The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 13, 1910, SECTION TWO, Page 13, Image 29

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Br F.XPtKT horticulturist, who w hortl
alwral luPKtor foar eeara, wl J -J
feara" uiMn to aelaou
rulte In County. Waahlnrtoa. ana
Tea la cltrua frulta la California.
connection with aoma rellaole TV
tata firm u aalremaa. or would conaiaer
proDoaitloa to .up.rtnt.nd tha plantlnc
and cann of orcnarJ.. la comp.tant.
otter and Induatrloua. and tan a'lvr
ood: beat or rf-renca. CaU or addraaa
ftOO Flint at.. Portland. Or.
QARDOTR and wtfe from Eat aeall po
Hlon aa rmrt'n-r: be.t reference.; ato
nUir oabr. Andreas Oardcnar. 49 Burn
o4 t.. Portland.
Booakior and lenorrpfacra.
TOl'NfJ lady droiraa poaltioo aj bill clerk:
rapid and fairly accurate ta Underwood
or Eillott-Fuber maililnas. have lht
yeara experience ta oSlco work. Addn
R &oX Ontcopuo.
FIRST-CLAPS bookkaopac and elenoCTaphec
doalrea parmanent poamooi
4 a?K ur nam h considered: references.
Phons C 3004. or address AB 613, Ore
gonian. .
EX PER1ENOKD stenographer wants extn
w evenings; neat. icoriw ww. 1""-
r 1 1 i can lor ou -
Mlee F-rrter.
Mershall JPW.
rr.nd end thoroughly compe
tent young im; po-ni c.u "
wutrve clerical situation. 8 frl.-. Orego
nian - ,'
WATTED Poeltlor. by eomptnt bookkeep
er; years experience; accurate, rapid
and good MDtnta; ran take chare of
eriee Pbor.a East eo.4.
TVA.VTEr Capable and reliable young busi
ness woman would Ilka ponton a cre
tary or assistant to rtiponilbli business
party. 0 -1J. uirioniw.
TYproT rfanAarr nh.r a nd book keeper. I
veara legal ant commercial experience.
de-lres poeiUoa immediately. AH 61-. Ore
gonian. VANTED A poaltlon bT young men Just
from iha East; nave s e T-' AT
'.a-htna shop and Inside wiring-
P. O.
Pox Ti.. city.
tXF'rini ENCE I. c ompt nt
-tricai poaltioo In effica.
IT trl dlraa
'bona Main
buinM woman, moderata aaiary. AO 412,
Orfon ian.
WANTED roan I on by younr woman as n.o
rr-rk or nrai offlco work, fnona A
r-4i. ,
yOlNO lady iihi position aa atenofr
nphcr: axpnncd; rrrnc: aaiary
. rhoaa Hrrn. Ecnan4ial. (
iTENOORAPHER nd b'Krk-teeper. i-r-o
Permanent poaitlon. Wllilna: i bem mX
mvl-?raf aaUry. Thona Tabor MH.
I. a rY Enrienrad In bookkecplna; and
nral businaaa oft lea work, daairea Pl-
tinti. T Orgcon'a- -
COMPETENT tenoraphr. yaara ot pw
riwn. reference", imait aaiary. ceairo
poaiLlon. N 50T. Oregor.i.n.
COMPETENT bllllnn cJrk and tenotfra4)h
r dasirva position; modcrato aaiary. T
3. Orontan.
Br -om patent stenographer; best city rtl-
rencea. Main 84i.
B1E.SOORAPHER Tsb yrV par1ico.
arcuxmta, competant. T 1V3. Orggonlan.
TWO anorectic, comMtent and rvllablo
woman want positions hooarkeeptnc lor
w Mower or tako char; roomlnc-bouao.
Wa want work. What bara you to ottarT
Addraaa AF Ml. Oregonlan.
THB VIENNA wtU make suits and dresae
at raducad prlcaa durirs; month of Nov.
work ruaranted. A4.kla4n
IXPERIFNCED aaeunstrraa would Ilka a
fw mora fowni or suits. Phono Main
g,9i 610 Yamhill, cor loth.
COMPETENT drosamahar from tha East
want work In tha homo. Phono Main
1 020.
DRESSMAKING. pUJa skirts and shtrt
watiiia, X60i 12. Ud Salmon. Phono Main
DRESSMAKING Tallor-mada suits: alter
ations a spaclalty; prlcas raaaonabla: suar
astaad. Hi 13toau Phona M. 406
DRESSMAKING, ram ode line and tailoring at
your homo; rafarancaa. A IWi Main
POSITION by youn lady aa operator on
Eilloti-yUher uachlna; ajiparicncad. M
IV ANTED Pawina by dy In prtvata fami
lies by oxprtiencad drrmhr and lad lea
talloraaa rhon Mars h a 11
DRESSMAKING and plain aawlnc prlc
reAAonahla, S West i'ark.
DRXSSMAKER wisbea an:amanta;
day. Main 3734.
Wlshaa engagements. Main -
WANTED Dreaamakiug: children's cloaks
a specialty. East 113-.
COMPETENT dressmaker delrea
tuents by tha day. phone A T3tf.
DRESSMAKING and plain st-wlng by tho
day. Experienced. Phone Tanor
CHII-PREN'S dreaamaker and rood general
seamstress by tha any, mono a
COMPETENT dreesrnakcr would like sew.
Ing in private homes. mono jiiinjaw
WANTED Care of child by middle-aged
nurse: good noma, uua wages, n
TRAINED nuraa dealrea to travel. In V.
K or abroad, as companion; old or young
ait her sex. K 61-S. Oregonian.
.EASTERN trained nurae will cara for wn-
aleacanta or patients In her own com
finable home; reterencea. M T37X
WANTED By lady nuraa. a mild mental
patient to car for ta my home tlady,
tan furnish reference. AN 601, Oregonian.
WANTED The care of a child In a good
private faml 1 r. 3.7 E. Pi a. near mi.i at.
CHILDREN taken In suburban home; terms
reaortaM. Iiox Koute i. Lents, ur.
N t RSE will urea Invalids, aged. lnfn;a.
clty or cnun try.Ph one Sellwood
B oeMekevpetra.
TC t'NG widow of refinement would like to
kp home for a rlub of bachelors or tra
veling salesmen, one wo would ba will
ing to taka cara ot 16 to 20 rooms, and
serve meats; roaka It thoroughly borne
Lik and a reat: onlv first-class loca
tion considered; reliable, compelant. AL
MIDDLE-AGED woman wanta poaltlon aa
housekeeper In widower's home or room-Irg-hou..
rapabla of taking full charge.
No objections to children. TVouId leave
.nr. CaU or addraaa 6-4a E. 6Q.h st. phona
Cellweod 60i
Cl'ITfREI), capable Easterner. active,
noli (tag. pleasing personality. wishes
bouaakeeplng p-aition; anywhere; gent la
man a home, hotel or rooming nous;
musical, traveled ; referenca exchanged;
trustworthy. K bi.6. Oregonian,
LADT of refinement with daughter, desires
position as housekeeper, gooj honae main
object. Phona Tahor 14, betwean 7 A.
M. and Z P- M-. or addrasa 1071 E. Tam
MTI at . Port:nd. Or.
hKKlSED young woman with srhoolhoy of
1 1. wanta pvaiuon as housekeeper f-r
widower's famiir or room;ng-ho:sa: com
petent and trustworthy. Jefferson. No
triflem. -
FIRST-CIaAS i supervising housekeeper da
etrea position, hotel. rooming-house or
prixata. city or country: beat of refer-en--a
T PIS. Ore K on tan.
V. ANTED Light housework by capable,
nuddie-agsd woman, wages $4 par week
without washing. D 6 'a, Oregonian.
RELIABLE woman deairee position, bouse
ksepar for busineee men or women, or
cara of rooming-house. H 610, Oregonian.
RE ri NEDyoung widow would "like cha r ga
of roomlng-hcusa. or would keep house
for widower. Phono Main 6630.
WIDOW, no children, stranger In city, eeeka
position as housekeeper. H 607. Oregonian.
LApT wishes a psltIon as housekeeper for
a gentleman. Call at 11 th st.
LAPT would like housework In suburbs or
out of town. B Oregonian.
GIRL will
asstst with light housework in
home: wages $16; Wast Side
S 6lo. Oregonivn.
TOtNO lady, 6 years 'experience as man
ager large cafe, desires p.::lon; thor
oughlv competent to take charge or act
as cashier; Ai. recommendations. A3 606,
Ore go r. la n.
NEW YOKK contralto, fins voice, wishes Il
lustrated song, choir or club work. Ar
tistic rendering. Fins teetlmonlala Also
ciavar impersonator, humoroua. D 6vo.
Ore Ionian.
FitliiT-CLAS German cok wishes position
to work for room and board for self and
buebaad; first -class references: prtvata
family preferred. O Oregonian.
MIDDLE-AGED lady, good appearance and
addraaa, desires to engage with real aetata
nrm oa commission; rooming-bouses pro-
ferrrd- L 613. Oregonian.
THOROUGHLY experienced cigar saleslady
and cashier desires position la first-cias
riaco: first -c.ass refarencea. Call Main
01 or address J 60-. Oregonian.
REFINED lady wants steady work. 0 . to
X; prefer bustnesa bouse, but will accept
nMti:n; raasonaMe wsgea G 606. Ore
y on tan,
XfrSS"N8 gives In grammar gia.e siudlcn;
vara pupua m spacaiir.
DfTTaTioTf wiirrtn mlLK
SITUATION wantod. houKlutpcr. chara
barmalda. eooka, waJtreeaea, laundraaa. St.
Ixnli Aancr. 103 i Waao. Main 208.
A 1779.
X MAKE a apectalty of laundarln, tnt Jac.
curiaina: worn aona ax aoma; reference..
r-rona Marinau jooi.
WOHK avenlnsa, bookkeplnc. .tenoeraphlc
or caanler work preferred; (nod rei
fart. Main 6-57.
WOM AJS' wants room cleaning; or ehwnW-
mald war. Houaa da. Pbost aooaiftvn
NORWEGIAN sjlrl wants position.
work la piiTaxa family. Phona Wood lawn
V. iT rwhaltinH m -Ookr la tal
Call or phono Main U4: taouao No. 620.
7th st.
V. UM AN wants to tako cara of roomlnc
houaa. Addraaa Mra. M. Oont, 8
H tan too s treat.
RESPECTABLE family hAw-ina no children
wuhea to taita cara or a or mora cm.-.
bava a good noma, a ava. urroi-j.
APARTMENT-HOUSE to manage by up-to-data
Iwoa Angelaa manager. AO 60S. O reso
rt) an. -
THiiriniT.HT.T MtnMtfnt and rallabla dem
ocstrator and salaalady wants position, lo
cal or travel ma- pp. craaoiiawi.
OIRI would Ilka to ba lady's maid or do
oocoad work. Call 7 Northxup U ba-
t trtn 10 ana 4.
DHiLtaiU aker wlshaa tncicmnU axcol
ltnt fitter: altarauona and suits spoclaity.
Thone A -Q'.4.
CM AMBER WORK by an experienced glrL
Addraaa Graabain. Or. K. F. IX No. S.
Iiox 100.
EXPERIENCED youna lady wlshaa a posi
tion aa aacond snrl or houaawork; caj
vo city rafarbnea. Sal I wood 13.
WANTED Dusting and sweeping and clean
Inr from I to 4 P. M. on Tuesdays, Wed
nesdays and Thursda-a. phona A ?4 11.
A LADT of axDarianca and raflnement woul
taka cnarga of children ovsmnga. u ois.
Oregon ian.
RESPECTABLE family having no child run
m ishas to taka cara or 3 or mora cniiuron;
hav a good homo. O 5Q4, O rag on lap.
MIDDLE-AGED lady of buelnaaa cxparlenca
and ability deaires a position; refarancca
If desired. AJ 606, Oregonlao.
ItY LJv wail acouaintad with 11 detalla o
, traveling, poaltioo as traveling companion
WANTED By young woman, position aa
housekeeper, thoroughly experienceo, ocar
refrancoa. wain 7&ii. .
POSITION as assistant In phyeidsn's ofrira:
experleaco and rwtarsncaa, u aia, urfgo-
EXPERIENCED woman wanu day work.
Phona Main tvza, m
WASHINO and honso cleaning
Phona East
room 10.
GOOD German aausage-mnker wanta work.
r4 rresmont st.
LADIES' waJits laundered; not
washings. I hona Main 5is.
WANTED Day work
by good woman.
Phono Main 479.
A COMPETENT manlcsruU wanta
a pool-
tlon. Afldresa V 503. Oregonian.
EJCPERIENCED woman wants anjr kind of
PHONE Marshall 302d. Wanted, laundry
work or cleaning by tha day.
IvXPEP.IENCED saleslady wants poalUon
In baaary. Phone Marsnan
NORWEGIAN woman wanU
day work.
Phona Main tvruv.
61 T CAT ION wanted by a neat woman, by
tha day. Main 437s. 45 Oth st,
LADT with experience In delicatessen burt-
n ess wants position. Af duj; uregonian.
TOL'NO woman wanta position, good cook;
gooq rererencaa. x om. uregonian.
wanta day work. 136 B. Cook
LADT wanta day work. Monday, Tuesday
ana Thursday, a 4ksv.
FANCT Xmas novelties made to order, coat-
h an s era, ate Phona is -tun.
DAT work. 26o hour;
apartment or rsl-
dence. Main 1W6.
GOOD laundress wants washing hero or
there. Main
LADT wishes work by tha day.
Call oven-
ItlJES. 1S4
WOMAN wlshaa work by day.
Main 127.
LADT wanta family laundry. Main SUM!.
WOMAN wanta day work. Phono Main 6770.
EXCLUSIVE territory now being allotted for
Utile Olant tiouaenoid vurap. crniy
thing of Ita kind, it has free field where
aver there's plumbing; removes all stop
pages In pipes, saves plumber's bills, pre
vents noxious gases. Everyone wants it,
. everyone can afford It, everyone can op
erate It: as strong tn business world a
among homes; selling at top speed; 6O.O0
already tn use: I can grant you absolute
monoply and fix you for Ufa. If you are
tha rixht man. Address at once, J. E
Kennedy, 41 Park Row. New York CUy.
SEND for free copy of "The Thomas Agent'
greatest rents psper published; tilled
with money-making plans, "no license
tax" derision of Supreme Court; pointers
to agenta; every agent In U. . should
bava copy at once. Address today. Thomas
Co.. Tlo3 Wayne ave.. Da-ton. Ohio.
OUR startling new Inventions. B axon la tpark
Gas Lighter. cheaper than matches;
vacuum cleaner, cheaper than brooms;
Incandescent kerosene mantle lamps,
cheapest and best light known; quick
salaa and large profit. U. 8. A. Lighting
Co.. Pox I!. Springfield. Mass.
NO BETTER proposition Is offered than an
sgency for the "Aladdin" incandescent
kerosene mantle lamp. Write today for
booklet number 6, telling all about thla
wonderful lamp and our special proposi
tion to agenta The Mantle lamp COin-
p.iny of America. Portland. Or.
AGENTS wanted to sell our new 11ns of
air brush show cards; nothing like them
on earth; one agent earns 8100 a week;
another 190-a. week: roa ran do eanie;
sum pie and psrticulam free. Peoples
fhvw Card Concern, 438 Franklin mug.,
Chicago. 111.
N OS r LASH sample free; agents, both
sexes; Eureka Antlsplash W ate rat miners
are winners; dally profit. 86 upward: get
sample: be convinced: sena c postage.
eed Filter Co., 93 A Kearte, New York.
SALESMEN wanted: only those railing on
general merchandise iraae. sman towns.
Manufacturers' lace-embmiderv line
eral proposition. Hudson River
Works. 418 Broadway. New York.
AGENTS earn 86 to ISO weekly selling ourJ
braided waists ana aresses, eometning new.
petticoats, various embroidery novelties;
catalogue free. National Importing Co.,
Desk D. 8P9 Broadway. New York.
FOUR new patents Just In from Germany;
600 othvr red-hot sellers; Xmas silverware.
. new books, game, novelties; catalogue
and samp J tree, ju .agren la aiu
waukce. Wis.
LADT agenta wanted to Introduce our safe
and Tellable home treatment for aliments
peculiar to women; cures without drugs
or operations; big pro fit a Write todsy.
M. Hucknall, San Francisco, CsL
AGENT"' t hsndie biggest money-making
Fire Extinguisher. Special atarting offer,
sxclaslvs territory- 66 to 83oO per
montstr- Bsdger Chemical Mfg. Co MU
waukee. Wis.
10 PER rent profit; new combination tool.
It In one. for farmers, electrlciana. ma-
apchlnlsts. plumbers, suto owners; sanpts
free to workers. B Thomas Co.. 1.03
Finch bldg.. Dayton. Ohio.
WINNER of winners; new Queen city
brooms sell themselves. 60c; big results,
elegant, standard, exclusive, repeating line,
Inveetlgate. V. arret. Brush Co., Cincinnati,
MONET, perfume. Xma; mammoth hand-
cecorsteu uoiiar Doma, , quicaesi,
easieat seller; extra 810O Xmas gift. Par
ker Chemical Co.. Chicago.
GENERAL, special, by large. old-Una. heaita
accident company, new, nucnu, r.ij wu
tng policies ; choice territory ; big pay.
Royal Casualty Co., St. Lou la
AGENTS Both sexes; ws manufacture and
control ths las test sailing nousenoia spe
cialty ever Invented. Connolly Co., 123
Liberty. New York,
AGENTS Our vegetable soap: fastest seller
on eartn ; ivv per tr ui prnii. rmneni
business; territory, free sample. Morgan
Supply Co.. St. Louis. Ma
RELIABLE agent to represent f.rst-ciass oil
Investment company. Auurrw py pnuns
or tetter for appointment. Room 83L
Portland Hotel
6ENT for free catalogue of Thomas guar
anteed hosierv ror men, women, cnnaren;
arents make 81- per hour; free samples,
Thomas Co.. 9lu3 Stats St.. Dayton. O.
AGENTS to sell first-class oil stock, organi
sation prices; liberal comnvsion. ror par
ticulars. Los Angelee Midway Oil Co.. 411
ba Main. Loo Angeles. Cal.
WE pay 834 a week and expenses to men
witn rigs to introduce pounry compound.
1 ear's contract. Imperial Mfg. Co Dept.
7S. P arsons, Kan.
AGENTS wanted to aid us supply the ie
maad for choice nursery stock; outfit
free; caea weekly. Addraaa Capital City
Nursery Co.. Pa.em. Or.
ACTIVE canvassers can make f 00 weekly
selling trees for the Oregon Nursery Com
pany. Liberal proposition; good territory.
Address Orenco, Or.
WANTED Agents to sail window metal
weather strips; z&s on douar; gooa money
In It. AX 6 lX Oregonia
C A NCH EHT E R la Mggeet money-maker
ever known; one agent made 1107.50 In
four days; one f':i.2i flv days: others
are making from IH to $10 day selling Im
proved ItUl patented Can cheater Kero
sene Incandescent lamp: bums air Instead
ot money; six times brighter than elec
tricity, gas i- acetylene. l-lO cost; barns
with or without mantle, burner Ate any
lamp, saves 75 per cent oil; no trimming
wicks; lighting methods revolutionised;
showing means selling. territory going
fast, write today. Particulars free; hand
some outfit furnished: beware of lmlta
tinna. Can oh ester Light Co., l' State su,
C b lcago. Dept. CO O.
I'LL start you In big business, give yoa
credit; fascinating work; easy, even ama
teurs make JS to S10 day. Chapman.
Michigan, made $ 18 first day. Lee. Okla
homa, s.10 and built homo In year. Our
news sales plan cresting sensation. Men.
women, writs today for particnlars. C E.
Bwartxbeugh. Boa 9. Toledo. Ohio.
AGENTA to sail real aetata; terms that
sell. Avalon Real Estate Co., 414 Ds-
kUm bldg.
We furnish ths renter, oollect the rent.
nr taxes. Insurance and keep up repairs.
the same for von as tbouch ths property
was our own; references, any bank In
U4i Stark St.
Phones A 8500. Mala 86.
WANTED T'sa of desk In office of mod
ern building or stoxs. real sstats preferred.
Address P. U. tiers, -'-o.
WANT to rant, a five or 6-room bungalow
or home on Portland or Willamette
Heights by two adult a Will lease or pur
chase. If suited. Must be modern. Fhons
Main S-'IO.
FIVE or ft-room modern, furnished house
wanted for client. Must be well situated
on West Hide. Berercnre given.
1'AltKlsH, WAT KINS at CO
50 Aider st.
W A NT E D C are of realdsncs for Winter
months, during absence of owner, by two
ladles with Al reXerences. Address C 61 o.
THREE adulu want 4-xoom uofurniahed
cottage on West Side, close In. Must ba
reasonable, vui.t people. xcsl ot
W Oregonian,
MAN and wile no children) will soon want
furnished house or s to 8 rooms ror several
months; best of cara guaranteed; city ref-
erences. II 605. Oregonian.
TOLL Thompson Rental 4k Fire Insurance
Agency; houses solicited; repairs; taxes;
furnish tenants. Call 31 Failing bldg.
WANTED House, furnished or unfurnished.
vrithin lO blocks of First and Madison,
West Side. Phone Main 1673.
WANTED to rent, 6 or 6-room modern cot
tage or bungajow. References, jl oos, ors
gunlan. WANTED A house or flat from 4 to 8
rooms; easy walking- distance; West bias.
Phone Main 4GK13L
LADY and daughter, desirous of home, wish
to cars for house of parties cvosent vr
Winter. N P06. Oregonian.
MODERN bungalow, with furnace and elec
tric light; bsad to Lower A-lDina. j euo,
WANTED Furnished house of 6 rooms In
good locality for private family; west
tilde preferred. AliftlL Oregonian.
WANTED TO RENT An 8 or It-room house.
lor private zamiiy, in gooa locality; west
Bide preferred. H 60S. Oregonian.
WANTED Furnished or unfurnished four
or hve rooms, apartment, on w est. bide;
two people; lelarencea furnlahad. O 606.
W AN T ED A well-furnlshed four or five-
room apartment, on est suae; no cnii
dren; references furnished. O 607. Ore
c on tan.
REFINED man, wife and daughter want
two large permanent rooms with kitchen
or buffet kitchen ; must be reasonable,
have phone, electric lights and within 10
minutes' walk of business district; unfur
nished or partly furnished. AL 617, Ore
gonian. TWO light, airy, furnished housekeeping
rooms, with beat, private bain, west Bias;
have own silver and linen and some
china: rent must be reasonable. 8 6J.U,
WANTED 2 or 8 -room apartment furnished
lor light houseKeeping lor man ana wxe
within 16 minutes' walk oX Stark and 6th
sts. W 610. Oregonian.
WANTS D 8 or 4 furnished rooms for
housekeeping1 or small rurnisneo House,
close to location near Kenton car Una. P.
O. box 91, Kenton, station.
DESIRABLE, homelike room, use of kitchen.
good neigh horiiooti. no objection to sub
urbs: references. A 6832. AF 607, Ore
go n ian.
WANTED One furnished room, gas plate
fur coffee, heat, light, walking aistance,
6th and Alder; man and wife; references;
describe folly. C 600, Oregonian.
WANTED Nicely furnished rooms, about 4,
on west bias, nat preierrea; nave suver,
linen, bedding and other small furnish
ings. Address Q 406. Oregonian.
WANTED Furnished housekeeping rooms
In rehned family for long perioa by man
and wife; references. Address D 002. Ore
gonian. MAN and wife want two clean, furnished
housekeeping rooms, west &iae; state
price. AF 612. Oregonian.
YOUNG lery, employed, furnished room.
nouse Keeping or noma privileges, central.
O ft IS, oregonian.
Rooms Wltfa Board.
REFINED, quiet gentleman wants clean.
comiortaoie. airy room wun ooara or
breakfasts; private family; soma use piano
for pleasure; ieferences; please describe,
stating rates, who In family, distance
from business, phone, etc. AJ 60V, Ors
gonlan. ,
A RESPECTABLE gentleman wanta a fur
nished room, with or without ooara, in a
modern home on East uiae, witnin warn
ing distance of S. P. cars hops, or a con-
venlent carline. AN Bill, Oregonian.
YOUNG lady desires permiuifent. warm,
comfortable room with two meals In de
sirable boarding house by December L
West Plde. References. AC 507, Oregonian.
YOUNG office man with good references
wants board and room with private
fa inily ; s ta t o pries and eon vanlsnces. L
615. Oregonian.
vi" RXibH ED room and board for two
young men; steam heat, walking distance.
rti unsan su a .-vg-
WANTED By two young men. room and
board in private lamny on was. mae.
walk lng distance. P 601. Oregonian.
WANTED Room, board and a home with
cheerful, happy people, by woman of 3fr,
employed. Address j tvt. uregonian.
WANTED By gentleman, board or room
and board, private lamiiy, nome com.ena.
G 61 1. Oregonian.
WANTED Room and board by lady and
little girl a years om. r. ova, wcionim.
GENTLEMAN wsnts qulst room with or
without ooara. as. oav, j.wuuj.
Business places.
PUBLIC accountant wants desk room with
desk; reasonable; kindly describe, with
terms. AJ 6uH. Oregonian.
FURNISHED, also unfurnished rooms, very
suitable for gentlemen. Kamm bldg., Jst
and Pine.
Famished Hon
HOTEL BUCKINGHAM, op. Portland Hotel,
ISO Yamhiil; first-class furnished rooms,
singls or en suite; nlodsrn: $60 up; transi-
sms soUclted. M. 31, A 717T; $ week, up.
FURNISHED rooms to rent, electric lights,
hot and cold water in all rooms. rent
reasonable. The Morrison. 17th and Mor
rison. Single or en suite.
6th su, 4 squares above P. O.; family
hotel, private baths and telephone; tran
sient s solicited.
FURNISHED room for rent, nicely furnished
front room, furnace heat, hot water. At
the Del Monte. 187 2uth su. two doors
south of Washington su
HOTEL BUSHMARK. -Washington and 17th.
first -class furnished rooms, single or en
suits, ail modern conveniences; $4 weekly
up. A 2647. Main P847. -
LARRABEE HOTEL, 2274 Larrabee st,;
steam heat, electric lights, hot and cold
water, bath and phone; $2,50 and up.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall sts., well
furnished sleeping rooms, 3-60 per week;
electric lis his. hot baths free.
MODERN outside rooms. 2.50 to $3.00 per
week. Including baths: also housekeeping
rooms. 6484 Washington sU
HOLLY"H OT EL opens "th Is week ; steam
heat: everything up to date; rates rea
eonable. 1054 12th su. near Washington.
TWO rooms en suite with bath. Or 2 single
rooms; finely furnished,, all modern con
veniences. 219 10th SU
HOTEL ACME Newly furnished and .re
modeled rooms. Phone East 53.
NICELY furnished roomn: reasonable.
11 st. Phons Main iti.
Ths Hazel Nicely furnished steam-heated
rooms, running water, 3d and Montgomery.
turnishod Booms.
Corner 4th. Taylor,
and Aider at, near 7th.
These two beautiful new hotels just
" completed and hanasomely furnished, pji
aeit every modern convenience Including
elevator service and private telephone ex
change. Both are right down town, yet
J Ost off all car lines: about half the rooms
i each have private baths, ail others hot
and cold water. Ths rates are curprls
lngly low. Call and see them and yoa
will be pleased In every way. Rooms by
the day, week or month.
b? ft E. Bumslde St.
Ton spend one-third of your life in bed;
why not have a good one,? Ws have
as good beds as there are in the
city. Hteam-heated rooms. with hot
and cold running water; rooms with
private bath; rates from 2.60 to $8 per
week; 10 minutes' walk from business
center of city. Fhons East 6U40 and B
120 Eleventh St.
Mew, zeodern brick building, steam
heated private baths, hot and cold water
In rooms, beautifully furnished, cosy and
comior table. Rates very reasonable. CaU
and see ua Rsgular and transisnt trad
solicited. v
THE WEAVER, 710 Washington St., near
King; a perfect modern home; prtvata
bath, steam heat, hot and cold water, and
telephone In every room : finest part of
the city; ths maximum of convenience at
the minimum of expense; ws make you
feel at home; dining-room In connection;
best In the city for the money.
HANDSOME parlor bedroom, first floor,
8 large windows facing 10th and Morrison,
steam beat, phone and free bath, business
and theatrical center of city; will rent to
three gentlemen or ladies 3.26 per week
each. Main 925. 186 lQtfa st,
Ftimlshed Rooms In Private Fsjoiily.
FOUR furnished rooms, with phone, elec
tric light, water, $20; one room with al
cove, S10; two rooms $L. Piedmont Addi
tion, St. Johns car, 2d and Wash., get off
at Moore su X21M Moore. Woodlawn 103a.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms in modern
flat near bath; 6 minutes' walk; privilege
of housekeeping ; also single room. CaU
Sunday and weekdays after 6:20. 228 n
10th st. .
A NICELY furnished room, all modem con-
vlences, close in on the n.aat biue, in a
private family, with or without board.
Phone Tabor 1082.
44 .1 6TH ST. Neat, small front room, suit
able for a vouni ladv: home privileges;
light housekeeping if desired, $8.60 month
ly. Main 4-itw.
LARGE and nlcelv furnished front room,
with good heat, gas and electricity, for
1 or U gentlemen. Phona A 4284. G03
LARGE front room with alcove, eiectrio
lights, furnace heat, bath, with plenty of
hot water; 610 month, ii" jn. xutn su
stain lzao,
WELZ furnished room In fins modern pri
vate, home for refined ladv or gentle
man; only agreeable parties need answer.
Phnn Vat OHC.Q
FOR RENT Furnished room in modern
house. $12 per month. Phone Jl 4008. 429
FURNISHED room, on 10th, between Yam
hill and Taylor. No. 189 16th at. Phone
A 2418.
IDEAL bachelor apartments, newly fur
nished, modern, every comfort assured.
close in, 81 to 9t per montn. a atn..
SPLENDID rooms. 810 and $18 per month,
or by tha week; first-class. 675 Couch.
N. E. cor. 18th, west Siae
ONEs. furnished front bedroom, reasonable.
for the Winter; board If desired. Call 606
E. 6th, Brooklyn car.
CHEERFUL suite, living room" and bedroom.
sultabls for 2 or 8 people, modern con
veniences, close In. 2-S Larrabes st.
FURNISHED room for gentleman, walking
distance. Bath and phone. Call 80814 Col
lege st.
LARGE front room suitable for two
more, $4 a week; free bath and phone.
226 lzth. near baimon.
ELEGANTLY furnished front alcove; every-
thing new and strictly up to date; walk
ing distance. 849 Harrison. M. 8016.
NEWLY furnished room sultabls for one or
two gentlemen; private family; easy waix
lng distance. Phone A 4764.
ELEGANTLY furnished room, ground floor,
for two gentlemen. Main 6189. 493 Mont
IF SOME young lady or gentleman would
like a room In a private family. Inquire
755 E. Davis st.
TWO nlcs furnished rooms for housekeep
t lng; gas, bath and phona; walking dis
tance. SOZ Mill.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms in
private ramiiy, at uupom at. x bhb
"L" car. Phone East 017. .
LIGHT, well-furnlshed front room in mod
ern home, suitable ior z or i; sreaxxast
If desired. Phone B 2679.
68 PER MONTH Nealy furnished room
pnone, oatn ana eiectnc ugnis; warning
aistance. 4r Harrison su Main i-'?.t J.
EXCELLENT rooms for respectable gentle
men In comiortaoie new nome; easy want
ing distance. 654 E. Yamhill, cor. 13th.
ga.SO LARGE. nloely furnished. neatly-
Kept iron l room, auuauie ior z.; uuuru
convs nient; quieu oou ,"clrA 1
IS MONTH Furnished room, modern con
veniences; waiaiaa uiauaauv. ruuua amn
LADY roommate; parlor; piano,, bath, gas;
all home privileges: waiting aistance;
very reasonable. E 606. Oregonian.
$7 PER MONTH Strictly modern room in
new nome. an wuay u. yuu wau. iu
823 East Couch st.
FOR RENT 3 nicely furnished front rooms.
with bath, suitable zor two or tour; cneap;
walking distance. 27 Overton st.
LARGE furnished front room for one or two
gentlemen. ts stain su raooc Aiain
38 60.
NICELY furnished room, steam heat, elec
tric lights, fireplace, on canine, oui .ast
Morrison su, corner istn.
km a LL room for gentleman : walking dis
tance; Sio per montn; neau oatn, pnone.
4o8 park st.
WARM, comfortable room; breakfast If de
sired. Phons A 43. tf. 401 .Kearney, near
428 YAMHILL ST., 2 front rooms, furnished
complete zor nousexeeping ; oaia aojoin
ing. LARGE outside rooms with board, free bath
and phone. 8-6 per month for party of 2.
3 9 Corbctt su
LARGE front room suitable for 3 gentlemen;
close In. 491 Davis su, between 13th and
STEAM-HEATED room. Kings Heights,
walking distance. Apartment 6, SU Clair
Apts. 716 Wayne SU M. 6381.
893 HARRISON and 10th su, furnished
room for on or two; furnace heat, rent
. reasons bie.
6PECIAL rates men. Rooms 86 up month;
bath included. 613 H Williams ave.
TWO nicely furnished rooms, best location.
193 13th. 8 minutes to P. O.
684 GLISAN, comfortable front room, fur
nace heau wsj king- distance; gentlemen.
215 12th, COR." 6almon, modern, well heated
reasonable, close In.
LA RG E parTor bedroom with fireplace, suit
able for two; modern home. 6o9 Everetu
NICELY f urnlshed front parlor, 2 gentle
men. Call 642 Taylor. Phone A 3876.
FURNISHED rooms, 178 Ella and Wash
ington ; furnace neau x-none a.aan
FURNISH fcD room, close in, 66 month, 448
8th st. South.
FOR rent Room sultabls for two. 63 E.
29th, near Stark. Phons East 868.
ONE largs front room, furnished; house
keeping conveniences If desired. 255 lath.
LARGE, nicely furnished room; can be ar
ranged for suits. Phone East 1182.
FURNISHED rooms, modern conveniences;
walking distance. 200 14th South.
GOOD rooms, with or without board. 628
Hoyt su
NEWLY furnished rooms; slso light house
keeping rooms, at 490 Taylor su
10 NEATLY furnished, clean; walking dis
tance; furnace heat, light, phone. 847 Hall.
FURNISHED sleeping-room, cheap; close In.
Phone East 1427. N
FURNISHED rooms, $2.50 and up per week.
los- r'arx su,
ROOM Clean, reasonable, furnace heat. 268
12th aU
GOOD room and board la private family,
for ladies. 867 Corbett su
FURNISHED room for a gentleman, short
walk, 214 ISth -u cor. Salmon.
NICELY furnlahad room, gentleman pre
ferred. 141 13th St.
xZaRGB front room for rent. 125 E. Cook
avenue. , , , .
FRONT room, modern conveniences. $121 per
NICELY furnished front room in small fam
ily. 73 E- 7th su N.
A ROOM, suitable for two in modern fiat.
1 itiin iv- jw "w-.
VERY pleasant large light room $13 month.
30 ltn st.
NICELY furnished rooms $10 and $13: gen
tlemen only; private family. 415 7th.
NEWLY furnished rooms, steam nested.
running not ana wi- n rmnu-rg.
FURNISHED room to rent In private flat.
near btaei nnu-
Furn is hed Rooms la Pri vat a Family.
ONE large white enameled room, elegantly
furnished In private family. Use ot phone,
bath. etc.. fine view over city, either
Hawthorn ave. or S. S. and MU Tabor j
cars, best of service. Phone Tabor i-'WJ.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished white emanel
room in absolute lv new home in fine lo
cality; offers exceptional comforts; accessi
ble to two cariinas; every convenience;
breakfast optional, pnone Taoor tt.
Large and well furnished Voom In pri
vate family; good location, running water,
both phones free. Call or telephone
Marshall 2469.
FOR RENT One good-sized furnished
room ; heat, electric light, bath, use of
telephone; no other roomers; genuemen
preierrea. uaii u aast inn. nono, cor
ner Couch.
BEAUTIFUL front room. $15; another nice
room $12; modern conveniences, closo In,
West Side, private, gentlemen preierrea.
11 ai n 743'J.
WARM, nicely furnished room. Hot water
ail the time; use of piano; $13 to $1 per
month. Gentlemen preferred. 62 N. 21st
sL A 37 31-
lS ICE furnished room, private bath, suit
sbla for one or two people. Apply man
ager. Rose Friend. AyU, S. W. cor. 7th
and Jefferson.
Lerca. llchU front, arround-floor bed'
room, suitable for one or two parties; no
other roomers, call or pnone a ata.
FOR RENT to young lady employed, nicely
furnished Toom with voting COUDie; raOQ
am; references. 46144 6th su Fhons
Main S522.
1NHREE rooms In modern residence; fur
nished or unfurnished, single or en suite
very reasonable. 298 Glenn are., near
TWO beautifully furnished room in nice
home, with home privileges, parlor and
library; references rcqiiired. Phons East
HaAROK front room for two: bath. heat.
phone. $3 per week. West Side, walking
aistance. ztz ttout izutn;. Between
ferson and Madison.
LARGE, handsome front room, with alcove;
hot and cold water; private family; no
otner roomers; best resiaenoe aisincv
gentlemen only. 467 Irving
PLEASANT front room for one or two gen
tlemen, private family, 2 blocks from
post off Ice, Phone A 6497. Give reference-.
41- Main st.
TWO desirable rooms, steam heat, bath, pri
vate entrance, walking distance, reason
able. Phone Marshall 8016. 716 Wayne
su Apt. 1
Tjnrnrnlahed Rooms.
ONE large or twe am ail steam-heated
rooms, unfurnished, for man and wife.
Must be reasonable. Phone East 8410 any
day or call at 091 xu. Morrison su, on nun-
fl-ys only. .
TWO large, light, convenient unfurnished
rooms, easy wUkiZLg distance. -J ft -.aii,
Rooms With Boeurd.
PORTLAND Women's Union, 23d year, room
with board, use ox sewing -room.
brary. 610 Flandera. Miss Frances N,
Heath, supt,
WANTED 2 or 4 young ladies to board and
share my furnish ad flau Call 489 West
Park su
ROOMS and board, rates reasonable. 170 N.
10th su
Rooms With Board In private Firnlly.
833 MONTGOMERY, 1 large alcove room.
suitable for two or three men : also sev-
. eral other nice rooms, with good board;
modern, reasonable; 10 minutes walk.
Main 8957.
NICELY furnished front room for two gen
tleman. two meals, bath, phone, furnace
heat, home privileges, walking aistance,
nice location; one biocic from streetcar.
Phone s nA.
FOR RENT Room with board (board op
tional) : private lamny; home privileges.
furnace heat, bath and lights, on block
to carline; 20 minutes to town; rates rea
sonable. Phons Tabor 1619.
LARGE front room, comfortably furnished,
.suitable for one or two: business women
preferred; private residence, easy walking
distance, home cooKing;- reterences. o33
12th. cor. MarkeU
PLEASANT furnished room In modem flat
to couple of young gentlemen; home priv
ileges; will serve dinner 6:30 F. M. If de
sired. Call 444 Larrabee su, after Not,
13 1 a, or phone Woodlawn 2698 Sunday.
LARGE, light front room, newly furnished-
new flat, bath and toilet, quiet neighbor
hood, walking distance; reasonable, two
preferred: three block from bteei oriage.
2o2 McMillan sU
A LARGE room with sleeping porch for
two ; furnace and bath, with or without
board; near Hawthorne ave, and E. 3-d.
Phone B 2070.
NICE, -light front room; suitable for two
gentlemen or man and wife; furnace heat,
good home cooking. 726 Hawthorne ave.
B 2267.
WANTED A young man to board and share
room with another; pleasant room, home
cooking and central. 181 East 12th and
Taylor. Phone East 43G8.
LARGE furnished heated room suitable for
two girls; choice board, excellent neigh
borhood; very reasonable, 761 Marshall.
A 4920. '
BOARD and room in private family for two.
ladies preferred: all modern conveniences.
Walking distance. 28 E. 9th sU N. Phone
East Colo. .
A REFINED woman who would like to join
another la renting a small modern i ur
nlshed apartment for the Winter; please
address. J 600. Oregonian.
TWO large furnished rooms, each suitable
for two, with board, in strictly private
family; reasonable rates. 331 14th sU
WANTED Lady roommate, desirable. Cu
Rosa, 6th and Jefferson. Phone Main
1494. '
SUITE of rooms with private bsth. excel
lent board, desirable location, reasonable.
A 7230. 204 N. 22d; also singls room.
ROOM and board in private family for re
fined people; best German cooking; prices
reasonable. 804 East Main su
ROOM, with or without breakfast; gentle
man preierrea. J-ast tu. u r-asi tn
FIRST-CLASS table board for one or two
parties in strictly private zamiiy: re ier
ences required. Apply 8b9 Main streeu
NICELY furnished room, with board, for
two gentlemen. Jfhone Attain ttb. 4b
ROOM and board for two in private family.
Call 288 13th, near jenerson. .rnone juiain
ROOM and board; large front room, running
water and close U bio Aiorrison su -'none
A 8S28. ;
CONGENIAL young lady employed can
room ana noara wiia use oi piano, main
CT2 ,
ROOM - and board for three young men;
home cooxing; private xamuy. i ust
st. North.
During Winter months, room and board
for man and wife. Call Main 5934.
FOR pleasant rooms, with good board, pri
vate laraily, nuixie vuv ik( rvuuu
able, call 2S9 litn su
BOARD and room for two young men in
private family; wanting u-siauce. o -ast
NICE front room for one or two: breakfast
if desired; nome piace. ess nuaiugioa
and 18th su
NICELY furnished front room, with board;
suitable tor two; reu. rewu-oia ;t;
Lincoln sU
LADY has nice home, would lke to care for
a small child, jincoin.
LARGE comfortable room for two gentlemen
with goodj noma cooaiug. cii urr.Bon,
BOARD and room for men only; walking
distance. rnone iou. wan ooa canton.
ROOM and board in- private family, close
in, rtaionauir. ,wnnc- ,.
ROOM and board for 2 or ,3 gentlemen. B
18 o.
CLEAN, well-furnished room with home
cooking, imtapie ior iwu. i3 ou, nat i
WANT gentleman to share room and board
in private raroiiy st nuiiamy ave.
$22 Pleasant front room for two, $40; mod
em convem-g-"."-
$22 pleasant front room for two, $40; mod
em conBuigm.g'h tv "
ROOM and board in private family for 1
gentleman. i -mu wv
TWO large front rooms, suitable for two;
free phone and bath. 442 Jefferson sU
FURNISHED rooms with board; sleeping
porch. 855 llth st. A 1636.
YOUNG man wanted to room and board.
$5 per woe a. tnt p.
Ht SALMON Large front room with, good
homecookingfor two gentlemen.
KICE room and good board for 1 or 3 geu-
tiemen. 591 Davis.
WANTED Gentleman boarder, private fam-
ily. 529 East Davis. -
653 WASHINGTON ST. Room and board
for two gentlemen; rate reasonable.
NEWLY furnished rooms with board, price
reasonable. 59- E. Oak sU B 2619.
ROOM and board $5 a week. 549 Yam-
hlll ct. '
SMALL, comfortable room for man. $22 per
month; two meals. Main 207L
Room. With Boavrd la prtvt Fwmliy.
A LADY will give excellent board 'and room
for 825 monthly to a few refined gentle
men, strictly private modern home and
away rrom canines ana tn nrst-cisuui uwn"
borhood. 864 East Main sU
NEATLY furnished room, nrlvate family;
modern conveniences: $2 per week; break-
laet if desired. 5b Taylor.
HEINZ APARTMENTS. 14th and Columbia,
4 blocks south from Morrison su ; new
brick building, completely first-class; fur
nished In 2, 3 and 4-room family apart
. ments; private bath, reception hall, steam
heat, hot water, elevator, free phone,
uor service; rent- very reasonable.
PENINSULA apartments, Alblna ave., near
Kil lings worth; new concrete bldg.; 2, 8
and 4-room apts. ; steam heat, hot and
cold water, gas ranges, linoleum in bath
rooms, concealed beds, shade. p nones.
garbage cared for; $16 to 628; 20 mln. to
city; L or su Johns oar.
KEELER APARTMENTS. 14th and Clay sts.
Front, southeast corner. 4-room suite with
vestibule, private bathroom, electric ele
vator, etc; will be vacant Nov. 20; one of
the finest suites In the city. Apply at
12th, near Main; new 6-story brick. Just
xtnished ; most complete 8 -room apart
ments in town: frivat u change connect
ing each apartment; private balcony for apartm enu
Cor. rtr&nd Ave. and Stark SU
New fireproof brick building, beautl folly
furnished, two and three-room apart
ments, private baths, wall beds, large
ciotnea ciosets. pnone duu-
APARTMENT-HOUSE managing company;
man experienced In this line will take en
tire charge of apartment-houses at a
small commlssslon; would be pleased to
talk it over with owners and prospective.
Address P. O. box 223. 1
NEW. artistic, well-furnlshed 8-room apart
ment for rent, strictly modern; everything
Turnusnea, silver, unen, etc Appiy ape. o.
l ne etaniey Apartments, juz and wasn
lngton. or Janl tor.
5-room, steam-heated, modern apart
ment, janitor service. Jppiy janitor, --
NICELY furnished lower apartment. 3 large
rois and bath, suitable for family of 3
or it will be vacated 15th. Phone Main
7942, 200 14 th su, corner Taylor.
ST. CROIX apartments, new. modern, brick
building, 170 SU Clair, near Washington;
one front three-room apartment, furnished.
Phone Main 6-47; A 7011.
ANGELA APTS- 87 Trinity Place, bet.
19th and 20th, off Wash.; one elegantly
furnished front apU. strictly modern, elec
trlc elevator; private phones.
JUST OPENING New York Apartments, 1
and 8 rooms, furnished and unfurnished;
steam heat, telephone, call bells in rooms.
i-aat vtn ana jeimont; waixing aistance.
137 17th, near Yamhill.
Furnished aprtmenta, a team-heated.
FOR RENT 4 and 5-room apartments, good
location, reasonable rent, A. H. Blrrell
. Co.. McKay bldg.. 3d and Stark.
NEWLY furnished apartment of three
rooms, private phone and modern con
venlencea. The Leonce, 186 22d sU N.
ONE large furnished room -suitable for two
gentlemen, and one suite. 166 Stout, The
BEAUTIFUL lower flat, modern, cor. of
West Park; furnished heat, light, 840.
A 3848.
BRYN MAWR, 185 East 16th. cor, Yam
hill; 5-room apartments, heat, range, re
frlgerator. porch and fireplace.
NEW, 6-room, steam-heated apartment;
fine neighborhood. 25th, between North
rup and Overton. Apply to Janitor.
LOVELY furnished 8-room apartment, pri
vate hath, phone, heat, large closet.
1293 Belmont Tabor 1763, B 1634.
5-room, steam-heated, modern apartments.
Janitor service. Apply Janitor, 672 Kear-
BO ANT A Newly furnished 8 and 4-room
apu; private phones and strictly modern;
23d near Johnson sU
WILL sell at sacrifice furnished apartment.
Apply 9 to 12 A. M. today, apartment 15,
Wellington Court.
FOR RENT Four-room apartment; furnl
ture for sale. Rose Friend, 7th and Jef
ferson. Apu 24.
8-ROOM apartment, new furniture; modern;
827.50. 648-A Thurman St., pear 20th.
MAJESTIC 390 Clay; one choice apart-,
4 rooms and bath.
ALMIRA Apartments. 475 Salmon sL.
four-room apartment
JU ANITA Nicely furnished apartments. 325
llth su
TO LET New flats, one upper, one lower;
living-room, dining-room, two bedrooms,
kitchen, pass pantry, bath, gas range,
gas water heater, furnace with hot-water
coll, front and rear porches, storeroom,
servants' room extra In basement, large
llreplaae, woodwork and floors fine finish;
Hawthorne ave., corner E. 21st su No.
29L Call at the flats or on A. B. Widney.
822-4 Board of Trade. Main C974, A 1179.
FOR RENT Two modern fiats, 325 each;
upper o rooms, lower 4 room- e-uo
Marshall su Apply
85 Fourth St.
JUST completed, beautiful flat 4 rooms, den
ana sleeping porch ; rererence required; no
children; $-8, including phone. 803 Monroe
sU, near Union ave.
COLONIAL Heights flat for rent; furnace
fireplace, sieeplng-porch, beam celling,
paneled dining-room ; lower flat. 295 E.
ZXau Hawthorne car. Phone Tabor 1507.
FIVE-ROOM lower flat, modem; bath, wood-
lift, wash tray, cement basemen u 27
Dixon. Inquire 424 Larrabee. Phone E.
8S24. '
5-ROOM, modern, light flat, all conveniences.
$-5; East 12th and ui vision; on cariine.
Apply 488 East 12th, or A 3383.
FOR RENT 7-room modern flat, furnace
ana n rep i ace; no cnnaren. eee rarx st-,
$37. 5Q.Phone Tabor 763 or East 143L
5-ROOM flat, close in. new furniture, mod
ern, cheap rent, at a oarr.ia. v
8d SU
WILL rent five rooms of my furnished flat.
including dining-room, xitcnen ana a bed
rooms ; very desirable. 331 llth su
VERY desirable lower flat of 6 rooms;
.jvaiklng distance ana on canine; west
Side; rent 326. 5694 6th SU
A WELL-FURN I SHED 6-room lower flat, or
will rent 4 rooms reasonable to perma
nent tenants. 84 East 9th N., cor. Couch.
upper flat for rent. 746
Kearney su
NEW 6-room flat, all modern conveniences.
18th and i- -ten sis. raon xs auuo.
MODERN 4-room; phone, gas, water, heater
and range. rnone. vu. .
NEW 5-room upper flat, 730 Belmont.
Rent 8-i&. pnone xapor axe.
3-ROOM flat West Side, reasonable rent.
M. E. Lee, 411 comett Diag.
DESIRABLE, strictly modern 4-room flats.
close in. 092 baimon. main oou
$500 EQUITY in 6-acre orchard tract to
trade; wnat nave you : j o urpgumau.
FOR RENT 5-room flat. 772 H Thurman
t. Inquire at at rortn zaa.
Housekeeping Rooms.
THE BEAVER, 12th and Marshall Fur
nished for housekeeping, gas range, elec
tric lights, hot water, bath, laundry, all
free; $15 per month up; a clean place;
best in the city for money; short distance
from Union Depou Take S" car or 16th
st. cars north, get off at Marshall su No
WELL-FURNISHED housekeeping rooms; 2,
$10 msnth; S, $16. Front of cottage, 2 or
t large rooms, with porch. Apply 364 N.
26th, West Side river. W car from depot,
6th or Morrison tc 26th, block north.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms, $15;
hot and cold water in rooms; also two
single rooms. 89-91 E. 12th SU Phone
East 5440.
$1.30 TO $2.50 WEEK; clean, furnished
housekeeping rooms, free laundry, bath,
phone, clean linen, heau 406 Vancouver
ave., and 203 Stanton; take U car.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, first floor, steam
heat, bath, phone, rent by week or month,
down town. 360 V4 Aider.
UNFURNISHED housekeeping -rooms. $1.00
per week; gas plate furnished. Belmont
Apartments. 4804 Belmont sU
SINGLE furnished housekeeping room, $2.00
to $3.60 per week. 170 Park su, near
NEWLY furnished housekeeping rooms; very
central ; reaaonabie. 646 ft Washington,
near 16th.
HOUSEKE EPING rooms In new concrete
bldg. Phone Woodlawn 2997 or 2379.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms, cheap
renU 408 First st. Phone Main 9316.
Housekeeping Rooms in Private Family.
NEWLY furnished front room and alcove,
light housekeeping, running water. 175
North 17th st.
FOR RENT Furnished room, suitable for
light housekssping, 84)4 Park sU
Housekeeping Rooms In Private Family.
497 CLAY ST 8 beautifully furnished house
keeplng rooms in private family, with
very convenience and comfort, new and,
clean, furnace heat, waikinc distance.
Phone Main 9304. .
LADY engaged during day wants man and
wife or mother and daughter to care for
child of 3 for room and housekeeping
privileges; West Side, 5 minutes' walk
d own town. A M 610, Oregonian,
TWO or three modern newly furnished
housekeeping rooms in attractive home;
river view, near carline. Phone Sellwood
- 185. Call mornings. 572 E. 6th st.. South.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms In nice
residence . district ; bath, gas and phone;
rent $12 per month. Call 749 Johnson sU
Phone Main 9453.
UNFURNISHED room, bath Rnd eiectrio
light. 80 minutes from post oft ice. 1 to 5
rooms, very cheap to right parties, H. S.
JHawklns. 42d and Holgate
$16.50 UP, monthly; housekeeping- feuHes;
front rooms: thoronghly cleaned; quiet,
homelike place for qhiet people: central;
gas and bath. 443 6th. Main 44 rtfjL
TWO large. -unfurnished rooms, 15 minutes
from center of city, on S car; use of bath,
phone and water free; good neighborhood,
on carline. For particulars call Main 6S17.
NICELY furnished room, furnace heat, elec
tric light, bath. $10 a month. Also a
housekeeping suite. 647 Yamhill. M.
5728. .
THREE unfurnished housekeeping rooms,
convenient, light, airy, separate entrance.
703 Multnomah St., corner 21st. Broad
way car. Phone E. 4808.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms, ground
floor front: furnace heat, light, phone;
35 per week. 169 E. 14th, 14 blocks oit
East Morrison carline.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms; $16;
sink In kitchen: one large front room for
housekeeping, $13. 3S9 N. 19th, cor. Thur
man st.
ONE furnished housekeeping room; ii.-at,
light, phone; $2.75 per week. Itt9 E. 14th,
iy blocks off East Morrison carline.
NEWLY furnished housekeeping rooms;
pleasant, cheerful; close In; reasonable
rent. af7 Market st.
3 FURNISHED housekeeping suites; 3
rooms each, also bed room. 179 oth. One
block south Wash, st.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished front parlor,
fireplace, steam heau with housekeeping
privilege, 6-3 month. 401 Tenth St.. flat A.
TWO or five furnished rooms, with bath and
phone, for light housekeeping. 845 Bel
mont st.
THREE or four unfurnished housekeeping
rooms, gas, ph one and b at h. 7 34 Petty-
prove st. phone A 4fil0.
TWO or more housekeeping rooms com
pletely furnished, reasonable. 7S7 Gllsan.
Main 381 4.
2 and 5, nicely furnished housekeeping
rooms. 2u8 Fargo su Phone Woodlawn
A PLEASANT two-room suite, unfurnished;
10 minutes' walk from Postoff ice. 51
Market sU
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, nicely furnished
light, heat. 1113 Belmont st, Phone t
EAST SIDE Two housekeeping rooms;
strictly modern; adults. Phone East 5270,
315 Cherry su
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping rooms.
Gas, electricity, bath, sink, phone and
, large yard. 574 Rodney ays. Phone C 15fi3.
FOR RENT Two very desirable house
keeping room a Reasonable rent. 448 East
Burns! do.
NEWLY furnished housekeeping-rooms;
bath, electric light. Call from. 10 till 4.
178 E. 14th.
854 SALMON, two very desirable rooms,
furnished for light housekeeping; no chll
flren. BEAUTIFULLY furnished apartment; heat,
lights, bath and phone. Call A 5280 or
575 Couch. N. E. cor. 18th. West Side.
813 14TH ST., cor. Clay. Large, light, con
venient, single housekeeping rooms.
NICE modem new 2 -room apartment for
renU 228 East 20th eU East 1430. .
TWO furnished housekeeping-rooms, close
in, reasonable renU 3l2 4th su
TWO and three furnished housekeeping
rooms; gas, bath, $12.50 month. 692 Fronu
FO RThousekeep 1 n g, 1 attic room with sleep-
K HAT Morbaf
FOR RENT 2 furnished
rooms at 695 Water su
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, 529 Raleigh, cor.
16th, for $1.50 and $2 per week.
NICE clean well-furaished
rooms, 303 6th sU
FURNISHED room, suitable for light house
keeping. 48 N. lst st.
TWO or three nicely furnished housekeep
lng rooms; $12 and $15. 619 Union N.
NICELY furnished parlor suite for light
housekeeping; no children. 408 Main st.
3 UNFURNISHED housekeeping rooms at
229 First sU, near Salmon, close In.
ONE single housekeeping room for rent, at
525 llth st.
ONE room, $13; two, $16.50; walking dis
tance; bath, gas, phone. 294 Williams ave.
SS8 FIFTH Single housekeeping room, with
use of laundry and bath. ;
TWO furnished rooms, sink and pantry. 487
East Ankeny. E. 6169.
2 FURNISHED housekeeping rooms:
Gllsan st. -
PRIVATE family, for rent, single furnished
housekeeping room. 529 East Davis.
TWO front rooms, furnished for light
housekeeping. 434 Harrison su
NEW, modern 6-room bungalow for rent,
889 E. Sherman st- Take W-R car, get otf
at 30th st., walk 3 blocks north. Will be
there until 1 o'clock, after 2 o'clock call
Main 8416. T. T. Ashton. owner.
MODERN 7-room house, carpets, blinds,
lace curtains, heating stove and some
odd pieces of furniture, furnished, fire
place, electric lighL All modern conven
lences. Inquire 242 E. 44th sU, Tabor 1610.
BEAUTIFUL 10-room modern house, with
large garage, at cor. of iota ana tu. inaai
son st.: rent $."0 to righs parties. Phone
East 738. or call 174 E. Water su-
FOR RENT A fine 2-story house, 6 rooms.
bath and basement, 4 blocks from car; su
TOonth; 20 minutes ride out. Apply 803
Lewis bldg.
NEW 6-room 2-story house; Dutch kitchen.
electric light, oatn, etc.; on iast cannon,
between 51st and 52d sts. R. A. Taylor,
agent, office 49th and Hawthorne,
MODERN 7-room house : gas, bath, elec
tric light, hot ana COia w.ier; win rent
with or without use of stove and carpets.
uaii oij. .- -p.
Kfu'SE, 6 rooms, newly painted and pa
pered, new plumbing, $20 per month; lo
cated. 1283 E. 12th sU North, near Alns-
Call 311 East 48.
woria; .ey ac.i
MODERN 8-room house, vacant 15th; bath.
f:as electric; some rp-L on.,
arge grounds; rent $25. Main 8695. 96a
8-ROOM modern dwelling, 690 Halsey;
is road way car; oeauuiui juwuuu, v.-w ,
roses; key 691 Clackamas In rear; $45.
$35 5-ROOM flat, " modern conveniences, "
neatly furnished. E. 24th and Halsey sts.
W. O. Waddel. 309 Lumber Exchange.
MODERN 6-room house. No. 174 E- 38th,
corner Yamhill su; rent $22.50. Fred C.
King. 814 Spalding bldg. ;
MODERN cottage. 6 rooms and bath: 10
minutes' walk from Postoffice, West
Bide; rent $25. 488 Market eu .
FOR RENT 5-room house, newly plastered
and painted. 6104 39th ave.; $13.50 per
mont n. XU aeon car.
WEST half of modern double house, 1 rooms.
660 East Main su, corner 13th (Hawthorne
Park). Tel. East 4961.
MODERN house, 8 rooms, at COS E. Mor
rison sU, rent $35. Apply at 614 E. Mor
rison SU riiuu- aoi oouo.
FOR RENT 6-room modern house, 660 East
Taylor; phone East 2003. Apply 6o0
Taylor st. ' , a
10 5-room shack, 695 Kerby st. J. J.
Oeder. cor. Grand ave. and E. Ankeny.
FOR rent, 8-room modern house; West Side.
M. E. Lee, 411 Corbett bldg.
FOR RENT 7-room modern house. 357
Monroe su
11-ROOM house, unfurnished, or partly fur-
.iDhl -nm roomers. EtAQ East 21st SU
6ROOM "house. 29 Cook ave. 653 Sherlock
NEW modern 6-room house with furnace.
228 East 17th St. .
5-ROOM modern house, 892 Grand ave.
North. .pnone b.asi -oo.
10-ROOM house, large grounds, barn. East
Side. Apply 201 12th sU
$li a-ROOM cottage, newly painted, bath,
near Walnut Park, on carline. East 2482.
6-ROOM furnished cottage for rent $25. CaU
from 10 to 2 at 229 E. 37th at. (
5- ROOM modern house, good locality, $16.
223 FUedner bldg. Phone Marshall 1645.
IRVINGTON Beautiful new 8-room bun
galow, $60 a month. Phone East 894.
MODERN 6-room house, 711 Water sU, near
Hooker, West Side, close in.
NEW modern 6-room houseboat, 15 minute
from Morrison su Phone Sellwood 1747.
7-ROOM modern house, East Side;, lot 100X
100. Phone A 7543.
6ROOM modern house for rent; furnaca,
fireplace, nice yard. Phona Tabor 1507.
MODERN 5-room cottage; furnace; $20.
Phone A 1215. -
6- ROOM, modern house. Apply 146 Gibbs st,