The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 13, 1910, SECTION THREE, Page 11, Image 45

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Danseuse to Glide Here
Ann Pavlowa, ramou. Bussian Beauty. Accompanied by Entrancing Ballet and Michael' Mordkln. ' Who Has
Been Likened to a Greek God, to Appear at Baker Theater Soon. :
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Mlrbarl Msrdkla, la Ilia Famoaa Aituvr Daarr.
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Tarlawr. mm Murdkln, la the "Bacaaaalla" Duet.
TUB art of Anna Pavlowa. tha famoua
RiuHan dani-u, la ubtle. witch
ing. IrreHstlble. From ona charmlnc and
twwlMering diertisirmrnt to another
the jofi. companioned by the premier
dancer Michael Mordktn. who aecms a
(ireek god coma to life, of eueh classic
tauty ts hla fare, the contoar of his
body, and every posture that ha takea.
Eight character dancers from the Rus
sian court, are hardly laa wonderful In
htha crace than tha two ataxa whom
they accompany. Tha Imperial Corps de
Pallet, trained under the critical scrutiny
of the Czar himself, helps to make an
ensemble that will eclipse anything
that has ever been preMtntcd In Port
land. With special orche.itra this onranliatton
numbers M persona. Scenery. from tha
Metropolitan Opera-House. Mew York,
specially prepared at treat tabor.fex
pense and art. will add to the enchant
ment of the ensemble. It is. indeed,
grand opera without the Tolces. made
IntenfHy dramatic by tho marvellouaty
exprc!ive bod'.ea of the dancerst who
thus Bive tragedy and comedy In panto
mime, with scenic backitround of rare
beauty. The enlus of Russia shows It
self unml.itakab ylln the music that has
been specially written for these ballets.
Tha llltlns; rhythm, delicate nuances.
rushiDK crescendos and tender modula
tions from major to minor, are Incom
parable, affording the rarest delight to
the cultured murtcal ear.
Nothing- Ilka thto remarkable organisa
tion has ever been seen outside of Rus
sia. Their dancing and posing was the
triumphant feature of the Metropolitan
Opera aeason during the four weeks they
were permitted to visit New York and
Boston last Winter. The twnctlon of the
Csar wa necessary before they could
visit America. In cash being given
the Caar as a guarantee that tha Ameri
cans would treat his proteges with the
consideration to wlrtch they are accus
tomed. Three performance will be- given In
Portland under the management of Lois
Steera-Wynn ootnan November 18 and 1
at the Baker Theater. The eompleta
Imperial Onera-House productions will
be presented with all acenio and spec
tacular effects, making an attraction
surpassing anything ever offered on tha
American concert, dramatic or operatlo
stage. Because of the character of the
entertainment pec1al attention haa.been
paid to the orchestra. A complete or
chestra Is carried which has been large
ly recruited from the membership of the
Metropolitan Opera-House. It la under
the direction of Theodor Stler, who has
tsken leave of absence from tha famous
nechateln MaJI Orchestra. London, of
which he Is -the founder, and of which
he haa.been the conductor continuously
since Its Inception.
A favorite duet in which Mordkln and
Pavlowa appear Is the "Bacchanalia
from Glaaounow's opera "The Seasons."
The two figures engage In a constantly
Increasing rapidity of motion. They are
faun-like and toy-like, half human, half
legendary- As the rapidity of the dance
increases' tha wlldnete) of lta delight be
comea more Intoxicating; It represents
the ancient rapture of the Bacchanalia
of the tJ reeks. I
The Arabian Nights In one act is an
entrancing ballet, full of the splendor
and . love-making of the Orient, scenes
from the Desert of Arabia woven Into a
romantic etory by the genius of Mordkln.
The rich Oriental setting- In Its sump
tuous splendor will be a revelation to
Portland opera goers. The muslo la
specially enjoyable. '
Another ballet In two acta la Ql
sella." a. tragic little masterpiece In
which "the beautiful Glsella appears as
a syiplilde before her lover. Albert,
when be comes to mourn at her grave.
As It Is fatal for a. mortal to dance
with a sylphide. she eludes him, and
he dies of a broken heart. These and
many other charming dlvertlssementa
will be given In Portland. -
Social Events of Past Week
(Continued from Tage 10.)
tor. In New York. It will be remem
bered that Mrs. Proctor passed much
time this Summer In Portland with her
mother. Mrs. O. IX Stackpole. From
New York. Mrs. Kggert will go to her
old home In Lawrence. Kansas, and
then renew associations.
Mrs. Emma C. Hamilton, who left
Portland recently, to Join her daughter.
Mrs. A. M. Dollar, In New York, la now
visiting In Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Dol
lar have only recently returned from
Europe and before their return to Port
land they will accompany Mrs. Hamilton
on a tour of the larger Eastern and
Houthrrn cities and also the Gulf States
and Mexico. Mrs. Ilumllton will pasa the
remaining WlntT months In California.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stevens are at
the Portland Hotel, having returned
Monday from the East, where they es
tablished their youngest son, Eugene
Stevens. In the Groton school In New
York. During their absence from Port
land Mr. and Mrs. Stevens were enter
tained extensively In Chicago, New
York and the New England cities. Mrs.
Stevens waa the guest of Mrs. John
Hall, of New Haven, at "Gray Gables."
near Buixards Bay, and during her etay
with Mra. Hall she was the motif for
numerous fashionable affairs, aa waa
she In Chtcag-O and New York.
The Portland branch of the Needle
work Guild of America held lta annual
tea and distribution of garments last
Wednesday afternoon at the Unitarian
chapel- In spite of umavorable weath
er there waa a large attendance; 1700
garments and articles of household
linen were displayed, an Increase of
nearly 0 over last year'a collection.
The generous quallt- as well as quan
tity of the gifts was greatly appreciat
ed. Arrangements are being mad for
distributing the clothing. In co-ope ra
tion with the various charitable or
ganisations of the city.
T. S. McGrath returned Monday from
the South and East, after an absenca
of three months. While In New York.
Mr. McGrath was the guest of the man
agement at aeveral of the Long Island
horse shows, and received much atten
tion from those prominent In the social
circles of Gotham, where Mr. McUratb
Is well-known. Mr. McGrath also vis
ited much of the best fox-hunting
country of the South. It Is Interesting
to note that Mr. McGrath has prac
tically completed plans for a handsome
home In Portland, which will Include an
excellently appointed stable ranking
among the best on the Taclflc Coast.
Invitations are out for the party to
be given by the Mystic Stars of Myrtle,
on Wednesday evening. November 13. at
the Masonic Temple. The patronesses
are Mr. Fcter Hobklrk. Mrs. H. O.
Boyd. Mrs. Herman Carlson. Mra. F. B.
Harrington, Mrs. C. K. McOlrr. Miss
Virginia Multhauf. Mrs. Fsnnia Nep
pach. Mrs. C. K. Runyon. Mrs. G. E.
lltgglns. Mrs. V. 1. Robe,
Oregon Conservatory of Music. All
branches taught by staff of teachers.
Swiss watch repairing. C. Chrtatensen.
Id floor-Corbett bldg. Take elevator.
Visa A. B. Shelby, teacher of Whist,
Bridge. Auction Bridge and 8kat U5
11th street. Main 2733; A 7004. .
Diamonds. C. Chrlstensen. Id- floor
Corbett bldg. Take elevator.
Alf Kllngenberg- Studio. 775 Johnson
street- Phone M. 4246.
Madame Langendorff Coming- Soon.
Musical Portland will hear a new
tar In Madam Frieda Langendorff.
who will give a concert at the Masonlo
Temple. Tuesday evening. November
. , m .. .t . .n - T.nvminrff. thoueh uew
to the West, can boast of many years
of European prestige, lately surmount
ed by Eastern successes. At the Metro-
Hilttan opera sne nas jusimcu
European praise of her dramatic pow-
II I A H.fA.M)lltFflltfl. IS
r I B. ncr vn.c, . Z
of wide range and can carry with
equal ease soprano or cunuw
pans. It Is remarkable for tts rlt-n
tonsl beauty and volume. V'h this
singe' will come Guy Callow, violinist,
and Kurt Wanleck. pianist. Both are
hlijli'y Mcommended for their m tslcal
worth. Mr. Callow Is an exponent of
the Sevclk school, and has hsd exten
sive preparation abroad. . Mr. Wanleck,
since his entrance Into professional life
has been classed as one of the leading
musicians of Chicago. This coacurt la
the second of tho entertainment course
given undct the auspice of the Asso
ciation of Collegiate Alumnae and tha
University of Oregon Alumnae,
Alleged Swindler I Wanted.
ST. LOCI! Nov. 12, Caplaa for tha
arrest of Theodore 8. Henderson, vice
president of tho Afterthought ' Copper
Company and lta parent concern, tha
Great Western Oold Company, waa Is
sued by the United States Commissioner
here today. The capias Is based on an
Information sworn to by a Postofflca
Inspector In which Henderson Is
charged with having designed a scheme
to defraud. Receivership proceedings
were recently brought against the -Afterthought
and Great Western com
panlea. At the hearing the Postal In-
spectors took notes.
h Aii-3.? ' ff
Itegardles of Style, Quality or form
er values, our entire stock of
A thousand trimmed Eats, hundreds
of nntrlmmed shapes, $3000.00 of os
' trlch plumes, $1000.00 trimming
feathers. All offered now at January
Prices. '
Splendid line of Fur Muffs and Neck
Pieces all at One-Fourth Off.
All Hair Switches, Puffs, Etc., at
Hundreds of Children's Hats all reduced.
A saving to you 'of U to i while the stock is yet complete, with
many recent arrivals. A rare opportunity.
4fiill PaacsfiL(keatest Value
(iiviimOPix)itimites ever Presetted
ywrj'ia Fbrft el
Supplement of the Grand November Sale Advertisement of
Women's, CMldren's Apparel
Which the Meier 8c Frank Store's Suit Section Was Unable to Publish
on Full Page Adv. on Page 16, Section 1 Bargains in Every Departm't
The Great Holiday Bargain Event m Progress
2000 Tailored --2000 Dressy Waists R.etiuced
Sayings Are Unequaled
$7.50 Tailored Waists $3.98
Plain tailored silk "Waists with detachable ruffle of
Tipmstitohed batiste, net and silk, fastened on side,
front or back; materials coin-spot Foulards, striped
silk, messaline, block plaid, net and (T0 QO
Rajah. Regular price $7.50; special, ea. DO0
Lingerie Waists at 84c
Lingerie Waists, material lawn, trimmed with em
broidery; insertion and pin tucks, long sleeve with
deep cuff ; high collar, open front or QAf
hnfk. Value $1.50: special this sale OHtC
Unparalleled Bargains
$9.00 TO $ 1 2.00 FANCY WAISTS AT $6.48
New-veiling Waists made on plain tailored lines with
broad and small tucks.: long sleeves, high collar;
fastens in front; colors, cream, light blue, navy,
wine, pink, brown, and black. During J- QC
the special sale these will be on sale at J)XQJ
nrpssv Waists, made with yokes of lace and net;
fourth-inch tucksj hemstitched. Side effect, fastened
with knife-pleating, tinisaed witn DUixons ; -reasaut.
short sleeve with drop of lace and net; materials, Mar-,
quisette over Persian net, or pin-dot foulard; striped
chiffon, messaline, crepe de chine, and changeable
or shot silk. Values range from $9.00 Q
to $12.00. During the special sale at flU.rO
Entire Stock of Linen Tailored Waists Reduced
Largest Assortment in the City at Greatest Reductions
50 individual it'-, tailored waists. Perfect fit and finish. Embroidered in elaborate or
.,ntw patterns, finished in cluny lace with collar of same. Irish crochet insertion and embroidered cuffs
:m limped button-hole stitched. 14 individual stylesjftrictly tailored waists with inch half
and nin talbiith Cibson pleat and pocKet. Madras jvaists daintily embroidered
7 Tt, nnt nnd nn rnffg tW r.dnced for this sale. TaKe advantage while they last.
W am '
Regular $2.50 Waists at, each $ 195
Regular $2.75 Waists at, each $2.15
Regular $3.00 Waists at, each $2.32
Regular $3.50 Waists at, each $2.75
'Regular $4.00 Waists at, each $3.12
Regular $5.00 Waists at, each $3.92
Regular $5.50 Waists at, each $4.28
Regular $6.00 Waists at, each$4.75
Regular $7.00 Waists at, each' $5.55
Regular $8.00 Waists at, each $6.32
Regular $10.00 Waists at, each $7.92
Regular $12.00 Waists at, each $9.55.
Desirable Sweaters on Sale
The largest and best selected stock of re
liable sweaters to be fonnd anywhere are
here at,theMeier & Frank Store; thekind';
lnqnality and "style a" little better than
elsewhere and thjpriceJowerHereisja
special reduction for ottr Great November
Sale on the following lines of women s ana
Misses' Knit Sweater Coats, plain, fancy,
and coarse weave; comes in Norfolk, Co-ed,
college, loose and semi-fitted; V-ahaped,
high, rolling or shawl collar; single or
breasted; in white, tan, red, gray.
$4.50 value for $3.8o
naw and black:
Regular $5.00 value, special price $4.25
Regular $6.00 value, special price $5.10
Regular $7.50 value, special price $6.30
Regular $8.00 value, speeial price $6.80
Regular $9.00 value, special price $7.55
Regular $11.00 value, special for $9.35
Regular $12.00 value, special for $10.20
Regular $15.00 value, special for $12.75
vytp A SPECTAI. Women's. Misses' and Children's Knit Sweater
Coats, plain and fancy weaves, mannish loose or half-fitted, V shape
or high collar, witn red, gray ana navy; $.oo ana o.uu cjr-
.iolW nn'oiil for this data onlv at. each vAsOsJ
aweaLcro, ojl v.. ..., r rf -
3000 Kimonos andDress-
ing Sacques Reduced
$2.50-$4 Kimonos at $1.85
Women's long kimonos, made of velvetine, heavy double fleeced
or outing flannel, loose or empire back, belt of self -material and
self -trimmed or fastened with cord. Come in light QC
medium and dark colors. Regularly $2.50 to $4.00, at JJ) 1 aO3
$3.50-$5.50 Dressi'g Sacqnes $ 1 .98
Dressing Sacques, French flannel, wool, batiste and Albatross,
poplin; loose or shirred at waist line; trimmed with embroidered
edge, 1-inch satin band; Kimono sleeves with ribbon bows or
shirred on shoulder front and back; white, light blue, pink, red,
gray, navy, lavender, black and figured. , $3.50 to Q Q
$5.50 values, marked special for this sale, garment 3 X s0
25C and 50C
3000 Photographs Of Mt. Hood on Sale
Tomorrow at llf Tomorrow at
25C and 50C
Reg. 75c to $1
These wonderful pictures show Oregon's fa
mous mountain from thirty different positions.
Taken by a well-known photographer and the,
most artistio as well as the most authentic
nnRsirila to obtain. Certainly beautiful pictures.
Tomorrow at 25c and 50c-Fifth Floor-Take Elevator
Mounted on finely embossed mounts. Yonll.
want them to send to your Eastern friends to
show the glories of the Western ' country.
You'll want them for your own home. See the
Fifth-st. window. On sale on the fifth floor.