GROCERY. West Side corner, sales
average. $oo day. Call 328 Henry bldg.
SALOON S75 day sales, lease; will aoll
cheap. Call 248 Stark su
WANTED Partner with 5ia to SlOOt. to
pi t with my like amount and , P,
manufacturing business; I 1 1 1 s; 11 th o
produn: want partner to attend the "f"
tlce- experience unnecessary; act qun k.
'Ja-J n. r.on.1 Interview X Oregonlan.
'INVESTING FOR PROFIT" worth $10 copy
to any man who Intends to Invest money,
however small, who has money Invested
unprofltahly. or who can save i or more
per month, but who hasn't learned art or
Investing for profit. It demonstrates real
earning power of money, the knowledge
flnanciera and bankers hide from masses.
It reveals the enormous profits bankers,
make and shows how to make the same
profile. It explains how stupendous for
tune are made and why they are made,
how $1000 grows to $22,000. To Introduce
my magazine, write me now. ' and I 11
aend It six months free. -H. I Barber,
. 7? Jacks..n hUlg.. Chicago.
WILL exchange for city or country property,
the fastest money-making proposition In
Portland, consisting of well-established
vacuum carpet-cleaning business; have 8
inachlnea complete thRt will invoice, to
gether with extra fixtures and appliances,
about $3000: I own. my own patents and
have exclusive right In Ave best states
on Coast; very best reason for selling.
Price for everything cash or trade. $20'Hl;
make my own machines: have good lo
cation, cheap rent. Owner. AN 5-1, Ore
Salarv. $100 to $l.o. allowed monthly.
Increasing sales of our product necessi
tates our opening distributing office in
unoccupied territory. We desire manager
with clean record, acquainted, with '
to $1200 cash to carry Initial account, me
return of this money secured to you. po
sition permanent: office and other ex
penses allowed. F. O. Jahn. president
First National Bank. Omaha. Neb.
And all other tropical fruits and plants
crow In tropical Mexico.
Join our free excursion to this richest,
cheapest, best land on earth, healthy cli
mate, transportation facilities are the
t-est; new tract Just opened: land selling
for sT.vO per acre on easy terms; next ex
cursion Dec. 1. Get busy and Join ua.
S?I T.umbermens Bldg. flth and Stark.
IF you want a good safe Investment, the
older It gets the larger mo income. . ..
par vearlv dividends give me an ophor-
. " iin t- it vtonlev. Hotel
tunity to explain.
LARGK and flourishing drv goods business
for sale: In Pne town, rapidly growing:
will take about $(50,000: easy terms: big
tvargaln; proprietor is old and wishes to
retire; last vear buslne netted over -5
per cent on above-named amount; Prefer
to deal direct with the principals. H 0.3,
Oregonlan. . --
F5if SALE Good, up-to-date stock cf tar
nlture. carpets, etc.: Invoice about $ nn:
building good 2-story. 12 rooms furnished:
fii00. good farming country surround
ing, large territory to draw from; prar
tlcallv the onty furniture store In Hie
rcunty. For particulars address owner.
Box 2.14. Wnsco. Or.
Must sell at once 10 shares of Open
River Transportation Co. stock (owners of
steamer J. N. Teal, etc.! for $375; will
give free to purchaser 101KI shares Fidelity
Copper worth $50; must sell. X 531, Ore
f.43. OREGON I A N .
Nice little bnkerv with lunchroom in
connection. In Puget Sound city of 40.OOO
Inhabitants; B-yenr lease and very lovv
rent; good location, old established busi
ness: store newly remodeled and fixed tip
very attractive: Invoice about $2000-$2500.
AM 4SK, oregonlan.
mnnev fully secured: Portland now being
cfrcularlzed. Apply at once. Tond Tarn-
pon . Q-. i"mnr, e..
S.MAI.U prospering established grocery
business where rent 1 cheap and business
profitable: must sell on account of sick
ness: stock turned regularly once a month.
C T. Bamberger, room 2 Lumbcrmens
bldg. Main L'4S8.
FOR SALE Cleanest and best little res
. taur.tnt and grill on flth St.. clearing over
$.100 per month, cheep: reasons for selling
am called East and must go a soon aa
possible: Investigate this money-maker. See
owner. 30 N. 0th st. (no agents).
$2000.00-We will lend you $2000 under cer
tain reaaonable condltlona, and agree that
you may repay the loan from the divi
dends on an Investment which wa will sug
gest. Continental Commercial Co.. St-
Louls. Mo.
On 6th St.. corner, in business section:
3-vear lease: doing a business of over $1"0
per dav; will stand closest Investigation:
n snap: only $1000 cash required. 313
Henry bld
In factory district; 2 rooms: full of
ooarders: on account o sickness can be
bought for $1000. Call 523 Lumber Ex
chnnge s'mALL cash business; wants honest man as
partner: must be satisfied with flS. to $2S
eeeklv- to start In with; $.".0O required.
For information call 623 Lumber Ex
cbange. ,
partner to check goods: owner will guar
antee you no less than ?10 monthly:
small Investment. For Information call
523 Lumber Exchange.
ALASKA Information Bureau; $1 postal or
der will get you reliable Information about
the ldltarod gold fields and Alaska In
general' questions answered promptly.
1020. 1st ave.. Seattle. Washington.
FOR SALE Finest Irrigation Investment In
Oregon- owner's sudden departure for East
being the only cause for selling; worth
less land made thousands. continental
Trust Co.. 302 Spalding bldg. .
FINE opportunity to mnlte some money in
modem rooming-house, good lease, low
rent- well furnished, central; selling on
ccount of sickness. Owner, r. O. Box
Make careful Investigation at expense
f seller before you Invest mono- In any
proposition. Advisory Department. Y. M.
C- A.
WILL trade Vj of my Interest In splendid
manufacturing plant for fruit farm or
town property where services are gtvenj
will guarantee $100 to $."00 a month. 24..
Grand ave. '
Information which will enable you to
Increase vour Income on small Investment
mailed free. Cleveland & Co., 50 Congress
CORNER CASH GROCF.RT; best location In
. . . I . J.I... V. hll.lnA.S Will
west roniKii'i. ,i..... - -e - ;;
sell reasonable If taken at once. all
room .".2.".. Lumber Exchan.e for InfoT ma
tlon. "SALOONS.
For sale Five of the finest mlnnnl In
the cltv: all Independent license.. 314
Henry hide.
WANTED Young man with good ability
as manager for a retail "l'".
town- must Invest $"": chance to make
good money. L S3! Oregonlan.
Down- town: Independent Iicen and
(ow rent; owner sick and must sell.
Particulars 313 Henry bldg.
DEPOT Cigar store, net $2)0 monthly over
and above all expenses: for further In
formation, call 523 Lumber Exchange.
2d and Stark. .
PARTNER wanted for strictly cash busi
ness: this requires very little money and
will pav $20 week salary, also share
profile. Particulars 2 IS Si Starkst.
CONFECTION ER Y. cigar store, guaranteed
paying basis; stock, futures new; every
thing at Invoice; cash or trade. C 031,
CONFECTIONERY and cigar store, clesrs
over $300 a month, cheap rent, lease, price
sgioo. 427 Henry bldg.
SMAII. cash grocerv. doing good business:
a snap If you want a good business; llv
(nir room In rear. 7R3 Hood St.
STOCK and bond snicsman wnii en ii.ukc
wants position. Give full particulars. Ile
sults. Post Box -OKI. NwYPrk.
SI'Hl'HRAV GROCERY: business $40 daily;
rcnt till per month: at Invoice; S0O re
qnlied. Call .'23 Lumber Exchange.
CROl'FHV Clears $lo month after paying
all expenses: living rooms; will sell cheap.
Call 14SI- Stark St.
II AVE elisTbno to Invest with good manufac
turing companv: must be In operation and
on a paying basis. G 530. Oregonlan.
FOR SALE 01d-etabllshed cleaning and
dyeing business including wagon. AG 542.
Oregonlnn. .
$1".0 BUYS a half Interest In mv business
netting me $50 per week: will teach same
to some honest young man. P. O. Box 441 .
GOOD paving barber shop in Rosehurg. Or.
For particulars apply to Lewls-Stenger
Barbers' Supply Co.. Morrison and loth.
I WA.NT a trustworthy partner with little
monev to start manufacture my paeent
No. 74.07. Address X 534. Oregonlan.
jinsn CONFECTIONERY and cigars, close
in: a goon miv. . an 0-1
AN Interest In machinery- company for sale
'or trsde. W 534. Oregonlan.
SEEStarllght Oil Company's add under
financial. .
DRYGOODS. hoes. etc.: will Invoice $2000;
splendid business. Call 24'.. Stark st
FIRST-CLASS meat market for sale very
reasonauiei n
LIVE man or woman wanted to represent
is In Oregon selling to druggists and the
public direct from factory: highly adver
tised article: hie profits; must have $250;
aii caiuornia on ciocaa.
2.010 Alaska Pet. At Coal treas special
15.nio Almeda Con. transferable. . . bid
1.000 Automatic Call & Adv. Clock bid
5.000 B. C. Amalgamated Coal. . .bargain
a O..J, Ql..b 1.-nA hid
I.,'...". Jl.OLU ...
oOO Calif. Con. Oil (Bb Evans)
;o Campbell's Aut. s. G. B
200 Carlsbad Hot S?s. ban
1,000 Comstock G. Gate
5.150 Fidelity Copper
2i German American Bank...
0 German-Am. Coffee
300 Globe Grain Separator
S.liOO Gold Creek
1,150 Gov. Standard Powders .
. 25.50
. special
. special
licrriiicn iiii. ..ivi
300 H. O. Peck Auto Wheel
2-15 Int. Lbr. & Dev
1.00 Morning Metallne
Loob N'ecarney Hydrocarbon ....
N. W. Long Dlst. Tel. bonds
10 Open Klv er I ransiori-"u..
n.nno Pacific Coal & Gas barE?!IJ
2.0O0 Pac. Coast Cranberry Co... bid
..asi Plckei t ont. suv. ...ov... . . .
2o Portland concrete Pile specla.
S'i.i Tacoma Tel. bond ' t
50 Union rac. Life .. ..... ort-
joo Utility Car (Installment)... 10.00
All other stocks and bonds; see me be
fore tmylng; may be able to do better.
Almeda Con. Paula Oil
Gov. siand. rowder Poulson's w lreless
Oregon Gold Hill Hose City
I want Tacoma Telephone bonds in ex
change for 6IO a, Gilliam Co. Improved
"ln'ant large equity or clear city lot for
calumet Bucna Vista. National Copper
and Trevor stock.
225 Ablngton bldg.
$35m cash puts you in possession of
the l-est country hotel with bar In Ore
gon; clearing $1000 a year.
We have good money-maker in coun
try stores from 30"0 up to $H0.0OO which
will stand vour closest Investigation.
F. FUCHS, 221 H Morrison St.
LACK of sufficient capital compels me to
sell half Interest in best manufacttlrlng
proposition In the country: unlimited de
mand; profits immenso; little competi
tion: close corporation. Address r ojl.
OregoniatK '
WE have a fine business opportunity for
party with from $2500 to S5000 In good,
live town In Southern California.
416 Abington Bldg.
Main 59S.
Wanted Man with $10,000 or more to
Invest In automobile business, established
business, best' line of cars represented in
Portland; want money to purchase more
cars. AK 52(1. Oregonlan.
GROCERY and delicatessen, near Washing
ton' new, clean stock; flrst-cla. trade;
rent $20; owner sick and must sell: clears
$.00 per month; this ia a line little busi
ness and can be bought cheap. 813 Henry
LAWYER desires opening with established
law tlrm or lawyer, Portland or else
where. In Northwest; may taka Interest
retiring paitner; any proposition consld-
HERE I ft chance for someone that is look
ing for a good cash business, clearing $lnO
per month; will stand thorough Investiga
tion; owner going East: price for quick
..I. 12X- no agents. Call 303 Larrabee.
HALF Interest In aa old established busi
ness, doing a good business, with a sal
aried position of $100 pr month. For full
particular, call Kinney 4 Stampher, Ie-m-br
Exchange bldg.. room 531-53
I WANT to Invest a few hundred dollars in
a small merchandise grocery or cigars
store: I do not want no partners what
have you for sale. Address by mail only.
J. W.. Foster Hotel. 3d and Davis.
REAL estate business: opening for steady.
i ..n..iani.. not necessarv be-
. . ia re anarffpll
yona anility to anon .no... -c.v.
man can depend on making at least Ji.
niontn. r-articuitii -iq -3 ...
AN exceptional opportunity to get control
of permanent business; will net big re
turns; small capital will handle It; stands
close Investigation ; need no experience.
Mlllls. New Scott Hotel.
$350 MANUFACTURING business. owner
wants a reliable partner he can depend
on to look after agents and do collecting:
a chance to make big money. Call 41T
Board or iraae.
WHOLESALE and Jobbing business of merit,
profits large and sure. Must sell this
week $1800 for half interest In this well
known concern. A reasonable cash offer
will not be refused. Call at once. 218
Oregonlan bldg.
FOR SALE A moving picture theater do
ing good business, in good location, with
cheap rent and long lease. For particu
lars Inquire at 271 Everett St. near 4th
St.. North.
WANT to meet lady who loves music and
has a few thousand dollars to invest in
a business that Is aa safe as Government
bonds and will pay a profit of 50 per cent.
A 52S. oregonlan. '
DELICATESSEN and light grocery; clear
ing I'joo monthly over and above all ex
penses; week trial given before Investing
n cent. For particulars call 523 Lumber
FOR LEA.SE Ow ner of gold mine, equipped
with 10-stamp mill, will furnish free elec
trlo power and lease property for 25 per
cent of gross product. Address AN 4S7,
liEAL ESTATE business; opening for steady,
sober man; experience not necessary bo
vond ability to show land, etc.; itiergetlo
inan can depend on making at least $150
month. Particulars 248 Stark st.
WANTED A partner with some capital 10
manage a plumbing business: shop estab
lished. Write Box 146. Arleta. Or., for
particulars. ;
FLAT tMlb.
3. rooms: steam heat; all light outside
rooms, very close In: good lease at $200
per month: this house Is always full and
clears $300 per month. $1700 cash re-
313 Henry Bldg.
Good building. 3-year lease, some house
keeping apartments, rent $100; Income
$320; very good furniture: owner will sac
rifice' on account of other business; price
$1500: cash.
jj JAMES. 8 10th. near Stark.
" ONLY $20. "
10 rooms, close "n, well furnished: rent
only $30 per month; this Is a nice home
snd gives a good income. If taken at once
can be handled for $2o cash.
Ola xieiiij- win.-
9 poOMS, rent only $30, located near White
Temple, large yard. Winter's wood In
basement, all nice and well furnished;
owner must sell at sacrifice: can easily
clear $75 per month on this place and
t'.l V e r-.ll o.ilck for this.
eH lvin, near mnrii.
ROOMING-HOUSE, 9 rooms, fine location.
Income $SO per month, $700, $4"0 cash.
Call 30S Board of Trade.
15 ROOMS, close In. furnace heat, house
clearing $90 month above all expenses;
will sacrifice on account of other busi
ness; price cut; $1100; terms. Call S8
lOth.i near Stark.
li ROOMS, close In: rent $45 per month;
a neat place, well furnished and ha nice
yard' run as private boarding-house and
clear over $100 per month: easy terms.
313 Hanry Bldg.
8 ROOMS, new. near 7th and Columbia. $700;
terms. . , .., .
9 rooms, newly furnished. Nob Hill, for rent,
furnished. , cn
1 rooms, rent $4.", Income $115: $S50.
'Trtu. Washington St.. rooms l.i.
t 11V.11-' l.OOO . . V : . . .
$400 per month profit; 28 rooms, each
has bath and phone: modern and up to
date in every repect; excellent location;
rooms alwavs rented. Phone Marshall
illo-t or .Main ouui.
Have good farm on Willamette River;
river bottom soil: first-class for truck
farm: will exchange for apartment or
rooming-house. Owner. E 540. Oregonlnn.
UNFURNISHED roonilns-liouse. In fine
condition: l) rooms. $50 """i,,. I'?
N. '.'3d st. Address room. 312". Hamilton
bldg" rhone Main 2Q4.
ft FGANT 7 rooms, beautifully furnished
m'ahosan'y and oak furniture: rent of
house onlv $30; fine location: upper floor
' will rent tor $M. AJ543. Oregonlan.
13 ROOMS close In. rent $S0; Income $130;
worth $?0i); Monday, $650; terms. Call
ts 10th: near Stark.
wanted To buy the furniture of from
9 to 13 rooms, near In on West Side: have
to pay down. Phone Main .1000.
FORCED to sell account sickness: 40 rooms,
steam heat, rent $100. good lease, new
furniture and carpets. $1700 cash takes It
nr sisoo on terms. 319 Board of Trade.
A GOOD paying rooming house, newly fur
nished, choice location, small amount of
cash handles this. Phone owner. A 1Q54.
BUY from owner. 14 rooms, all one floor,
$U'0O cash. AB 531. Oregonlan.
! ROOMS, rent $150, long lease. $4500;
,000 down, owner. I n.ti, oregonmn.
13 ROOMS, loth and Salmon ats., $1100 cash,
Owner, Y 630, Oregonlan
At 412 Hall St., near 11th: go see It today-
rent $20; prlco only $2io. with $li5
cash. This is a
Near 12th and Jefferson: rent only $30:
furniture now; nice clean place. Price SiOC,
$400 cash. -10
Near 17th and Irving; furnace heat,
rent $4.1 ; furniture new 7 month ao.
Price $s00, half caah.
All select housekeeping: new furniture
and houso full of steady tenants: clearing
$100 month; rent $.".: 2-year lease. If
vou want a nice, clean, up-to-date home,
see this. Trice $22.-. ). terms.
All housekeeping; located at 408 Jeffer
son st.. near loth; rent only $5..: average
food furniture: clears $75 month. Price
l-liO; only $500 cash. We have the ex
clusive handling of this liouso and It will
only bo shown on our order.
Elegantly furnished rooming snd apartment-house,
located in tho very -!
apartment distiict; the rent Is only $l.i.
with -var lease; guaranteed clearing
$190 month. If you want something out
of the ordinary and have $3000, ask to
see this house.
New, up-to-date apartment-house, filled
with best class of tenants: newly fur
nished; tinest location and rent only $5 a
room: clearing $250 a month; $3000 cash
will put you In possession.
Hotel, brick building, on a prominent
downtown corner, with ground floor of
fice: this houso Is modern in every way.
Is furnished with the very best of furni
ture and clears over JS00 a month: If you
have $70(10 cash, wo can arrange the bal
ance We challenge you to find a better
house In tho city for the nioni?;';
S7 rooms, contains 32 apartments, brick
building, tlncst West Side location in. the
citv elegantlv furnished with best of Ax
mlhster and velvet carpets, mahogany and
oak furniture and very best of mattresses,
rent $!i75. which Includes steam heat, hot
water and telephone; 4i-ycar lease : no
security upon lease; this s a very easy
houso to run; guarantee clearing $4-.) a
month: $0000 cash, bala nee. ,' ea.y
pavments. This Is without doubt tho
finest place In the city for the money.
104-room afiartment-house.
West Side location: rent only $5 a room.
steam heat. 82 private baths: every apart
ment rented; this house Is furnished very
fine and Is clearing $450 a mont 1, Just
think, we can sell you this house for
$.i.M.0. with only $3500 cash: if Jo
expoct to pick up a snap. see. this house.
610 Board of Trade Bldg. 1
Marshall 40S. A I00.
70-room corner brick, down town; . A-l
modern house: 4-year lease: rent MWT.
lease 4 vears; clears $500 per month; $4500
put. you in f'AP3.
70-room brick apart ment-house In 2. -3
and 4-room apartments, a number of
which are exquisitely ''"' Vhe mln
oak and Axminster rngs: up to the min
m 5-vear lease at low rental; fine lo
cation' big money-maker: price. $3200 the
best buy in the city. Seo It before It 1.
51 rooms In 3 and 4-room apartments-verC-
elegantly ""lshed throughout and
strictly modern: rent only $-o0. o-year
lease; price Vgg By
SO-toom brick: A-l carpet J"":
beds and bedding; modern, 4 baths. RV
year lease; rent $13..; big money-maker.
18 rooms, $1500 cash.
17 rooms, price Jl0-0.
1'j rooms, new, $i00 casn.
10 rooms. $400 cash.
DEVLIN & '!RK,BA,?,7;n-C10-511-512
swetland Building.
$45011 rooms, good furniture, leas
or 1 year, bouse clears $50
$a50-ia3Oroom.. very good
heart of city, lease; a. fine tran-
JOOO-ilfr'ooTJ - beautiful hom.; fur.
'niture the very best be had.
$140022 rooms, all on ono floor, leas
lw for 3 years: clears over $100
fMM 24rooms. steam lieat, a oeautlful
home, elegant furniture.
long lease; clear $400.
$13 000 3-story brick hotel. Including bar.
' will trade for farm.
Any of the above can be "T.
nukse'e'uswe'doth. buslne
:.-". 417. Board I of Trade hldg. Main 23.0.
THE,12 rooms: rent. $40; terms
jnno 10 rooms: rent. $3i: le, "'",'
j7-"n 14 rooms: H. K. : good location.
,S-o 13 rooms; furnace;
$Io:,o20 rooms; good 'ration. -$1"00
23 rooms: rent. $40. lease.
Sl inii 19 rooms; rent $'. ''"
,140(118 rooms; rent. $.0, ttrm:
I,Ann 38 rooms: rent. $1.1. i"".
iJaoo 20 rooms; lease will trade
I ,nol rooms: lease turner, terms. 6i rooms; rent. 50. trade. 44 rooms; lease and r t"ms.
t-ilno 40 rooms: lease, furnace, heat.
J.-iOoo 54 rooms; brick. lor city
nr,00-128 rooms: brick leas. term..
Ill iHtO rooms, 1 -iK, 4J--
SISOOO 130 rooms: hotel lease, terms.
For more particulars, cal I at
filO Swellann bldg.
Beautiful modern v: om.r. brl
ment. central location. One of the best
business Investments In h e nn
$500 per month above all P'"," coVdi:
""oreSonTnestment CO..
505 Couch Bldg.
10 ROOMS, clean place: price SO0
10 j" rooms, fine location: price tn
13 rooms, always filled: prlca $rtoo.
22 rooms, clearing over $100 $1400.
30 rooms, new furniture; n.00,.,nn
7 rooms, clears $350 month: $. ..00.
...".e. 417'BQVad"
' " ""! r,ce0,inoo'Pr43K5 rc0asr ban,LCn'c,
?errmS Thir 1, a good 's'l'd money-maker.
Tease? "oltW housekeeping: price ,13l
tn room, close in. '"'""': VTnd ft
neat, clean place: a good home and ft
good income: requires only -"L
Rooming-house 11 housekeeping .ultes
and 12 "Wlo rooms. '':?
monthly. N 5:1:1. Oreimnw.
Workingmen's place; 46 rooms: com
pleie big money-maker. ,l,ndP'T,'1
fivlng; lease; price $2000. 417 Board of
yt'RVITniE of 12-room house; Ideal loca
tion; all occupied now; rent $60; pay.
,1'iO. See this Monday.
211 LereU bids.
NEWLT furnished apartment-house. 52
m. West Side, rearing :': must
sen? god lease inquire AM 509. Ore-
gonlan. .
noOMIXG-HOUSE. $200 cash, balance easv:
Rfl?Mbeftutlf. light rooms. rr toN.
See this clean, pretty home. 182 14th
North: S car.
KOOMING-HOUSE. S2oo cash, balance easy:
eo-ctric lights, n' beautiful llsrht rooms.
corVer house; see this clean, pretty home.
W 14th st. North. S car.
35-ROOM transient house 6 yrs lease
cheap rent; cheap for cash. T 54-. Ore
gonlan. 27-KOOM. West Side location: rent 11 00;
Income, $100: money-maker: only $1000.
mc'tVT v BISHOP. 132 3d St.
39-ROOM furnished npartmen t-!i"'i'. Jj1
full Grand ave.. Income $125: rent $144.
Frlce $2C.:V 405 East Morrison.
TtoOMING-HOl'SE. 10 rooms, for rent, fur
nlture' for sale. M 533. Oregonlan.
NICELY furnished rooms to rent by day or
week. 1 '-i p.- .-'mo-
nnnuf:. new furniture, good location;
'.-.' icti: ait,
1 $1600. term. fimnpm. .ovv. -
I bmalL roomlng-houao for aale. cheaj).
I 4t atreet.